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Hey -- Ramit here.

I honestly have no idea why everyone who comes to I Will Teach You To Be Rich doesn't ask me for my Insider's Kit. It's absolutely free and packed full of word-for-word scripts, tactical videos on interviewing and negotiating a raise, and I've literally scanned pages from my New York Times Bestselling book (that people pay for) and included those. It's full of PDFs, case studies ... amazing content that I've put together, and there's no obligation to buy anything, now or ever.

I'm not hiding the fact that once you see how good my material is, I hope you will want more. It's a sample I give away to prove my advice works. And if you don't want any more just tell me. It's available to everyone...except one group...

I don't send the Insider's Kit to people who don't want it. In fact, I MAKE you confirm your email address because I absolutely hate spam and refuse to contact anyone who doesn't want me to.

Perhaps you think that once you get the Insider's Kit you'll be subjected to an onslaught of emails that you can never escape from. That's simply NOT true. I use a email service called AWeber to manage the 121,900 people that read my newsletter, and if you click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any email your email address is removed from my list. The only way to get it back is if you download the Insider's kit again.

Perhaps you're thinking, "Why should I download the Insider's Kit if I have no intention to ever get the rest of Ramit's material?"

Because I get emails from people everyday telling me how much money they've made using my FREE stuff. They've automated their finances and saved hundreds each month while spending MORE on what they love. They've got raises, made thousands of dollars on the side using skills they already had... and so much more.

There could be other reasons why you don't want my free Insider's Kit that I just can't figure out - so if you don't want me to help you make money for free, please email me at and tell me why.

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