I’m giving away $1,001

Ramit Sethi

When I was in high school, I got a consulting gig doing phone sales for a web hosting company. I remember the first time I got paid and realized I could actually live an awesome lifestyle. Of course, like most high-school students, I was stupid. I earned thousands of dollars, spent it all (I don’t even remember on what), and had basically nothing to show for it.


I started doing consulting during college. I learned how to position my services…find clients…charge more. Sometimes I got brutally rejected, but over the long term, I slowly learned how to build a “machine” so I could become a better and better consultant — and find high-value clients at each step of the process.

The difference was learning how to build CONSISTENT income on the side. I saved a ton. And despite finger-wagging frugalistas’ nagging, I also SPENT a lot of it — because I could! I learned about living a Rich Life, including flying to NYC once/month as a grad student to party with my friends…because I could.

I learned how even an extra $1,000/month can be life-changing. I could save a ton and still have money leftover to do whatever I wanted. I also learned how funny people’s reactions were: “Wait…you’re going to NYC…for the WEEKEND?” I would explain, it’s so cheap — tickets are $99 each way and I sleep on my friend’s couch.

But mentally, they couldn’t wrap their heads around (1) earning more and (2) using it to do things that seemed ridiculous. So they did none of it.

As I learned more about entrepreneurship, consulting, and monetization, I learned how most people believe “starting a business” means quitting their job, raising venture capital, and starting the next Facebook.

Nonsense. For most of us, we can keep our full-time job, start something on the side, and grow as quickly (or slowly) as we want.

This is exactly what I’ve taught thousands of people how to do in my Earn1K course on starting a side business.

One of the questions I love to ask is this: What would you do with an extra $1,000/month?

Here are some common answers:

  • “Save it so I can have the option of eventually quitting my job”
  • “Pay off debt”
  • “Travel more”

So to kickstart those options, I’m giving away $1,001. This is a one-time opportunity — I’m not giving it away every month, since to get that, you can take my course — but I think this will be fun.

I’ve given away $1001 before, but I’m doing it again because it gets right to the heart of what IWT is about. You don’t need to be a millionaire to live a Rich Life. In fact, money is only a small part of it! But there’s something amazing about seeing how a small boost can totally change the way you think about the possibilities of a rich life.

And, as always, there’s a limit to how much you can save, but there’s no limit to how much you can earn.

So for this month’s Rich Life Giveaway, I’m giving one person $1001 to show what it’s like to have an extra grand in your pocket.

NEW: If you join the contest and refer the winner, I’ll give you $1001, too, just to say thanks for helping me spread the word.

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  1. Jason

    I’d fly to Moscow for a week

  2. Richa

    Duh – simple – I’d use it to sign up for Earn1K ! ie Invest it in myself

    • David Hunter

      I like the way you think, Richa!

      Investing in yourself always pays the best dividends.

  3. Ryan

    I’d use it to pay for my expenses for moving back to my hometown now that I’ve graduated college.

  4. Peter

    Pay student loans

  5. Katrin

    Like Richa I would invest in myself and join your braintrustprogramm. With the rest I would party hard and go shopping, just because I could. Ooh I want that life!

  6. Andrew

    I would use it to invest right back into my business lines I am working on to give it potential growth with exerted efforts and patience to get there.

  7. Ingemar

    I would invest the money in my online selling ventures so I can go BALLS OUT without worrying about having to save the money for a rainy day. In a word, I want to turn $1001 into $2000 or more.

  8. Lele

    I would use the money to hire a VA and outsource work so that I can get to live the lifestyle that I want quicker.

  9. Ryan

    I took a job in TX. My wife hates TX. I’d use the money to send her to visit friends and get away every few months.

  10. Diane

    I’d give it to my husband so he can use it to start his consulting company (lawyer fees, etc) and then enroll him in the Earn$1k course to get him started on the right foot.

  11. ruben cantu quiroga

    i will split it 3 ways, first part i will use it to pamper myself, second part y will either invest it or save it and third part i will donate it to some asociation

  12. Kristen

    I would use it to pay down our mortgage

  13. justin

    I’d use it to take a chunk out of the last major debt I have (other than student loans, those are another story). This would free up additional cash flow which gets leveraged into additional investing.

  14. Stephen

    pay off my credit card. take a vacation.

  15. Katrina

    Use it to help pay for some of the legal fees to apply for my husband’s green card.

  16. Pam

    I’d use it to book a private tour guide to go bird watching in Hawaii – and to help with some of the travel.

  17. Marc

    Use it to pay off student loans!

  18. Sunil @ CPA Coach

    I’d turn around and do something similar for my readers and coaching students to give them the opportunity to advance their careers or get started on the right track with a CPA license.

  19. Heather O

    I would take my family to Florida with $1001 for a chance to see my grandpa. I haven’t seen him since I was 4 and he’s never met my children. My father is taking a trip at the end of the month to see him and while we were hoping to join him, finances got in the way. I just don’t want to put it off until its too late, tomorrow’s never promised.

  20. Cl

    I remember that Jmoney last time forgot about taxes, so I’d pay the taxes first. Then I would put it into my vacation fund for Siesta Key when I actually become eligible for vacation time.

  21. Eric Murphy

    I’d stick it in the bank. I’ve never actually had a steady job in my life and I regret not showing initiative, getting a job and saving money earlier in my life. Right now, I’m looking for a job, teaching myself how to start a business, and I’m excited!

  22. Clint White

    I have two options with it…

    1.) I would buy my wife a share of Tiffanys stock to put on the wall and a pair of small Tiffany gold earrings.

    2.) Stick it in the bank and spend it in Vegas later in the year when I got to the annual NBAA convention.

    Being a married man I believe option one might benefit me more than option 2.

  23. Julie

    I’d use it to pay for a bunch of medical expenses that unfortunately aren’t covered by health insurance.

  24. Ingrid

    Pay some bills, invest some, and take a trip to the beach.

  25. Lois

    I have a chance to show my clothing line at London Fashion week, (which would help grow my business!). Everything would be paid for except my travel and lodging. I would use the money for the flight and a place to stay!

  26. Bonnie Wilks

    I would save it to pay bills.

  27. muhammad danial rusdi

    Well, I will buy ba ii professional calculator online and sell it in my college since this calculator are very rare at my country and actuarial students need it in my college…and then I will continuous this project until I graduate

  28. Johnna

    I would start to refinish my basement.

  29. magdalena zawislak

    Definitely pay off my student loans!

  30. Agnes Kowalski

    Definitely use it to register for Earn1K, that would transform into $12,000K in a year!

  31. Harrison

    Pay my bills, invest the rest.

  32. Kristyna

    Without question, I would purchase your Earn 1k course.

  33. Ivy

    I’ve started my own film production company this spring. Of course I personally believe myself to be a creative genius, but in order to make potential clients feel comfortable hiring me, I need a bigger portfolio.
    I’d spend the money on creating another film for my website to showcase a previously unseen side of my work and then become rich and famous etc.

  34. Lindsay

    I would take that $1000 and start a savings account — something I am working so hard for, and can’t get my head above water enough to begin.

  35. Veronica

    I would buy a new couch for my parents. They gave me money when I started my little company, and now I’d like to give them back a present for their help.

  36. Christina

    I would use it to pay my property taxes.. 🙂

  37. Katrina Wolfgang

    I would spend some of it on new glasses or contacts (finally) and invest the rest into other things for my business, etc. Maybe get some business cards. Definitely get some good books (both dystopian and to help writers)…

  38. Donniee

    My partner and I are moving. I will use my winnings to cover moving expenses surely.

  39. Benjamin Finnerty

    I would use that $1000 to invest in myself. For the last few years, I am doing a lot of study about business, marketing and promotion, and coaching. It is very close to being a finished education, but not quite yet. This $1000 would put me to the almost finished point.

