Meet Bryce

“We watched our revenue grow by 100% every month… I’m like, ‘Is this real?’” — Bryce Conway

“You should start a blog or something”

Back in college, Bryce wanted to fly to Florida for spring break but didn’t have the money. So he taught himself about the travel reward points that credit cards offer in hopes of getting a cheap flight.

It worked, so he continued to teach himself all about these reward points. Over time, Bryce became the go-to guy for friends and family who wanted to save money on airfares.

“It was the classic, ‘Hey you’re good at this, you should help other people do it. You should write a book or start a blog or something like that.’”

He partnered with a friend, and together they created a one-page website selling a $19 ebook. They knew the material was good and people wanted this information, so they were confident they’d be wildly successful.

Bryce’s ebook
Bryce’s ebook

“I don’t see why everyone isn’t buying this book”

Bryce was so confident his business would succeed, he booked a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate the week after his ebook launched.

When the big day finally came, Bryce sat at his computer excited to watch the sales roll in.

He sold 2 books.

“We launched the product, and it went as bad as you could have imagined. I think we sold 15 ebooks in the first 3 months… We went from this incredible high of ‘Starting a business is exciting!’ to ‘What are we doing wrong? What is wrong with us?’”

Bryce knew his material was good and that it made sense for people to buy. He didn’t understand how it could have failed.

“Our approach was, ‘Hey, this is logical, here are reasons A, B, and C why this should work for you.’ I didn’t see why everyone wasn’t buying the book.”

Even with national attention, his business struggled

Despite the lack of sales, Bryce received national attention. He was featured on Good Morning America and thought this would be the break he needed. But it didn’t help much.

“I was all excited, [thinking] ‘This is going to be the day my business really grows!’”

Out of the millions of people who saw him on TV, only 250 signed up for his email list.

“We were thinking, ‘What’s going on? With all these people coming to our site, we should have some sort of success.’”

Being on Good Morning America didn’t help his business
Being on Good Morning America didn’t help his business

His business was going nowhere. Bryce felt embarrassed talking about it with his family.

“One of the hardest things about failing from the get-go is I felt I had to hide it from my friends and family… It was a really hard time in my life.”

From “frazzled entrepreneur” to growing a successful business

Bryce learned the hard way that ambition and national press aren’t enough to build a successful business. He needed a new approach. One that focused on long-term success.

“I’m the type of person where, if you tell me the information is here in this book, I’m going to be flipping through and trying to find a shortcut. Just tell me what I need to know [so I can] move on fast.”

Instead of chasing shiny tactics, Bryce decided to invest in a roadmap that would keep him from cutting corners. So he bought Zero to Launch.

“In Zero to Launch, Ramit talks about ‘the frazzled entrepreneur,’ and that was definitely me. When I got into [the course] I realized, ‘This is built to help me get over that weakness by setting out a timeline of what I need to do and making sure I accomplish specific goals and steps before moving on.’

“Ramit does a great job of addressing every part of growing a business… the entire thing seemed to turn over every single stone.”

Bryce’s website,
Bryce’s website,

Recovering from failure

Through the course, Bryce learned the major mistake he had made: It wasn’t enough to offer helpful information, he needed to guide potential clients gently along a path that would lead them to buy.

“What Zero to Launch opened my eyes to is that you have to do a better job of bringing people in and really warming them up to what you do. It’s not just a numbers game.

“Before Zero to Launch, if I created a product or post and it didn’t perform well I’d think, ‘Why don’t you get it, reader?’

“What Zero to Launch and Ramit taught me is that’s on me. If something didn’t go well, I did something wrong and I need to go back through and figure out what that is and relaunch to be successful.”

Bryce learned how to connect with his readers
Bryce learned how to connect with his readers

No longer “in the rat race every day”

After 2 years on their own, Bryce and his partner were only making $500-$700/month from their business. But using Zero to Launch, their revenue has grown to over $10,000/month in less than a year.

“Within the first few months of Zero to Launch, we watched our revenue grow by 100% every month… I’m sitting there like, ‘Is this real?’”

From $168 to $14,706/month using Zero to Launch
From $168 to $14,706/month using Zero to Launch

Now Bryce gets to work from anywhere on a business that runs virtually by itself. This has a drastic impact on his quality of life and stress level.

“I can work from anywhere I want. I wake up each morning and get an email saying, ‘Here’s how your business performed yesterday.’ It’s incredibly exciting knowing it can run by itself.

Bryce can work from anywhere
Bryce can work from anywhere

“I used to wake up in the morning [with this] underlying feeling of ‘You need to go-go-go. You need to make money doing these things. You need to be thinking ahead and saving and scrimping.’ Having a growing business takes a lot of that stress and pressure off.”

Now that he understands how to build a business, Bryce sees a bright future ahead.

“What it shows me is that I can take this and I can do it again in other areas. I feel confident that I can replicate these results and see exponential gains going forward.”

Do yourself a favor

We flew Bryce in to tell us about his story in person. You can see the full interview below, where you’ll learn:

  • The difference between Zero to Launch and the free courses he tried (1:56)
  • How Zero to Launch was so personal it felt “as if [Ramit was] speaking into my soul” (7:10)
  • Why Bryce says you’re “doing yourself a favor” joining Zero to Launch (if you have 2 specific qualities) (10:43)

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