Win a year of personal training

Ramit Sethi

Deadlifting 2x my body weight @ 320lbs

 Yes, I’m giving away free personal training with a personal trainer for a year. I’ll pay up to $5,000 for the winner to get 1-on-1 coaching (and get in the shape of your dreams).

  • Want to lose 25 lbs?
  • Gain muscle? (This was my goal when I started training)
  • Just look better in your clothes?

A lot of you know how I’m 5’11” and used to weigh 127 lbs. Yes, I had the body of a supermodel — a female supermodel.

So over the last few years, I learned how to eat better and work out the right way. I had illusion after illusion shattered (that I would need to do tons of cardio…that I shouldn’t eat before I work out…that a “skinny Indian guy” could never gain weight like those big white guys).

Truthfully, out of all the business and personal successes of last year, that picture above makes me most proud. I shouldn’t be able to do that. If I had pursued the default route of my life, I would have gotten good at some engineering position, taken a nice 9-5 job, and kept thinking of myself as a skinny Indian guy wearing ill-fitting polo shirts. That picture took work.

But now that I defied the default, I know most of the other challenges I face are easy.

There are 3 things I love about working out with a trainer:

  1. I don’t have to think. Unlike business, where there are an infinite number of possibilities, with a trainer, I walk into the gym, do what he tells me, and I see results.

  2. I see connections to real life all the time. When I started lifting heavy dumbbells to work my chest, I eventually plateaued. Why? Not because my chest couldn’t handle it. Because my wrists were weak. The lesson: In any field, the more advanced you get, the more your smallest vulnerabilities will be magnified. Moving to advanced levels means diagnosing and fixing the most minute weaknesses.

  3. I changed my own psychology. I used to read interviews with successful CEOs and literally 100% of them said, “The first thing I do in the morning is work out.” I skipped right over that section and went into their favorite productivity app or stupid tactic. Only later did I realize why. I used to think I wasn’t the kind of guy that works out. Part of this is cultural — Indian people don’t really work out — and part of it was my limiting beliefs. Now that I realize how much work goes into this, when I see someone who’s better at it me, I don’t just say, “Oh, they were born with it.” I appreciate the work they put in.

All of that is great if you’re a weirdo like me. But let’s be honest. Most of us just want to lose some damn weight.

So I’m making it easy. I’m paying up to $5,000 for you to hire the trainer of your choice for a full year.

All you do is show up, do what he says, and get the body (and mind) you want. All part of living a rich life.

Click here to enter now.

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  1. KWu

    My fitness goal would be to complete a pull-up! I’ve never been able to do pull-ups at all and I’d like to actually develop upper body strength finally.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Love this goal. I have so many friends who say, “I’m a girl…I could never do a pullup.” But they can. It will take about 6-12 months of hard work, but yes, you can do it!

    • Cindy

      I also had the same goal, and I finally achieved it, so yes, it is possible. After doing “pre-pull-up” strengthening exercises (about 3 months time), I was able to do a pull-up and chin-up on my own, from bent arms. But I wanted to do a pull-up and chin-up from a dead hang (i.e., arms straight). I remember trying and trying, and I couldn’t get over the “hump”.

      Continuing with my training, I eventually worked my way (in 3 months time) to a pull-up and chin-up from a dead hang. Here is a resource that I found very helpful in conquering the pull-up:

    • Wendy

      Love this!!

  2. Steven

    I’ll use this to get into honeymoon shape!

  3. Rob

    I’ve always been the little guy my whole life. At gym class in school, at company volleyball tournaments, and even at family reunions. I’ve always been good in academics but at the gym, I have no clue what i’m doing. I’ve dreamt of being more muscular but could never justify paying so much for a personal trainer. I’d love to finally have one and get the body I always wanted.

  4. Nina

    My fitness goal is to be able to run 5km so I can p articipate in races.

  5. Reece

    I would use this to increase my muscular endurance, and increase my cardio ability to handle high altitude so that I can trek and climb in the Andes later this year.

  6. John

    To be able to go for a run with my daughter in one of those runner’s strollers and to get rid of the gut I carry around with me

    • Ramit Sethi

      This is adorable (the first part)

  7. John

    To be able to go for a run with my daughter in one of those runner’s strollers and to get rid of the gut I carry around with me

  8. Rob

    Remain healthy and continue to gain wisdom from mentors who can accelerate my progress towards adding 40lbs of lean mass and stepping on stage at 180lbs within 5 years.

    Ramit, the plan is in place and ready for you to sign-off on it… I’m off to train legs.

  9. Shannon

    My fitness goal? Losing 30lbs. I want to build up my endurance and look better in clothes. I want to be STRONG again.

  10. Shannon

    Lose fat and gain muscle and endurance.

    My long term goal is to run a marathon, but first I need to get back into shape and reshape my body and eating habits.

  11. Akash

    After training since August 2013, I can already
    – run 5km without loosing breath
    – perform in-house weight-less training for 40+minutes
    – lost from 83kg to 73kg

    But I’m still pot-bellied.

    So now, I want to become R-I-P-P-E-D.

    Enough said.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Good job! Keep it up.

    • Steve

      Most fit people with pot-bellies – like I used to be – have bad posture. Stand up straight, shoulders back (a bit), suck it in (a bit), hold it. It’s not cheating, it’s how you’re supposed to be. 🙂

  12. Jillian

    Three years ago I was 20 kilos overweight and incredibly unfit but with the help of a trainer I got into the best shape of my life. Now I’m due to have my first baby and not looking forward to having to regain my fitness AGAIN. But I’m determined to do it and I know how much having the right trainer will help.

    My fitness goal is to get back to my half marathon PR within 18 months but this time around I plan to take the time to develop my running form properly so I don’t injure myself in the process!

    • Jesse

      Hell yeah! I hate running, but you know how they say “what you hate most is also probably what you need most”? Because of that, one of my goals is to try sprinting to see how I like it. Max-effort running seems like it will be fun. Maybe someday I’ll decide to do a half marathon like you.

  13. Rajeev Bhatia

    Hi Ramit,

    My name is Rajeev Bhatia and I am a 5ft 10.5in guy who lives in Mumbai and weighs 82 kg(180 pounds). My weight had reached a high of 106 kg(233 pounds) and I had been overweight/obese for most of my life till about 3.25 years back. I had made some progress before that but I had graduated and started work 6 months back and found my health deteriorating badly at my desk job. I weighed 100 kg(220 pounds) then but was probably in the worst shape of my life.
    I stepped into a gym one evening and have never looked back since. In my 3.25 year journey I have lost around 18 kg(40 pounds) which is not a stellar number but I have done it all by my own.
    I have also run a couple of half marathons along the way and have badly screwed up my knee a year back using a combination of running/cycling/heavy squatting/deadlifting.
    Because of this I am very limited in the workouts I can do which are now mostly upper body stuff and I miss running/squatting/deadlifting like hell. I have also plateaud over the last 4-5 months and I feel like I am stuck in a rut.
    Experienced and quality advice is very hard/expensive to come by in Mumbai and I have visited quite a few “specialists” but my knee has not got better. I hope I will eventually get over my problems if I keep going by myself.

    However If I was chosen as the winner of your “Year of personal training” contest, I know I could save myself a lot of time/agony, visit a well known running rehabilitation facility in Bangalore, get my knee in order and finally accomplish my goal of reaching my target weight and more than that of being a healthy individual and not just a guy who lost weight but harmed himself in the process.

    I really appreciate you doing this and I hope I win.


    • Monika

      You are lucky to be in India. Contact Kottakal Arya Vaidya Sala (branches in Mumbai as well) and get treatment. They are really good. It will take a little time, and effort – including diet restrictions. But if you can stick to it for some time, you will be a happier and healthier person. All the best!

  14. Jesse

    I was 150.25lbs (at that weight, every fraction counts). I read and read and hit the gym, but never seemed to gain weight.

    Eventually, I wised up and got a coach, and gained 22(!!!!)lbs in a year. I remember looking in the mirror and thinking to myself, “This is so much easier than I was making it out to be.” I strongly STRONGLY encourage anyone trying to get fit to enlist the help of a legit trainer. Self-education can only do so much before you have to get leverage on yourself to progress.

    My fitness goal is now to improve my functional muscle and athleticism. For example, I want to do a handstand for 15s, push myself over a wall with only my upper-body, and start a sprinting program.

    • Ramit Sethi

      I agree. Getting a trainer has been one of the top 3 investments I’ve made in the last 5 years.

  15. Satvik

    My fitness goal is to be able to run 5 miles without getting exhausted.

  16. Brett

    Thank you Ramit – what a great idea and wonderful gift.

    I would use the training to get as strong and fit as possible for surfing, so that I am able to use my body to do the same moves that I can see in my mind’s eye.

  17. Adam

    First, you’re a genius marketer Ramit. Goals; backflip and 6 pack. Be an interesting twist to an already interesting adventure in Japan. Cheers

  18. Marc

    Losing 15 pounds, and gaining arm and back strength

  19. Patrick

    My current fitness goal will be to Snatch 135 lbs. I do Crossfit and this is one of the core movements. I got my 1st Muscle Up last weekend, so this is next on my list. To do this I need to work on my overhead squat and shoulder mobility. Little by little every day and I will get there.

  20. Joelle

    My goal will be to enter my first crossfit competition. I started a few months ago but progress is slow (my upper back muscles are weaker than ‘normal’ due to them not developing properly when I was younger, and I have asthma). It’s frustrating being the slowest and weakest in the class.

    • Joelle

      Ah I see I’m not actually eligible – I’m in South Africa.

    • Steven

      Also not able to enter I noticed after entering, too bad. With enough and proper training, no asthma will stop you. As I speak of experience. Be sure to checkout Buteyko breathing, also checkout Bass Rutten’s O2 trainer, its based on the same principle as the Buteyko training, coming from a world champion with asthma and also Pavel Tsatsouline and Scott Sonnen for effective training programs.

  21. Elliot

    I’d like to hire an Olympic coach to increase my power output and also allow me to deadlift 200 kg. I will do this anyway, but I know I’d get there faster with a coach!

    Having to buy new pants because of the increase in mass on your thighs is a good feeling.

  22. Mike

    Goal is to lower my half marathon time to under 2 hours. Also, to get back to the fitness level I was at in college, to help me boost my confidence and energy levels.

  23. Rory

    My goal is to increase my mobility while getting all-round more badass, from both a fitness and a psychological standpoint.

    More quantifiable maybe? A 1.5x BW, ass-to-grass, picture perfect squat, and a picture perfect overhead squat of any weight. They would signify huge increases in my mobility, as well as probably serious strength and muscle gains.

  24. Robert

    I have already lost a bunch of weight and I am totally committed to hitting my goal — which means losing exactly another 25 pounds. Having a personal trainer could help me meet that goal. It would really help!

  25. Sven

    Now training for the Antwerp 10-mile run, and with the trainer I would like to add more muscle. You know, six-pack, broad shoulders… the works!

  26. Shane

    I’d like to finally drop to 175 lbs or so. I’ve struggled with weight issues since I was a kid and need that extra push and guidance to continue on down from my weightloss plateau.

  27. Betsy

    I’d like to lose 10 lbs, and reposition another 10 lbs of existing weight into muscle. Ultimate goal: to reclaim the body I had at 25. After 7 years and 3 kids, I’m 10 lbs and a lot of hard work away.

  28. Logan

    I’ve always wanted to have the kind of conditioning that proffessional fighters have. I would train to be able to step into the ring MMA-style for 3x3min rounds. The test at the end of the year would be get into the ring and fight just one real fight, just to know that I could.

  29. Dennis

    Ramit, I have taken your free advice and started building myself up. Going from 0 chin ups, to 3×5 (ok, 5 is not a lot, but to me, that’s a big achievement….for now…) was a huge thing for me.

    That’s the same with weights. I started doing chest free weights at 15kg per side to 27.5kg now. All I did was to stop with my excuses and create a routine for myself.

    So after I started building myself up, I wanted to lose weight. I’ve started a little diet, started doing cardio, and my goal is to get better tones as well as going from 81kg to 75kg (I am 176cm tall).

  30. Nazilea

    My fitness goal is be able to do pull-ups ,to have beautifully shaped-trained legs and a straight trained back.
    I want very much to bring more sunshine in my life by changing something at least, to change my mind about sports and to become an example for others, to motivate them through my example.

    Thank you

  31. zachary

    I want to gain enough weight to where my collar bone isn’t the biggest feature of my upper body.

    • Sambailey

      Oddly enough my goal is to be able to see my collarbones.

  32. NVan

    My goal is to lose the last 20 pounds (after ditching 60 in the past year) and build strong muscles and bones to avoid osteoporosis like all the women in my family before me.

  33. Angela

    I want to become fit enough to complete tough mudder!

  34. Alexandru

    My fitness goal si to be able to do 20 pull-ups and run 50 meters in under 7 seconds. May not sound that ambitious but I have never been able to do these things: I am at 15 pull-ups now and something like 7.4 sec.
    Hopefully this will show in my belly circumference as well 🙂

  35. RK

    Fitness goal: be more consistent and get results; I’ve given up because I didn’t see results (which is stupid). I want to get back, get results, and get motivated.

  36. Philip

    I’m going to Iceland for several weeks of back-country backpacking. I’ll need to lose 40 lbs to make that a reality.

  37. Jessica

    My fitness goal is to strengthen my core, back, and shoulders so I can stop slouching. I’ve been told countless times that my slouch is unattractive and makes me look less professional and authoritative at my job. If I want to be taken seriously, I need to get in shape and gain some muscle on my weak, slouchy, skinny body. The problem is, I haven’t been able to commit to strength training because I don’t know how to properly use weights myself and a trainer isn’t in my budget. Help me, Ramit!

  38. Rahul

    My goal is to get back into shape and do a 5k, then a tri and to get into shape for my wedding.

  39. Hank

    I’m a 47 year-old who has been an athlete my whole life. I’ve recently had my first child, and with her, and work..I’m now in the worst shape of my life. As you know, to be a top performer in both of those fields I need to be in the best shape of my life. That’s my goal…to be in the best shape of my life, for my daughter, career, and my mental health.. I don’t need to be huge, or fast, or win competitions…just super fit.


  40. MrsKruse

    I’ve lost 15 lbs this year already, but my body fat is still crazy high despite being within a normal BMI range. So my goal is to get within that 21-24% body fat percentage that is considered “fitness”…we’re ready to start a family, but I know that I need to be at the top of my game fitness wise before I start incubating a human being!

  41. David

    Abs when I sit down, and no grab-able love handles.

  42. Michelle

    I have extra weight. I want and need to be more active. A trainer will keep me on the right track. I am hoping to start loving the routine of exercising. Exercise will allow my body to release endorphines, which translates in happy thoughts.

  43. Anne

    I had 3 children in 2 1/2 years, work full time, and have a ton of stress on the home front. Taking care of myself has fallen off the radar completely. I used to be healthy: ate right, exercised, etc. but it’s all gotten away from me. My goal is to increase my energy to keep up with 3 little boys, and be a role model of healthy living for them. More specifically, I would like to lose 25 pounds in 3 months!

  44. Tony

    For me it has been more psychological when it comes to working out. I would go like gangbusters to reach a certain level then I would plateau then I would stop. I would get to certain point where my like was going well then my eating habits would fall off and then my trips to the gym would fall off. then I would wonder why I couldn’t lift the chair when I was able to before without help. I want to break through this repeating cycle and keep going, having a trainer I think would help break through this.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  45. Kathryn

    I’m a high school teacher and just launched a fitness challenge with my students. Our class challenge has six events inspired by the air force academy fitness test. I’d like to be able to accomplish four or more of these fitness targets alongside my students (timed situps, timed pushups, pullups, bball throw, 7 minute mile run, sprint etc.)

  46. Vern

    You are never too old to live a full and healthy life, or for that matter to renew yourself! I am 71 years old and want to get back with my trainer 2X a week. Thank you.

  47. Wendy

    My fitness goal is to get the right training to craft my perfect body. Everyone I see with a personal trainer goes from good to great, and I want that too! I’m fit but have some areas, mechanics, and flexibility points that are stubborn- I want I break through.

  48. Clara

    I used to be of that same mentality. ‘I wasn’t born fit.’ ‘I could never be like that’ yada yada but about three years ago I bought myself some trainers and went for a run. Now i could hardly make it down the street the first time but since then fitness has become a huge part of my life. I run marathons (mini ones but still) I love the gym and try and make at least two classes a week and I cycle an hour every day to and from work. It has transformed my life. I would love a personal trainer to help me set goals and achieve them. To build up my fitness level in places i need it and tone up and lose weight. That would be a dream come true!! Thanks

  49. Carolyn

    For the last 6 months, I have been training for my first half marathon in February (I also ran my first 5K and 10K.) If I had a personal trainer, I would like to become faster (maybe average a 9 min/mile; I have been running a little under a 10 min mile) and would like some cross training guidance. I also started taking yoga classes and would like to be able to do a head stand and hand stand.

  50. Mike

    My goal in working with a trainer would be to strengthen my “weakest links.” Specifically, I would want to pack on 15 to 20 lbs of muscle, be able to do 25 consecutive pull ups, deadlift 400+ lbs, and benchpress 250 lbs. This last one has always been a lingering goal, and while I’ve been close a couple times, I’ve never quite made it. Working with a trainer would push me over the top for sure.

    One thing though, I want to do all that and still be able to run a 25 minute 5k.

  51. Rita

    My fitness goal is to lose 30lbs and finally get fit.
    I’ve been fighting my way down and I still have these lbs to lose.

  52. Rich

    My goal is to do 100 consecutive pushups.

  53. Leanne Chesser

    I’ve been wanting to lose 20 pounds and get into awesome shape for a while now. I’ve worked through limiting beliefs and emotional eating habits over the last year and I started building better exercise habits. I want the support and expertise of a personal trainer so that I can reach my goals.

  54. Mei

    To lose belly fat and to build up abs.

  55. EK

    My goal is to finally learn the proper way to use all of the equipment in the gym. (Also general health/fitness/strength-building). I think if I can become comfortable in a gym it will be easier to go.

    • Ramit Sethi

      This was a huge one for me, too. Walking into a gym where you don’t know how to use the machines = you go back to what you know. Doing the same old thing gets so boring.

  56. LC

    Ha! My immediate goal would be to get back into my favorite pair of jeans from college.

    My true goal, however would be to be inspired to keep working out/paying for a trainer even after the year is up. Right now, I make excuses about how I “can’t afford it.” But if you kickstarted me for a year, I’m hoping I’d be too hooked to go back to my old lifestyle!

  57. Bill

    I’d like to put on about 20 lbs of muscle. I was about 160 lbs, 6’1″ when I graduated school. I got into weight training by myself and managed to get up to 180lbs. I think with the help of a trainer, I’d be able to put on another 20 lbs. of muscle, then work on getting ripped.

  58. Amanda

    If I win, or even if I don’t I’m looking to start a commitment to going to the gym at least 4 days a week. In the past I had gotten up to 3 pull ups and lost all those gains for no good reason except laziness. I had a project that jumpstarted my original ability to do a pull up and I feel that having someone else to be accountable toward would jumpstart my goals again to be able to do 20 pull ups and gain muscle. I feel that I don’t use weights as much as I want to because I thinking I’m lifting incorrectly and a trainer would be able to alleviate these fears and push me to my limits.

  59. Mub

    If I won Ramit’s PT contest, at the end of year one: my BMI would go down to 15% again and I’d be running at a 5:30 pace.

  60. Tim

    My fitness goal would be to do the ‘flagpole’ move.

  61. Awa

    My goal is to lose 25 pounds and to be able to run nonstop for more than 5 mins. I eat super healthy but exercising has always been challenging for me, with a personal trainer I will simply do as he/she says.

  62. Evan

    I have found that when I am in top physical condition that I am also in my peak mental state. My fitness goal is to create my ideal body/health in order to improve my life socially, mentally, spiritually and have an all around DAMN good life!

  63. Joshua Q

    I’ve been following Ramit for about a year now. I have his book, and read each email I get. However, it wasn’t until about two months ago that I took a hard look at where I was in life and decided I needed a change for the better. So far, I’ve landed a far better job than I’ve ever had with plenty of room for growth, and lost about 10 pounds with a healthier diet. Now, I have a very small assortment of home gym stuff, but I’ve never been an active man and find it difficult to schedule a workout routine with the new full-time job. As my financial goal is to pay off what debt I have, there’s nothing to budget for a personal trainer. If I were to win, I know that the dedication and perseverance I put into the structure and support of my trainer will provide results beyond anything I’ve had in my life. Improved self image, muscle tone, and a healthier body would all increase my self worth, and be a springboard to ever loftier goals in work and life. Thank you for this chance, Ramit, and best of luck to us all! -Josh Q

  64. Dan

    I want to be able to run the big 25k located in my hometown every year.

  65. Alani

    My goal is to increase my endurance for distance running. I also really need to start finding ways and effective exercises to strengthen my back, and doing a pull-ups, which has eluded me for many years, is definitely on the list as well!

  66. Marie

    I’d like to blaze a trail for the over 45’s and show them that fitness and a great body is possible at any age!

  67. Alexandre

    My fitness goal would be to get in shape for reaching new competitive levels at golf and tennis.

  68. Molly

    My fitness goal would be to run a half marathon. I have had some foot problems so I would want to overcome those with some muscle training and then get on my feet and run.

  69. Leland

    My fitness goals are to complete a sprint triathlon, fly out of safety lines in trapeze, and audition for American Ninja Warrior. They’re lofty goals of strength and endurance, but I know they’ll come with the right systems in place — and maybe a trainer to help along the way!

  70. Lavni

    I’ve always wanted to be one of those people that can run marathons for charity – being fit enough to do a 10K would be amazing! (And of course this includes the more selfish goal of initially losing 8kg to reach my ideal weight and most importantly, MAINTAINING the weight loss)

  71. VH

    My goal is to lose 25 lbs so I can proudly stand by my friend as a bridesmaid and focus on her instead of how self conscious I feel. It would allow me to enjoy so many more opportunities to have the increased confidence that comes with feeling good about oneself!

  72. Lauren

    My fitness goal is to lose 50 pounds this year. That would improve my health and stop my Indian doctor from giving me that great look of disappointment when I get weighed at my check ups. My family has a terrible history of diabetes so if I could accomplish this goal it would in essence be saving my life as well.

  73. Sarah

    I’d like to cultivate a healthier lifestyle, & learn how to lift in a way that is safe for my body, taking into account some previous injuries.

  74. Howard

    I play lots of contact sports – soccer, rugby, kickboxing – and at 5ft8 I’ve always been the fast little guy. It’s great because you’re always the hardest to catch, but once you’re caught, it hurts! My fitness goal is simply to build full body size and strength, while keeping that agility and explosiveness I have now.

  75. Jeff

    I’ve always been a little overweight. I’ve lost 30lbs through eating better. I want to lose my belly fat and get some definition in my abs.

  76. Heather G.

    I would love to just be stronger over all and not have to make ten trips carrying my groceries in. I’d also actually like to become a runner. I’ve always wanted to do those cool running races Color Run and you come out looking like a rainbow! 🙂

  77. EmTier

    I have been working out regularly for the past year or so (which I’m very proud of) but still have few milestones I want to cross off my fitness list: being able to do 10 “real” pushups, running a 5k in 30 min or less, being able to do a pull-up (shout out to KWU), and developing arms worthy of a tattoo (or two :)) Thank you for the opportunity and motivation!

  78. Kris

    My fitness goal is to actually see the 6 pack that I know is hiding under some extra flesh. I know it’s there because I used to see it back in the day…

  79. Deborshi Seal

    My fitness goal is to get between 5% and 7% body fat and weigh no less than 165 lbs. Metrics that guarantee I’ll be in my best shape ever. 🙂

  80. SO

    I will be looking for my next job from Summer 2015. My mother has put “The Fear” into me that unfit people (specifically, women) receive fewer interview invitations and fewer job offers than do more athletic-looking candidates. I don’t want to find out if she’s right!

  81. Amanda

    After two kids and three years of being either pregnant or recently pregnant, I want my body back. I recently got back into circuit training and rowing. I can do it, but a trainer will push me to make it happen quicker.

  82. Molly

    To learn how to use weights properly and which weights to use for my body. I practice yoga a few times a week but would would like to add strength training to my workout rotations.

  83. HeidiW

    I would take advantage of expert coaching to rebuild my core after giving birth to two sons. I need more than just cardio and sit-ups to deal with this. I need guidance, and to have someone help me define a goal for myself (i.e. how many inches should I lose in what time frame/what should my target weight be?).

  84. jb

    I would like to be able to do a forearm stand (yoga pose).

  85. Stuart

    I’ve lost 40 lbs. already, but have plateaued over the past 2 years.

    My goals are:
    Short term – run a 5k without walking (I’m 4 weeks into my training program for this)
    Medium term – Lose 20 lbs to get below my pre-marriage weight and run an entire half-marathon alongside my wife
    Long-term – have the systems in place to keep my weight and fitness routine in check

    The reason I want to accomplish these goals is to show my 3 boys (aged 11, 4 and 10 months) that anyone can be fit and healthy.

  86. Lily

    I want to be able to bench press more than the bar!

    • Ramit Sethi

      This is an awesome goal and I know exactly what you mean. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t lift more than the bar in junior high school. It was embarrassing. Now, years later (and after working with a trainer), my last bench press PR was 250.

      You can do it!! Keep me updated.

  87. David

    To turn my pasty welsh winger’s body into a pasty welsh outside centre. Increased lifting leading to increased morning focus on work, in turn leading to making the move to develop a local social care business idea. Rugby and money combined!

  88. Alex

    Simple goal, make a wow! statement in every room i get in, simple as that.

  89. Robert

    I want to lose 30 lbs and get back in shape. I injured my shoulder and had rotator cuff surgery so I have a lot of work to do not having been able to work out for a while.

  90. Gina

    I am currently 5 months pregnant, so my fitness goal is to not gain 50lbs like I did with my last pregnancy. As I’ve always been the “bigger girl” growing up, so the year of a personal trianer would assist me in getting to where I’ve wanted to be my whole life, especially after having had two kids!

    • Gina

      Please don’t judge me for my horrible typos. 😉

  91. Tomas

    There are several fitness goals for me:
    – strict muscle-up for reps
    – front lever hold for 5 seconds
    – full planche hold for 5 seconds
    – deadlift 2.5x my bodyweight (that would be about 235 kg/518 lbs)

    That’s quite a lot, but then – why set small goals?

    • Ramit Sethi

      Aggressive goals. This is awesome.

  92. Aivy

    I used to run 10ks and half marathons when I had a less demanding job. My son, who was just a toddler at the time, would usually accompany me on my training runs. Now that I have a more demanding job AND have gone back to school I have significantly less time, but my fitness goal – once I get the time management down pat – is to start training again. My son is now 6 and wants to run a race with mommy when he’s older. I don’t want to let him down.

