Win two roundtrip tickets anywhere in the USA

Ramit Sethi

I’m writing you from my apartment in San Francisco today. Normally, I live in New York, but I also have an apartment in SF. I know it’s a little ridiculous, but to me, it’s part of living a rich life.

I’ve asked you before: What does “rich” mean to you?

For some people it means fancy shoes. Let’s call this GOODS.

(As opposed to patronizing personal-finance “experts” who tell you all materialistic things are bad, my take is half of them WISH they could afford $500 shoes. Buying nice things is not evil — if you want them, and you can earn enough and automate your money to afford them, do it.)

For other people, it’s having 6 months of an emergency fund. Let’s call this SAFETY.

For some, it’s donating 10% to their local church or charity. Let’s call this CHARITY.

For other people, it’s being able to take a 3-week vacation to Asia…or take a pay cut to work at a job they love instead of chasing money. Let’s call this FREEDOM.

You’ve heard me talk about what rich means to me, like waking up and deciding I want to go to SF for a week and hang out with my friends there. Or see my parents for a weekend. I call this being FLEXIBLE.

You can see there are TONS of definitions of a rich life. And none of them make you feel guilty for using your money to do what you love.

But today, as I sit here in my second apartment (something I never thought I’d say…ever), I want to focus on one. I love the idea of being able to fly somewhere on a whim.

So I’m doing a new giveaway. This one is really simple:

I’m giving away two roundtrip tickets to anywhere in the USA.

All I ask is that you tell me where you’d fly and who you’d bring in the comments below.

I’ve done a few of these giveaways, but nothing like this. As long as you keep spreading the word about IWT, I’ll keep doing these. I want us to all share the idea that living a rich life doesn’t have to mean scrimping and cutting back on everything. That it’s OK to want more — and to craft your life around achieving it.

This ends 9/24.

Here’s the 10-second signup:


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  1. avatar

    I would bring a girl I’m interested in dating to Las Vegas. She’s Canadian.

  2. avatar

    I would bring my husband and newborn to visit family in Seattle.

  3. avatar

    I would bring my little brother who just started college.

  4. avatar

    My husband wants to go to Maine. We live in Los Angeles. We don’t really know what is in Maine but it seems like it would be great to fly there and rent a car and go exploring.

  5. avatar
    Justin Beller

    I would fly to Omaha, Nebraska. Sounds exciting, I know, but hear me out. I want to go there to discover my past.

    I’ve been researching my family history recently and discovered that many of my relatives come from a little town north of Omaha. I looked up the town and what I learned reminds me much of the place I grew up in Idaho. I don’t know much about my family history other than a few facts and I want to go to this place and discover who these people were, what did they do there, how did they contribute to their community, etc.

    I’d like to take my wife as my traveling companion during some time off between semesters in her law school studies. She compiled research on her own family and is very good finding information. I need to have my research assistant with me to help find that information that will help me identify with my past and how it shapes me today.

  6. avatar

    I’d like to take my soon-to-be fiance to New Orleans for a nice getaway. It’s one of her dreams to wander around the French Quarter all day and eat beignets. Needless to say, I fully support her wanting to travel cross-country for some fancy French doughnuts.

  7. avatar

    I would either go to California, not sure what city, or to NYC. I would take my mom. She has taken me on so many trips through my life and it has made my life so much more interesting and enriched. It would be up to her whether we went and relaxed, more like explored, somewhere in California, or if we went to NYC and visited one of my lovely cousins who lives there and we both miss.

    I hope I win it, because my mom has been through so much this year and deserves someone else paying for the flight, finally.

  8. avatar

    I’d go to Chicago with my husband! We recently talked about how we want to explore different places while we have the excitement and relative flexibility (pre-children).

  9. avatar

    I would go Florida with my girlfriend because she’s been dying to swim with manatees.

  10. avatar

    Since I haven’t yet been to Chicago, the only major city which I haven’t visited, I think I would travel there with my photographer friend. I want to improve my skills and it would be awesome to travel with him to take photographs of Chicago for a few days or week!

  11. avatar

    I would fly to LA, i’ve always wanted to visit the entertainment capital. I would bring my best friend.

  12. avatar

    I would bring may dad to visit anyone of his siblings which he doesn’t get to see other than on FB. They are all spread out on all four corners of the US but I would say the furthest one is in Hawaii which we’ve never gone to see because of the distance and affordability of tickets. My final answer is Hawaii. Thank you Ramit for even offering this opportunity and I wish the winner the best time of their lives.

  13. avatar
    Katherine Chalmers

    I would be selfish and decadent. I’d go to Las Vegas or Key West all alone, find a great hotel with a beautiful view and wi-fi by the pool then pour myself into an important creative project for my company that won’t fit easily into my normal schedule. Four days immersed in concentrated work and strategic planning – just taking breaks to sleep and swim – would be amazing. No meetings, no phones ringing, no cooking, no cleaning, no butts or noses to wipe – just really good work and a chance for uninterrupted sleep.

    I’d give the other ticket to my husband (if he survived running the house and keeping the kids alone for 4 days) so he could pursue his dream of finding a new job in the Bay Area.

  14. avatar

    My wife and I would probably fly to Chicago for some nice away time.

  15. avatar

    Im an American living in the Middle East. Assuming I’m eligible for this, I’d take my mom to San Francisco. She’s never been back there since she was born there 60+ years ago.

  16. avatar

    I would bring my boyfriend to visit Portland, OR. I’ve never been to Oregon and we’re considering moving there.

  17. avatar

    San Francisco, and I’d take with be a guy I met on OKCupid. On our first date, we talked about your book. We’ve both read it, and were both making a change in our lives based on the Big Wins idea. Also, while we are in San Francisco, we’d want to meet up with you for coffee or drinks.

  18. avatar

    I would take my best friend to NYC because she LOVES the city and says it’s incredible and that she wants to take me to experience it as well.

  19. avatar

    If I won the tickets, I would take my sister to Orlando or Miami, Florida with me. She’s been a bit depressed lately and taking her on a trip to somewhere sunny might help her snap out of it. After graduating college with a teaching degree and credential she hasn’t found steady work anywhere. Together we could just relax in Florida, somewhere we’ve both never been and catch up on our sister time.

  20. avatar

    I would bring my husband to Disneyland. His brother gave us tickets for his birthday. However, the tickets expired before they reached us in the mail. We would still like to go anyway.

  21. avatar

    Living a rich life means to me doing extraordinary things.

    I would go to Hawaii with my best friend and I would
    -Swim with dolphins during the day and manta rays at night
    -Take showers under huge waterfalls
    -Tan at a green sand beach
    -Surf at a black sand beach
    -Hike a volcano
    -Poke lava with a stick
    -Skydive above the island
    and of course get unreasonably drunk.

  22. avatar

    Definitely Hawaii w/ my guy!

  23. avatar

    I’d take myself and a friend to Hawaii for a learn-to-surf camp because living a rich life means adventure and living life to the fullest!

  24. avatar

    To me, being rich means having freedom to take time off when I want to.
    I would fly to Boston with my mom, and here is why:

    Not that I’m living my own life, it’s been a while since I have been able to take time off to be with family. Plus, the woman I love the most in this world, and the person who loves me most is my mom, so I want to have a good time with her.

    I can disconnect from work, and spend time and money for my mom, which she never does herself, because she would rather spend money on my brothers or me. Boston is a city where she always wanted to visit, and it will also be an opportunity for me to reconnect with some people who are there, but haven’t been able to meet each other for a while.

  25. avatar

    i’d fly to sf to visit friends and family and eat awesome food, and bring my husband.

  26. avatar

    I’d fly over to Arizona to take my mom to the Grand Canyon. She has wanted to go forever and has never had the chance. After she’s gone through treatment for breast cancer I’d love to take her there finally. She’s had a really rough life and I think she deserves something nice for once.

  27. avatar

    I’d take my long distance BF and fly from Miami to Hawaii for a week of exploring, swimming and volcano climbing.

  28. avatar

    I’d take my boyfriend to Seattle, Washington. Neither of us have been there, so we’d get to explore a new city together.

  29. avatar

    I’d take my mom to Alaska because she’s always wanted to get away from it all and lose track of time (we live on the east coast and figured the wacky hours they’ve got will do nicely to play on that metaphore).

  30. avatar

    I’d fly with my husband to Honolulu. We’ve never been; going is on our bucket list. 🙂

  31. avatar

    I would bring my fantastic girlfriend to California so we could both see the Pacific for the first time (to me, being rich means new exoeriences). I’d use it to see a number of friends who I’ve missed for years (to me, being rich means enriching my interactions with others). And I’d use it to take the opportunity to pitch some startup ideas to talented people out there (to me, being rich means the opportunity to build something lasting).

  32. avatar

    I would take my new wife on a honeymoon to Spain.

  33. avatar


    I’m not looking for tickets. Just wanted to Thank You for your inspirational insights, advice and overall value you bring to inspiring entrepreneurs. Think this is a great thing your doing giving away tickets and want to wish everyone here the best on their entrepreneurial endeavors.

    My hope is to one day be able to give back like this as well.


  34. avatar

    I would take my girlfriend from Washington DC to SF to visit her family. She doesn’t she see them often because we are using extra money to pay down debt.

  35. avatar

    I would fly to Puerto Rico, where I’m getting married next spring, with my fiance. We decided shortly after we got engaged that we didn’t want to spend a small fortune on an extravagant party we probably wouldn’t enjoy anyway. We’ll be eloping instead, spending a fraction of what we might have on table decorations and a catered dinner to have a couple of nights at a beach house with good friends.

  36. avatar

    I’d go to some coastal state and just hang out for a week. Having the money to be able to do that once in a while is one of the things I want to be able to do with my money.

  37. avatar

    San Fran, with my wife. She has never been there.

  38. avatar

    I would go to Seattle with my friend Kim. She makes a very good living as a corporate lawyer, but she’s never been to Seattle! I used to be really into grunge music in the 90’s, so Seattle was my Mecca for a long time. My favorite band was Soundgarden. They were named after an art piece in Magnuson Park, so it would be really cool to see that!

  39. avatar

    My boyfriend and I already booked a hotel room in Chicago…now we just need the plane tickets! We’re going either way…but free tickets would make the trip much better (and we could afford a sweet architectural boat tour)!

  40. avatar

    I’d fly to Hawaii with my partner. We need some sun!

  41. avatar

    I would go to New Orleans

  42. avatar
    Herbert Hildebrandt

    Thanks for the great opportunity! I’d take my lovely wife of six years, Julia, and we would fly from Detroit to San Diego and visit friends, do sightseeing, and volunteer a few days at a home for impoverished street children across the border in Baja, Mexico.

  43. avatar
    Elisa C.

    My kids have been dying to go to Hawaii. So I’d take my husband for free and then front the cost for my kiddos to go with us.

  44. avatar

    Where ever my wife wants to go for the honeymoon we never had!

  45. avatar
    Barry Wright, III

    I’d fly with my girlfriend to Charleston, SC so we can see her family – haven’t visited since March.

  46. avatar
    Jessica Bray

    I would visit San Fran again. My parter and I moved to Pennsylvania over a year ago, and haven’t had the money to visit northern California.

  47. avatar

    I would bring my friend who is also finishing with grad school in May, and we’d take a vacation to the national parks out West.

  48. avatar

    I’d bring my wife and we’d fly to San Diego to visit friends.

  49. avatar
    Ben Miller

    I’d like to visit a friend I haven’t seen in years who recently moved to Rochester Mn, I’d take my wife because she doesn’t get to fly as often as I do!

  50. avatar
    Kate Bodien

    Oooh, I would go to see the redwoods in California with my husband! I’ve been to Cali, but never to see the redwoods, and my husband has never been to Cali. It would be awesome to get away, just the two of us (we have 3 kids).

  51. avatar
    Becky L

    I’d take my mom out to Colorado for a mother/daughter trip. She lives in Florida and I’m in PA, so I don’t get to see her much. Plus she’s had two major surgeries this year and could use a vacation.

  52. avatar

    Take my wife to Oregon to celebrate her parent’s 40th anniversary.

  53. avatar

    I would like to go to Seattle with my wife.

  54. avatar
    Brian G

    I would fly my wife and I to San Diego. She’s never been to California.

  55. avatar
    Dave Sandel

    I would take my girlfriend to Denver and scope out jobs in, or near, Boulder. I’ve been job searching for stuff there from Minneapolis, and it’s not working out the best. This eventual job I’m searching for would provide me the FREEDOM you mention above. Plus, we’d probably summit a few mountains and check out some of the best rock climbing in the world while out there.

  56. avatar
    Tyler Henderson

    I’d surprise my pops with a last minute weekend trip to Chicago, to go see NPR’s “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” live.

  57. avatar

    I’d take my wife to the Grand Canyon. It’s our 22nd wedding anniversary this month and we’ve always to visit there.

  58. avatar

    Hi, I would love to take my husband and I to a trip to Napa Valley, it would be a dream come true.

  59. avatar
    Amanda Bullerwell

    When I win, I’ll take my husband to Seattle. We used to live there, and miss our old haunts. Espresso and chocolate croissants just aren’t the same anywhere else.

  60. avatar
    Stephanie @ Empowered Dollar

    If I won, I would take my boyfriend to Seattle. I’d love to show off my home town to him 🙂

  61. avatar

    I would bring my wife to New York.

  62. avatar

    I would take my parents, who have been incredibly supportive of me through an illness, to anywhere they want to go. Really, anywhere. Otherwise, I’d spend some time recovering on a beach in California with a beat friend. There’s nothing more I could ask for than some R&R.

  63. avatar

    I would bring my spouse and fly to Kona, HI.


  64. avatar

    I would take my wife to NYC. It’s one of the places on her bucket list- and if she is happy- I am happy.

  65. avatar
    Chris B. Behrens

    I’m heading to a company retreat in Maui in January – I’d take my two older sons along to show them whales, hike a volcano and go parasailing.

  66. avatar

    I would take my high school son to Copenhagen.

    He has only lived in the USA, with the suburban car culture. It is important for him to understand how a society and work with bicycle transportation.

  67. avatar
    Ryan B

    I would take my wife to San Francisco. I’ve seen a lot of the eastern US, but none of the western US.

  68. avatar

    I’d take my husband and we’d travel to NW Arkansas. My parents bought and moved into a new home just before our wedding in April and they’ve been dying to show it off to us. I just printed and framed wedding pictures for them and I’d love to hand deliver them to them!

  69. avatar

    I want to go to Las Vegas with a friend!

  70. avatar
    Alex Klee

    My fiance, Tyler, and I would take off on a trip to an exciting new city – we’ve been talking about visiting Austin, TX for some amazing food and good music, or relaxing on the beach in San Diego, CA – where I went to college and would love to visit, so I can take him on a trip down my memory lane!!

  71. avatar
    Jennifer Lynn

    Hawaii, to visit sister-in-law on Oahu. Or if mainland, then California to see Redwoods before they’re obliterated.

  72. avatar

    I have seven-day vacation by the end of this year. I was thinking of going to Hawaii. But I decided to take some courses after my full-time job and save money for 6-month emergency fund. With that said, I found myself enable to afford a vacation in Hawaii. I would love to go to Hawaii with my bf.

  73. avatar

    The plane tickets would be immediately handed on over to my sister as she is flying around all across the country for her dental school interviews. She would most likely take the extra ticket and give it to my mom. My sister has been working hard to fulfill her dreams, and our family has been there throughout the process to support her. Our family’s success and happiness is what we consider a rich life.

  74. avatar

    I would probably use them to go someplace I likely couldn’t afford to fly otherwise, like Hawaii or Seattle, with my boyfriend.

  75. avatar
    David R

    I would love to take my wife to go to Denver, CO. My brother and his wife just recently gave birth to my first nephew in the family, and we would love to go visit but aren’t able to afford to get there.

  76. avatar
    Michael Defoe

    Ramit – I don’t need the tickets. I want them.

    Since I am now have no problem getting hired wherever I feel like working, my wife now needs to go to Austin to look for a new house, and I need to better acquaint myself with a new company I’m leaving Seattle for.

    Having used the scripts I’ve learned here over the past couple years, and through the book, we are planning to move every few years.

  77. avatar

    I would bring my dad and we would go to San Fransisco. You must really love it there to have a second apartment. It’s always been my dream to go to San Fran. I want to see the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Haight-Ashbury. My dad was in the Navy in the 70’s and was stationed there. I love hearing his stories about what it was like to live there back then. I think it would be so much fun to take him back and have him show me around. It’s probably changed a lot since he was last there but I think he would have a good time seeing his old hangout spots.

  78. avatar

    I’d bring my wife, daughter, and parents to Lanai, Hawaii. Most relaxing place in the world…

  79. avatar
    MB @ 12 Year Career

    It’s a toss up between LA and St. Louis. Sounds random, but I’d love to visit LA with my little sister and St. Louis with my husband.

  80. avatar

    I would take my significant other and head up to NYC. She’s never been, and I consider it the greatest city on earth. Hard to beat, especially this time of year!

  81. avatar

    Well as long as you’re not specifying *continental* US, then Hawaii with my husband-to-be. We both have old friends in HI that we are bummed can’t make it to our wedding this fall, and it would be great to see them again. Plus, Hawaii!