  40. Gerard

    I am currently unemployed, and am not entitled to any benefits from the government, so the money would come in handy. Very handy.
    But I would not use it for myself. I would give it all to my best friend. He is also unemployed and raising a son on his own since his divorce a couple of years ago.

  41. Julia

    I would invest it in my education and take a marketing class

  42. charles

    I’d use it as startup money to start my own brand of “illteachyoutoberich” since that’s clearly what so many people want to buy.

  43. Beth

    I would put half on the mortgage (my only debt) and use the other half to take a weekend trip to NYC with my husband. Broadway here I come!

  44. Joycelyn

    I will use 50% to pay off my debts. 30% to get my new website going which is to empower 25-35 year old mummies in a journey of wellness purpose and abundance via usage of natural therapeutic essential oils starting from their baby, $150 to start an investment, $30 for a dessert for the family and $21 donation

  45. Jennell Burke

    Enroll in the Earn 1K month course; the rest down payment on my kids tuition for next school year (they are in private school).

  46. Stefanie

    I would use it to pay off debt.

  47. Rocco Privetera

    The last month for me has a been an absolute nightmare. And it’s the worst kind of nightmare – the one where it’s all your own damn fault.

    For years I’ve been following Ramit and reading the book and missing every single one of the courses or not following the advice because “I can handle it” or “it’s not a good time” or “I just need to figure out how to make this work”. Meanwhile I:

    1. continue to spend all the money I get – and considering that 2/3rds of it is 1099 consultant income with no taxes taken out, that means I have a mountain of unpaid taxes.
    2. On the job that needs timesheets submitted, continue to turn them in late, so I get paid late or at odd times.
    3. Continue to waste and spend money. I’m not talking the occasional latte. I mean doing things like buying curtains that don’t fit because I don’t think about measuring and then forgetting to return them.
    4. And of course be happy with whatever people decide is ok to pay me.
    And most recently: because I didn’t get my 2012 taxes done, the state irs decided to come after me and levee/lock my bank account. That’s been cleared up after a month of not having a bank, bouncing bills, angry landlords and more. The only thing that saved me besides friends and family helping out was the Schwab account I had – I had signed up for it (on Ramit’s advice) and never used it.

    So the short answer is: If I got the money, in the hyper-immediate future, I’d repay the friends and family who went the extra mile to bail out my sorry ass.

    The long answer is I’m sitting down tonight, finishing my taxes, and once again will do the work needed to slog through IWTYTBR and for the first and last time get all this horrible mess under control.

  48. Reilly Beard

    I would use the money and put it in a high yield savings account and leave it there for years to come. My fiance and I recently started trying to improve our finances last year by paying off our debts before we get married on June 22nd. We are in the process of paying off additional loans and increasing our savings by putting 20% of our income back. We would like to purchase a house due to our plans to continue living here for many years. Based on the rent or buy calculator that you mention in your book on the New York Times site, it is more practical for us to purchase a home. I would definitely like to save the $1001 as it will grow and grow through the years!

  49. Therese

    My youngest daughter who lives in Australia will be home this summer, so I would use the money to fly my oldest daughter home from North Carolina while she’s here and have a big party in Ohio where my middle daughter and most of our families live to have fun and catch up!

  50. Paul

    I’d use it to fund another trip to Cambodia to continue my personal documentary project!

  51. Andrew Tapp

    Simple. I would use it to pay down the debt I have with my mom. I could use it to pay other debt, or to use as seed money, but while I can be blazé about oweing money to the impersonal corporate overlords, I hate owing my mom.

  52. Mary Dowdy

    I would use the money to bring in a consult to the office I work. This way not only could I receive some coaching help….I could share with those that I work with.

  53. Tim

    I would use it for 4 things: 1. Invest in a specific lens for my camera in order to increase my product’s quality. 2. Pay for my website for a year. 3. Purchase office supplies and permits needed to sell my work. 4. Invest in myself via mentoring or workshops.

  54. Julia

    I would use some to improve my home for my daughter and me, since her dad left I haven’t kept up with repairs. And invest the rest in my freelance business.

  55. Damon

    I would use some to pay down debts and put the rest in the bank for a rainy day. Then, with the *time* the money gave me to get off the treadmill as an underpaid freelancer, I would spend more time networking and landing much better gigs.


    I would pay down debt

  57. Katie

    We’re buying a new house within the next few months. I’d add it to the downpayment.

  58. Shannon

    If I had $1000, I would spend it on a mini vacation with my husband. We’ve been married 10 years and have never taken a vacation for just the two of us!

  59. David Longsmith

    no points for this one but hear me out:
    Alchemist Heady Topper IPA for influencing and retaining friends with this hard to get brew…and vinyl records to boost my library and support my fledgling on-the-side DJ business.

  60. Bob

    Easy – pay off debt!

  61. Corey

    I would divide it into 3 chunks – 1 would go right into a savings account, another would be a larger payment on my student loans, and the last would be split between taking potential clients and contractors out for coffee or a meal, and socializing.

  62. erica bag

    i would set some aside, but i would also take a very well budgeted trip that is long overdue

  63. Claire

    I would use $1001 dollars to travel to Turkey and put it toward my first set of goods for resale in the US. This would allow me to take a slightly larger financial risk and put me on track to start a side business that I can grow over time.

  64. Joy

    I’d use it to buy Earn 1K.

  65. nazir

    I would purchase 2 rolls of silver, about $800 & invite done friends over to brainstorm ways to increase the money! Likelykely play Cashflow 101 while brainstorming.

  66. Gaurav

    First, I would like to thank you for the interesting and money making/saving tactics articles to send me. It has definitely helped me grow smarter and better person. With that being said, I would like to take my knowledge and skills, and advance it even more with your earn 1k program. Looking forward to it and good luck to all.

  67. Laura

    I’d ask your advise.

  68. Vivian

    Hey Ramit,
    Well since I’ve paid off all my debt last year and don’t owe anyone anything, for me that is just awesome!
    So let’s see with an extra $1001 I would first pay myself first, then put 20% into my savings, 10% into my investment account, save some for an emergency fund, and spend some of it on a nice night on the town in New York to reward such good behavior. I may throw in a bit of shoe shopping in the mix.

  69. Cheryl

    I would take my mom on vacation! She’d be so happy!

  70. Neo

    I will invest to make even more money!

  71. stephanie

    Add it to the emergency fund I’m building to have six months of salary on hand just in case.

  72. Angela

    July 1 just happens to be my 40th birthday, so I’d use $1001 to take my closest friends out for dinner so that we can really celebrate without them having to worry about paying for it!

  73. Lori Reeves

    I would invest it back into my business! Probably by buying your Earn $1K program. You have great advice, and I appreciate how helpful you are!!!

  74. Mimi

    I would pay my credit card off and put the rest towards other small bills.

  75. Cheng Shun Ling

    I know that in order to help others, I have to help myself first, be it financially or mentally, physically. That’s why if I have this extra 1k, i will donate it all to the local pet and wildlife shelters. It’s something i’m already doing but it will be much easier on my finances if i have the “extra” to spare for my furry friends every month.

  76. Dana

    hire a designer for my business website, buy a couple good shirts to upgrade my wardrobe, travel to NY and TX to promote my jewelry and sculpture.

  77. Layne

    I would be heading to the Caribbean for a Mommy-only getaway with friends after a seriously busy first half of the year, and I’m hoping once I finish Earn1K next month I’ll be managing to do that regardless of whether I win here! Thanks, Ramit.

    I’m giving myself 4 months to Earn my first 1k 🙂 I’ll let you know how it goes. Sign up people, it’s an investment in yourself – so worth it.