  93. Kevin

    Big-picture goal, I’d love to lose about 50 lbs. Smaller goal, I’d like to be able to do 40 pushups on my 40th birthday!

    • K

      Actually, scratch that. Those are silly goals.
      You’re offering to provide a personal trainer at great expense to yourself.
      Why should I play small ball if you’re willing to commit that much to MY improvement?
      Here we go:
      1. Lose at LEAST 50 lbs (I’m 280 now);
      2. Get my BF% into the normal range, preferably into the low end;
      3. Be able to make a passing grade on the US Army Physical Fitness Test. I’m not in the military, but I figure that’s a good standard to meet.
      4. I’d like to be able to bench press 1.5X my body weight (obviously not my current weight);

      I suppose those are good starters. Of course, once those are met, I can come up with better ones. 🙂

  94. Vedran Ruzic

    RAMIT SETHI ON FEBRUARY 10TH, 2014I agree. Getting a trainer has been one of the top 3 investments I’ve made in the last 5 years

    Ramit, would you mind sharing the other two investments from your top 3? Unless they are personal of course.


  95. Mr8950

    I will get back to my pre-baby weight and give my supermodel friends an image to fear and respect.

  96. Pete

    After 2 knee surgeries, and 2 bad shoulders, i want to figure out how to really work out the correct way for my body. Not because I want to look fabulous, but because I want to counteract age (I’m 53), and get stronger for myself, my wife, and my eventual grandkids. I want to be that grandfather who can do anything with the grandkids. Not to mention my son-in-law is doing an Ironman, and I’d like to be able to do something with him, without embarrassing myselrf

  97. Ed Lucas

    1. Lose 50 lbs
    2. Run my second marathon (1st was 4 yrs ago 35 lbs lighter)
    3. Fit back into 34 waist dress pants

  98. Karen

    My goal is to decrease body fat by 3% (from about 25%) and to increase muscle by 3% (from 29%). With $1000, I could do this in 6 months.
    Now drop and give me 20!!

  99. Alexis

    I want to be a top 10% finisher in my age group at the Spartan Beast. Last year I trained hard and just made it into the top 30% so this would be a big jump up. Doing this will require a number of things:
    – Running a sustainable (5 mile +) 8 minute mile
    – Substantially improving grip strength
    – Ability to do 40-50 consecutive pushups
    – Lift my own body weight

  100. Morgan T

    If I won a year of personal training I would use that time to strengthen my mind and body. In 2011, I underwent a major surgery that fused 15% of my spine, introducing me to a whole new world of physical and mental limitations. I am in a constant battle with myself as I attempt to be stronger than I was the day before. My range of motion has been compromised greatly and I’d love to work with a trainer to improve my flexibility. This opportunity could offer me a second chance to live a healthy, active life, thank you for offering this!
    Staying Strong,

  101. Marc

    My goal is to bench press my body weight by the end of this year.

  102. Omar

    My fitness goal is to loose some belly fat and put up some meat in arms legs also to be like a good example for my 2 kids you know to see me fit and for then to see me working out. Thanks and have a nice day

  103. Samir

    My fitness goal is to develop muscles. I am from India, and took up running after I came to the US. I now regularly run marathons, but I don’t have any muscles.

  104. Steph

    My fitness goal is to turn small results into big results, and to use success as motivation to take me to the next level.

  105. Amber

    My goals are to run a half-marathon and increase my heart health.

  106. Nancy

    Goals: get strong, and improve posture (I seem to have that permanently hunched-over look, along with the accompanying neck/back pains, from spending too many hours staring at the computer.) Thanks!

  107. Rebecca Darwent

    My fitness goal is to be consistent in going to the gym 2x per week. I have done this so far since January. In addition, I am trying to build up my muscle and ability to lift weights. I can now squat 110lbs (started at 55lbs). Having a personal trainer would help me to overcome plateaus and keep me accountable. I think it would be amazing to have a coach to help me broaden my understanding of strength. Oh – I am also working my way to doing a pull-up (started win negatives).

  108. Maja

    With a help of a trainer my goal would be to finally achieve a strenghtened back & tummy which would literally change my life! Since my back injury over 10 years ago, doing any strengthening exercises has been a nightmare and any abdominals are forbidden.. And yet this is precisely what i need to focus on: for my career (i am a singer and tummy muscles are where i sing from:) & to feel happy knowing I look great:) So Ramit please pick me and help me achieve a dream and goal that got shattered a bit by an injury! And i will do you proud! Working at 1500000% 🙂

  109. Ben

    My is to gain endurance so I can play with my daughter without getting tired after 5 minutes.

  110. Sobia

    Hey everyone,

    I”ve lost 11lbs so far and a dress size (sounds great, but it took me a year). I want to lose another dress size and be fit enough for the 5k breast cancer run my friends and I have signed up for. They”re all thinner and healthier than me and I don’t want to let them down 🙂

  111. Tushar

    I want to set an example for the South Asian community who seem to struggle with the idea of having their ideal body.

  112. Stacy

    I want to find ways to exercise around my osteoarthritis so it doesn’t leave me debilitated. It developed when I was 22, I’m now 31 and I want to keep it from preventing me from having an active life as I get older. I already do yoga, but I think a trainer could help me find other things to do that’s effective and compatible, like cardio and strength training, that would keep me strong and flexible despite the arthritis (which is in my hip).

  113. Chris

    My fitness goal would be to lose 60 lbs of fat to get out pain. I have constant pain in my joints, especially my knees, which drains my will power and energy daily. I end up self medicating, sleeping, sitting, and generally procrastinating and always feel like I’m not near my full potential. I notice the few days I have less pain I get more done, it time to make it nearly all days.

  114. Nicole

    I want to lose the extra weight that’s piled on since I began working from home. My goal is to drop 4 dress sizes before my wedding next spring so that I can look great in photos (my selfish reason) and so that I can be healthy when my fiancé and I are ready to start having kids (my true motivating force).

    It’s really important to me to accomplish that this year, but I don’t know where to start in the gym to get the results I’m looking for. I would love to have a trainer who can guide me through the equipment and help me find the best strategies for my body type and current fitness level.

  115. Christina McPants

    I would really like to lose weight – I’ve been heavy all my life and no matter the fitness regimen, it won’t drop. But more importantly than the weight loss, I’d like to get strong. I’d like to turn my 30 minute jogs from 15 minute miles to 10 minute miles, do bodypump classes with much higher weights and not have shoulder pain from life. I also really want to get a yoga teacher certification and with the body that training would build, I’d feel much more confident in pursuing that goal.

  116. Pat

    My fitness goal would be to build a level of indefatigability that lets me run ultra-marathons. It would be foolish for me to say “be able to do 10 pull-ups” because strength training barely has any effect on endurance. I was running 12 miles every Sunday in high school without feeling any aches / pains the next day, but I couldn’t even do 5 pull-ups or bench press 90 pounds back then (still can’t)! So I don’t give a rat’s ass about building muscle mass, endurance is where it’s at.

    I’m confident I’ll be able to reach that fitness goal – of course having a personal trainer would expedite the process. I’ve already run 93 miles this year after almost 4 years off from serious training, and have a contingency plan for injuries / set backs thanks to the Finisher’s Formula. My goal was to run 400 miles in 2014 – there’s no doubt in my mind I’m going to crush that.

  117. Grey

    I have some arbitrary strength targets that I have been working on for the past couple years, and would LOVE to hit:

    300# back squat
    400# deadlift
    225# clean and jerk

    I would love some 1-on-1 coaching to help me hit these targets. Fingers are crossed!

  118. Rody

    I’ve been a social dancer doing swing and salsa regularly for about 7 years now.

    I have 2 goals:
    1. have the flexibility and fitness to do a split.
    2. lift my wife like Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing.

  119. Nir

    My goal might sound the easiest, but psychologically speaking, has been the hardest for me. My goal would be to go to the gym, for a year, every week, 95% of the time.

  120. Dave

    Because I don’t need it, but why not use every tool and opportunity available?

    Always been a runner of 5k races and longer personal distances. Last year I set goal of <2 hrs for a half, which I accomplished. That lead the next goal of another half in April. In order to improve my running, I've quantified my caloric intake to lose weight (8 pounds gone out of 30 so far). Part of that weight loss should also be conversion from fat to muscle to improve form, therefor off running days are body weight training. While this has been working, I have no feedback on form and quick refinement. That's the gap in my current methodology.

    So this money would be used specifically towards closing that loop, and maybe even going to Crossfit. That has always seemed interesting however the cost threshold has been high.

    Like I said, I don't need it but it will accelerate my plans (10 pullups, 1:45 half, 200 pounds) and allow me to set my next goal.

  121. Meera

    My fitness goal is to be able to gain endurance to run a 5K without stopping (baby steps…).

  122. Irena

    I’ve signed up for this contest to give my fiancé support in winning it. Here is our deal. I will agree to have a baby with him when he gets in shape, so the baby can sleep skin to skin with him on his six pack;)

    • Ramit Sethi

      That…is an interesting child-bearing strategy

  123. Dre

    I would like to be fit enough to complete a full marathon. I want to prove it to myself that I did it for me.

  124. Gail

    i have had fibromyalgia for a long time, making it hard for me to get the exercise i need, so i have long wanted some guidance. however, now i have just almost simultaneously been diagnosed with both diabetes and uterine cancer. to control the diabetes i need to lose weight, and to fight the cancer i need to be fit. those, therefore, are my goals.


  125. Alfredo

    My fitness goal would be to workout at least 3 times a week, all the year! Of course I want a great body with less fat (specially on my chest -manboobs, arrr!), but overall what I truly desire is to get to my 40s looking young and full of energy like those Hollywood stars, hahah. I’m 31 y.o. right now, so I guess I’m looking this more as a long-term habit goal.

  126. Chris

    I want to look like an extra off the set of 300 with abs so defined women ask if they can touch it.

  127. Linda

    My goal is to remain fit with my trainer and be an example to other 70 year olds as to what wellness and older age looks and acts like.

  128. James

    Dang, would love this – but it’s US only!

    I got back in to swimming about 6 months ago after getting super-slack – and fat – after an injury, and my fiancée and I have started back at the gym as of a few weeks ago. Booked in for my first bundled PT session on Wednesday! Looking to lose extra weight and sort my overall shape out first, then it’s muscle time – not trying to get jacked but definitely going to put at least my former form back on 🙂

  129. Correen

    I am required to lose 10 lbs for a surgery that will be a game-changer for me! I actually have a goal of 20lbs though! 🙂

  130. scott marquart

    I am 6-4″, 215 lbs. I’m always telling people I’m trying to gain weight, and they say “I wish I had that problem.” Either that or they refer to me as skinny or thin. I hate that. It’s as frustrating as being overweight. I want to be a muscular 225 lbs, 8% bodyfat or lower.

  131. bogdan

    Hello Ramit. Exactly 10 weeks ago, I set as a goal for myself to start working out at home, (bodyweight exercices) 5 days a week for six month. No exceptions. Proud to say that I did it until now (even on Christmas week :D). I see some results and I noticed that as you start to look better the motivation increases and actually I am thinking about taking this to the gym instead of my house.
    The reason why I started it is that if I only have one life, why not spend it in a good looking, healthy body?

  132. Orit Mihaeli

    I want to take it to the next level and push myself to do something I have never done before…. Throw on a bikini and compete in a fitness competition!! If I win I am planning to sign up for the WBFF – the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion competition, a semi-amateur bodybuilding competition.

  133. Tony

    My goal is to drop from 220 lbs to 180 lbs with and get back into shape with cardio. I used to run 10 miles a day back in HS, now I’d be lucky to finish a couple miles without falling out. I really just want to be able to play more with my kids and have the energy to push through and make big changes in my career. I started a few weeks ago adjusting my daily diet habits and I’m now working on adjusting my sleep schedule to actually get some.Next I’d like to fix my workout schedule and make it consistent. I’m just tired of being tired and non-productive.

  134. Miki

    I have three month old twins, and I’d love to use this to get back into shape! I need help recovering my core strength and losing some extra “padding.” 😉

  135. Steve

    My fitness goals include: Increasing my back squat to 250# (from 185#), increasing my deadlift to 330# (from 235#), and the ability to do a free-standing handstand.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Awesome goals. I’m going to tackle the handstand, too.

  136. Carisa

    My short-term goal is to return to the way I looked in 2009. I was happier, healthier, had a lot more energy, and was definitely more confident and outgoing. I regained all the weight I had worked so hard to get rid of in less than a year through a combination of several things (a bad relationship being one of them) and turned into this person I swore to myself that I would never become. Now that I am in a better mindset again, I have the motivation and desire to get back to that old (albeit better) version of me! And a personal trainer would only make it happen faster. When I get back to that person, I will be a better person in all areas of my life!

  137. Cassandra

    My goal is to be able to run two miles. I can walk miles, but it’s just not enough cardio. I try to look at overall fitness and less at weight loss, but I know this goal would help me lose the 40 pounds I need to shed.

  138. Alicia

    2014 Workout Goals:

    1. Loose 25 lbs and gain muscle definition in my abs, arms and legs.
    2. Learn how to become more disciplined and translate to other parts of my life.
    3. Get more energy!

    So far this year I have committed to going to gym at least 4 times a week and have lost 7lbs. I just started a 30 day paleo diet. A trainer would help so much more though!

  139. Scott

    With a personal trainer I would work to run a 4:30 marathon.

  140. Griscel

    I want to go back to my healthy weight. Be more active and full of energy! 🙂

  141. David

    What a brilliant contest! Here is my goal: I want my chest muscles to fill in bigger and thicker, wider shoulders and more defined biceps and triceps. I want the body that I had when I played basketball in college 20 years ago. I also want to be able to touch my toes! My flexibility has always been poor and I want to be able to bend like a gymnast! BOOM!

  142. Chris

    I want to be able to run without losing my breath.

    Also, I want to know what all the fancy machines in the gym do and be that girl that can just walk up and use them. I always envied that girl. She was rad. I WANT TO BE RAD TOO!

  143. PJ

    What perfect timing! I was just looking into personal trainers this week – want to be stronger and more flexible. It’s weird how I can touch one toe and not the other.

  144. Tyler

    My goal is to strengthen my core so that I can build other muscles. I’ve struggled with back, elbow, and knee issues since I was young. Strengthening my core would help support these problematic areas and also allow me to gain muscle (not necessarily mass) and be able to the strength to do the things I love, like running a race or an event at the drop of a hat, without paying the consequence and having to recover for a week from one days activity.

  145. Chris

    I ran my first marathon last year. It was a great experience even though I didn’t hit my goal time. Crossing the finish line was one of the greatest experiences and made all the hard work worth it. I learned a lot in the 18 weeks I trained for it and now I am planning to do another marathon this year. I hope to use some of the mistakes I made last year as a way to get even better this time around. My goal is to finish in less than 4 hours this time.

  146. Matthew

    I too have invisible scripts, however I now recognize them and destructive they are. ‘I don’t want to look like a juice head’, I would say.

    My fitness goal is to have a stronger back and neck so that I have improved posture. A personal trainer can help with the specific tactics and even if I do not win Ramit’s ‘Trainer for a Year’ I’m still going to hire a personal trainer!

    Thanks, Matthew

  147. Jessica

    The past year has been tough in terms of fitness for me. We had our first baby – an adorable little girl – four months ago, so needless to say I’m not where I want to be fitness wise. My husband and I both work full time, so the combination of work and baby make it a struggle for me work out consistently. A few years ago I was able to use a trainer, and it did wonders for me fitness wise. I was able to run a 1/2 marathon in addition to numerous other smaller races. However, with the baby, getting a trainer now is not a possibility for us financially. My goal is to get back in shape and hopefully graduate to running a marathon.

  148. Martin Jones

    Dear Ramit,

    My fitness goal is to overcome my 35 years of weight gains, and be the healthy hero my wife and children need. I love them and they love me, but I know they are very insecure because of my obesity. I want to peel down to the real me, and I know I need expert help.

    I know I can succeed with a trainer, as I had joined a fitness pod in 2008, and was well on my way to becoming a fit man for the first time in my life. I lost 40 pounds, found muscles and power I never had, and formed great habits.

    Then the economy crashed, and I crashed my wonderful program. I could no longer afford the services and I spent 18 months in a stressed out state if shock. I had to relocate to a different part of the country and reinvented myself into an entirely new career after 25 great years as a successful film and TV producer.

    It’s taken me four years to make the transformation, but I lost my fitness results and good habits due to stress and major loss of income. Now my kids are older and I’m paying for three tuitions (and my wife needs to finish her masters). Life is way more expensive, and I would treasure and not squander the opportunity to get back with a trainer – that’s been the secret of the one fitness success I had out out 40+ other misguided attempts in the past. I have already identified a trainer I met with at a great little gym just minutes from my office.

    After the blessing of your prize, I will be just getting to a place in 12-16 months that I will be able to continue the investment because I have a home/lifestyle downsizing opportunity coming up in a year or so, plus my wife has started a new career too.

    I will amaze you with impressive ROI by picking me. And I will make your investment in me into something very unique, I will document highlights of my success into a kick ass video you can use to show how you changed my life! Pick me, and I will show you some of my award winning national TV commercials, promo films, movies, TV specials, and music videos.

    Your sponsorship of me will be turned into a video partnership that will be an incredible marketing tool to motivate other people in your various programs. I will be your amazingly svelte spokesperson 🙂

    I just bought your book, and it will be waiting for me when I get back from my work trip next week.


    • Jacques Ho

      This is awesome – out of all of the posts that I’ve read (aside from my own), I hope that Ramit selects you. 🙂

  149. TR

    My fitness goal used to always be to hit a certain weight – that’s it. Didn’t think about measurements, how weight loss would effect me internally…just hit that damn number on the scale. Now, I just want to look into my closet and know that all I need to worry about is color – that anything I pick is going to fit me and I’ll feel comfortable and confident.

  150. Ms. E

    Consistent strength and speed to bike the MS-150 without being afraid to die!

  151. Dodie Jacobi

    Hi Ramit! I already have a trainer for my horsemanship, a pilates instructor, a dance teacher, and am planning to add yoga. I love the idea of sewing it all together in a tidy single package (well maybe one plus my equestrian trainer…) I even know exactly who I’d hire as our small amounts of past work have been amazing. Thanks for the possibility!

  152. AV

    My fitness goal would be an expansion of techniques that I can use for myself and when I coach my little ones (u14 girls club soccer). The more you realize you don’t know it all, the more you can learn. I’ve got experience from college soccer, but one can always get better.

  153. Pat

    To go along with my distance running goal, I want to drop down from 155 to 125 and look like a skinny Indian guy with the body of female supermodel. That would be awesome.

  154. Marc

    I want to complete a triathlon. Actually I want to crush a triathlon.

  155. Kirstin

    I would use the $5k to intensively study yoga with an expert teacher. My goals would be to explore mind-body connection, develop skills to settle my mind, increase compassion to myself and others, and to be comfortable and confident in my own skin.

  156. Elaine

    I would like to lose 60 pounds and be able to breathe better, feel more energetic, and get off (or at least cut down) my diabetes meds.

  157. Zorahgail Balino

    To keep working towards setting a new squat world record in the raw, unwrapped, 123 lb. weight class division.

  158. page

    Somewhere along the way, I lost my way.

    Without looking in the mirror, I can still view myself as the girl with the flat stomach and ability to do the splits or a cartwheel at the drop of a hat.

    At some point (I’m thinking its when we moved to a northern climate five years ago) things got out of whack. I’ve tried to motivate: couch to 5k, boot camps, yoga, but nothing stuck.

    I’ll be 50 this year, and want to run regularly, take aerial yoga and dance like I used to. It’s still inside, it just needs to come out again.

    I’m ready.

  159. J

    My ultimate goal is to reverse the aging process: become lean and strong with plenty of wind and to look great naked. I’d like to have plenty of energy to get all the work done that I’m drawn to do and to feel healthy, vibrant and confident in my own skin — something I’ve never had in my life. I want to fix lifelong problems with my digestion — some of them are probably heredetary, but I’m also not eating right. I want to be fit enough to run a farm or mount a tour depending on what my future holds. I know we’re talking physical fitness, but I also aspire to be stable enough to re-engage with psychedelics after decades away from them. If that’s too amorphous,

    – Build up to running a half-marathon, then a marathon (I walk everywhere, but don’t run now)
    – Be able to do ten pullups and bench-press my own weight
    – Start practicing yoga and/or Qi Gong and develop flexibility

    Thanks to Cindy for the link to Nerd Fitness: It looks as though there’s good information there. Thanks to Ramit for continual reminders and prods to become the man I always intended to be.

  160. Serena

    I want to be able to run 3 miles and do 5 pull ups. Both seem impossible now, but with the right amount of training, I think it can happen.

  161. Jessica

    I’ve been able to lose about 30lbs this past year, but not break past 200lbs– yet. I just did Warrior Dash and plan on signing up for the one NEXT January, early, on my next paycheck.

    Not only would a personal trainer help me reach my pre-baby weight of 187lbs, but I’d REALLY like to gain the muscle and go down to 170lbs, as my current personal goal. I’d be happier because I’d be healthier, and the radiance would probably help me with my desire to stand out at work.

    I’d look healthier, more confident and CERTAINLY appear so as well. I’ve already been given one promotion since I’ve lost the weight– but I’m gunning for a supervisor position, and want to show I can keep up in the industry.

  162. Lorie

    I would like to be able to do Pike Ups like my kids to. I can hang from the bar but I just can’t seem to pull my legs up. I watch my kids pike their legs up to their hands in repetition; I’d like to do that too.

  163. lisa

    I need some upper body strength so I can improve my swimming to get some cardio going too.

  164. Julie-ann

    Now that I’m not a kid, fitness takes a better system. Everything has slipped a bit so the results will be a bit of weight off, a bit stronger, more flexible, more energy. But the real goal? For the FIRST time ever have a real fitness system so that I live in a way that produces those results, even in full adult work and life realities.

  165. Louise

    Hi Ramit, my personal goals would be to reduce dress size, to a UK size 10 in a year, and work on my problem area of the stomach, and reduce the pregnant look to have a flatter stomach.

    Accountability works well for me, I hate to let others down, but somehow I don’t have the same qualms about letting myself down.

    I’d also be very keen to develop good habits and make a lasting change in my life – it needs to be realistically and easy to fit into my lifestyle and something that I’ll always keep up.

  166. bea

    I started to work out in earnest at the beginning of last year. Before that, I had some bad narratives about myself like “I only run if something’s chasing me.” “I’m just weak, that kind of stuff isn’t for me.” “I’m too fat to run.”

    I was really proud of the progress I made on my own, but when I got pregnant again, my endurance evaporated. It was pretty disheartening, but I know it’s temporary. I’m already planning to get back to training in the spring/summer. I want to re-build my core, which is kind of wrecked, and run a 5k this fall during a big race weekend in my area.

    Having a trainer would make a huge difference in how fast I could progress. I won’t waste time trying to decide what exercises are right for me, or sheepishly stand in the back of a zumba class wondering if this is what I should be spending my time on.

  167. Valentina

    It’s change all around for me. I am tackling all aspects of my life and a big part of it is my weight which I have addressed and started working on and I am feeling great about it. A trainer would certainly help achieve my goals sooner rather than later 🙂

  168. Alex McClafferty

    Hey Ramit – Great work on the deadlift – let’s see the squat next!

  169. Jen

    I’m a professional low brass musician who got whooping cough this year as a 30th birthday present from the universe. Yes, whooping cough (what is this 1900?!?!?). I’d use it to help me fast track restoring my now sadly lacking lung capacity.

  170. Sanjay

    Lose 40 pounds. Lift 1.5x my current weights.

    Irrespective of whether I win this contest, I’m gonna make this happen 🙂

  171. Naomi

    I want to do a pull-up. Then two. Then five.

  172. stacy

    I’m in my early 30’s, and I’ve recently been hit with a competition bug. I’ve been seriously considering a bikini competition (thanks to instagram!). I got married last May and since then, I am more than 20lbs over my normal weight. I’ve been eating right, and working out, but I can’t seem to lose it. Working with a professional would hopefully help me find the right keys to unlocking my healthiest self!

  173. Katie

    Hi Ramit! My fitness goal is to lose the last 10 lbs. I gained some weight my last year of college and have been up and down ever since. I’ve been working really hard and doing a 6 am boot camp class a few times every week and have lost 10 lbs in the past 6 months, but I still have 10 to go. Having a trainer would help cater the fitness more to my specific needs and get me to my goal! Thanks for offering such a great and generous gift!

  174. Carolyn

    I’ve been going to the gym at least 3 times a week for a year and while I am in better health I know that with a personal trainer I will achieve more. My goal is to do a mountain walk in Oregon in honour of my father who in January 1950 made skis to walk out from the logging camp to arrange for a train with a snow plow to come for me and my mother. I had pneumonia and I needed to get to a hospital. He saved my life…

  175. C Jones

    My fitness goal would be to tone up my petite body fame.

  176. Mike

    I want to finally run a half marathon in under 90 minutes. I need to improve my strength and stability to avoid injury as I increase mileage and intensity. Being able to do some more pushups wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

  177. james

    My fiancé and myself are purchasing our first home and although we used to workout 2-3 times a week after work we got off track. We are moving away from our gym and we would use this opportunity to get back in shape and have more productive days at work.

  178. clint

    I am 1 year post divorce and still find myself mentally dragging. I have 3 kids half time and would like to have the energy (mental and physical) too keep up with them. I want to show them that we all take knocks but fighters ger up swinging.

  179. Jamie

    Hi Ramit! I just entered your contest and I would love to win BUT if I don’t, that’s okay too… Thanks to your site I was introduced to Tim Ferriss and his book 4-Hour Body. I’m so super proud to say that I’ve been slow carbing for a few months now- through the holidays and with two kids and a sugar loving husband in the house. I’m down to pre-baby, pre-marriage weight and thanks to the kettlebell, I am stronger than I’ve ever been before- no trainer and no gym and no huge time devotion to to this little plan. I would love to spend time with a trainer and fine tune my efforts, but at the same time, I am so thrilled with how far I’ve already come! Thanks for your site and all you do.

  180. Ashley

    My goal is to be able to do high-impact stuff (like run) without messing up my injured hip. My doctors just tell me no running. There’s got to be a way around it, but if I’m left to my own devices I will probably never figure it out on my own.

    • Nav

      Ashley – google “Arthur Boorman” for something that might inspire and help you. If that guy could run again, I suspect damn near anyone can. Good luck!

  181. Simona

    This is an awsome c This is an awesome contest Ramit!!!! Thank you so much for this offer. I have been exercising regularly 5-6 days/week- running, yoga, cardio and lifting light weights for the past 3 years now, but I still don’t have enough strenght in my arms and it’s probably because I believe my wrists are too weak, so I completely relate to your story Ramit. I cannot do pull ups or push ups, nor can I perform certain yoga posistions that requires to use my upper body strength. I have no idea how to train to have strong arms/wrists and started to believe that is nothing I could do make my arms stronger simply because of the way I am built. Having a personal trainer would mean the world to me, as he/she would teach me how to increase my upper body strength, which in return will take my yoga practice to a new level, not to mention the psychological effect over the personal limitation I have related to my weakness in my upper body. I pray that I win this contest and I really hope I will. Thank you so much for your generous offer Ramit! I really appreciate all you do. 

