Win “Dinner for Two” for a year

Ramit Sethi

Two months ago, I ran a giveaway for two plane tickets anywhere in the US.

Robyn won! She’s planning to fly to her coin-collecting grandfather to Philadelphia to see how coins are made.


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Last month, I gave away $1,001 on Amazon.

Meghan won! She’s using her prize to buy the “most luxurious, highest quality bedding she can find.”


THIS IS DOPE. I think you guys are okay, but not that cool. But this is awesome.

Today I’m kicking off another giveaway…and I tweaked the rules to give away even more.

Win dinner out for two — for a YEAR
As you know, I love Taco Bell, and when I was a kid, my mom used to take us there sometimes. But we could NEVER order a Mexican Pizza — it was too expensive ($3.29, I still remember the price).

The funny thing is, I could buy all the Mexican Pizzas I want today, but I’ve still never bought ONE. What is wrong with me??

But I love love love the feeling of being able to go to a restaurant and order what I want…WITHOUT WORRYING about the price. Appetizers? Sure. Not sure I want X or Y? I can do both. Is this heaven?

This is one of the most overlooked parts of living a Rich Life. You can eat out with your friends, pick awesome restaurants, and instead of worrying about the price, you can create awesome memories.

And now, I’m giving that away to you — for a year.

Today, I’m giving one lucky person “Dinner for Two” with guest of your choice, once a month for an entire year.

That’s 12 meals…wherever you want. (Don’t be an ass, please. I’m limiting the price to $125/meal.)

All I ask is that you send me pictures of where you eat so I can share them with the list.

To win, it only takes 5 seconds to enter:


P.S. I added a new way for you to win. If you refer the person who ends up winning via Facebook/Twitter/blog/etc, you BOTH win. BOOM.

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  1. Karl humble

    I’d eat at Masa the best Tapas style joint in Cville.

  2. samantha

    Buenos Aires here in NYC! I still have yet to try Argentine food here in the city 🙂 yum!

  3. J

    Greenside Cafe in Greenside, Johannesburg. The best vegan restaurant around, with the best pizza – the Pizza Yogi.
    I don’t need to be able to travel the world – being able to eat at this restauarant whenever I want would be happiness 🙂

    • beskeie

      you just made me homesick buddy 🙁

  4. Diane

    I’d be heading into Manhattan to enjoy dinner with my hubby at a place I’ve been going to since I was a kid & we still go to after we see a show with my family. Trattoria Trecolori on 47th! So many great memories & so many more than could be made!

  5. Amanda H.

    we have tons of fantastic places to eat here, but we love supporting locally owned spots. And maybe Fogo de Choa, a Brazilian steakhouse that is chain but the best of it’s kind in Atlanta.

  6. John

    There are a number of good Seafood Restaurants here near Seattle. I’d visit 11 of teh best rated and the 12th would be Claim Jumper. Not sure what i’d get at the seafood places. At Claim Jumper i’d for sure get the Chocolate Chip Calzone for dessert. Probably the porterhouse and shrimp for dinner.

  7. Mandana Yousefi

    I’ve been dying to go to Komi in Washington, DC. And Jose Andres has pop-up restaurants here as well. So whichever one is up at the time.

    Besides the amazing feeling of not having to worry about the price of something before you order it, my yelp account would GREATLY benefit from this.

    • Ramit Sethi

      You have good taste

  8. Maria P

    I have always wanted to eat at Bacchanalia in Atlanta. But eating fresh fish at the harbor in Cape Town would be pretty awesome too!

  9. Ryan

    Both my wife and I love seafood and sashimi, and we also tend towards the “budget” restaurants. If we won, we’d finally be able to enjoy the highest quality $125 would buy.

  10. Alex

    In DC — Zaytinya or Rasika or CityZen or Komi. In Montgomery Co. — Cava or Jaleo. But heck, I’d even be okay with Matchbox, Seasons 52, or Lebanese Taverna. Free is awesome — thanks Ramit!

  11. Talamieka

    P F Changs

  12. Darius Battle

    My wife and I enjoy Seafood (Red Lobster) and pretty much just your standard restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Apple Bee’s, Friday’s, Jets Pizza, Pizza Hut, and most of all Mexican food.

  13. Julie

    I would try a new restaurant each month so that I can get to know LA! I’d eat healthy yet yummy 😉

  14. Esther

    I obtain far more happiness than I ever would have expected from going out to eat sushi with my boyfriend and ordering tea. I would go to a different sushi restaurant (that I haven’t been to yet) every month and maybe mix it up with a few amazing restaurants that I usually can’t go to because they cost too much. . . like Del Frisco’s in Houston – which serves some of the most delicious food that I have ever had, but I have only eaten there once.
    P.s. Regarding Del Frisco’s: Don’t worry Ramit – I am not trying to be an ass – and I will pay the difference of the bill that goes over $125.

    • Esther

      Just in case you were going really literal with those instructions – At sushi places I would order: salmon nagiri, hot tea, and any roll on the menu that contained both jalapenos and cream cheese. At Del Frisco’s I would order rare filet mignon with one of the butter flavors on the side, fried oysters, macaroni and cheese, and the cocktail that they make by infusing liquor into a pineapple and then squeezing the liquor and the juice out of the pineapple.

  15. Kevin Drongowski

    I just moved to the Seattle area and would love to try a new place every month if price was not a factor. Until I land my dream job out here, it’s probably going to be Taco Bell!

  16. Greg Bryant

    This would be an awesome date night each month for my wife and I! We’d definitely hit Pappadeaux here in Houston. And we’d probably finally try Taste of Texas. I’ve always heard great things about it, but it’s out of our price range. Thanks!

  17. LA

    Philly always has new BYOBs to try and I’ve only been to a fraction of them. I’d make a trip to the Passyunk East/Italian Market area and visit Italian BYOBs such as Ulivo and try the ricotta gnocchi.

  18. Nichole

    Cheesecake Factory for starters, and then I’d experiment and try new, otherwise to expensive, places. I might even let my husband decide where to go. 😉 But probably mostly the Cheesecake Factory. Mmmmhmm!

  19. Kate Griffin

    I’d love to try every restaurant in the beautiful mountains of Asheville NC…in addition to the ones I know and love (Curate: seared calamari, Chestnut: calamari over kale salad…do I actually want calamari at 11:08 a.m.?, Zambra: chickpeas and garlic) I’d try every one I haven’t yet tried. Fun!

  20. Evan Maxon

    It’d be a monthly date night with my wife. And since we enjoy good food, we’d do a tour of 12 of the best local restaurants in our region (Kansas City) – but skipping those we’ve already been to (ie. Blue Stem, Justus Drugstore).

  21. Stephanie

    There is awesome place in North Adams, MA called Gramercy Bistro that serves locally grown, organic, creative dishes. My husband worked there for years and we love it so much that we try to go there for every special event. We just went for my Mother’s Day brunch and even went there after our wedding. It has such great memories and even better food!

  22. Joseph

    Tin Lizzy’s
    I’d order
    Fried Pickles
    Greek Salad
    Korean BBQ Pork Taco
    A side of guacamole to go with the fresh seasoned tortilla chips

    Hmm… My wife would probably order a salad and a fish and shrimp taco

  23. Benedict Allen

    I want to be able to live the life of a foodie without worrying about the cost. There are so many great restaurants in the UK but unfortunately cost means that it’s just not possible to enjoy the benefits of them. This would make it possible. Finally I just want to be able to enjoy eating a meal instead of constantly having what it’s cost me on my mind.

  24. Gabe

    Seasons 52 with the wife. Nice and generally healthy, surprisingly good for a chain!

  25. AE

    The Hula Grill in Honolulu. Great view, great food.

  26. Cheryl Dillard

    The Copper Grill in Richmond VA. We have always wanted to eat there but it was too expensive. Also Ruth Chris as I have never been there either!

  27. Rhia

    I’d eat at Mimi’s Cafe or a comparable Indian or Mexican restaurant.

  28. Vikram Sharma

    I was referred by Khyati Shah

  29. Kristin

    I’d seek out a different restaurant every month that focuses on local and sustainable foods – each one in a different city. Go make it an experience and then generate a blog post about each one. 🙂

  30. Michael Freeman

    Jerry’s Seafood in Bowie, MD, the Crab Soup in EXCELLENT!

  31. Harry

    I would eat well in Guam, which is spectacularly hard to do.

  32. Sally

    Living in Charleston, which is full of some of the best restaurants ever, I’d go to a different place each month: Fig, Husk, Hall’s, on and on.

  33. Jackie

    Ernesto’s in the North End, Boston. Best banana pepper + ham pizza anywhere!

  34. brandi

    I live in a very small town in southwest Virginia, so our choices are limited BUT we do happen to have 3 incredible restaurants nearby that my husband and I love. It would be great to be able to have a date night once a month at our top 3 places around: The Palisades in Eggleston, VA. The Bank in Pearisburg, VA. Harvest at Mountain Lake in Pembroke, VA.

  35. Martha

    Great idea for a contest–one of my favorite things to do. Hmm…tough choice!

    My husband and I are fortunate to live in Vancouver BC for half the year, and Charleston SC for the other–both places with many great restaurants. For Vancouver, Raincity Grill–the seasonal tasting menu is wonderful, with local food from within 100 miles and great wines from the Okanagen. And Adesso Bistro–the carpaccio, then wild mushroom risotto. And in Charleston/John’s Island–FIG (food is good)–anything on the menu; also Fat Hen:
    oysters with country ham and mushrooms, then the lamb chops.

  36. jollyroget

    I would eat at LA ESQUINA on Whythe Ave and N. 3rd St in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The back garden in the summertime is swarming with the most beautiful living visions wearing tiny scraps of expensive fabric. The fish tacos are excellent – that would be my staple.

  37. Cassandra Turner

    I’d eat at a couple of our favorite Fort Collins places: fish! & El Monte. With the down economy, some of the local places have seen fewer customers and I’d hate for them to go out of business. My husband and I eat at these wonderful restaurants anyway, but if I won, we would eat there twice as much!

  38. Dinp

    With 125 bucks two could eat comfortably at Seasons 52, Redstone or Fogo de Chao here in the Chicagoland area.

  39. Caitlin

    I would take my mom out to all the places she has always wanted to go to, in Kansas City, but haven’t been to yet because she always feels like she has to pay. I want to give her a treat without her worrying that I am spending too much money on her.

  40. Andy R

    I would start with the Signature Room in Chicago where my wife and I got engaged. After that, we would hit up the 10 best steak/seafood places within a 3 hr drive, and finish it with a simple dinner on the water somewhere, with a multitude of adult beverages.

  41. Laura

    Pure Food & Wine in NYC … my coworker raves about this place but I haven’t gotten around to going, partly because it’s on the pricey side (although what isn’t in NYC?)

    • Ramit Sethi

      The patio is great in the summer

  42. Julie

    I would go to Congress in Austin, where the menu changes nightly

  43. Gar

    Pittsburgh, PA – where I live: Tamari, Morton’s, Grand concourse, Mallorca, Paris 66
    Southport, NC – Live Oak Cafe
    San Antonio, Tx – Salt Lick BBQ, Rudy’s
    SF, CA – Helmand palace, The Slanted Door
    ( In no particular order and conditional if I make it to any one of those places outside of my hometown)

  44. Daniel

    Chops. For sure.

  45. Andrew

    Cheesecake Factory, Sticky Lips, and then the 10 nice restaurants in Rochester, NY

  46. Staci

    I would take the family and go to all of the smaller Mom and Pop places in town. They don’t usually have coupons or very many deals – they don’t get the huge crowds like Cheesecake Factory (love that dang place) since I wouldn’t have to worry too much about money – I would not feel worried about ordering – or making reservations…some places are way expensive. Very exciting to imagine the yummy possibilities.

  47. Beck

    Gutierrez in Salina, KS, Pizano’s, KIKU’s, and Blind Tiger in Topeka, KS. Thank you for the contest!

  48. Amanda P

    Garde Manger, The Foor Network’s chef Chuck Hughes’ restaurant, in Montreal, Quebec! The food there is incredible. A meal for two is spent in utter silence as each bite you consume, consumes you right back. Impossible to speak when that much awesomeness is taking place in your mouth.

  49. Susan

    I love Bushidos Japanese and Osaka. I’m up for sushi anytime!
    I also enjoy Logan’s or Carino’s every now and then. I am not big on crowds and we are booming here right now because of the oil business, so we tend to stay at home & cook.

  50. lindsay foodie

    Sushi samba!

  51. Chloe

    My fiancé will eat all the pork belly in San Francisco, and I will eat all the spare pork ribs.

  52. Michelle

    I’d make a list of all the places I ever looked at and said “boy I’d like to eat there” but couldn’t afford on a single family income, then draw a name each month! Since I’m a navy brat and love food from around the world it ought to be a nice eclectic list :o)

  53. Angela

    New restaurant each month – best way to discover a new city (am moving to San Fran shortly, so this is perfect timing!)

  54. Eric

    I would try test steakhouses and find the best one.

  55. Leela

    It would be a monthly date with my sweetheart. She’s a chef–the best treat for her is to eat something she didn’t cook. 🙂 We love good food: sushi, for sure. Probably Arborvine, which is the local fine dining, and Opus 10 in Portland (Maine), which does a prix fixe menu. There are three great places in Rockland: a place that does local sushi, and Primo, which is fine dining again, and a French bistro which is lovely. Then at least one meal in NYC, sometime after tourist season was done, at least one meal of oysters on the half shell, and maybe I’d let her pick the rest. Yum.

  56. Matt

    I would alternate between sushi (the authentic Japanese kind) and trying to find the weirdest (and fitting with this contest idea, expensive) food to try.

  57. Courtney

    Crispo – NYC, Navasink Fishery – Highlands, NJ, David Burke Fromagerie – Rumson, Pasteria – Red Bank, NJ, Temple – Red Bank, NJ 🙂 and (if rebuilt and repairs are made due to Sandy…) Bay Avenue in Atlantic Highlands, NJ

  58. Michael Mosher

    I’d eat at Howells & Hood in Chicago. Had the Veal and it was absolutely delicious!! So many great options in Chicago to choose from… Winner winner chicken dinner!!

  59. Bryan Loeper

    I would alternate between a great steak and trying new dishes at the top restaurants in the area to get some exposure to “what else is out there”.