  78. Kami Rogers

    I would use the money to send my son to the science/engineering summer program that he desperately wants to go to. Our family has been working very hard to save money, pay off our debt, and start a business. We are saving regularly, the dept is almost gone, and business is picking up. 🙂 We are just not to the point yet where we can afford the summer camp, almost but not quite. My son is very gifted in math and science and I know it would be an excellent opportunity for him.

  79. Kourtni Mason

    I would use the money towards a vacation to Italy

  80. Shelbi Herndon

    If I won $1,001, I would put it towards my education. I would buy books for next semester, put it towards next year’s summer program (I’m an aspiring opera singer and find myself fundraising every year to do summer opera programs), and use the leftover for applying (and traveling) to grad school auditions.

  81. Timna

    I would use some of it to make an additional payment on my mortgage, and the rest to travel.

  82. Jamie

    I would take my kids on that trip to Disney we had to cancel because funds had to go elsewhere. It would make us so happy!

  83. Riot

    I would do what I usually do with unexpected money – split it among the following categories: Emergency Fund, Car Loan, Other Savings/Roth IRA, Nice Dinner with Girlfriend.

  84. Josh

    I would use it on the course, but need to pay down some CC debt first 🙁

  85. Deneice

    I would use some of it to go on a stress relieving holiday with friends and invest the rest in a business – to make an income (I’m currently unemployed). The ROI would help me return to college in Sept and pay my bills.

  86. Martin

    Hi Ramit and community,

    I would first give 10% away
    Then I would catch up a few past due bills.
    I would save at least 10% of it
    I would buy my daughter a tablet ($200 or less)
    I would take my sister to her favorite restaurant.
    If there were any left I would put it in the bank.


  87. RLR

    It would go directly into our adoption fund – and probably soon go right back out for expenses! We’ve started the process, but still have a ways to go!

  88. Ashley

    I would use it to move. Moving in less than a month and still need to buy all the new stuff.

  89. Sharon Walling

    This money would come in so handy right now. I’m in the process of packing to move, should I say more! I currently don’t own a washer & dryer, so I need to get them and I am so in need of a new bed.

    Thanks so much for the chance

  90. Mohd muttaqin

    Im setting up a company and i need at least rm5000 for that…i have some money with me but seriously not enough..with usd1000 (rm3100+) i can start it now n let u see the progress..the money given to me will be more than worth it

  91. Leah Damman

    I would use it to kick-start my emergency fund so I would no longer have to rely on my credit card for unplanned costs/crisis and thus be able to get out of debt quicker.

  92. Sarah K

    I’ve been working hard through a nonprofit (Credability) to pay off credit card debt I accumulated in my 20s. I’m 2/3 of the way there. I’d use the $1k to pay off the next card in line!

  93. John Nash

    I would use it to pay down the loan I took out to send my daughter to college.

  94. Ben


    I would buy my wife a year’s worth of massages, roughly 1 a month, which in doing so would give me some killer brownie points and it would relinquish me from having to do it!

  95. Elizabeth

    I would spend it to upgrade my upcoming trip to England.

  96. Cathie

    Such a great opportunity Ramit! I am paying off my debt. My goal is to be completely debt free by end of July 2013. I was actually wondering how I would come up with the money because I’m actually $937 short … Thanks so much!

  97. Adam Lipkin

    Our daughter’s going to college this fall. Needless to say, $1001 would help with that tuition bill.

  98. Mohd muttaqin

    Ramit, please see my comment above…i fear u might overlook it due to number of comments n im taking step to make sure u read my comment..thank u ramit

  99. Alex

    I would put it towards buying a car. Public transportation is so stressful and limiting.

  100. Gladys

    I will use the money to catch up on some past due bills,due to the loss of some income.I get social security benefits every month.I also have 2 great grand children who are with me 90% of the time that I take care of.

  101. Duane

    I would use the $1001 to market my art photography business.

  102. Kate

    I would visit my cousin and her new husband in CA, I’ve never been to northern CA and would take them on a big Napa trip!

  103. chris craine

    finish my short film

  104. Lisa Shears

    I would invest in my jewelry design business I am starting by setting up a studio at home, use part of it for my 6 year old, and the rest save.

  105. Tony

    A $1,000 bucks huh? As a doc student I juggle teaching, research and a side project I have started for other athletic training students. A $1,000 bucks would be a great way to hustle a little more knowing that I have rent paid this month. It would give my wife a chance to focus on her side business for growth instead of the bottom dollar. It really is crazy to think that such a relatively small amount of money to some people could make such a huge difference to others. Thanks for the opportunity Ramit.

    -PS it would barely pay interest on my student loans!

  106. Rebekah

    I would use it to pay for some of my college classes!

  107. Stephen Schmitz

    Take a picture of it in my money clip and paste it to the desktop of my cell phone and computer, and have a frequent motivator. After I double it I would then deposit it into my sons bank account. And take another picture of that and post it. My focus is not to purchase more items, but to provide the freedoms from the negative distractions in life, then role model it and teach the same to my son and anyone else who expresses an interest.

  108. Amanda

    Put it into my “Learn German” fund. I have a tutor who I work with and this would get me about 25 lessons–about 3 months at my current rate of consumption.

  109. Sarah

    I’d put half toward debt and use the other half to start a tutoring business!

  110. Alessandro

    I’ll use it for my company.

    Have a great day!

  111. Donna

    Pay off some debt!!!!!!

  112. Malik

    i would invest it in my Spanish tutoring business by printing more books and audio lesson CD’s plus i would also market myself by making posters and flyers to give out.

  113. Clay

    I’d use it to grow my music consulting business!

  114. Maryann Miceli

    Buy an Ipad, get new business cards and buy killer shoes. Trust me everyone looks at your shoes!

  115. Pauline

    Probably a kick ass design for the new website I am about to launch.

  116. Michelle

    I have been struggling to pay some overdue bills so it would be a huge relief to get those off my back.

  117. David K-L

    Fly myself and the girlfriend for a fun engagement weekend.

  118. Drew Curtis

    I would take my girlfriend home so she could meet her best friend’s baby that was born yesterday. My girlfriend is her God mother.

  119. Ashley Rayner

    I would use the money to travel to San Francisco and also save whatever is left over for an HTML/CSS class I want to take. (The class is only $125)

  120. Don Jacobsmeyer

    I would use the money to go and visit Austin, TX. I’ve been wanting to move somewhere that aligns with my Dream Job. I’ve never been but hear it’s an awesome city. So this money would fund business and pleasure at the same time.

  121. Annie

    I’d use the money to pay off bills accumulated since my divorce

  122. Frank

    Pay my rent – my business is starting to take off and need 2 more months of runway before the revenue covers expenses. But there is revenue!

  123. Katie

    Pay off some debt, of course.

  124. Kylie Bayer-Fertterer

    My husband and I were invited to a wedding this fall in Nicaragua. We’d use the $1,001 to pay for our flights and maybe a surf camp while we’re down there.

  125. Amy Kalinchuk

    I would use the money to take a family vacation this summer.

  126. R.C

    I’d use it to improve my self image, and fold the rest into some investments.

  127. Jessica

    I would use the $1001 to pay for Japanese language lessons. My dream is teach English in Japan and through the internet and learning the Japanese language is the first step in becoming qualified to teach Japanese people. And besides that, I love learning languages so it fulfills my passion as well!

  128. Brian Perry

    I would take my wife on a vacation to the Caribbean.

  129. Gerry Purnomo

    I am going to divide it into 4 things:
    1) $300 will be for charity for other needy people of $10 each
    2) $300 to try my luck in investment/stock
    3) $400 for my parents’ holiday

    and another $1 for me to buy McD ice cream cone haha 😀

  130. Chelsey

    If I had an extra $1,001, I’d put it in my savings account for college. I’m determined to be a success in life. I’m going to manor in Journalism and Psychology. I could definitely use the extra money.

