You are the Hustler

Whether it’s crushing your goals at work, kicking your side business into the next gear, or simply taking pride in what you accomplish with your time, your Rich Life begins with meaningful work. 

Some ways you can tap into your ambition in your life might be:

  • Taking a risk at work to stand out/get a promotion.
  • Investing in professional development courses.
  • Consulting on the side.
  • Switching industries or starting a new job.
  • Starting an automated side business.
  • Taking a risk on new things outside of your normal comfort zone.
  • Upgrading your wardrobe.

However you do it, the higher your ambition, the Richer your life will be!

How to build your Rich Life

Now that you’ve identified your Rich Life Archetype, I’d like to help you go deeper into what your whole Rich Life looks like… and how to make it real: Introducing the Rich Life System with Ramit Sethi.

Through this program, I’ll show you how to build your Rich Life — from initial vision to fully automated “money machine”. 

To live a Rich Life, you don’t need a lot of money, but your money (and your money psychology) does need to be working for you, not against you!

I’ll show you – step by step – exactly how to set up your own Rich Life System and make your money work for you and your ideal life. 

Here’s what your life will look like once your system is up-and-running:

  • You’ll have a mouth-watering, crystal clear vision of YOUR Rich Life. And better yet, detailed plans and clear line-of-sight on how you can achieve them.
  • You’ll be living your Rich Life — TODAY — not waiting for someday.
  • All of your saving, investments and bills will be automated
  • You’ll know exactly where your money is going. (Hint: It’ll be going exactly where you want it to.)
  • You’ll know how much you can spend each month, 100% guilt-free. (Also how to ramp that “guilt-free number” up.)
  • You’ll know how and when all your loans will be paid off.
  • How much you spend on your favorite things will go up. (And how much you waste on stuff you don’t care about will drop.)
  • You’ll know how to adjust your system as your needs and wants change, so you’re always in control
  • Money will be a source of JOY in your life, not stress.

Best of all, you can have all of this with just 1 hour a month. (Some of my students spend as little as 15 minutes a month.)

There’s no crazy spreadsheets. No advanced math. No risky investments. And no guilt.

Just a simple system for taking control of your money and building your Rich Life.

And unlike most personal finance programs — which focus on financial minutiae and never even think about actually enjoying your money or your life — The Rich Life System begins and ends with YOUR Rich Life.

Are you ready to start building your Rich Life?