Meet Erin, the mother of twins who landed a $17K project in 2 weeks

Case study quick wins:

  • About Erin: Erin is a freelance writer and mother of twins in the midwest. Before 6-Figure Consulting, she wasn’t sure how to grow her freelance business while still preserving precious time with her family.

  • How she used 6-Figure Consulting: Erin used the program to discover what her clients really wanted and create bigger, higher-paying projects.

  • Results: Within 2 weeks of finishing the course, she landed her biggest project to date ($17,000) and increased her annual revenue 36%.

Erin P., 6 Figure Consulting student

“I had no clear path forward”

Erin, a writer, was making pretty good money freelancing. She had taken my Earn1K course, and wanted to get to the next level in her business.

Her problem was she had no idea what to do next. She turned to her friends and colleagues who gave her advice like, “write a book” or “book some speaking engagements” but she didn’t think either of those strategies was right for her.

With no roadmap, and no more time to give to her business, how could she get past this plateau?

Take a look at what she did next:

Offering a different kind of value.

Erin’s biggest takeaway from my 6-Figure Consulting System was how to recognize her client’s needs beyond just her writing.

As she began to predict and fill these needs, her clients looked at her in a whole new way. Not only did this mean more revenue, but Erin is able to do some of her best work.

See if you can spot examples of how Erin goes above and beyond for her clients today.

Just 2 years ago, a huge project for Erin was around $2,000. Just 2 weeks after finishing 6-Figure Consulting, she booked a $17,000 project.

More than money. Here’s just a few things Erin’s able to do that seemed out of reach:

  • Max out her retirement
  • Save for her childrens’ college tuition
  • Go on weekly date nights

All that, plus a 36% increase in revenue while spending less time on the business.

See what Erin has to say about her new lifestyle:

An “Unlikely Success Story.”

When Erin joined 6-Figure Consulting, she was skeptical. After all, she didn’t live in New York, she didn’t have unlimited time to dedicate to her business, and she wasn’t interested in becoming an aggressive marketer.

See how she increased her revenue without taking away any time from her family:

Now thanks to 6-Figure Consulting, Erin enjoys her work more, makes more money, and has more time to spend with her family.

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