  131. Todd

    I’d give half to my wife for her to spend however she wants.

    With my half, I’d use it to buy bottle service at Aria Gold Lounge in Vegas in October.

  132. Daniel Brown

    Definitely use it to help move into a better apartment. Getting deposits and whatnot together can be tough!

  133. Katie McGinnis

    I would put the $1001 in an online savings account, which I would then use to set up automatic payments for all my student loan accounts. This would give me an interest rate reduction, saving me money over the long-run, and help me feel secure that money would always be available to make the payments should something weird happen with depositing my paychecks.

  134. Torpad

    I will use $1,000 to pay my credit card debt. Then I will keep $1 and put it on the wall as a reminder of what 1k could do to my life and start earning more. Maybe my next 1k will be used to enroll in one of your courses.

  135. Shawn

    New outdoor playground for my son in the backyard.

  136. Tessa

    I would put it towards my (first) trip to Europe to partake in a photography course of my dreams.

  137. Te

    Get a massage guilt free – invest the rest!

  138. Jeff

    I would invest it in a company under my tax free account.

  139. Suzy

    Invest in software to grow my side business, which at present, can not reach its full potential.

  140. Jackie

    If I had an extra $1,001.00, I would save it to add to my financial “cushion”.

  141. David

    Just had a baby and the wife and I are swimming in student loan/credit card debt. 6.5% interest seems like such a low number when they hook you on those student loans, but then you do the math and find out that compound interest makes it so if I take the entire 300 months to pay it off, I’ll end up owing 105% on the priciple!!

  142. Danial Faizsal

    I would put $200 to savings, $300 to pay off any debts I have and the rest as seed money to kickstart 3 separate online businesses.

  143. Mario

    I’d use the money to pay my tuition for summer

  144. Katy

    I’d invest in my investment portfolio.

  145. Lawrence Edmondson

    Hi Ramit,

    I have all the skills needed to start my own tech company and over the years as a Senior Tech professional in the Advertising world I’ve contributed to making a good share of other people wealthy. I would use the money to get my software development business off the ground quickly by securing ads on social media sites. I expect to v

  146. Tanya

    I would take a bunch of my friends for a fun day of river rafting together.

  147. Pete Springer

    $1001 would get me a round trip ticket to Miami, a rental car, and a week staying at a budget motel near the airport. Who needs to sleep while in Miami?

  148. Crystal C

    I’d make an extra principal payment on my student loan!

  149. Meg

    I’d put it towards a website re-design for my biz 🙂

  150. Sarah

    Everyone always wants the answers to this to be sexy: Travel, buy something amazing, etc.

    Honestly, for me, I would pay down my highest interest student loan by $1K. Not really sexy or exciting, but for me — that’s the biggest thing standing in the way between me and my wife being able to live the lives we want.

  151. Emily

    I’d use it to pay rent. My little business is taking off, but not quite fast enough!

  152. kt

    I would buy myself a $200 pair of shoes for my upcoming interview; sign up for a woodworking class so I can execute all the cool ideas I have; and, of course, treat myself to a Latte every day for a month!

  153. jasmine Burns

    I would invest in my business. Thank you for offering the 1001.00 to me 🙂 have a blessed day!!!

  154. Anna Pollock
    This little video was made by my very creative 8 year old daughter. I’m a single mommy and I will use your very kind gift to bring me one step closer to starting my own business (an organic juice bar). Once I start my business, and staff it up with great peeps, I will be more free to help my daughter to follow her own bliss as a dancer, artist, and budding videographer. Thanks so much for creating this wonderful opportunity!

  155. Linda

    I would travel to several African countries and organize tours for people to join my adventures around the world 🙂

  156. Mari

    I would buy that NLP-course I’ve wanted to participate for years now. This is the only time they organize it in my town, so it’s like one-of-a-kind opportunity.

  157. Rachael

    I would use it to pay down credit card debt.

  158. Alice

    Hi Ramit, I would pay off the remaining installment on my yoga teacher training, take gong training (*for those healing sound vibrations man!*) and then visit my lovely twin sister who lives in sunny Spain. Maybe we would even drink a glass of cooling Sangria!

  159. Michael

    It would go into our IVF fund. That stuff is expensive.

  160. Debbie Gilbert

    I too would use to take the course!

  161. Keith

    Use the money to join Earn1K. I watched you on Creative LIVE, I know it would be worth it.

  162. Pete

    I would take a trip to somewhere fun with just my wife and leave our kids at home with the grandparents. 🙂

  163. Betsy C.

    I would use it to pay off some debt, but also to take my mom and boyfriend to Mexico (my favorite place) because it’s something that’s out of our financial reach at the moment. I want to use the trip and it’s natural beauty as inspiration in building my illustration portfolio, and sharing an unforgettable experience with my family.

  164. Melissa

    I’d give 10% to charity, invest 10%, get a Pug from a rescue, and the rest would go towards purchasing the ‘Earn 1K’ Course.

  165. Manuel

    I would get a relooking in Paris (I live in France). It is something I have been willing to do for a long time. I don’t really know the basics of french fashion for men, and I want someone to teach me. Though I have always been reluctant to spend that kind of money on something that I also consider as a bit futile.

  166. Ellie

    I would buy baby items for my daughter who is expecting twins the end of June and needs a little help.

  167. Thaly

    Hi Ramit,
    With $1001, I would:
    1. Buy a donut with $1 to celebrate (no kidding, that would be the very first thing I do).
    2.Open a bank account and save $500 (after 1 year, I should have $550, according to current interest in my country).
    3. Start a business online with $300 (a handmade shop, I can make craft)
    4. Buy ingredients to bake with $200 (I can make cookies and sell, people love them very much).
    After 1 year, I would have $2000 (that’s my target) to fly to Europe for a volunteer trip.
    OR I would come to Ramit and ask him “Hey, can you please show me the way to double $1000 in one year?” (Hopefully I can talk to him after being a winner, hmmm sounds too good to be true)

  168. Heather

    I am pregnant with my first child. And I want to make sure that child has the best life possible. I would pay off as much of my debit as I could.

  169. Ben

    I’d go to southern Utah for a week to ride my motorcycle through the state and national parks

  170. Chewy

    Buy ammo.

  171. Philip W

    Failed university in my final year, so i’d use it to get my butt on the Dream Job/Earn 1K program and see if I can’t overtake my graduate classmates in the years to come!

  172. Linda

    I’d use the money to pay off my final remaining credit card balance!

  173. Alex

    I would start a health and fitness website that I have been thinking about. I have ideas on how to add value to users, monetize, and ultimately recoup investor capital. I just need some seed money to retain a developer (I have ideas but I’m not much good at coding, need someone who is).

  174. Ellen

    I’d use it to pay debt.

  175. Nick

    Invest in myself, (marketing classes, books,) and use it to get some paid
    traffic for my consulting business.

  176. Graham Fitzpatrick

    Simple, join the Earn1K course. I’ll turn that $1,001 into a lot more. But I have a feeling you expected a lot of people to say that. Thanks

  177. Cecilia

    I would invest it until I had some startup capital, for my business producing quality toddler clothing locally here in SA.

  178. Ealasaid

    I’d use it toward a fairly pricey piece of equipment (about $1200-$1600 used) for my side hustle: a Kwik-Print foil stamper. It’d really take the look of my product up a couple notches.

  179. Harry

    I would buy a nice sofa or a bed.

  180. Kemberlee Bonnet

    I would use it for a (daunting) student loan payment.