  60. Erin

    My husband and I live in Los Angeles where the possibilities are pretty much endless. “New” restaurants that I was dying to try when they opened are now a few years old and we’ve still never been. It’s hard to keep up and it can get expensive so we usually stick to the same few restaurants and even have a preferred diner’s card at M Street Kitchen which is our go to restaurant because we get points and money towards our meals. I’d like to venture out and try something new. The June issue of Los Angeles Magazine is the Sushi Guide to LA and it lists the top 15 Sushi restaurants. I’ve only been to two of them. We actually got engaged at one that is listed in the top 5…Hamasaku. It’s where we had our first date. If I win I’d actually get to take my husband out to a nice sushi dinner once a month (that has never happened because I can never afford it on what I make.) and we could knock off the rest of the list, well minus one but at that point 14/15 ain’t bad!

  61. jeannette

    Hi- I live in Brooklyn NY but I’d like to eat in Michael Jordan restaurant in Manhattan

  62. clif

    There are some amazing spots where I live in downtown Detroit

    Haven’t been to Roast, Cliff Bell’s or Joe Meur’s Seafood yet, so would definitely hit those up.

    I have been to Coach Insignia at the top
    of the RenCen; the views and food were both
    amazing and would definitely go back.

    This contest wouldn’t be complete without a stop to a coney island either

  63. Alyssa Garshol

    I live just outside of San Francisco but can’t really afford to go to all of the great restaurants. This would be a great opportunity to try some of the top rated restaurants. I would definitely start with seafood. Then I would probably take some recommendations from SFGate.

  64. Jeff

    We love the Elephant Bar (great Asian cuisine), J. Alexander’s for the best steak in town and Outback Steakhouse

  65. Jeff

    the prior comment would all be in Toledo, Ohio

  66. George L

    Not many fancy choices here in Eugene, OR, but I will find them and share them with everyone when I win! Heck, might have to road trip to Portland or Salem to find worthy places! We shall see…

  67. David Longsmith

    When I win, I will be taking my lovely wife to eat at a number of delicious, local restaurants that I wholeheartedly recommend to any travelers around Southern Vermont:

    Burdicks in Walpole, NH for the Hot Chocolate, the wonderfully executed French cooking, and the cheese plates of local creations.

    The Farm Table in Bernardston, MA for the first time – farm to table practitioners.

    Peter Havens in Brattleboro – old world dining with a modern twist, a local classic under new ownership.

    And probably something like Peter Luger’s in Brooklyn…for steak and creamed spinach.

  68. Jonathan

    I would probably eat at Ruby Tuesday most of the time. However, there is a place called Beaufort Grocery that I have been wanting to try. (Yes, it is a restaurant.)

  69. Regina Byrd

    Olde Town Steak & Seafood in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Locally owned restaurant with the best prime rib and whole lobster stuffed with crab imperial that you could put in your mouth. Food and service is consistantly great and this is our go to dinner place when we have friends/family in town.

  70. Marianne

    There are several restaurants in the Boston, Cambridge area that have tasting menus that run 60+ per person. I would love to enjoy these meals without constantly thinking, “is this really worth this much money? Should I just have stayed home and tried to cook some chicken instead?”. Here’s my list of where I would go if I won.
    Journey Man
    Craige On Maine
    No. 9 Park
    Ten Tables in JP or Cambridge
    Mistral (this isn’t a tasting menu, just super pricey)
    Salts (again, no tasting menu, just pricey and on the same street as Craige on Main and it looks good)
    ok that’s seven. And thinking about all those restaurants has made me hungry. Time for lunch!

  71. Tim

    Lets be honest. My wife and I will prob eat a $10 appetizer, $20 seafood or steak dish, a dessert or two, and be too drunk to drive 😉

  72. Sarah Jordan

    Thanks for the contest, Ramit. You are so generous! I would take my husband to his favorite restaurant, Sycamore–where you can get fine American Bistro cuisine…most of it is local and organic.

    One of those months I would take you to dinner!

  73. Carla / Lunedi

    Harvest is a local chain that does sensible meals and a menu that changes each season. They use locally sourced food, their portions smaller than your head, and they create really interesting flavor combinations. We’d go there at least 6 times during the year – 2 for each season so we could try out lots of items on the menus. The other 6 times out would involve exploring new restaurants!

    So, does the cost of dinner include babysitting? 😉

  74. Annette

    There are a number of delicious fine dining restaurants in town. Wine & Roses, School Street Bistro, Rosewood, and Alebrios. We’d go to those just to fit them in and for the experience of being served. But food wise, we eat that well at home and the wine is usually better. A real treat is the Thai food at Thai Spices. OMG yummy! It’s not overly expensive but the food is labour intensive to make and the flavours elude me at home. So I think we’d be getting a Thai fix most often.

  75. Gillian

    I’d take my mom to Gilbert & Scott’s at the St. Pancras Hotel in London….I’m living across the street, and she’s always wanted to go!

  76. Kenneth Walters

    Dodiyo’s for raw oysters!

  77. Sadie

    Living in Louisiana we are surrounded with amazing food. I currently have a list of restaurants I want to try out. On the top of the list is Cochon in New Orleans, I hear the rabbit and dumplings are to die for! Bon Appétit magazine’s May issue has a special on NOLA and lists some great spots that I would try out as well. (The Company Burger, Coquette, Domenica, Killer Poboys, La Petite Grocery, etc.)

  78. Emily Harwood

    I’d eat at the The Farmhouse Tap and Grill in Burlington, Vermont. Great local food!

  79. Rivky

    I’d eat at Abigael’s, in midtown, NYC. Best kosher food in New York, no doubt.

  80. Rob

    I’ve got lots of ideas about where I’d live it up once a month. Other than the two local fine dining restaurants (Montague’s and Pascal’s), I would like to go to Greenville, SC and eat at High Cotton, Portofino’s (and order several courses — more than just salad and an entree), American Grocery Restaurant, and probably Devereaux. I’ve never been to these restaurants, so I need to do some research to figure out what to order.

  81. Lauren

    My husband and I are expecting our first child, and we know that the cost of fancy dinners for two is going to skyrocket when we have to add in babysitting. We’d use the money to try out new restaurants that are supposed to be better than cooking at home in our Alexandria, VA neighborhood and close-by DC. Examples? At this point, I just want some wine. Or rare steak. Or sushi.

  82. Joe

    This would be great! I would take out friends to the interesting restaurants in NYC, including vegan restauarants and steakhouses.

  83. Fidelia

    I love food so this is an amazing contest. If I won I would go to the Michelin star rated restaurants like Aldea or Gramercy Tavern. Though these places are uber pricey it is actually doable if you go for lunch. Alternately, I would try out cuisines I have never had before like Bolivian or Polish food.

  84. Elenor

    Ruth’s Chris Atlanta — for their porterhouse (and creme brulee!)
    Ruth’s Chris LA — for their porterhouse (and creme brulee!)
    Ted’s Montana Grill — for the sirloin
    Agree on Fogo de Chao — for ALL their meats… (I think I’m seeing a pattern?)
    And that’s just my first four months…

  85. Andre Dupuis

    My wife and I LOVE to eat at Lakeside Bistro in Keswick ON, they have the best 12oz New York Steak and really know how to serve it up. We would also go to Santorini’s in Markham ON where they serve the best Greek food I’m aware of. I love their seafood pasta.

  86. Katie Kaplow

    I’d go to a variety of restaurants in the Bay Area where they either have nice outdoor seating or the top yelp reviews.

  87. Orlando

    I would try a place I’ve never been to each month (and if there is really good one, maybe I’ll do a repeat). However, I’d like to use one of those to have dinner with Ramit (I’ll cover my own trip to NY or SF, I love both cities!).


  88. Laurel

    I would find the best-tasting “healthy food” restaurants in Arizona, no matter the cost, and eat there! I would send you pictures of the restaurant and what I eat – I will eat awesome food on my non-cheat restaurant days!

  89. Joelle

    I’d go down to Atlantic City and eat at the restaurants in the casinos. I especially want to eat at Buddakan and get sushi or something fancy.

  90. Naina

    Sandrine’s and the Elephant Walk in Cambridge – and then someplace with amazing sushi!

  91. Michele

    My husband and I go out a lot and really enjoy it. One place we would go to is CiBon. We’d order some wine, probably a cheese and charcuterie appetizer, whatever is on their seasonal menu, fresh salad, wine, more wine, and then a fabulous dessert!

  92. Josh

    I’d try out a few of the new, nicer restaurants in the area, trying out their steak or bar-b-que, with maybe a trip to KC or MN to Fogo De Chao with the wife.


  93. Patience

    Fancy tacos and pork sliders and cheese, cheese, cheese!

  94. Paul

    Wow, I was thinking in a completely different direction from where the comments went.

    My initial reaction, before I saw the 1/mo limit and before I saw the price cap, was: Where’s a business-friendly environment that’s not too expensive, that I could take people out to network? I would have made 1-2x appointments/week. Given the $125/meal = $125/mo limit, that would be ~$10/meeting. That would have been a Starbucks. Before doing the limiting calculations, I was thinking of a great sandwhich/salad location in La Jolla, where the cost is approximately $15/person.

    Now that I’ve done that calculation, $1500/yr gets you an almost endless supply of fresh, useful information. … How much is a newspaper? $400/yr.

    Pick an interesting random on the way into starbucks and offer to buy them coffee for 15 min of their time.

  95. Christy

    I would eat at Hot Head Burrito and order a burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, chicken, lettuce, cheese, sweet habanero sauce. Olive Garden and order a chicken salad, or fish, pasta. BJs and order Salmon, to name a few.

  96. Rob

    Our neighbourhood in Vancouver, Gastown, is changing so quickly that there are great new places opening up every month. We’d try a new place all the time.

  97. Kim Smith

    I’d like to visit the restaurants I currently cannot afford: Fleming’s, Sperry’s, Ruth’s Chris. I’d also include some of my favorites: Edley’s, Taco Mamasita’s, Abuelo’s

  98. Judah Himango

    I’d take my wife out on 12 much-deserved dinners at the finest dining in the Twin Cities: Fogo de Chão, Barbette, Manny’s Steakhouse.

  99. Dawnzo

    I’ve been dying to eat at L&E Oyster Bar in Los Angeles. That oyster bar wouldn’t know what hit it!

  100. Linda Michaels

    i would want to eat at The Waterfront Grill in Jenks, OK on the riverfront. great food and great service.

  101. Laura

    We’ve been discovering how much we love the opportunity for amazing food. Last year while traveling in London we had the opportunity to eat at NOPI – the first time I have had the opportunity to eat at the restaurant of a truly world class chef. We’re hooked on the idea of amazing food wherever it may be. Locally we’d love to try Epi’s (authentic Basque cuisine), Brick 29 (upscale american food with a high end chef’s twist), Barbacoa (out of my normal price range but I’ve heard it’s amazing), Berryhill (Seafood), Muse (Bistro & wine bar), Cazba (Mediterranean food). I think I’d most look forward to being able to enjoy anything off the menu and not having to second guess on having a cocktail or ordering dessert.

  102. Frank Hopper

    My fiancee and I are getting married in a little less than two weeks. If I won, we’d definitely put it to good use! Our favorite expensive-ish place right now is the Victoria Gastro Pub in Columbia, MD, but we’d most likely branch out and try new places also. 🙂

  103. Sweta

    I can’t decide where I’d do first because there are so many amazing restaurants in Austin.

    Also my mom was the same way about Taco Bell. I was only allowed to get bean burritos because they were only $0.79. I’ve never had a Mexican Pizza either.

  104. Maddy

    I’d do Continental in Philly…Buz Aldrin Martini (The glass is rimmed with Tang)
    and they have Lobster Mashed Potatoes that I love with Chilean Sea Bass that is to die for!!

  105. Tara Mathur

    I’d go to Bluebeard in Indianapolis and order the chocolate cake 🙂

  106. Andie

    There are a number of restaurants here in Los Angeles that we just don’t go to because of cost. I’d like to revisit the Inn of the Seventh Ray up in Topanga Canyon, where we got married; the food and ambiance there is just magical. I’d like to go to George Petrelli’s Steak House because my husband says that the steak there is incredible. There is a tiny place in Santa Monica called JiRaffe that I’ve always wanted to try. After those three, I’d use Yelp to see what other restaurants to choose! I hope we win. Thanks for the change, Ramit!

  107. Adrienne

    great contest ramit!
    i live in the boston area and we have so many great restaurants that i do not get to go to as often as i would like as i have small children. so a night out once a month that i don’t have to worry about financially with the hub would rock.
    there is a little french bistro, petit robert, with outside seating in my favorite neighborhood and i would love to try it so i would start there.

  108. Elizabeth

    I’d eat at all the new restaurants here in Mexico City, plus some old favorites like Puerto Madero, Suntory, Pujol, Contramar and Hunan.

  109. Eric

    Man, I have no idea where we’d go. We just moved to Cincinnati, so this would be a great opportunity to explore some new places!

  110. Abby Kolich

    I’d treat myself to whatever crazy street food I felt like at Linger in the Highlands of Denver. Devil’s On Horseback would be my dish of choice… Alone with one of everything else on the menu. Thanks Ramit.

  111. James Sanders

    Ill be be eating my $125 dinners at the grovery store…..I should be able to take home enough left overs to pay off my debt. maybe after that ill go somewhere nice like Sizzler.

  112. Dirk

    I’d pick an interesting person for each month I don’t know yet and would like to meet. Someone who has written an interesting book or appeared somewhere relevant to my interests.

    Winning the price would make the perfect “opener” to get in touch with them, I guess, so I would contact them, and ask them if they’d liked to be invited for dinner (or lunch, as they please).

    The actual place to go will depend on where the person lives and which preferences he/she might have.

  113. Ginger

    PF Changs and a local place here in Havasu called Angelina’s Italian Kitchen

  114. Wesly

    In the Austin area I’d try Franklins BBQ although its good enough that a line starts at 10:30 every day. Also Moonlight Patio grill in downtown or the Noble Pig up North. Uchi, modern Japanese, would definitely be on the list as well.

  115. Geoffrey B. Oetjen

    I would go to Amrit Palace (I love Indian Food). My fiancee is not too crazy about it, so I would have to also go to a seafood restaurant in town!

  116. Edwin

    I’d go to Camino in Oakland with my wife, and have the grilled local squid. Delicious!