    If continental, then Portland, OR to visit our new nephew and plan our relocation there. But he’ll be at the wedding, so really Hawaii trumps that 🙂

  82. avatar

    I’d bring my fiance to Hawaii for a pre-honeymoon. We’re planning an international one later in the year, but she’s bummed that we won’t be going anywhere right after the wedding at the end of September.

  83. avatar
    Tam Zezulka

    I would take my husband and two kids to LA. None of us has ever been to the west coast, except my husband, and thought it might be good place to start since we’ve lived in NYC for the past 20 years and we could do the comparisons.

  84. avatar

    I’d fly to Tahoe to see my grandmother and my aunt and I’d bring my Dad. I haven’t gotten to see my grandmother since she moved there.

  85. avatar

    I’ve been longing for the Pac NW – So I’d take my partner to Seattle, WA.

  86. avatar

    I will go to Hawaii with my boyfriend because we haven’t been there and heard it was the nicest place in US.

  87. avatar

    I would take my little sister to wherever she wants to go. She doesn’t have the same privileges to travel that I do, and I would love to bring her somewhere new.

  88. avatar
    Alicia Mercado

    I would take my fiance back to Austin, TX. He had lived there for 5 years before we started dating and really misses his friends there.

  89. avatar
    Andrew Jude Rajanathan

    I’d love to go to San Francisco, California with my best friend!

  90. avatar
    Kam Lie

    Take my wife to visit family.

  91. avatar

    I would go to Hawaii with my best friend Peter because he needs to relax!

  92. avatar
    James Kerti

    I’d bring my wife to New York. I have friends I haven’t seen in too long there, and my wife and I haven’t really traveled together yet.

  93. avatar

    I’d take my lovely wife back to the first city we lived in (Seattle) for some beers at Pine Box and sandwiches at Salumi. After she is done being pregnant, of course.

  94. avatar

    I would take my sister to San Francisco – a city she’s never been to – for one last weekend as siblings and best friends before she gets married in December and moves out of my spare room.

  95. avatar
    Mark Robison

    I would go to San Francisco with the man I love because I hear northern California is pretty fabulous.

  96. avatar

    My girlfriend and I would fly back to California to visit family and friends on the west coast. I would also get back and visit Stanford campus, because I’ve been away for far too long.

  97. avatar

    Kennedy Space Center, with a dear friend.

  98. avatar

    I would visit Portland with my boyfriend. I have a bunch of friends there and haven’t been to visit, plus it’s a place we’re considering moving to once we’re done with Chicago!

  99. avatar

    Fly into Seattle and make the drive down to Portland with my husband, enjoy the sites on the way.

  100. avatar
    Gabor Javorszky

    I would bring my girlfriend to New York, where I’d like her to see the big apple, and while there, also reconnect with the family I used to stay at in 1999 for 4 months.

  101. avatar

    I’d take my fiancee to Hawaii. Aloha!

  102. avatar
    Chris Elsberry

    I’d love to go to Boston with my wife. We have some friends out there that would love to show around the city. Plus I have never been out there and I think it would be a great city to enjoy and visit.

  103. avatar

    I would fly to New York, New York with my good friend Vlad to experience the city and see a friend who is now going to school there.

  104. avatar
    Tea Silvestre, aka the Word Chef

    I’d like to go to Australia to visit with online friends and colleagues I’ve never met in person.

  105. avatar

    I’d fly my parents to San Francisco, so they can properly celebrate a big birthday that they’re unable to afford.

  106. avatar

    I would take my girlfriend, who doesn’t have the financial freedom to quit a job she doesn’t like, to wine country (Napa) to relax.

  107. avatar

    I would take my mother to San Francisco, neither of us have been to California. She has always been someone who has helped me through any problems I have, she deserves a vacation more than I do.


  108. avatar
    Brian Guerra

    I’d take my soon to be wife to NYC. I used to live there, and she’s never been. I’d love to show her around.

  109. avatar
    Scott Kustes

    My girlfriend and I would fly to Thailand. We’ve spent the past 10 months traveling around the US, but I really, really want to get to southeast Asia, particularly Thailand.

  110. avatar

    I would bring my girlfriend (she lives in Switzerland, but is wanting to visit in December) to NYC, hopefully over Christmas and New Years, because she has always wanted to be in Times Square at Christmas and then to watch the ball drop at New Years.

  111. avatar

    Montana with my brother

  112. avatar
    Chris Newcomb

    If I were to win the two tickets, I would take my wife of 6 years. Our goal was to visit Yosemite National Park by our 5th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, due to life circumstances beyond our control, we never made it there. It would be an awesome gift to see such a magnificent display of nature!

  113. avatar

    I would fly my girlfriend to Cleveland to meet my mother.

  114. avatar

    I would take my girlfriend to Hawaii.

  115. avatar
    Chris Johnson

    I’d take my wife and we would fly back home to Evansville, IN from Denver to visit family.

  116. avatar

    I would go with my 14-year-old son to New York City because I was there two years ago with my partner and it is an amazingly diverse place. We live in the small town of Port Townsend, WA and so in comparison, NYC will be an awesome place to take him for exposure to another way of life, to rich cultural diversity and to have fun!! He is a homeschooler, so travel is a great learning adventure! Thanks, Ramit!

  117. avatar
    Chris C

    I would take my girlfriend to my best friend’s wedding in Arizona next month because we can’t afford to both go right now. Or maybe we’d go to Boston to meet my niece.

  118. avatar
    Joe Auerbach

    My wife and I never got to take our honeymoon to New Orleans (health issues) so I’d take her there, finally.

  119. avatar
    Ruchira Kannambille

    I would bring my boyfriend who lives in Chicago (I’m in NJ), and I’d love for us to fly to Hawaii!

  120. avatar

    wife@NYC loved last time we went, haven’t been able to get back there since

  121. avatar

    I’d fly to either San Fran or NY and attempt to talk you into consulting with my business. 🙂

  122. avatar

    I would fly me and my new bff Cathy to San Diego, CA. It’s my hometown and she’s never been there because she’s from Alabama. I would love to show her the West Coast. She’s such an awesome girl and this would really show her how much she means to me! #girlpower

  123. avatar

    Seattle. Just got back from my honeymoon there, and fell in love with it. I’d love to take my wife back there, see a different type of weather than late summer perfection, and maybe even look at the job/housing market.

  124. avatar

    I would fly to new york with my father and go around connecting with all the top strength & conditioning coaches in new england.

  125. avatar

    i would take my husband to BOSTON!

  126. avatar

    Pretty cool idea. I’d take my wife to the East Bay Area of California to visit family – although I’ve gone a few times in the past few years to help out with needs there, my wife hasn’t been able to go because of her job, or finances, or other commitments. I think she misses them!

  127. avatar

    NYC with my sweet husband!

  128. avatar

    I’d take my best friend for a week in Vegas. We’ve never been there but talk about it all the time.

  129. avatar
    Syeda Batool Hosain

    I’d fly to New York with my sister for some much needed bonding time! 🙂

  130. avatar
    Jennifer O

    I would take my husband to the California wine country! 🙂

  131. avatar

    I would take my girlfriend to the beaches of Oregon where some of the best camping is to be had. This would really mean a lot to her.

  132. avatar

    I’d go on a trip with my husband. We haven’t flown together yet. It could be interesting.

  133. avatar

    I would go to the west coast. My husband and I live on the East coast and just adore the West coast. He is looking for a job out there and we would use the tickets to scope out some more places. We’ve been to a few but would love to visit Seattle and Oregon and see what those places are like. California is a nice place also, but it would be nice to really have our pick of cities 😀

  134. avatar

    Being from Canada I assume I’d fly anywhere in Canada, I’d take my boyfriend to Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia! My family originated there so I’d love to show him my heritage and the wonders of the rock 🙂 And possibly the whiskey distillery!!

  135. avatar
    Hemesh Patel

    I’d fly to New York (:-o never been!!) And I’d take my girlfriend 🙂

  136. avatar

    I’d take my husband and daughter to Italy to investigate one of my past lives there 🙂

  137. avatar

    I’d take my wife to Seattle. See some friends, escape from Chicago, unwind…

  138. avatar

    Hi, I would fly with my boyfriend to beautiful island of Maui and go island hopping! Enjoy a luau with a roasted pig and open bar, check out the hula performance, whale-watch, scuba dive, and eat, eat, eat, eat, and eat more food!

  139. avatar

    I’d fly to Portland with my awesome boyfriend.

  140. avatar
    Kelly Skinner

    I would take my husband to Las Vegas. It’s his favorite place to go and we have cut back on our traveling this year to focus on paying off our consumer debt, paying off the house and saving for college. We have 5 kids and it’s nice to go to the fantasy world of Vegas for a getaway,

  141. avatar
    Robert Schaffner

    I’d go to California or New York

  142. avatar

    I would take my boyfriend, an active duty military officer who is about to return from his deployment to Afghanistan, to a city of his choosing. If he asked me to pick, I would say San Francisco (so we could tour wine country together) or Hawaii, because he’s wanted to go there for quite a while.

  143. avatar
    Ben lee

    I would use the tickets to fly to New York because I have not been there (would love to visit). I am interested in working in New York so this would be a good opportunity. I’d probably take my girlfriend as sort of our 5th year anniversary gift.

  144. avatar
    Chris W

    Tough call on which pair would get the tickets, but I would either give them to my parents so they could take a trip to Hawaii to visit my uncle (who my father hasn’t seen in many years) – OR – I’d give them to my in-laws who live in Texas so they could come up to visit my wife and our kids (who they only get to see a couple times a year at most). Think I might have to go with the in-laws to bank the points with my wife. 🙂

  145. avatar

    I’d take my wife and 2 kids to Arizona and go see the Grand Canyon. I’d love to go on the SkyWalk and possibly take a helicopter ride over the Canyon as well.

  146. avatar
    Samuel Soria

    I would take my girlfriend to Monterey Bay to visit the aquarium.

  147. avatar

    I would take my mother with me to visit family in Minnesota. Her remaining parent is aging rapidly, and all the rest of our family lives there, and we don’t go there very often to see them.

  148. avatar

    Let’s talk about freedom and flexibility. My wife and I decided to start traveling much more this summer. We have 2 kids, so it’s a huge matter of freedom to us, and my jobs allow me to work from anywhere, so if I wish, I can work from the road. That’s flexible!

    We decided to stop using the kids as an excuse to never do anything or stay cooped up; instead we’ve gone on 4 vacations this summer and are planning at least 2 more this year. We intend to keep it up permanently.

    With these tickets, We’d go to wine country, California, and then would drive up through Oregon and Washington state.

  149. avatar

    I would go to my home away from home, Baton Rouge, for the Alabama-LSU football game. Enjoy it with my sister in her last semester in school and enjoy the food, people and culture I miss with friends.

  150. avatar

    Asheville, NC with a friend to go to Moogfest

  151. avatar

    I would take my husband and fly to Seattle for the weekend. Or take my cousin and fly off to New York for the weekend. No matter what, I would have a great time!

  152. avatar

    I’d go with a buddy to alumni weekend at our old college. Boston to Albany and back…not too far, but a plane beats a train!

  153. avatar
    Delores Olagbegi-Anjorin

    I would like to visit the U.S Virgin Islands and would bring my husband on this trip. We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary, and it would be a nice gateway to reflect on our future together and discuss how to we can be rich.

  154. avatar
    Betsy Blodgett

    I would bring my husband with me to LA, as he has never been to Southern California. We would go in the winter, when we can’t handle any more Kansas weather!

  155. avatar
    Joe Birdwell

    The wife and I would fly to NYC

  156. avatar
    Timothy B

    I’d take my wife and 4 month old son to Alaska.

  157. avatar

    I would take my girlfriend to New York City.

  158. avatar

    Tickets to Austin for my BFF and I to attend SXSW and see The Oatmeal speak!

  159. avatar
    Amy Gahol

    I would bring my husband to Hawaii to visit his hometown. It’s been a long time that he hasn’t been back there and I want to surprise him. Thanks!

  160. avatar

    I would fly and visit family in Chicago….where I used to live…since I had cancer and was under a mound of medical bills I have not visited/vacationed anywhere…..Christmas in Chicago would be amazing (myself, husband and son)

  161. avatar

    I’d go to Chicago with my best friend to get all my friends from college back together for fun.

  162. avatar

    Exciting giveaway! I would bring my boyfriend to a beach vacation!

  163. avatar

    San Francisco, California, with mom! One she deserves a vacation and secondly because I fell in love with the city when I visited two years ago!

  164. avatar

    This is a tough decision! I think I’d go with Tahoe for a little R&R with the husband.

  165. avatar
    James Lepine

    I would fly to Atlanta, and then buy a ticket to Honduras. I’d bring my wife.

    We’ve been interested in starting a business with some women down there (who my wife has worked with previously), so we’d go down there to get the wheels in motion!

    It’s a great idea that would help them (and help the customer). Excited to get it started soon. Thanks for running this contest!

  166. avatar

    I would take my best friend to Colorado so we could go snowboarding there together. Being rich to me means adventure!

  167. avatar

    I would bring my better half along to MD to see my oldest daughter and her family.

  168. avatar

    I would bring my wife to visit her best friend from college in Georgia to go hiking.

  169. avatar
    Lars T.

    I would go to New York. I like it there, and am thinking of moving there.
    My company has an office there, so I can make it happen.

  170. avatar

    I would take my boyfriend to either San Francisco (where I’ve always wanted to go) or back to LA, where we visited 2 years ago and loved it!!

  171. avatar

    I would take my long distance boyfriend. We would spend a weekend in the mountains completely unplugged with just each other. Montana or Colorado somewhere. I’ll have to research.

  172. avatar

    Ramit – long time listener, first time caller.
    Currently living in Argentina with my boyfriend. We visit New York (where I’m from) often, but he’s never been to the west coast. I’ve gotta take this kid to see the Grand Canyon and the Golden Gate Bridge. That’s what I’d do with the tickets. Oooh, the thrill of possibly winning!

  173. avatar

    I would take my girlfriend to Las Vegas. My best friend moved there last year, and I haven’t seen her since. The secret plan is to propose once I get to Vegas, but one step at a time. I have to win first!

  174. avatar

    I wouldn’t fly, I would rent a car and drive across country, alone. Not bringing someone would be a change for me.

  175. avatar

    I would take my boyfriend to Hawaii to visit a few of our friends from college that we haven’t been able to see since an epic 2010 New Year’s Eve in San Diego.

  176. avatar
    Kellie Perkins

    I would fly home for Christmas to surprise my mom, and I would take my boyfriend of 6 years!

  177. avatar

    I’d take my boyfriend to Moscow and then hop on the Trans-Siberian Railway and just keep going.

  178. avatar

    My mother and I both are big fans of your book and your blog and we implement many of your techniques in our every day lives. We both have been working very hard in the past couple of years and have not seen each other as much as we would life (we lived about an hour away from each other). I would take my mother to Hawaii for a getaway.

  179. avatar

    Like Jade and Elisa C., my husband, 2 kids and I are going to Miami in January to visit my cousin and sister (flying in from Costa Rica). If we can save money on half the airfare then, we would be better able to fly to Costa Rica to visit my sister and brother-in-law in August.

  180. avatar

    I’d take my husband and baby to Charleston for a dear friend’s wedding and American South mini-tour.

  181. avatar

    I would fly my girlfriend out to New York as she lives in Los Angeles. Long distance relationships suck!

  182. avatar

    I would go to either Lanai or Anchorage and I would take my sister, give her poor brain a break from all the engineering/math.

  183. avatar

    I would take my mom and fly with her to Australia. My mom graduated from medical school just a few years ago at nearly the age of 50. She raised five kids mostly without the help of my dad and had to start medical school over pretty much every time she had one of my siblings. Her resilience inspires me everyday. One of her greatest regrets is that she has not had the opportunity to see the world. My youngest brother just went off to college, so I would love to give her the opportunity to travel to the farthest away location that I can think of.

  184. avatar

    I would fly to NYC to spend some quality time with my best friend, who’s English, and wants to experience more of the “American life.”

    We’d have to bring our cameras to document the whole trip– visiting incredible restaurants, historic sights, craft cocktail bars, and quality coffeehouses!

  185. avatar
    Liz DiMascio

    I’d probably try to go to the Superbowl in New Orleans with my best friend if my team gets there.

    My other choice would be flying my parents to the grand canyon for a much-needed and well-deserved vacation.

  186. avatar

    I’d gift the tickets to Dan & Kate, my brother & his girlfriend who are awesome to my parents who live in NY. I haven’t been as great a caretaker since relocating to LA 5 years ago & they fill the role nicely. They drop by on weekends to visit, eat the enormous amounts of food that my mom prepares, stop by w/ snacks — it’s all very sweet & homey, and I’m thankful for their interactions. Then I’d buy myself a ticket & take pictures of them (a la secret service style) so they can have candid shots of their memories.

  187. avatar
    Monica F

    I would bring my husband along and go to Washington DC to experience our nation’s history.

  188. avatar

    I would bring my girlfriend to Portland, OR. We have never been there and Oregon is one of the last states I haven’t been to.