  182. Chris B. Behrens

    First, some quick background. I’ve been around 100 pounds overweight since early high school. Two years ago, I joined weight watchers, and have lost 70 pounds since then, down to about 25% body fat. My goals are two-fold – I’d like to first lose 25 more pounds (and get down to 165), and then put those 25 back on, in an 18/7 (or better) muscle / fat ratio. I think this is a realistic goal for a year, and I’m going to pursue it whether I get the trainer or not.

    I work out…not EVERY morning, but often in the mornings. I’ve organized a lot of things around that, like packing a gym bag and fixing breakfast so that it’s ready to go the night before, buying a nice pair of wireless headphones for my phone, buying movies to watch on the treadmill…anything that can reduce the focus needed in the mornings, or provide a reward for the effort.

  183. Anne

    Last year I had my second ACL replacement right before my first Physique competition. My goal is to get back into the shape I was before. That will lead to new goals!

  184. Kerry

    My fitness goal is to do my first tri! I’m already working on it, but who doesn’t need extra support?

  185. Eric

    My goal is honestly to increase my available time so that I can make the small changes that lead to the bigger overall lifestyle change! While counterintuitive, I believe that spending time getting my health in order will quickly lead to greater productivity as my health improves for a double win of more life and improved quality of life. Simply put, I believe health will bring efficiency, and that will help me get my life in order. Thanks for the chance!

  186. Ealasaid

    If I win, my main fitness goal is getting my strength and general health up enough to train hard at Aikido — I currently have to move carefully and slowly because my core and joint-supporting muscles are weak from a couple years of being on and off the mat due to injury. I want to make black belt before I turn forty, and getting in better shape off the mat will make it MUCH easier to achieve my goals on the mat.

  187. Kait

    My fitness goal is to fix the physical inequalities I have so that my body can become more injury-proof.

  188. Cecilia

    I’ve been working my way back from an injury and want to be able to compete at a high level again.

  189. Terry Gillespie

    I’d like to be strong enough to lift my suitcase into the overhead compartment and not have to ask some young guy to heft it for me.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Perfect. I love how specific and vivid this goal is.

  190. Erica Garber

    I’m a rock climber and fell out of fitness and practice after the birth of my son. Before he was born I was bouldering at a difficulty of V5-6. My goal is to gain my strength back and climb a V8 which I have never done before.

  191. Karl Humble

    I would work to add muscle to my upper body. I’ve worked hard at it and would love a professional to increase my knowledge and hold me accountable.

  192. Kartik

    My fitness goal is pretty clear. I am a skinny Indian Guy. I would like to gain muscle and have hands that can actually lift stuff.

  193. Jessica

    My goal is to make a home team in my local roller derby league–this means I need to work more on leg/core strength and endurance. I want to do 27 laps in 4 minutes instead of the required 5. Slow and steady wins the race, but not the jam…

  194. Nacia Blom

    In addition to the usual goals; lose weight (20lbs), get healthy and in shape, look good in my wedding dress, etc etc. My main fitness goal is to get consistent and stay on track. Due to great genes (high metabolism, gorilla like strength) and a healthy attitude about my body, I’ve coasted through my late teens and 20s. I maintained weight while eating anything I wanted, gained muscle mass quickly, and generally looked and felt good. In my early 30’s not so much. I usually work out and stay motivated to do so with new and different workout fads but always end up slacking off or using my boredom or schedule as an excuse to stop working out. This is a mental thing, nonetheless I’ve run out of ideas to get me over it.

  195. Macy

    Hi Ramit,

    I have a challenging year ahead of me and personal training will be a fantastic way for me to keep my mental focus while seeing to my health. I am currently pregnant with my second child and anticipate returning to work full time after maternity leave. I began exercising at age 13 and have seen the benefits of a life-long commitment to health. While the baby isn’t due for anothre 10 weeks, I’m already eager to get my body back but I know I need to expand my exercise routine. I’ve essentially been a runner for over 20 years and while running is my comfort zone, it’s time for me to push beyond that. Cross training is the next frontier, but I know I need guidance and I don’t want to waste my time. After the baby is born (and I have medical clearance from my physician) I’m ready to explore news ways of exercising and maintaining my health. While I know it’s grueling to take care of an infant and work in the exercise, I also know that it is to my greater benefit, and ultimately the benefit of my family as well.

  196. MRM

    My fitness objective is to be able to handle my own body weight. Required evidence: Perform 10 pull-ups, bench press 185 lbs. (what I weigh).

  197. jeff

    I have issues with low energy and weak immune system. I hope focused fitness training will help with general health improvement. I also would relish the opportunity to ask lots of questions so I can continue to improve my training even without a personal trainer.

  198. Jessica Loche

    As odd as it may sound, my fitness goal is to gain muscle, and excercise daily in order to become more successful. Every step I make towards being successful ultimately hits a road block where I have to realize that something needs to change before I can move forward. I believe that exercising, staying in shape and feeling great about myself is one of the best ways to become more successful. It will also boost my memory, and help relieve stress that comes with the terroritory.

  199. Cynthia

    Hello Ramit, this is a great idea. What I would like to accomplish is to: run a 5k, lose 30 lbs, be physically able to do 50 pushups- not on the knees, 15 pull ups, and dead-lift at least 150 lbs. This will help tone and keep my physically healthy. I also would like to be able to do handstands and “walk” on my hands. My kid loves tumbling and I have to be able to keep up and teach him some new moves.

  200. Ankur

    In short term, I will perfect my exercise techniques with the help of an expert. Until now, I have improved my form by approaching and requesting folks in the gym to help improve besides watching numerous videos. I have observed how slight changes can make a big difference (for example a proper squat form!). Getting a personal trainer will be fantastic !

    With over five months of hard work, I have already reduced my weight by over 10 lbs and gained some muscle too! My goal is to get a picture perfect six pack while helping others on the way (I already motivated couple of my colleagues to join along!).

  201. Allyn J.

    I started at a weight of 470. Thru surgery, limited diet, and limited excercise over roughly 1.5 years I have gotten to 311. Half my starting weight is 235. I would put my goal range between 200 and 250. This has me losing a minimum of 60 lbs, up to 110 lbs. I know I am no longer going to be successful without a solid training program, paired with a fully proper nutrition program.

  202. Renata

    I’d like to be able to run a 5k. I’ve tried and failed so many times that it left me doubtful of my ability to run at all.
    I’d also like to be able to do 30 push-ups in a row.

  203. Geoffrey

    My goal is to build a sustainable fitness practice and lifestyle that supports my health, well-being and longevity. I want to gain muscle, lose fat, and eat well.

  204. Alex

    My fitness vanity goal would be to regain my six-pack that snuck away over the holidays. More importantly though, my goal is consistency for the long-haul. As for career, the productivity and mental clarity is probably the number one benefit of going to the gym more consistently. As for relationships…my mood is always better when working out consistently and when you’re positive, people want to be around that energy.

  205. Michelle Nielsen

    BE ABLE TO DO THE THINGS WITH MY FAMILY THAT WE USE TO DO TOGETHER WOULD BE MY #1 GOAL such as hiking the Narrows at Zion’s National Park. After a botched knee surgery on both knees, not being able to walk much without excruciating pain for 2 years and having fibromyalgia, I was told to take CONTROL OF MY OWN HEALTH and do something other than feeling sorry for myself. But I just did not know how. They reminded me that I could start off by swimming so that is what I did. I started with some home exercises and slowly was able to walk again without all the pain. Now I really could use the help of a trainer to teach me how to EXERCISE CORRECTLY AND MORE EFFICIENTLY.

  206. Michelle Law

    I would love to be able to do pullups. I have been working on this but clearly need some professional training to reach my goal since I have not been able to do and I have been trying for about a year! I would also like to run an 8 min mile. I have worked to an 8:50 down from a 10 min but again, I think I have hit a plateau like with the pullups.

  207. Fabrice

    My measurable goal is to get down to 145 lbs. My less tangible goals are to gain core strength because my back is not well supported enough, gain upper body strength just for once in my life, and get past the entrenched belief “Oh, I hate exercise…”

  208. Stephanie

    I used to want to look like Jamie Eason. Ha! Now I want to be healthy, fit and toned…the best version of MY body. I want to increase my muscle to fat ratio. I want to be an example to my son (who at 25 does look like a fitness model) I also want to be able to complete a spinning class without sneaking out halfway through it. Lastly, I want to be in a picture without holding my breath to suck in my “pooch”for the camera.

  209. Marianne Stacey

    I would like to be able to lose 100 lbs. I started with a personal trainer a year ago & with hard work I lost 30 lbs. Unfortunately I switched jobs and no longer had the energy to go work out due to 12 hour day 6 days a week. I no longer work at that job & have decided to pursue running my own DJ & Karaoke company again ( I did it successfully 10 years ago). I now want to lose the weight so that I may look good in front of the customers, have more energy, and just all around feel better about myself (not in that order of course). Oh, and I want to be able to move my own equipment with little effort so I can be self sufficient & not depend on other people all the time.

  210. Sarah Williams

    If I win I’d like to work on increasing my endurance/energy. I could stand to lose some weight, but I don’t think the results if I just focus on that will be encouraging enough to keep me going. If I can increase my energy I expect to start a self sustaining cycle to make it more likely I’ll continue past the year. It will also be more directly useful. Currently I don’t have trouble keeping up my kid, but that’s mainly because my legs are twice as long as his, and I want to keep being able to keep up with him as he grows, and be able to challenge him.

  211. Joe Shoemaker

    Winning a year-long personal trainer would help me get back on the tennis court where my heart is. Plus I really enjoy the challenge trainers offer to open up to my body’s potential.

  212. Rachel

    I would get toned and fit all over. I just had my first baby this past December, so once she gets to be three months old, I’m going to start working out. I want to make working out a regular habit again. My biggest goal aside from that is to not get out of breath when I run or exercise for a short time. It’s embarrassing to me that I don’t have basic fitness and I want to change that for me and for my new family. I want my girl to grow up in a family that exercises regularly and cares about being fit and healthy.

  213. Julie

    I’d like to lose 40 pounds and feel *good* doing active stuff with my kids. I want to be a fun mom, not the one who watches from the bench at the playground.

  214. Saimah

    my mom is trying to send me to pakistan to get married. my fitness goal is to become hot enough to get a guy here. LOL. save me meeeeeeee.

    • Ramit Sethi


  215. Stefano

    My fitness goals are simple: I want to lose fat to get back to where I was looks- and health-wise four years ago – I’m not in bad shape, just not great shape. And I want I build up muscle and increase my strength, endurance, and energy.

    But for me, these physical goals are just a means to end – what I really want through this is to boost my energy level, my motivation, my work ethic, and supercharge my confidence to where it was when I was at my most productive.

  216. Alex Ebert

    Terrific give-away, Ramit.
    My goal would be to break-through my past personal bests from high school (I’m now 25 and haven’t been in as good of shape since I was 16 and playing football). First goal – 250 squat.

  217. Bryon

    My goal would be to get to 180 and gain defined muscle. I have tried off and on for the last few years to achieve this goal, but it has always alluded me. Plus looking good doesn’t hurt either.

  218. Tanya

    Once I turned 41 my body suddenly changed. Now I want to lose the 20 pounds I gained in 2 years so I can do my job without injuring myself (I am a wilderness ranger) and keep up with all my younger colleagues. I love working on the trail, and I want to be able to keep doing it. Transferring to a desk job is not acceptable. Also, I know that weight training is important, but every time I go to a gym I have NO idea what I am supposed to be doing in there. I need a guide to take the mystery out of that place!

  219. Daniel

    -This year I want to run the width of my state (Utah). Not all at once, of course, but a few miles a day. I’ve already started (first day was a mile and a half, pretty pathetic) and I’m actually about a quarter of the way there already. Next year I want to run the length of Utah.

    -13% body fat by the end of this year (currently at ~20) and 7-8% by the end of next year.

    -Adapt a diet SYSTEM so I can eat pretty healthy without having to think about it too much.

    -Dunk a basketball (I can just grab the rim now) in a pickup game.

  220. Beth

    My goal is to lose these last 15lbs and reach about 20% body fat. I work out on my own 5-6 days a week (a mix of strength training and cardio interval training) and eat relatively healthy, but have reached a weight loss plateau and am stuck at my current weight. I could really use the guidance of a personal trainer, but cannot afford it. This contest would help immensely! Thank you for putting this on for people. Even if I’m not the winner, I applaud your generosity and efforts at promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.


  221. Sabrina

    I want to lose the next twenty pounds (took twenty off in the last year) and actually develop enough muscle to lift heavy things and sprint (right now, walking up a hill constitutes a sprint for me in terms of effort).

  222. Elizabeth

    My goal is to go from 31% body fat to 18% body fat. And to continue to look hot naked. That is all.

  223. Joel

    My goal is to dunk a basketball. I am 5’9, somewhat athletic, but would love to be able to dunk a basketball on a 10 foot hoop.

  224. JoekDad

    Ramit, I am 100% impressed by your commitment to that supermodel joke.

  225. francine

    10 years ago I had a tumor removed. the doctors sliced me top to bottom. It messed up my hormones and i allowed myself to gain 50 pounds. My goal now to lose the 50 pounds but to get myself those beautiful 6 pack abs that make this scar a badge of courage and not something that makes me wince to look at.

  226. Anna Daddario

    My goal is more about consistency and integrating exercise into my lifestyle than about hitting a specific body measure. I’ve told myself “I would really benefit mentally and physically from exercising, especially now that I’m in my thirties,” but done nothing about it. My goal would be to exercise at least three times per week, for at least forty-five minutes per day, and then to maintain that routine, initially, for three, six and nine months as milestones. And following that, to maintain it approximately for . . . the rest of my life.

  227. Tora

    I would use a personal trainer to reach my weight goal (normal BMI) by my 40th birthday. I was within 8.5 pounds of it a bit over a year ago and then had surgery and have just never been able to get my weight down since. I’ve gone up 30 pounds instead of down since then!

    The way I did it before (55 pounds in 10 months) was to commit to the gym 4-5 times a week and eat healthy. But I’m working full time now and can’t commit to that anymore…

  228. Randy Martin

    I’m 6-1 and 230. I need to lose 30 lbs. I’m playing basketball twice a week and working out the 4 other days per week, but I travel quite a bit and I get off schedule and eat too much. I’ve never really had someone to tell me what I should do. I grew up on a farm in Iowa, so I never had to lift waits for sports, I got plenty of that at home, so I never learned. I was from a small school and played football, basketball and ran track and pole vaulted. Now I manage web sites and sit at a computer all day. I’m now 57 years old and I need to keep myself in shape as I love to hike and take photos and play basketball and I want to continue being able to do that. My goal is to find a work out that works for me at home and on the road.

  229. Bill

    I have about 40 lbs to lose but mostly I want to develop a good habit of working out regularly. I know that having a PT will make me show up and I’ll have to prove my results to my Asian father, Ramit.

  230. Kim

    My fitness goal… to prove it to myself that I can do it… with one more try.

  231. Pawel

    I’m skinny guy, I want to add 15kg (~33 lbs) of muscle to my body.

  232. Crystal

    My fitness goal this year is to build bikini competition worthy glutes! I just started learning about strength training, bulking and cutting for girls. Hardest part is understanding the variable amounts of cardio + diet + strength training in sculpting my dream bod. However, the safest next step is learning how to lift properly without hurting myself both mentally and physically, in the gym and others around me. Cheers to learning how to use everything else at the gym and not just running to the treadmills.

  233. Samantha

    My fitness goal is to do firefly pose in yoga. I would feel like a guru!

  234. Lesley

    I need to get rid of my post baby belly. I’m happy with my weight, strength, and flexibility, but this pooch has GOT to go! (That’s what happens after building and birthing two ten pounders!)

  235. Amanda

    My fitness goals are pretty simple–I just want to feel better so I can enjoy life and be more productive.

    I’ve been cursed with severe headaches for most of my life, forced to undergo four major brain surgeries between ages 10 and 16, causing a whirlwind of hormonal issues to boot. However, despite the surgeries, headaches, and other physical issues related to my history of brain tumors, I have obtained four degrees and am moving forward in my field.

    I believe that a personal trainer could help me overcome some of these issues that have been such a battle so I can gain even more traction professionally and personally.

  236. Zach

    Ramin, first off, let me give you some congratulatory praise: What an awesome idea! I’m 110% going to get with this program. Thanks so much for your constant encouragement (via email) and your diversity (In that you teach and tackle the “entire man” and not just the financial and business side). Your concern for others and your well-roundedness (Is that a word? lol) are to be commended!

    With that, my fitness goals are very simple:

    1. I’d like to be able to dunk a basketball in a game situation. I’m currently 5’11 and 3/4″ (How’s that for precise measurements?!)

    2. I want to be able to bench press 250 pounds 5-7 times on my own, with no help from a squatter.

    3. I want to be able to squat 450 pound 5-7 times with deep knee bend (90 degrees or further)

    4. Finally, I want to be able to dead lift and clean (not sure about the clean and jerk just yet) 300 pounds.

    I’m decent about going to the gym now. And, as you mention, when I win this content, and have a personal trainer, all of the guesswork and grind (Aside from me just showing up) will be taken out of it.

    Here’s hoping I crush this competition!

  237. Christina

    We will be welcoming our first child in August after 14 years of marriage and thinking it would never happen. It’s a blessing and we are both over 40 so it’s also a bit of a miracle! Our finances are understandably tight as we prepare for this life change and I want to be ready to ‘run’ with our little one as soon as possible. I am a music teacher, hubby is a priest. Finances are automated but very, very tight and do not allow room for gym membership, never mind a personal trainer. It would be a dream to have this resource available while I am in the first year of raising baby and building my business back up again to support us. Forgot to mention we moved cross country less than 2 yrs ago for my husband’s job so I have been re-building my career and biz from scratch. It’s been tough. Really tough but the hard work always pays off! I’ve doubled my biz in the last year and have 2 big clients now. The fit is great. I could just really use a boost to keep this body in shape for the hard, physical work to come. Bring on the tough stuff! Bring on the joy!

  238. Christina

    We will be welcoming our first child in August after 14 years of marriage and thinking it would never happen. It’s a blessing and we are both over 40 so it’s also a bit of a miracle! Our finances are understandably tight as we prepare for this life change and I want to be ready to ‘run’ with our little one as soon as possible. I am a music teacher, hubby is a priest. Finances are automated but very, very tight and do not allow room for gym membership, never mind a personal trainer. It would be a dream to have this resource available while I am in the first year of raising baby and building my business back up again to support us. Forgot to mention we moved cross country less than 2 yrs ago for my husband’s job so I have been re-building my career and biz from scratch. It’s been tough. Really tough but the hard work always pays off! I’ve doubled my biz in the last year and have 2 big clients now. The fit is great. I could just really use a boost to keep this body in shape for the hard, physical work to come. Bring on the tough stuff! Bring on the joy!

  239. Jack

    I would like to develop habits where working out becomes part of my regular routine. A personal trainer would help me create efficient workouts so that I can lose 20 pounds and increase core strength and flexibility.

  240. Derrick

    I would like to loose another 25 pounds but have hit a plateau and don’t know where to go from here.

  241. Bryant

    My fitness goal is to lose body fat and a lot of it. My body fat percentage is way too high right now. I think going with a personal trainer will help me lower this percentage to normal levels considering my height.

  242. Amanda

    I am pregnant with baby number 2 and I want to get back my body back! I never got fully back in shape from the first.

  243. Richard

    I’m in pretty great shape already. I work out near daily – a mix of high intensity interval training, lots of calisthenics, and some lifting, including olympic type lifts like your deadlift there. Here’s my goal as it is in my career and life: I am already much better than average, but average is a low bar. I want to move forward to truly be great. Life connection? I 4.0’d my last year of grad school while teach, yet I have an average, entry level job, way below my ability but within my comfort zone. I want to learn to break the comfort zones to rise above higher above the pack in all aspects of my life.

  244. Lauren

    My fitness goal is to learn how to properly exercise. It’s hard for me to take verbal/visual cues and need physical adjustment to really understand. (A simple bend your arm will take me 5 mins to figure out which direction.)

    A year of personal training will help allow me to build body intelligence. After the year, I hope to follow magazine articles/watch videos with confidence I am correctly executing and getting the most out of the exercise.

    So far my quantifiable goal is lose 15 lbs by October. I am achieving that through running my dog 1 mile a day (will gradually increase) and flailing my way through 2 fitness classes a week.

  245. Eric

    I used to row in university and I was in the best shape of my life. My goal would be to got within 30 seconds of the national testing protocol on the 2k erg test. I’m about a minute and a half off now but that’s miles away in the rowing world.

  246. Kim

    I would use this training to make me stronger. I have spent the past 8 years committed to running a small business with my husband. Along this path I have recently realized that I have just been “making it happen” and not striving professionally or personally to grow outside of my comfort zone. I have lofty goals this year to refocus on my business. In order to do that I NEED to have energy and be able to take myself to new limits in many ways. Here is to not accepting mediocrity anymore!

  247. Karen

    I am 47, overweight, and I have two young children. I want to be healthy and be around for them (and me) for a very long time. I would love to be able to lift heavy and run a 5k easily. I am not wanting to look a certain way or be a certain weight, I just want to be fit.

  248. Doree

    I have had two babies in the past two years, and I have gained over 80 pounds throughout both pregnancies. My husband and I are in a single income family, and I would love to use that money to get personal training with the best of the best in my area. I want the maximum results in the minimum amount of time (20 minutes ideally). Any discretionary income in our family is going towards paying off debt. This would be such a blessing Ramit! Anyhow, thanks for all you do. Your emails keep my brain in shape, which is so important when staying with two “yungins” all day.

  249. Chris

    Fitness goals:
    Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
    Develop a six-pack
    Maintain higher level of energy

  250. jonathan meer

    I would like to get in the best shape of my life and find the girl of my dreams!guess thats shooting for the stars but thats what you teach us RAMIT!

  251. Yvette Guyton

    Hello Ramit! My goal is to lose 125 pounds. I just want to reclaim my military body back. I am 52 years young with a passion to just want to cross my legs. I know that’s weird but I can’t cross my legs!! My thighs are too big. I have many friends that are nice and small and at their proper weight and it makes me feel so insecure. Should I get this opportunity I will do my best to get the weight off and to be the person I was meant to be. Thank you for providing a platform to do so!

  252. Saleem

    My #1 Fitness Goal is to bring my body fat percentage down to 12-14%.

    As a result of increasing my overall fitness levels though, I’d also like to be able to progress to do a crow handstand (yoga pose) and a plyometric pushup with my whole body off the ground.

  253. Muriel Lauvige

    I want to get fit again, I am 35 and about 10 kilos overweight, my aim is to run 12 km in a couple of months, this is the time to completely let go or take control. I would like that the my exterior appearance and the way I see myself finally reconcile.
    Thanks for this great initiative

  254. Alexandra

    To be taken seriously (at work) and be related to like the ambitious, accomplished person I actually am (in other areas of life)

  255. Deniese

    I always get frustrated on so many types of exercises and not sure what types to do in order to work
    for me and to get the best results to loose weight. Also, not quite sure if I am doing the exercise
    correctly. It would be a dream to have a trainer for a year to resolve of that uncertainly. My goal
    this year is to loose 60 pounds.

  256. Tom

    Drop to below 18% body fat (that is, the healthy range

  257. Tyler

    For a bland answer, my goal would be to bulk up and increase the weights I’m currently lifting.

    For a more detailed answer, I want to do the following by the end of this year (5X reps):

    Increase my bench from 130 to 180
    Increase my cleans from 130 to 180
    Increase my squats from 140 to 200
    Increase my deadlifts from 225 to 300
    Increase my step-ups from 200 to 275

  258. Hilary

    I have struggled my entire adult life to get myself to my goal dress size. A woman’s 4. I’m a size 12 now.

    I never achieved my dream career, a professional dancer, because my weight prevented me from getting hired. As time went on, I started feeling slower and weaker. I just turned 30, and I want to take control of my size and no longer let it determine the course of my life.

  259. Anthony


    I’d like to get BACK to my previous peak physical shape, and THEN exceed with long term habits. What this means for me:

    1. 10-12% body fat
    2. Add back 15-25lbs muscle
    3. Complete 100 pushups without rest
    4. Complete 50 pullups without rest
    5. 300lb bench press
    6. Better leg exercise form, and THEN increase weight
    7. Create and sustain a HABIT of health
    8. Get dat arm vein! Cuz that’s how you know you’re fit…

  260. Jordan

    My goal would be to lower my cholesterol and swap out about 15 pounds of fat for muscle.

  261. Mani

    For the past two years I have been taking care of my chronically ill daughter, by myself, around the clock. I had to let go of my career and start from scratch as a freelance writer in order to do so. The result has been a whole lot of sitting and no time to care for myself on any level beyond keeping food in the house and a roof over our heads.

    My dream is to learn how to row, and to be strong enough to do it, with the goal of entering a regatta in a year. If I win, I’ll reclaim my body and at least some portion of my life and strength. I’ve got the determination, I just need the money to bring the dream to fruition.

  262. Neel

    I am also that skinny Indian guy that can’t seem to gain weight. But I’ve never really belived I couldn’t. It was more I couldn’t get myself to do something regularly.

    So my goal is to get to the point where I can work out completely independent of another person.


  263. Heilau

    If I win I will build the right muscles and flexibility to become a confident and dazzling aerial silk performer.

  264. Tatsu

    I’d like to see my abs once before I die.

  265. Rizwan

    I was skinny for most of my life. Then within a year I gained over 30 lbs. I went from skinny indian guy to that fat indian guy in a matter of months. My goal is to find the inbetween, I don’t need to be a body builder, but I want to get to the point where I’m toned and can be confident with having my shirt off as opposed to being overly conscious of my bones or my fat. I need a life change and this would help immensely.

  266. barb

    I ran a marathon in December 2002. It was a goal to run another one when I turn 50 and that happened in January. It takes a lot of training and time, but I would love to run another one, better my time from the first one, and then be done with it. With someone holding me accountable, I think I’d do better at training. I’d like to be in that great shape I was back then too. Afterwards, I’d still like to run for exercise, but do it wisely, without getting hurt and just for the fun of it.

  267. Alicia

    I need to lose 20 lbs and increase my energy levels. I’m doing it on my own now but having a personal trainer would help me see results faster.

  268. Sol

    My fitness goal is to start running again and complete a 5k and 10k this year. I used to run a lot but suffered from a tibial tendonitis last year and have since been scared to take up running again. Getting fit again and destroying my invisible script all at the same time

  269. Elaine Marin

    My fitness goal is to go big…go from the couch to runnning a marathon in 4 hours and not hit the proverbial wall.