  181. Leeann

    I’d use it to buy warm mountaineering boots, specialized ice axes, and a better alpine backpack for my upcoming summit attempts of the Mont Blanc (the highest peak in the Alps and the EU) and Mt. Whitney (the highest peak in the contiguous US). 🙂

  182. Dan

    I’d turn the $1,001 into $1,000 a month income, and then once a month have a kickass $1,000 weekend!

  183. Sabrina Depestre

    1. Pay for flights to two weddings I’m a part of
    2. Build and maintain a kick-ass website to show who I am to the world & generate more income with my services

  184. Alicia

    I would spend it on my friend and her three children since her husband is deployed once again. I would give her three sons the best summer ever in their new state of GA

  185. Paul

    I’d save it for upcoming medical school expenses

  186. Cecilia

    I would invest it TOWARDS startup capital, is what I meant.

  187. Molly Davis

    Bali, baby. Right now it’s a dream but an extra grand will buy one of the plane tickets for me or my husband. 2 weeks of sun, surf, yoga, snorkeling, curry, and experiencing a culture unlike any other.

  188. Tony

    I would use it on a business class. I’ve wanted to start a business and really have no idea where to start. I work in the medical industry as an imaging technologist and don’t know how to apply my skills and experience to starting something on my own.

    Ramit, can I trade the cash for a lesson?

  189. Cecilia

    NO! Before anything, I need it to attend the 1k course!

  190. Sonja Gregorowicz

    I’d pay for Rosetta Stone language learning and services on this website.

  191. Rudiano

    I’d go spend the winter somewhere warmer and recharge my batteries!

  192. Mohammed AlAli

    Buy a new DSLR camera.

  193. Marcus Taylor

    – $200 on learning (books) on these topics: sales, investing, economics
    – $200 on helping: surprise friends / family with things that’ll help them
    – $200 on experiences: do some things that get me out of my comfort zone
    – $200 on on charity: ~50x mosquito nets = save 50+ lives.
    – $201 on the future: pop it in the bank 🙂

  194. Kathryn

    put it towards my travel funds–to visit the world and volunteer while I am there!

  195. Susan

    I’d use the money to buy a new laptop to start my own business and do my Masters degree….

  196. micha

    I´d sign up for your brain trust group and take wall climbing classes

  197. James

    With an extra $1000/ month I will travel to LA where I can stay with friends and enjoy the freedom to pay for the simple pleasure in life. I would enjoy eating out at fancy restraunts and traveling to fun beautiful places.

  198. Andrea

    How convenient – I just spent $993 on an MRI for my knee.. darn high-deductible insurance! 😉

  199. Janet McCarthy

    I sign-up for your course Earn$1k, teach each of my kids your principles and use the rest to invest in an asset that would help me pay for my sons college, build my retirement and allow my husband to retire early because he has Parkinson’s disease.
    I know that $1k isn’t enough money to accomplish all my goals, but I do know that if I am smart, make good choices and work consistently, I can build that $1k.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  200. Trevor

    I’d buy a high-end dust mask and go to burning man.

  201. Matthew

    I would build my business by investing the $1,001 into people and services who could turn my X hours of available work time per week, into X times ten!

    A friend recently asked me, “How would you operate your business if you broke both of your wrists?” My consulting business relies on my ability to perform the work, so the reality is my business would come to a screeching halt if I was not actively doing the work myself. That wont cut it!! I want to create a predictable and sustainable source of monthly income, that operates even when I’m sleeping, and the $1,001 would help me put the pieces in place to make that happen.

  202. Hollie Jahnke

    I’d use it to catch up on our bills. Seems like we can never get ahead!

  203. Susie

    I would use the money to pay for the new office that I’m setting up in my house… Because I used Ramit’s advice to score my Dream Job, and now I work from home!

    Of course, there would be some left over. I would put the rest into my high-interest online savings account, or use it to max out my Roth IRA for the year. 😉

    Thanks for the tips, Ramit — and for the chance to win some extra cash!

  204. Carol


  205. Kyle Aldous

    We are about to have a baby and I’d let my wife use the money to decorate the nursery of her dreams!!

  206. DK

    Put it towards participating in the Rickshaw Run, a rickshaw race in India:

  207. Michelle

    I am currently a pastry cook and baker looking for ways to generate extra income. With your $1,001, I will apply what you have been teaching about earning 1+ K. I will buy rings and molds to make desserts, baking tools such as linens, bannetons (basket which cost up to $30 a pop), scoring knives, and much more. $1,001 will make a big impact on my kitchen and my future income!

  208. Kelly

    With an extra $1,000 – I would use it to pay for the extravagances I’ve already bought myself (travel, dining out, gifts for friends) and pay down my debt.

  209. Erin

    I’d knock out a chunk of my student loans! Currently in grad school and haven’t had any income this year, so there goes diverting other funds into a Roth IRA. This would at least let me knock out some of the interest accruing on my unsubsidized loans from undergrad.

  210. Kevin white

    I would use it to pay down debt, or buy some minor repairs on my house. Or both, depending on how much the repairs are.

  211. Terry Lange

    I would give 1/3 to charity 1/3 to pay off debt, 1/3 to save to move to Dallas -Fort Worth area to attempt to advance my career.

  212. Nana

    I would use the 1001 dollars to pay off my credit card and save the rest to reinvest on my side business (freelance translating from English to Brazilian Portuguese), probably to but a second monitor for my computer.

  213. Nathan Okuley

    I’d buy a flight to Australia and use the flight/trip to continue working on my long-term business plan to develop This is my personal brand, focused on sharing adventures in travel, food, and entrepreneurship; encouraging authenticity and excellence in everything that we do.

  214. Jen

    I’d use it to invest in my life coaching business. 🙂

  215. PK

    I’d use it to uplevel my wardrobe to get out there and get more clients. I’ve been working from home in yoga pants for too long!

  216. Matt

    I’ve become much more fashion conscious over the last few years. Until recently, I never really noticed how much more confident I feel when I know that I look good. I’ve been gradually remaking my wardrobe by buying new items and donating older clothes that I never wear anymore. I’d use the $1,001 to speed up the process by buying lots of new, high quality clothing that looks good on me and finally ditching some of the stuff that I have that is “just ok.” The timing would be perfect as I’m starting a new job in July and would love to add some new clothes to my wardrobe before then!

  217. Norma

    I would use it to pay down debt!

  218. Mike

    I’d take my family out for a nice dinner and use the rest of the money on some weight lifting equipment.

  219. George

    I would use it to take courses to learn Korean so that I can communicate with my in-laws.

  220. Elizabeth Chevrie

    Pay credit cards and apply for more credit cards!

    Improve credit, start new projects…

  221. Andrea

    I would use part of it to get my family and I a trip to visit my uncle, who is sick in oversea. As for The leftover, I will definitely want to do some investment, which can get me more and more $1,001 extra/month. It shall includes investing on myself, to enroll to the earn1k program. And yea, quiting my job is one of my main objective once my side income is able to cover my current expenses.

  222. Sandra

    I would use 75% to pay off debt and the other 25% would go into a savings that would be used so I could travel more. I just graduated college and want to get rid of the debt but I don’t want to live like a hermit while paying it off.

  223. Maia

    I’d invest in myself, to better my business. There is a training course I’ll be taking in July for wholesale success. 🙂

  224. Joshua

    I would use it towards allowing my wife to work less hours. We plan on having children soon and I don’t want them raised by others. We are moving towards leaving our 9-5s and an extra 1000 bucks would be a huge boost to our plan. Like most people on here, we have a few projects that we both are working on to get us the income and lifestyle we want (time with family and friends, freedom to pursue our interests, all that jazz).

    Thanks in advance for the 1k! 😉

  225. Daniel

    Vacation and time!! Probably South America or Eastern Europe

  226. Anna

    I would take my boyfriend out ziplining . . . then use the rest to pay off debt.

