How Danny made $24,000+ (working less than 10 hours per week)

About Danny:
A father of two young boys from Omaha, Nebraska, Danny runs a freelance copywriting business. He wanted to build an additional income stream through an online business, but his wife was very skeptical of him joining an online course to learn how.

How he did it:
Danny loved his copywriting business but hated that to make more money, he had to keep working more and more hours. He used Zero to Launch to leverage his time, have a more flexible lifestyle, and to help more people.

He earned just over $24,700 in 9 months and added more than 3,000 subscribers to his email list.

Danny went from an unemployed college dropout to the owner of a successful online business.

His business launched on a tiny site with just 2 blog posts. Despite working less than 10 hours per week, Danny managed to earn more than $24,000 with his online business in less than 9 months.

Here’s how he did it.

Finding work he loves

Danny’s college career lasted less than a week. He couldn’t stand the lectures and wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life so he dropped out.

For nearly a decade after that, he had a tough time finding work he really enjoyed. “I would bounce from company to company, hoping I’d find some place where I felt like I made a difference.”

After several career false starts and nearly giving up on finding meaningful work, he stumbled upon copywriting at age 34. Immediately, he knew this was his calling.

Since he had no connections in the industry and had never owned a business before, Danny used Elance, an online freelance marketplace, to help get his business off the ground.

To his surprise, he became a 6-figure a year earner really fast. “Conventional wisdom says that that’s not possible. But it can be done. And it turned out to be a really good place to make money for me.”

But early last year, Danny saw what he considered to be an even better opportunity to grow his business and leverage his time.

A chance to earn even more (with less time)

“When I heard about Zero to Launch and started reading Ramit’s material, I found myself completely mesmerized. I wanted to build the kind of business Ramit talked about.”

Danny loved his business but hated that to make more money, he had to keep working more and more hours. By creating an online business and following the system laid out in Zero to Launch, he knew he would have a more flexible lifestyle and be able to spend more time with his wife and two young boys.

He couldn’t wait to get started, but his wife wasn’t so sure this was the best idea.

“I had no hesitations, but when I talked to my wife about investing in this system, she had a lot of reservations. The decision was really emotional for her. As the sole income earner for a family of four, I felt an obligation to make a smart decisions with our money, but I knew this was the right choice.”

“You just want to have a plan and follow it”

Danny started his online business: Freelance to Win.

Danny learned a lot of high-level business strategy and became a better business owner after going through the course. But he says the biggest way that the program helped him was pushing him to launch a “good enough” product.

“I had this invisible script that a product needs to be really expensive, costly, and really hard to produce.”

“My first product? It wasn’t fancy. I made it using PowerPoint, Camtasia, and my laptop. And the testimonials on it are raving because no one cares as long as you have really taken the time to understand your audience and solve their burning pains.”

“Ramit tells you how to do that. And that’s comforting when you’re new. You just want to have a plan and be able to follow it.”

A tiny site with two blog posts, $24,000+ in sales


Just two posts on his site, but more than $20,000 in sales.

Shockingly, Danny found out he didn’t have to create tons of content to run a successful online business.

“I learned not worry about quantity, so much as to really focus on quality. That’s why I’m able to only have 2 posts on my site, and I’m still managing to earn more money than most blogs and bloggers you’ll come across with 200x that amount of content.”

Once Danny created those first couple of posts, his readers begged him for more.

“I created the product based on all the demand and did my first real product launch in December of 2014. I earned a little over $1,000 that month and then did the same thing in January.”

Over the next few months, Danny’s earnings continued to grow. Here’s a breakdown of what his online business made each month:


In all, he’s earned more than $24,000 from his online business, and it continues to grow each month.

June is setting up to be another record, with over $3,500 in sales through just the first 10 days.


“There’s this sort of ripple effect that starts to take the business to new levels. Now people are writing about my product, students are promoting it themselves. The growth is almost out of my hands.”

The next steps: having more fun and adding even more value

Danny couldn’t be happier about the way things are going.

“This is literally the most fun — outside of spending time with my wife and kids — imaginable. It doesn’t feel like work. I feel like a kid playing games all day.”

And Danny can’t wait for what’s next: “Now that I’ve gone through Zero to Launch and gotten these raving fans, I’m really excited to continue building new products for them and helping them out. And if I can continue doing that — I know can make a good living. “

And Danny’s definitely there. In fact, as we were wrapping up our conversation, his phone buzzed, telling him another sale had come while we’re talking. That’s his Rich Life.

Learn how Danny turned his passion for copywriting into a successful online business

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