  189. avatar

    I would go to NewYork and see broadway. I would bring my best friend with me.

  190. avatar
    Rob from Mpls

    My wife and I would fly to New Orleans to volunteer with one of the following organizations: Architecture for Humanity, Habitat for Humanity, or American Red Cross. After volunteering through the morning and afternoon hours, we’d go out on the town to soak in some NOLA music and to grab some NOLA grub.

  191. avatar

    No doubt about it: Florence with my boyfriend.

  192. avatar

    My wife and I would fly to Washington, D.C.

  193. avatar
    Jenn Learish

    My husband and I were married in New Orleans in April. Because of the wedding, we’re so broke, our next vacation is at least 2 years away. We would LOVE to go back to the Big Easy for the Super Bowl this year.

  194. avatar

    I would take my wife to Hawaii!

  195. avatar

    I would fly to Honolulu and take my sister with me. She’s a cancer survivor and we would visit one of her friends who lives on the North shore.

  196. avatar

    I’d take my hubby to Vegas!

  197. avatar

    I would take my boyfriend to San Francisco for the Napa/Sonoma vacation we’ve talked about for over a year

  198. avatar
    Gary Schultze

    I would take my wife down to Biketoberfest in Daytona, FL and promote our products by making contacts with dealers and distributors.

  199. avatar

    I would want to take my best friend to Guangzhou for the China Import and Export Fair.

  200. avatar

    I want to go to DC.

  201. avatar

    I would go with my boyfriend either back to California for Thanksgiving to visit his family (first time meeting – eek!) or else, maybe on a less stressful trip to Tahoe with him over new years with friends – I’ve never been to either place!

  202. avatar

    I’d fly to Hawaii with my boyfriend.

  203. avatar

    I would go to LA with my wife and son to see Hollywood.

  204. avatar

    I would take my wife to New York.

  205. avatar
    Sarah van Loon

    I would take my husband, and we would go to San Francisco!

  206. avatar

    I would bring a dear friend and I would likely go to New Mexico. Never been there.

  207. avatar
    Mangala Murthy

    I would take my husband and fly off to Hawaii. He’s never been before!

  208. avatar

    I’d go to Seattle with my boyfriend – neither of us has ever been to the Pacific NW!

  209. avatar
    Patty R.

    I would go to Paris and I would bring my sister. We have dreamed of going to paris for years now, especially since we learned how to speak French…we want to go and practice! 😉 Paris is my dream city and I can’t wait until I have enough saved up to travel there.

  210. avatar
    Justin Hollender

    I would take my wife to Hawaii for a vacation. She has always wanted to go there, and our 10 year anniversary is coming up – it would be a great surprise.

  211. avatar

    I know it’s ridiculous given the places I haven’t been, but I’d take my husband back to Hawaii. LOVED that vacation.

  212. avatar

    I’d take my mom to Europe

  213. avatar

    I’d take my wife to NYC for a little vacation – she’s been there once before when she was little, and wants to go back to enjoy the city now that she’s grown up.

  214. avatar

    My boyfriend and I would love to go to San Francisco

  215. avatar

    I would take my husband on a trip alone since we just had a newborn. Ideally to Austin for some good music and entertainment.

  216. avatar
    Konstantinos Siozios

    I’d bring my beautiful wife and take her to Hawaii 🙂

  217. avatar

    Anywhere in the USA? Duh. That would have to be Hawaii or Alaska. Hawaii if it’s wintertime where I live. Alaska if it’s summertime where I live.

  218. avatar
    Michelle A

    I would take my husband to California to either California or Hawaii!

  219. avatar

    I’d explore the west coast with my girlfriend.

  220. avatar

    I would bring my sister to Alaska.

  221. avatar

    Would be bringing the man with me – he’s never been to the West Coast – can we get the keys to your SF apartment?

  222. avatar

    I would fly my mother to the ocean… she’s never been to the ocean, and she’s not getting any younger!

  223. avatar

    I would bring my best friend/roommate to visit our old college roommates who now live in New York.

  224. avatar
    Mama Bee

    I’d take my grade schooler to the Inauguration (depending on the winner) or to Mt. Rushmore.

  225. avatar
    Emily Miethner

    I would fly to LA for the first time and bring along my boyfriend.

  226. avatar

    I would take my sister to San Francisco, somewhere I’d doubt she’d ever go and somewhere I’d like her (and me) to actually see!

  227. avatar

    I’d take my mom to the Grand Canyon because it’s on her bucket list.

  228. avatar

    I’d bring my wife to Boston (always wanted to visit) for our 2 year anniversary!!!

  229. avatar
    Al Sollinger

    I would take my family to see the New England States and NYC. Why? Because they are there and being a West Coast boy I have never been back East.

  230. avatar
    James Neidlinger

    Los Angeles, with Sifu for the annual IIMAIA Camp at the Inosanto Academy in Marina Del Ray

  231. avatar

    I want to take my boyfriend to Hawaii, where my mom grew up and her family still lives. Growing up in California, I didn’t realize how lucky I was to see them regularly and how close it made all of us. I haven’t been able to visit them for years, and my bf’s never been to HI. I want to introduce him to that part of my history and my awesome fun-time family, because he’s part of it now!

  232. avatar
    Tyler Hull

    I will take my girlfriend and myself to colorado to snowboard!!!!

  233. avatar
    Krishna Patel

    If I won the tickets I’d take my boyfriend to the Grand Canyon. I’ve always wanted to witness a sunrise/sunset and I believe I’ve found the right person to share that experience with.

  234. avatar

    I’d give the tickets to my aunt Mimi and cousin Andi so they could visit me.

  235. avatar

    I’d fly to San Francisco and bring my boyfriend.

  236. avatar

    Hi Ramit,
    I’m currently working remotely from Chicago to complete an internship, the last thing I need to do to finish my B.S. I’d fly to Phoenix yo be able to meet my intern sponsors in person, as well as to visit some friends and family in the area whom I’ve not seen in years. I’d bring my close friend and mentor with me…the man who got me started on my path to success and helps me stay disciplined and focused.

  237. avatar

    What a fun contest!

    I would fly to New York and then maybe Seattle!


  238. avatar

    I’d be taking my daughter Katie and going to NYC for a show! 🙂

  239. avatar
    Anna Korkman Lopes

    I want to go to NY and would invite my husband to come with me to explore the Big Apple and attend a mastermind meeting I’m dying to attend.

  240. avatar

    My parents would really like to see Grand Canyon, so I would take them there. They are international and always dreamed of visiting U.S. and seeing Grand Canyon!

  241. avatar
    andrew seifert

    i would take anyone of my friends whos willing to go randomly somewhere else to seattle and introduce them to the greatest city in the USA

  242. avatar

    I would fly to my hometown of Seattle, WA and bring my significant other. We are two young working professionals living together in New York City and it’s often cost-prohibitive for us to fly across the country to spend time with my family. He hails from southern Florida which is a much easier trip to make cost-wise and time-wise so we have been able to make frequent trips to his hometown. By exploring his hometown and spending time with his loved ones, I know so much more about him as a partner that I otherwise wouldn’t. Two free roundtrip tickets to Seattle would give us freedom and flexibility but most importantly, the chance for him to get to know me better through seeing my hometown and spending more time with my loved ones. 🙂

  243. avatar

    I would take my husband to Erie, Pennsylvania to visit our best friends and their newborn.

  244. avatar
    Danielle David Grinnen

    I would bring my husband and fly to LA from very rural Virginia!

  245. avatar

    I would bring my husband out west – to relax! We’ve had an awfully hard year with a lot of trials and we could really use the getaway!

  246. avatar

    I would take my daughter to NY-to visit friends with the PD & Fire Department during Christmas time. We have dreamed of taking this trip for a while not only to see the tree and museums but to eat at some of the most famous places in the world! And to see where the towers stood to honor them in person.

  247. avatar

    At the moment, I’d fly as close to South America as I could get, as I’ve had a goal of visiting all of the continents (except for Antarctica, I had to be somewhat realistic) before my 30th birthday, and at the moment I’m one month and one continent away from reaching that goal…

  248. avatar

    Me and my now husband got married last month! Unfortunately we can’t afford going anywhere to celebrate! It would be great to have a weekend out of town to relax!:)

  249. avatar

    I would bring my wife, Jan, with me to visit our son, Anthony, in New York City to see how our parent student loan investment is surviving in the “big city” as a starving actor working to get his big break.

  250. avatar

    I would bring my wife and kids to see a 49ers game in San Francisco before they move to the new stadium. We’ve never seen a game there and I’ve been following since I was a kid.

  251. avatar
    Amanda S.

    I would bring my roommate, Candace, with me to Hawaii. She loves traveling, but her social work job doesn’t allow her to travel. Our best friend moved there two years ago with her military husband and we would do just about anything to see her!

  252. avatar

    I would bring a friend and fly to the next location where you will be speaking in the United States. I am very interested in learning more from you!

  253. avatar

    I would go to punta canta to rekindle a romance and of course rest and relaxation from being so poor….lol

  254. avatar
    Brian Jones

    I would fly to Detroit, MI to help with sustainability movement, social change, community redevelopment efforts, and grass roots networking to revitalize the city. I would make a 4 week trip of it…. for the benefit of all… Thank you

  255. avatar

    I would take my wife back to Kauai to spend some time relaxing and visiting friends. We were fortunate enough to live there at one time and she made some great friends. It opened her eyes to the world and was a perfect experience for us to grow together. Now with a child, spending money to fly to Hawaii is not a top priority.

  256. avatar

    I would be interested in flying to San Francisco or Wisconsin(to meet my boyfriend). 🙂

  257. avatar

    New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of
    There’s nothin’ you can’t do
    Now you’re in New York
    These streets will make you feel brand new
    Big lights will inspire you
    Let’s hear it for New York, New York,
    New York

    I’d go to New York (if that wasn’t obvious enough) and take my boyfriend to eat ourselves silly!

  258. avatar

    I’d take my wife for a well-deserved vacation away to drive the California coast, beginning in San Francisco and ending in LA.

  259. avatar

    I would go to Hawaii with my boyfriend 🙂

  260. avatar

    I am a college student graduating in the spring and would use the tickets to travel somewhere I would not likely be able to go in the United States when I got older… Probably somewhere in California (I am from NY). I would take my friend from college Robyn

  261. avatar

    I would bring my boyfriend and we would fly to Sydney, Australia to visit some friends from college.

  262. avatar
    Meg from Mpls

    Rob from Mpls is right: we’d head to NOLA. And totally enjoy every second.

  263. avatar

    I honestly don’t know. I wish I could have some amazing story or idea to throw out there, but I don’t. My closest friends are outside the US, for at least another year, so I wouldn’t be able to take either them. I’d probably ask a friend whom I want to be closer with, and go to some social event, to try and find a time to relax, or enjoy myself. Maybe something like MAGfest, or Pax East. Maybe even Pax Prime, if scheduling allowed it next year. Or maybe I’d go somewhere alone, somewhere quiet, somewhere different. Something different, something new to experience. I dunno where that would be found at, but just a new experience that I could enjoy.

  264. avatar

    Thanks for this. I would fly to NYC with my boyfriend to visit my best friend. I haven’t seen her in 5 years and we have been friends since the day she was born. I have never been to NY, and my boyfriend is currently launching a business with funding through kick starter. He could network and I could play. Thanks again. 🙂

  265. avatar

    Bora Bora for our honeymoon, sucka!

  266. avatar
    Amit Dua

    I would take my fiance to Paris.. It’s her favorite city.

  267. avatar

    I would bring my wife to anywhere she wants to go because she is the primary educator of our 6 children plus makes extra money part time in a marketing business. We are focused on meeting a number of goals and don’t mind the sacrifices we are both making but she deserves some pampering and a vacation.

  268. avatar
    Molly McGrath

    Hawaii with my mom…she deserves a nice, relaxing getaway.

  269. avatar
    Dana Ung

    I would take my girlfriend to Alaska.

  270. avatar

    I would bring my boyfriend with me to Hawaii!

  271. avatar

    I’ll take a free trip to Vegas anytime.

  272. avatar

    I’d take my husband on a trip to San Fran!

  273. avatar

    I’d take my Mom to see a New York Broadway show.

  274. avatar
    Jason Croft

    I would take my wife to New York. If I can use them any time I wish, I would go in December. She’s never seen NYC at Christmastime and I know she’d love it!

  275. avatar
    Sally Kingston

    I’d go to DC with my husband to visit our newly married friends.

  276. avatar
    Kat Vecomnskie

    Hey Ramit,
    I would go to San Fran with my boyfriend for the same reason you have your second apartment there. I live in NYC and my best friend just got a job at Apple and moved across the country, effectively making happy hour dates much more difficult.

  277. avatar

    I’d use to pay for whatever my next vacation ends up being. It could be Vail, Vegas, Nashville, Florida, NYC (I’ve never been). If these options all fall through, I’d go to CA to visit family. I’d take my friends on the vacation or my sister on the family trip.

  278. avatar

    I’d take my son to San Francisco for a college graduation present!!

  279. avatar

    I would take my girlfriend to Hawaii.

  280. avatar

    I would take my husband and youngest son to Yellowstone National Park during the winter. I think the park would be so beautiful with snow cover!

  281. avatar
    Ruth Sheahan

    I’d bring my husband anywhere, but I’d love to go to New York first.

  282. avatar

    I’d bring my wife to the Seattle/Portland area to visit friends and family – she’s from South America and hasn’t seen much of the states!

  283. avatar

    I would fly my husband and I to Portland, Oregon to study with the top Tribal Fusion belly dancer in the world, Rachel Brice!

  284. avatar

    I would go to Kauai with my husband.

  285. avatar

    Hi Ramit! Hope all is well! If I had two airline tickets to go anywhere, I would take my husband to Hawaii because we tried to go for our honeymoon several years ago. We couldn’t afford it at the time. We are still trying to go to Hawaii! I believe in my heart that we will get there…because there isn’t anything wrong with wanting more for ourselves 🙂

    By the way, congratulations on owning 2 apartments. That’s fantastic!

  286. avatar

    Would go to NYC with my husband and watch a show on Broadway

  287. avatar

    I would fly to Texas to see my family, I would take my youngest son so that he could spend time with my oldest who is well on his way to living a rich life. Sometimes parents are not the best people to inspire their own children. I am hoping if I stay out of it, (and just play with my grandchild), he will listen to his brother and start doing instead of being.

  288. avatar
    Kendall Yoder

    I would take my hard-working husband to Chicago because we both have always wanted to explore that city, and he would receive a well-deserved break!

  289. avatar
    Binaebi Akah

    I’d use the money to get to Asheville, NC for me and my significant other. Asheville is the location for Lindy Focus, an extravaganza for lindy hoppers around the world to take classes from international instructors and dance with some of the best of the best.

  290. avatar

    I would bring my little girl (almost 2 yrs old) to visit my mom in Michigan. It’s hard having a young child and living so far away from grandma!

  291. avatar
    Jordan Godbey

    Ramit, I’ve always wanted to visit San Francisco to really experience what the tech/startup/web scene is like there, in person. I’m currently running a startup SEO company in the midwest.

    I would bring my wife to SFO with me for an awesome vacation and personal investment in our future. 🙂

  292. avatar

    I would fly to Maui with my sister because she’s my best friend and no matter where we are, its always an adventure. I know we’d have the trip of a life time!

  293. avatar

    New Orleans with my husband! It’s been on our “someday” list for ages.

  294. avatar
    Teresa Phillips

    I would fly to Florida for my school graduation and take my sister with me, who has not been out of the state. She deserves a vacation as do I.

  295. avatar
    Curtis L.

    I’d travel to San Francisco and I’d bring my brother; we live in different cities & it would be a good time to catch up.

  296. avatar

    I’d go to Key West with my husband because it’s been on our list for awhile!

  297. avatar

    I would fly to Plateau Sky Ranch airport near Northville, NY, with my soon-to-be husband, and take him on vacation in the Adirondack State Park where he used to spend his childhood summers.

  298. avatar

    I’d bring my fiancee to LA, to visit with the best friend I never get to see (I live in Maine).

  299. avatar
    Kristine Benevento

    1. Fairbanks, Alaska
    2. Michael Benevento

  300. avatar

    I’d steal my bride of 23 years away on little vacation to the Florida Keys. She deserves it as a great mom to our three kids.

  301. avatar

    I would take my son back to New York and show him where he lived for the first few years of his life.

  302. avatar

    If I could choose any place it would be to fly to Hawaii. I would take my boyfriend to celebrate both his admission to graduate school and my passing all four parts of the CPA exam.

  303. avatar

    I’d use the two tickets, not on my self, but on my brother and long time best friend. I just recently moved to SF and would love to have them come visit me and show them around this awesome city.

  304. avatar

    I would take my sister to Hawaii!

  305. avatar

    I would bring my sister to either new york or california. She is in her last year of grad school and deserves a much needed vacation.

  306. avatar

    I’d bring my mother to Las Vegas so she can visit my uncle. A little family time, a little gambling…win/win. Except that I probably won’t win at gambling.

  307. avatar
    Scott D.

    I’d go to San Diego, and I’d bring my wife. Love to relocate there.

  308. avatar

    I would fly to New England with my wife and do a fall color tour.