  117. Joe

    Once a month date with my wife to Out of the Fire Café — a great excuse to break away from the kids for a little R&R. I’d eat whatever seasonal fish special was running that week.

  118. Leah Lambart

    We have two little kids, so a chance to get out without them would be awesome. I’d go for steak… Here in Kansas City, steak is fantastic!

  119. Abena

    An amazing restaurant in Calgary called Taste. Duck fat popcorn anyone?

  120. Ann Bartholomew

    I would take my best friend to dinner at III Forks, an upscale restaurant here in Dallas.

  121. Pauline

    I would eat at a nice local italian restaurant called La Luna, they have delicious fish and steak and a great wine list!

  122. James

    The Ancaster Old Mill and then Sarcoa (Hamilton Waterfront). Both are supposed to have AMAZING food.

  123. Liz

    I would hit all the new places I’ve been wanting to try and treat my boyfriend. There are lots of fantastic chefs in Austin and New Orleans!

  124. Simon Button

    I would eat at the Maddermarket Kitchen in Norwich, Norfolk, England (cos that is where I am from) and I would have a per starter of Pea and Mint Veloute followed by a fish course of Pan Fried Queen Scallops with Celeriac and Horseradish Puree, Wilted Lettuce and Red Wine Jus followed by a main course of Braised Ox Cheek with Roast Rainbow Carrots, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Creamy Mash and a Tarragon Jus, followed by a per dessert of Apple and Cinnamon Fool with popping candy, followed by dessert of Rhubard Parfait with Rhubard Puree, Poached Rhubarb and Crispy Meringue.

    Truly magnificent and fit for a king…

    Ramit, I invite you to England to have supper with me.


  125. Michal Lynch

    Every month I’d take my partner, plus a different friend (or couple) out with me. I’d take my kids (whoever is in town) once or twice. Since 2 people are covered by winning, I’d take advantage of the opportunity to treat my friends and family without having to pay for myself and partner! I rarely dine out, due to food sensitivities, but Sojourner restaurant in Santa Barbara is my favorite venue – very healthy food. And I’d try one or 2 of the newer restaurants here that are promoting health dining.

  126. Ann Marie

    I would alternate with my kids every other month. Since we don’t see each other often, this would be wonderful. I would let them pick the spot, it wouldn’t matter to me as long as we had some time together.

  127. Daniel Zamora

    I would eat at different restaurants every time depending on who I would take. For my Dad, a sweet BBQ joint in town. Mom, she loves Japanese food. Girlfriend and I will check out a high end steak spot. MMMMM

  128. Stephanie

    I would go to Mari Luna Latin Grille in pikesville MD I went there once and it was SO good. They had any and everything you could want it was a food eaters dream lol. Then I would go to this spot called pejus by Woodlawn because I love authentic African food!

  129. Paul Dimalanta

    Los Angeles – Mercado, Animal, Son of a Gun, Church and State, Perch, Sushi Gen.

  130. Hartwell

    My fiancée and I would eat at Allumette, once a month, and we’d order the tasting menu that gets changed every week.

  131. Jo

    My taste buds will lead me to a new local Thai restaurant called Basil, and then every restaurant in Charleston, SC, and all the shrimp-and-grits we can get our hands on!

  132. Shanon

    I would dine at Galangas in Wilton Manors, FL. It is the best place I have found to eat in the Fort Lauderdale area. Great meal and excellent service every time!

  133. Greg

    I would have to say I always eat at one of my favorite restaurants and that would be Taco bell.I never get tired of eating tacos and eating the big box meal also.

    • Ramit Sethi

      I like your style. Imagine how many tacos you could get

  134. Heather

    Well, I can’t say where we would eat in Australia, since there a lots of good options there for our trip, but I would definitely go to Jaleo in DC, an amazing Spanish tapas restaurant, and have some cherry aoili cornish game hen and bacon wrapped dates and green apple manchego cheese salad.

  135. Christina

    We live in a foody town with so many amazing restaurants and I would try a new restaurant every month that I haven’t tried before!! I would order something I have never had before because I love to expose myself to new opportunities, tastes, cultures. I would take my husband each month for some time for just us… Or if we couldn’t do it that month, I would take my 7 yr old so. Who loves to try new things!!

  136. Amanda

    Sushi, sushi, and more sushi!!

  137. Christina

    Sorry… In Portland, Oregon!

  138. Brandon

    I would eat at least once at Canlis and have a nice steak while enjoy the view of Lake Union and the rest of the city.

  139. AshleyB

    There’s a little hole in the wall Thai restaurant nearby that we love, I’d love to try some new dishes on the menu.

  140. John

    I’d go to Sapporo restaurant in New York because I love ramen and it’s the best place for it this side of the Pacific!

  141. Jim Hernandez

    Legal Seafood restaurant.

  142. Gerrylynn

    I would take my hardworking wonderful husband to The Belvedere in Lancaster, PA, because I want to give him a taste of the best life has to offer us if we put aside our fears and just go for it!

  143. Shannon Jones

    The first restaurant my husband I go to will be Dirt Candy here in NYC, since he has made the decision to be vegan.

  144. Sally Witte

    I would love to use the prize to patronize small Farm to Table establishments with food so fresh and chef staffs so creative that I can’t tell you what I’ll order yet because the food hasn’t been grown and the dishes haven’t been invented yet! Places like Meritage, The Noble, Comet Cafe and Il Mito in Milwaukee, the Rittenhouse Inn in Bayfield, as well as special seasonal dinners offered at Wellspring and NuGenesis.

  145. David

    Commanders Palace in New Orleans. Then 11 more samples of the best restaurant scene in the country.

  146. Allison H.

    I’d take my husband to Terra ( and order whatever the night’s special is. They’re a fabulous locally sourced restaurant and big player is the local slow food movement.

  147. Chris Sanders


    I’m a 2d Lt in the Air Force, about to change duty station from Andrews AFB in DC to Travis AFB in California. So depending on where I’m at:

    DC, I’d eat at Seasons 52, because its a great atmosphere, quality food, fresh seasonal selections and healthy portions. I’d probably order a tuna appetizer, a pork loin entree, a glass of Pinot Grigio, and they have those shot glass sized desserts – so probably a key lime pie or creme brûlée.

    In California, I’d most likely go to skates on the bay – great view of the SF bay and awesome seafood. I’d order either the crab cake or mussels as an appetizer, probably a cup of the Pacific Northwest clam chowder, with the Baked Lobster and Dungeness Crab Gnocchi for the main course. For dessert I’d have either the key lime pie or the chocolate indulgence cake while tasting the Century Of Port (A sampling of 10, 20, 30 and 40 yr tawny ports from the venerable house of taylor fladgate).

    It would definitely be nice to afford those options for a year! Good luck to all your other followers!

  148. Marjorie

    I would eat at Five and Ten in Athens. It’s run by a celebrity chef and here in Athens and sadly I can’t afford to go! I’ve never been but have always wanted to.

  149. James

    I would take my girlfriend out to Providence in Los Angeles for our anniversary in December and order the “5 course tasting menu”!

  150. Rose

    My husband and I have talked for the past couple of years about going to House of Prime Rib or Ruth’s Chris steak house in San Francisco. We’ve still never done it because it’s so expensive. Another place we really loved and would like to revisit is The Matterhorn, a fondue restaurant in San Fran. Delicious and a fun experience!

  151. Kat

    I’d probably try to hit up one of the fancier place in the District that I haven’t tried out – Le Diplomate is one I haven’t gotten a chance to try. Maybe I’d try out 12 new local restaurants, which would be exciting!

  152. Tatiana

    I’d try and dine at every restaurant in New York City. The Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn, everywhere.

  153. Elaine Radford

    I hope by $125 a meal you mean for each person, because most places I would go it’s easily $250 a person for two people with tip and drinks. I live in New Orleans so plenty of good restaurants but you’re still pinching pennies if $125 for two anywhere in America, even in the cheapest state. So I would need more information to get specific on restaurants. Not trying to be an ass but it’s 2013 not 1983. Unless you’re not covering the wine or something the math doesn’t work.

    • Ramit Sethi


    • Brielle

      You do realize He’s offering to contribute to the life of you, a stranger, with very little in return right?

  154. Danielle | dpnak

    I’d definitely eat at Posh in Scranton or Aurants! So exciting!

  155. Kelly

    I’m moving to Chicago in 2 weeks and I’m not familiar with the great restaurants there yet, but I know there are many! I love to go to places that serve local and seasonal foods and try something new I’ve never had before. I also love to try the places that are quintessential to a city or town- places that everyone says you should go to when you visit when I travel. Feeling like I can afford to order drinks!

  156. Tracy

    I’d go to Baru66 in Des Moines, but since their menu changes weekly, I have no idea what I’d get the Chef’s choices are renowned. I’d also go to Splash in Des Moines, possibly more than once, to try the alaskan king crab and the sriracha scallops. Aunt Maude’s in Ames also has a constantly changing menu. Lydia’s in Kansas City has Filetto di Manzo that I’d love to try.

  157. Victoria

    The Blue Parrot in Louisville, CO! They have the most amazing homemade spaghetti and sauce in the world. And I know this is corny, but I’d love to try The Melting Pot.

  158. Brad

    I would check out 12 great restaurants here in Portland Maine (the “other” Portland!) like Fore Street, 20 Milk Street, or Street and Company.
    The best thing about this would be knowing my wife and I could go out together once a month, every month for the entire year…That would be one of those “Rich Life” things for me!!

  159. Kelly

    I would eat at SAlt of The Earth because chef Kevin Sousa is doing great things for food and Pittsburgh and I respect both !

  160. Lucy P

    My sisters and I love the Melting Pot. It’s weird to enjoy a place where you cook your own food, but it’s delicious and a fun experience. We usually wait for restaurant week when the portions and prices are more reasonable. But lately it’s been hard to find the time or the money for it.

    But I think if I won, I’d like to try a new place I’ve never been to each month. Gotta branch out and try something new!

  161. Diana Bitting

    Avec in the West Loop in Chicago. Chorizo stuffed dates=to DIE for:)


  162. Baris

    Sea food in SF! Or Any Sushi restaurant.
    I always want to order multiple rolls as they taste amazing but I never get full! Me and my girlfriend both! We might be fit, but we have inner fat child when we go out to eat!

  163. Roshni

    I’d be heading to Carmel to Aubergine at L’Auberge. Pretentious it may be, but I do love small hole in the wall restaurants too; they often times have the best food! Aubergine is a place I went to a good while ago, where I put up my vegetarian challenge to the chef — who is now rated best new chef 2013 in Food and Wine. Honestly, I had had better; I was welcomed to a variety of dishes, all somehow inspired with gelatin in different forms. To say the least, the gelatin did nothing much for the dish itself. However, after his rating and having several friends go back, I am eager to try what Justin Cogley comes up next, sans the gelatin! The mushrooms were delectable and the dessert was fabulous – I’d love to feel like the critic in Ratatouille getting to enjoy a brand new experience with a revisit. Fingers crossed!

  164. Christina

    something new and different every month. We have an abundance of great ethnic restaurants here in Los Angeles!

  165. sharon shafran

    i would eat at the firestone grill and i would order the salmon it is the best thanks for the giveaway

  166. Tiffine

    San Francisco Bay Area
    Tartine Bakery (SF) – Coconut Cream Pie
    Yogurtland+Yogurt Park (various locations, Berkeley) – Frozen Yogurt
    Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot (San Mateo, various locations) – Hot Pot
    Mum’s (SF Japantown) – Shabu Shabu
    Lucille’s Smokehouse (Concord) – BBQ

  167. dan

    I dont know never had a meal over 10$

  168. Chris

    Taking my wife, who deserves more than I can give, we’d start and end with The Pearl in the Grove (locally sourced and organic makes this place ridiculously great. We’d hit up Burns, Stonewood, Benedettos, Charlie’s, Flemmings, Geno’s, and the Palm Pavilion to watch the sunset on Clearwater Beach. We’d then travel to the Pier on Anna Maria Island, for our anniversary dinner. The remaining two will be surprise rooftop dinners in Tampa; sappy, but still cool.

  169. Kendra

    I’d go to Crustacean in Beverly Hills, CA and order cracked crab and garlic noodles

  170. James Sagl

    The Crab Trap in Somers Point, NJ
    I’d have to go with the Salmon Oscar… Amazing!

  171. Alfredo Lopez

    Wilshire Restaurant in Santa Monica. I would order the maple leaf duck breast, and ceviche for an appetizer

  172. BCH

    I’d eat skirt steak and lobster in NYC – it’s way too expensive to eat out here!

  173. emily

    Wow. $125 is more than my weekly grocery budget. I would definitely be looking for a place with phenomenal appetizers and desserts, since those are normally verboten. (My husband and I were talking a few weeks ago about what having “extra” money would mean to us and his first hing was, “I could order orange juice when we go to breakfast.” :-p)

  174. Samia

    Number one on the list would be Opaque: It’s a restaurant where you experience your entire meal in the dark and can’t see anything!

    Second on the list would be: Umami Burger. It’s not fancy, but I’ve never been and it’s supposed to have good burgers.

    I would have to think about the next ten meals. Some of the restaurants in SFWeekly’s top restaurants, of course. I’ve never been to a multi-course meal with drink pairings, I would like to do that. One of those cooking/dinner events would be fun, where you learn to cook something with a professional chef and then have that for dinner. I would also like to try some types of food I haven’t had before. Now that I think about it I’ve never tried Russian food or eaten at a vegan restaurant.

  175. Angelika Kerzakova

    I would go to a place called Friends Forever ( They have the best desserts ever. I loooove chocolate and different cakes, but I try not too eat too much of it. So once a month I would like to go ther and indulge myself in all the dessert I want:)

  176. Chris

    12 meals in 12 different cities would be my plan. Good from around the globe. Would start at Nobu San Diego and make my way up the California coast. Hope I win because I’m hungry!! Thanks for the great contest!!!!

  177. Jessica Peterson

    In Chicago I’d go to Maude’s Liquor Bar or GT Fish + Oyster, and in New York I’d go to John Dory Oyster Bar or the Grand Central Oyster Bar, and in all of those places, we’d order as many fresh oysters as we can handle.

    Thanks for another awesome contest!

