Meet Naveen

“Zero to Launch is like Navy SEALs training. It’s tough, but you’ll be 100x better having done it.” – Naveen Dittakavi

“I didn’t want to waste time on a business that wouldn’t work”

With the help of my Earn1K course, Naveen built a software consulting business that paid him 6 figures a year. The money was great, but he began to feel like he was capable of more. He wanted to help more people but didn’t know where to start.

“I used to have a whiteboard full of business ideas, but I was too scared to do anything with them. I didn’t want to waste time on a business that wouldn’t work.”


Naveen’s old whiteboard of business ideas

Finding his first profitable idea

Since Naveen joined Zero to Launch with tons of business ideas, his biggest lessons came early on when he learned how to systematically test each idea to find out which was worth pursuing.

“It took me about 3 months to come to terms with the fact that my first idea, while cool, didn’t have enough paying customers.”

Listen to Naveen talk about how Zero to Launch helped him see that his first idea wasn’t worth his time. And how this saved him from spending months — possibly years — going down the wrong path.

Naveen then ran his second idea through the same testing process. He quickly learned it was a winner.

“My second idea was valid because I got paying customers on my first few tests. Doing the hard work to get to your epiphany is incredibly rewarding.”

This idea involved teaching businesses how to create recurring revenue. He charged between $2,000-$4,000 per workshop and landed $10,000 in contracts before he even had a website.

check for Naveen

A check for Naveen — before he had a website

Naveen told me what he learned in Zero to Launch that made it possible for him to do this. (It’s something you won’t find in other online business courses.)

Expanding his reach — and his income

While he was earning tens of thousands of dollars more, Naveen still felt guilty because he thought that he wasn’t helping enough people.

“I felt terrible saying that my course was full. I started this Zero to Launch business because I wanted to do fulfilling work. I wanted to help people similar to me reach their goals with their own consulting businesses.”

Naveen used what he learned in Zero to Launch to validate and start creating online products. One to help businesses build recurring revenue, another to help people start their own software consulting business.

Even though he’s still creating the courses and has yet to do an official launch, he’s already begun selling these products.



Naveen’s income from online products he’s still creating

Today Naveen makes just as much from his online products and courses as he does with his live events and one-on-one work. This gives him more control over his schedule than he’s ever had before. And it allows him to help thousands more people.

Naveen’s website,

Naveen’s website,

“With the Zero to Launch process, you quickly know when an idea’s worth pursuing”

Now that Naveen understands the steps in building an online business, he’s able to hire others to do a lot of the work for him. This frees him to create all new businesses in additional areas he’s passionate about.

For example, Naveen loves to travel and has found ways to get great deals on airline tickets. Using the Zero to Launch framework, he was able to quickly test and validate his ideas for a business. He’s now building an online subscription service that helps people fly the world at rock-bottom prices.

Naveen loves to travel

Naveen flew 73,694 miles this year, mostly for pleasure

“I sometimes forget that this is real life”

Online business has not only helped Naveen reach more people and share his passions with the world, it’s given him the freedom to travel and spend his afternoons swimming.

“Last week my wife and I spent 4 days in Barcelona. A few weeks prior to that, I texted my close friends saying, ‘I just got back from doing laps at the pool. It’s noon on a Wednesday…’ I sometimes forget that this is real life.”

Naveen has freedom to travel and play

Naveen has freedom to travel and play

But the freedom and income have given Naveen a Rich Life that goes deeper than travel and fun.

“Having my own online business allows me to be there for the people I love. My father-in-law had some recent health concerns and having this type of business allowed me to support his recovery. I was able to be by his bedside and make sure he always had someone keeping him company.

“The flexibility is worth its weight in gold.”

The accelerated path to success

After 10 years of doing nothing with his ideas, Naveen now has an efficient system for identifying profitable ideas and building businesses around them. This system has dramatically accelerated his success.

“The concepts and material you learn here, you wish you learned far, far earlier in life. The sooner you can start Zero to Launch, the better, so that you can approach your goals faster.

“It’s like taking the moving walkway in the airport: You can either walk on the accelerating walkway or you can go the “normal” path. I want to get to baggage claim faster, I want to get to my goals faster. Why the hell wouldn’t I take an accelerated path?”

Still, Naveen warns that Zero to Launch is not for everyone. Watch the video below to learn why.

Learn how to guarantee your idea will be profitable

After 10 years of filling a whiteboard with ideas and doing nothing with them, Naveen used Zero to Launch to learn how to quickly identify which ideas would be most profitable.

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