  309. avatar

    I would take my son to Denver, CO.

  310. avatar
    Mark Leavenoworth

    I would donate the tickets to my church so they can use them to fly to Honduras. Our church has a mission team that goes to different parts of Honduras to provide free medical services to the people in the region. Our church helps to pay for the flight expenses, but most of the expenses fall on the individuals who make the trip. BTW, my wife is a Honduran so this mission is dear to our hearts.

  311. avatar
    Jefferson Lehman

    I would take my wife back to Hawaii where we had our Honeymoon over 21 years ago !

  312. avatar
    John Reinhart

    I’d fly out to SF or NY to meet with you, I’d like to pick your brain in person, ask you some of the questions I’ve been wanting to ask you for a while about your drive, success and pursuit of happiness.

  313. avatar
    K. Moore

    I would take it to New York, NY and I would bring my grandmother because she deserves a vacation and to see other parts of the country. She has raised me and my two older brothers all our lives and now she deserves something special like this! I would love to give her this opportunity!

  314. avatar
    Brandon Ashton

    I’d take my wife to the great city of Pittsburgh, PA. It’s my hometown and it’s amazing.

  315. avatar

    To me, being rich means experiencing LIFE and sharing my happiness with the people I love. Travel and discovering new places, culture, and meeting new people makes me happy and makes life worth living. If I had the capacity and time to do these things liberally, while being able to share it with those that matter most to me, then I would truly consider myself RICH. Rich in life, rich in experiences, and rich in love.

    If I had the chance to fly anywhere in the U.S., I would fly to NY, from my current location, SF bay area. I have never been to NY but have always dreamt of going. The amount of culture and new experiences/people that are present in NY is amazing. I would take the love of my life, or perhaps my long-term mentee and friend, who I always encourage to discover the best in life.

  316. avatar

    I would bring my wife and daughter to California to see the Redwoods.

  317. avatar

    I would take my wife to Boston because it’s next on our “airplane + weekend = real date” list. We dated long-distance from SF-Nashville, but have only had a handful of “real dates” since we got married 13 years ago.

  318. avatar

    I’d take my best friend to San Francisco.

  319. avatar

    I would take a friend to Hawaii.

  320. avatar

    I would take my husband to Lake Tahoe for a weekend.

  321. avatar

    I would go to Seattle with my boyfriend. I have always wanted to visit the first Starbucks, but it seems silly to plan a trip just for that. But with free tickets, it would be worth making my dream come true! 🙂

  322. avatar
    Andrew Rustad

    I would take my wife to Honolulu to visit my brother and his family who are stationed there.

  323. avatar
    Alicia from SF

    I’d go to New Orleans and interview as many fun and interesting elderly people as I could for a screenplay I’m writing. One can glean only so much information from books or online. Nothing beats boots-on-the-ground research. As for a companion, I’d have to choose a friend who doesn’t mind being the designated driver.

  324. avatar

    Indianapolis, for the Indy 500. I’d take my father on his 70th Birthday year to the event he’s always wanted to attend.

  325. avatar

    My wife and I would take a trip to South Beach to enjoy some Miami nightlife and warm sandy beaches.

  326. avatar
    Richard S.

    I would fly to Barcelona, Spain with my mother.

  327. avatar

    I would bring my girlfriend somewhere remote and natural, maybe Montana, so we can relax and write. I quit my corporate job this year to start my own business so have ceased all travel and spending money… until this trip!

  328. avatar
    Noelia S.

    Thank you Ramit… you’re fresh!

    I would go to NYC and I’d take my guy.

  329. avatar
    Mary Jo Banks

    I would send my two sons to visit their grand uncle and cousins in San Jose, Ca. My uncle traveled by car this summer from San Jose to Chicago, and met my 15 and 12 year old boys for the first time. I would love for them to have more time with their California family.

  330. avatar

    I’d fly to Madison, WI with my girlfriend. I used to live there and I’d see my friends there and show all the great parts of the city to my girlfriend. Then I’d take the Van Gelder bus down to Beloit, WI where I went to college and run a ballroom dance workshop for the club that got me started in dance; I’m now a professional ballroom dance teacher and I’d love to be able to give back to the club. I’ve done this once before and it was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had.

  331. avatar
    Rico Pagliuca

    I would take my new best friend Macy to Portland for a week of cloudy musical and culinary debauchery.

  332. avatar

    I would love to visit Maui for some much-needed rest, relaxation and fun in the sun with my best friend!

  333. avatar
    Jeff s

    I would travel with my wife to meet a business acquaintance who has been a great partner but the three of us have yet to meet face to face. We would make some long range plans benefitting all parties. I really like a contract where all parties won win!!!

  334. avatar

    Would go to NYC with my wife.

  335. avatar
    Mona Patel

    I would take a trip with to Hawaii with my son!

  336. avatar
    Christopher Fallon

    I’d go to Rhode Island to visit my parents and I’d bring my boyfriend. They were supposed to be coming to LA this summer to stay with me for a few weeks, but dad needed heart surgery and was told he shouldn’t fly. The surgery went well, but I haven’t been able to get back and visit.

  337. avatar

    I’m going to Arizona and I’m taking my sister. We have always wanted to go there and it never really works out. Our intention is to do an awesome spa weekend.

  338. avatar
    peter thomson

    I’d take my sister as a thank you for being so kind to her younger brother (me) of late. I’d like to show her Los Angeles and then drive up Highway 101 coast road to SF. Yep, be very cool to win this prize.

  339. avatar
    John Evans

    I’d take my wife to the Ocean at Kittyhawk NC so she could be there one last time to see the ocean and the National Seashore. Her health is failing and we spent many summer vacations there raising our family. She would like to visit again before she is unable to make the trip.

  340. avatar

    I’d take my dad to Los Angeles to see my brother play his senior year recital at USC. He has been saving to be able to go to his graduation but would really like to see his recital too.

  341. avatar

    I would love to get to Jackson, WY with my GF for some skiing @ Jackson Hole!

  342. avatar

    I’d like to fly my husband and myself out to California to meet you, Ramit. We seem to be at a crossroads in our life and could use some much-needed advice from someone who seems to have most (if not all) of life’s challenges figured out. If I had that opportunity, I think I’d also want to splurge and buy my daughter (who is graduating from college in May) and her fiancee with us so they could benefit from your wisdom too – get a head start on things I wish I knew when I was their age. 🙂

  343. avatar

    I would love to bring my girlfriend, who is Argentinian, and has not seen much of the US, to NYC, since she is a huge Broadway fan. We are in Montana so it would be a big treat!

  344. avatar

    My younger sister took her first real job out in South Carolina in June. I would take my girlfriend out there to visit her because we still haven’t been out there (even though we have promised to visit) due to the price of the flights from Chicago to Greensvill/Spartenberg.

  345. avatar
    Shaun M.

    I’d draw straws to decide who travels and then throw a dart at the U.S. Map.

  346. avatar

    I’d take my sister to Disney World.

  347. avatar
    Scott Bilker

    Hawaii with a friend.

  348. avatar
    John Buchta

    I would bring my buddy who got me started with I will teach you to be rich and I would go to vegas probably.

  349. avatar
    Sofie T.

    Hawaii or the NW coast with family.

  350. avatar
    Mike B

    I would bring my girlfriend and go to Austin, TX. It’s on our must-see list:)

  351. avatar

    Hey Ramit,
    I’ll be taking my sister to Hawaii. Shes my best friend and we’ve never taken a vacation together.

  352. avatar

    I would let my husband choose the destination!

  353. avatar
    David KNapp

    I would bring my better half to the the Florida Keys for the 2013 Key West PrideFest. She’s been to the Keys before, but I have never been there, and it looks like the weather would be great, there’s tons of things to do, and PrideFest sounds like a blast!

  354. avatar
    Bridgett Hart

    I would take my husband (i just got married last year, after waiting for 34 years, so i really appreciate our time together) to New York. I have traveled over most of the US, but have never made it to the NE yet and would REALLY love to feel the energy and enjoy the rush of New York City.

  355. avatar

    Disneyland with my husband and kids. Two tickets would really cut the cost…

  356. avatar

    Ditto NYC with my spouse. An eating tour!

  357. avatar

    I would use the tickets to fly to Atlanta for a Braves game. My little brother is a huge Braves fan. His love of baseball has kept him sane since he’s been living at home, unable to finish his junior and senior years of college bcs of financial difficulties. It would lift his spirits so much.

  358. avatar

    I would grab my wife and boys and go to Portland. HUH??? Why Portland? Our best friends just moved there and what fun is a trip if you can’t share it with people you love. This way we can maximize the value of the tickets!

  359. avatar
    Anna Aleksandrova

    I would take my best friend, Julia, ice fishing with me in Alaska.

  360. avatar

    My husband and two tots to Orlando, FL – WDW in 2013. Not exactly my dream vacation but damn skippy the kids are excited. It will be their first time on an airplane and my reward to them for being potty trained. Hopefully the beginning of many faraway adventures for my family.

  361. avatar

    I’d take my mom to San Francisco. We were there earlier this year but she was stuck in meetings and lectures most of the time.

  362. avatar
    Matt McGunagle

    The Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization is meeting in Chicago this November. As the president of the Cal Poly Entrepreneurs club in San Luis Obispo I plan on fundraising to cover the costs of the trip. If I won these two roundtrip tickets I would take one of my fellow officers in the club and have a great time hanging out with entrepreneurs in Chicago!

  363. avatar
    Alexander Heyne

    I would also fly to SF because:

    #1 A few of my biggest blogging/business inspirations live there: Corbett Barr, Scott Dinsmore, and you (And I’d like to have a beer with all 3…., I’m paying).

    I’d take my girlfriend because she’s busting her ass to improve life for her parents and family, after having immigrated from the poverty in the Philippines. She’s a hustler for sure, and could use a short weekend vacation.

  364. avatar

    My wife and I would fly to Philadelphia. She had really hoped to visit the Barnes Museum there before it moved to it’s new location, but we couldn’t make it. She would still really love a chance to visit the new location.

  365. avatar

    I would fly with my boyfriend to Hawaii or New Orleans or San Francisco or to wherever the best live music was happening…

  366. avatar

    I would take my girlfriend wherever she wanted to go. She is British and grew up in England, but has lived in many places around the U.S. over the last 11 years (Boston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Seattle, Honolulu). We both work hard, have no debt, and try to be smart about finances, but much of our leisure money is spent visiting family overseas. Since she often reminisces about the places she’s lived and the people she knew there, I’d like to give her the chance to revisit one of those locations and reconnect with old friends.

  367. avatar

    I’d fly to L.A. with my husband. Neither of us has ever been, and we just discovered a love of traveling together. Ah, that would be heavenly.

  368. avatar

    I would send my two oldest sons (23 and 21) to visit with their little brother (19) going to school in Bellingham, WA. He doesn’t get to come back to Kansas (there’s no place like home!) very often and they could spend some quality time together during a school break. I would call that “bro bonding”.

  369. avatar

    I would take my mom to visit my grandmother in Georgia!

  370. avatar
    phillip sanders

    I will go to Montana with my mom.

  371. avatar

    I would fly to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. My husband and I plan on moving out there to start our business. The last time we were there we only spent a day, so being able to go back would allow us to look at housing and get more information about the steps we need to take!

  372. avatar

    I would take my 20yr old niece on an adventure to New Orleans or New York – let her get a yummy taste of freedom and play because she has the heart and work ethic to power her world. We need to go dancing to live music, see great art (in any form) and be carried away! Thanks for planting the seed in my mind!

  373. avatar

    I will like to fly to Alaska with my Fiance.We have never been out of Nigeria.We hope we win.Thank you!!

  374. avatar
    Ali M.

    Paris, to meet this one girl!

  375. avatar

    I would take my boyfriend to the Bahamas! My parents went a long time ago and tell wonderful tales of great beaches and service-oriented businesses. It would be so cool to be able to verify their stories! 🙂

  376. avatar
    Jacqueline Cook

    Vegas Baby, all the way!! I would bring my boyfriend and hope that he would marry me 🙂

  377. avatar

    I would take my girlfriend (I know, real original) and we’d just show up at the SFO international airport and play spin globe until we land on a country that’s departing that day.

    To me being rich is having the freedom to think and act creatively with no monetary boundaries.

    Thanks Ramit, and I love your book, use it as a reference all the time.

    P.S. I bought it at the Books Inc, bookstore right below your house on Chestnut, and didn’t realize you lived there till I saw the address in the book!

  378. avatar
    Kathryn V

    I will fly home to Portland to look for a place to move! After living in Dallas, Texas for 5 years on the “big adventure to learn a new career which I found out I hated”, I DID find what I really REALLY loved which is allowing me to move back home. Funny how that works, huh? And yes, I’ll bring my partner so he can have a say in the place we move into. Peace, brother!

  379. avatar

    I’d take my mom to DC!

  380. avatar

    I would fly with my wife to Hawaii. We went on our honeymoon and celebrated our 10th year anniversary in Hawaii. It would be great to be able to celebrate our 20th year anniversary, this year, in Hawaii again. Great memories. Blessings.

  381. avatar

    i want to go to hawaii with my mom. i think my mom needs time out from her regular life.

  382. avatar

    I would give the ticket(s) to my roomate so he can propose to his girlfriend in Hawaii like he wants to but doesn’t have the means to make it a reality.

  383. avatar
    Ryan Gooler

    I would take my girlfriend to Texas, where she is from, and has been longing to visit a lot of her old haunts. It would be a great experience to get a bit more of a taste of what she considers “home”

  384. avatar
    charbel barakat

    I’d fly with my elderly dad to Nome, Alaska, to visit my uncle (his brother) who we haven’t seen in many years. It would be an awesome surprise.

  385. avatar

    Hawaii. Definitely Hawaii so that I can hang ten with the best friend.

  386. avatar

    I would take my wife to San Francisco and Napa Valley for some tasty wine and food and perhaps an in-person meeting with Ramit!

  387. avatar

    My story involves a psychotic ex, my wife, and San Francisco. Ready? Awesome.

    5 years ago, when my wife and I first started dating, we took our first trip together to San Francisco at Thanksgiving. The problem? A very mentally-unbalanced ex wanted to make that trip a living hell for both of us. When we touched down at SFO that Wednesday, I had 73 text messages. I know New York to SF is a long flight, but that’s still a lot of angry texts.

    Throughout the duration of the trip, I could hardly keep my phone on. Calls literally every hour. It turned me into a nervous wreck. Still, we both fell in love with San Francisco. And in a weird way, the torture exacted upon us by almost-Glenn-Close-from-Fatal-Attraction clone really brought us together.

    I wouldn’t go back in time to change that trip and make it more pleasant. But I’d love to give that trip to my wife all over again.

    So, I’d take my wife to San Francisco.

  388. avatar
    Jessica Wolfram

    I would like to take my best friend of 28 years to NY to celebrate both of us finishing school and acquiring our dream jobs. Neither of us have been to the East coast, and neither of us took our dream jobs for the money, so who knows when we’d actually be able to enjoy the “freedom” of a disposable income to spend on ourselves like this. 🙂

  389. avatar
    Mark F

    I would fly to San Fransisco and I would bring my friend Elise.

  390. avatar
    Elizabeth Cook

    I would take my best friend with me to Disney World!!!

  391. avatar
    Naina Sood

    I’d take my fiance to San Francisco 🙂

  392. avatar

    I’d fly my husband and I to somewhere in California, so he could have a chance to convince me that I’d love it to, and we should live there for a while.

  393. avatar

    I would take my husband to Juneau, Alaska.

  394. avatar
    Alison Tinker

    I would love to fly out to L.A. to visit my little sister. She’s a recent college grad and moved all the way across the country to pursue her dream of writing for film and TV. So far she’s succeeding like a boss and I’d love to make her day by showing up in L.A. and surprising her.
    I’d bring my boyfriend because he’s also deserving of a surprise trip. He’s overcome so much in the past 4 years, especially when it comes to his financial situation. What he wants the most for both of us this year is to take a decent vacation together. I’d love to make that happen for him.

  395. avatar

    I would go to Oahu, HI with my Mom. My Mom hasn’t seen one of her closest friends in many years, and I would love to be able to take her to visit and see the place she was married again. 🙂

  396. avatar

    Having financial abundance to me means having choices. The choice to travel being one of them… I would absolutely love to either go to the virgin islands or hawaii. I’d have to think about who I’d bring with me… probably either my sister or a friend. I’ve been infusing myself in the world of wealth creation and winning this offer would be an incredible celebration of how sweet life is.

  397. avatar
    Heidi Bian

    I did a 10-day kayaking/hiking/ice climbing/backpacking trip with a small adventure group in Alaska and it’s hands down the BEST trip I have ever taken. It was so beautiful there that scenic photos you see on the internet do not do the justice. I did a variety of things there including an ice climbing day trip and a 2-day backpacking in Denali State park. I wish I could staying longer and do more of the two activities above! I am determined to go back. I am doing planning on my own this time and am bringing a group of outdoorsy friends. It’s going to be an adventure 🙂

  398. avatar
    Kali Sandberg

    I would take my friend Jessica, and we would go explore San Francisco, where we are planning to move in April!