  178. Maureen M

    I live on Vancouver Island. There are not many chain restaurants around here but lots of unique places to get fresh seafood. My husband and I have our favorite places to go to and fave meals.
    Kobo Sushi, is this teeny place (two tables and a tiny take out counter) that creates the most tantilizing sushi I’ve ever had and its all local and fresh. The Black Finn is great too and the Fish Chowder would blow your socks off. Then there is Bond’s Fish and Chips that make the yummiest deep fried halibut and chips you’d ever find. Again fresh.
    The last place would be “Locales”. I have no favorites there since the menu changes all the time. The only thing that remains constant is that all the ingredients they use are from local farmers and growers.
    However, there is my back yard where I BBQ the best darn Bison Tenderloin steaks you’d ever tasted, home made yam fries, a salad from locally grown gardens, fresh cheese from Little Qualicum Cheeseworks and whiskey from the new distillery 15 minutes away. Technically its scotch but you can’t call it that if it if produced outside of Scotland. Could this count? I could easily put together a dinner for four with $125!

  179. Tom

    Any Brasilian place that serves feijoada. So delicious.

  180. Nikita

    I have Celiac disease (I’m gluten intolerant) so going out to eat is always a challenge for me. I love the Gluten Aware menu at this restaurant called “Notable”. I live in Calgary, Alberta and I’m not sure if this contest will work for Canadian cities though…

  181. JD Moore

    Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Charlotte, NC. (Not every month though…)

  182. Zsofi

    We would try out several new restaurants, but for sure we would go to 3 of our favourites + 2 that is still on my list to go. Favourites: Au Vieux Navire – a small restaurant in Buchillon, Switzerland (close to Geneva, and 5 minutes from us), specialised on perche filet; Piccolo Lago in Verbania, Italy, where the tasting menu is always different and always amazing; Gundel in Budapest, Hungary – great traditional Hungarian dishes, and amazing service. + the 2 on the list already to try: Onyx in Budapest, Hungary and Le Clos des Sens in Annecy, France. If you ever come to any of these countries and you’re close by, they are definitely worth a visit.

  183. maria

    Firstly, I’d treat my husband to the one and only amazing Ethiopian restaurant in downtown Brussels. You eat with your hands and give the first morsel to the other person. For the rest of the suppers, we might have to challenge each other to dine in different cities!

  184. Charis

    I’d start with The Melting Pot, then hit a different place each month. A paid for, dedicated monthly date with my husband, woot!

  185. Gerald

    I am really getting into a slow-carb diet and I would use this as an opportunity to dine at some higher end restaurants that would inspire me to make my own slow carb adaptions of their signature dishes.

  186. Hannah Somerville

    I would go to Uchi in Austin and order the ebi, unagi and hamachi sushi, with some sake to drink.

  187. Emma K Radovich

    There are 2 places in the Tampa Bay Area for upscale dinning and they are Bern’s Steak House and Malio’s Prime Steakhouse.

  188. Rachael

    For one meal, I would hop on a bus to New York to try out Hu ( For others I would explore some of the nicer restaurants in Boston that I haven’t tried.

  189. Joe

    I’d get soup from Seattle’s awesomest food truck, How Pickle Got Out Of A Jam!

  190. Kristen

    My girlfriend and I are going vegan at the the end of the month.
    I’m sure our attempt at cooking vegan is going to get old fast, so dinner out would be a fantastic treat!

  191. Ayanna

    there are so many places I would like to go if I win free dinner for a year! I love Thai food and my favorite Thai place in NYC is Yum Yum Too. I also love sweets and Max Brenner is a good place for people who love chocolate. I’ve never been to Benihana so that would be awesome if I could go there. I heard that Zahav in Philadelphia is amazing and I would love to try that place. El Vez in Philadelphia is amazing and I’ve been there for restaurant week but I haven’t been able to afford to go back and I would love the chance to eat there again. I’ve also wanted to try Buddakan. I also heard that Tao was amazing so that would be great to experience.

  192. Kathryn

    I’d go to Ninfa’s! Best Mexican in Baton Rouge! I’d order fajitas with their homemade tortilla’s.

  193. Nicholas Latronica

    I would go to Japonais in Chicago with my fiancé and get the Tuna Tuna Salmon roll, The Rock, and the Spicy Tuna tartar. It’s amazing food.

  194. emily

    The list is long and varied. 😉 Luma on Park, Ravenous Pig, K Restaurant, Brio Grille, Cask & Larder, Hanamizuki Japanese Restaurant, Paris Bistro, Cafe du France, Nagoya Sushi, Cafe 118, El Bodegon, Park Plaza Gardens, Celebration Tavern, Shari Sushi, Thai House.

  195. Nirav

    Sugar Fish in Santa monica. Love their sushi!

  196. christina

    My husband and I have recently become chefs and will be opening a brewery in a year, we would eat at other breweries in and around Ohio and enjoy food that we cant afford right now. Being a chef on a tight budget is tough! I’d order something I’ve never tried before at each place to help develop my palette!!

  197. VN Barr

    I would choose Oceanaire with the Mixed Seafood Grill or Fogo de Chao with the endless meat swords.

  198. Nancy Ging

    I live on a tiny northwest island. We have a cafe-style restaurant on the island that serves really excellent food made with local ingredients. It would be wonderful to take my hard-working daughter and my grandson out to dinner there a few times in a year. We also love Busara, a Thai place in Bellingham, WA, and Anthony’s at Squalicum for fresh local seafood. Cliff House is a fine dining place I haven’t tried yet, and we’d probably go to Boundary Bay Brewery for at least one dinner because it’s freakin’ fun! Incognito (Ciao Thyme) would make a spectacular evening. Chuckanut Bay Brewery is another local ingredients spot that I haven’t tried yet but have heard good things about. And dinner at D’Annas reminds us of past visits to Tuscany. We’d explore with the rest of the months!

  199. Christian

    I’d love to eat at the “Hells Kitchen” restaurant! “Raw! it’s raw I tell you!”

  200. Wendy

    I’ll be taking my husband to our favourite Toronto restaurant, La Palette for amazing French food. We’ll share their charcuterie platter (with duck prosciutto), followed by elk, buffalo or wild boar for the main and then their lavender creme brulee for dessert. We’ll also have a wine pairing with each course (as recommended by the restaurant) so that we can try some new wines and digestifs.

  201. Sile

    I live in Rome, Italy and I plan to eat in the best restaurants in every city in Italy and give one meal to a homeless person a day.

    I’ll be an expert if and when you come to visit me.

  202. Darko

    I would take my fiancee to a fave Italian place – called caffe dolce – excellent pasta, pizza and main courses!
    Thanks for everything you share, Ramit!

  203. Rigel

    How could I know where I’ll want to eat once my mindset on picking restaurants has changed? I’ll pick restaurants on the fly, just passing one and deciding that I’m in the mood for an awesome meal.

  204. Jessica N

    I would eat 12 meals from 12 different cultures! I adore Thai food and I would love to try Room Service in Hell’s Kitchen NYC. I’ve also always wanted to try Shabu-Tatsu East Village but have never been able to afford it. The same goes for actually eating something aside from gelato in Eataly! I’ve heard great things about Lucali pizzeria in Carroll Gardens, as well as the Indian food from Dhaba. I absolutely loved the Malaysian food from Penang in Philadelphia and would be awesome to go back there again!

  205. A. Francis

    It wouldn’t matter so much where we ate, but we’d probably go with friends, get a babysitter, enjoy a long meal with all the fun stuff we don’t get all the time (dessert drinks, appetizers). It would be really good date time.

  206. Meghan

    Kobe and Rainforest Cafe; would have to look into some higher end restaurants. We usually eat at Chipolte because I have Celiac’s and Chipolte offers gluten-free burrito or fajita bowls and uses hormone free meats and kick-ass salsa verde and guac. I’d have to learn about nicer restaurants that offer gluten-free meals; steakhouses would be a safe bet, maybe sushi places, too. I’d bring my husband so we could enjoy the restaurant meals together for date night. We don’t get many date nights these days as busy working parents of a 3 year old plus expecting baby #2 this summer so it’d be fun to win.

  207. Victoria

    My fiance and I would just try out all the local restaurants as we haven’t had much chance to go out and try them yet since we’ve moved here. I’ve heard there are a lot of really great Indian restaurants nearby!

  208. Tonya L

    Great giveaway Ramit! If I won, I’d have to check out Ruths Chris. I’ve always heard great things but have never eaten there. I’d also have to check out Burns Steakhouse in Tampa. So many great restaurants around central Florida. I’d have no problem figuring out my 12 restaurants. 😀

  209. Elizabeth

    My husband and I would go to our usual haunts … but with extra excitement since it’d be “on the house (of Ramit).” I would get pasta with garlic and oil, wine, bread, dessert, coffee … whatever makes me feel ALIVE on that day!

  210. James

    I’d do 12 different cuisines in 12 months. Including 3 I’ve never had before. Burmese? Why not? Russian? Sure. Isreali? I’d love to.

  211. Michael G.

    I’d eat at Alexander’s Steakhouse in Cupertino…Every. Single. Month.

  212. caroline houitte

    I would go with my new husband to Chez Panisse, french restaurant in Berkeley, Duende which is an awesome spanish/tapas/jazz bar restaurant in Oakland. Their tapas are so innovative and tasty, it’s more like a haute cuisine tapas place. I’d like to try a molecular cuisine restaurant in the SF bay too and probably a restaurant in Sonoma or Napa … There is so much great food in the bay that makes this contest sounds perfect to explore a bit of it !

  213. Jessica

    My husband and I love sushi, and we’d undoubtedly use this to eat at our favorite sushi restaurant in Portland (Bamboo Sushi), where they’re careful about only serving fish that are sustainably raised or caught.

  214. Jamie

    I’m from the UK where our unofficial national dish is an Indian. My girlfriend and I will find the best curry house in NYC and munch down a succulent butter chicken, with a peshwari naan and coconut rice!

  215. Sarah

    there are some amazing sushi restaurants in Boston — I would love to check out some of the high end ones and go wild!

  216. Katie G

    Here’s where I would go…
    Girl and the Goat – Chicago, IL. I would order green beans, pig face, some salads and an IPA.
    Au Chevaul – Chicago, IL. I would order the bacon, ranch salad, fired bologna sandwich and a root beer float.
    Big Star – Chicago, IL. I would order queso, tacos al pastor, guacamole & a $3 whiskey shot.

  217. Nikki

    Anywhere. Everywhere. But starting with Tetsuya’s, Sydney. I’ve never been to that “swish” (or famous) a restaurant before.

  218. justine

    I will try each of the Michelin rated restaurants in our area. I’ve already tried about 7 of them and I’m looking forward to dining at a few more!

  219. Lisa

    I’m with you Ramit! Eating out is a true luxury to me. It has to be culinarily healthy and something inspiring, complicated, and that I can’t cook myself. In Salt Lake City, I’d eat at Omar’s Rawtopia (Raw, vibrant, healthy dishes made with energizing ingredients, “and love”). It’s expensive to eat there daily ($17-30/meal), and it would be beautiful to be able to eat there more often. If I could eat out every month for a year, I’d also check out the new Sushi place in town, I’d eat at Himalayan Kitchen more often ($50-$75 for 2, featuring beautiful northern Indian recipes), the upscale Frida’s Mexican inspired fusion ($100 for 2), and the Tin Angel (italian gnocchi, and a bread pudding that is truly decadent). Yum yum. 🙂

  220. Matt C

    Marlow & Sons in Brooklyn.

  221. Danna

    I would go to Ricciuti’s in Olney MD.

  222. mike mathews

    The first place I would like to take my wife is the prado in SD. Then It would be something new and different every month.

  223. Aaron Biller

    We recently moved to Charlotte, NC. I would take my wife to a new restaurant every month. We LOVE eating out and there are just so many restaurants to try!

  224. Melanie H

    I would eat like a queen at Purple Yam, one of my favorite local spots in Brooklyn, NY.

  225. Shannon Walsh

    Living in LA there are lots of amazing restaurants available. One of my favorites is Darren’s in Manhatan Beach. The food is fantastic but definitely out of the budget for anything besides a very special occasion. The last time I was there I had some amazing tortellini and I would love to go back and get it again. Taking second place is a mexican restaurant just down the street called Ortega 120. Everything from duck confit chillaquilles to their flat iron steak and shrimp are delicious. And their pitcher of margaritas with fresh agave syrup make an average night excellent. Now I’m hungry.

  226. Shaun

    The very first day, I would go to Taco Bell and buy $125 worth of Mexican Pizzas and tell everyone (people driving by etc.) that dinner is on you. I can make a few cards with your web address and tell them to go check you out.

    The following month I would use it to buy the “expensive” healthy food (that I think is actually LESS expensive than some of the pre-made stuff, but that is another topic) and is much less processed and I believe healthier for me and my expectant wife and our daughter. After that, I would start trying new places once a month and telling others about it.

  227. June

    Las Brisas. I could have gone last weekend but I just couldn’t let my boyfriend take me after suggesting to him to budget and get your book (on audible). I don’t know when we could ever get there… unless…

  228. Renee

    Having 5 kids, ages 9-16, I would love to eat at restaurants without the prerequisite that they must serve cheeseburgers & pasta-with-butter. It would be great to go to Grown Up restaurants and select a normal, adult meal without the need to scan the kids-under-12 meal section first!

  229. Cassandra Egan

    I’d eat at Matthews on Main in Callicoon, NY and have the NY strip steak with blue cheese sauce!

  230. Rodolfo C

    My wife and I would eat at Churrascos. It’s her favorite place and very rare that we go. We would explore Ciao Bello and Mark’s American Cuisine. Some friends have recommended theses places. We would definately explore Del Frisco’s. My boss treated my assistant and I to celebrate her 20 years with the company. I consider it a nice place to treat my wife.

  231. Patrick

    I’d start at one end of the Sydney Spanish Quarter and work my way up.

  232. Kanchan

    I’d explore more local french cuisine, including trying snails!

  233. Caitlin

    There are lots of really nice restaurants in Santa Barbara. It’s a special occasion when we try out a new place. Off the top of my head I’d go to Ca’ Dario (italian), Jill’s Place (a steakhouse), and Arigato (sushi). I’d do a bit of research for SB’s other can’t miss locations.

  234. Sarah van Loon

    I will go to Due Lire and Bistro Campagne (in Chicago), and then take recommendations and spend the rest of the year explore other amazing restaurants that I wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to explore. Thanks, Ramit!