  270. Corbin

    I’m pretty okay with my body shape… it’s the state of my muscles and joints that I am more concerned about.
    My fitness goal would be to hire a personal trainer to develop a training regimen to rehabilitate old injuries and identify areas where I should build strength in order to ensure that I can have a long, healthy, pain-free career.

  271. Rob

    I’d focus on rehabbing my arm. I hurt it in high school, and 12 years later it still isn’t the same. I’d also love to lose enough weight that I can go into the normal sections in the normal stores in the mall and buy clothes.

  272. Roland

    My fitness goal is to develop a lasting habit and workout routine that builds my physical strength and supports mental focus. I started on this goal last year and invested in some home equipment so I wouldn’t have any excuses to avoid working out.

    My strength goal is to be able to complete 8 reps with 1.5 to 2x body weight on bench presses, squats, etc, but I’ve hit a wall. My workout habits also weakened towards the end of 2013 so I want a personal trainer to help me push through the barriers and keep me accountable.

  273. Kendra

    From my dad I inherited great muscle tone. All I do is run about 6 miles a week and I have really strong arms. Anytime I have put some effort into working out, it pays off really fast but i have been inconsistent and tend to get too busy. I would really like to see what could happen if I actually put consistent effort into working out. Would I get crazy abs and sinewy arm muscles like a body builder?

  274. Kyle Tang

    My goal is to be able to squat and deadlift pain-free again. These are the two exercises that fueled my passion for weightlifting. However, they are also two exercises that I am no longer able to do because of the pain. Achieving a 1.5x bodyweight front squat and a 2x bodyweight deadlift would be so sweet considering what my body has been through this past year.

  275. Avin

    My fitness goal would be to have “everyday strength” where I can easily lift things, play with my son, etc without getting tired or sore. Also to have a relatively flat stomach and decent muscle tone again!

  276. Rob

    My fitness goals are to dunk a basketball and look better in a bathing suit. In my younger days, I’ve been able to dunk, but only with ideal circumstances (no dribble, running start). Being just over six foot, this was pretty good. I’m now carrying a few extra lbs. which don’t help abilities. I want to not only get back to where I was, but improve my vertical jump and overall fitness level to their top potentials.

  277. Annie

    I want to lose 20 pounds and get around better on my injured knees.

  278. Kyle

    About to turn 30 so really starting to look at my current and future health goals. I feel a trainer would best help me identify and achieve fitness goals that would be acceptable to me.

  279. Meredyth

    I broke both wrists 5 months ago, fell out of a tree, and I don’t have full mobility back yet. My goal is to lose 20 lbs. while building arm and wrist strength so I will be able to do a downward facing dog in a yoga class.

  280. Daniel

    I would use the training to achieve my goal of being a paddler on Team USA. I’m on a farm team, but currently working through a shoulder injury. Specialized training would help me recover faster and help prevent injury in the future

  281. Wendy

    I need the motivation of a trainer. I am working on the Couch25K program on my own at home, but I keep falling off the wagon 🙁 I need someone to push me! I want to eventually be able to do a half marathon.

  282. Mary

    I’m having breast reduction surgery next month to help alleviate back pain. I’ve never been in great shape because of it – it’s been difficult and painful to do a lot of things. My goal following surgery is to lose 20lbs, increase strength, particularly in my arms and back, and to complete a half marathon next year.

  283. Paul

    Lose At least 50lbs.

  284. Andrew Williams

    I have three goals.
    1. Proper pull-ups. With consistent effort, I can do some fairly feeble ones now – but only one at a time.
    2. Handstands. Just… because.
    3. I want to look as happy as Ramit in that picture. 🙂

  285. Mark

    My goal is to ingrain consistency into my workout routine. So often I will “have a good week” or maybe even two, only to fall off for a week and have to start all over. I want to be automatic, like a machine. I don’t want to have to decide. Having a trainer serve as motivation and an accountability coach will be the perfect next step. After my year with the trainer I’ll have all the know-how I need to make this a lifelong habit.

  286. Caitlin


    I have a high-energy dog who requires a lot of daily exercise and activity. My goal is to be able to run and hike with him to the point that HE is tired, not having to quit because his exercise has only worn ME out!

  287. Kathryn

    My goal is to be able to carry groceries inside, go up stairs and play with my son without being out of breath. I’d also like to tone up.

  288. Rhoda

    My fitness goal is to be able to walk on my hands.

  289. Tammy

    Finally be able to keep up with my kids!!!

  290. Emily

    I want to be able to run 5K in 27 minutes or less. (That’s about three nine-minute miles in a row.) This may seem quite slow to some people but I would be thrilled.

    Right now I can slowly jog up to about 6 or 7K. Attempts at solo speed training have ended in boredom/immediately stopping. I want a trainer to release the hounds and get me fleeing for my life.

  291. Triscia

    Most people aged 30 and over are out of shape. I fall into this category. Currently I am 4 months shy of turning 50. In my ‘hey-day’ I was quite athletic. Years of higher education, a career and several relationships later has left me ‘worn, torn, and scorned.’
    During the last 3 years, I have relocated to another country, founded my own non-profit, recognized the importance of organic food thus changing my dietary routine, and fell in love with a HIGHLY active and athletic man!
    I wish to improve my physical ability as well as my physical appearance. I have set a goal of competing in the natural bodybuilding competitions for women in fitness, figure, bikini, physique and fitness model.
    An added “cherry on the sundae’ would be more confidence. Somewhere along the way, I lost some of that. When you struggle for so long and everything seems to be an uphill battle, it would be nice to experience that strength you feel when every ounce of yourself exudes confidence.
    The opportunity to win a year of personal training is tremendous. Giving such a gift like this is extremely generous of you. I can only hope I win. And WHEN I do, I will make myself, my man, and you unbelievably proud!
    With gratitude, Triscia

  292. Kristian Dale

    I am 23 years old, and currently in the worst shape of my life. I´ve always been into sports, and started doing crossfit a couple of years ago. It all went well, until it became a drag to travel to the gym, and my schedule didn´t line up with my friend´s schedule. I gradually started skipping the workouts, and went from working out 5 days a week to twice a month.

    I am dying to get into crossfit again, but as I am stepping out as a full-time freelancer for the first time, I am keeping all my living expenses at a minimum right now.

    Being a bodybuilder has never been a goal for me, but I would love to get into a pattern of working out minimum 2 times a week (ideally 3, once I get into a rythm). I know that if I can just get started and get some continuity on my schedule, results will come.

  293. Ryan

    I’d like to not get pushed around on the basketball court as much, and I know a personal trainer could help me build the strength and balance to get there. A more specific goal would be to double my bench press, which right now is too embarrassing to post here.

  294. Merry

    Hi Ramit,

    In 2010 I took place in a pair-kidney donation. I donated a kidney so that my son, who was 18 at the time, would receive a kidney. After looking at all of the options — living vs. cadaver — I felt my chances of getting a healthier kidney would be better if I stepped up and offered one of mine. Because I wanted to become a living donor, my decision kick started the Paired Donation program at Rady’s Children’s Hospital in San Diego. It was my hope that starting this program would give other families who were in the same predicament another option.

    I’m so blessed to say that my son was transplanted on May 7, 2010 and is doing fine. Unfortunately after the operation, my drive seemed to all but disappear. I am pretty healthy but I lack the drive that I once had for physical activity. I used to lift weights, run 10ks and paddle outriggers, the later competitively. Now I start and stop, usually after about 2 weeks into my program. I still love to run and I’d love to lift weights and get back in shape again. I think having a personal trainer would certainly help. I could use some structure and of course, a trainer would hold me accountable.

    Thank you for offering this opportunity.

    All the best,


    • Jacques Ho

      I hope Ramit sees your post, and regardless of whether or not you win, I wish you luck in achieving your goals and discovering fulfillment!

  295. Lucinda

    My fitness goal would be to run a 10k without stopping! I’ve worked up to running almost 5k non-stop, but running 10k non-stop would be amazing – this from the girl who ran a mile in 12:00 in junior high for the physical fitness test.

  296. evon

    My fitness goals are intertwined with my life goals. As they should be. Without good health and fitness every aspect of your life suffers. I’ve learned this firsthand…unfortunately. I’ve always been pretty health and worked out consistently. I love adventure and travel and cycling, scuba, snow skiing….the list goes on. But about a year ago I started to learn how to be a network marketer. I was so into learning and creating a life for myself – a life of freedom to work from wherever I wanted…that I put my health on the back burner. I forgot to take breaks and go to the gym. I forgot to go for bike rides and be social. I have let myself go and that is just not me. I am reacquainting myself with ME. With health and balance. Balance of work, play and health. That is my goal and then to share that knowledge with others. Thank you for your consideration! Evon Biondi

  297. Misrain

    I am 5’10’ and peacked at 135lbs through my High School years. I am now 160lbs but have not been able to gain the additional 15lbs I would like. So, my goal would be to gain those 15lbs of muscle that have eluded for years.

  298. Susan

    I’ve been steadily increasing my income as a stay-at-home Mom and it’s been a great journey, but my exercise routine is suffering. I need a good system in place to get myself back in gear to work towards losing 10 pounds or so. But most importantly I want to get healthier and have more energy so I can work more and still have energy to play with my 2-year old.

  299. Kellen Chase

    Ramit, it is great to see your life upgrade by getting into fitness.

    My current goal is to reach a 2.5X BW Deadlift in the 198ib weight class while maintaining sub 12% Bodyfat. I have signed up for my first Powerlifting competition in June and have recruited 2 lifting partners to keep me on my schedule and pushing forward.

  300. Kaycie

    I love running, but am stuck in a plateau with my times. I think I am at the point where I can only do so much myself, and I’d love to have an expert help me through the “little details” to figure out how I can get better and set new PRs!

  301. Jason

    I’ve spent the last two years totally re-hauling my life and a big part of that was my weight. I’ve gone from 416 pounds down to 226 – 190 pounds lost! This has affected every area of my life and I’m in such a completely different place now than I was a few years ago and well, in a different place than I’ve ever been (I weighed 250 in high school). I would use this personal trainer to finish the job that has already been started. Instead of focusing on just weight loss, I would like to consult with the PT about what specifically to work on in order to sculpt my body into what I envision it to be and into a body that I’ve always wanted to have. These are simply my fitness goals to begin with, winning this would let me do it at a quicker pace and would probably prevent me from losing focus.I’ve done it so far with no pills, no surgeries, no personal trainers… just me with a little guidance from friends and information I’ve digested everywhere (including this site).

    This year, I have been focusing on Behaviors, much like this site teaches us, instead of results and I’m continuing to reap those benefits daily. Even if I don’t win this, simply the fact that I know about this site, Ramit, and I take to heart the things it teaches means I’m already winning.

    Thanks Ramit!

    • Eleanor

      Jason, your story is so inspiring!
      Keep up the good work!


  302. Bastien

    My fitness goal would be to physically fit to participate in a Super Spartan race and then move on to the Spartan Beast. I already completed the Spartan Sprint.

  303. Jenn

    Lose 15 pounds
    Run a 10k
    Ski from the top of the mountain to the bottom without getting winded
    Gain muscle

  304. Michael

    My fitness goal is to be get rid of my belly and get down to about 220 pounds. I’m a shade under 6 feet and i’ve gone down from 250 to about 240 over the last year, slowly and steady.
    I would like to ramp it up, look great, fit into more available clothes and be energetic (and alive) for my 5 kids.

  305. AJ

    I relate to you Ramit in the slim department. I have always been slim and short my whole life and couldn’t gain an extra pound if my life depended on it . Although I can’t do much about my height it would mean so much to finally learn the best ways to gain more muscle mass in a healthy way. I like earning my results so the training would be a pleasure. I would fill into my clothes better and I know my future fiance would greatly appreciate it as well. Thank you in advanced Ramit. You’ve helped me in more ways than you know

  306. Brandi

    My fitness goal is to get into the shape I’m craving in time to walk across the stage at graduation and accept my Masters degree in the fall 😀

  307. Jim

    You know those extra slim dress shirts that some guys can wear? I want to look good in one of those. I already squeeze into the “tailored” look, but I want to go one step further. I bought a slim fit recently and looked just terrible due to my current proportions. Now it just hangs in my closet haunting me every time I go to get dressed. So, yea, slim me down so that I can rock that damn shirt.

  308. Mary

    I’m aiming to gain upper and lower body strength, which would help improve my bouldering skills (or lack thereof) and help me get “Michelle Obama arms.”

  309. Dan

    My fitness goal would be to gain weight and build a routine and habit that may act as a catalyst for other habit building. I’m 24 years old 6 ft and 145 lbs, I’ve always been skinny and it’s difficult to imagine myself any other way. I wonder if success in this more tangible aspect of my life would give me the confidence in tackle bigger goals and dreams.

  310. Jenn

    Finally pay for a private trainer to help me increase my mobility and tone up all the soft spots that have formed from being so heavily injured for the past three years. I am so close now to being able to DO things physically, that I know in the hands of a pro I could strengthen without causing further injuries, and with luck and hard work, be able to walk like other people for a regular day. Maybe even run again one day!

    • Eleanor

      Hey Jenn,
      I’ve struggled with mobility as well. I wish you the best on your journey toward becoming more mobile and strong!

  311. Josh

    I’ve done the Crossfit thing for the past two years, but it didn’t cut the fat I wanted, so I know diet is a big part of my body transformation and have been testing various regimens the past few months to see what my body responds to.

    With a $5k budget, I’d get a trainer that would:
    >Help me dial in my nutrition
    >Craft a routine to help me maximize my muscle mass
    >And cut the fat around my waist

    I’ve got three young kids, so something that was shorter intensity, but more frequent would be ideal.

  312. Stephen

    I’m kind of a skinny guy. My goal is to get up to 200 lbs with < 10% body fat.

  313. Karen

    I’d love to get super strong, and having a trainer would ensure my form was spot on when lifting. I’d like to lose body far too, around 40lbs.

  314. Matt

    Over wine one night my good friend said she just needs a man who can carry her in their arms up the stairs of her house without running out of breath. We’re about the same size, so I jokingly told her that I would build enough muscle to carry her upstairs so she would be forced to change her requirement to something that made sense (although now I’m seeing “a man to carry me up the stairs” would be a decent specific for Ramit’s matchmaking)

    My goal, simply stated, train to carry her up her house stairs without struggle so she can set her bar a little higher.

  315. Laura

    My fitness goal for 2014 is to transform my body to it’s highest potential. I have always been the girl with the flat chest, flat ass, pot belly and love handles. I would always say “that’s just the way my body is built” but this year I am going to change that.

  316. Keet

    I’ve got the strength part dialed in (Mehdi Hadim’s Stronglifts 5×5 – I started with an empty 45-lb bar in the middle of May, 2013, and by August 28 of 2013 I was parallel squatting 280 lbs, and deadlifting 290). I had to take a significant break due to a soccer injury to my hip, and a motorcycle accident that took out my right shoulder. But I’m back under the bar and progressing again.

    I have two other goals, though. Lose weight (40 lbs) and, more importantly, increase my endurance. My daughter and I both play soccer (I play rec, she plays comp). She’s only 11 and is starting to cause me to have to work harder on the field (I’m still faster, barely, still better, mostly, but she can run circles around me in the long haul). I want to help her keep progressing in her abilities, but I can’t if I’m on the sideline sucking wind.

  317. mark

    My fitness goal is to maintain my current weight of 155#, and to convert 10# of fat into muscle.

    Simultaneously, I’d like to improve my endurance for playing basketball and ultimate frisbee.

    Also interested in the spillover benefits from regular vigorous exercise, such as more energy, productivity, deeper sleep.

    • Eleanor

      Yay for spillover benefits!

  318. Patricia F.

    My goal would be gain strength and not too much not muscle in my whole body (specially upper body) to be able to achieve more advanced yoga postures

  319. Lisset

    My fitness goal is to tighten and tone my post baby body and be able to feel confident again as I did pre baby, scratch that I want to feel more confident then before.

  320. Linda

    My goal is lose 15 -20lbs, gain muscle strength and tone and obtain more cardiovascular fitness. Why? Not because it is the thing to do, but because it will help me be able to do something I love which is bring clean water to those without. Did you know nearly 1 billion people do not have access to clean water? I have been on 2 clean water trips to Haiti and hope to go on a 3rd to Nicaragua this spring. It requires fitness and strength to carry out many of the tasks involved with a drill….and all under very warm/hot and humid conditions. The other side of my middle years are not far away. To be ale o continue to pursue what I love, I have to be proactive with my health and fitness.

  321. Beka

    I’d like to tone up and get back into the shape I was in before teaching & commuting, back when I had all my healthy habits in place! (I could use help making new habits to fit my current life and get my former body back!)

  322. JK

    I want to have to buy the next size up in a dress shirt because my arms are ripped, not because it won’t fit over my stomach.

  323. Andru Edwards

    I’d want to be able to do 10 upside-down/headstand push-ups. You are upside-down against a wall, hands on the floor, lowering yourself and pushing yourself up with your arms. Today, I can BARELY do just one.

  324. arinn

    my fitness goal is to get a muscular upper body to match my muscular lower body! I bike about 500km/month, and have decent arms & shoulders, but would like to build up my strength and musculature.

  325. Kristin

    I want to loose 50 lbs. But more importantly than the number I just want to feel toned and be happy with my body. I have a lot of health issues related to my muscles and nerves and I know that if I could loose some weight it would really help my overall health. Additionally, it would be great to have a boost in energy!

  326. Gill

    Lost the first 30 on my own. Would love a trainer to help me knockout the last 10.

  327. Penelope

    I want to rise from a laying down position doing a sit up.

    I have never in my life been able to do this.

  328. Annie

    To be able to do handstands, handstand push-ups, and a pull-up!

  329. Jacques Ho

    Hi Ramit,

    My fitness goals with a personal trainer would be the following:

    1. 2-tiered weight goal of first breaking below 200lbs, and then reaching the ideal weight for my height, 182lbs. I haven’t been under 200lbs since high school. (Currently at about 220lbs)

    2. Build muscle in order to get lean / trim. Bulking up may come later on, but first I want to look healthy. I’d benchmark my current lifting abilities and aim to increase it by 20% within 6 months or faster.

    3. Identify my own workout-related invisible scripts and demolish them through making progress and seeing results. I really don’t know what I’m doing in the gym on my own, so it’d be super helpful to have the coaching of someone who is well-educated in this area to help me out to accelerate my growth.

    4. Educate myself on training practices, including diet practices that will support & accelerate my growth. I’d like to learn how to grocery shop and cook at home so that I can put the best foods into my body while staying in the practice of conscious spending in the grocery store. This will allow me to take greater control over my health and well-being.

    6. I’d use the success and momentum of my fitness and health growth and feed it into other endeavors I’m pursuing.

    7. While approaching & hitting these goals, I would share my knowledge and support anyone near me who is interested in going in the same direction. I would completely pay it forward to keep the chain of generosity going.

    8. I’d regularly “close the loop” with periodic updates (including, but not limited to RBT) with how things go, in order to hopefully inspire at least one other person to take the next step towards hitting their own fitness goals.

    Now that I’ve been on a vegetarian diet for 2½ weeks, my waistline is already trimming down. I haven’t been to the gym for about a year, because of invisible scripts and cost barriers, but I just got access to my local clubhouse and have started going. It’s very small, and it can only comfortably handle 5 people at a time. It also only contains a few machines, so my workout options are quite limited in this facility.

    In short, I’m going to make this opportunity as helpful to as many people as possible – starting with me, but certainly not ending with me! Thanks, Ramit!

    Jacques Ho

    • Jacques Ho

      Specific, long term goals:

      1. Bench max of 250lbs.

      2. Trim down to a size 34 waist so that my entire wardrobe looks better on me. (I have challenges with style and fashion, but I’ve discovered that it’s not because of the clothes – it’s because of the body that wears the clothes.) This will also help me look 10x better for Salsa dancing, both when I teach, and when I’m social dancing.

      3. Completely give up caffeine through the practice a routine that naturally fuels me.

      4. Last year, I was diagnosed with severe sleep Apnea. Making lifestyle changes (including diet and exercise) will improve my breathing so that I can avoid surgery and live an increased quality of life.

      5. Destroy love handles, and then move on towards a six-pack.

      6. Do a single pull-up. (I’ve NEVER been able to do this.)

      Thanks again, Ramit!

  330. Katy

    My goal is to drop 25 lbs, and run a 5:00 marathon!

  331. Christine

    I want to learn the right way to strength train, right alignment, right amount of weight, right time to work out. I find so many different opinions about this online, and a trainer could really help pointing out what is the best way.

  332. Suzie

    Lookin’ hot, Ramit!

    As for me, I’ve lost a lot of weight in the last year or so–even though I was already in pretty good shape. My fitness goal: I’m thin now and want to fill out that saggy skin with muscle.

  333. Lynzie

    My fitness goal is to be able to get a routine that is easy enough that I can remember it on my own, but is versatile enough that I don’t get stuck or bored.

  334. Laura

    If I win, I would lose a few pounds and tone up my arms for my wedding in June! Plus it would be awesome to be able to keep up with my fiance as he trains for his Army PT tests. Currently I do a few push-ups (on my knees, of course) and sit ups to help motivate him but my upper body strength is pretty pathetic!

  335. Julie

    Health issues have mushroomed in the past year, and, come to think of it, that’s how I feel: like an upside down shroom, growing by the inch in the shadows of my depression. Oh how I NEED this.

  336. Matt

    My goals would be to drop 30-40 lbs. I work out a few times a week, but I am focused on getting stronger. I am keeping my normal workouts and hiring a trainer so I can get a meal plan and a more focused direction. Not only is weight a physical issue, but I am sure it messes with my ability to focus mentally. I would also like to do more then 3 pull ups.

  337. Erica

    My fitness goal would be to lose weight and tone my muscles. I need to lose the weight because I have joint pain that I believe can be attributed to my weight. I want to have another baby, and I won’t do that if I’m not the healthiest I can be. I’ve already changed my eating habits and I’m slowly losing weight, but I want to reach my goal faster.

  338. Chris

    To simply:

    – Squat: 400lbs for 20 reps (serious!)
    – Deadlift: 500lbs for 10 reps
    – Bench: 300lbs for 5-8 reps
    Ideal weight for lifts: 180lbs – 200lbs

    Current progress:
    Squat: 400lbs 1 rep
    Deadlift: 400lbs 3 reps
    Bench: 225 3 reps
    Weight: 185lbs


    Takes a lot of time, but I am proud of myself!

    – Christopher L.

  339. Matt

    I want to build strength and gain muscle; I would spend the year trying to add 5-10 pounds of muscle to my frame.

  340. Bryan

    I would like to get back into marine shape. My best friend was a marine and was killed in Afghanistan in 2013 and he was always my biggest ally, advocate, and adversary, but he is gone now. I am starting a physical fitness and life skills program for middle and high school students in our joint names and would love to have a personal trainer for a year to excel and advance my fitness and this program.

  341. Jake

    My goal is to be able to do a handstand to a bend arm planche and back up. Twice.

  342. Eleanor

    When I was 5, I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis and my physicians told my family that I would never walk again. I proved the Doctor’s wrong and spent 10 years doing physical rehab learning how to walk again. Once I hit that goal I sort of hit a plateau in my physical fitness and accepted the idea that I was just lucky I could walk.

    Over the last 8 years I’ve lost 70lbs and have been slowly upping my “fitness” routines at home with the addition of a kettlebell and some free weights. I’m ready to take my fitness goals and achievements to the next level.

    If I won this prize I would use a personal trainer to build an educated foundation for building the body of my dreams:
    1. A body that provides me a strong base for pursuing more challenging physical activities and active adventures/vacations. It’s time for me to overcome my mobility and stamina limitations.
    2. A body that allows me to move more gracefully on the dance floor. It takes a strong set of legs/core to dance all night!
    3. A body that weighs 40lbs less than I do now. I’m on my way to my goal weight and I’m ready to get some help from an expert!

    I believe that working with a trainer and achieving my fitness goals will help me in becoming a more successful student of life and entrepreneur.

  343. Kate

    I don’t just want to look better in my clothes, I want to look better naked!

  344. Sven

    Cardiovascular Exercise

    Long Term Goal– it was the Buller Marathon last weekend and I want to run in it next year, so my goal is to run 24mile race by Saturday 14th February 2014. Never done this before so any finishing time would be good.

    Short Term Goal– run for 30 minutes at a time with a minimum speed of 6mph, three days per week (at the end of this week I will look at my progress and decide how to adjust my next short term goal, keeping my long-term goal in mind)

    Strength Training

    Long Term Goal– to increase my strength whilst keeping muscle groups in balance (I don’t want to get massive – think Bruce Lee). Also to reduce my body fat percentage by 11% currently 25%

    Short Term Goal– do two/three strength workouts this week (I will review at the end of each week and amend)


    Long Term Goal- increase flexibility in my hamstrings and lower back to decrease back pain

    Short Term Goal- stretching my legs and back for five minutes a day for a week , holding each for 30 seconds (at the end of the week I will decide if I should add more stretches to my repertoire or increase the time held or move up to another set)

    • Sven

      I meant 14th Feb 2015

  345. Jill

    If I were to win, it would help me to tackle an area in my life that I continue to be “stuck” in – fitness, nutrition and weight release. My goal would be to release 90lbs and/or 10 pant sizes. I would use the trainer to learn proper exercises for my body type and exercises that I can do that are low impact for various injuries I’ve had in the past that prevent me from running or doing anything high impact. I would also use the trainer to gain knowledge about nutrition and enjoy the accountability of having a trainer that I see several times a week to help keep me on track.

  346. Annie

    I have started and stopped working out several times. It’s getting harder to start now that I’m getting older – injuries come very easily. A whole year of personal training would get me to my goal weight and launch my health coaching career. I have people suggesting I coach as a business because I’ve helped them so much. I don’t feel comfortable coaching professionally until I’ve “walked the walk”. So winning this would not only help me reach my personal health goals – it would also launch my career!
    Thanks, Ramit, for the opportunity!

  347. Samantha

    I am turning 45 this year and have decided to really take control of my health after about a decade of neglect. I’m currently following a ketogenic diet and have lost 16 lbs. At the moment I’m walking and following the C25K program for cardio but I know that I need to add strength training into the mix and I’m really intimidated by the “gym” part of the gym. My goal is to reach a healthy weight for my height (and maintain in), run a 5K (and keep running) and begin a strength training program that I commit to doing at least 2 x per week (and stick to it).

  348. Hannah

    My goal is to be able to Deadlift 220lb. I’m currently at 155lb and definitely believe that 220lb is do-able for me! Having a trainer would be a huge benefit to me as I spend a lot of time programming and trying to devise this “perfect formula” for meeting my fitness goals. Like Ramit, if I could just show up and do what I’m told, I’ll get the body I want!