  399. avatar

    I would go to NYC! And bring my sister

  400. avatar

    I would fly to California to with my husband and our son to visit his sister’s family so our children could meet for the first time. We haven’t seen each other in over two and a half years!

  401. avatar

    To me, being rich means having flexibility and freedom of choice. So, at the moment I don’t know who I’d take or where, and that’s the beauty of it. I could surprise a good friend with a trip to Colorado to explore the Rockies, or to the maple forests in Vermont, or to Nashville for a country music extravaganza, or to Portland for hipster culture immersion, or to Minnesota to visit a dear friend who has just moved, or to Boston for the Head of the Charles regatta… the possibilities are endless. And that’s pretty awesome.

  402. avatar

    I’d fly to Maui with my wife. I like her.

  403. avatar

    I’d fly out to Napa with my friend who works too much and needs a break.

  404. avatar

    I’d take my soon-to-be-husband to Hawaii for our honeymoon. 🙂

  405. avatar

    I would take my mom to NYC. We’ve both been having a financially tough year in LA so I think a chance to visit our family back East and ease her into the idea of me moving to New York to look for work would be a really wonderful thing for us both to do together.

  406. avatar

    I would take my husband and kids to visit my sister and her husband in CA.

  407. avatar

    I would bring my girlfriend to Florida!

  408. avatar

    I would love to visit NYC. I have always wanted to go their with my fiance.

  409. avatar

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    I would take my boyfriend to California for a much desereved vacation. We could drink our way through the wineries 🙂

  410. avatar

    I’d take my girlfriend to Alaska, we’ve talked a lot about taking a trip there.

  411. avatar
    Ally Rapp

    Hi Ramit —

    I would take my fiance to SoCal wine country – we’re planning our Spring wedding and with your saving, investing, & lifestyle tips already in place in our lives it should be a breeze!

    Thanks for everything you do!

  412. avatar

    Hey Ramit,

    This one’s a no brainer.

    Since I live in Europe and have never been to the US I’d love to visit New York, The Big Apple and bring my wife and daughter. Go to Central Park in Manhattan, visit Ground Zero, … visit the Metropolitan Museum Of Art,… maybe a musical on Broadway. Just have a good time there with my loved ones . And of course as a photographer, take tons of pictures myself. And maybe, if you’d be okay with that Ramit, meet the man himself, if you’re not in SF.

  413. avatar
    David Reed

    I would take my boyfriend back to Puyallup, WA so he could visit his family!

  414. avatar

    Hi Ramit –
    this has been an interesting summer – a time of growing. My husband and I have faced several crazy challenges regarding expanding our family, both of our careers, our financial situation. We and our three year old are still happy and thankfully healthy even though it’s been a roller coaster. We both could use a inspirational trip to our favorite city, New York! We love it and haven’t been able to get away. Taking a trip to NYC always inspires and puts a fresh perspective on life!

  415. avatar

    I would bring my friend Justin with me to Rhode Island to visit my friend Chris, who just moved to RI to get his Phd in Physics.

  416. avatar
    Jaymi Retzlaff

    I would bring my boyfriend and go to New York City.

  417. avatar
    Melicia Laroco-Molter

    I would go to San Francisco to attend a the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and to present some social media work that I have done for the Jail and Prison Health Committee. The tickets would give me additional time to catch up with some old colleagues, see old friends, meet others face to face for the first time, and check out some amazing innovations in public health.

    I would bring my husband since all teachers could use a break!

  418. avatar

    I will bring my partner to the West Coast so we can experience our love of the outdoors in a whole new way.

  419. avatar

    I would go to Oahu with my long-suffering wife to join my mom when she goes next year.

  420. avatar
    Matt Monroe

    Ramit: My wife and I first met in Alaska, where the two of us were attending the wedding of mutual friends. I would take my wife back up to Alaska –– Anchorage, Alaska — to catch up with those friends and thank them for getting married, because it allowed us (my wife and I) to meet, fall in love, and also get married.

  421. avatar

    It would be amazing to go to Austin, Texas with my best friend who lives across the state who I hardly get to see. We both grew up in California which is all we know and it would be nice to see another way of life in the US. Part of living a rich life includes having the option to travel with friends and visit places that we are curious about.

  422. avatar

    I’d fly to New York City with my boyfriend. He loves cooking, and fine dining (and back home in the Bay Area I’m often the recipient of both) and it would be an awesome chance for me to return the favor.

  423. avatar

    From COS to Baltimore. Why? To attend the wedding of a young man that my family has adopted as one of our own when he was going to Colorado School of Mines with my son. Far from home, loving good food, Steve became a regular fixture when special meals happened here at the house. In turn he adopted us as well! Now he’s getting married and I’d love to be there!

  424. avatar

    I would bring my roommate to Hawaii. She has never been and I think it is a must-see. Both of our financial/lifestyle goals are FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY, so travel is a huge part of our household culture.

  425. avatar

    I would take my son to NYC to try out the new wheelchair accessible cabs.This means he could take his power chair and be FREE from the bus system and the need for me to push him where he wants to go. For once, it could be NYC on his terms.

  426. avatar

    I’d bring a friend of mine to San Francisco, for food and exploration! Also: stalking you (just kidding).

  427. avatar

    I would go to the Rocky Mountains with my 16-year old son who desperately needs to get away from video games and into nature.

  428. avatar

    I’d take my husband. Would probably go to California and rent a car. Drive up the coast, visit some wineries and Sequoia National Park. I’ve always wanted to see the big trees! 🙂

  429. avatar

    Hawaii and NYC definitely! And I would bring my mom along.

    Being rich means doing whatever u want and whenever u want it.

    Thanks Ramit!

  430. avatar
    Gabriello Pitman

    Undoubtedly I would take my girlfriend to NYC for NYE. We both work a lot – her in med school, and myself as a start-up – so that would be quite the treat. 🙂

  431. avatar

    I would go to Hawai and bring a special friend. Thanks!

  432. avatar

    Somewhere fun with someone fun.

  433. avatar

    I would fly into Washington with my best friend and explore the west coast. We have never left the east coast and dream of getting out there.

  434. avatar

    I would take my husband to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. It’s all about the music.

  435. avatar
    Sarah Maccarelli Jordan

    Wow, what a wonderful opportunity! I’d take my husband with me to New Zealand because we have always wanted to go there.

    Thank you Ramit for paying it forward. You’re an inspiration. 🙂

  436. avatar

    I’d bring my partner, who is a special ed teacher in the public school system. We live on the west coast, but our families are on the east coast — so we’d go home for the holidays!

  437. avatar
    William Stangler

    I would bring my girlfriend. She is a full time student, works full time, and dances in a ballet company. She doesn’t get much time to herself so this would mean a lot to her. I would take her somewhere like Rome or Paris, because she loves art and fashion. It would be a great experience for her.

  438. avatar
    Taahir Khan

    I would take my mother to San Francisco. She’s never visited anywhere outside of where we live in Philadelphia except New York. She’s always dreamed of seeing the golden gate bridge.

  439. avatar

    My husband and I are saving for a belated honeymoon in Hawaii, and we’d bring our 1 year old daughter. That way you’d be sending three to paradise for the price of two — what a deal!

  440. avatar

    I would take my girlfriend, also an avid reader of yours as well, and we would go to New Orleans together. We both love to travel, but have never been able to go somewhere together. We each have taken trips to Europe (she is there right now) but have not gone with each other. We have only traveled once together on a getaway in the US, but that was to see her family, so it doesn’t really count. I would love to be able to go on a vacation with her, since this is the woman I see myself marrying in the near future.

  441. avatar
    Stalking Sarah

    Bring my wife and go from Boston where we live to Seattle — from there we’d do a long road trip all the way down the west coast, seeing family, sightseeing, drinking wine, seeing friends, etc. Then we’d fly home out of L.A.

    For me, being rich is having the time and the money to be with the people you love relatively easily and often.

  442. avatar

    I would fly to San Francisco with my twin brother so could explore the city together and take a trip to Yosemite!

  443. avatar

    I would go to Kingston, Jamaica and take my mother. Because, since I left for college and my family moved to the US she hasn’t been back and I would love for her to be able to go back and go with her so she can see her family and friends.

  444. avatar

    If I won the contest, my husband and I would fly to CA to visit his sister in San Francisco, drive the PCH, visit my uncle in LA, and spend a week relaxing in San Diego. This is a trip we’ve been planning to take but it will probably be another 3 or 4 years before we can afford the airfare and time off from work.

  445. avatar
    Patricia Melvin

    I would like to join my sisters in New York in Feb for a Reunion.I have a sister who lives in New York and I have another sister coming in from Switzerland.Have not seen them in 5 years.Thanks for the contest!

  446. avatar

    Freedom is doing.

    I’d go to L.A. with my friend Richard.

  447. avatar

    I’d take my husband, a lifelong 49ers fan who has never seen the Pacific Ocean, to San Francisco.

  448. avatar

    I would bring my wife and we would go where ever she wants :P.

  449. avatar
    Kris – folks – the tickets are for continental US in case you are interested.

  450. avatar
    brad Grinnen

    i would take my wife to LA, from rural va

  451. avatar
    Mike Esperanza

    I don’t know if this is possible, but I’d give the tickets to my parents to fly from San Diego to New York. If not, I’ll use a ticket and purchase a ticket for either my mom or dad.

    The reason why I’d give it to them is because I recently landed a job in New York and have a ticket already purchased from San Diego to New York. I would love it if my parents would be able to come and visit. They have never been out there and it would be a great chance for them to visit.

  452. avatar

    If I were to be the one bestowed with the two round trip tickets to ANYWHERE in the world (oh, my goodness, the possibilities!) I would go to Cebu, Philippines, and bring along my lovely friend Rico for a vacation full of sand, sun, diving, culture, and fun.

  453. avatar

    Some time in the spring of 2013, I will (FINALLY) be marrying the love of my life. Traditionally, the groom’s family helps pitch in on the honeymoon, but my groom’s father is estranged and his mother passed away five years ago. Considering the fact that the economy has decreased our earning potential, we are concerned that a honeymoon may not even happen. If chosen, we would like to fly to Las Vegas, Nevada to enjoy the sights and take in a performance of the Cirque de Soleil show “Love,” a musical tribute to The Beatles.

  454. avatar

    I’d take my brother to Aspen to finally learn how to ski!

  455. avatar

    I would bring my wife to North Carolina. I’ve read several Nicholas Sparks books (Notebook, Nights in Rodanthe, etc) and the state just seems so beautiful. We would go to Wrightsville Beach, Rodanthe, etc. She would love it.

  456. avatar

    I would visit San Francisco/Napa with my wife. I would offer to buy Ramit lunch at his favorite Indian restaurant in the Tenderloin while there.

  457. avatar

    I would take my daughter to New York City.

  458. avatar

    I would take my wife to go see one of our best friends out in San Diego who is currently in training for the Navy SEALS. It is an honor was he is doing for our country, and it would be an honor to go see him. Plus, we have some family out there as well!!

  459. avatar

    There’s actually no place in the US i would want to travel. But, since this says in the US i would say. From Michigan i would like to travel back to Maine where i was born. Just to go see the summer house in New Harbor Me. which used to be our familys. But when my mother and sisters murdered my father 18 years ago and destroyed his will. They stole my inheritance and my younger brother’s as well. I’d take him on a trip back to New harbor and at least show him where we used to live and where i grew up as a child. He wasn’t born in the US because my father was in the air force and he’s 12 years younger than myself. We were in panama when he was born. And he’s never even been to Maine.. much less seen our familys summer home.

  460. avatar

    I would bring my Mom to Grand Canyon

  461. avatar

    I would go to the US Virgin Islands with my husband and our baby son.

  462. avatar

    As I do not live in the US but in Moscow, Russia I will still need to arrange my trip to get there… but having done that (planning to arrive in SF visiting some friends in Silicon Valley) I would take a trip to the place with the big tries (still need to look up the place)… want to experience the leaves falling in Winter… Just sounds like a good idea. Must be relaxing:)

  463. avatar

    I’d take my boyfriend to the Amalfi Coast 🙂

  464. avatar
    Cindy Fisher

    I would take a business partner to Portland for a gramtwriting conference or to DC for a tech conference

  465. avatar

    I would take my best friend with me to New York!

  466. avatar

    I’d give them to my Mom and Dad and send them somewhere warm- after 25 years of piano recitals, ball games, bringing treats to class and raising three kids, it’s the least I could do.

  467. avatar

    I would bring my fiance to San Francisco. We moved from there years ago and haven’t been able to go back, but we would love to visit our friends and favorite places!

  468. avatar

    I would go with my wife to Washington D.C. or New York. We recently got married, and we’ve been talking about doing an east coast trip for ages, but we haven’t put it together yet.

  469. avatar

    I’d fly my family to Austin, to explore the city, check out the tech scene and look at housing. We’re considering relocating from the Northeast to Austin, where cost of living is 30-40% cheaper, but tech jobs are abundant and salaries are more or less equivalent.

  470. avatar
    Jason Gill

    More than likely I would take my older brother Daniel who hadn’t been on a real vacation since becoming a single father. Approaching 10 years and still lives with mom and dad – ouch!

    Destination – Australia and New Zealand

  471. avatar

    St. Petersburg, the on in Russia. My wife really wants to go. The only way I’d go is if it was free.

  472. avatar

    Neuva York!! I want to see Starry Night in the MoMA! (For my 30th b-day, I did a Van Gogh tour of France…now I want to see the painting that inspired me.) I would take my cousin to celebrate her fast-approaching wedding and marriage.

  473. avatar
    Kristina Thomas

    I would fly to New York to start taking the necessary steps to move there and find a job I love.

  474. avatar

    I would bring my boyfriend to Austin, TX. We’ve never been.

  475. avatar

    I’d take my husband and we’d visit his brother in San Francisco, who we see very little. But that’s only my second option – If they want to and could arrange something for the kids, I’d give the tix to my sister-in-law and her husband, so THEY can visit that same brother in San Francisco. We visited him there once already, and they never have.

  476. avatar
    Greg Banks

    Taking my girlfriend out to Seattle would be great.

  477. avatar

    My parents had four daughters in four years. I am the second born. My three sisters and mother have died. All that is left in our family is me and my dad. I would want the opportunity to take my father to Alaska, a place he’s always wanted to see. He’s 85 now.
    My father ministered to my maternal grandmother in her declining years. He added on to his own home and built an apartment when she needed care. Then when she needed to be in a nursing home, he drove 40 miles three times a week to visit her.

    For as long as I can remember my father worked two jobs. Never once have I ever heard him complain about his situation, his health or his life. Two weeks after I escaped an abusive husband, he was diagnosed with cancer. I drove back and forth [8 hours each way] to help care for him because he lived alone during his chemotherapy.

    Three years ago he decided to remarry a wonderful woman, twenty years his junior and they have created a wonderful life for themselves. He is an outdoorsman….fishes almost every day and prefers to be outside whenever he can. He’s in good health now. Has never taken any medication and has an active lifestyle. I am writing to ask your help in making my father’s dream come true and to use this ticket for him and his life long dream of seeing Alaska’s wildness.

    Thank you for your generous offer and all the good work you do. Cathy in Asheville, NC

  478. avatar

    I would like to visit California with one of my buddies.

  479. avatar
    Estelle Winsett

    I would take my husband to California so that we could do a wine tour in Sonoma County.

  480. avatar

    I would love to take my grown daughter on a trip to New York, for shows and fashion. THanks for the opportunity to enter

  481. avatar

    I would take my partner to the San Fransisco area. He is currently in the process of visiting schools before he starts applying to receive his MBA next year, and there are a few prospect schools out that way…. Plus a tour of Napa wouldn’t be too bad either.

  482. avatar

    I would take my girlfriend to New York!

  483. avatar

    I would go to Missouri with my wife for vacation and to visit my relatives

  484. avatar

    I would take my husband to d.c. So he could see the smithsonian air n space museum

  485. avatar

    I’d take my boyfriend to Hawaii

  486. avatar
    Chris Proctor

    I would fly to Sante Fe. My wife and I are going to be celebrating our 20th anniversary this year, and we are planning on going to go to Sante Fe, and see the Georgia O’Keeffe museum.

  487. avatar

    I would fly into Newark, NJ…. to visit my family for Christmas! I would bring my wonderful boyfriend. It would be a change from the Texas heat, but I would love to see my family!

  488. avatar

    I would bring my boyfriend to Northern California

  489. avatar

    I would go to Vancouver with one of my sisters. Because it’s gorgeous there and I would love to do fun outdoorsy stuff with them . 🙂

  490. avatar

    I’d take my MIL to California. She moved to be close to us here in Tennessee, but I know she misses her friends and family so much.

  491. avatar

    Who is easy, I’d bring my wife somewhere. Where is harder. We might make it an interview trip, scheduling a few interviews for new positions in Colorado (Denver and surrounding area) and visiting for those. The other options is a full-on vacation trip which would end up being who knows where. Probably one of the many places we haven’t been together yet.

  492. avatar

    I would take my husband to NYC for the holidays. We’ve talked about it for a long time, but he works too much as he is striving for financial freedom for our family of 5. I think it would be a perfect way to end our year. Thanks for the opportunity!