  235. Jeff

    Pretty boring answer, but wherever my wife would like to go eat. And it’s Austin, so there’s plenty of great restaurants in the area we still haven’t tried yet.

  236. Jennifer Souveroff

    I’d be hitting the town in Los Angeles. Plenty of places I have always wanted to try.

  237. Thomas

    Apsara Samudra – Indian & Thai
    Cin Cin By The Sea
    The Cliff
    Bistro Monet
    Il Tempio
    Lone Star Restaurant
    Nishi Restaurant
    ….all in Barbados

    Just knowing you don’t have to worry about being able to pay opens you up to so many options…living rich hmm, I think I like it already!!!

  238. Christina

    I would order the most expensive steak at Ruth’s Chris ~ Always wanted to go there!

  239. Nessy

    I’d like to go back to Continental in Philly with my friend and actually be able to eat a meal. We did not realize how small the portions were for the price, so we left there still hungry.

  240. Carol

    I would eat at The Flame in Las Vegas. Walleye is fab.

  241. Grace

    cuba cuba in Denver! Always wanted to go! Hear it is amazing!

  242. Erin

    If I had a million bucks in my bank account, I think I’d usually choose to eat at the same little hometown restaurants where I eat now. Mi Cocina’s beef fajitas are my favorite (until I crave pizza).
    Once in a while, though, I’d venture out of the boonies to visit a top notch restaurant with my husband or one of my kids.

  243. Cindy

    There are many great places to eat in Savannah, Georgia. One of the best is The Boar”s Head on River Street. I would go there and then try a different place each month.

  244. Krista B.

    I would love to eat at Picasso at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. I would order the Prix Fixe (Creme of Butternut Squash, Sauteed Filet of Black Bass, Roasted Main Lobster).

  245. Nathan Sudds

    I’d eat at my favorite local Asian restaurant… Eros Asian Eatery in Windsor, Ontario, Canada a local spot with great flavors…. I’d order something new off the menu every month because anything I’ve eaten here has been great and I love variety… my wife and business partner would be with me, and she would order the same thing every time, because that’s what she loves! Thai chicken and basil fried rice,I don’t blame her it’s delicious. In the summer some freshly made watermelon juice and walk out happy to be alive.

  246. Jen

    Manny’s Steakhouse, where I’d order the caesar salad.

    Ha! No, I’d order the filet. Mmmm….

  247. Leigh

    Since we live right out of Washington DC, there are a ton of choices! And it would be fun to try new places!

  248. Emily

    I’d take advantage of all the fantastic and relatively new restaurants in NYC that I currently can’t afford. And Ramit — I’d love it if you would be my guest for at least two of the dinners if I win. I want to eat: locavore, trendy, high and low, Brooklyn and Queens and even the Bronx, if there’s a great place to try. I will take FULL advantage of this amazing opportunity, and will explore the full range of eating opportunities in a city that I’ve already been madly in love with for my entire life.

  249. TinaLouise

    I would try a different ethnic restaurant in Atlanta every month. And eat a Mexican pizza at least once at Taco Bell in your honor!

  250. Dan Kitahara

    I would eat at the best rated restaurants on yelp for each type if cuisine and order without having to worry about the cost.

  251. Neil

    Benihana’s a few times, The Dead Fish in SF, and definitely Taqueria Los Charros in Mountain View.

  252. Allen

    Totally going to Le Garage for some crazy burgers — Also doing Sushi no less than 6 times, at a different restaurant each time!

  253. kpb

    Edo’s in Pelham, New York

  254. Ryan

    The first dinner would probably be at Ruth’s Chris, but then I’d want the rest to be at smaller, local restaurants. I just read about a new Italian Cucina here in Norfolk, VA, called Sirena that sounds great!

  255. Shreya

    French Laundry in Yountville, of course

  256. Steve Chua

    I’d want to try all the places my friends seem to always be able to go to when they feel like it. Maestros, Flemmings, Lawrys, Cut by Wolfgang Puck, Urasawa, Spago, and 6 others. 🙂

  257. Blair

    I would choose Bigger’s Bluff Steakhouse in Hardy, AR for steak or Omar’s Uptown in Jonesboro, AR for ahi tuna!

  258. Amanda

    I have eaten at all the top restaurants in the world… but I’ve never been to Arby’s. I’m going to try Arby’s.


    • Ramit Sethi


  259. Nemy

    1.five guys(super deluxe burger) 2.The Big Cheese(premium pizzas with Long Island ice teas) 3.Panera(salmon sandwiches,cheesecake,hot cocoa from scratch) 4.Starbucks(one of every dessert,venti green tea frap,venti chai tea) 5.Whole Foods(Entire soup selection…cherry-kiwi smoothie large) 6.Pizza Hut(Crazy Cheese Pizza and hot wings,Sprite) 7.Lan(red bean snow bubble tea,banana snow bubble tea) 8.Dairy Queen(banana split with 5 of my fave flavors) 9.Chili’s(the most expensive fish meal on menu,2 margaritas) 10.Olive Garden(manicotti,soups,bottle of wine) 11.Cheesecake Factory(One whole cheesecake pie with mixed drinks) 12.Denny’s(steak meal,chocolate shake)

    • Ramit Sethi

      Are you guys serious with comments like this

  260. Scott

    I would gamble on cuisine I’m still too risk-averse to pay for myself… Molecular gastronomy, Filipino pickled pigs-ear, escargot, veggie-fusion-tapas, etc… With Ramit picking up the tab, fear and conservatism be damned!

  261. Brian

    I’d go to Fuji Steak House in Waite Park, MN. It’s a place I’ve been meaning to go to for ages, but have never gotten around to it.

  262. Pauly

    Ordinarily I’d say “barbeque” since I live in Kansas City where the Good Lord himself came down and put the finishing touches on an Arthur Bryant brisket sandwich slathered in Gates sauce, but I can have that any day. Besides, I need to shift my mindset so I’m thinking it’s got to be Vegas with a friend of mine that’s never been (I know, right? I was sure EVERYBODY’s been to Vegas…) at the Delmonico Steakhouse in the Venetian.

  263. Kayte CookWatts

    I would eat at Yama Sushi with my lover man!

  264. Scott

    If I win the contest, I’d have to find someplace more expensive to make use of Ramit’s generous offer!

    My girlfriend and I typically eat out at least twice a week at restaurants all over the Bay Area (When we’re low on groceries, even more often). But we never really spend over $55 a meal.

    With up to $125/meal, perhaps, for the first meal, I’ll take the girlfriend to Chez TJ in Mountain View. She loves French cuisine, but we can’t really afford to go to the most romantic spots. Plus, I’ve never tried esargot!

    • Betsey

      Hi Scott,

      I am in the East Bay and I like all kinds of stuff out here. It’s easy to spend at least $80 on dinner in Berkeley, San Ramon, Danville, Pleasanton. My post below mentions a great Brazilian Steak House in Richmond.

      I bet you can find some fun new places to try if you won! Be adventurous and best of luck!


  265. Eddy

    All the best restaurants in Bali…though it’s gonna be hard to find one that where I can spend $125 on a dinner (it’s usually around $15 for a really fancy meal).

  266. Joshua Boyd

    I would use it to take my wife to great looking local resturants that have been opening up over the past few years. Maison is a new place that I would particularly like to try (

  267. Bhishma

    Easy. Red Medicine in LA. OH THE DESSERTS

  268. Rebel F

    Probably the Angus Barn would be one of my choices. It’s a high end steak joint in Raleigh. Or I might go to Second Empire, which is another of the most expensive restaurants in my town.

  269. Lori

    I would go to Morimoto in Meatpacking District. And try all the Chef’s recommended dishes.

  270. Alexa

    House of Prime Rib!!

  271. Xavier Z

    I’d eat at House of Prime Rib in San Francisco and get the King Louis VIII cut every night. Hello cholesterol!

  272. Erin

    I thought maybe you would get sick of seeing photos of Sushi for an entire year so I thought I would switch it up and pick 12 restaurants that I’ve never been to in LA that I would love to ‘treat’ my husband to on date night! 🙂

    1) Providence
    2) Baco Mercat
    3) Industriel
    4) Animal
    5) The Tasting Kitchen
    6) Georgio Baldi
    7) Melisse
    8) Spago
    9) Milo and Olive
    10) AOC
    11) Dan Tana’s
    12) Urasawa

    And our 3 year wedding anniversary is on June 4th. So maybe I can take him to Providence as a surprise 🙂

  273. Stephanie Kornblum

    I would try restaurants I haven’t tried before in NYC! I have too many bookmarked on my computer to list. My boyfriend and I are long distance (NYC-London) so we save the majority of our $ to visit each other – it would be nice to not have to worry about paying for a nice dinner!

  274. hema

    I really like the food at Milestone’s in Ottawa and go whenever I can find time. It would be great to eat there. The experience is always good. I actually have yet to enjoy the food at more expensive restaurants.

  275. Maggie Miller

    I love to eat and I love to eat well. When I was an extremely poor artist I couldn’t afford to eat out and I craved to eat at some of the finest dining in LA. So I’d save so I could try some of the most incredible feasts. This is what sparked my love of cooking. I would go to these places and figure out how they made such elegant dishes and I’d go home and recreate these fine meals so that I could feel like I was rich and eating like a king. I figured if I was eating amazing food, that I would never feel poor. And it is so true. Good food is such an immediate and everyday reminder of how great if feels to be alive! So over the years, I have become an excellent cook. I also love to cook for others and share in this abundance of great food. I would continue this culinary exploration and have a great time doing it!

  276. Bonnie Wilks

    I would eat at KFC. The chicken is great.

  277. Kelly

    Cafe Sydney in Sydney Australia – that’d be first. Have been meaning to go since I first arrived here last year!

  278. Alice @ Nom Nom Cat

    The AMEX gift card would give us an approximately 10% discount off a dinner at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Vegas, but I just might front the other 90% for this experience!

  279. Max

    MamaBaba in Prahran Melbourne (Australia) for style (but not so much you feel out of place), great quality food and service. The menu changes and evolves (which means I wouldn’t become tired of it within 12 months) but right now I would order up the BLUE EYE Tarama with caramelised onion and let the wait staff recommend the rest. It would be a solid night, without being too extreme. It’s also where my GF and I went for our first dinner. 😉

  280. Betsey

    If I were to win this awesome prize, I would take my husband out to Brazilian steak house each month because it is not something we do often and we both love it very much. It’s well within budget too (buffet dinner is $25/person without drinks).

    The restaurant we like is in Richmond, CA (who knew!) and it’s called Pikanha Brazilian Steak House. I hear they serve a mean Caipirinha that I’d like to try when I am not the DD.


  281. Michael Onstad

    My wife prefers veggies. Everything within twenty miles of Millersburg has only pasta with cream sauce or a veggie “burger” on a thick white bun. Eugene is only an hour and I would hunt to give her choices. Maybe a Japanese place where the cook juggles knife and spatula while cooking mushrooms and seaweed.

  282. Tim Rossland

    Japanese, Mexican, and seafood (separately) with everything on the menu I’ve always felt too guilty to get. With every dessert I’ve always wanted too. Then a Brazilian steakhouse…

  283. Mika

    I would go to Departure in Portland, Oregon. It’s a swanky rooftop asian restaurant that is way out of my budget, even during happy hour.

  284. Manuel

    I would like to try Mastro’s Steakhouse, it is being known as one of the best steak restaurants in Orange County, CA

  285. Stace

    Well, I would take my orphans and some people in the village out to the fancy Golf Hotel in Western Kenya and some top Nairobi restaurants around Westlands. And I would have a kangaroo at the Town Hall in North Melbourne or the chicken parma, and a barramundi fish at the Breakfast Creek Hotel in Brisbane.

  286. Isobel

    When I moved to Eilat in the very south of Israel, I gave up my favourite food – Indian. We have loads of restaurants here but not one that does Indian food, which I love! So I’ll be travelling to the nearest city that has an Indian restaurant and taking a different friend with me each month. I miss .. lamb pasanda, bombay aloo, nan, chicken tikka, rogan josh .. and now I’m hungry 🙁

  287. Boris

    I love Thai food! I’d make make time to visit one of the top twelve highest Yelp-rated non-vegetarian-only SF Bay Area Thai restaurant each month: Old Weang Ping, Thailand Restaurant, Vientian Cafe, Green Champa Garden, Sticky Rice Cafe, BKK Thai Cuisine, Siam Spoon Thai Cuisine, Sea Thai Bistro, Thai Cottage Restaurant, Les Ros Thai, Siam Fine Thai Cuisine, Sabuy Sabuy II.

    • Boris

      For ordering, I’d ask for recommendations… try new salads, new dishes, yellow curry chicken if I’m feeling conservative (can’t ever go wrong with yellow curry chicken), have it with a coconut drink (out of an in your face actual coconut if possible), and finish it off with sticky rice and mango!

  288. Karthik

    Hey Ramit, Good stuff. I’m in Singapore – plenty of great restaurants. I will be mostly hitting Indian / Mexican. Bombay Cafe is my fav Indian restaurant and Iguana for Mexican. Would love to go to these places anytime.

  289. Ken

    I would take my lovely wife anywhere she desired.

  290. Crystal

    I would probably go to CUT in Singapore. Would be a nice change to try out some top-notched celebrity chef’s food! 😀 Would be awesome to try out some Petit Cut New York steak!

  291. Eileen T

    I would eat at Bazaar by Jose Andres in Los Angeles, and order pretty much everything on the menu. This restaurant is AMAZING!

    • Ramit Sethi

      Bazaar is awesome

  292. Cory P

    I would try a different restaurant every month. Sushi & Sashimi at Naked tchopstix one month, Filet Mignon Sliders & Shrimp cocktail at Harry & Izzy’s the next. I would find the very best in every genre of food in the city.

  293. Faith

    I would eat at Owens in Nags Head NC. The best seafood in the world!

  294. Maria

    I would take my family & friends to eat to the following list: the boiling crab, red lobster, Setia lounge, Mccormick & Schmick’s Seafood, Ruth’s Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Romano’s Italian Food, Cafe Santorini, San Antonio Winery, Sushi Roki, yard house, blue hill, the water club, the Russian tea room, Peter Luger steakhouse, Mesa grill, nobu, Gotham bar & grill, blue ribbon sushi.