  349. Alison

    I want to not absolutely dread putting on a bikini this summer. My goal is to lose 15 lbs by May 1st (1.25 lbs a week). I’d like to think I’m disciplined enough to do this, but since I hate waking up early and am not willing to give up drinking socially several times a week, I know I need a trainer to hold me accountable.

  350. Arlie

    My main fitness goal is to drop below 12% body fat. I’ve been there a couple of times in my life, but I’ve lost it. I used to blame the losses on injuries, but that’s really just a cop out. This is one of the reasons I joined Ramit’s Finisher’s Course.

  351. Mary

    Good all over muscle tone so I look great in nicely fitted clothes…especially sleeveless tops. It will help me feel more at ease and confident, and benefit me every day, no matter who I meet or whatever the weather. This goal’s difficult as I’ve well ingrained resistance to exercise and have never had a long term routine.

  352. Allison

    Winning this will allow me to gain / regain confidence! Will be able to accomplish more physical activities even those as easy as going for a hike in the mountains. I’ll generally feel better physically and emotionally, will reduce stress, and will look better.

    Thank you for offering this contest, Ramit.

  353. Desiree

    My goal is to get back into working out. I was working toward losing weight and getting stronger, but then a year ago I tore my ACL. Since surgery, I have had trouble with my knee and have been too scared of hurting it again it to do much more than some exercises I learned from physical therapy at home. I want to be able to feel confident going to the gym again and I think working with a physical trainer would help me learn the right techniques to avoid reinjury.

  354. Hannah

    My goal is to have a toned stomach! My dream is to one day play Ariel in one of the Disney parks. As a trained actress, I have the skills needed to play this character, and I look strikingly similar to her, except that she has a toned stomach and I do not : ). The sit-ups and other exercises that I have been doing haven’t been doing the trick for me, so I would greatly appreciate the guidance of a personal trainer.

  355. Jason

    My fitness goals would be to lose my gut and increase my upper body strength. I would also like to be able to run with my wife in the events she currently runs in.

  356. Francine

    1. Gain muscle strength, especially in upper body
    2. Decrease percentage of body fat to acceptable limit
    3. Tone body so clothes look better on me
    4. Lose five pounds

  357. Am

    I have never really known what I am doing in a gym, working with a personal trainer would help me not only learn what and how but also why I need to do certain things when I go. I would love to tone up my body, to feel like I did in high school where we are sent to gym class everyday, why does that stop when we hit college? Or work? Gyms should be integrated everywhere for people to stay healthy!

  358. Devin

    I want the help of a personal trainer just to know WHAT TO DO. Machines to use, how much of each type of exercise I should be doing, etc. I’m very haphazard in my efforts now, which I believe is why I never stick to a regimen. I want to lose 15 pounds and also want to increase upper body strength. Like most women I have trouble with upper arm flab that I would love to banish!

  359. Katie

    My fitness goals: lose 100 pounds, get off blood pressure medicine, and be able to do a lunge without holding on to anything. I’m already making progress, and more personal training would definitely help.

  360. Erick

    I want to pass the RKC
    I see this as a fantastic indicator of overall strength and fitness.
    My goal is to get there within a year and I will be using a trainer to get there either way but a free trainer would be AWSOME!

  361. Gretchen

    My fitness goal is to be able to see my abdominal muscles. I’ve been at my goal weight and still those muscles are nowhere to be seen. I’m sure they are in there somewhere, right?

  362. tim

    Going to the gym is one of the habits I can’t stick with primarily because I keep coming up with excuses after about a month of steady routine. My friends and I do 30 day challenges – this month’s is 1500 pushups in 30 days. I’m fit but I struggle to put on weight. Would really like bigger arms and shoulders.

  363. DK

    I’d like to:

    Strengthen my core muscles so that my lower back doesn’t have to suffer anymore
    Put on 15 more pounds to reach my ideal weight ( I have a hard time keeping on the pounds)
    Establish a permanent routine of fitness/wellness

  364. Cindy

    My goal is to be as strong and flexible as a ballerina but to maintain the body of one too.

  365. Dani

    My fitness goal would be to be competitive in triathalon. Actually I’d even go so far as to say I want to compete for New Zealand in a triathalon. I’m working towards my first and I want to be so god damn good that it hurts.

  366. Vaneet

    This is like law of attraction 🙂 I was thinking about same 🙂
    Actually, I had back injury couple of years back doing dead lift after that my back is week.. I am working on it to make strong. I would use personal trainer for my back and muscular lean body which has been my passion always:)

  367. Andrew

    My fitness goals would be to:
    – After 6 months off from the gym (just being a slacker) do the following
    – Bench my BW
    – Deadlift 2x BW
    – Squat 2x BW
    – Lose 10% body fat
    But most importantly I would like to be a healthy role model for my three girls. Show them how eating right, taking care of your body, and having discipline can help them conquer nearly anything they set their minds too.

    Plus it would be nice to be around for another 50+ years to see them grow up, see their kids, and just be a integral part of their lives for a long, LONG time.

  368. Marshall

    My fitness goal would be to lead sport climb at a 5.10d grade outdoors, lead sport at a 5.11a grade indoors, and lead trad at a 5.9 grade. I’d want to be able to climb different routes at those grades around the Pacific Northwest. It is a little different than a typical gym goal, because it requires working a lot on technique, mental toughness (fear of falling, and failing/rejection), and physical strength. It’s something that is possible to do on my own or with friends, but having a trainer and teacher would greatly increase my chance of success.

  369. Monica

    This is amazing and I need to win this. Simply put, I have a lot of hot clothing and shoes, but my body does not look hot. My goal is to rock my favorite LBD and look like a sexy mofo.

  370. Amber

    My fitness goal is to run a half marathon. I’ve tried training on my own before, but I end up giving up 4-6 weeks in. This would really improve my self-esteem and self-discipline, and motivate me to complete other goals in my life.

  371. srf

    My Goal is to take off 50#, and to learn to keep it off, and battle the stress that contributed to it in the first place.

  372. Ketti

    Sure a trainer would be great, but what I’ve been dreaming of for the last year, and what I would do if I won, is start training muay thai kickboxing.

  373. Greg L.

    I’m already in pretty good shape and have always relied on myself to get where I am. But I hit a plateau a while back and need help moving on to get in the best shape I possibly can. No one has real success completely on their own.

  374. jakub tejchman

    I recently started a training camp at my gym; 3 times a week I show up and literally just do what they say. Its brutal. But I don’t have to think about it, or plan my workouts. And being in a room full of people sweating, grunting, and rolling on the floor with you helps keep things in perspective. Plus it gives me the advantage of giving me someone to directly compete with! A full year of that would be awesome. Could I pay for something like this myself? Sure, I’m doing that now with the training camp, but as great as it is to have someone else giving instruction and pushing you forward, I’m in there working to develop a mindset that doesn’t quit and to change my current thinking about what’s possible. And if Ramit would pick up the tab I’m all for it!!

  375. Kristin

    I used to have a trainer, and got in fantastic shape!! Then, I got out of school into the real world and couldn’t afford it. Then, I got caught up in everything else that was “more important.” I lost track of health as a priority, and am now back where I began all those years ago. I’d love to have someone around to kick my butt into gear and make me love the gym again!! Force me into healthy habits! 😉

  376. Neil

    I have also noticed that when I work out I am more motivated and have more energy to focus on other things throughout the day. Unfortunately, because I work out on my own it’s easy to push it back or say “I’ll catch up tomorrow.” I’ve never had a personal trainer and could imagine that it would, like Ramit said, take the guess work out and see results by just showing up and doing what the trainer says to do. I hope I win this as it would not only get me to exercise on a regular basis, but give me focus in all other aspects of my life.

  377. Amanda

    Squatting. Everyday. I’m trying to grow some booty!

  378. Jenean

    I have avoided exercise my entire life, however this year I am currently self-training for a 10k and I have a goal to do a yoga handstand by the end of the year….but my real reason….to earn $100,000 in my business this year.

    I have learned the correlation of how I take care of my body is equal to my self worth which regulates my income.

    So, that is what I would do, run a 10k, do a handstand and earn 6 figures for the first time ever.

  379. Mary

    I want to lose 60 pounds – then I will feel so much better in my body. My fitness goal is to be able to cycle 100 miles. This is the year to achieve these goals!

  380. Megan Kane

    My fitness goal is to be able to do a pull up with one arm. I have never done a pull up in my life. As a trained ballet dancer, upper body bulk was discouraged and I read that as strength (my own delusion- dancers need crazy strength) after suffering a neck injury from a car accident, I all but gave up 1pound weights be cause it just hurt. While I am active, lifting metal truly intimidates me and lifting my own body weight is not a remote possibility.
    But I’m a mom now and my fitness goals are specific- to be able to sprint after my kids without getting injured and to my body weight with a toddler in my arms to safety in an emergency. Fitness in the most primal survival sense.

  381. Christopher

    Drop 25 lbs. by June 1
    hit the following strength measurements (multiples of body weight):
    1.5x bench press
    2x deadlift/squat

    30 pull-ups (currently at 15)

  382. Gina

    I sit at a desk way too many hours every day. After I force out the alien that has taken over my body, and regain my former fitness and IQ level, I will bag one more Colorado teener (14,000′ mountain peak).

  383. Vera

    I want to do a headstand without the support of a wall. My class instructor keeps saying I need to isolate different muscles but I’m not sure which ones she’s talking about! Also, I want to not fear being upside down.

  384. Jennifer

    I just had a baby October 2013. Ive lost the baby weight due to breastfeeding, but would LOVE to tone up and get back to the shape i was in say 10 years ago in high school so i can become a *soccer mom* and run all around town with my son!

  385. Virginia

    I will fully engage and breathe into my body to awaken my lagging ambition and lift my self-esteem to reawaken my true self and embrace my soul’s purpose to be of service to others.

  386. Jen

    I started juicing every morning and am walking 30 – 45 minutes a day. Due to an injury, I’m not able to pace myself faster than a brisk walk. My fitness goal is to replace all junk food with fruits and veggies and be able to work my way up to a jog by summer.

  387. Andrew

    Thanks for this contest Ramit. Just getting people to talk about fitness and writing out their goals is a good step towards meeting them.

    My goal is to stop the cycle of getting into shape and falling off the wagon again. I’m a generally a ‘skinny, fat guy’ even when in shape. That needs to change so I’m lean and mean. I am after all, a father to a beautiful daughter. Young suitors will have to think twice about their intentions…

    Bottom line; I need to be and look like a fit example for my children. It’s important to me that they develop healthy habits and it starts with me.

  388. LKay

    I’d love to build up my flexibility and cardio, so I can keep up with my little nieces and nephews all day any day.

  389. Malia

    I was a competitive long distance runner for over 10 years and finally had to stop due to work and a persistent injury. I still exercise 3-4 times per week but like a lot of ladies (and runners) I lack upper body strength and would like to even myself out. Additionally, I’d like to strengthen whatever muscle group weakness that contributed to my persistent injury. I know the excessive sitting at my desk, as well as my commute doesn’t help, but I’ve addressed those as best as I can at the moment. Would also love to have more knowledge about creating balanced, practical meal plans.

  390. Brad

    Goals: lose 30 lbs of unwanted weight
    Dream: use what I learn to help my 16 y.o. (responsibly) put on the muscle that wants so stops getting pushed around on the basketball court

  391. Tara

    My fitness goal is to locate my abs. To actually be able to see them! If I won a year of personal training, it would for sure help me reach my goal!

  392. Erica

    I’d like to lose the weight I gained while on antidepressants. I finally took charge of my mental health after 30+ years and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. The downside is 30 pounds of puffiness, when I’ve never had a weight problem before. Layering physical health on top of mental would make for the ultimate, unstoppable me!

  393. Veenu

    After successfully working on my inside, (so much so that I am able to help others work their way inside out) I’m hoping to get some TLC for myself. The goal is to accelerate my journey, so the glow of the inside shows outside!

  394. Anna M

    Love this! I want to be able to do a flawless pull-up as part of my recovery from a really old (read: too old for insurance to help!) injury from a car wreck. It caused a lot of myofascial problems in my back/shoulders that require a lot of corrective strength training to fix, but it’s difficult to exercise that area on my own without either hurting myself or failing to push hard enough.

    Would love to be able to afford work with a great trainer — they might help me reach my half-marathon goal this May as well!

  395. Lou

    Personal fitness and health Goal
    Establish exercise patterns that methodically change my existing habits to a pattern of exercising for 1 hour Tuesday’s at 6:00pm, Thursdays at 6:00pm, and Saturday’s at 7:00am every week. This schedule will be in addition to walking 30 minutes each work day. The ultimate goal to reach and maintain my personal goals by exercising and maintain the following:
    • Educate myself on fitness, terms, measures and metrics to improve my goals. Learn and apply cardiovascular exercise plans to be executed on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Learn and apply strength building plan to be executed on Thursday’s and Saturday’s. Understand and define each goal with metrics to be tracked – To be completed by March 1, 2014. (Revise targets based on new information on March 2. Ongoing – Read one book each year on health, diet and fitness (Insert this section to personal development and education goals).
    • Reaching my target weight of </= 160 lbs or < / =14% body-fat by June 1, 2014. A reduction in weight of 18lbs. Maintaining a weight / body fat of </= 5% variation from target from June 1st on – verified and reported on monthly.
    • Improving my cardiovascular stamina to the point where I can run 5k while maintaining my heart rate in a healthy range (more specifics to follow – I don’t know what this range is..yet). Currently I cannot run a full block without being “winded” and heart pounding. By August 1, 2014 – entering and running in the “Runapalooza 5K” on August 23rd .
    • Reduce my total cholesterol to below 180. Currently 224 at last test – By August 1, 2014 (New test scheduled for March 20th and a follow up scheduled for July 30)
    • Appearance goals – To be completed and maintained from Sept 1, 2014 on…
    o Large sized T-shirts should be tight on biceps and around chest
    o Pants waist size should be < = 32
    o Should be able to see defined muscle groups in arms, chest, abs and back.
    Goals for today – Walk for 30 min. After today at 5:00 pm never use past injuries as an excuse not to exercise. Add target dates to Outlook calendar.
    Tomorrow AM take self-pictures – hang on mirror alongside picture of target self.
    Each day from now on – Walk for 30 min. each morning. Get off train and walk, don’t take the bus.

  396. Birgit

    I want to loose 8 pounds of fat and sharpen the visibility of my muscles.

  397. richa singh

    I want to have better discipline to force myself to wake up early and accomplish more. with a trainer in the morning, id have no space to slack or leave the trainer high and dry by procrastinating. I’d also stop looking like a scrawny young indian girl and more my age where people can take me seriously in the finance field.

  398. Beth P

    I want to not get winded doing normal everyday things.

  399. Kiwi

    1. Walk into a gym without feeling like an idiot.
    2. Use all equipment properly with correct form.
    3. Show up. Every. scheduled. time.

  400. Torah

    My goal is to drop 15 pounds back to my “happy” weight. I used to have full, complete control over my weight but for the past 1.5 months, nothing I do gets the weight to drop. It’s beyond frustrating.

  401. JK

    I recently lost 40 lbs of fat, and seeing a trainer 2x/week and making my health automatic was key to this achievement. I am amazed at what I have been able to accomplish personally and professionally since then! Now, I am focused on improving my core strength and flexibility with an end goal of being that yogini that can effortlessly master any pose.

  402. amanda

    I have practiced yoga for over a decade -6 days per week, first thing in the morning. I need a new, shorter routine and have thought about that place they call “the gym” for at least an every-other-day alternative.
    With a trainer, I aim to learn how to work out in a gym and hit a balanced routine.
    I am very flexible and I’d like to focus on getting stronger in general. More specifically, I’d like to finally get that “yoga butt” that everybody talks about and be a rock-star with handstands.

    Ha! Knowing that you’ve got a trainer waiting to kick your butt also makes you more accountable to your goals and even just showing up in general!
    Thanks for putting this out there and making me visualize this!

  403. Jess

    I would increase my overall energy levels, my cardio-vascular fitness and sculpt my curves into perfect shape. I think it would have amazing knock on effects to everything else I’m doing in life too – I honestly think it would improve my motivation.

  404. Tai

    I’d strengthen my back and learn proper form.

  405. Jeff

    Gain 10lbs of muscle
    Actually have fat loss goals that I’m pursuing right now, but I’m handling them quite nicely (lost 5 of 20 lbs at ~1lb/week)

  406. Madison

    I would use a trainer toteach me how to properly deadlift, and then deadlift twice my weight!

  407. Brian

    I really want to increase my core strength and finally get definition in my abs.

  408. Hannah

    In my adult life, I’ve always hung on to an extra 15-20 pounds. I know there’s a lot going on regarding the psychology of that, but I know a personal trainer would certainly help! 🙂

  409. SG

    Crazy everyday Functional Strength plus being able to chase my 2 year old around the yard all day without getting tired. Also want to create a process around working out (Hello Finisher’s Formula) so that is part of my normal life and not something that I get excited about for a few weeks and falls apart when I hit a speed bump.

  410. Tiff

    To do 3 pull ups with 18kg Kettlebell strapped to me.

  411. Cassie

    I want to be strong. I’m skinny and people always say that I don’t need to work out because of it. But I can’t do anything with skinny. I’m tired of being weak, it makes me feel self-conscious and boring. I want to be able to rock climb and punch things and run. I just want to feel tough, but I’m so embarrassed going to the gym and lifting the lightest weights there.

  412. Darla

    I’d like to be more confident in my workout. My aging body needs toning, and I want to work on my balance and flexibility. I would also like to increase my stamina to be able to run longer without getting winded so fast.

  413. Liz S

    I want to break 2 hours in the half marathon which should help me be able to break 6 hours in a half Ironman distance triathlon!

  414. Celina

    I want to get 4-pk abs before I start having children.

  415. Tim

    My goal would be to get in a steady routine of getting up early in order to increase health and energy levels.

  416. Bryce Petty

    My goal is to weight train to prepare for bodybuilding competitions. I’m a skinny (123 lbs) 5’4″ female who wants to compete. You can imagine the road I have before me!!! I’ve wanted to do this since last April. I cannot afford a trainer, and have been trying to do it on my own. I have made progress, but I also know that I can’t do this on my own [you can check out some of my progress here]. I don’t have the expertise, and I need someone to push me beyond my limits. Being a Type A personality, and similar to what you mentioned in your statement, I LOVE the idea that hard work can lead to amazing results. Working out also centers me and helps me to achieve some of my other goals, because it makes me realize, building a STRONG foundation..and gradually working and maintaining hard work, can get me to any goal I desire. I would LOVE the opportunity to have a trainer for a year, and to reach my competition and life goals.

    Thank you,

  417. Tim M.

    I am planning to take the next CSE for Houston FD. My goal is to be in the shape I was in during the height of my Marine Corps career by February 1, 2015 next year. I pulled a hamstring a few months ago off the job and with 60 hours a week at a brown delivery company I haven’t had time to let it heal. (I hate time off).

  418. Kwame Som-Pimpong

    I ruptured my right Achilles tendon a few days before the first game of my senior football season in college. That was back in 2008. I let that injury take over my psyche rather than push to come back for a 5th year. I’ve seen that attitude extrapolate into other parts of my life. My fitness goal is to land a tryout with an NFL team as part of overcoming this mental barrier.

  419. Candi

    I am leaching bone mass even as I sit here typing. Yes, I am a bone fracture waiting to happen. Please do not tell my insurance company. So, what do I want? I want to learn to work out with weights – not being a ‘fraidy cat because I happen to be a girl. I’d also like to reshape the lower half of me that sits in a chair 8 hours a day.

  420. Matt

    Here’s the deal. In the early 2000’s, I was very, very thin. 139 at 5’11”. I lifted my ass off, got to 206 in one year. I loved it. Then I had to travel all year, lost the muscle, ended up in the 180’s. I committed to get in very good shape for my 2009 wedding and a jiu jitsu tournament that I wanted to enter in a lower weight class. Got down to 165, in great shape, stronger than I was when I was power lifting. I then snapped my shoulder in jiu jitsu training, went out for 8 months. I still ate like I was active, gained weight; like a moron, figured I’d just knock it off when I recovered. I never really did. Now I have a young daughter and a very demanding career. I exercise and eat well in several-week bursts, but then life gets in the way and I use it as an excuse. I know what to do, I know how to eat well, I know how to exercise, how to gain muscle and lose fat. What I don’t know how to do is stay accountable and consistent without someone to answer to outside of myself. I need a trainer to kick my ass and make me feel bad if I fail, and to do that long enough for me to rekindle my love for fitness.

  421. Laura

    My goal is to learn to lift weights correctly, and with a program that corrects a lot of the muscle imbalances I have developed as a lifetime endurance athlete (running, biking, swimming.) I’m strong in many ways, and ridiculously un-fit in other basic movements. Those imbalances are starting to show up as injuries, back pain, etc. I want to fix that.

  422. Brandon

    My fitness goal is to get back down to my weight when I was wrestling which is between 250-265. After that start participating in events like Tough Mudder and live an overall longer and healthier life.

  423. Evan

    change the self-image that im just a skinny dude and will always be a skinny dude. i did weight training at a gym for about a year and barely saw results… i also had no idea what I was doing and didn’t stick to a schedule. I saw some small improvements in terms of how much I could lift, but it didn’t change the way I look, fill out my clothes or think of myself.

  424. Nathan

    Hey Ramit,

    Love your work. This is a really generous offer.

    When Richard Branson was asked his number one piece of advice for becoming a successful entrepreneur, he simply said “Work out”. He went on to explain that no single thing will improve your chances of success more.

    For me, I’d like to get into a really sustainable routine at the gym so I can see the long term effects of working out. Building some muscle around my arms, developing a chest and losing that belly!

  425. Tom

    My goals would be 2-fold:
    1. drop 100 lbs. (2 lbs. a week is a nice, healthy pace)
    2. get strong enough to deadlift my current bodyweight (320 lbs.). I have no idea how fast I would progress on deadlifts, so I might revise that goal upwards

  426. Wendy Wang

    I want to be in the best shape of my life and maximize my energy levels so that I can maximize the use of my time efficiently in creating art, illustrations and stories. I also wrote a song when I was young but want to post in on you tube after I get my ideal body shape. I worked hard for the past two years on my own just to jump from a medium to an XS. I did it through changing my eating habits from 3 plates of noodles a day to 5 meals a day 20g protein and 70% green veggies. I worked out even while being sick for a long time and it wasn’t till I discovered that I had low thyroid for most of my life that I found out why I was still having trouble losing weight after doing all the right things. After I started taking armour thyroid it helped a lot. Now after my weight loss even, I still consistently keep up with my healthy eating because I realize how important the mind body connection is, and how what I eat will ultimately impact the way I feel. Except I do have carbs now and then and I try to get it through Quinoa mostly. If I win I will do my best at training and will consistently keep up at it to get the results I want. Mostly I will use this as an opportunity to strengthen my body in the right places. Proper instruction from a certified personal trainer will be able to help me with exercises that effectively target areas in my body that are weak from when I was really ill (I had been ill for 2 years prior from stress and my body was so weak where I had to go to a chiropractor 3 times a week just to a adjust my neck so my face wouldn’t be in pain because my neck was too weak to carry my head but now after the thyroid medication I am starting to feel better with pain reduction). I just want to be a lean happy, and healthy art/media creating machine.

  427. Fatima

    I’m a 58 year-old female, work in an office all day, commute an hour each way and when I get home at 6:30, I usually have a lot of other stuff [husband, 2 sons 16 & 21 year-old, mother-in-law, dog and cat] to deal with, and though I try to fit in a work-out, it doesn’t always happen. If I won a year of personal training, I would use my lunch hour to get into the best shape I have ever been in, ramp up my marriage and with the confidence of my “new” body, possibly launch into an exciting new adventure, i.e, new job, or who knows??? Because like Billy Crystal use to say when he channeled Fernando, “Dahling, if you look good, you feel good!”

  428. Amanda

    My fitness goals for 2014 are:
    – Reduce my body fat by 30%. Fuck the number on the scale, it doesn’t tell even half the story.
    – Be able to do 3 pull ups. I’m so, so close to doing one!
    – Perfect my standing bow pose. Full split FTW.
    – Get an ass worth watching! Squats, squats, squats.

  429. Abhinav

    My fitness goal is to gain muscle mass, increase core strength and flexibility.

  430. Miroslav Helcl

    I want to feel better and have more self-confidence. My goal is get in shape – lost weight (from 95kg to 85kg) and create habit of running or exercising every morning. Personal trainer would be great help, but I will achieve it anyway!

  431. Keri Pettit

    I have three goals:
    One, to run a 5K, actually run it. Not walk and run, not trot, not jog, but run it.
    Two, continue losing weight, I’m down 40lbs, and will lose 20 more. (switched from “would like to”)
    Three, get everything toned up and flexible.

  432. Bridget

    I used to focus on weight-based goals but I realized that it was causing me to focus on the wrong things (because skinny doesn’t necessarily equal healthy).

    My new fitness goal is to improve my diet and exercise to the point that I feel energetic throughout my day and to be able to walk up the four flights of stairs in my office without getting out of breath at all. That might seem like a tiny thing but I’ve not been able to do that for as long as I can remember so it would be a huge moment for me. And hopefully the encouragement I’d need to push myself more for my next goal. Long-term I want to build strength and muscle and run a 5k etc but for now I’m taking baby steps.

  433. EDB

    1. 200# DL – I’ve been stuck at 180# for weeks. (BW = between 100 and 105lb)
    2. 100# bench – stuck at 80# for weeks.
    3. 15 consecutive pullups – stuck at 10 before, probably even less now.

  434. Anjili

    My goal is to get to that place where I love exercising again. I used to play field hockey and lacrosse, and let me tell you how GOOD it felt to push yourself, to feel the burn. I miss that. I want the wherewithal to establish a good work out as a ROUTINE and I want to be in it long enough to want to come back for more.

    Yes, I want to lose weight (at least 40 lbs over the next year) because my industry is very unforgiving to women who have let themselves go a bit, and yes, I want to *feel healthier*, and yes, I want my confidence back. Attractive bodies are handed a lot of power, and knowing what I know NOW about how differently people treat me when I am fat and charming vs. skinny and charming, I want to go back to being at a healthy weight so I can grab people by the balls and take the world by storm.

  435. Audra

    I’ve been working out on my own for a year and a half, but I think I could benefit a lot from some guidance! I want to keep building up some muscle and get even more health/de-stressing benefits from working out.

  436. Amanda

    I have very weak arms, and I really just don’t know how to build them up without a proper trainer. I want to be strong enough to stir-fry a full wok with one arm in a commercial kitchen. Who knew my talents at cooking was hindered by my arm strength?

  437. Kamil

    If I win I’ll strengthen my body to deal with the back/neck pain I get from sitting at a computer.

  438. Michelle

    I want to run a 10k in under 1 hour, whittle my waist from 27″ to 25″, go from a size 5 (yeah, it doesn’t exist…) to a size 4 and stay there, and finally, learn to love running like I love spin class.