  493. avatar

    I’d go to Austin with my wife to visit her best friend.

  494. avatar

    if i had the privilege of winning these tickets (which, by the way, is an extraordinary gesture on your part – thank you!), i would take my oldest & best friend to california. she has never been to the west coast, & i want her to experience that part of the country (especially since i plan to move there next year & need to convince her to join me!). aside from giving her the chance to travel to a place she’s never been, it would also allow me to see one of my best friends who lives in laguna. i haven’t seen her in almost a year, when we were both living & working in new york (that clearly didn’t work out for either of us… we’re both more west coast obviously). it’s high time i see her, catch up, & start making plans for my move to her side of the country. 🙂

    i’m sure other people entering the contest will have better answers & more important reasons for wanting the tickets, but i pray i win anyway. i don’t have the means to fly wherever i want on a whim, & winning these tickets would give me that opportunity. i would be able to give the gift of a new experience to my friend while also reconnecting with another dear friend & planning my future in a new place (cali, here i come!).

    thanks for the contest & for consideration of my application.

  495. avatar

    I’d fly to Indianapolis to visit my good friends Emily and Anthony.

  496. avatar

    My girlfriend came to this country from Cuba (not that long ago) to have many of the things you described that simply aren’t available in that country–goods, safety, freedom, and the ability to be charitable (and she is the most charitable peson I know). Relatively speaking, she had a great life there, but she wanted more for herself and paid a huge price (leaving behind everyone she knew and loved) just to have an opportunity for something better–a very specific goal that would not be achievable in Cuba. The girl acts in spite of fear and takes more calculated risks than anyone I’ve ever met. She’s a total inspiration. She’s told me a number of times that she would love to see Central Park in NYC during the fall, so that’s where I will take her if I win these tickets. In fact, I’ll find a way to take her even if I don’t win the tickets . . . .

  497. avatar

    I would take my wife to Seattle for business and pleasure.

    Pleasure: We moved from Chicago last year and now are living in Park City. It’s incredible. We love it BUT one of the few things we miss are those gloomy rainy days.

    Business: We started a side business manufacturing energy bars and needed to find a bigger supplier. We’ve identified one in the Seattle area. We would do a site visit.

  498. avatar

    I would definitely take my boyfriend, and we would likely use the tickets to help him meet his goal of going to every state before he turns 30… we have 6 months left, and 1 state (ALASKA!). Definitely cutting it close…

  499. avatar
    Jon Roberts

    Hi Ramit!
    I would choose NYC
    I would bring a family member, whoever wanted to join me the most 🙂

  500. avatar

    I’d pack up the boy-child, and wing away to the Big Easy…a COMPLETE departure from our small Pacific Northwest burg…And there’s be hot…and there’d be wild…and there’d be culture…and wild…and architecture…and cafe’s and music and US.

  501. avatar
    Mary M.

    I would like to take a friend to Hawaii. Both of us are recently divorced and struggling to get back to normal (whatever that is). Neither of us have ever been there before and would like to see it.

  502. avatar
    stephanie f

    I would take my best friend to san deigo so we can learn to surf.

  503. avatar

    I would love to fly over to Las Vegas ( I’m in New York). It was my dream to go to LV for my 21st birthday but my friends and I couldn’t afford a weekend there. I would take my best friends, Niraj and Erin, from DC to come with me. They love electronic music as much as me and we would just have so much fun!

  504. avatar
    Jonathan Casalaina

    I would fly to California with my girlfriend.

  505. avatar

    I would take my wife to New York City.

  506. avatar
    Luis Perez

    I would like to take mi wife to San Francisco. A few years ago i had the oportunity to take a business trip alone, so i made a promise that i would take her there for vacation, but so far i haven’t been able for financial reasons

  507. avatar

    I’d fly from Tampa to San Francisco with my wife so that her family can see the new baby for the first time. It’s a long shot, but we won’t be able to afford a trip to California any time soon. While I’m there I’d be sure to stop at Ramit’s second apartment to thank him…

  508. avatar
    Jessica Anderson

    I’d take my boyfriend to Alaska to see the Northern Lights!

  509. avatar
    Daniel Westervelt

    Would love to get away with my girlfriend (of 3 years in January) for a little bit; we go to different colleges about 5 hours apart and rarely see each other.

  510. avatar
    Katie Bock

    After having lived in Boston their entire lives, my cousin and her fiancee moved to San Francisco four months ago. She really wants people to visit, but tickets can be expensive. If I won, I would take myself and my brother (a medical resident, who doesn’t have a ton of expendable income beyond paying off his med school loans) to San Francisco to stay with her and visit Napa (we’ve never been!).

  511. avatar

    I would love to visit Seattle. It has been a destination that I have wanted to see for a long time. I would bring my best friend Erin because she is moving away soon and it would be one last thing we can do together.

  512. avatar

    I would bring my 8-year-old son.

  513. avatar
    damion waltermeyer

    I live on the east coast, I would take my wife and go to washington state to visit a long time friend.

  514. avatar

    Thanks for this opportunIty! I will fly with my adult daughter to Vancouver, WA for a vIew of the great PacIfIc Northwest. She has chronic illness and her quality of life has eroded making it harder for her to walk. The cooler weather is also better for her condition.

  515. avatar

    I’d go to DWF to spend time with my parents, brothers, sister and nieces and nephews.

  516. avatar

    I’d fly with my business partner to a place like Esalen California so we could have a mini-retreat and plan our next moves with a huge sense of possibility

  517. avatar
    James Piper

    I’d take my girlfriend and I from NYC to San Francisco for a fun vacation 🙂 Hopefully visit some fun tech startups along the way!

  518. avatar

    I would take my mom to Kauai.

  519. avatar
    Miles Nay

    I would take my wife of 15 months and go to small cabin on a lake in Minnesota. Oh Yeah! Were are eskimo’s from Alaska, but were tiring of our igloo (means house), and we want to spend a week on a lake in the tropics of the South.

  520. avatar
    Pamela Cunningham

    I would take my sister to Hawaii for a luxurious tropical vacation.

  521. avatar

    I would take my fiance and fly off to Monte Carlo, Monaco. I’ve worked in the gaming industry for eight years and want to visit the Godfather of casinos, The Monte Carlo.

    On another note — I work in the marketing department of a casino, and the psychology behind why people gamble is something that never fails to amaze me.

  522. avatar
    Tanya Malott

    Answering this publicly will get me in trouble. My boyfriend is in NYC, I am in Atlanta with my son, and I travel so much for work already it is silly. I already fly to NY monthly or more, and I should say LA so I can go do some work there…but…
    The only state I have never been to is Alaska, but I think I saw it once when I was in Vladivostok! 🙂
    So I’ll cast a vote for a cell-phone and internet free vacation in some wild part of Alaska. I’ll take the boyfriend if I can tear him away from work.

  523. avatar

    I’d travel to San Francisco with my girlfriend. My conscious spending plan allows me to spend money on what’s important to me, including my time with her. Heck, maybe we’d even meet up with you, Ramit.

  524. avatar
    Pamela Jorrick

    My kids and I are on a quest to explore all 50 US states before the oldest turns 18. We’ve conquered a lot of the west, but have yet to get to the east coast. I’d use this chance to take my daughter to Washington DC. Wait, no…maybe NYC. No…probably DC first. Of course, I’d have to find a way to scramble a ticket for my son too, or he’d be crushed, but if I had 2 out of 3 tickets, I’d make the other one happen somehow!

  525. avatar

    Roundtrip Train Tour tickets, please, for a Fall Colors Tour of New England. After 3 years of living in the desert of Dubai, my husband and I could use some R&R in a beautiful place in our favorite mode of transportation.

  526. avatar

    I’d fly my sister to San Francisco.

    While we used to travel a lot together then, since I’ve grown up we’ve never flown anywhere together.

    I’d take her to San Fran because it’s far outside both our comfort zones, we know no one there and we’d have to learn and explore the city together.

    There’s that and the undisputable fact that cable cars are cool.

  527. avatar

    I’d fly to St. John in the USVI with my wife, investigating how to move and live there!

  528. avatar

    My husband and I would fly to Pennsylvania to visit our son who is a freshman in college for Parents’ Weekend or to see him play lacrosse in the Spring.

  529. avatar

    I would fly to Maui and bring my husband with

  530. avatar

    I would take my good friend Inez and travel to Hawaii. We’ve never been there before. She works so hard helping take care of her 4 grandchildren and never takes a vacation and I’m going through some stressful personal issues. A trip like that would be fantastic for both of us.

  531. avatar

    My significant other, Thom, would be my traveling companion. We have both lost a parent and been juggling our “real” jobs with side work and debt payment for the past 1 1/2 years. In that time, we have not traveled together at all for fun. And both of us traveled for fun extensively before we met. Santa Fe is an area we are both interested in moving to. We have never been there, but have friends that moved there. That would be a great thing to travel together and check out our potential future! Thom is developing alternative pain relief products, and I am a designer. Santa Fe seems like the perfect place for us to visit. Thanks for offering this contest!!!

  532. avatar

    I’ll fly to Hawaii because I have been fantasizing about lying in a hammock on the beach, drinking a coconut, in total relaxation. I’ll take my friend Diego with me. We freaking deserve a break dammit.. 🙂

  533. avatar

    I would fly to San Francisco for their upcoming literary festival in October 2012. While I’m there, I would check out the Henry Miller Library and Vesuvio Cafe — a popular hangout for the beatnik writers — among other literary hot spots (I’m currently pursuing an English Literature). I would take my photographer sister with me.

  534. avatar

    I dont even know if I am eligible for this because I am from Sweden but I would take my dad on a trip to California. Neither of us have been to the states before but we have both talked about it.

    We want to eat meals in XXXL sizes, swim in the ocean and roller-skate down the boulevard!! We can do none of that up north in Sweden.

    Thank you for taking the time to make one persons dreams come true, whoever it might be.

  535. avatar

    NY with my best friend – ultimate city 🙂

  536. avatar
    Patrick Szalapski

    I’d like to take a trip to New Hamphire and New England for a vacation away in the woods!

  537. avatar

    I would take my wife to Boston; she’s always wanted to visit that area.

  538. avatar

    I’d fly to San Diego to do an informational interview for some companies I’m interested in. I’d bring a friend to keep me company.

  539. avatar

    I would take my wife to Colorado Springs to visit her family.

  540. avatar

    I would take my boyfriend to Alaska.

  541. avatar

    I would take my friend to Chicago because it is one of the few cities I have never been too.

  542. avatar

    I’d fly to San Francisco. I’ve never been to the west coast, but I’ve heard it’s beautiful.

  543. avatar
    Brianna Roberts

    Hi Ramit,
    For me living a rich life means being able to give my family big gifts if I feel like it. That’s why I’m in an MA program and have my eye on several specific places I’ll be applying to before and after graduation. In other words, I’m exactly where I want to be right now, and don’t feel any need to travel.
    But if you handed me two tickets to anywhere in the USA, I know exactly what I would do with them. I would send my mom and my grandmother to see my great-uncle in Illinois. Both my grandmother and my great-uncle (her late husband’s brother and best friend) are in their mid-eighties and it used to be she and my mom would fly out every year to see him and the rest of her family. For a few years my two sisters and I went too. But now with my mom taking care of my grandmother (who’s in the early stages of dementia) and struggling to keep up with the bills, there’s no money for it. This would be a wonderful gift for the both of them. It would give my mom a break, and my grandmother the chance to see her family while there’s still time, and while she still remembers them. It’s what I would give them if I were out of school and working already – but I’m not quite there yet, and won’t be for a few more years.
    Thanks for considering my entry,

  544. avatar
    Andrew C

    I am planning to propose to my girlfriend next year. We’ve been dating for 5 and a half years and I know we are both ready.

    I would take a trip to Hawaii to set up an Uhhh-Mazing proposal ^_^

    Thanks Ramit!

  545. avatar

    I would take my boyfriend to Hawaii since he has not been on vacation in more than two years. He has been working extra hard and needs a well deserved luxurious vacation.

  546. avatar

    I’d go to hawaii with my almost boyfriend. i think a trip like this could send us over the edge!

  547. avatar
    Malaina Poore

    I would fly to San Francisco to see a friend who has been sick and I would bring my 12 year old daughter who has never been to the West Coast. She is in middle school and could use the boost.

  548. avatar

    I want to to Providence from Atlanta to ask old professors for recommendations for my graduate school applications. Asking in person is so much more effective than sending them emails! These recommendations could change my life!

  549. avatar

    I would take my husband to Maui, HI!

  550. avatar

    I would go to New York and bring my little brother.

  551. avatar
    Paul Ray

    I would bring my Cousin she really needs a break in life and to be able to do something like this.

  552. avatar

    I would bring my boyfriend to visit my twin in San Francisco

  553. avatar

    I would fly to Chicago with my boyfriend to visit two of my very good friends for their 10 year anniversary that is coming up in November!

  554. avatar

    Best friend to Seattle

  555. avatar
    Keeli Sorensen

    I’d take my partner to visit his youth camp in Wisconsin, which he swears is the most beautiful and warm place in the US. I’d love to learn more about this part of his life and make new memories with him in the place that’s given him so much already!

  556. avatar

    I would take my grandfather, who has been like a father to me, anywhere he chooses to go on vacation for a few days. He just turned 78 and still operates a small business he opened after he retired from being a high school teacher and athletic director. The man has worked full time since exiting college at 22 years old, and this would be much deserved relaxation time!

  557. avatar

    Los Angeles to see the girl of my dreams …

  558. avatar
    Jiunn Haur Lim

    I will go to Hawaii!

  559. avatar

    I would bring my mom to New York City. We’ve never been to the Big Apple.

  560. avatar

    I would take my husband to Las Vegas. He would love the surprise.

  561. avatar
    Alina Mayer

    I live in Europe and normally ski in Europe but I’d send lots of very positive, rich vibrations your way for a pair of tickets to Colorado. I’d take a special someone who’d massage me after a loooong day of skiing, preferably by the fire. That’s what I call a rich life!

  562. avatar
    Danielle Kulp

    I would fly to LA with my mom and my six month old son. My mom lived in SoCal for 10 years and we both have a number of friends out there that I’d love to introduce my son to. With daycare costs and everything it’s going to be a while before I can afford the trip myself.

  563. avatar

    I would love to treat my husband to a trip to New York! We have both recently retired and would love to see the ‘Big Apple’! There would be so much to do and see there – We could visit the Met Museum of Art for me, Times Square, and take a stroll in Central Park! What a wonderful holiday that would be!

  564. avatar

    I would bring my daughter to visit Disney world Orlando Resort

  565. avatar

    Does Puerto Rico count? My husband & I are hankering to go someplace tropical.

  566. avatar
    Jolanda Zickmann

    I would love to travel with my husband to the Westcoast. He is from Italy and loves wine- Napa valley as a nice alternative to Tuscany.

  567. avatar
    Gladys G

    New Orleans, for Mardi Gras

  568. avatar

    my wish is to live in new york but its impossible

  569. avatar
    Jeremiah Patterson

    I would fly to Atlanta, GA. I would take my lady with me.

  570. avatar
    Barbara Saunders

    I would go to Korea. My father was in the war there. I study a Korean martial art. I want to do a project that collages his black-and-white photographs from the 1950s with some of my own from the same places, combined with a personal essay about the trip. My dad could not make the trip, so I’d take my boyfriend, who studies the same martial art.

  571. avatar

    I would love to go to Austin TX to visit my boyfriend.

  572. avatar
    Claire Still

    I would go with my boyfriend to New Orleans, LA

  573. avatar

    I would fly to either New York with my brother (we’ve been talking about visiting NYC to pursue school and careers), or take my mother on a well-deserved holiday in Hawaii.

  574. avatar

    I’d take my husband to Sonoma to where we got married and take some time for just the two of us.

  575. avatar

    NYC. I’d bring my brother.

  576. avatar

    I’d take my fiance back to san Diego so we can visit family and find our dream jobs.

  577. avatar

    I would fly to Chicago to visit my friends and I would bring my girlfriend

  578. avatar

    I would fly my mother (whose first and only times leave the state of GA were in 2008 and 2012 consecutively to drop me off at college and for my graduation this past May) to Aspen this winter. She is obsessed with snow and as a GA resident she see’s so little of it. It’d be a great trip to give her that I can’t yet afford on a grad school budget! And she could experience all the snow activities she wish she could have done when she was younger. 🙂

  579. avatar

    Hi, Ramit.

    I’d fly to Cally with my mom to meet my half-sister Linda. My mom only got to hold her one time before giving her up for adoption close to 50 years ago. Linda just found us a little over a month ago. She saw a picture of me in a purple wig and was pretty sure her 30 year search could now be over.
    She sent an email to my mom on of all days my mom’s 70th birthday asking if it was possible that she was her birth mother.
    And, it is so.

    What a trip that’d be!

  580. avatar

    I would take my mom to New York for one of my company’s conferences, we have one in November, April and June. She wasn’t able to come to my last one in June in Los Angeles because she works all the time, but hopefully If I could get tickets to fly I think she would be able to take the time off and spend with me. Would mean the world to her and myself 🙂 There’s nothing richer in life than it being filled with your family and the people you love and support most.

