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“The real meat of the book and the part that I found most interesting and useful was Ramit’s system for automating accounts. Although I had a system in place, it was not nearly as automated as it could have been and I was keeping money in places that were not earning me enough interest. I highly recommend the book for the automation section alone as it will truly open your eyes about how easy it is to use readily available technology to optimize your savings.”Ross Hollman, – 4/22/09

“Where Ramit’s book sets itself apart is the well thought out general theorem and the overall practicality of the advice. Anyone who doesn’t know anything about personal finance could pick up this book and, with some self discipline, be on their way to reaching their financial goals…The book does an awesome job of formulating a system that works, both numerically and more importantly psychologically.”Matt Lader, – 4/19/09

“Ramit’s book is one of the only self-help books I have ever read that I believe to be completely effective. In other words, I don’t think that some chapters are better than others. There’s isn’t some advice he gives that you should follow and others that you should be skeptical about. The whole damn book is gold.”—Jeff Lee, – 4/19/09

“I highly recommend checking out the book. Just 3 action items alone will save me significant time – and hopefully a bit of money, too.”Melanie Orndorff, – 4/11/09

“Within the first 10 pages I could tell that this wasn’t like any financial book or magazine article that I’d read before. It’s much better.”Andy Santamaria, – 4/6/09

“Ramit’s use of self-deprecating humor (gotta love those Indian jokes) while delivering practical, step-by-step advice makes the book an easy page-turner…his voice is full of attitude, and his ideas are uncommonly sound and refreshingly hype-free…I would personally take any advice from him I could get.”Alexandra Levit – 3/30/09

“I Will Teach You to be Rich is chock full of good information, and yet is a fun, easy read. How many books on economics, investment and finance can you say that about?”Cathy, author of – 3/30/09

“If I could walk up to each of my friends and slap them with a copy of this book I know it would make a huge difference in their lives. Seriously, I want all of my friends from school to read this book now. Pick up this book and start acting today.”—Devin Reams, author of – 3/28/09

“There are a lot of personal finance books out there and it’s very difficult for a new author to break out. But, Ramit’s book is different. It kicks you, motivates you, and inspires you to take actions NOW to get your finance in order. Ramit writes in such an engaging and convincing style that you’ll be inspired to take actions immediately.”Geek MBA – 3/25/09

“As soon as my kids are old enough for summer camp, I will be sending them to Ramit’s house in San Francisco for some seriously fun financial education…if you are a young adult, or have a young adult in your life who you want to see thrive and be happy in their future, buy them this book.”—Pamela Slim, author of – 3/25/09

“You can take a complete personal finance novice, give them this book, and they can set themselves up to succeed in less than six weeks…I can see parents buying this book for their kids, heck parents buying this book for themselves, and I’m not surprised.”Jim Wang, editor of – 3/25/09

“There is no doubt that the book is superb…I Will Teach You To Be Rich is a great personal finance book, packed with tips that are likely to help many of the people who read it.” – 3/25/09

“Whenever I review a book, I always try to find something I don’t like about the book. I really couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about this book…I highly recommend it for anyone who needs to get their financial life in shape or anyone who is starting out on the road of life. Ramit will help you get on the road to becoming rich.”JLP, author of – 3/24/09

“Sethi has focused on making money, whether through asking for a raise, investing and starting a money-making enterprise of one’s own. Don’t get me wrong — Sethi has devoted entire months to saving money. He just goes for the big savings, rather than frugal tips like making your own soap. But overall, Sethi focuses on helping readers to figure out how they can grow their earnings over time — and that is an approach that will really pay off. It makes both Sethi’s book worth reading in my mind.”Thursday Bram, – 3/24/09

“Does it seem like I’m gushing all over this book? That’s pretty much true. Look, the truth is, I’m always on the lookout for good personal finance books for my age group: 18-30 year olds for whom most personal finance books do not apply…I have never found a book I would recommend more.”Stephanie, author of – 3/24/09

“I Will Teach You to Be Rich should be at the top of the list for most recent or soon-to-be college graduates.”Flexo, author of Consumerism Commentary – 3/24/09

“Financial anxiety is by far the biggest source of stress encountered by young adults. If you buy this book and follow the plan inside you will eliminate this stress from your life…if not being an idiot about your money is on your post-grad to-do list, spending $14 on this book is probably the easiest path between here and checking off that task.”Cal Newport, author of How To Win at College and the Study Hacks blog – 3/24/09

“I can easily see how I Will Teach You To Be Rich can bring personal finance to life for a person fresh out of college and looking to conquer the world…I Will Teach You To Be Rich would probably be my default “graduation gift” for a college student who needs to learn the basics of personal finance.”Trent Hamm, author of – 3/23/09

“I think my favorite part of I Will Teach You to Be Rich is that Ramit cites his sources. You’ll recall that in my review of The Power of Less, I complained that my friend Leo resorted to broad statements with no research to support his claims. I was disappointed. Ramit doesn’t fall into that trap. When he recommends index funds or talks about asset allocation, he backs up his advice with quotes and data. If only every personal-finance book did this…”JD Roth, Author of – 3/23/09

“The book tells you everything you need to know about how to manage your money. From credit cards to saving for a wedding, from stocks and bonds to savings accounts, it’s all here. Unlike most books on money, I Will Teach You To Be Rich sings right along with the zest and humor you’ve come to expect from Ramit. The accompanying charts and boxes are helpful (and wonderfully rendered from a visual perspective) and the sprinkling of quotes (signed by real people, not “John D.”) are frequent reminders that other people are taking control of their finances — and so can you.”Ben Casnocha, Author of My Start Up Life – 3/23/09

“Using tips from your blog & book I’ve gone from $250 savings with $1700 debt to $6,000 savings and $0 debt in about 4 months. Thanks”Brandon Joerges via Twitter

“Ramit gave a preview copy of his new book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, to Kristine and I last week. I didn’t think I’d read it, but on my way out for a trip to Pittsburgh, I grabbed it for some in-the-air reading. I ended up digesting it in 3 days – it was a quick and engaging read. I’ve heard many of the tips before, but never took much action, because this booked was to-the-point, it got me motivated.”Vincent Lauria

“Ramit Sethi is a rising star in the world of personal finance writing…one singularly attuned to the sensibilities of his generation….His style is part frat boy and part Silicon Valley geek, with a little bit of San Francisco hipster thrown in.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“You’ve probably never bought a book on personal finance, but this one could be the best $13.95 you ever spent. It’ll pay for itself by the end of Chapter 1 (check out the box on page 24 to see what I mean).” —Penelope Trunk, Author of Brazen Careerist: The New Rules For Success

“Most students never learn the basics of money management and get caught up in the white noise and hype generated by the personal-finance media. Ramit’s like the guy you wish you knew in college who would sit down with you over a beer and fill you in on what you really need to know about money—no sales pitch, just good advice.” —Christopher Stevenson, Credit Union Executives Society

“Smart, bold, and practical. I Will Teach You to Be Rich is packed with tips that actually work. This is a great guide to money management for twentysomethings—and everybody else.” —J.D. Roth, Editor,

“Ramit demystifies complex concepts with wit and an expert understanding of finances. Not only is this book informative, it’s fun and includes fresh tips that will help anyone master their finances.” —George Hofheimer, Chief Research Officer, Filene Research Institute

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