  227. Stephanie Leece

    I’m a freelance web and graphic designer. Recently I’ve been having a harder time finding work, and I’ve attributed this to my lack of formal education in the field.
    If I won the $1001 I would use it towards tuition for the graphic design program that I’m applying to. 🙂

  228. Edward Hausle

    Pay off debt

  229. Reese

    The “check engine” light just came on in my car, so I’d use the money on car repair. Thanks for the opportunity!

  230. Robert

    $200 – not trying to brown nose but I would spend this on ramit’s scripts because it’s the best investment I can think of for my business at this range.

    $200 – buy a weber gas grill off craigslist, which I’ve been wanting for about a week but will probably settle for one that’s about $120.

    $600 – put towards upcoming trip to veitnam in december – friends wedding.

  231. Zawdie

    I would start a Black Library (library with Afrocentric/Afro-caribbean literature) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  232. Johnnie Bruce

    Give 10% to my Church family and then have a really nice catered dinner there for our senior citizens and of course their families too.
    And then I would tell them all how this really came about as a challenge and encourage all of them to join and live a less stressful life, from going to how can I buy groceries, medicine, and still pay the electric and water bill. To wow let me tell you about this book and the author of it, I will Teach You How To Be Rich. And age doesn’t matter you can do it too!

  233. Pankaj

    Due to some financial problems, i have not taken a dinner with my mom dad in a nice restaurant for like years now…i am from India and would love to take my mom dad to a nice hotel for a dinner 🙂

  234. Carlos Ponce de Leon

    I will use it to pay debts…

  235. Krista McDermid

    First, I would buy four tickets to Schlitterbahn (a badass local waterpark in central TX) so my husband and I could take the kids there. Then, since you say that paying off credit card debt is one of the most important things to do in order to start making yourself rich, I would put the rest toward my highest interest credit card, which has been carrying a balance from a fence we had to build (but couldn’t afford). Thanks for the opportunity!

  236. svimal

    i have pay the fees of collage …. and my sister…
    so this money will be very helpful to me and my family…

    if i had a good luck then i will win…
    lets see wat happens

  237. Deb

    I’d use the bulk toward work on my house in prep for putting it on the market.

  238. Maria

    I think 3 things,
    1) 400 towards my student loans as I’m currently paying that beast off.
    2) Buy 10 books from my 500+ book wishlist
    3) Get that nook! While I still prefer physical books I got tons of pdfs I want to read comfortably.

  239. Dave Huss

    I’d spend the $1001 to pay off part of my 2012 tax bill. I used Ramit’s Earn1K tactics to grow my freelance consulting income while I travelled in Southeast Asia, but I forgot to set aside some of that for tax time. Doh.

  240. abby

    I’d buy some new equipment to jump start my dream side job – a freelance graphic design business.

  241. Eike

    I’d use most of it to get someone to design me an awesome site to sell my excel video courses I’m writing atm. I am going to do that anyway, but with your 1k I’d spend some extra bucks on it. Apart from that it will go to my savings and be used to travel new Zealand in a camper next year. Cheers from Germany!

  242. Socialkenny the Pick-up Artist

    You’re always too damn generous Ramit; when is it gonna end lol!

    Pretty hilarious too with the Indians always add an extra $1 to figures.

  243. linda Giella

    I’d go to Italy to participate in the Global Women Project (art as catalyst for change…). Had an opportunity to go in June but in the end didn’t have money for the ticket. It was a huge disappointment and wake-up call that I’m not earning enough to live the life I want.

    Thanks Ramit.

  244. Shane

    I’d definitely pay off my current debt and take a long weekend to see my buddy in San Fran.

  245. Angelo Crisostomo

    I would travel the world and join many tournaments to become a professional MTG Player.

  246. Maria

    I am 57 and have worked in a 9-5 environment all of my life. I know age isn’t or shouldn’t be a factor in moving forward with other opportunities to better oneself, but it’s a Catch-22: You’re deep in debt, two kids in college, third one soon to be, and your creativity just kind of gets blurred with the feeling that you are moving ever so slowly in quick sand. “Extra” money never seems to be extra because there are so many things which have to be paid, etc. But with my $1,000 I would buy a professional juice press and start a juice business on the side, something I have wanted to do for a long time and the juicer I need just happens to cost $1,200. I’ve already ordered the bottles and have opened the doors for the juicer. Of course, I will be forever grateful and provide you with the progress of my business. Thank you.

  247. Gar

    Buy a pool/aquatics club membership for my wife to help her with rehabilitation to health.

  248. Lauren

    I would put it towards a downpayment on a CPO 2010 Lexus hybrid

  249. Mari

    I’d put about half of it in my Roth IRA, use some to pay off bills, and have enough left over to make a contribution to the Prison University Project in San Quentin.

  250. Joseph

    Pay off some debt, and use the rest for a mini-vacation.

  251. Socialkenny the Pick-up Artist

    Realistically though, with a $1,000 extra monthly, I’d wish to put it aside for some future use which is unclear @ this point. Probably to build a house from scratch…literally. I’m a New Yorker, but I currently live in the Caribbean (place of origin), and it’s very typical for guys in their early 30’s to won their own homes which they’d built from scratch.

  252. Carolyn S

    I’d use the money to take me, my husband and son on vacation to Oregon and visit some good friends who live there.

  253. Charlotte

    I would give it to my husband so he could go on a holiday. He has never earned enough money to pay for one himself.

  254. Nathan Perry

    Pay off some debt

  255. Ariel

    Use $500 towards student loans, invest the other $501.

  256. shayne

    I’d buy a fancy-pants $3,000 camera and make a video with it to thank you publicly for buying a third of it for me (using 1/3 of the screen just to be cheeky!).

  257. Katie

    At first I thought I’d pay off debt, but then starting making $1000 extra/month on a side job recently but I’ve instead been saving it to pay for my budget wedding! After that it’s use it to pay off debt and then move to Belize!

  258. Karina

    I would use half of it as a student loans payment and the other invest into my startup.

  259. Maria

    I’m already saving and investing, so though I’d take part of it and sock it away, I’d absolutely blow the rest on something awesome with my family – a weekend trip whale-watching, or something outdoorsy that we keep saying we’ll do but never seem to sock away the money for (like kayaking or white-water rafting).

    Then, I’d take whatever’s left and buy great wine and food and share it with my friends on my back deck at a massive summer blowout party. (And send you pics.)

  260. Frank

    Hey Ramit,
    the answer is as boring as it gets:
    Some combo of killing debt and build up our rainy day fund… 🙂

  261. Julia

    I would put the money toward my student loans!

  262. aNCA

    I’d quit my second job and give myself a month to create the website and write the ebook I have already created and written in my mind. I already know exactly how to promote it, who it is for and why it’s better than others, the trouble is that I am working far too much to do quality work when I’m finally after hours.

  263. Zach

    I would use the funds to kickstart my “brown box” e-commerce site and would have enough left over (after initial website costs, LLC creation fee, etc) for a Florida Gulf coast weekend getaway with my bride of 9 years.

  264. Kara

    $100 long-term savings
    $100 financial education
    $100 investing
    $100 charity
    $100 dinner out
    $500 bills

  265. Angelina Moreau

    I will save $500 and spend the rest on getting the nursery ready for my baby arriving in a couple months!!

  266. Scott

    Interesting that there’s a post up there from a “CPA Coach.” I’m just starting a highly intensive program to pass the CPA exam in under three months. With $1,001 I would buy additional CPA review materials so I can ace that s**t and get on with my life.

  267. Gemma

    GAH! It’s always for United States residents only. But hey, if the rules change at some random point, it would be a part-payment for a new computer for my business. Mama needs to migrate from XP…

  268. Jennifer

    I’d invest it in the Earn 1K course and towards start-up costs of getting a personal training certification.