    Cheval Bistro,

  295. Ann

    We love seafood and we would eat up and down Long Beach Island, NJ. Not all the restaurants are open all year so, I would have to try and get my favorites in during the spring, summer and fall like Ship Bottom Shellfish, Stefano’s, The Beach House Restaurant, and Black Whale Bar & Fish House. I would also go to The Gables, The Maine Course, Carmen’s, Raimondo’s, La Spiagga, Yellow Fin, Kubel’s, and Howard’s Restaurant.

  296. Robyn-Ann

    I always wanted to eat at a restaurant overlooking the ocean.. so I would find the best seaside spot in ATL or FTL and do just that!

  297. Emily

    I’d go to Salt, in my hometown of Montpelier, VT. Best place in town with a menu that changes every 3 weeks. This prize is about enough to try every menu for a year (with a date).

  298. Lauren

    I will be moving to Charleston, SC and Bill Murry just opened up a new restaurant there. So, that would DEF be my first meal .

  299. Brittany L.

    Well for my first meal I would go to Lantern in Chapel Hill, NC. I hear people raving their heads off about this place but have never gone. However in October I will be honeymooning in Mexico and will make a point to stop by Les Cepages or Du Mexique!

    As I said at age 8 while cramming my face at Golden Corral (you know, back when it was cool to eat there) “Food is my life.”

  300. JoAnne Hopkins

    While I am on my way to London tomorrow.. I’ll keep it local.. I live in Columbus Ohio. I would eat at The restaurant “M” but that would be more for the atmosphere, networking and delicious (and beautiful) orchid martini they have.
    In the end, honestly, I’d be taking my kiddo’s where they wanted to go.. their favorite is Hibachi style Japanese.

  301. Erica

    I love Houstons!!!

  302. Fern

    Somewhere with a fantastic view along the Bund (in Shanghai), then Shintori, then all the other places I can’t think of right now because I ignore their name when I see the $$$$ beside their name in restaurant listings. I will break this habit!

    • Fern

      Drat, just noticed I’m ineligible at the moment until I move back to the homeland! (Doesn’t mean I can’t still break this habit however.)

  303. Jess

    I’d eat at Flyte in Nashville and I’d order a BOTTLE of the wine I really wanted and not a glass of whatever is the cheapest, the Salad Lyonnaise for an appetizer, the Halibut for my main course and An Apple in the Woods for dessert. My mouth is watering… hope I win!

  304. Brice

    I’d eat at the French Laundy in Napa and order what ever the Prix Fixe menu was!

  305. Bryan pena

    I live 15 mins away from the napa valley. I go to school there but I could never afford all of the delicious food. I would eat at places like Angeles, Coles chop house and even be adventurous and try the sushi bar owned by iron chef morimotto. Then maybe I could go to San Francisco, go to a giants game!!! and enjoy a nice dinner.

  306. Akshay Nanavati

    This is awesome!! Thanks for doing this Ramit. I am excited about Fondue (as unhealthy as it is, I would love at least one Fondue meal 🙂 ) and trying a new cuisine every meal!

  307. Victoria

    Hi Ramit,

    For the first month I would go to one of two Ethiopian restaurants in Perth and order a doro wat, a tibs and whatever else my guest wanted. We would go out for icecream afterwards.

    The choice of guest is important in this month, I would choose a friend that i know had not experienced the food before. This is because I enjoy introducing new flavours to people and Ethiopian is the ‘new kid on the block’ in the Perth food scene.

    Future months would then be driven by selecting untried restaraunts (not chain or fast food). Specifically i would do places worth dressing up for, more than 10 mins drive from home (to get me back out and about) and selecting friends I have not caught up with in that quarter.

  308. David A

    I would eat at this local joint that everything is based on grill cheeses. It’s called melt and when I’m there, I’m a pig. So this would be a BIG savings!!!

  309. Valentina

    Fantastic! First I would take you for a treat for Albanian food, I know for a fact you’ve never had Albanian food (it’s hard to find and you need to know an Albanian to get the real deal) and then, I want to take my sons to the best sushi place in the country, they a BIG fan of sushi. My fiance loves mexican food and I believe I would probably give away a few dinners for my friends, strangers and to family! Thanks for your generosity!

  310. Myra

    I’m an hour north of Nashville, TN so I will drive there each month and eat at their fine restaurants. I love a good steak and salmon too. It would be awesome to eat a meal and not think about the cost. I’m looking forward to winning!! Being an artists, my funds are often limited! Thanks Ramit!

  311. Kathleen

    Bida Manda in Raleigh, NC….Laotian food that is super delic!

  312. Francieidy

    Hmm. I’d go to the Brazilian Steakhouse in Ocala, FL with my honey. We love eating there and we go every time we have a special occasion. Super great food and great atmosphere. Plus, it’s where we spent our first Valentine’s Day together. <3

  313. Aaron

    Pretty much anywhere there are fine craft beers available!

  314. beskeie

    I would eat at Essence of India in Chicago. Hands down. For life. Most authentic vindaloo.

  315. Francieidy

    Oh I don’t know if it has to be the same restaurant, but if it doesn’t that we’d also go to Olive Garden and other yummy places in town. =D

  316. Jake

    Gary Danko or Michael Mina would be my first stop, then possibly Boulevard, followed by Alexander’s Steakhouse and Acquerello…so many great choices in SF!

    • Ramit Sethi

      More good taste

  317. Michelle Hastie

    There is a restaurant in town called 5th Street Steakhouse that I would eat at as it’s the only fine dining restaurant we have! I don’t eat steak… but I love delicious fish prepared with lots of love and care. Mmmmmmm

  318. Sara

    I would take my husband to a delicious place where you can order churros for dessert.

    We went to Rubio’s like two years ago. We had finished our meals, he got up to get some more to drink before we headed out. I wrapped up all the trash together and threw it out. When he came back to the table he was horrified that I had thrown his churro away! What? Huh? Oh no! I ACCIDENTALLY threw his churro away! Oopsy!! Sorry, babe.

    He’s had more churros since then, but I am still hearing about it!

    Maybe taking him out once a month for a churro will help him forget that ONE time! Hahaha!

  319. Lisa D

    I think I would try a different restaurant each month, one I’ve never been to !

  320. Mary Catherine George

    Well, I love a good hot dog and probably would love to start by going to The Cannibal and having one of their one of a kind hot dogs with beef heart chili –
    WOW – and then off to Balade in the East Village the next month to indulge in some Lebonese food which is what I was raised on – awesome to get a change to eat some grape leaves and kibbe – although – sometimes difficult to satisfy what you remember as your family’s best cooking 🙂 I know when we have family reunions even though the dish is Lebonese the seasonings are a little more or less than what your family choose to use.. but still has that – ah home comfort – sometimes a girl needs to have a little feeling of home – in NYC

  321. sarah

    I would eat at whole foods market. I know it sounds strange but i am big fan of health foods! Also they have this granola that i am crazy about but its like 10 dollars a serving and hard to justify, if i won i would buy an entire case:)

  322. Brent

    First on the list is Hugo’s Frog Bar-Chicago, then in no specific order:
    Carnivale-Chicago, Carmine’s-Chicago, St. Elmo’s-Indianapolis, Japonais-Chicago, Nobu-Road Trip for this one, Girl & The Goat-Chicago, Chicago Diner, Naked Tchopstix-Indianapolis, Janko’s Little Zagreb-Bloomington, IN, Tavern on Rush-Chicago, The Rathskellar-Indianapolis.

    Great contest. Now I am hungry.

  323. Heather

    I think I’d go and eat at the Pearl first; it’s this really high end restaurant down on White Rock beach that I love. Then I’d probably spend the next 11 months going to different restaurants in the Vancouver area, seeing which ones I like without worrying about ‘wasting’ money.

  324. Doreen Smith

    I would take different people out to eat….mixing it up with people who never experienced going to a pricy restaurant. Today, I can’t…(LOL) but I have had the experience!
    I would go to seafood places and vegetarian places and sushi places. I would let my guests pick some months. I don’t drink and many of my friends don’t so we will not spend the max at all! It would be hard to spend $100/meal! I came close in Las Vegas once, but I won’t be going to Vegas!! This would be living a dream, and an exciting adventure! Thank you for the opportunity!

  325. Trevor

    Herb n’ Sage in Barrie, Ontario Canada. Absolutely incredible. Here’s their philosophy:

    Prana is the Sanskrit for ‘vital life’. It is a life force that is present in the universe. The food we consume has this vital life force that nourishes the body. The fresher the food, the higher the amount of Prana present in that food, thus the greater it’s nourishing value.
    The old saying “we are what we eat,” relates the impact of what we eat on our body. Now there is undisputed evidence that what we consume also impacts our mind and spirit. This mind-body-spirit connection works together to influence our life’s experiences.
    We must balance what we get out of life with what we give back. Striking a balance between this give and take brings one to a mindful awareness to the idea of service. Serving others means treating them with a respect and kindness that is the foundation of every meaningful relationship. This also means living with integrity when we disappoint the ones we are trying to serve. We are not perfect but promise to keep trying.

    “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

  326. Mini

    I live in DC so I’d do Central by Michel Richard and tapas at Bodega. Maybe hit up some hip fusion places – Rasika or Zenga. Oh and I’ve always wanted to have dinner at the Bourbon Steak at the Four Seasons. I’d let my husband eat all the oysters he wanted at Harry’s Oyster Bar and I would get an entire bottle of wine! I’d love to mix it up with family owned restaurants.

    It would be so great to have a date night monthly at a really good restaurant each month so my husband and I can strategize away from our kitchen table.

  327. Nick

    I don’t have anything particular in mind, but I’m just so greedy this is the perfect contest for me! Lol I will try a great new restaurant each month.

  328. Tim Finley

    Highland Bar & Grill
    Birmingham, AL


  329. Matt

    In Charleston, SC so I would say Halls chophouse. One of my favorite restaurants downtown. There are plenty of others to pick from but I’ve had some really good meals and good times in that place.

  330. Makeba


    One of my favorite Chicago restaurants to dine at is a Cuban restaurant called LaGuardia, on Armitage Ave. I’ve dined there for years and love their red snapper dish a la diablo!


  331. Roger Leatherman

    I will be eating at Double Eagle Steak House in Fort Worth, TX!

  332. Casey

    Here in Denver, I’d eat at Beatrice and Woodsley to start with, and Linger. I’d take my fiancé to one of the Brazilian steakhouses, and we’d probably try Elway’s too. And I’d go back to Barolo Grill for the duck, for sure. And Williams and Graham for a mostly-liquid dinner.

    I’d likely fly to Philly for another dinner at Morimoto, where I had the best meal of my life! And there are some yummy spots in my former city of New Orleans that I wouldn’t mind revisiting (Jacques-Imo’s foremost).

  333. Erin Miller

    I would get out for a date night with my husband once a month- we desperately need time with just the two of us. He would choose steak and potatoes every time… and I would choose something new and different each time, I love new cultural eating experiences, so we would probably compromise. 🙂

  334. Beth

    I’m thinking a different type of restaurant each time. Italian one month, Middle Eastern the next, etc. I’ll probably try to hit up a few hot spots in a city since I live in a pretty rural area.

  335. Catherine

    I would go to the great Italian place overlooking the scenic part of my little town. And order Manicotti because I love cheese! My husband would probably have some different every time because he loves trying new things.

  336. Brian

    Fogo De Chao/Texas De Brazil is where I would eat. And I would eat all the meats they bring out!!

  337. Lisa E. @ Lisa Vs. The Loans

    I would eat at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and get the Filet Mignon!

  338. Sarah R

    What an awesome competition!

    My husband and I got married in April. We have not been away on honeymoon, as we both needed to get back to our jobs (and normality) after a massive effort to get organised for the wedding. I would love to have “date night” once a month at the resturants we are always looking at and saying “one day”. Thai, Indian, Mexican, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Country Pub, Tapas, Chinese, Itallian and New Zealand (kiwi) style dining. Husband and I love to try new things, and when we go out for dinner will often both order a meal that the other will like, so we can try more than one thing. We love fresh, health, flavoursome food, but most of all we love that the time is exclusively for us to spend together.

  339. Tanya

    I hear there are some AMAZING restaurants in Charlotte. I would def. research

  340. Gale

    I would find the best damn Indian restaurant Los Angeles has to offer and finally try it out. Then I would find restaurants that go whole hog with the whole “locally grown/grass fed/free range/grain free/etc.” so that at least once a week I can eat responsibly haha

  341. Amruta

    I would eat at Inchin bamboo garden. I would order veg coins manchurian and fried rice. Some awesome sizzlin entrees at apple bees. N some good indian restaurants in seattle like kanishka and mayuri.

  342. Michelle Bartley

    We love Outback and Fleming’s!! Great Steaks! Thanks for the chance!

  343. Desi M

    I would eat at the little ‘hole in the wall’ pizza joint that my family has been enjoying for over 30 years! Best. Pizza. Ever.

  344. Erik

    I’d eat at some of the restaurants down in the Mekong Marketplace near my home.
    I’ve always wanted to try the blood porridge at the Vietnamese restaurant there.

  345. Jena

    First up would be the vegan restaurant in my hometown that has unbelievable “fish” and chips. There’s a great patio and the food and beer is local. It would be a lot of fun to get adventurous and try some new spots!

  346. Bernardo

    I would eat at The Pit in downtown Raleigh. They have the best corn bread and southern food around.

  347. Olia

    I would go to Aureole restaurant at Mandalay Bay where Wine Angel Stewards retrieve bottles from four-story wine tower. Order vegan course meal and pair it with nice wine.

  348. Shannon

    Hi! I’ve been wanting to try The Old Vine Cafe for awhile. Looks delicious and has great atmosphere. Think ill get the French Toast. : )

  349. Kate Nelson

    I’d eat at Amsterdam Cafe in Auburn, AL! I would have the food that I don’t normally allow myself to eat and I would not deny myself their fabulous desserts!

  350. Linda Ponton

    I would love to eat at Don Shulas in Orlando, FL with my husband! Awesome food, varied menu and delightful surroundings.

  351. Suzi

    My hubby and I would hit up the New York Food and Culinary Center as often as we can so we can check out their locally-sourced frequently changing seasonal menu. YUM!

  352. Brielle

    I swear I said to the universe last night. I can’t wait until I can choose whatever I want to eat. I literally pictured myself in my penthouse on my couch with a full fridge and an awesome view. Then I stumbled across this. It’s the perfect push that says keep going! This is possible! 🙂 I shared the link with all my B-School babes and found out you were in Marie’s video this week! Can’t wait to watch that! The food teaser was great to get me here but I’m super stoked about your page content! Awesome resource OVERLOAD!

