Meet Julia, the 6-figure caricature artist who increased revenue 46%

Case study quick wins:

  • About Julia: Julia used Earn1K to go from $8.50/hr to over $180,000. As her business grew, she felt she was being “pulled in a million different directions” with no clear path forward.

  • How she used 6-Figure Consulting: Julia used 6-Figure Consulting to find qualified help for her business as well as land higher-value clients and raise her rates.

  • Results: Julia increased her revenue 46% over last year after implementing just two strategies from 6-Figure Consulting. She expects this number to grow in the coming months.

Julia K., 6 Figure Consulting student

Busting the “Starving Artist” Myth

Julia started out making $8.50 per hour as a caricature artist. She didn’t think it was possible to charge more because artists are supposed to be broke, right?

“Pretty much everyone in my wheelhouse, that's what they were earning. And everyone had this kind of starving artist mentality that, ‘Oh, you know, this is just my life. This is just the way things are. I'm lucky to have this job.’” —Julia

Instead of trying to earn more, check out what Julia did instead:

Using my Earn $1000 On the Side course, Julia was able to break free from the “starving artist” mentality and raise her rates to $250 per hour.

“I was a nervous wreck”

It wasn’t easy. Julia was terrified to raise her rates, even a small amount. She had fears like:

  • What if I lose this job?
  • What if nobody hires me?
  • What if my current clients get mad?

Listen to how Julia’s clients actually responded when she raised her rates:

Needing a little help

Julia’s business grew. She earned over $180,000 for her art.

She hit a point in her business where she began to feel overwhelmed. Hiring help seemed like a good idea, but Julia had a lot of concerns:

  • How do I find them?
  • How much do I pay them?
  • What if they steal all of my secrets?
  • How can I trust them?

Using my 6-Figure Consulting System, Julia was able to set up proven processes and safeguards for growth, including hiring the right people. Check out how she did it:

Julia, with my 6-Figure Consulting System, was able to overcome her roadblocks to growth and increase revenue 46% over last year.

At first, the changes made Julia uncomfortable, but now,

“I like to be uncomfortable now. Because it means I'm about to get through a plateau. I'm very, very scared of being stagnant now, because I was stagnant in my business for longer than I had to be.” — Julia

See what Julia says were her biggest surprises throughout the process: (Plus see her draw a caricature of me!)

Julia broke through each and every one of her barriers: being a “starving artist,” charging too little, and running her business without help. Each step of the way Julia continued to grow, which means the sky’s the limit for her business.

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