Your toughest questions about starting an online biz?

Ramit Sethi

Next month, I’m heading into my studio to record a whole new series of videos for you.

My goal — to top this:

ZTL blooper. I hate you, tree


I’m going to be recording new interviews for my Brain Trust program, new success stories for my Zero to Launch course (you will be amazed by these), and new videos all about helping you start an online business.

That’s a lot, but I booked extra studio time so I could record some off-the-cuff, uncensored video responses to your toughest questions about starting an online biz.

If you’ve always wanted to create an automated, online income stream, I’m here to help.

Tips on asking GREAT questions:

  • Be specific. Do not ask me “How do I stay motivated?” or “How do I stop feeling sad?” I am not your grandma or therapist. The more specific details you give me, the better the answer you’re going to get.
  • Be realistic. If you currently work the nightshift at Wal Mart and want to make 7-figures in 7 weeks, you’re not ambitious, you’re delusional. Remember, most people would rather dream about earning $100,000 than actually earn $1,000. But if you’re serious about starting an online business and want to know how to take the next steps, I can help.
  • Advanced questions welcome. If you have a question about cohort analysis, price testing, ethnographic research methods, webinar conversion rates at $199 vs. $1,999 products, or anything else that’s highly advanced, ask it!

Submit your toughest questions about starting an online business here.

And as a preview, here are some other videos I’ve shared about starting an online business, just in case you missed them:

How I went from a $4.95 ebook to a $12,000 product:

How to overcome your fear of failure:

Why it’s important to take risks:

Don’t forget to send me your toughest questions on starting an online business. What’s holding you back? Submit your questions here.

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  1. Shayna

    Looking at the original trailers for Scrooge Strategy and Earn1K, they were about a year apart. Just curious – how did it feel to be investing a full year (and presumably a lot of financial resources) into producing a course which there were no guarantees it was going to sell? Were you nervous at all, or were you pretty sure, based on your already-sizable audience and general awesomeness of the product, that it was bound to be a hit?

    I’m about to enter a phase of turning my moderately-successful basic products into REALLY GOOD (and more expensive) products, so I’m wondering how that was for you.

  2. Raneil

    First time I heard of you – I just listened to Tim ferris’ interview with you, and find your insights into human psychology and how it relates to your business very valuable. I do want to start an online business someday (and actually get it started) and I’m optimistic that your style might fit my way of going about things. Looking forward to learning your way and applying this knowledge in my own way. Thanks!

  3. Niel Malhotra

    How do you ensure recurring revenue from one time purchases like ebooks?

    • Cristi Vlad

      make a course out of it, make a service out of it, a membership website…there are tons of ways!

  4. bostjan

    Well, the toughest question would be; do I have what it takes? And when I compared the possible success with a 9 to 5 dullness, the answer is obvious. I didn’t have the choice.

  5. Yasmine Bachir

    Of course, online business has become the fundamental way to thrive in your career. There are so many of them out there, that you wonder how you will set yourself apart and excel. This seems to be the only way business leaders can get ahead in this time and day and make success out of their passions but how can they compete against others in their sector? This would be a good question for those wishing to set up an online business. A friend of mine recently set one up, and the time and effort that went into doing this could be outweighed by the competition already out there. How do we set ourselves apart from the rest? Thanks Ramit

  6. Cheyenne Lynnae

    How can a person simplify and streamline the process of starting and marketing an online business to its most effective actions, and methods? Essentially, how would you/do you apply the 80/20 rule to starting up an online business? What actions have you found to create the most-not necessarily dramatic-but meaningful, and authentic results?
    Particularly in the areas of marketing, blogging, and email lists.

  7. Steve Kobrin

    Do you have any experience with businesses that market life insurance online? Can you identify the top three major pitfalls to avoid?

  8. Steve Kobrin

    This point you made really struck home: “It pays to create the world’s best course.” Thank you,

  9. Victor Ijidola

    Well, one thing about we online business owners is, we all look like robots claiming to solve various problems for people without necessarily meeting with them face-to-face.

    So my toughest question would be: how do you convince your prospects that you’re human and you can provide the value you promise?

    No one knows who’s who on the internet. We all use pictures and videos.

  10. Saad Asad

    I guess the biggest obstacle I face is expressing myself in a way that others find my content useful, I mean I can write but I cannot as good as some of the other people that write in my niche, There content seems to have a very good flow and serendipity in them. I am trying to become a good writer by writing daily and practicing deliberately but I still feel like I am lacking guidance this area.

    Ramit how would you suggest I improve my writing ? Any specific tips ?

    Thank you.