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What If You Could Interview Better Than 99% Of The People In The World?

I've spent hundreds of hours, and tens of thousands of dollars testing career advice. What I discovered was mind-boggling.

Even new college graduates without any real-world experience can land a Dream Job. I'm talking about meaningful, full-time work with great pay and benefits... As long as you understand the game being played around you.

Take my student, Karen, as an example.

Karen just graduated from USC in one of the worst job markets in a century, and I worked with her to find her Dream Job.

Together, we covered weeks of powerful, never-before-released material, including:

  • How to discover what she loves.
  • How to ruthlessly identify and destroy time-wasters (HINT: social media and job sites are useless)
  • Before & after interview techniques. We’ll show you the exact words to use to respond to any situation.
  • Powerful negotiation scripts that produce outstanding results.
  • How to overcome the invisible psychological scripts that are holding you back.
  • Using “natural networking” to bypass the Black Hole of resume drops. (This is key to uncovering unadvertised, highly lucrative jobs.)

The results were staggering.

She didn’t just get one Dream Job offer. She got two.

And she handily negotiated an astonishingly high raise.

Today, I'm going to give you a sneak peek into her transformation.

You see, when she asked for help finding, and landing, her Dream Job, I agreed on one condition. She had to let me videotape all of our training sessions.

I knew she would improve if she followed my advice. So I wanted to capture it all to share with others.

I collected hours of footage — too much to share in one sitting. But today I want to give you a before-and-after look to show you what's possible. You'll see Karen's interviewing skills when we started the training (mediocre at best). And then you'll see the Karen who interviews so well she landed two Dream Jobs.

What if you could interview better than 99% of the people in the world?

You can. I can teach you how.

See Karen’s amazing before & after transformation

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