  581. avatar
    Kathleen @ Frugal Portland

    Easy. Sister. Texas. Done. I’ll pack my bags and wait for you to let me know that I won. 🙂

  582. avatar

    I would love to see my best friend in Seattle since I haven’t seen here in a year and we live across the country from each other.

  583. avatar

    I’m surprised to see how many people would come to Seattle! I live here now it is pretty wonderful, but I thought it was a bit of a secret… 😉

    I’d fly to Alaska with my brother, tour around, and then take the ferry back home! That’d be fun! 😀

  584. avatar
    Jason Brown

    I would go back to Luoyang, China. I lived there for awhile and I made a ton of Chinese friends that taught English there that I’d love to go back to see again. I would bring my girlfriend and some props from the USA – so that I can give them to my friends to help them teach!

  585. avatar

    California, I’d bring my wife.

  586. avatar

    I would bring my boyfriend and visit the Bay Area – to go to SF, visit a couple schools for my MBA and do wine country

  587. avatar

    i would bring my friend raymond and we would fly to california. always wanted to visit and skate california

  588. avatar
    Rajesh C

    I would go to San Francisco with my wife and 2 kids to meet with you and spend half a day with you!

  589. avatar
    Rory Barczewski

    Absolutely Hawaii. I’ve always dreamt about exploring the island’s nature, culture, and lifestyle. I’d take my girl since we love traveling together and want to see the world.

  590. avatar

    I would bring my best friend. She is a huge support and encouragement in my life, always in my corner, always keeping me focused on what is important. She’s pretty much my hero and I don’t know what I would do without her!

  591. avatar
    Stuart Rosenberg

    I would go to Seattle and the Cascades as I had been in this part of USA about 15 years ago and would like to see the changes. I would take my wife as she never has visited the Northwest and she would enjoy the Cascade Mountains.

  592. avatar

    I would take my husband to Miami to meet some of my extended family.

  593. avatar
    Jason John

    I’d fly to California and bring my mom with me.

  594. avatar

    I’d splurge and take my fiance to Bora Bora for our honeymoon.

  595. avatar

    New York, New York. Never been, would bring fiance.

  596. avatar

    I would take my younger brother who is currently a freshman in college to NYC. We would spend our days sightseeing historical sights along with taking in art shows.

  597. avatar

    I would take my wife back to her birthplace of the island of Kaui in Hawaii. She was born there, has far-flung relatives still living there and her father is buried there. She has been back exactly one time since moving at age 7 (she’s now 28) and is desperate to return home and spend time with me, her wonderful husband, and her family that still lives there and steadily continues to add new members to the family that we have yet to meet. Send us to Kaui!!

  598. avatar

    I would go to California with my cousin that’s in college here in Atlanta. Basically to stay for thanksgiving break with her and her family since she wouldn’t have gone in the first place

  599. avatar
    Logan Smith

    I’d bring my lovely wife to my home town in Seattle, WA.

    We haven’t had a vacation in 3 years and have put life on hold to deal with medical stuff. This would be a welcome respit. Thankyou for the opportunity.

  600. avatar

    I would take my husband to Kauai. We’re in the process of switching careers at age 48. My husband went from sales to firefighter/EMT and I’m switching from paralegal to photographer/web site designer. With the economic downturn and layoffs we decided to find more engaging, more transportable careers. For the moment my husband lives on one side of the state and I on the other to make this career conversion work. I would love to spend a week in one place with my husband in one of the places we love. Thanks!

  601. avatar

    I want to go to Miami and I’d bring my best friend. We have both experienced a very difficult year personally, so it would be a great way to relax, renew and recharge!

  602. avatar

    My mom’s been talking about taking a trip to Yellowstone National Park sometime this fall. We haven’t gone on a trip together since I graduated from college, so I’d like to take her there and maybe spend some time with her.

  603. avatar

    Hey Ramit!

    I’d only need one ticket, to visit my boyfriend in Sitka, AK. I live in Illinois and haven’t seen him since February.

    Love your blog!

  604. avatar
    jeffrey wacker

    I would take my wife to Maine.

  605. avatar
    jeffrey wacker

    I would take my wife to Maine.

  606. avatar

    I would fly to New York City, and I would bring my partner. My partner was once an active, vibrant woman, but unfortunately she has been struck by ME/CFS, an autoimmune disorder that affects its victims kind of like if cancer and AIDS had a love child. Her life now is very limited compared to what it once was, but she still wants to go to NYC, even though she’s limited in what she can do. She loves theater and good restaurants and wants to see the Balto statue in Central Park and I would really love to give her that. So that’s what I would do.

  607. avatar

    I’d bring my husband and fly to the grand canyon!

  608. avatar

    To Los Angeles to visit my grandchildren which I have not been able to see for some years because of an unlucky turn in my financial situation. As far as someone to bring I would find someone in my town not so fortunate to have ever traveled and I would invite them to use the other ticket.

  609. avatar

    I would bring my husband to Chicago since we both have always wanted to go there. It would be a somewhat late 1 year anniversary/birthday gift for him. 🙂

  610. avatar

    I would visit my parents in Washington DC (I’m in Chicago).

  611. avatar

    My husband and I would love to visit California, specifically San Francisco (and while there we’d rent a car to drive 2 hours South to visit The Monterey Bay Aquarium).

  612. avatar

    My wife hasn’t been back to Seattle to see her side of the family in a couple of years, so I’d love to take her there. (Even better, I’d take her when I have a show opening there next winter!)

  613. avatar

    I would take my best friend.She is a mother of 2, just had her 2nd and is going through some financial difficulties.She has said many times she would like to just get away.What better place to take her than Las Vegas!

  614. avatar
    Emma Chace

    I’d fly me and my boyfriend to Alabama to go see a good ole SEC Football game with my sister who goes to school there.

  615. avatar
    Cathryn Chandler

    I would fly myself and my partner to Portland, OR for a long weekend. We both work really hard, both at our jobs and as graduate students, and our money is tight (why I read your blog!) Recreation time is precious, and vacations are rare.
    A long weekend in Portland visiting friends and family, and getting to see the Pacific Northwest for the first time (for me) would be just the refreshing and re-energizing time we need.

  616. avatar
    Krista McDermid

    I would either take my husband or one of my two children and fly from Texas up to Michigan to see my dad. I only get to see him every 3-5 years, and we miss each other! It’s too hot for him down here and too cold for me up there 😉

  617. avatar

    I would bring my wife and we would go to Tampa to visit our friend and his family, he was my best man at our wedding 35 years ago!

  618. avatar
    Emily T

    I would take my boyfriend to Vegas – I’ve never been and it is on our list of places to visit 🙂

  619. avatar

    I would fly to New York to visit my dear cousin who just lost her husband. I’d bring my friend Jan to sing with me for her. We both are members of the Threshold Choir, which was formed to sing for people in struggle, some with living and some with dying. I was born & raised outside NYC but have lived in northern California since 1970 and have not been back there since.
    Even if I don’t win, I thank you for your generosity!

  620. avatar

    I would bring my husband and visit my family, Portland to Seatle and west from Nebraska.

  621. avatar

    I would take my son to Washington D.C. so he could see first hand the capitol, monuments, Smithsonian buildings, and history of our country. It’s one of the many trips on our “list” to do.

  622. avatar

    I want to go to Miami with my wife to visit my wife’s friend

  623. avatar
    Russell Baker

    I would take my girlfriend to Maui. They have some outrageous tree houses there, and I’ve wanted to stay in one since I was about eight. She’s not that outdoorsy, but even she thought they were pretty sick.

  624. avatar

    i’d take my sister to go visit my other sister in houston. she just had surgery on her back.

  625. avatar

    I would love to take my wife for a little getaway to New England in the fall when the leaves are changing colors – fall is her favorite time of the year.

  626. avatar

    I would take my boyfriend to meet my parents in New Mexico.

  627. avatar

    I would take my girlfriend, whom I’ve been with for almost 5 years to various cities in California (in particular, San Francisco, Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Jose). I want to show her how great a place CA is and try to convince her to move there with me (if I can get a job there). I am considering employment opportunities there and it would require relocation. My goals are the top tech companies in the valley, and I am a senior in Computer Science at an university looking for entry-level positions. She is hesitant in moving, and so I am conflicted with my location restraints in where I want to work. This trip would be an excellent vacation opportunity, and hopefully inspiration to live there in the future.

  628. avatar

    Would bring girlfriend to Florida keys. Nuff Said.

  629. avatar
    Cory Forsyth

    I would go to Seattle to visit my sister and Salt Lake City to visit my parents.
    If Alaska is included in this (and it seems like it is), I’d go to Alaska instead of Seattle (she can come up there along with me!).

  630. avatar

    I’d take my sweet husband to Hawaii for a second honeymoon. We’d like to fly overseas together before we start a family.

  631. avatar
    Rick C

    I’d fly to Portland to see my son Rich and his wife Jessica and their daughter Ella. I’d bring my wife Patty, along with Michael and Rachael. We’ve not seen their new place since they moved from Arizona.

  632. avatar
    Jonathan Cronstedt

    Hey Ramit,

    I would DEFINITELY come to New York with my wife. I’m trying to get her more interested in travel, and NYC is an area that she currently has interest in, so we’d be there in a heartbeat.

    Take care.

  633. avatar

    I would not travel anywhere. I would have Ramit and whoever he wanted travel to the Land of Lincoln and see everything from Abraham Lincoln sites to some of the oddest places in the world like haunted mansions with Halloween right around the corner.

    I would love to travel but the wife teChes and we have a two year old. So hopefully Ramit can travel and see wonderful, central Illinois.

  634. avatar

    I would take my 7-year-old daughter Ella to NYC. I can’t think of anyone who would appreciate it more or have more fun– the art at the Met, the dinosaurs at the MoNH, a Broadway play, the Bronx zoo… OMG we’d have such a good time.

  635. avatar
    Lori Lee

    I would fly to New York City and I would bring my boyfriend.

  636. avatar
    Paola Mojica

    I would take my best friend anywhere in the U.S. where there is a sense of nature and peace.
    My best friend lost her brother last year and in between working full time, raising two kids and going to school I feel that she hasn’t had time to just be and grieve.
    So I would take her anywhere … Sedona, Arizona… Seattle, Washington .. Colorado … anywhere where she could just be for a while in nature and have some time to get away from things.

  637. avatar

    I would go to Portland, OR to see my family. It’s been over 2 years. My dad is 80 and my mom is 70. I’d take a friend to help me minimize family drama ; ) Thx Ramit.

  638. avatar
    Preedee Chenhansa

    I would bring my girlfriend to Hawaii. She’s been wanting to go on vacation but my work has been too busy for me. I’d work it out so I could work remotely and still be there to enjoy some time with her. FREEDOM to work anywhere I want, make my girlfriend happy, and keep up with my project at work! Perfect.

  639. avatar

    I’d take my wife and fly out to visit my parents and siblings in UT

  640. avatar
    Paula DiBacco

    I would fly to Myrtle Beach SC golf. I would take my mom. My mom has had a lot of health issues recently and I think she’d really like this. She taught me to golf as a teenager and with her health issues, she hasn’t been able to play as much as she usually likes too.

  641. avatar

    I’d fly to Washington D.C. with my sister to visit my aunt and uncle and some friends from Stanford and Berkeley.

  642. avatar
    June Lemen

    I would take my daughter, Lucy, to visit my sister Liz in Houston, TX. Liz has been to visit us many times in the past two years, to assist with various hospitalizations of our elderly parents. I would like to take my daughter to Houston for Cookie Weekend, our pre-Christmas holiday baking, that we haven’t done for a few years.

  643. avatar

    I would fly to California with my comrade Ryan and climb Mount Whitney.

  644. avatar

    I would take my fiance to Las Vegas, I’ve never been and have been trying to make plans to go for the last couple years but then we got pregnant and had a little boy this summer 🙂

  645. avatar

    I would take my girlfriend with me to my cousin’s wedding in Virginia. We would also see Washington DC for the first time! I recently automated my finances and am well on my way to affording the tickets my self but it would take a lot of pressure off my other goals to win these tickets!

  646. avatar
    Vivian Shaw

    I would use the money to fly to one of my rotation sites or interviews next year when i’m flying around the country trying to find a job.

  647. avatar

    I would take my wife to Austin, TX, to enjoy the food, music and lifestyle of the town that we always fantasize moving to from the Big City!

  648. avatar

    Hey Ramit!
    Just entered myself in the contest! I’m currently in Chicago and I’ve been recently laid off after working for a small health care company for about 1 year and a half.

    What I plan to do with the tickets if I win is to pursue my passion in acting. I would bring my cousin or a friend along with me and I would fly off to New York or LA to network with directors, producers, actors and look for small time work.

    I’ll be giving myself a time frame to do this and I have backup plans if nothing happens. I already have a degree and a decent resume relating to the health care field. But I don’t want to look back 20 years from now and regret that I didn’t do this one thing. Thanks for the oppurtunity!

  649. avatar
    David Grim

    I would take my wife to Kauai to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary 3 years late because we were broke and didn’t go then.

  650. avatar
    Arthur soto

    I would take my wife to Los Angeles. Beautiful city…

  651. avatar

    my husband and I would go to San Diego.

  652. avatar

    Hmm. Hawaii. I wouldn’t be able to go because I’m based outside the US, but I’d give it to my mom + sister. Mom deserves it.

  653. avatar
    Clare Walker

    I’d bring my daughter to Taos, NM – a famously artistic place.

  654. avatar
    gwendolyn alley

    I would travel to New York with my husband and bring my son too! We’d see the sights including the Statue of Liberty which fascinates my 8 year old. We’d also go to Long Island to visit my closest friend and see her new house. I would also do some wine blogging on the trip.

  655. avatar

    I’d head off to my old stomping grounds in LA with my wife. We love some time away from boston in the City of Angels!

  656. avatar
    Jennifer L.

    I would take my sister, Jackie, to Napa for a relaxing weekend and to visit some wineries. She’s worked to put herself through graduate school to be a nurse anesthetist, and I’d like to take her somewhere to show her that people realize how hard she works.

  657. avatar
    Daniel Hope

    I would fly my family to Orlando. I would use the tickets for me and my wife and spring for two tickets for my daughters. We won Disney World passes a few years ago but have held off due to travel expenses. Winning this would make it happen. Thanks, Ramit!

  658. avatar
    Taylor M

    I would take my best friend. She and I would probably go to New York to visit friends, or Yellowstone to go hiking / camping.

  659. avatar

    San Francisco with my husband. (And we’d totally leave our 3-kids-under-3 at home with our loving family 😉

  660. avatar

    I would take my girlfriend to Hawaii. Neither of us have been there, and she’s barely traveled. Hawaii in January sounds heavenly.

  661. avatar

    I would take my girlfriend to some place exotic … Cincinnati, OH

  662. avatar

    I would carry my girlfriend of 9 years to Hawaii, I thinks that’s a beautiful place to move our relationship to the next level 🙂

  663. avatar
    Thao Nguyen-Le

    Being in a love distance relationship for the past 5 years, me and my boyfriend has no really had much time to spend with each other. It would really nice to just have some time to spend with each other. I would like to travel somewhere where we have never been before, maybe somewhere in California to visit friends or Chicago to try some deep dish pizza.

  664. avatar
    Steven Artau

    I would bring my girlfriend, Valeria Coll, to visit her mom in Gilroy, CA. I would like to visit the surrounding areas. Never been to California.

  665. avatar

    Me and my partner from England have never been abroad,
    so it would be a dream come true to visit New York!
    a beautiful city with so many galleries to inspire our art! We’d enjoy a romantic evening on a horse and carriage ride through Central Park, and look round the areas where all the big movies and favourite series ‘Friends’ where filmed!
    I may be getting my photographs exhibited in New York so we’d love to see them displayed there!

    My idea of a ‘rich life’ is a life of creativity and adventure. To explore and take in every day beauty, to do the impossible through my art and see beyond what is visible through child-like eyes.

  666. avatar

    I would go to the Grand Canyon with my father. While growing up I went there a few times with my family, and I’ve wanted to go back for years. We plan to go sometime next year and free tickets would make it that much better.

  667. avatar

    I always wanted to go to NYC with my husband. So we’d go there.
    I was planning on a getaway two years ago but then we got pregnant and ever since we haven’t had the time to save money for this (or the nerve to leave the baby with the grandparents)

  668. avatar
    Shivani Kapoor

    I would bring my life-traveling partner, my boyfriend Alex, and we would fly to Seattle and then drive down the full West-coast!

  669. avatar
    Shawn Justice

    I’d go to Hawaii and take my wife.

  670. avatar

    Massachusettes to see my brother and his family whom I haven’t seen in about 5 years 🙁 I would use the two tickets for me and my oldest son and then purchase two more for my younger sons so the whole family could come.

  671. avatar
    Savannah Anderson-Bledsoe

    I would fly to Charleston, South Carolina with my boyfriend of three years!!

  672. avatar
    Scott G

    I would fly to New York with my girlfriend on 10/20/12 to see Sporting KC play the NYRB in a very important soccer match for the Eastern conference.

  673. avatar

    I would take my best friend to Hawaii for a much needed vacation.

