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Hustling — in the most positive sense of the word — means finding unconventional ways to achieve high-impact goals. We're now in Week 2 of my free 30-day course on doing just that.

This week, learn how to hack your own mind and use psychology to attain influence, persuasion, and engineer mind-blowing results. Some of what what you'll be getting this week:

  • Wednesday - Tweaking Love - a unique bonus case study that demonstrates how easily our "attraction buttons" can be pushed given one small—and surprising—change in location

  • Thursday - Get Inside Their Heads - a 15-page special report on how to use psychology to deeply understand your customers (and how I charge a $1,200/hr consulting fee)

  • Friday - Persuasion Master Class recording with my former mentor BJ Fogg, Ph.D., of Stanford where we discuss latest persuasion research, successful case studies, and specific steps you can use

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