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Private recording: Cal Newport and Ramit Sethi

Ramit’s interview with Cal Newport of Study Hacks

Cal Newport ProfileRamit and Cal Newport from the blog Study Hacks discuss how to get ahead during and after college – how to be extraordinary, live a remarkable life and set yourself apart from others in your day job, as well as some thoughts on why some blogs are better than others.

[audio:CalNewport/ENTIRE CONVERSATION.mp3]

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0:15 What Ramit does day-to-day: Ramit talks about what he does on a day-to-day basis, where he is now and what being rich means to him.

[audio:CalNewport/What Ramit does day-to-day.mp3]

8:42 The magnitude of investing young: The magnitude of investing young, the value of compounding over long periods of time, and why some young people don’t invest at an early age.

[audio:CalNewport/The magnitude of investing young.mp3]

15:53 What to avoid if you want a remarkable lifestyle: The ordinary things people do after college, and how to avoid them if you want to live a remarkable lifestyle and figure out what you really want to do.

[audio:CalNewport/What to avoid if you want a remarkable lifestyle.mp3]

21:48 What Ramit did right after college: Ramit’s life right after college, strategies on getting ahead of others, and the story of Ramit’s brother in Argentina.

[audio:CalNewport/What Ramit did right after college.mp3]

29:14 The power of working for free: Ramit and Cal discuss the value of working for people you respect for free, and the benefits it can bring to your career.

[audio:CalNewport/The power of working for free.mp3]

40:25 How to position yourself as extraordinary: If you have a normal 9-5 job, what can you do to position yourself as extraordinary?

[audio:CalNewport/How to position yourself as extraordinary.mp3]

48:22 Having side projects outside of your job:Side projects outside of your job description – if you want to live an extraordinary life, you have to do something extraordinary.

[audio:CalNewport/Having side projects outside of your job.mp3]

53:47 Why Cal’s blog stands out: The difference between Cal’s blog, Study Hacks, and the 99% of student advice blogs that are unsuccessful, and how successful blogs provide value to readers.

[audio:CalNewport/Why Cal’s blog stands out.mp3]

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