    Where do I love to eat? I had a burger at Bona Vista Lounge in LA which overlooks the entire city and just reminds you that the world belongs to whoever wants it the most. That’s my favorite place so far. Hands down. (BTW to anyone reading this the burger is only 10 or 12 dollars and the inspiration you get from the view is PRICELESS! Check it out!)

    • Brielle

      So I just read the other posts and most of them said who they would bring. Just in case that was part of the contest, I would bring a different friend each time. Thats how I created my first experience at the Lounge. I googled awesome views and brought a friend who was feeling a little stuck. The worlds too massive to think small. So yeah, a normal burger, an epic view, and 6 friends who need inspiration along with 6 friends who I can dream big with. 🙂 Perfect.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Really like this idea of taking a bunch of friends out. Thanks for leaving the comment.

  353. Tiffany

    I moved to the Netherlands from the US 4.5 years ago, so I’d use them all (with the hubby of course) on trips State side to get all the things I can’t get here. Liiiiike… a veggie burrito at Chipotle and after having read this post, a Mexican pizza at Taco Bell. A Bloomin’ Onion at Outback, just because I haven’t eaten there in 6 years!?! I’d take the hubs to his favorite US restaurant, IHOP and then to a more romantic (and healthy) dinner at his other fave US restaurant to date, Quynn’s Attic. As for the rest, I’d want to poll my friends, family, and clients to see what restaurants they recommend and why and then try them out. Mostly, I’d use it as an excuse to get one-on-one time with friends and family in the US 🙂

  354. Veronica

    Olive Garden- my guilty pleasure. My favorite local Colombian restaurant. Then I’d try all new places since I love to try out new things as much as possible. 😀

  355. Shannon

    Oh wow- it would be amazing to be able to enjoy a nice meal out with my husband once a month!
    I think we would make an entire day of it and go to a new area each month- I’m in driving distance of DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.
    Thank you for your generosity and the opportunity to win!

  356. steve zimmett

    My wife and I live in a small town with hardly any great restaurants. Not like whats been mentioned in these comments.

  357. Lisa

    I’ll admit, I’m a difficult person to shop for because I don’t like collecting things. Consequently, by the end of the year I usually have a small stack of gift cards! Strangely enough though, I rarely use them for myself. I end up buying things for other people or giving them away. Habits don’t change overnight, so I would give the gift cards to my family, friends, and strangers who just need a treat 🙂

  358. SamB

    spur in Seattle. I don’t even live there, I’d get there, it’s so good… And of course in Boise, we’d rock some sushi places, steakhouses. It’s so hard to make a call like this when all you really want is a couple of dollar tacos from the mexican cafeteria and the 1st salsa fresca of the season.

  359. Joey Ridenour

    I would eat ANYTHING on the menu @ “Smashburger” in San Diego, CA. 🙂

  360. John LeBlanc

    Kalapana Smoothie Shack has a Lau Lau plate.

  361. Kjerste Lee

    Camino in Oakland, it’s my favorite. They have THE BEST octopus and basically everything!

  362. Eater

    An organic coop in my town
    Basil break oven pizza

  363. Nika

    Hi Ramit,
    I saw you on Marie TV, and loved your piece and like your style.
    when I am in miami I love to eat at Miami Juice in Sunny Isles or Sylvano in South beach, but there are so many places I have never tried and would love to,
    When in Boulder, i live the Med, or “the L” but hate the new name.
    also sushi tora,
    those are my good old faves, and yes eating out is fun especially when you become a parent, you really miss getting a B-R-E-A-K!!!!
    thanks for being you, you are cool!!!!

  364. Anisha

    La Mar Cebichería Peruana  


    Palo Alto
    Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar  



  365. Keith Johnson

    One place I would definitely eat is Next Door Bar and Grill in Rochester, NY.

  366. Ramiro

    I live in SoCal so…
    Restaurants are booming down here! I’d go crazy!
    Ill start right in Downtown LA, Then Culver City, Hollywood, Long Beach, Then I would hit up the OC go to Papaya (this place is awesome) the options are endless!

  367. Joanna F

    Honestly I’d have to do some research! Nice restaurants are so out of our wheelhouse….I think the most we’ve ever spent on dinner is $25 per person.

  368. Emilie

    Definitely Brabo, Blue Duck Tavern, Proof, Marcels, Zaytinya, Jaleo, Oyamel, Founding Farmers, Rosa Mexicana, Lightfoot, Tuscarora Mill, and either Jackson 20 or Evening Star Cafe

  369. Ashley

    I want to try Clio in Boston!

    Their sushi bar gets some of the best fish available in Japan, and their regular menu features some interesting presentations. They use science to manipulate food in a way most people have never seen before! I’ve never eaten at a place that does things like this, so I think it would be an interesting experience.

    I would also like to try L’Espalier (, and Toro ( among many others!

    Free dinner out once a month would be amazing 🙂

  370. Kristi

    The Fort in Colorado.

  371. Austin Vaillancourt

    I would continue to explore the Durham, NC area – which has a great food scene. My girlfriend and I would have to hit up our local go-to spots (Pizzeria Toro, Mateo Tapas, etc.) but we would use this freedom to seek out potential new favorites!

  372. San

    Roy’s – Prix Fixe

  373. Megan

    All the cute locally-owned restaurants walking distance from our house that we never visit b/c we don’t have the cash to eat out. We could make a night out of it listening to the live music, getting dessert at another place, and visiting all the art galleries.


    Harry & Izzy’s in Indianapolis where we had our rehearsal dinner and barely got to eat anything because we were running so late. I love that restaurant but couldn’t enjoy it at the time or afford to go back in a long while.

    **I’d go with my husband for date nights but I know we’d take out a second couple a few months too to treat them to a special night out they wouldn’t be able to have either.–We all just bought houses and mortgage payments>good food at the moment :)**

  374. AM

    My favorite, Cowboys and Turbans in Silver Lake, a mix of Indian and Mexican food. Not pricey but so good! I’d get the chicken tika masala tacos and masala fries with cheese. Yuum.

  375. Pat Choy

    I would go to Wolfgang Steak House and order the ribeye steak with creamed spinach and mashed potatoes. Delicious!

  376. Angela N. Hunt

    My family and I just moved to North Hollywood and we’re learning the area. I would take my husband out once a month and eat at a different restaurant near our new place and try something new each time. Adventure!

  377. Mohammad Waqar

    The great man I am in , very impressive.

    I like what you said about not thinking about the part of being rich that we can eat what we want, I never realized that before Thanks

  378. Fel

    La Mar in San Francisco – go to townnnn on that seafood with my man.
    Zazie’s in SF – one of the most rockin’ dinners i’ve ever head. wanna share that love.
    And Spruce in SF – to rock on that lunch dessert. that’s actually on the menu. and, most other things.

  379. Randelle R.

    Probably a different restaurant every month. I’d like to experiment. Both restaurants and meals… I don’t know too much since I try to eat at home mostly, or at really cheap places 🙂

  380. Ameen H.

    I would the best breakfast I ever had at The Ruby Slipper Cafe in New Orleans, LA. I would order the Shrimp and Grits every time.

  381. Elissa P

    I am not sure, I moved to Maine a couple months ago and I am still not sure of all the best Vegan/Vegetarian places to me. Any comment is well come. Thanks for the offer.

  382. Deborah Owen

    I would go to Jay’s in Bolton, and the Wayside Inn in Sudbury. I’d also go to the North End in Boston a few times!

  383. Alita Alexander

    I’d eat at a local Mexican place here! Would take my daughter with me!

  384. Jonathan H.

    If I won, I’d be treating my wife out for all 12 meals, so she would get to choose where we ate. She isn’t a picky eater, but hasn’t had a chance to eat at very many nice places, so I’d be thrilled if she had the opportunity.

  385. Neo

    Yum cha on the Gold Coast, Australia. Dumplings, steamed pork buns, rice noodle rolls and lots of Jasmine tea!

  386. Tora

    I’d go find some really nice local restaurants. My husband and I enjoy all sorts of food, but I don’t know if the money’d stretch to enough £ for The Jesmond Dene House restaurant — one of the best places I’ve been to locally. Then again, I’d pay the extra. 😉 (ncl, UK)

  387. Francine Trendler

    I would eat at Cardin’s Drive-In Diner, an iconic mom and pop place with car hops. Used to take the kids there – it was a special treat… I love the bacon cheeseburgers and peanutbutter milkshakes!

  388. Rachael

    Ramit, you’re awesome! What a random, AMAZING thing to do for people! NH has some great restaurants, I would definitely go to LA Burdicks, as mentioned by someone else on here, also Black Trumpet Bistro and Cava in Portsmouth, The Bedford Village Inn, then Momofuku and Gramercy Tavern in NYC, and make the rest up as I go 🙂

    Thank You!

  389. AnnaMarie R.

    I would take my kids to eat at Turtle Bread Linden Hills! We love the homemade soups, pasta and fresh baked treats there. They have homemade lemonade. My kids gobble up the Tomato Basil Soup with French Bread. Chocolate croissants and cheesecake are delicious.

  390. Joey Ridenour

    I would eat ANYTHING on the menu at “Smashburger” in San Diego. 🙂

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  392. Rob

    Taco Bell of course..mmmmmm

  393. Erin

    I’d go to Brix in Flagstaff!

  394. Ben

    Would have to be the Precinct in Cincy. Best place to eat with the lovely lady in my life.

  395. AliciaA

    My husband and I are military and through an unusual set of circumstances we are slated to live in 3 different cities over the next year (Chicago atm, and 2 yet to be determined). We would use a year of free meals out to help us explore these new places!

  396. J

    I’ll be exploring the Detroit food scene — starting with Coach Insignia! This will be perfect for experiencing all of the restaurants on my To Do list….Slow’s BBQ, Roma Cafe, Mario’s, Rodin, Vincente’s, Roast, Fishbone’s, Motor City Brewing, Green Dot Stables…..MMMmmm…

  397. Gina N.

    I live in Florida on the Treasure Coast, so I would dine at the local restaurants. It would be a really fun way to sample the different cuisines in my area, and would give a much needed boost to these “mom and pop” eateries. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  398. Mitzi Fisher

    I would get Steak and Shrimp at the beach.

  399. Katie

    I would feast at in S.F. and I would ruminate with

    Recommended wine and

    First Course
    Yellow Finn Potato Griddle Cakes with manchego, leeks and chives. Served with romesco, crème fraiche and Ecopia Farm herb salad

    Main Course
    Garlic Parsley Linguine with County Line broccoli di ciccio, early girl tomatoes, spring onions, lemon-green garlic gremolata, olive oil, grand padano

    Grilled artichokes with romesco, lemon oil and mint

    Raspberry almond cake with candied almonds and raspberry sorbet


  400. Madeline

    There are so many restaurants in New Orleans that I have yet to try, so I would pick a different one each month to eat in, if I win.

  401. Kirsten

    Would love to go out to The Kitchen (shrimp tempura poppers), Snake River Grill (best potato pancake with smoked salmon ever) + wine – or even better hire a friend of a friend who is a caterer and throw a pop-up meal for friends and family out in Grand Teton National Park.

  402. Becky

    We recently moved to Atlanta – a part of the world I’ve never been. We’re excited to try the interesting restaurants not only in ATL, but around this region.
    The first place I might go if I won is Ecco. Here’s what I’d eat:
    1 of their CA Pinot Noirs with a cheese and meat platter as an app.
    CA Malbec with Butcher steak, heirloom carrots, Fresno chili-sherry reduction, arugula
    Sticky toffee pudding & coffee.

  403. Joey Ridenour

    Dear Ramit,

    I would eat anything on the “Smashburger” menu in San Diego. 🙂

    Joey Ridenour

  404. Samantha Daleo

    I would eat at Mojitos and have Tapas and Mojitos every day 🙂

  405. Mara

    Some of these places I’ve been to, others are on my “want to try” list!
    This is a wonderful experiment! Thanks for testing it out ; )

    Chez Panisse in Berkeley
    Roman’s in Brooklyn
    Battersby in Brooklyn
    Gramercy Tavern in Manhattan
    Miyake in Portland, Maine
    Fore Street in Portland, Maine

  406. e. danls

    I recently relocated to a tourist area and have numerous restaurants to choose from I would go to the visitor’s center and ask for recommendations; therefore, trying some new taste sensations I normally wouldn’t have tried. Therefore, I will treat my newly made friends while finding outstanding environments and offerings.

    E. Danls

  407. Sambath

    Inferno’s Bistro! A great local restaurant in Winnipeg,MB.

  408. Zack

    This contest would actually go well with one of my Earn1k goals to travel once a month for an entire year using freelancing income. One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to eat the local food. This tradition started when I went on a road trip with my dad and the first two places we ate were McDonald’s and Subway. We decided for the rest of the trip we wouldn’t visit any chain restaurants… and it was a fantastic and very memorable idea!!! I don’t have specific restaurants in mind, but I think it’d be great to try a different restaurant in 12 different states.

  409. Margo Polo

    I would have brunch at the Grand Hyatt here in Doha, Qatar. This is what I would choose from the buffet:

    – fresh baked French baguette with goat cheese on top & home-made apple jam spread
    – another slice of French baguette, with butter, smoked Salmon and capers, with some lemon juice squeezed on top
    – assorted exotic fruit plate: Passion fruit, Dragon fruit, mangos, and kiwis
    – English Breakfast Tea

    mmmmm! Actually, it’s what I had last weekend 😀

  410. C Dougherty

    Stove restaurant in Portsmouth,VA. I would have whatever special the chef has concocted for the evening. Amazing talents here in this hard to find hole in the wall (and ceiling) hidden gem of a restaurant that features local produce and fish and homemade specialty items. Chef, bartender & waiters all very knowledgeable and ready to make recommendations for excellent food & wine pairings!

  411. Jarrod

    We’re moving across the country in a couple of weeks, so we’d probably use the opportunity to explore Monterey and San Francisco. Any recommendations?

  412. Betty

    My favorite is India Garden in pittsburgh. The food is amazing.

  413. Liz

    Oh I love this one, here are a few I have in mind already both new and old: Myers+Chang and Sycamore in the Boston area (special occasion places), Rasika and Pho 75 in DC (heading on vacation there next month), Toro Bravo and Tasty+Sons in Porland OR (heading there in July). Thanks.

