You are the Champion

Whether it’s setting a new personal best, mastering a new skill, or finding a moment of peace, your Rich Life begins within. 

Some ways you can accelerate your growth in your life might be:

  • Blocking off 1 day a week just for reading.
  • Upgrading your wardrobe.
  • Going on a 3-day yoga or silent meditation retreat.
  • Finding a spiritual coach or mentor.
  • Setting a big fitness goal you’ve never set before.
  • Hiring a personal trainer.
  • Investing in a healthy meal-planning or delivery service.
  • Getting a comprehensive physical with blood tests.
  • Learning a new language.

However you do it, the more you challenge yourself, the Richer your life will be!

How to build your Rich Life

Now that you’ve identified your Rich Life Archetype, I’d like to help you go deeper into what your whole Rich Life looks like… and how to make it real.

Introducing… Money Coaching with Ramit Sethi, my brand new subscription program that will help you:

  • Get answers to your money questions, directly from me. Attend monthly live check-ins with me and know your money is on track.
  • Identify the problem areas in your finances — and fix them once and for all.
  • Create a simple money plan that fits you like a glove. Get control of the nuts & bolts of your saving, investing, and spending.
  • Surround yourself with a community of peers who are also ready to master their money and live their Rich Lives.

If you’ve been meaning to get your money in order for a while — or you’re just ready to stop feeling stressed about it — this is for you.