    Thank you for this opportunity to become a better athlete.

  439. Raena

    Hello! My goal is to be able to lift heavy. I would like to work with a personal trainer to learn and master the basics of powerlifting. I’ve already started on my own, but I would love the opportunity to work with a coach who will show me the proper form.

  440. Charlotte

    My fitness goals are to increase my energy levels, and get fit enough to run a 10k with my sister!

  441. Danielle

    I dream of getting off blood pressure meds! I’m motivated to actually do it!

  442. Nadine

    I want to keep pursing my goal to become a stunt woman. However, I have to do 10 pullups. I’m at 6 right now and that has taken a year. I was working out with a trainer and loved it. I improved so much. I do not have the money to continue though, so this money would help me further my goals. I also want to get in better shape overall – stronger and improve cardio endurance.

  443. Rachel

    I’d also love to be able to do a pull up from dead hang! And a head stand in yoga has always been a goal too.

  444. Colleen

    I have a couple of categories for my fitness goals–The number one is that I’d like to increase my core strength–be able to lift myself off the ground in a pike position and hold there. Then I’d like to be able start in a handstand (balanced!) and lower myself slowly to the ground in a push-up position. I’d also like to increase the flexibility of my spine– be able to be in a certain yoga pose where I can touch the back of my head with my foot. I’m a yoga teacher and work on all of this on my own, but I live in a small town so have to travel to get to some of the teachers I’d like to train with.

  445. Sukhneet

    My goal is to do 15 pull-ups straight.

    I also want to become flexible enough to get my palms under my feet while standing.

  446. Travis

    My Goal:
    Fix chronic issues and stop my body from being in debilitating pain.

    I am 25, fairly athletic, but years of slightly wrong lifting habits have led me to develop chronic pain issues that are so bad I can’t stand for long periods of time, I need to lay down to do my work, and I simply can’t relax like a normal person. This means that every moment I am talking to that cute girl in the bar, most my attention is on how bad my back hurts.

    The sad part is this started when I was 18. I have spent thousands of dollars of my own money and hundreds of hours of my own time researching trying to fix my problems. I read hundreds of articles, filmed my workouts to check form, talked with experts, gone to a ton of chiropractors and doctors, even had an injections straight into my spine which was the most painful experience of my life, and did little good.

    This year I hired an online personal trainer (because of your advice on talking to coaches to help you achieve your goals) to look at my form and try and design a program to help me restore balance to my body. It’s a step in the right direction, but last Saturday after following his workout advice I was in so much pain that, that night at a bar with my friends, I ended up leaving over an hour early, so I could go home and lay down.

    I have done a lot of research and have concluded help from the right personal trainer would give me back my life. I have contacted these coaches and in person training is sadly out of my price range.
    $5000 could mean finally having an expert help me in real time. Something people don’t realize is when your body is in pain, your brain can’t work optimally. When every thought is being interrupted with “ouch that hurts”, optimal mental performance or full enjoyment of life is kind of out the question. Winning this could lead to every aspect of my life being improved, and I guarantee this opportunity would be of more value to me than you can imagine.

    Thank you for reading this, and I hope this changes whoever wins life as much as I imagine my quality of life would be improved.

    • Liz

      Hi Travis,

      I feel for you being in that much pain. Having suffered from herniated discs myself, I know what you’re going through and it CAN get better.

      When I was in as much pain as you are now a doctor gave me one simple exercise- a backbend raising up on my belly against gravity, lifting my head, hands and feet off the floor (locust pose in yoga). I did several sets of 10 reps a day and was pain free in about 6 weeks. This worked for my injuries because I had posterior disc bulges. Your condition may be different so I don’t recommend trying it. You need professional medical advice.

      Please see a doctor. Only after performing and evaluating necessary tests and scans (like an MRI or CT scan) can someone adequately advise you what type of medical issue is causing your pain and how to best treat it. He/she can also prescribe physical therapy that will help you in the ways you’ve described.

      Any “trainer” who would take you, injured, without wanting you to see a doctor first is either ignorant or a charlatan out for your money or both. Continuing what you’re doing could cause more serious damage. You only have one body- take care of it! Good luck.

  447. James

    My fitness goal is to reverse my pre-diabetes by running the Walt Disney World Marathon with my Kate, my best-friend and significant other. I’m currently working with a trainer that has pushed me hard to make my first 5K race sub 30 minutes but with over 50lbs left to hit goal weight and many many miles, I need his support and can only afford his time for another couple months despite the budget changes I’ve made to make our training time a priority.

  448. Kurt

    Put on 10lbs of muscle…the goal I’ve had since highschool, but never attained due to lack of knowledge and every excuse in the book.

    I’d like to feel great about my accomplishment to improve my confidence that I can achieve what I set out to achieve.

  449. Chakri

    For last 6 months, I am trying to build ab muscles on my own and get rid of the pot belly but could not able to make it. I am trying hard. I just wanted to take a picture with a 6-Pack body.

  450. Anne

    I’ve got dips and pulllups – can’t get the muscle up. Every time I get close, I slack off, get inconsistent and slide back to where I need to work on pullup and dip strength again. I’d like to get the muscle up before I turn 50 this year and break the cycle.

  451. kriss

    I don’t want to be a certain weight or size …my goal is to feel healthy! I do need to “loose” lbs. But I don’t want to focus on a number. I want to learn how to change my lifestyle!

  452. Debbie

    I had a kid later in life. I am 45 and my son is 4. I am not in horrible shape but need to go ahead and get in the best shape I can so that when he is 14 and I am 55 I can still keep up with him in whatever physical activities he’s interested in. Also I want to be in good health and not be a burden on him as I get older.

  453. Scarlett

    I would like to be a lot more toned and have higher endurance. I trained for a half-marathon last year but unfortunately I had an injury just before the race. I do have fun working out but I regret not having someone to make my time at the gym more efficient and to actually see better results. This not only regarding exercises but also the diet that is essential for the good result.

  454. Janie

    Three goals:
    – Lose 3 inches around my tummy. (Strength)
    – Take the 170 steps up the bluff 2 at a time. (Endurance)
    – Touch my toes with the flat of my hand. (Flexibility)

  455. Steve

    Hi Ramit, my fitness goal is to be able to run a 5k and then a half marathon. And go from scrawny arms to some muscle!

  456. SueEllen

    My goal is to be able to finish a Spartan Race in the fastest time, and do all levels of them within a year.
    Also, I want to have better abs than my brother 😀

  457. brina

    My fitness goal would be to last an entire hour long fitness class without giving up halfway due to poor stamina!

  458. N Shah

    1) Reduce LDL level by working out.
    2) Increase my muscular endurance
    3) Look better in your clothes.
    4) Long-term goal is run marathon.

  459. Traci

    I have lost 15 pounds on my own, and I would use this to get to the next level! I only have 15 to go, and I can’t wait to be in great shape!

  460. Robin

    I have managed to lose 25 pounds which is skinnier than I have been since before my children were born (18 & 14). I would like to loose 25 more and tighten my core muscles to improve my overall health.

  461. Stephanie

    I want to be able to do 20 pushups!

  462. Jaclyn

    I want to get shapely legs back, and remove the “extra padding” that has developed around my mid-section and hips.

  463. Wade

    Love to lose some weight, but more important is the need to become more fit/healthy. Smoked for years, have quit 2007, never have recovered from being active at my job to now being somewhat sedentary.

  464. Liam

    My fitness goal is to put on 15 lbs of muscle and increase my squat and deadlifts to 300 lbs each by Dec. 31, 2014. I will go to the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for weight training. No cardio. And I will increase my caloric intake to 4000 calories a day, more if I need it. To hold myself accountable, I will write a friend of mine a check for $1000 to cash if I miss a day. Unless of course I end up in the emergency room.

  465. Dana

    My fitness goal is to be able to do 20 push-ups…not on my knees! And run 3 miles without wanting to pass out.

  466. Rachel

    Hi, I want to (a) run a marathon and (b) be able to lift be own body weight – and in doing so turn the way I see myself (I’m-uncoordinated-and-really-not-sporty) inside out

  467. Brock

    First I would like to concentrate on losing about 20 pounds of fat the is not needed. Second I would like to develop a strong base foundation of strength with weight lifting. I would also like to work on some sort of cardio program to get my heart into better shape. I have lots of events that I would like to do in the future (GORUCK, Tough Mudder, etc), but mainly I want to be a health role model for my wife and kids. I want to be able to go through the rest of my life as a capable strong man that knows how to take care of business. I want my health to be an asset and not a hindrance.

  468. Nora

    My fitness goal is to gain muscle. I’ve changed my diet in the summer of 2012 and lost about 10lbs. But I always thought of myself as too lazy to workout. That changed last year and I’m now working towards that toned & healthy body goal !

  469. Marco Tulio Ribeiro

    I have been going to the gym pretty consistently, and I’m ‘in shape’ already. My goal with a personal trainer would be to improve my lifting technique, in order to: (1) train harder while avoiding injuries and (2) make more efficient use of my training time.

  470. Betsy

    I want to lose weight, and as I’m approaching 60, I want to increase my cardio and respiratory health levels. A little metabolism boost wouldn’t hurt.

  471. BDB

    With a trainer I figure I could improve my current lifts a lot. I weigh 125lbs right now and my squat, bench and deadlift are 165, 105 and 200. So I’m going to say 2-plates, 1-plate and, uhm, 2-and-1/2?

    One of the best decisions I ever made was deciding it was okay to hate cardio, by the way. I am a lot happier in the gym now I know I can basically ignore the treadmills and bikes beyond warmups. I’ll walk my dogs to keep my heart healthy.

  472. Mandi

    I’m in nursing school now and I would like to be in shape by the time I graduate so that I can help inspire others to do the same without looking like a hypocrite. It’s just though for me because I try to work out but I really don’t know where to start. And as helpful as the internet is, I find myself wandering from one routine to another without results. It would be nice to have someone tell me what to do and hold me accountable.

  473. Amber

    I want to run 3 miles in under 20 minutes. I want to bench press more than I currently weigh. I know that it’s possible, when I was 13, I was in judo and did weightlifting too. I could press 200lbs. Now I’m doing a piddly 55lbs and struggling. I want to enhance my learning capabilities (work your body, work your brain, right?).

  474. NT

    I have a neurological disease. My goal would be to retain my mobility and gain strength and flexibility and stamina.

  475. Christina

    My fitness goal this year is to squat twice my body weight.

  476. Cara

    I want to be in better shape in my 40s than I was in my 20s, and maintain that so I can continue to run half marathons on my 80s.

  477. Brit

    My ultimate fitness goal is to become an independent personal trainer and Pilates instructor. I’m currently exercising, and studying fitness & business on my own while I save up money for classes.

  478. Stuart

    I have started eating healthy and my fitness goal is to put an evenly spread weight on

  479. Dan

    I love the concept of putting the workout plan in an experts hands and just ‘showing up and doing what they say’ to build a new system and get better. I’ve never had a problem staying in decent shape, but because of that I’ve never gone to the trouble to get into great shape. This would take me to another level.

  480. Bukka

    I desperately want to see my abs! I want to take my shirt off and not have my belly pouring over my jeans. I know getting to this point will give me the habits I need to stay fit and healthy. I also know I need training with a coach, as with anything else, in order to succeed and this is the bump I need to make it happen!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  481. Becca Tilley

    I have one specific fitness goal – work my way up to a pull-up! I’d also just love to get stronger – letting go of my perception of myself as weak and incapable (reasons my brain gives me for that perception: just because I’m me, AND because I’m a girl. logical… not!) And lose that little bit of pudge which just isn’t quite right around my belly.

    what I’ve been doing so far:
    – signed up last september to a local “group personal training” thing called “Booty”, run by an awesome trainer, twice a week. They offer various awesome classes with a really great supportive and encouraging community environment. I know just “going to the gym” or having fitness equipment at home doesn’t really work. Not only is there the whole “motivation” thing, it’s also hard because I am subconsciously wondering if I’m doing the right thing and will ever get results. Booty has been great because you pay for the block of 4-6 weeks in advance, and you don’t get your money back if you don’t show up. Oh and if you don’t show up and have a shit excuse, the trainer is reeeally scary. You do not want to be on the receiving end of her wrath!!

    – I also knew if I had to ride my motorbike to the sessions, therefore getting changed in & out of bike gear and gym gear, it would be one more thing that put me off doing it. So I organised to get lifts with people. I’ve made it about as easy for myself as I can – I just roll out of bed at 6am, put on my gym clothes, get picked up, go there, do what I’m told, kick ass for 45-60min, then I’m done.

    I’ve been excited to see a bit of muscle and feel myself getting stronger so far! Having a personal trainer would make this so much more enjoyable and easy and make me sure I was gonna get results!

  482. Mark

    I want to be stronger. I’m sick of feeling weak. I want to be able to keep my balance when someone nudges me!

    I want to look and feel better, and for my clothes to fit better.

    I wanna have more strength to be more competitive in my sport and also to prevent injuries.

  483. Laurie

    I would love to win this so that I can build up my muscles and develop upper body strength. I’ve taken boot camp classes (loved them!) and they made such a difference in 2 months — a whole year would be awesome. I would love to have legs of steel!

  484. Matt

    My fitness goal is to keep off the 40 pounds I’ve lost since being diagnosed with diabetes in November, and still look sexy for my wedding in September.

  485. melissa

    My goal is to gain stamina and energy, lose 10 lbs of fat and over all tone my body.
    My date of completion will be June 30 2014.
    Thanks for the push to set goal.
    Having more energy and stamina wil allow me to get involved with my children more and have the extra push to work on my side business (which also involves heavy lifting so the muscle gained won’t hurt either!)

  486. Misty

    My fitness goal is to tone and strengthen and get rid of about 20 lbs. of fat. I am 40, but I’m not ready for the rocking chair yet. I recently worked with a personal trainer for one “introductory” session, then I continued going to the gym for about 4 weeks working on my own until my free gym passes ran out. I absolutely LOVED working out, but I have very low self esteem and always second guess myself. I convinced myself I wasn’t doing it correctly, but I simply can’t afford a personal trainer to tell me how to do it right!

  487. nadia

    My goal : gain muscles and be in my right weight 🙂

  488. Esther

    After a dramatic hospitalization in September 2013, (my first ever, and in ICU, no less!), I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 26. My goal is to become healthy enough to get off of all medication (insulin, blood pressure, and cholesterol), and maintain my condition solely through diet and exercise.

  489. Julie

    I want to run a 5k race and finish in the top 10%.

  490. Stephonee

    I’d like to gain some muscle, but my overall “goal” is just to “be fit and healthy.” I don’t have a particular look I’m going for, or something I want to lift or be able to do, I just want to prevent problems down the road (I’m 27 right now). This “lack of a clear fitness goal” drives my fit-geek fiance up a wall, but I can’t help it! The only thing I want is to be healthy.

  491. Jamie Taverner

    My goal is to increase strength in my body as well as my mind. with 2 young children it is time to stop with the excuses and lead a life that demonstrates how to keep a healthy mind and body. I also want to go to the beach, pool, walk the road and everything else with energy!!! lots of energy!!

  492. Alex Ball

    I’d like to learn the olympic lifts. In addition, I’ve always been interested in the fitness industry from a business perspective; a year of interaction with a coach would give me a much better perspective than training on my own has done.

  493. Ashlee

    My goal would be stepping into the gym at least 4 times a week, training in heavy lifting. I want to get back to the shape I was in a while back (Can you say, “Spot me, girl?”). I slipped on my routine, blaming my hectic schedule and non-stop travel. Working out every morning caused me to be more focused at work, gave me more energy throughout the day, and caused me to update my wardrobe because clothes were not fitting the same anymore. I’d like to get back into that routine. The first couple of months are brutal! But, like Ramit mentioned… It would be nice to just show up and have someone tell you what to do rather than focus energy on researching the right workout routines when I should be focusing that attention elsewhere.

  494. Li

    As a 6’1 ~150-155 lb Asian male, my goals by the end of this year are:
    – to be 175+
    – make going to the gym a regular routine/ritual/habit

  495. Pamela

    I would like to get down to my goal weight of 140 and find ways of staying there as the daily stress of life takes its toll.

  496. Sruti

    My short-term goals for 2014:
    By April – run a 5K
    By July – reduce belly fat/muffin top in time to be a bridesmaid at a wedding
    By Oct – be able to do the “plow” in yoga (by improving core strength)

  497. Pamela

    And I would like to be able to drop into yoga bridge pose, then lift into handstand! I love yoga and it has made me much stronger and leaner in the last two years, but there is always something new to learn and tackle!

  498. Veronica

    With a year of personal training, by the end of it, I want to be able to have my body fat percentage maintained at 19%.

    I’m at 23% right now and with the right combination and dedication of nutrition/cardio/weight training, I KNOW I can do it. A trainer can give me all of that knowledge and all I’d have to do is follow his/her guidance.

  499. Laura

    Goal: lose 15 pounds and look awesome in and out of my clothing 🙂

  500. Kiesha P.

    My goal is to lose 40 lbs. The personal training will benefit my strength and conditioning to work up to successfully completing a 5K run that I’ve wanted to do for 20 years.

  501. Anna

    My fitness goals currently are to get to 100 Push Ups (currently at 11 after a week, but a start’s a start!) and to complete a pull up. Also, to stick to running 2 times a week.

    Aesthetically, to tighten up a little around my midriff and gain more muscle mass overall.

    I’m quite small (5’3″, 100lbs) and would love to feel STRONG!

  502. Nanc

    Size 14…..haven’t seen size 14 in several years. 🙂 Also, I have to get in ‘singlet shape’…..I compete in Master’s Level Olympic Weightlifting and we have to wear a singlet, just like in the Olympics. As a woman who is over the age of 49 :p , can you imagine the pressure?!

  503. Dana

    For some reason I have a hard time justifying the expense of a personal trainer, but having just finished a half marathon by training with a group, I know that my weakness is accountability and a social aspect. I’ve used trainers before but usually only for maybe 3 months at a time. With the half marathon, I re-established a consistent habit and got my heart in great shape, but didn’t really change my body. My goal with a trainer would be to build muscle and get more definition, and find the newest, most efficient ways to do this without spending hours at the gym.

  504. Sam

    My fitness goal is to strengthen my core so I’ll get rid of my backaches, shoulder aches and neck aches! (Because the knee bone is connected to the back bone, and the back bone is connected to the shoulder bone…dem bones song!)
    Also, I’d like to learn how to lift weights properly and have good form in exercising so that I can have great form in life!

  505. Florian

    Hello Ramit!
    I need to get a personal trainer, because I really do have some back issues which need to be taken care of. So, for me, strengthening the muscles of my back is the most important (’cause its health) goal, another, not quite so important (’cause its aesthetic) goal is to sculpt my chest muscles a bit more, since I know that then I will look even more incredible than I already do – according to my girlfriend, but maybe she is a bit biased, I don’t know exactly.

    Thanks a lot for the amount of give aways you always hand out, and for the great advice which you share so freely through your emails. I read them all, believe it or not 🙂

    Have fun,

  506. Josh

    I too was once a small scrawny guy. But over the years I’ve worked out to change that. However, I would like to move into the next bracket. So my goal would be to deadlift 200kg, shoulder press 60kg for 5×3, squat 150kg for 5×3 and bench 110kg for 5×3

  507. Rozcio

    No matter what people say, appearances matter and a lot, about how you feel of yourself, how others see you and the kind of response you get out of them… And health is always attached to it as a plus!

    I have always wanted to have a flatt (six packed if possible) belly and nice arms that does not move when I salt my food 🙂 besides, if I work out the body I always wanted maybe my boyfriend will follow me and finally get ride of his chef belly 🙂 dreams are free and made to come true, aren’t they?

  508. Peg Whitten

    I am one your ‘older’ fans, although I took an online test recently that says I have the mind of a 25 year old. However, my body says something different. Heart and lungs are good, weight is only about 5 pounds too much, and I still have most of my original body parts, but my back doctor says I am ‘deteriorating’ due to osteoporosis and arthritis. He did say that exercise would be the best thing for my condition.

    I know you have written about procrastination and motivation, both of which are a problem for me. I hereby vow that I will re-read everything you have written about these habits.

    My personal fitness goals are to lose those few extra pounds, increase my range of motion, and QUIT WALKING LIKE AN OLD LADY! I would love to win a year with a personal trainer, but if it doesn’t work out, there are a couple of gyms close to where I live, and if I can stop procrastinating, I’m going to make an appointment this month.

  509. Tal

    I’m looking to get to a healthy BMI. Probably lose about 40lbs.

  510. Gina

    I’m one of your “older” readers who is in dire need of getting my body in shape as well as my finances so that I can continue to defy the odds that have been presented to me throughout my life. I might be a late bloomer, but I’m hoping to prove there’s no such thing as starting too late (never starting is probably too late!) I’m also the oldest player on my coed softball team and I’d love to be more agile and strong when I take the mound and face off against some of the strongest hitters!

  511. Kimberly

    I want to be able to pull myself up over a cliff, if ever I found myself dangling by one.

    • Liz

      Lol, Kimberly! Great goal. Love this 🙂

  512. Sadie

    My fitness goal would be to swim around key west!

  513. Karen

    My fitness goal is to lose the baby weight I put on during my second pregnancy – my son is now 16, so I’m well overdue! I always have lofty fitness goals, start out great, and then the plan falls apart. I am also trying to adhere to a Paleo diet, and I am fighting temptation all of the time. I believe that a personal trainer would help to keep me on track and provide the accountability that I need.

  514. Swadeep Pillarisetti

    My fitness goals would be

    1. Lose fat. About 35 pounds of it!

    2. Get body toned and sculpted into a good lean muscular physique. 6 packs. Definitely! 🙂

  515. Mike

    I’d like to gain 20lbs over a year timeframe. I’ve always been skinny – 125lbs now.

  516. Isabell

    I started my weight loss journey about 5 years ago….I am 5’3” female and started my journey at 300 pounds and now 5 years later I am at 160 pounds….I cant seem to tackle those last 25 pounds that I want off of me soooo badly!!!! I want a leaner more toned appearance but most of all I want to see the thin me that is hiding behind those last 25 pounds….This may be just what I need to get those last unwanted pounds off of me once and for all!!!!!!!!

  517. Phillip

    My goal is to gain weight as I’m on the very low end of the BMI scale. Two weeks ago I joined a local gym, doubled my caloric intake (with good calories) and started lifting. I already seen some progress and gained 6 lbs. Someone to coach me through the optimum steps would certainly help fine-tune my goal.

  518. Kriss

    I need to lower my cholesterol. And get rid of these bat wings!

  519. Mary

    I want muscular arms, shoulders, and legs. I am thin yet I would LOVE definition in my musculature.

  520. Imran Hussain

    To be able to do 10 wide grip pull ups. Its the one exercise you only see being done by the extremely fit people and I wanna be one of them. Btw I’m a skinny indian who just joined a gym in December

  521. Mitcheal

    I’ve done the gym thing, lost a total of 85 pounds and was in the best shape that I could remember but then relapsed and drifted away from going and regained about 50 pounds. I’m looking forward to a trainer holding me accountable and helping me get back to where I was and beyond.

  522. Brynn

    I will run in the ruckus, raising money for MS!

  523. Andrea

    If I won, I’d take it to the next level. I’ve already lost 50 lbs by eating paleo and now it’s time to get my 47-year-old body back into shape!

  524. Stefan Robert

    I want to be proud of my body when I look at myself in my underwears. i.e. Not have an ironing board chest and have biceps.

  525. Nisha

    My goal is to get ‘thinspired’ 🙂
    I was a lean and highly confident girl but in the last year my work has taken priority and have gained a lot of lbs which has cost me my self-confidence. I do not feel like myself any more . I want to get back in shape and be the confident girl I once was 🙂

    Thanks, Ramit !

  526. Debra Russell

    Be a solid, ripped, size 4 – like I was before I got sick (bedridden for many years). I can work out now – it only took my 18 years to get to the point where I can really work out. And now that I can, I want to make it count!

  527. John

    As another skinny dude I can totally relate to Ramit’s former Supermodel look.

    Since I am going for the Classic Brad Pitt ” Fight Club” look; I need to add 3 inches to my shoulder while keeping my waist constant. in the next 12 months.

  528. Chris

    I want to get below 200 lbs. I have been above 200 lbs for my entire adult life (I am 43). I have tried soooo many things, but I just HATE going to the gym and trying to get myself motivated. If I knew that I had an appointment with a trainer that I had to keep, I would feel obligated to go and do the work.

  529. Mary P

    My fitness goal is to become more active. As a piano teacher and a music director at a church, my life is very sedentary. I want to lose weight and feel less lethargic…energy! I need it!

  530. Angela

    I would like to be able to run a 5K.

  531. Nik

    My fitness goal is to lose 1% of body fat per year for 5 years while maintaining my current weight.

  532. Eric

    My goal is two-part:
    1) Get back to my pre-grad school weight.
    2) Gain muscle.

    I have a family history of diabetes. I really don’t want to end up in a situation where I’m relying on pills to control my blood sugar, injecting insulin, or worrying about losing my feet due to diabetes-related complications.

  533. Stephanie

    I want to lose my chubby tummy that I’ve had since middle school and build up the strength I need to get better at what I love to do: dance. (Real dancing, not swaying from side to side haha)

  534. Matt

    I work out regularly, but it’s difficult to push myself to the point where real growth occurs. I’d use a trainer to push me through high-intensity workouts designed to build muscles – both the visible ones and my heart. Heart health is important to me after losing my dad to a heart attack!

  535. lauren

    My goal is to lose weight, I need to lose a minimum of 10 pounds, but would like to lose more if possible. My doctor asked me to lose 20 pounds, and I lost 10 on my own, but then I stalled out.

    I also want to work on strength, flexibility, and balance because those things will help me stay healthy as I get older. I am a work in progress and I want to continue to progress.

  536. Eab2222

    Lose the useless weight I have been dragging around for 11 years. I gained 60 lbs during a time of family crisis and things have been stable for 7 years but I still have the pounds.

  537. Lynne

    I want to lose 30 pounds and drop at least 2 dress sizes.

  538. amb

    I already have a six pack, but I need help getting rid of the keg in front of it!
    My fitness goals are to reduce my waist by 4 inches and to improve my deadlift.

  539. Doug

    I’ve been lifting weights for over 30 years – however, I’ve never been able to push through certain plateaus. I want to get stronger – specifically, my fitness goal is to bench press 275, squat 300 and deadlift 315. I currently workout in a shed behind my house because I haven’t been willing to invest in a trainer (bottom line I’m too cheap to spend for the trainer). Achieving this fitness goal would be incredible…changing my psychology about the value of investing in myself – priceless! Can’t wait to get started.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Please start changing your psychology by never calling yourself cheap again. I’ve written before about how that kind of self-talk is utterly destructive and gives you an excuse to not invest in yourself. The truth is, you chose not to hire a trainer for 30 years. You’re not cheap, and that’s not an excuse. Lesson over.

