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"How To Write A $100,000 Survey"

Surveys are a powerful (and misunderstood) tool for getting to know your prospects and focusing your business.

In my full Earn1K Program, I saw a forum post where Earn1k member Jenn W. asked how to improve her surveys. The surveys were a first try, but I saw a lot of potential and set up a case study with Jenn.

In this case study, learn:

* How to write a survey that people will answer
* How to construct a survey that will give YOU the answers you need
* Techniques to maximize the value of the surveys and apply marketing techniques to optimize your survey

Note: Audio starts about 15 seconds in.

Want to earn more, raise your rates, and grow your business?

Crafting mind-blowingly effective surveys is a great start. But if you really want to get into your customers' heads, you need to dig deeper into their psychology.

That's exactly what I do in my Psychology of Mind Reading private webcast - only available to email subscribers. In that webcast, I cover:

  • How to systematically get deeper than you've ever thought possible in understanding other people's hopes, fears, and dreams
  • How to take what people say...and what they really mean -- and how to distinguish the two
  • How to market yourself the way billion dollar marketing masters do.

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