What would it mean to DOUBLE your revenue
this year?

Finally, tested strategies and proven end-to-end systems to stop the overwhelm, get control of your business, and 2x, 5x, or even 10x your revenue.

Ramit Sethi

Hi, and thanks for reading. I’m Ramit Sethi, New York Times best-selling author and founder of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, the multi-million-dollar business I started in my dorm room. Recently, I doubled my revenue in less than a year — without doing 2x the work.

The secret truth about business success

I have a question for you: Are you living the life you imagined when you decided to start a business?

Entrepreneurs love to talk about “freedom.” But the truth is, when we start a business, we often end up with less
freedom than before! How does that happen?

You’ve done the right things — you read all the books, you meticulously study your competition, you go to
industry events. But still, this is not how you envisioned it would be. You’re overwhelmed, confused, exhausted.
You have big ambitions for your business, but how do you get there? You can’t just work harder…

If this is you, read on. I want to share some of most advanced material yet — the program to help you take back
control of your business, your time, and your life.

Level up your business with
Ramit’s 6-Figure Consulting System

6 Figure Consulting Success Study - Roland V.

“They’re like, ‘How much was that check for? Oh, we don’t care.’ I was like, ‘Oh, it’s this much
over the budget,” and they’re like, “Pfft, okay, doesn’t matter’…I feel like I have a blank
check from my client.”

– Roland V.

6 Figure Consulting Success Study - Julia K.

“I had a lot of clients and I was worried that I was going to lose them if I raised my prices.
And I did lose them, but they were the crappy clients… The clients that I kept probably didn’t
even notice that I raised my prices. 6-Figure Consultants gives you the tools you need to
reposition yourself so you’re making more money with less work, and who doesn’t want that?”

– Julia K.

6 Figure Consulting Success Study - Primoz B

“I was able to actually increase my rates by 30% (now I’m experimenting with even higher rates).
Then I said no to a couple of low-end clients that were taking up a lot of my time… This allowed
me to focus more of my time and energy into making my high end clients happy. Now I’m not
accepting any more lower end clients that could be troublesome.”

– Primoz B.

How I went from $20/hour to $3,000/hour to $25,000/day

I know how tough it can be to grow a business. We started off just finding clients — who would even be
willing to pay?

But after we mastered that, it’s not about finding more clients… In fact, the idea of more clients, more
demands, and even less time becomes overwhelming. We started this business to serve us…and now it’s
running our life! How do we make more money and still have work-life balance. We only have so many hours each

It took me years to learn to stop focusing on the day-to-day minutiae (OMG, more email!), stop jumping from
tactic to tactic, and find a systematic approach to 2x, 5x, even 10x my business without doing double the work
(I didn’t enough hours to do double the work!).

And once I learned how to master my business strategy, my life completely changed.

I worked with higher-value clients: the ones who don’t haggle over $100, the ones who pay on time, and the ones
who worked with me as PARTNERS, not just as a hired gun. Clients like this, who paid $25,000 for just a half day
of consulting:

I took all these lessons — the ones that took me YEARS to master — and distilled them down to the
very best strategies and systems for rapid business growth. Then, I hosted an exclusive, application-only 3-day
live event. Students came from all over the world to attend my $100K Summit.

Just weeks after the event, results started rolling in:

After reviewing the 15+ hours of video and transcripts, I realized I could make it even more powerful. So I broke
it down and revamped it. My team and I examined the transcripts and ripped the entire course apart. We
restructured, reorganized, and recategorized the material — all to make it easier for you to absorb,
master, and use right away.

This accelerated 3-week program gives you the exact roadmap to 2x, 5x or even 10x your business — without
doing twice the work. In fact, many of my students now work LESS time on their business.

6 Figure Consulting Success Study - Erin P.

“I didn’t think it was true… I don’t have extra hours. I am a parent. I have two-year-old twins. And
so if he wants me to work more hours, I’m not going to do it. It actually turned out to be true. I
actually have fewer clients…and I increased revenues 36%.”

– Erin P.

6 Figure Consulting Success Study - Graham C.

“I took one tactic… and added a higher value tier to people. In that first week, the extra revenue…
paid back the entire course in five days.”

– Graham C.

6 Figure Consulting Success Study - Marc A

“6-figure Consulting shows me how to make sure that I am not even a commodity, but I become a trusted
advisor to my clients…Within three months of starting the program, I had 120% return on

– Marc A.

How to 2x, 5x, or 10x your business while working less

It’s fairly easy to find information on how to grow a business. Just browse Twitter for a few minutes and you’re
bound to find 100 different tidbits — 20 ways to get more clients! How to get famous on social media,
Top 10 habits every entrepreneur should have.

Here’s what I learned: What got you here won’t get you there.

Those “business tip and tricks” may help a little, but to get real results, there’s a few critical growth levers
— these are the 2-3 things that when mastered can REALLY skyrocket your business. I want to show them to

My 6-Figure Consulting System shows you step-by-step how to go from overwhelm, confusion, and exhaustion to a
business that works for you (instead of the other way around). Here’s just a fraction of what the program


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