  540. Amber

    I would like to do one pull up.

  541. Aaron

    I have a lot of advantages. I’m tall, wide shoulders. I gain and loose weight easily. I’d really like to get my body fat below 10% to maybe have some abs and drive my wife mad with desire.

  542. Ryu

    I want to max my next Army Physical Fitness Test in the spring. I was 4 points shy of doing so last time. I would need to run 23 seconds faster on the 2-mile run even in order to do so.

    More importantly, I’d like to become a better Brazilian Jiujitsu practitioner over the course of 2014.

  543. Allison

    Two years ago, my goal was to run my first 5k. After I met that goal, I vowed to run consistently a few times a week. I’ve been keeping that up for almost two years, and this year’s goal is to train for and run a half marathon in Fall 2014. In addition, I want to incorporate more strength and cross training into my routine.

  544. Chris

    I think I almost have Ramit beat 🙂

    6’2″ 136 pounds soaking wet and after some BBQ and cake. I am in pretty good shape already (play a lot of sports), but I need to gain some (ok a lot) of lean muscle.

  545. Hannah

    I’m hoping I could put the $5,000 towards yoga if I win.

    I want to increase my flexibility and fitness in general, specifically, I want to be able to do a damn downward dog correctly (apparently it’s tight hamstrings that cause the back to arch, as mine does).

    I used to run a bunch and lift in the gym but came up with knee issues that I still haven’t figured out, so yoga and hiking are my go-to exercises but yoga is astonishingly expensive stuff for GOOD classes, but when you do them you get ripped as all get out (but still flexy). I love me some yoga.

  546. P

    I want to be able to bench 60kg (Which is how much my wife weighs +10kg) and to be able to do 3 unassisted pull ups.

    Once there I want to be able to maintain this on an ongoing basis.

  547. Keith

    Ramit, thank you for the opportunity your presenting. My younger brother sent me the link because he has read your book and I believe went to high school with you. My training goals would be to continue on my weight loss and life change that I have undertaken over the last 6 months or so. I have dropped almost 40 pounds and am slowly getting back to some semblance of fitness. My major goal is increasing fitness level and changing my body image. Thanks again for the opportunity
    Keith Scollay

  548. Vicky

    My goal would be to lose 60 pounds in a year and be able to jog a mile with ease (not gasping for breath).

  549. Lee

    I want to dominate basketball, even though I’m short

  550. Anna

    I am an avid follower of yours though I am perhaps slightly out of your targeted age range. I am in my early 40’s and juggle being a an awesome mom (single), working full time and learning everything I can possibly get my hands on.

    Lately I have found myself in a rut when it comes to working out. I don’t want to go to the gym and it’s like going to the dentist just to get in a few push-ups. Needless to say I have managed to gain enough weight that none of my attractive clothes fit. So, I have been seriously contemplating a personal trainer that is within only 2 blocks of my home and with whom I have had previous experience. Unfortunately I simply cannot afford it right now. I know that getting back into a regimented program in which I don’t have to think, just do, will be just the thing I need to regain the energy and enthusiasm I have had for my passions and even drive me to achieve more. I have longed to train to complete a century cycling trip.

    Thanks for the opportunity to tell you a bit about me. I will show you a proud winner and continue to display to the world what a 40-something can do but with even more zeal!

    I greatly enjoy what you have brought to the world, Ramit. Thank you.


  551. Rachel

    I want to not only feel good and more energetic but also look good. My goal this year is to build muscle mass and go from there. On top of my less than stellar body I’ve had a skin disease since my early teens, prompting me to hide for years. No more. I want to tone up and increase my confidence. By this time next year I will take a flight to the Fiji Islands (already saving for it!), put on my first bathing suit in 22 years and take the most amazing pictures ever. This moment will be a culmination of everything I’ve been working hard at (personal finance, graduate school and career, fitness…) lately, partly thanks to you!

  552. Michelle K.

    Short term fitness goal: I’m currently pregnant with our second child, so like most pregnant women, I’d like to at least get down to my pre-pregnancy size.

    Long-term goals: I really want to be healthy enough to do a really long hike/camping trip. I think it would be amazing to hike along the Appalachian Trail for at least a week (preferably longer) with my family!!!

  553. Oliver

    I’m super motivated to work out but I need a personal trainer to make me do less than I want to (and, of course, the correct things) so I don’t break myself constantly.

  554. pauline

    My fitness goal is to love my body again. After 2 kids, a part-time job, and 3 side jobs- I’m so exhausted at the end of the day. Having access to a personal trainer is a luxury that would help me push through my invisible scripts, and gain the body and confidence that I can do it. I think the value from that would be priceless.

    Ramit- Have you thought about creating an app that tells people what they need to hear, like “Get off your ass and work out. Now”

  555. Liz

    In the spring of 2015 I’ll be leaving the US for a one-year journey by motorcycle though central and South America.

    Having a year of personal training beforehand would allow me to strategically build strength and endurance in preparation for the physically grueling trip and to learn routines to keep me healthy, strong and injury-free during the trip.

    Thanks for the amazing opportunity, Ramit!

    • Liz

      More specifically:

      I need to be able to safely, effectively and efficiently pick up my motorcycle (300 lbs) without hurting myself (pride notwithstanding) if/when I drop it on some pocked dirt backroad.

      I’m 5’6″ and I currently weigh 126 lbs. I’ve been practicing yoga on a daily basis for almost 14 years so I’m already strong, very flexible and have good endurance. In order to be able to pick up the bike anytime I drop it without injury I need to be able to squat and lift with correct form, which means weight training and even more core strength to protect my back!

      This contest has actually inspired me to go ahead and begin this training regardless of whether I win the 5k. Winning would be delightful for me and would help me save money for the trip even faster. Thank you, Ramit!

  556. Nicole

    I’ve been on Weight Watchers for a year now, and I’ve lost a little over 30 pounds, but I’ve got a long way to go. I can’t afford a personal trainer, and I have no idea if I have the right form when I exercise. My goal is to be able to run in one of the Hero’s Runs, in honor of the rescue personnel that died on 9/11.

  557. Cody Wheeler

    I want to be able to dead lift 321 pounds so I can do one thing better than you 🙂

    Only kidding. Actually I just lost 20 lbs in January, so that got me back to all of my clothes fitting pretty well again. Almost hit 200 for the first time in my life – yikes!

    Now I’m back to 175 and am feeling nice and agile. This year is about increasing strength and feeling better for me. I’m getting older (31 this year) and my body isn’t doing things like it used to, so I’m not all that worried about benching 250 lbs and getting ripped. I’m moreso just focusing on making sure I’m strong enough to protect myself from injury and muscle atrophy as I age, as well as maintaining my energy levels and motivation.

    Man that sounds really lame now that I read it, but it’s the truth!

    Great work not being a string bean. I know the feeling (I was once 5′ 10″ / 125 in my early 20s).

  558. Rachel

    My fitness dreams are: strong arms, flat stomach, amazing stamina, to feel really good about the way I look in everything from a business suit to a bathing suit.

  559. Mahesh

    I had joined a running group while staying in Dallas,even did a maximum of nearly 8 miles in one weekend run with others.My goal would be to re-start that long-distance training,be fit & running again and complete a half-marathon.

  560. John

    (1)I’m scrawny with a potbelly. When the hell did that happen? I’d like to make that not a thing again.

    (2) I’d like to show my two younger siblings what commitment to improvement can accomplish.

  561. Marcel

    My goal is to gain 20lbs of muscle

  562. Cheryl

    Get in the shape of my D R E A M S !

  563. Lawrence

    I only want to lose a modest 15 pounds, but I want to develop my balance and upper body strength/control so I can go up into a gradual handstand and hold it for a minute.
    I also want to learn what my weaknesses are for my body type and how to compensate for past injuries.

  564. Casey

    My fitness goal is to run a 10k without stopping, and do a handstand. Also, I would like my aches and pains to go away FOREVER!

  565. Noelle

    A couple years ago I was working with a trainer one time a week (all I could afford) and hitting the gym 4-6 times a week. I was able to increase my strength, flexibility and overall fitness and endurance. After a knee injury, I completely stopped going to the gym. I’m currently working on weight-loss and would love a trainer to keep me accountable and get me back in shape.

  566. Brian

    I look forward to getting into the best shape of my life!

  567. Tyler

    I would use a trainer to help me lose about ten pounds and gain some muscle definition to look better in my clothes

  568. Joshua

    I could finally stop being my own worst enemy and have someone else push me hard to workout and get in the best shape of my life. I currently weigh 280 and would love to get to my goal weight of 175 and drop all of this fat I have been carrying for most of my life.

  569. James

    My fitness goal is to replace the uncomfortable “bounce” of flab around my midriff when nearly wiping out on my mountain bike with the steely assurance you get from a well-worked core, and to have a set of abdominal muscles that self-correct “slouch” before I find myself chin-on-desk in front of the computer. Here’s to everyone out there bucking evolution …

  570. Lauren

    My first goal is to show up for every single appointment. Be – again – the kind of person who DOES work out.

    My second goal is to see what a year of personal training could do to help me deal with chronic back pain and become generally more mobile.

  571. Brian B

    I want to break the cycle of self-doubt and lack of motivation. Getting in shape will allow me to cross “my fat ass” of the list of “Reasons I’m not Living up to my Potential.” The gains in self-confidence, discipline and overall health will inspire me to crush my goals in all areas of life.
    Help me, Ramit; you’re my only hope.

    • Brian B


  572. SP

    My fitness goal is to lose 35 pounds and deadlift 320 pounds (I’m at 285 right now!).

  573. Jena

    My fitness goal is get to a size 12. I want to be able to wear cute clothes and look cute in them!

  574. Susan

    I am at mid life and need to get back into shape, where I was 20 years ago. I know that a personal trainer would teach me the proper exercises to do the most efficient way to achieve the end goal. I want my pre disastrous marriage body back again!! ( I will list details out, discreetly, upon consideration, but, minimally 60 lbs in a year.) I am sure they would help in the motivation and diet encouragement area also…

  575. wtfwnd

    Like I’ve heard before, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

  576. Camille

    My fitness goal is to lose 35 lbs while I’m still 35 (6 months to go). After my second kid and working full time it takes a huge amount of motivation and energy to get to the gym before the rest of my day starts. A trainer would be great to take advantage of limited time and help me get back in shape so I can play with my kids!

  577. sp

    For most of my life I didn’t believe my body was made to run. A couple of years ago I finally began to challenge that thought (better late than never, right?). It took me ten months to run one mile. Another six months to run a half-marathon. Now I’m aiming for a half-triathlon and educating myself by reading articles and watching videos. But, there’s nothing like a good personal trainer to teach me proper form, how to maximize performance and avoid injury, and, of course, help me keep my head in the game.

  578. Justin

    My ultimate goal would be to increase my self-confidence. No amount of financial success or stylish wardrobe will give you unshakable confidence when taking your shirt off in front of an attractive girl for the first time haha. For a strictly fitness related goal, I would love to gain some strength and size to make up for my 5’7″ and skinny frame. I feel that because of my height and size a lot of people do not take me serious (I have found this to be true in many areas of life). I want to change this.

  579. Jadzia

    Really enjoy my body and use it to dance, hike, run, play on the “kid’s” playground equipment, rock-hop, etc. without thought or effort.

  580. JayM

    My fitness goal is to complete at least 1 full marathon this year in under 4 hours.

  581. Aaron

    I want to be able to do one-armed pushups.

  582. Martha

    Goal: to consistently work out for 30 minutes every morning at 4:15 am and get to about 75% of my formerly fit pre -pregnancy body/health.
    Improve balance and cardio by 40%
    Abs, butt, legs, chest, & shoulders focus.
    1 pullup
    Phase 2.
    Reduced cholesterol-vegan 4x/week.
    No caffeine.
    No refined sugar.
    5 consecutive pullups.
    Phase 3
    Has anyone seen the video of the woman doing yoga in her apt in her black bra and panties?
    A stretch goal…

  583. goro gupta

    My fitness goal would be able to compelete the 300 workout in full…. imagine the raw power! Looking good is easy, but true power is hard –

  584. Eric

    I want to be able to bench my own weight and to be able to do “The Lift” while dancing with my girlfriend.

  585. Michael

    I’ve always been the skinny guy, picked on at school and pushed around. I’ve gone to the gym a few times, but lacked proper guidance and never lasted. This would give me the guidance I need and the confidence I deserve.

  586. berta

    I’ve spent 10 years losing 120 lbs. I’m still 60+ lbs overweight. I’m a single mom and don’t work out enough to really lose more. I need to build muscle and improve my resting metabolic rate. My finances won’t stretch far enough for a trainer. If chosen, I’d lose 60 lbs in time for my 40th birthday this December. This would really be a gift to my kid. My goal is to live and be a good, active mom.

  587. Eric

    Lose some fat and get some pecks!

  588. Gregg

    am already working on improving my cardiovascular fitness but a trainer would help increase my motivation.

  589. Shannon

    My fitness “goal” is to become fit and stay that way. I grew up around people who didn’t know what fitness really was and they have suffered because of that. I would use this to build a stable foundation of health for my long-term outlook so that I don’t end up like those I knew while growing up. I’ve always been pretty active, but a decade of service-industry work has taken a bit of a toll. I’d like to feel healthy again and stay that way until the end. Thank you!

  590. Michael

    My goal is to have a visible six-pack. It has been a goal for the past few years but since this is the year of Unapologetic Mastery I’m going to get one.

  591. jim

    I’d like to move up to a higher level of fitness, and no longer be just the average guy at the gym but to be known as the guy with a plan. The one who gets noticed for being the all around natural high-achiever.

  592. Ben

    I’m currently 6’1, 180 lbs with a little less than 19% body fat and always have had a little trouble gaining muscle. My goal is to be 215 and have a BFP between 9%-10.5%.

  593. Brittney

    My fitness goal would be to feel beautiful and confident on the eve of my wedding night and begin a journey of health and fitness with my husband. I would use this gift to bond with my fiance and begin our lives together well.

  594. Boris

    I have a lot of fitness goals but the top goal would be to improve my upper back/neck flexibility. An injury a few months ago made me very cognizant of my lack of it.

    Improved upper back/neck flexibility would help improve my posture and increase my strength (vs improper alignment) and let me:
    – perform a lot of activities and exercises with less risk of injury (my lower back arches a lot to compensate)
    – do some exercises that I currently can’t (proper Olympic lifts, handstands, back bridges)
    – run longer (posture actually matters a lot)
    – give a better first impression
    – stand up straight without looking like I’m trying too hard

    I’ve been taking Pilates classes and doing plank exercises and have had friends comment that my posture is improving, but it’d be awesome to work with someone that has this goal in mind and could help me get there faster, find ways to measure my progress, and keep me on track.

  595. Jane

    I want to get in shape (lose 5-10 lbs), gain muscle, and gain confidence so I can wear a bathing suit without feeling self conscious!

  596. Don

    My first goal would be to first train to physically feel better. I haven’t been in great shape recently. I know that once I feel better I’ll want to work out more. Then I can address my second goal of fitting my clothes better, putting on weight has actually been a challenge for me. As a third challenge I want to be strong enough to sign up for a rec hockey league and be able keep up with the regulars.

  597. Al

    Be able to run for an hour without getting tired

  598. Erin

    I’m very healthy and pretty fit, but I have a neck injury that has sometimes controlled my life. I would like a trainer to help me strengthen my body to support itself. I miss having the confidence that comes from being adventurous and strong.

  599. Cate Murphy

    I’m 55 years old and have given birth to 10 children (been a single mom for 12 years and still have 3 teenagers at home). Yes, it was worth it, but now it’s my turn. My goal is to get in fitness model shape and–yes–compete at the Master’s level. I already work out regularly and I’m in decent shape for my age, but I can’t kick my own ass hard enough to get in that kind of shape. Trust me, I’ve tried.

  600. J

    My fitness goal is to loose a significant amount of weight. I’m talking Biggest Loser amount of weight. Like, I’m ashamed to post numbers- that kind of weight. The world on my shoulders kind of weight (perhaps I also need therapy sessions with Ramit?!).

    I actually have sporadically worked out at a gym before, have worked with trainers before (never more than a handful of sessions, simply because they were so expensive), and before I got to my current weight, I had done, and loved doing, things like dance and yoga and martial arts. I want to be able to do those things again.

    In addition to the ability to just show up and do what the trainer tells me, as Ramit mentioned, I think being able to work with a trainer for a significant period of time, develop a relationship with them, would give me a sense of security and help me develop the self confidence to commit to and endure what it will take to accomplish my goals. That, and help me progress through very different levels of training, I imagine.

    I am committed to regaining my health- but I feel scared. I rejoined a gym about two months ago, and it’s been a challenge. It’s overwhelming when you realize you can no longer do the things you used to do.

    • J

      Holy **** Ramit, are you magic?

      Right after writing this out, I got an email from Scott Abel, maybe you’ve heard of him? He just released a program designed not only to teach his methods for training and fat loss, but a program for women and to empower women through the journey, addressing the mental and emotional needs of women in particular, in addition to the physical nutrition and training methods. It’s a 140 day online program, and thanks to his 5-pay option I was able to sign up for it.

      I did my best to tell you my story above without getting too into murky personal details. But Coach Abel’s program, designed for healing and transformation on a mental, emotional, and physical level is a HUGE piece of the puzzle for me. I’ve known that intuitively, but, there just aren’t that many resources, or even much validation, for that out there.

      Anyway, so it’s not the same as having a personal trainer meet you at the gym (hint, hint, I would still love to win a year of personal training!), BUT it is a vital piece of the puzzle, and one that is especially relevant for me personally, so I am really excited.

      What I am trying to say is THANK YOU, if I hadn’t just posted here I may have just ignored Coach Abel’s email and missed out on his program completely. Like, I signed up for his list more than 2 years ago and I can’t even remember the last time he’s emailed his list. This sort of serendipity is just weird. I’m pretty woo woo, but when it happens like this, it’s still kind of creepy.

      But anyway, thanks Ramit.

  601. David

    I want to get fir for mountaineering. For me that means strength and endurance so if I won a year with the trainer, I would like to get to the point where I can deadlift 400lbs and run a sub 1hr 40 half marathon.

  602. Tom J

    My goal — lose 50 pounds.

  603. Jack

    My goal? Improve my strength:weight ratio to help improve my rock climbing!

  604. WW

    I want to be able to do a muscle up in the next 6 months.

  605. Amy

    Getting back into triathlon shape.

  606. Jodie

    My fitness goals for the next year are to lose 50 lbs and walk a marathon and engage in cross-training to support my marathon training.

  607. Yuve

    My goal is to see the definition in my abs (a six pack). When I acheive this, it will also mean I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life.

  608. Sheena

    My fitness goal is to run a 5K in the next 6 months and a 10K within the next 12 months!

  609. BJ

    To lose enough weight to feel comfortable in my own skin again, to change my lifestyle in a positive way and prove to myself that I can do it.

  610. Kat

    I want to get down to an 8 minute mile and actually make it all the way through my cardio boxing classes instead of taking a break during every exercise.

  611. Todd

    My goal is to get over the physical and mental hurdles of my current injuries and get back to what I love: being outside and skiing. Stoked!

  612. Rebecca

    I have two goals – to be able to run a 5k without stopping to walk (I don’t care about the time – I just want to make it to the end without needing a break), and to be able to perform a climb up (sort of a pull up, but where you haul yourself above the bar). Obviously a secondary goal is for purely aesthetic reasons (secondary? hah! I’m in denial here) , but I figure if I can achieve the primary goals, I won’t be as concerned with the secondary anymore.

  613. Jennifer

    I want to be able to do a handstand because I think that is something I wouldn’t be able to properly learn by myself without getting injured. If I’ve got a personal coach then I think picking something special like that will help me stay committed…which I know is ultimately the toughest part!!

  614. Kassim

    The goal was to look good in a shirt/t-shirt until I saw Lazar Angelov and now its to look good without one!

  615. Karina

    My goal is to lose ab 45 lbs to be in healthy zone to get pregnant for first time.

    • Hilde

      I will master my own psychology through the experience of focused, committed physical training. Through seeing fantastic results leveraged by expert advice, I will apply the same way of thinking to my career, finances and family life.

      I can’t wait to get started.

  616. Nick

    Hi Ramit,

    I’ve got a set of goals – 12 months is a long time with a dedicated trainer.

    A complete muscle up – this is my biggest goal I’m a long way off, though I can do 10 pull-ups in a row.
    Lose that last stubborn 10kgs and have visible abs.
    Deadlift 250kgs – I’m nearly at 200kgs so why not set the bar higher.
    Benchpress 150kgs – I just broke the 100kg barrier so I’d like to keep getting stronger.

  617. Sam

    After years of flying a desk and ignoring my body its time to turn that around. I want, No I WILL lose 50 pounds so I will be around for my kids and grand-kids. get off meds and put the money to a better use. Increased strength will help me not just feel better but help me improve my skill in my hobby, and on top of it all, make me smarter. the research is irrefutable and it is time for me to get myself back in line.

    I am already a winner though. I got your email this morning it it made me think. the only better to start than yesterday is right now. I went out and joined a gym, my bag is ready to go. Thanks for getting me off center Ramit. Keep up the good work.

  618. Sharon

    I’ve lost 5 pounds in the past month. I want to drop another 25 pounds and be at a great weight for me, and to flatten my belly. Pilates is making a great start, but with a personal trainer I’m sure I could see better results than on my own.

  619. Gemma Regalado

    I want to wake up and feel physically strong and feel proud of my body. I’d love to be a good, healthy role model for my daughter and be able to play chase with her round the park. This would be amazing!

  620. Tyler

    Lose 50 pounds of fat, gain 10 pounds of muscle. Have a six-pack, look like an underwear model. 😛

  621. Claire

    I trained in plyometrics for 4 years. Due to an injury, my doctor has forbidden me from doing any high impact activities and recommended swimming. I need to conquer my fear of swimming and get back into exercising (it’s been 2 years since I last exercised!) I used to wear a shirt when I worked out that said “It’s all mental”. I need to find that shirt!

  622. Willi

    I’d like to be able to run for a couple of minutes or drive faster on my bike without quickly losing my breath.

  623. Joshua

    The biggest goal for me is to gain 20 lbs of mass. I eat well under my average suggested caloric intake daily which can be frustrating since I don’t know how much of what I should eat to meet it. Then I must eat over 500-700 more calories than that plus maintain a routine that promotes muscle building. I’ve been 120 lbs since I was a teenager and I’m 26 years old now! I think I could definitely use a personal trainer to give that push and edge to meet my goals and exceed them.

  624. Hu

    I had to stop working out for medical reasons and was into lifting and playing lots of sports. Having been forced out of it for a few years, I am expected to be medically allowed back in the game in hopefully a month… I really want to get rid of the belly that I got as a parting present from this whole ordeal.

    I want to be able to help my family & friends move / lift heavy things again, but go for a lean look rather than bulky look … It might take a lot of effort than where I am, but I am just looking forward to pushing myself again…. I want to get back into my ideal range of <15% body fat … and maybe see if I can still make 500lb combined deadlift/bench press combo that I used to do (not important though, body fat is more important). I think to be reasonable with where I am, it will take me at least a year to restart from scratch to get to where I want to be… Want to relive the good ol' college days of looking and feeling good!

  625. Meg

    My fitness goal is to loose 25lbs before my October birthday. As it is a mid-decade milestone, I’d like to look and feel fabulous!

  626. Naya

    I would like to be able to
    – accomplish a 15 km- strongman race (taking place in end may)
    – deadlift the double of my current weight (160 kg = 350 lbs)
    – accomplish a set of 5 pull-up

    Hitting those goals will help me drop my weight by 5 kg (10 lbs )


  627. Niecey

    I want to increase endurance and stamina for dancing. I want a lean stomach, bigger butt, and above all to be strong and flexible, especially in my hamstrings.

  628. hrishikesh

    my fmy fitness goal is to have a light and toned body with high stamina so that I can scale mount everest (no kidding) that’s my dream!

  629. Tim

    Swap gut for arms.

  630. Charlotte

    My goal is to build core strength gradually over the course of the year so that I never have to think “Am I feeling fit/well enough to cycle into work today?” or “Would I be able to go for a run with my brother?”. I want to be able to take all those little opportunities, because they make me feel happy.

  631. Benson Wallace

    My fitness goals are all about feeling good, not looking good (I look good already and I don’t have any need to be “ripped”). I want to improve my resting posture, core strength, balance and alignment. I want more flexibility; to be able to do the yoga moves I can’t do right now. I want to feel more vital and have more energy at the end of the day, and sleep better. I want my spine to be straight and my hips, back, neck and shoulder muscles to be balanced. I want to not feel uncomfortable after a session working on a laptop. I want to realign my jaw and balance my facial muscles (a combination of a car accident and an over-zealous dentist removing my wisdom teeth about 10 years ago caused these problems). If I can resolve these problems, I’ll be able to work more and play more, and be less constrained by my energy levels.

    • Benson Wallace

      PS – I’m bang-on the healthy weight for my height so losing weight isn’t a goal of mine – and weigh control has never been a problem for me. I also tried working out with a personal trainer for 6 months or so, and found all it did was exacerbate the problems I describe above. Then again, this was at a fairly run-of-the-mill gym in Shanghai; perhaps I need to seek out someone more specialised at solving these problems.

  632. MW

    Build functional strength & fitness, especially neck & shoulders to overcome lingering problems from a car accident.

  633. Dave

    Lose 17 pounds and keep it off.

  634. Michelle

    I’m planning to hike the Long Trail this summer, which is a 272 mile hike along the Green Mountains of Vermont, all the way from Massachusetts to Canada. To do this, I need to shed some serious weight, work on my energy and endurance levels, and troubleshoot some circulation problems.

    I’ve already lost 6 lbs in the last month, am exercising 5 days/week, and regularly going to the chiropractor and acupuncturist. But working with a trainer would really make a difference and help me tailor my workouts for hiking specifically.

    It’s so great seeing everyone’s goals here – good luck and keep up the good work!

  635. lauren j

    I have already lost 45 lbs, so my fitness goal is to lose the remaining 40 pounds by my birthday in March next year and finally be at a healthy weight by starting with a trainer.

  636. EddieG

    I’d like to be able to play Ultimate [Frisbee] without tearing a calf every summer.

  637. Carsten

    Get rid of my “kidney protection”, build up muscle and KEEP IT! Getting fit is actually the easy part, but to keep going even reaching a plateau is going to be the hard part – speaking of experience!

    Great job Ramit!

  638. Scarlett

    I want to be able to do this:

  639. Adam Lipkin

    My goal’s to lose weight and add muscle. I do walk a lot — anywhere from 3-12 miles a day — but that doesn’t do anything for my upper body, alas.

  640. Marlo

    Ramit, my goal is to go from a (slightly) pear-shaped father of two to a physically strong and agile husband and father. I’m thinking big. I want to be like Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions or Terrell Owens in his prime. THAT type of fitness!

