You missed a great party! (Pics from NYC)

Ramit Sethi

I decided to host a 500-person conference in Manhattan. Here’s how it went down.








This was the first time I’ve ever held an event this big. So we had a lot to learn.

We started investigating different options to make this amazing.

The first thing I decided was I didn’t want to do a typical boring conference with 50 speakers droning on.

Next, I decided revenue was not the primary goal. We already have a great business and we’re not throwing a conference to make a profit.

(This gave us lots of flexibility for crafting an amazing experience.)

I wanted an event where we could meet other people like us — people who were motivated, who wanted more from life — and make amazing friendships over a weekend.





Also, we knew we didn’t want to just make it about business. We didn’t even want to talk about a Rich Life. We wanted to SHOW the possibilities of a Rich Life, including surrounding yourself with amazing, ambitious people just like you.



So we called it Forefront — for people who are unapologetically living at the Forefront.





We had people attend from Australia, Singapore, all over Europe, and even New Jersey.



Friday night, we had a cocktail party with a 500-person game of Rock Paper Scissors.


500-person game of Rock, Paper, Scissors last night at #forefrontevent in NYC!!

A photo posted by Ramit Sethi (@ramit) on


I gave a keynote where I shared my own personal realizations about living a Rich Life, including things I learned about peer pressure, productivity, money, and crafting a meaningful life.



Then we sent 500 people into NYC for Rich Life Experiences, like…

A seafood and wine tasting…



Private personal training sessions and Ninja classes…



And a backstage tour of The Lion King with Simba himself…



Saturday night, we took everyone on a massive yacht and sailed around NYC.











Early Sunday morning, we welcomed a surprisingly full room of people to hear an amazing speech by FUBU founder & Shark Tank star DAYMOND JOHN. It was one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard.





Then we went deeper — breaking into small groups, doing Q&A, breaking down mental barriers and studying the psychology of success.









And we wrapped it up with a huge 500-person photo!



Next year, we’re going even bigger and better. I hope to see you next year at Forefront 2017!


P.S. Check out this video with even more footage of Forefront.

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  1. Selena Soo

    Loved Forefront! Bought my ticket for the 2017 event in Chicago — can’t wait!

  2. Jon Weisberg

    Had the time of my life and met so many amazing people at Forefront 2016. I already signed up for Forefront 2017 and also started Zero to Launch. My advice for everyone, if you already haven’t signed up for Forefront 2017 in Chicago, just do it!

  3. Jesse Gernigin

    I signed up for the waiting list but is there a way to purchase tickets like Selena said she did? I really wanted to make it this year but I used ZTL principles to run my first, and only, full marathon in Chicago! This year I want to make sure I have time to meet the people I am a student with!

  4. teresa

    Congratulations! Looks marvelous. Love the stage backdrops, the ice-breaker game and the conference events. Great job!

  5. Viko

    It was a great event, obvious! I’d like to see video or to listen to the speech that was considered superb It was delivered by Daymond John. Even to read it would be great.

  6. Stephen Roe

    Glad a blast when I was there–looking forward to Chicago in 2017!

  7. Stephen Roe

    Had a blast/glad I went. Not both. 😉

  8. Craig

    Had a great time at Forefront! Can’t wait for Chicago next year!

  9. Carmen

    Holy snapple! It really does look like you guys had a great time and to be honest, seeing those people gave me a boost of confidence that hey, I deserve to be there too.

  10. Russell

    Looks amazing! My goal is to come to this event and fly business class from the UK for the first time ever.

  11. Rachel Bowman

    I agree – it was a blast and I’ve got my ticket for Chicago! And I love seeing people I know in the pictures.

  12. Vivek Kalia

    An absolutely fantastic event! I had such a great time meeting people from all over the world. Ramit, you’re really a star! Thanks for all that you do.

  13. Jacqui St. Cyr

    WOW! i am sad I missed this, but I am planning to come next year!!!!

  14. ✌️ Alternative

    Congrats, Ramit & Team, with your success!
    Would love to discover all mundane How-to, though…;-)

  15. Ankur

    Forefront was definitely the best in person event I’ve ever been to, thanks Ramit & IWT! I’d never met so many awesome people in a short 3 days and I can’t wait for more at Forefront 2017!


    Oh my God! I really miss…oh shit

  17. Newton

    Awesome! Congratulations for all of you!!!

  18. Claudine

    Congratulations Ramit, it looks like an incredible event and sounds equally impressive based on everyone’s comments. Well done everyone who got themselves there- loved the internationalism!

  19. Todd Cantalupo

    Forefront 2016 was awesome and I’m looking forward to seeing everybody in Chicago next year! You think they’ll be done celebrating the World Series win?!? 🙂

  20. Christy Sharafinski

    @Russell, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you at my second annual Forefront. Love your intentionality and willingness to put your goal/plan in writing! It’s people like you who are at Forefront. Welcome aboard!

    Here’s the top 3 things I loved about Forefront:

    1. The people in attendance. When I told my sister I’d booked a ticket, she was disgusted and cautionary, convinced I was signing up for some low-level, meat-market networking event.

    I knew better.

    What I found, starting Friday morning (hours before the event officially began) was even juicier than Ramit had promised: entrepreneurs just like me, willing to stretch emotional muscles, meet new people and get quickly into meaningful conversations. I’ve never been around so many selfless, motivated people at one time!

    2. Show, don’t tell. There wasn’t much talk about the A, B, Cs of how to live a Rich Life. Nope, not at Forefront. I’d say the motto was Nike. Just do it.

    We played, and played hard. Each of us had the opportunity to be wowed by the Museum Hackers (with their “Museums/Forefront are f*@!ing awesome!” t-shirts). And the Rich Life experiences were one of a kind. (Yes, I busted out my belly-dancing moves.)

    3. Transformational breakouts. There’s a principal taught by Maria Montessori, “Start the way you intend to continue.”

    We were respectfully invited to go deep, vulnerable and personal from the start. (And Ramit modelled this for first!) The strategically brilliant one-on-ones set the stage for every future conversation, whether it was alongside the afternoon munchies bar or while boarding our exclusive yacht.

    Forefront is a gem. Stop wishing, hoping and sighing. Nike (like Russell is) and make it happen for yourself.

  21. Jaimie Crooks

    This was the most authentic, meaningful, inspiring, and holistically enjoyable event I’ve been to. Great job IWT team! And Daymond John’s keynote is going down as the most dynamic I’ve ever experienced.

  22. Opiyo Okumu

    wow! those pics summarizes everything…i wish i could narrow the distance. can the event be repeated in Kenya?