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Hustling — in the most positive sense of the word — means finding unconventional ways to achieve high-impact goals. We're now in Week 3, Negotiating Your Big Breaks.

I’ll show you how to negotiate to get higher hourly rates, to get meetings with top executives, and how to convince people to pay you for your valuable services. Including ready-to-use scripts and case studies of people using them. You'll also get:

  • The full recording of my 60-minute Master Class webcast with Derek Sivers - learn the techniques he used to hustle his way to $100M in sales with CDBaby.com when no one thought he could make a dime.

  • Earn1K Material PDF: From Free to Fee - a 10-page bonus lesson on how Matt C. negotiated one free project into a monthly $6,000+ check from me (includes Matt's original presentation and his how-to follow-up video).

  • My 69-min audio on mastering personal finance - by learning from pick up artists (and it's transcribed for you).

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