How to get great case studies and testimonials for your business

5 things you need to turn your audience into paying customers

You can have the best product in the world, but you won’t make a cent if your website can’t sell it for you.

We analyzed successful sites and found they all have 5 key elements. The best part? You don’t need any technical or design skills to set them up. And you can do it all on a shoestring budget.

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I have a question from Sukrut:

“How do you get more people as case studies?”

First off, I want to define what he’s talking about.

Case studies can be as short as a picture and a quick testimonial. Or they can be multi-page articles where you dive into someone’s story, problems, and solutions.

They’re important because it’s not enough to say that you have the best program or product. You have to show proof. People want to see that others like them have found success with your program.

Take a look at our case studies on GrowthLab. We have tons of them with beautiful photos and videos.

I’ll tell you exactly how we got them.

Set yourself up for success before you even launch a product

By the time we launch a course to the public, it’s gone through a lot of testing. We’ve run students through the beta program, and some of them succeed, some of them don’t.

We then iterate our course and make it better and better until it’s finally ready for the public.

When we recruit the beta students, we lay out requirements:

  • Keep a log or diary
  • Agree to be a case study
  • Appear in any press that comes our way

The students who agree go through the program. Then we’ll reach out to them for feedback. We ask, “How did it go? What worked? What didn’t?”

If someone has amazing results, we contact them for a special case study. When we get more and more of them, we know our product is getting better, and it’s ready to launch soon.

So we take those case studies, and we put them everywhere. We put them on the sales page, we put them on our website, and on and on and on.

A simple way to think about getting case studies is to actually run people through your program as a test.

We usually don’t even charge them and get them success. It’s a no-brainer for everyone: They get results they want. We get data and marketing materials.

It’s easy to scoff at the idea of letting people use your material for free in exchange for testimonials and success stories. But it’s well worth it.

What if you’ve already launched?

Now, if you already have a product, you’re sitting on a gold mine because a lot of people have gone through it and likely found success. So reach out to them for feedback — and don’t feel like you need to offer some kind of major incentive.

If you have delivered some successful result to someone, most people are thrilled to share it. When we’ve asked people if we could share their stories, they’ve agreed. And they love to do it.

5 things you need to turn your audience into paying customers

Testimonials are great to have on your site, but they aren’t enough to turn casual visitors into customers. To do that, you need 5 more things. The best part? You don’t need any technical or design skills to set these up. And you can do it all on a shoestring budget.

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