  414. Michael N

    August in NYC would be the restaurant the first month. Start out with tarte flambé, and a cocktail. An entre of braised then wood burning oven roasted shortribs and a nice Syrah. Finish with some bourbon gelato and a glass of Sauternes. I might have to throw a few of my own dollars in but it would be worth it.

  415. Vicki

    My husband of 31 years is wanting to eat more gluten free – says he feels a whole lot better when he does. As the cook in the family, I am still researching, experimenting and trying to wrap my head around cooking gluten free. If I won Dinner for 2 for a year I would choose places with gluten free menus and have 12 more experiences. Plus I admit that I LOVE to eat out. 🙂

  416. Nat

    I would hunt for the best gluten-free pasta in NYC. So far, I love Risotteria in the West Village, but they have risotto and pizza, not pasta. I tried gluten-free penne in the East Village and it was the blandest thing ever. So I’d spend this money on finding the most delicious GF pasta in the city. 🙂

  417. neil

    i’d join new orleans’s dinner lab, an exclusive monthly pop-up kind of thing. i’d include a link, but that might seem spammy and i have no affiliation with them. (you can google it if you’re interested.)

  418. Joey Ridenour

    I would eat anything on the menu @ “Smashburger” in San Diego. 🙂

    Joey Ridenour

  419. Elena

    I would want to check out good vegan places–my family went vegan a few years ago and saved our health and lives. Going out, however, has become that much harder. I am the best cook I know, but even I need a break every now and then ;). Running a business, raising a baby and taking care of the family–all roads lead to an occasional need to get out. So, I hope this will be me 😉

  420. Kati

    I would try whichever restaurant strikes my fancy that month and eat and drink the things I normally don’t order but always wanted to check out.

  421. Margaret

    I’d eat at Vin 909. A local farm to table restaurant in my hometown of Annapolis, MD. Every bite is as savory as the next and there are only 8 tables in the whole place!

  422. Lorriz Anne

    I would take my husband to Thai food every month to relive our 1st date so we’ll never forget how we started together.

  423. Darice

    I can think of a few off the top of my head (many require a mini roadtrip to get to…definitely a bonus!): The Whole in the Wall (Binghampton, NY), Moosewood Restaurant (Ithaca, NY), The Chicago Diner (Chicago, IL), Watercourse (Denver, CO), Blackbird Pizzeria (Philadelphia, PA) …and if dinner can be dessert: Vegan Treats (Bethlehem, PA) $125 would more than feed two people at these places…we’d secretly pay for the folks at the table next to us. Pay it forward + eat it up! 😉

  424. David Lloyd-Jones

    I’ll eat at twelve different places, starting with three or four nre (to me) places in Toronto’s oldest Chinatown, on Dundas Street.

    Toronto is a very varied place, so there’s lots of opportunity for me to shop around. I’ve never eaten at a Turkish restaurant, and now I know of one I’d like to try. I *have* read a Turkish cookbook, so I’m predisposed to believe the claim that Turkeys is one of the world’s great cuisines, up there with French, the several Chinese, and the elegant Russian antipasto buffet in the world’s great eating experiences.

    WE have some good suchi restaurants ni Toronto, mosst of them, oddly, run by Korans. One, on University Avenue, will be where I eat one of Ramit’s mals: I was n there once, had one piece, which was onderful, but had to leave when I realised I’d just spent six bucks, and a meal was going to run at least a hundred. The chef is clearly an artist, and a raher odd one: rather than excelling at the traditional Japanese fish arts, he takes those for granted, and then goes on to use his skills in ways reminiscent perhaps of French modern art. Inventive, expressionistic, surprising. More adjectives to come after I win this draw and go there for a full meal.



  425. jeffery morse

    I would eat at Chili’s in yuba city ca. and would order some kind of steak dinner every night.

  426. shelly

    Here at vegas we’re blessed with good food, the ones that’s still waiting on my wish list is the nobu, Alize, and Andres, My local favorites are Maggianos, Raku and B&B restorante!

  427. Mitzi Fisher

    I would eat at Crown Sterling, I love the food and prices.

  428. Susie Wyshak

    Places I haven’t been that are on my list:
    French Laundry
    Herb Farm (Washington)
    Ad Hoc
    flour + water
    Cheeseboard Pizza…because sometimes life’s too short to skip your favorite food scene.
    For the Final Four I’d book a trip to another place, perhaps New York, and eat the town.

    Thanks for teaching me to think richly. I feel full already. 🙂

    • Ramit Sethi

      I like your choices. I had a 17-course meal at Benu before. It was a little too much. I fell asleep at the table twice!

  429. Alyssa

    I’d want to go to dinner shows! Kill two birds with one stone. BOOM.

  430. Joshua

    I’d eat at 12 different places. Personally I perfer different types of ethnic foods so I’ll probably do a turkish place, chinese place, indian place, etc and I think I would do one fancy place that rich bankers or whatever frequent.

  431. Lisa Fine

    Mint Restaurant. It’s a vegetarian place in Waitsfield, Vermont, and it’s where my fiance took me the night he proposed. (Well, we went snowshoeing when he proposed to me, and we went out to Mint that night.) I’d love to take him there this time.

  432. Mel Larsen

    I would take a tour of the restaurant’s of Boston’s South End: Masa, Toro, and Stella would be highlights!

  433. Joshua Roebuck

    The first place I would probably go to would be your standard national franchise restaurant and order their 2 for $20 special. Then I’d leave the rest as a tip just to feel like a real boss. (what? You’re not covering the tip?)

    OK, so then I would use the opportunity to take my wife to unexplored restaurants. Preferably exotic as possible so she doesn’t like the food and I get 2 expensive meals to eat. Definitely need steak, seafood, and bacon.

  434. Maggie Smith

    There are so many lovely restaurants in my town. I love great food!! I’d probably pick Towne Plaza or the Cooks House!!! Thanks!

  435. Deborah

    Viva Mexican Grill in Wayland, MA – the guacamole with cactus and the vegetarian Chilles Rellenos!

  436. Patrick

    Hundred Acres in NYC. Forget the meal, just give me the bread pudding for dessert and a few of their awesome cocktails. OK, pull my arm. I’d take anything on the menu because it’s always awesome!

  437. Anna

    Hello Ramit,

    Thanks for the opportunity to indulge! I would try out 12 different restaurants, the first would have to be The Swiss Inn for the Panfish Special, 1 full pound of fresh caught bluegill and perch…Yum!!

    Good Luck to All!

  438. Tania

    I like PFChangs & Red Robin – nice to go with the whole family 🙂

  439. Blanca

    Oh wow, this is a great contest idea. My husband and I love to eat at LA restaurants, (and yes my husband takes pictures to then show our families) and we have a list a mile long of places we haven’t yet gone! Since we live in SoCal and have family up in NorCal we would do 5 north and 5 south and then 2 in Vegas. We’ll probably revisit a couple too!
    Firstly we’d go to (LA):
    Mori Sushi (re-visit)
    SAAM (see how it compares to Bazaar)

    Then (NorCal):
    Meadowood (revisit where my husband proposed as I don’t remember much!)
    Michael Mina (will go even if I don’t win)
    Ad-Hoc (re-visit)

    Las Vegas:
    Nobu (would be nice to compare to the one in LA)

    Thanks for having me actually write down the mental list I had been carrying around!

  440. Nicole


    I’d probably first try Whisknladle in San Diego. I hear it’s pretty delicious and it was San Diego Magazines 2013 Best Farm to Table winner. I’m pretty big on support local restaurants with an interesting take on food.

    They have this supper club concept where twice a month, for two days, 12 strangers gather around a table and proceed to eat anything that the chef makes for them. It sounds freaking awesome. The idea of meeting new people and eating delicious food sounds like a fun adventure to me.

    If you are in SD, you should check them out.

  441. Kelly

    Mmmmmm—the hubs & I would go to our favorite little thai & sushi spot–get a little sushi, and some beef udon extra spicy, maybe some green curry with some fish & veggies, some coconut soup! Yummmmm-oooo

    Or we may go to our favorite French joint, Bistro Niko:) start with some escargot with the yummy garlic-butter stuff you dip the bread in. Grrrrr…and some yummy wine, maybe some steak & frites–or some beef bourgeon. Shit, I’m hungry now:-/

  442. Kelly

    Oooooo, and there’s this restaurant in Atlanta called Seed- I haven’t been yet but I’ve heard lots of great things and the menu looks heavenly:)))!!!
    Right up my alley!

  443. Kelly

    Ooooo, and I will go to this awesome little Latin-Asian fusion place in Marietta that I LOVE! Taqueria Tsunami! BEST FISH TACOS ON THE PLANET!

  444. Ashley Jones

    I would eat at Hal’s steak house in Atlanta and I would definitely get a filet mignon with some sides and a nice bottle of wine for the table 🙂

  445. jacqueline

    I would use it for dinner when i visit my best friend in greece! she quit her job and is traveling, and i cant wait to see her and go to eat amazing greek food. we are both foodies.

  446. Mitzi Fisher

    If I won I would eat at New London Steak House. I would order Prime Rib 🙂
    Yum Yum!

  447. Ryan

    We would eat a giant sushi boat complete with copious amounts of saki bombs and have a great time doing it!

  448. Allison

    When I met my boyfriend, one of the first things he showed me was a haggard tattered list of his favorite restaurants that he keeps in his wallet. I thought it was a cute quirky characteristic to carry around a paper list of restaurants these days.

    We’ve been dating for a couple of years now, and we’ve been able to visit some of those restaurants together. If I won, I’d bring him along to dinner, and we would work through as much of that list as we could!

  449. Dave

    I would first off like to try this little mon and pop family place called Cafe Savour here in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

    If I win I’ll probably take 12 different people and since I intend to do some traveling in the next 12 months, perhaps crowd source where to try based on where I’m at. Since I frequently travel alone perhaps ill take a twitter follower in that city or something randomish to make new friends and adventures! Oh and film it:)


  450. Amanda

    I’m a huge food lover and being new to the Denver area, I’d make a list of top 12 best gourmet, farm-to-table restaurants in the area. And I’d make a night of it including a bottle of wine, appetizers through coffee and desert and not feel a tinge of guilt!

  451. Carlyn Shaw

    Having lived at the beach for the past 9 years, I miss the numerous sushi spots. Now that I live in Denver, the best spot by far is Sushi Den… and I could eat there every day (If I could afford it) 🙂

  452. Geoff

    In Boston (Brookline) I’d go to some local favorites: Anna’s Taqueria, Rod Dee and Washington Sq Tavern. All are affordable, so I’d take the whole family, inlaws, extended family.

  453. Sue Donarski

    I’d take my honey to every local, non-chain, restaurant in town.

  454. Billy

    I want to try out every single restaurant in Boston (well all the popular one anyways). And maybe head to new york for a michelin starred restaurant.

  455. Denise

    I travel to Albuquerque New Mexico about once a month and love the following restaurants: Artichoke Cafe for great steaks and seafood dishes. Excellent wine selection. Also Two Fools Irish Pubs Great Fish and Chips and the best scotch, beer and Irish Whiskey selections. Savoy for great Starks and wines. Recently discovered Torinos at Home has great Italian food. And a great French cafe near the Century 24 movie Theatres the service is great as well as the food; Trout Amandine is my favorite.

  456. ellory

    Pooja’s Garlic Naan and Chicken Jal Frozi

  457. Bhishma Donnelly

    Concord cake from Blackbird Restaurant in Chicago. Nom nom nom nom.

  458. Shawna

    The Alembic in San Francisco. My boyfriend and I have a standing date there once a month. Though the mains rotate out seasonally, they always have pork belly sliders and jerk spiced duck hearts as appetizers and to quench your thirst, local craft brews and both old and new school cocktails. Yum!×471.jpg

  459. Jenny Shaw

    We would eat at least twice at Restaurant Zoe in Seattle – fresh, seasonal foods prepared in unusual ways – and then I’d start going through new restaurants that I haven’t tried and ordering something completely new each time. I tend to always eat what I know I’ll like, since I figure if I’m paying for it, I should get something that’s a guaranteed win.

  460. Linda Cronan

    I would go to La Tuna here in my area, best burgers around!!

  461. E T

    I want to invite my hero/lifesaver to Per Se in NYC. After graduating college in September 2012, I moved to NYC with my 2 suitcases. After a few months of unemployment, I ran out of money and became homeless.
    N saved me and sheltered me for a month. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
    Even though I’m now employed, I don’t make enough money yet to dine at a 3-star Michelin restaurant.
    I would love to be able to show my gratitude by inviting N to her dream restaurant – sponsored by you 🙂

    PS: I should probably take your dream job course – but I currently cannot afford it.

  462. Tara

    I’d eat at Indika in Houston – it’s French-Indian fusion… just like me!

  463. Erin Johnson-pina

    I love the Olive Garden, AppleBees and Legal Seafood. Shrimp, lobster, pasta and grilled chicken are my favs!

  464. Joanie

    I NEED some god seafood!! I miss being down south!!

  465. Noel

    I would go to Flying Fish in Seattle- The Wok Blackened Albacore sounds outstanding.

  466. janie

    I’d split the 12 dinners between Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge and Purple Cafe & Wine Bar (both in Seattle). I would order many appetizers (the names of which I do and do NOT recognize), some gourmet greens, maybe an entree, numerous decadent desserts, and the best pairing wines available.

  467. A.

    If I WON, it would be a fantastic and really awesome Birthday gift to myself. I would dine at the best Michelin-rated restaurants. A light, yet healthy meal – on the ‘Vegan’ side. The Manor in West Orange or any of NYC’s finest restaurants. Each meal must include an avocado!

  468. jamie horne

    simply put to taco bell its just cheap thats all!!!!

  469. Samuel C.

    In Austin, you should eat at Uchi, Uchiko, Salty Sow, Noble Pig, Barley Swine, Roaring Forks, Green Pastures, The Salt Lick, Franklin’s, Hopdoddy’s, Guero’s, Hopfields, Contigo, Blue Star, Ho Ho Chinese BBQ, Siena, P. Terry’s, Chuy’s, or Maggiano’s–among others. There are a ton of great restaurants in Austin.

  470. erica bag

    im waiting to hear the winner. i would head straight to San Diego for good cuisine since there is nothing but chain restaurants here in Yuma