  269. Meg

    I would take a spontaneous weekend trip.

  270. Griscel Diaz

    All the money would go to my student loans! Sallie Mae owns my life right now, this money would come in handy! 🙂 Thanks!

  271. Thomas

    I would enroll into the E1K course so I can start making additional income for my family and be a better provider for them.

  272. Lian

    I’d take a REAL vacation

  273. Angie Moreau

    I will save half and spend the other half on a trip for the hubby & I!!

  274. Corey Freeman

    I would pay off my student loans, top off my emergency fund, and either start my investment account or get my dog a checkup at the vet. She’s fine but I worry and she has terrible knees.

  275. Michael

    I would use most of it to pay off debt

  276. Amber

    I would pay off my last student loan.

  277. Sheila

    I would put it in my emergency account to hit my goal of having 6 months of expenses covered.

  278. Chris Desatoff

    I would pay down our credit card.

  279. Matt

    I would use this money to add towards the savings that i have already started after reading your book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”.

  280. brian

    I would get someone to design my training course for connecting people to plans.

  281. Danielle Dow

    I would pay for my EMT courses so that I can finally move to Maryland to take care of my grandmother.

  282. samantha pollack

    I’d re-invest the money into myself and my business. I’d love to attend Marie Forleo’s b-school!

  283. Rich

    My wife are in the process of adopting a child and are trying to raise the required $28,000. So this would be a huge help!

  284. Anne

    I would use the money to take my 6 year old grandson on holiday. He’s a huge fan of lego, so I’d love to take him to Legoland near Windsor, UK, then spend some time in London doing the natural history museum, London Eye, Buckingham Palace etc. We’ll take my towing caravan, stay on a wonderful site with freedom to play, run around and finally learn to ride his bike! Have lots of fun and adventures plus learning too. I want him to grow up remembering all the wonderful experiences we’ll share.

  285. Jill

    I’d split it up:
    $500 would go to my acting career (specifically, a body/movement class I’ve been wanting to take for years)
    $400 would go to travel/events at my upcoming college reunion
    $100 would go to my Roth IRA

  286. Eric

    I would break it up into a few areas to help my/family’s present and future:

    1) Take my parents and girlfriend out to dinner – ~$175
    2) Invest in stocks – $300
    3) Add to Retirement Funds – $250
    4) Put the rest in emergency savings fund – ~$176
    5) Donate to charity (Most likely for Cancer Research) – ~$100

    It’s not much in all areas, but every little bit helps to each of those.

  287. RV

    I’d give the money to my partner so he can fly out to an academic conference on the East Coast for which he has been invited to present a paper. He hasn’t located funding for the trip, which is making him hesitant on whether it’s worth it to go, but I think he would truly benefit from the experience both personally and professionally.

  288. Rand Herz

    With $1001, I’d incorporate a business in Hong Kong. I had been waiting for a down payment for a business development consulting contract, but negotiations fell through. With the company, business in HK and Asia (where I am loving and working) would be greatly facilitated, as most laws here favor companies over individuals.

  289. Zahiyya

    Plain and simple, I would take the earn 1k course…

  290. Bryn

    I would use it to pay my girlfriend’s half of the rent so she can spend her money on physical therapy for a torn ACL (ouch!)

  291. Emily Knox Caldwell

    $1001 would help my clothing line start running (rather than crawling). I could finally buy the equipment I’ve been needing. My website wouldn’t be blank anymore and hopefully I could start generating a bit of income so I can live a rich life!

  292. Neelam

    I will donate the entire amount to my place of worship. That’s where I find peace & I spend a good amount of time there!

  293. Gisele Nelson

    I work for a small non-profit. I’d give 1/2 to the organization [Plywood People] and 1/2 I’d put in my IRA.

  294. Delaine Ross

    I would use it to purchase the initial set up for InfusionSoft to take my marketing to the next level. Right now I’m using a contact management system that isn’t terrible, but isn’t as automated as infusionSoft and I believe that with InfusionSoft, I wouldn’t miss out in dollars on the table lost because an email wasn’t delivered or a task was missed. 🙂

  295. Kate

    With an extra $1,001 I would put that money towards learning! I have been so eager to take one of Ramit’s courses and this would help. The rest can go towards my GMAT course, or perhaps something that catches my interest on skillshare.

  296. Kay

    Half would go into my retirement account. Something always seems to sap any extra cash I have on hand before it makes it to the account. The other half would be divided three ways between myself, my daughter and my husband. I’d use my $167 a little at a time, to buy myself little things I’d normally do without. My husband would use his for something for the truck project he is restoring. My daughter would put some in her college fund and spend the rest on fun things this summer.

  297. Pranab

    I will use it redo my startup workspace!

  298. Alex Mendoza

    I would fly to paris.

  299. Shayra

    I would use the money to surprise my mom by putting wood flooring in the living room.

  300. Rupa

    $99 23andme genome seq, student loan payment & self-pay health insurance for July

  301. Meagan

    use it to pay off some credit card debt! every bit helps.

  302. Erin Taylor

    I would put 500ish of it in my daughters savings. The rest would go towards making weekend trips more fun and possibly bills. Things like that.

  303. Cheryl LoMaglio

    I would use the money, to fly my best friend and her family to NYC. They are in much need of a vacation and do not have the resources.

  304. Heidi W.

    I would use the money to start a college fund for my daughter. She is one!

  305. Jana

    I’d use it pay off my credit card bill and to invest in writing classes and my new book!

  306. Sara

    I’d send my son to summer camps in nature.

  307. Shannon S

    Hookers and blow.

  308. Jon R

    I will pay my accountant in advance to help me get things in order nicely 🙂

  309. Mario Alvares

    Prepay my car loan 🙂

  310. Andres

    I would buy a few pieces of camera equipment to expand on my car detailing shots (provide car “glamour shots” with their detailed car).

    The rest would pre-pay the mortgage.

  311. Andie

    I’d put half toward my student loans that never seem to shrink, and I’d give the other half for my sister to use for her son (3y/o) however she sees fit.

  312. Michelle

    The smart thing to do would be to use the first $1K, to join “I will Teach You to be Rich”. And from that program, I will learn how I should handle all subsequent $1K’s so I could eventually make more by doing less. Hopefully after I make enough to quit my job, I would like to make my life “richer” by traveling around the world and teaching others how to live a “rich” life.

  313. Craig

    Great diversity of ideas in this list… always amazing what we can collectively come up with. I might just finish my art studio so I can begin painting again after decades of neglect.

  314. maureen b

    I would use it to expand business with targeted advertising for a new product. And to buy my husband some much needed clothes!

  315. Stephanie

    I would buy all the things I can’t afford now for my new baby boys, which will be born on June 27th.

  316. Victor

    I would use the money to throw an amazing party for all of my friends and family.

  317. Eryka

    I’d put half in my emergency fund and do some traveling with the rest.

  318. Meara


  319. Justine

    Step 1 of I will teach you to be rich!

  320. Melanie

    I would use the money to start saving for a nice tombstone for my mother who passed away last year. Right now, all we can afford is a temporary marker we made out of a stepping-stone kit from A.C. Moore.

  321. Wrushali

    I’d use it to sign up for Earn1k.

    I’ve been wanting to, but haven’t got the money.

    Thanks Ramit.

  322. Adam p

    My first home is being built as we speak, I would use it to purchase a ring for my girlfriend to propose to her on our first day in the home.

  323. Rebecca

    I’d use the money to take a trip to the beach and buy some really beautiful notebooks and pen to write all of my creative inspirations I would get by being next to the sea

  324. Elyse

    I’d buy a ticket to Bayonne and walk the Camino de Santiago pilgrimmage route!

