How to really grow your business by 281%

How to really grow your business by 281%

You can use copywriting to tell funny jokes, get people to RSVP to your party invitations, or grow your business.

But let’s talk about the business side of copywriting. How many emails are you subscribed to that put you right to sleep?

How many people use buzzwords like “innovation,” which actually mean nothing?

Using the right words makes a huge difference.

In fact, I’m going to show you how to actually grow your subscriber list 70% faster, right now, today. Using one simple technique. Take a look.


This is the actual copy (words) we ran for weeks in one of our Ultimate Guides. And it worked well. But can you see what’s wrong with it?

Think for a second about the reader. Someone who is reading a guide to making money online. What do they want. Ideas? No.


Boom! We promised them a benefit (that they cared about) and told them exactly what they were getting in return. And it worked.

The new version out-performed the old by better than 70%. This will end up being much more profitable for us.

Guys, you don’t need 10,000 social media tactics or 37 ways to write headlines. You just need to hit the 2-3 things that will move the needle — like the words you use to reach your customer.

And that works for anyone, no matter what industry you’re in.

For example, last year I sat down with Colleen Carroll of Innovative Reading. She helps kids learn to read.

In under an hour, we rewrote her site to become much more profitable.


Colleen is great — she has a PhD, years of experience, and a solution that her audience needs. But so what? She wasn’t communicating in a way that people want to hear. So none of that mattered.


See the difference?

  • Look at some of the subtle word choices. Which do you think hits home harder? Thinking about your “struggling reader” or imagining another knock down, drag out fight with a 9-year-old when you tell them it’s time to do their homework?
  • What is “instant reading help?” What does it mean that Colleen is a “highly successful reading specialist?” Notice how getting more specific changes the feel of the copy.
  • Pay attention to the promise to the reader. In the original, it’s just help. In the revised version it’s “help your child love reading in just 1 week.”

The new version hits the customer in the gut. It speaks to their pain and it meets them where they are. That makes it irresistible.

By the way, it increased her email subscription rate from 2.7% in June to 10.3% in July (that’s a 281% increase).

The most common mistakes business owners make

Lots of people believe, “If I just build something great, customers will come.” WRONG!

If you build something amazing and can’t communicate it in a way people care about…your business is over.

But that doesn’t mean you have to figure out 17 different tactics for social media or 100 different nuanced sales techniques.

If you can master one or two key principles, like connecting with your customers, you win (and so do your customers).

And this doesn’t just work when you’re searching for new readers.

Today I want to show you the thought process that goes into writing a sales page that has generated millions of dollars.

Behind Ramit’s Brain Trust Sales Page

Ramit’s Brain Trust has brought in over 2,000 paying customers, and this sales page is responsible for virtually all of them. A few years ago, I recorded a 37 minute breakdown of the entire sales page.

If you’ve ever wondered how the right words can help you build your business, I’ll show you exactly how it works. 

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