  674. avatar

    I would take my older sister or my mom to Hawaii with me (because I’ve always wanted to go and I absolutely love whales), to repay them for their support over the past few *really* challenging years for all of us. (I’d rather not go into details in a public forum, so that’s all I’ll say).

  675. avatar

    I would bring my wife to San Francisco for a little get away before the birth of our first child.

  676. avatar

    Northern California to see the Redwood Trees with my best friend. It’s been a dream of mine since second grade when I learned about their existence.

  677. avatar

    It would be a toss up between Hawaii, Texas, or Alaska. I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii and Alaska, but I have family in Texas!!! I would bring my husband (and then pay for another ticket for my son!).

  678. avatar

    My husband has never visited New York City, and I would love to take him! It would be great to tour the museums and eat at some delicious restaurants.

  679. avatar

    I’d take my mom to visit her sisters in the Minneapolis area.

  680. avatar
    Peter D

    Bring my daughter to LA to meet all the friends I haven’t seen in the 15 years since I moved back east

  681. avatar

    Hawaii with my husband

  682. avatar

    I would go with my honey to northern Minnesota, to Boundary Waters, that is in our list of 100 things to see/do.

  683. avatar

    I would fly with my wife to NYC.

  684. avatar

    I would go to Palo Alto to visit one of my best friends. We owe her& her husband a visit once I pay off my credit cards.

  685. avatar

    Go to Hawaii with my wife.

  686. avatar

    I would fly to New York with my son to visit my other three children who live there.

  687. avatar
    Lisa B.

    Well, I’ve been a caregiver for my mom & had to leave work to care for her. I’ve been in a very, very Hot state for several yrs.!! I would def take a trip to Big Alaska & take the home aide who has been helping me over these yrs, she deserves it too.

  688. avatar
    Jack Sandhu

    I would go to Hawaii and take my wife

  689. avatar

    I’d take the girl I’ve been dating. Not sure where we’d go. I’m thinking probably somewhere out west like Colorado so we can do some hiking. Or maybe Washington, DC to meet my parents or Pennsylvania to meet hers.

  690. avatar

    I would take my mom to Hawaii for a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway; she deserves it!

  691. avatar

    I would fly from NC to WI to visit my parents, and I would take my husband with me.

  692. avatar

    This is a hard decision, but I’d probably go back to San Francisco since the trip last year wasn’t long enough and I didn’t get to meet any of the startup folks I know there. As for who’d come along, that’d a hard choice, but I’m sure one of my friends could be talked into going…

  693. avatar

    This one’s easy. I’d take my wife to Hawaii.

  694. avatar

    Take my sister to Alaska.

  695. avatar

    I’d take my wife back to Hilton Head.

  696. avatar

    I would take my son and fly to Connecticut so he could see where I grew up.

  697. avatar

    San Francisco, most likely with a friend from high school with whom I’ve wanted to catch up intensively for some time!

    I’ve been meeting a ton of smart, fascinating, wonderful people out in the Bay Area online and probably want to move there at some point, plus I particularly want to attend a Seasteading Conference soon (assuming it gets held there again this year), so I can’t think of any better place to fly right now!

  698. avatar

    I’d take my partner with me to West Palm Beach to visit some friends. I’d do a bunch of laps in their pool, and then write / play with ideas / shoot nerf hoops while discussing details & scenes for a screenplay. Meanwhile the GF is in the sun at the beach across the street, coming in to refill her drink or stop us for dinner.

  699. avatar
    Tonya Johnson

    I’d take my best friend (another travel hound) and go to Alaska. One of my many goals is to visit each of the 50 United States. I’ve got thirteen more to go so every little bit helps.

  700. avatar

    I’d like to start a wine-tasting business, so I would love to take my boyfriend (my biggest supporter) to California to really learn more and network. And it’s beautiful.

  701. avatar

    I would fly to NYC…and would take my brother, he’s never been and he needs to see the good life

  702. avatar
    David E

    I’ll take my wife and daughter on a vacation to Maui, HI. Yes that’s 3 tickets that I’ll need.

  703. avatar

    I’d take my favourite girl to New York – neither of us have ever been 😉

  704. avatar

    I’d take my husband to Hawaii. We’ve never been!

  705. avatar

    Bring my wife backpacking to Kalalau beach in Kauai.

  706. avatar
    Fathia JOnes

    I would bring my husband and we would fly to Las Vegas.

  707. avatar

    I would bring my husband of 7 years on a real honeymoon to Hawai’i.

  708. avatar

    I would take my son to Jamaica!

  709. avatar

    I would bring my friend to LA

  710. avatar

    I would take my girlfriend to Cleveland so I could finally meet her family for the first time: mother, sister, grandmother, niece, nephew…

  711. avatar

    anywhere in the USA? Hawaii with my boyfriend so that he can meet my mom’s side of the family

  712. avatar
    Ashley K

    I would take my husband to NYC for the first time.

  713. avatar

    I would travel with my spouse–away time is precious to us. Together we would decide whether to fly to Alaska or Hawaii–we’ve never been to either state or to Boston (he’s from that area and I’ve never been there, so it would be fun for me to see the city through his eyes and for him to see it through my “fresh” eyes). Any adventure would be great!

  714. avatar

    I would take my husband to Maine…this is my last state to visit and then I will have been to all 50!!!

  715. avatar

    I would take my wife and travel to NYC for christmas.

  716. avatar

    I’d fly to Charlottesville, Virginia, to celebrate New Year’s Eve with many old friends.

  717. avatar

    I would take my boyfriend to Hawaii because it’s supposed to be BEAUTIFUL.

  718. avatar

    With a young child at home, my husband and I never travel alone for pleasure any more. Instead of going to visit family once again, I’d like to take him to see Acadia National Park in Maine.

  719. avatar

    Anchorage Alaska! With my husband. Want to see Alaska for the first time and know whether or not we would want to move there.

  720. avatar

    I’d definitely take my husband and visit the Grand Canyon and Utah and all its glorious national parks or explore Hawaii. It’s our dream to visit some of the most breathtaking places in America!

  721. avatar
    Kenneth Walters

    Avery good friend and I would fly to Portland, Oregon to see another very good friend.

  722. avatar

    I’d bring my awesome sister and I would come to NY to visit you so you could slap some sense into us on why we have these ridiculous money issues when we both know better.

  723. avatar
    Courtney Lynn Leiphart

    I would fly to Seattle or Portland because I’ve always wanted to see the Pacific Northwest, hike in the Hoh Rainforest and see some friends who live in the area. I would take my hubby along because he is my best friend and we love to be together.

  724. avatar

    I would taravel to San Francisco with my girlfriend, visit family and stay with friends in the area. I’d plan my trip for when you were there, and ask to meet over coffee wherever and get fifteen minutes of insight from you. As a new entrepreneur, I would like to glean any wisdom I can from someone who has been there and prospered.

  725. avatar

    I would fly to Hawaii with my husband for our 5 year anniversary.

  726. avatar
    Maria B

    I’d use the two tickets myself, as I’m trying to move back to the SF Bay Area and need them for interviews! San Francisco is my absolute favorite place (and the Pacific Northwest in general), but I’m stuck in hot, dry Texas at the moment.

  727. avatar

    I would take my husband and our two kids (obviously buying their tickets!) to visit my parents in Austin, Texas for Christmas before we move to Germany for work. My mom had a bout with cancer (she’s fine now, thank heaven!) this spring, and it really underscored the importance of family for us. We must be in Germany for work, but we want our two young boys to know their Nana and Papa.

  728. avatar

    I would fly to Tanzania with my best buddy to finally hike Mt. Kilimanjaro before the glacier at the summit is gone forever…

  729. avatar

    I would go home to the Twin Cities because not only are they wonderful cities, but I have many wonderful friends there who I have not seen in some time. I would bring my husband and my 11 month old because my friends there have not yet met the little guy!

  730. avatar

    I’d take my girlfriend to California, or maybe Hawaii. She’s Chinese so she’s never been much of anywhere in the US. It’s all new to her.

  731. avatar
    Nic Bishop

    The practical side of me would be to fly my wife and I down to Miami for my sisters wedding.

    The adventurous part of me would fly my wife and i to DC to look at the museums and monuments.

  732. avatar
    nidhi shree

    I would take my sister to california as she had been at home for last 2-3 years due to muscular problem..its her dream to see beautiful places.

  733. avatar
    Kevin Durbin

    I would take my wife back up to Niagara Falls in NY; we enjoyed the Canadian side several years back, and it’s such an awesome view.

  734. avatar

    I would take my older sis for a girls night weekend and live it up in NYC!!!

  735. avatar

    I would take my little sister, Carrie, to Hawaii because she deserves a vacation! She is a junior in college, but due to a rough bout of Lyme’s disease followed by a terrible Migraine disorder she has been unable to participate in most of “college life” for the past year. Last year she had to pass up both her pre-planned spring break and winter break trips with friends last year, as well as missing out on an awesome summer job opportunity due to flare ups of her illness. I would love to take her on a relaxing vacation!

  736. avatar

    I would take my boyfriend to California.

  737. avatar

    I would take my husband to Kansas City. I promised him when I finished my bachelor’s degree I would take him to Kansas City to watch the Chiefs in Kansas City (we live in California.) Due to money constraints, we haven’t been able to go. I graduated in 2007. I would love to surprise him with that!!

  738. avatar
    Jennifer Teschler

    I would take my best friend to New Orleans-where we met volunteering after Katrina-so we could see the city and how the recovery is going. We have another good friend there that I’ve been promising and failing to visit for years now, so this would be the ideal chance to go! Though, Hawaii is calling me too…The freedom to travel at will would be wonderful–that why I read and follow Ramit’s advice!

  739. avatar

    I’d bring the girlfriend to Chicago to get some hot dogs.

  740. avatar
    Paul Record

    I would go to Japan and take my daughter as she deserves to see the world with bright eyes.

  741. avatar
    Cathy Hunter

    I would take my husband to Colorado because he hates skiing in Southern California where we live and he longs for the long runs and powdery snow of the rockies. 🙂

  742. avatar
    antony copeland

    I wouldlike take my Wife toand Chicago.
    My Wife and I had planned on a trip to Chicago. A long hard look at our finances made us decide that we need to focus on home repairs (we need new shingle and insulation) and getting out of debt.
    Winning this giveaway would allows us to celebrate our newfound fiscal responsability without ruining the plan.

  743. avatar

    My husband has been wanting to go to Alaska for years to go fishing/hunting…would surprise him.

  744. avatar

    I would bring my husband to San Francisco and then to his hometown, Ames, IA, for an annual anniversary trip!

  745. avatar

    I would travel to New York City with my wife.

  746. avatar
    steve swartz

    I would take my wife to the Pacific Northwest. She’s a hard working stay at home mom with a 4 year old and twin 20 month olds. She rarely gets a break and has often wished to visit the Pacific coast.

  747. avatar

    I’d go to NYC. For me it’s the most interesting city in the world. My travel partner would be my dad. I owe him a lot and he hasn’t been able to travel the world as he always wished by himself due to money issues. It would definitely make him happy.

  748. avatar
    Joe Shoemaker

    I’d fulfill my wife’s dream of living like a Parisian by going to Paris. There’s a lot of happiness in a bite of baguette in Paris.

  749. avatar

    I would go and explore Austin, Texas for the first time because I’ve heard such great things about living there. I would bring my brother because he has also thought about living there and is my best friend.

  750. avatar
    Sarah L

    Hawaii, to visit my friends and to scope out how much money I’ll need to move out there within the next 3 years. I would take my roommate, because she’s never been there before.

  751. avatar

    I’d take my boyfriend on a vacation to the west coast

  752. avatar

    I would take my wife and 16 month old son to Minneapolis. We would love to catch the peak leaves season of Fall. Thanks for the great give away contest!

  753. avatar

    I would opt for round trip tickets Miami, FL – Phoenix, AZ so that I could visit the Grand Canyon National Park and I would take my mother.

  754. avatar

    I would take my Dad with me and go hit up South Beach in Miami FL

  755. avatar
    Russell Ramaswamy

    I’ll take my beautiful wife of 8 years , Mariana who just completed her 39th birthday on Saturday (Sep 8th) who gave me two beautiful kids motucito (half Indian-half Venezuelan, ONLY IN AMERICA) and moti to Alaska. We’ve always wanted to go there. Both of us love to travel have been to more than 35 countries and just returned back to living in the US after living 7 years overseas.

  756. avatar

    Yo! so many comments! already.

    I’d like to go to Bali, or Somewhere with some really good surf when it’s hitting on and with a bunch of friends not by myself. Let the good times roll.

  757. avatar

    I would fly to NYC with my wife for Hannukkah with the mishpocha. (My favorite Yiddish word. It means “extended family”, in this case 5 generations of my wife’s cousins.)

  758. avatar

    I would go St. Augustine Florida with my Boyfriend so he can visit where hi slittle brother was put to rest. ANd so he can see the last place where his brother was truly happy.

  759. avatar

    I’d bring my husband, and go to North Carolina to visit family.

  760. avatar
    Miriam Camison

    I would like to travel to New York with my sister.

  761. avatar

    I’d fly my girlfriend to visit her sister in Santa Fe to give her a much needed break from studying at vet school.

  762. avatar

    My husband and I would love to go to Hawaii.

  763. avatar
    Corina Thompson

    My dearest friend is getting married the week before I do. My financial resources are allocated to my own wedding. Free tickets to get to Oklahoma for his wedding will be wonderful! I will bring another friend who wold lie to go but for whom it is also financially tight.

  764. avatar

    I’d take the hubs to NYC

  765. avatar

    I would go with my girlfriend to Washington DC to see the Exorcist steps.

  766. avatar

    I’d love to go see Hawaii! I’d take my roommate.

  767. avatar
    Heather May

    I would take my son to Montana!

  768. avatar

    Michigan: the frigid air is only tolerable because of the warmth of the people who call this state home. Though I love driving in snow and sliding on ice (sometimes into other cars), I would welcome a chance to take a break from the cold and to relax in sunny Florida. A winter day in Florida can be as warm as 70 degrees, or so the Google tells me (to use a term from George W. Bush). Though Google is generally as honest as Abe Lincoln, I remain skeptical of this fact. I have to see it to believe it. Without a doubt, I would invite my closest friend to accompany me in this adventure to the sun-kissed state of Florida!

  769. avatar
    Corina Thompson

    or rather, would like to go, not lie to go 🙂

  770. avatar
    Donna Freedman

    I would go to New Jersey. On purpose. My father lives there, and he’s in great health but not getting any younger. I’d rather go for a visit than a funeral, if you know what I mean.
    In addition: Two weeks from now moving from Seattle to Alaska. Having lived there for 17 years, I know it’s very expensive to fly anywhere if you’re starting from Anchorage. Two free tickets…well, how are you going to turn that down???
    I’d bring along my niece, who lives in Alaska and hasn’t been back to see her Pop-Pop for at least seven years. Now that she has two kids, she can’t afford to fly very often.

  771. avatar

    I’d take my wife to the US Virgin Islands for vacation.

  772. avatar

    I’d take my wife back to Kauai. We went in March but due to mistakes I made, it was a stressful and unhappy trip. I’d love to take her back there and make it better.

  773. avatar

    Depending on the date, I’d go to Alaska with my sister during our life hiatus to explore an unfamiliar place

  774. avatar

    From Charlottesville, VA I’d fly to San Francisco to visit college buddies in in grad schools/jobs around that area and explore what seems to be an amazing city! It probably is a great place since you also have an apt there Ramit 🙂

  775. avatar

    I want to take my husband out to Michigan to see my 85-year-old mom, who is currently visiting my sister. Mum is a member of the Greatest Generation, and she is my hero. She still gets up at 5 a.m. to milk her cow. She had 13 kids, and every one of us is healthy and a productive member of society. I want to spend as much time with her as I can. That’s called Freedom, Flexibility – in fact, it references all your Reasons to be Rich, except Charity; because to see my mother and help her out is charity to me, not to her. All the time I have with her is a gift.

  776. avatar

    My boyfriend and I have always wanted to visit Hawaii!

  777. avatar

    My wife and I would go to Alaska!!

  778. avatar

    I’d fly to Lima, Peru with my fiance! We want to go to Machu Picchu.

  779. avatar

    I’d take my wife to see Jason Mraz and (more importantly) Christina Perri in concert, since they’re not coming to our area on their tour.

  780. avatar

    I would grab my sister and fly to Tahiti!

  781. avatar
    MaryBeth Bergren

    I would bring my husband to see my dad in Phoenix, Arizona. We have not seen my dad since our wedding on 10/08/2011 so it would be an amazing chance to reconnect. Dad is a war survivor, a Vietnam Vet that suffers tinnitus in both ears. Traveling is not easy for him and this would a great gift as my husband has never seen where my father lives!

  782. avatar
    Gladys Sánchez

    Hey Ramith,

    Two round tickets for my little sister and myself to New York 🙂 – we hail from Spain and haven´t had the chance to visit the States so far.

  783. avatar

    I would take my girlfriend somewhere we have never been

  784. avatar

    I’d take my husband to see his mom (best mother-in-law ever!) in Boston. She’s just home from a month in the hospital and it’s been really hard being 3000 miles away. Thanks for the inspirational messages!