  641. Tim

    My fitness goal is to be about 20 pounds lighter and to increase my upper body strength. My arms have always been weak, even when I’ve worked out and been in good shape…

  642. Jack

    My wife is recently pregnant with our first child. I have been trying to lose the 100+ pounds that I have gained since college where an active lifestyle was simple. I’ve made several attempts to lose the weight but always seemed to get sidetracked by one thing or another. I would love to win this contest and have someone holding me accountable to my weight loss so that I can be around to for a long while to see my child and family grow!

  643. David

    My job was moved to a new building with a free fitness center and access to classes run by fitness instructors. Having access to a trainer has changed the way I work out. I’m doing things I would NEVER have done on my own, whether through fear of getting hurt or feeling/looking stupid. While my body has changed shape for the better, I really never lost any weight due to my eating habits.

    My goal would be to find a system for the food as I have done for the fitness.

  644. Marlin

    I work out as much for the psychological effects as for the physical. Working out makes me feel good, both in general and about myself.

    If I were to win, my goals would stay the same as they are now: to be in the best possible physical condition given my age (53), genetics plus the time, commitment and knowledge I’m able to apply to my goals.

    Additionally, I’m a snowboarder and a rugby player. The more functionally fit I am, the better I will be at those activities.

    • Kuldeep Singh

      1. Get a healthy body- to resist common cold,my greatest health problem, get healthy lungs, get a glowing face, gain muscle in arms and upper body, get a weight of 68kg.
      2. Get emotionally healthy- ability to persevere for long durations, stay focused.

  645. Scut

    I want to be able to do 10 pull-ups without breaking a sweat. Boom!!

  646. Jared

    I will be using this for my wife. She is currently pregnant and on complete bed rest in the hospital. As a person who is normally very active this has been extremely hard on her as even getting out of the bed to go to the washroom has become an exhausting activity. I will use this money to get her training to help her get back into shape so that she is physically fit enough to endure the rigors of parenthood.

  647. Evgeniia

    My goals would be:

    1) I want to strengthen my back muscles so I am able to keep a good posture all day without thinking about it.

    2) I want my shoulders to be wider and to increase my upper body strength.

  648. Rhea

    My fitness goal is to be able to hike up a vertical trail without being winded in 5 seconds, as well as be able to do more than one pull up. My body has so much potential to want to be fit, but I lack the motivation that a trainer would be able to give to achieve my fitness goals.

  649. Sylvain OBEGI

    Nice contest!
    My goal is to gain some muscle while getting down to 10% body fat. Already started working on it a few months back, don’t have much measurable results in terms of weight and body fat, but I’m now used to working out 2-3 times a week and have reduced my back pain. Would like to see how it would go with a personal trainer.

  650. Annie

    I have a goal to do 3 pull-ups, no kicking to get up 🙂

  651. GMoney

    Flexibility and strength.

    What more is there to being a fully functional elder? How can we stop falling and breaking our hips? We must stop sitting and start moving! Awesome contest.

  652. Carl Benson

    The gut has to go… I shouldn’t have to think about tying my shoes as such a chore.

  653. CK

    My fitness goal is to triple the weight I am currently lifting and strengthen mind, body and spirit by re-engaging with my former “I can do anything” mentality.

  654. Jaqueline

    I just want to look good naked!

    I want to gain muscle since I am that thing people call skinny fat. I have a very similar story to you I’m tall and skinny and I would love to look more tone and gain muscle. I think ultimately I would love to enter in a fitness competition. That’s on my bucket list for sure!!

  655. Jeremy

    My specific fitness goal: be able to dunk a basketball.

  656. NICOLE

    My fitness goals are to lose 1 inch circumference in my arms, lower my overall body fat percentage by 3% and develop more definition in my back before my upcoming wedding in January.

  657. Caryn Johansen

    In 2011, the day before I tore my ACL and meniscus I could squat my body weight (135lbs), sprint 100m in under 20 seconds, run all day and not be sore, dead lift my body weight… I never tested my vertical, but I bet it’s more than I can do now. While the knee is doing better, I’ve been plagued by soft tissue injuries ever since then.

    With a personal trainer I would address the stance and stride compensation issues that I’ve been having, get back to my squat PR and crush it, and get my body back to a state where I can use it jump, climb, run, leap all over this world.

    For example: my friends are organizing a Grand Canyon one-day rim-to-rim-to-rim hike. I would like to do this, but my knee tendonitis says no. Muscle support is the answer to knee problems. This Thanksgiving I want to run a 10k without pain, in one year a half marathon. This summer I want to climb a 14,000ft mountain. I can do these things.

    I college I had a coach. Now I have no coach and planning my workouts is one more thing that I don’t want to think about. Having a personal trainer would be awesome and help me maintain the shape I want to do the things I want to do without injury.

    Also, I think I’d be sexier if I had personal trainer.

  658. Anson

    In the past 8 months my life has been in constant change, and I developed a bad stress eating habit. I left a job where I did plenty of physical activity for a desk, and now I weigh more now than I ever have before. Valentine’s Day is coming and I know that my girlfriend is not as attracted to me as she could be. It’s time to make a change. I want to lose 40 lbs to get back to 185lbs of lean muscle. I want to be able to do 20 pull ups quickly, and 100 push ups with now break.

  659. steve

    I had a personal trainer for several months by accident, i had joined a “hikercise” class at my gym to get me in shape for my hiking endeavors that i engage in very heavily . I do 60 mile back pack trips in the summer , its all i can do to keep up with my friends. I also do many hikes with a club to 13000 foot mountains ( mt Dana as an example ) but im always falling short somehow . well when i went to the class i signed up for , i was the only person who showed up . so the wonderful lady who was doing the class offered to train just me for several months . it helped immensely. however i could not continue as the fees are rather high, but it did launch me into a new level of fitness , its just difficult to do it all on your own . so personal trainer for me is a no brainer and showing up in the morning gets me out of bed and into the gym . so i always say , when its 3 in the afternoon and i am at 10000 feet with a 35 lb back pack on , and walking up a steep mountain , i think about those days in the gym. it makes it all worth it !!!

  660. CB

    My fitness goal would be to run a full 10K and finish in the top 25%.

  661. Colin

    I want to have the body of a God. Preferably ripped like Gerard Butler in 300.

  662. Katie McGoff

    My goal is to get strong again – I was stronger once, I can be strong again. With that comes weight loss but I don’t want to be a skinny weak girl, I want to be a strong, fit one.

    Specifically, 20 full push ups would be a good indication that I’m on the right track.

    Ps – have you seen this? Now THAT’s a goal:

  663. Marni

    Ramit, congratulations on your great accomplishment and thank you for thinking of others. I’ve gained about 10 pounds over the last year and would like to lose it and recover the toned shape of my 20’s and early 30’s. For the past 2 years, I’ve struggled with low grade depression after finding out that one of my sisters has advanced cancer and that my dad’s health has started to seriously decline. On top of it, my long-term relationship broke up at the same time. I’m very very close to my family emotionally but they live 1000 miles away. While I visit every 2 months, in between I’ve been indulging in stress eating more than I ever have in my life. I’ve never had a weight problem but now the mindless eating has caught up with me. I’m out of shape, 10 pounds up and not feeling energetic, spiritually strong or good about it. I’d love your help, Ramit, and thanks again for offering this contest!

  664. Michelle

    I have spent the last five years in an uphill battle against unexplained pain an creeping weight gain. I’ve researched more than I care to admit and tried one thing after another never to be able to find a way to make a dent in the problem. Even my doctor doesn’t have a good answer. My goal in having a trainer would be to get a new set of eyes on the problem and then defeat the 35 pounds that currently plague me once and for all!

  665. Rachel

    If I win, my goal is to learn to use free weights effectively, and thus break free from using crappy machines which aren’t built to properly accommodate female bodies.

  666. Daniel

    I would like to do simple things without thinking what does it cost me in efforts. Like a child who plays soccer for 3 hours, than rests 3 minutes and goes swimming to the river for 3 more hours. All without heavy thoughts about how much energy do I invest in these activities.
    This is both physical and mental perfection.
    Here in Montreal I would do Russian Systema (it is not an ad since I do not tell now whom would I chose to train with).

  667. Stephan

    I will use this to loose weight for my wedding and then to get into honeymoon shape and stay there. I have been through that “female supermodel” thing most of life as I was always a stick. My metabolism finally started slowing down and not I have put on pounds. I need to turn that around.

  668. Maria

    My fitness goal is to work out til I have more energy to do more stuff in day than say my 75 year old granddad (aka feeeeeeel good and energetic) and get to the point where I fit into this gorgeous (and expensive) dress that’s been hiding in my closet for 3 years.

  669. marco

    I’m 54 years old, 5’5″ and weight 210, my goal is to loose 30 pounds, eat healthier and keep my overall good health.

  670. David

    I literally did the same thing when reading business/self help books. “Hey, you work out. That’s great! Who has the time and why in the hell would I wake up hours earlier to do that?!” I recently quit my job i the video game industry of ten years and am taking over the family real estate business with my father and two younger brothers. I’ve begun walking miles every single morning and I’ve honestly never felt better. I did this year ago but stopped due to severely injuring an ankle playing trampoline dodgeball (is there a better way to permanently injure yourself?) I’ve got the routine down. I’m improving every day. But as a tall skinny guy (with weak wrists) I’ve always wanted to bulk up and I think winning this would drastically up my game. My wife probably wouldn’t hate it a lot either.

  671. heidi

    Everyday I work towards being able to do a perfect chaturanga pushup.

  672. Amanda

    I want to get stronger, and look better in my clothes.

  673. Amanda

    And to be able to do a pull up unassisted. And at least 50 boy push ups.

  674. Bill

    My fitness goal is to get to 195 pounds, perform 25 pull ups, and do 100 burpees (see for an explanation). My wife has longevity in her family (commonly living into their late 90s!). As I am 8 years older than my wife, I want to be with her for as long as I can. I need to be very healthy to do that.

  675. Ginger

    My fitness goals are to drop one pants size, to protect my knee from further injury and to build lean muscle mass so I will look better in my clothes and not have wings when I wave. I can do a plank and a plank frog but I would like to be able to do a plank frog jump and still protect my knee.

  676. Matthieu

    My main goals are to be able to do handstand pushups and stand a V-Sit for a minute.

  677. Kyle Aldous

    I’ve been breakdancing for about 10 years and I’ve developed certain muscle groups just through practicing – but I want to be able to work with someone to hone in and really push myself to the next level. My wife and I had a baby 6 months ago, so the past 6 months have basically disappeared. It’s time to get back to practice and to get into the gym to work with someone to really be able to do some wild stuff.

    Check out some of my clips from awhile back!

  678. Cindi

    My fitness goals are as follows: get down to 15% body fat (I’m at 18%) , be able to do at least three unassisted full pull ups in a set, have kickass rounded shoulders and leg press 425 lbs. for 8 reps (for this 5’4″, 110 lb. pipsqueak).

  679. Cecilia

    I would love to increase my overall endurance, be quicker on my feet, and lose a little weight!

  680. Alexandra

    My fitness goals are to be able to do 1 pull up, 50 pushups in 2 minutes, and run 1.5 miles in 12:30. I’ve never been able to do a pull up, or get better than 13 minutes on my run.

  681. Michael

    My goals at the end of one year of training would be the following:
    1) Reduce my body fat percentage by at least 15%
    2) Increase by bench from 145 to 250
    3) Go from an almost 4 pack to 6 pack on my abs
    4) Increase my neck from 15.5″ to 17″
    5) Reduce my waist from 36″ to 31″
    6) Commit to going to the gym five days a week from 3
    7) For cardio being able to run two miles in less than 15 min from currently 18 min

  682. mike

    Get back into shape so can keep up with my kids again.

  683. Juan

    My goal is to make exercise a habit I’m addicted to, to the point where I just need exercise like I need water and sleep.

    Results that Id like workout to have on my body:
    Drop fat percentage to 16%
    Lose 15 pounds

  684. Jamie

    My goals are to lose 25 lbs. and to become a better tennis player. The extra weight I carry around on the court is a factor. I took up tennis 2 years ago in hopes of getting in better shape in a social way. I have made new friends as a result, but my weight is unchanged. And…I really want to win a singles match. Just one!

  685. Kevin

    I’d like to get back down to an athletic 215 so I can make the rest of my life the best of my life.

  686. Brant

    I want to get down to a 34 waist in Men’s clothing, and eventually have a 6-pack… Basically be in the best shape of my life as I enter my 40s.

  687. rob

    man i’m on the 1% here that need to gain weight! i used to have a trainer and yes, it does help a lot to have someone to tell what to do. Hardest part for me is eat….eat a lot!

  688. Garrett

    I’d like to gain 10lbs of muscle and become more flexible to conquer the injuries that are plaguing me and preventing me from enjoying the sports I love to play.

  689. Holly

    Strength, power and energy in addition to working out for an entire year.
    Habits are supposed to stick after 3 months but my one-time-and-only best of a 7 month streak came to complete stop about 8 months ago. Burns me to no end. A year with a trainer I’m betting, would give me that final win I’ve been trying for my whole life.

  690. Soumar Taliaa

    Ive been working out despite feeling pain in my muscles for the last 2 years. Only recently (6 months ago) I discovered the cause of this pain. Ive been diagnosed histamine-intolerant (my value was on 8000 instead of max 600) and am now on a strict histamine-free diet. The pain is pretty much gone, my weight too. I lost around 10kg, but I have never been this joyful because I can workout without any pain. So my goal is to regain those 10kg, despite not being able to drink any shakes and eating a variety of foods that would simplify the process.

  691. Joan

    I would love to win the year of personal training. I have been overweight the majority of my adult life. I entered a 12 week program that provided training and nutrition classes three times a week. I was able to lose half the weight that was needed. Since that program ended, I have kept that weight off but have been struggling to the lose the other half needed. Currently, I work out with a personal trainer once a week (all that is affordable, right now). I’m sure that if I could train more often with someone, I would be able to finish this part of my journey.

  692. Georgie Huston

    My life goal is to live well for my family and especially my two beautiful children. My target is to drop 34lbs and feel healthy inside. I am making healthy living and fitness part of my life again post babies as it feel fantastic when all is on track! However, it’s not as easy as I thought it would be with 2 ankle biters running about and being at home with the fridge all day. Exercise is my time to keep me strong to be the best mum and do the best job I can. Sounds good when I write it down, it the practise that I struggle with 🙂

  693. Nadeem

    My fitness goal would be to train to complete the Men’s Health Urbanathon (10 miles w/obstacles) in Chicago, IL on 10.19.2014. I believe that goal would earn me complete functional strength.

  694. Preeya

    I want to be in the shape I was pre pregnancy and pre divorce! Being able to keep up with my 3 year old son would be marvellous!

  695. Brent

    I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic 2 years ago. I have changed my diet and shed about 70lbs, but my sugars are still high. So, over the summer I decided to start working out (because I am still about 45lbs overweight) and within a week got my blood sugar to an almost normal level. After about 3 weeks of my routine I hurt my rhomboid muscle because I was doing an exercise wrong. So, my fitness goal is to get my blood sugars normalized without drugs or insulin injections. A trainer would greatly help.

  696. Syd

    I’d like to reach my high school weight once again. I never knew what I haaaaaddd!!
    Really though I think fitness begets a mindset to help you accomplish other things because you get into a habit of accomplishing them while you are reaching each benchmark. So if you can get yourself to say, bench 250 then yeah, you can make that awesomely captivating presentation in front of everyone at your company.
    Being fit and healthy is also great for growing old gracefully.

  697. Amber

    I would use this money to hire Matt Yeager, an amazing personal trainer who specializes I helping people with chronic illness and pain. I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease a few months ago and I am currently under going treatment. A huge part of treatment is exercise and raising internal body temperature to kill of the spirochetes. But unfortunately treatment is expensive and not covered by insurance so I had to give up my trainer to pay for the medications needed to help me get well again. Winning this contest would help me be able to have the support of an expert trainer and help me manage the important physical fitness piece of my treatment and hopefully regain my health sooner.

  698. Guy

    If I get this I will find a trainer that can tell me exactly what exercises to do, what to eat, and when to do all of it. I WANT to lose the remainder of the weight I gained from Cushing’s disease and get out of the obese range, and not take another 5 years to do it.

  699. CanCan

    I want my 6 pack to come back (I had one 2 years ago before I moved to NYC).
    I want to run in 5K’s, and have it be fun.
    I want to gain upper body strength.

  700. Olivia

    My fitness goal is to lose my belly fat! The constant nagging from my Chinese mother and aunties is compounding my despiration.

  701. Matt

    I have the problem of plateauing consistently too, despite changing workouts regularly. I’m not overweight, unless you believe that BMI crap, but I wouldn’t mind losing 10 pounds, or converting it to muscle. I’m not gaining anymore right now, but neither am I losing. I know diet is a major issue with me, I’ll need to know what foods to eat but ones that I can actually stomach, I have too many digestive issues,.

  702. Karla

    Getting in “trainer-led shape” is emblematic of bursting through barriers in other parts of my life, too. I welcome this kind of physical investment for all the big and small things I want and rely on my body to do: dance, carry, work, play (e.g., zipline obstacle course), and to help and love people. Thank you!

  703. derek

    I have these pear like contours on my side that constantly stare at me when I look in the mirror. I would like to see these gone as I can’t recall a time in my life when I was without them.

  704. Pritesh

    It’s so amazing to see more than 730 comments when Ramit announced $5,000 cash prize, however, when he writes behavioral change notes, only few of us care to comment. Why is that? I asked the same question to myself yesterday and realized that cash prize is an excellent tool to initiate a change in our habits. So, since yesterday I made a deal to myself to spend $5 on anything for every workout I do. I like to buy songs and movies on iTunes, books on Kindle, courses on So this incentive is working quite well and since yesterday, I’ve made $10 for future purchases! Thanks for the tip, Ramit.

    Btw, how many of us entered a comment and believe that getting a personal trainer would change our lives? Personally, I firmly believe that having a personal trainer is a blessing. You let other person to worry about what to do, how much to weigh, how many reps to do, what movements to concentrate and all you have to do is just show up. When you know you are paying someone for 30 mins or 60 mins, 99% of time you would show up and work out. As we all know this psychology, why don’t we still pay to a personal trainer? Do we still have to wait for $5,000 yearly prize from Ramit to get a personal trainer? What would happen after we spend all money to a personal trainer? Do you think it’ll last forever? Wouldn’t it be easier to create a system for a life time and enjoy working out? Are we looking for a lead role in next 300 movie where being physical fit is really a time constraint? Don’t you think it’s good to have overall knowledge of fitness and nutrition throughout life time and workout often? Don’t you think once we have a system for working out often, making good and healthy eating choices, our fitness goals would automatically be completed- slowly, but surely.

    In Los Angeles, where I live, a good personal trainer costs $40-$60 per hour. Now, imagine you pay $250 for 3 or 4 hours of personal trainer and gain knowledge about fitness, nutrition, weights, correct movements, and strength training, wouldn’t it worth? Imagine return on initial investment of $250 as you work out often and make a change in overall life style? This is exactly I did 3 months ago. I realized that I am not going anywhere after being in a gym for a year as I had many doubts about weights and correct movements. So 3 months ago, I paid $250 for 6 classes with a personal trainer- each for 30 mins. Just after 3 weeks (2 classes/week), I learned a lot about my body and specially, about strength training. I also learned that all this time, I was doing 90% training wrong way. I was wasting time on biceps curl, shoulder curl movements while I should have focused more on overall body movements- Squat, Deadlift, and Bench press. Paying $250 to a personal trainer put me where I wanted to be and now I have a personal trainer as a friend whom I go to for any fitness related questions.

    Once Ramit announces the result, how many of us would do nothing, go back to routine life style without even making a small change behavior? Would we even spend $33 on a great fitness book Becoming a Supple Leopard? Or $23 on Starting Strength? How about a $40/$60 for 35/50 lbs Kettlebell which is good enough for overall body workout? Or would we just wait for another contest by Ramit while we drink 5th glass of beer, eat extra-large Pizza and dream about what goals would we hope to achieve?

    Here are my personal fitness goals to achieve by end of June (mid-2014):

    Gain weight by 5 lbs
    Deadlift: 300 lbs
    Overhead Squat: 200 lbs
    Bench press: 200 lbs

    As I now believe that system is more important than goals, I would buy Ramit’s next premier course for $5,000 if I win to make my existing system even better to achieve above fitness goals and more. FYI: I’ve already bought 3 of his courses and it’s the best investment I’ve ever done so far.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Best comment on this entire thread, and maybe all year. You complete me

    • Aqilah Norazman

      Spot on, Pritesh. As a personal trainer myself, I don’t focus on just training my clients. I want them to learn skills, techniques and lessons they can do it themselves without me. My greatest achievement as a trainer is to have clients who can do it without me, and possibly only coming back to report results of how awesome they’ve become after learning from me.

      A PT is a both a blessing and luxury. And fitness and health is a long term goal. Not just a quick fix. If everyone can see that, this world would be a better and healthier place.

      And deadlifting 300lbs? You can do it! 🙂

    • cam

      As I was scrolling down through all the comments I was thinking the exact same thing. If it’s so important – would be so ‘life changing’ – why haven’t they something about it already??

      I think the reason this comp is so popular is because it feels like the ‘hard work’ is being taken out of it, when someone else pays for it.

      As you point out, PT is pretty affordable (especially if you’ve read Ramit’s book and cut costs on things that aren’t important to you and spend $ on things that are).

      What about an auto deduction to your trainer as soon as your pay is deposited in your account?

      But no. Everyone’s looking for the magic pill…

      Just cut back on something else to pay for your own PT each week! Your surrogate Asian father won’t be able to pay your way forever…. 😉

  705. Tim

    When i win, the goal is to have the trainer help me achieve at least:

    2x bodyweight DL
    1.5x bodyweight Overhead Press
    2x bodyweight Squat
    And some human Turkish Getups

  706. Mel y

    I want to lose about 10 lbs of fat and gain 5 lbs of muscle so I can finally do one unassisted pull up.

  707. ilene

    I used to way about 220 (as a girl of about 5″3), lost 70 pounds on my own and kept it off for good long while. Lately the pounds have been slowly creeping back on, not all of it, but more than I wood like. I want to get back down to where I was before, then.lose the last 10 pounds I had been trying to lose at that point to make it to my goal.

  708. Rod

    My wife wanted to to do a marathon, but that dream has been taken from her by a recent chronic illness. I want to do it for her, but I am not a runner and so need to do a lot of work (and lose a lot of weight). I really need a trainer/coach to get me there but don’t have the income available to start now.

  709. Gino

    Lose 40 lbs
    And be able to do 20 pull ups
    50 pushups

  710. Rachael

    My goals are to do a pullup and run a mile without stopping. I can already deadlift and squat my bodyweight for reps, and I’m already working on these goals on my own.

    If it turns out my breathing problems won’t let me do the running, then I’ll adjust that goal to bike 100 miles in 7 hrs.

  711. John

    My goal would be to lose about 25 lbs and gain some muscle.

  712. Edward

    After being made redundant from the Royal Air Force and spending my life savings on private flying training that couldn’t be completed thanks to logistical issues… I entered a bout of mild depression and my fitness suffered.

    When it comes to fitness… I was not a great physical candidate when I joined the RAF, but I was making great progress and building up steadily beyond the minimum pass rates… My fitness goal would be to reach where I was before and finally achieve that top tier of fitness on their scales. Carry on from where I was going, and finally prove I was capable of it in the end.

  713. Jenifer Martin

    My goal is to like my body. In order to like my body I need to gain muscle, and specifically to develop a much stronger core so that everyday movement is more fun and efficient.

  714. Chris Freedom

    I will lose 110 pounds, tone up and dramatically increase my stamina/endurance. I have already lost 15, but this would be a huge boost.

    Love Ramit and the advice shared. Glad to be involved.

  715. Colin

    My fitness goal is become a master of my body and make an art out of body motion. To become a pro in calisthenics and to push myself beyond my limit. And eventually do some Parkour. 🙂

  716. Prairie

    I want flat abs and no jiggle on my legs!

  717. Laura

    My goal is to lose 3″ from the waist, eliminate back pain, and be able to do a pull-up for once in my life (or more!).

  718. James

    My goal is to loose at least 175 pounds. Winning this would be a huge help in reaching my goals. I used to run up to 8 miles a day before I gained the weight; I would love to run again. I want to do a 5k with my sister, who also battles weight, but is running and doing a great job. She is partially inspired by the way I used to be and she’s done several 5k’s. I would love to be able to do that with her.

  719. Jordan

    I want to get from 67kg to 75kg as a vegan while travelling year round. Two barriers that I belief that I an break through and debunk many myths.

  720. Kelly

    My fitness goal is to complete the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race in August 2014. In 2011 I made it to the 40 mile point and did not make the time cut-off. In 2013 I made the first two cut-offs but was stopped at the 75 mile cut-off. This year, with a strict diet and a lot of hours on my bicycle and in the gym, I will finish the race! A trainer would definitely help me to get the most out of training and focus my efforts where I most need it.

  721. Cassidy

    To me, working with a personal trainer would limit how much I can get in my own way and help to stop me from self-sabotage on my road back to health. I want to like myself again and that requires feeling confident in and about my body.

  722. Tristan

    I long to be able to gain muscle size (I only get cut the more I work out), maybe have a more defined chest out front, because I don’t want to believe that my frame can only gain chest muscles on my sides.
    I also want to be stronger–but I don’t really know where I am at in terms of strength.
    I’ve been hitting the gym on days when I teach group fitness, but I don’t exactly know what I’m doing in terms of how far along I am or how to improve.

    If I get a trainer I will have access to a system, and maybe my trainer can also help me prepare for the nutrition that I need to reach my fitness goals.

    I’m both a group fitness instructor, and a licensed pharmacist working in policy development for the government of my country, but with my combined incomes I still can’t afford to eat right, and have a trainer to guide my own development. I also can’t afford membership at the gym where I teach yet for some reason.

    • Ramit Sethi

      >> I also can’t afford membership at the gym where I teach yet for some reason.

      They don’t give you a free membership? What?

  723. Amy

    I’d love to have a trainer to help me lose 30 pounds and teach my family how to cook to feed my meat-and-potatoes husband, ultra picky kids, and myself without making separate meals for everyone.

  724. Juan

    My fitness goal is injury reversal – after more than a decade of martial arts, I’ve got assorted sprains, strains and varied injuries that haven’t fully healed. I wouldn’t mind adding 20 lbs or so of muscle along the way! 😉

  725. Rob

    I want more functional fitness. Faster sprinting, better form in all my lifts, mobility (my hamstrings are terribly tight), and more balanced overall. I’d like to bench 1.5x my body weight and deadlift at least 2x.

  726. Don

    I’m working toward a goal of running a 3:15 marathon, which is about 27 minutes faster than my current personal best. One of the things that I am working on is my core strength, targeted at efficient, injury-free running, and having a pe