  325. Meara

    I’m in High School so a $1,000 bucks is like a million dollars. I would love to say I would save it all for college, but that would be a lie. I would probably blow through $300 and TRY to save the $700 leftover. I’m not bad at saving but my parents always borrows my money and I usually don’t get it back until a year or so.

  326. Helene

    I’d buy a powered stand up/sit down desk. My body doesn’t like all this sitting I do in front of the computer!

  327. Jacky

    Put it towards going back to a school

  328. Ayana

    I would use the money towards my student loans.

  329. clif

    I would use the money to enroll in one of your courses since I still have some cc debt that I have been trying to pay off…

  330. Anna Thompson

    I’d give a percentage (20%?) to a green organization (WWF, Arbor Day, etc).

    I’d use some for hiring someone to build a fence for my garden and for tilling it, etc.

    And…I’d use the rest for taking a few days near (on, in) the ocean.

  331. Debt Blag

    This is easy — with $1000 extra a month, I’d be able to pay off my $130,000 in student loans four years faster than I would otherwise

  332. Fel

    For real, I would whack away the rest of my student loan which is minuscule right now and open up my individual 401k. With that taken care of, booking a weekend trip to Seattle to explore and go skydiving. 🙂

  333. Santhanam

    Dad and Mom’s grand wedding anniversary.
    Down payment towards getting my house.

  334. Tim

    It’s simple. I’d put it toward investing in Estate Sales like I currently do. The amount of items you can find that give a massive ROI are incredible. To be able to expand the amount of items I purchase is a mandatory step.

  335. Trace

    Save it for my daughter’s college education

  336. Lauren Grace

    1/2 would go towards debt and the other half I would use to invest in myself and put it towards coaching.

  337. Maital Guttman

    I’d submit my films to more festivals!

  338. Maria

    My business is growing and I earn more money every week, but with a family to support (youngest one is 11 weeks) I can’t yet afford a vacation. And a vacation is what we really need, so I’d go away for a week or a weekend with my family to relax and be together and load our batteries.

  339. Allison West

    Hey Ramit; love your work! I’m working in Colorado this summer and my family always takes a July 4th trip to the Grand Tetons – I’ve done it for 20 years (I’m 21). Usually I drive, but I’d have to fly from Denver and that’s pricey! With an extra $1001 I’d get to spend that time with family in our favorite place!!

  340. Keet

    Travel. Either to a soccer match of my favorite team, or to fly a friend of mine and I someplace to just get away for awhile.

  341. Masha

    Well, I most likely would spend the bigger part to complete my education and become certified so I can start working. The rest I would spend on my little 7 month old daughter.

  342. Liberty

    I would use the $1,001 to pay off my debt to my college so that I can begin attending classes again this fall. I have scholarship money to pay for my classes, should I find a way to pay off the $1,090 that I still owe from last semester. I’m done with my first two years of college; I just have to finish the last two years for my Finance degree.

  343. Chris

    Add to my M.U.S.C.L.E. Men collection.

  344. Earl G.

    I’d save it for a new car, or use it toward furthering my computer programming education.

  345. Ashley

    I would use it to help pay off my student loans

  346. Vincent

    I’d visit my friends in NYC 🙂

  347. Angela

    I’d put it towards my LASIK fund.

  348. Erin (aka #Broke Millennial)

    Add it to my seed money for a start-up business so I can pursue my dream job.

  349. Renata

    I would go see Tony Robbins in Chicago this July.

  350. Jael Amador

    Use it to start a “Widow’s portfolio” so that when I’m done with graduate school, I can use the money to pay off my student loans!

  351. Michael

    It would help me to hire a web designer for my new business !

  352. Mac fahan

    With an extra 1,001 dollars I would make my already flashy yet incredibly slow car a bit more fun to drive and perhaps a little safer

  353. Stephen Wilson

    Hi Ramit,

    With an extra $1000 a month, I would use it to develop an Internet Marketing buisness I have recently been working on part time so that eventually I can quit my job and finally live out my dream of working for myself!

  354. Andy

    At the risk of sounding like a brown noser, I’d pay you Ramit, $500 for one hour of your time in a one-on-one interview (the other $500 I’d use for travel expenses to meet you).

  355. Tanya

    I may use it to purchase more of your courses, I should pay down my credit card debt. I am still on the fence about you Ramit, but I took the bait and bought your First Profitable Idea Course having read your posts for awhile now (you have Charlie Hoehn to thank for that). Still on the fence. One thing I like is that you do not encourage people to purchase your stuff while in c/c debt, that is damn ethical. One dislike was the serious upselling that you tried when I purchased the course…sheesh. You are one wordy Indian Ramit, but you make me laugh out loud at times (or groan). Here’s hoping you teach me something I do not already know, I’ve been around longer than most your readers so we will see. Keeping an open mind.

  356. Eduardo Almonte

    I’d stick it in the bank! Then use it for extended travel next year.

  357. Chel Woong Kim

    I would make more 1001s

  358. DSchmidt

    I would take my first actual vacation – not just a trip to visit family – since 2004.

  359. Justin

    I’d put it towards Earn1K next time it is offered!

  360. Laura

    I am 24 and a recent undergrad graduate. I would use the $1,001 to invest in a $3,700 Translation and Interpretation course at CUNY Hunter in NYC to become a certified Interpreter and Translator so that I can offer my professional consulting services.

  361. C

    We’d get our air conditioning fixed and go on vacation!

  362. claire stone

    I would spend the $1001 on some new glasses so that I start to look like the successful person I am about to become. My vision is terrible, so I have to have extra strong lenses – to get the thinned lenses here in the UK costs a bomb, so I’d probably spend a good $750 just on the glasses. Then I’d spend the rest on some wicked new clothes so that I rock my new look.

  363. Jonathan

    I’d take my girlfriend to the Netherlands as a college graduation celebration.

  364. Pat

    I would pay off debt and then take one of your courses! Even it was starting small with Earn 1K it would be a step in the right direction.

  365. Lydia

    I’d use it to visit my sister in Berlin before she moves somewhere else!

  366. Kim

    I would use most in a serious way..debts, savings etc and then I’d be frivolous with some with contacts and a birthday celebration.

  367. Charles

    I would put the money toward starting my online presence which is one building block I will use to attain time freedom!

  368. Alex

    I guess the best spent for any extra income is EDUCATION. In our fast moving world education & experience is the only thing that not devaluate over the time but increase its value.

    If I win this $1001.00 cheque I will take a course on time management (the area where I feel need to improve).


  369. Estelle

    Hi Ramit,
    I’d buy a plane ticket to visit my sister in Boston (from France).


  370. Lydia

    Unfortunately, that $1K would be earmarked for medical bills. I would love to be at the point where it would be an expendable $1K, but – there you have it. 🙂

  371. Okrah Franklin Kofi

    I will invest it in an INTERNET CAFE business that will bring more money day-in-day-out.

  372. Sarah

    I would invest it in my new side business so that I have the flexibility of quitting my current job and doing more of what I want to do.

  373. Tasha

    I would buy embroidery sewing machine and serger to start a upcycled kids clothing business.

  374. Tricia

    I’m in the process of expanding my studio, and the extra money would be beneficial for replacing supplies I’m running low on (markers in particular). The rest would go toward travel expenses, taking a nice chunk off of student loans, and buying my husband a nice dinner 🙂

  375. Saumya Gumidyala

    One of a few things:

    1. Use it to pay for expenses related to Start Up Weekend Next.

    2. Pay off bills.

    3. Have a mini adventure some random place.

  376. Jessica

    I’d spend a weekend in a different city, stay in a nice hotel, take my honey out to some great meals, and play lots of mini golf!

  377. Sweta

    Update my wardrobe with high quality items that will last.

  378. Julio

    I will donate 10percent , save 20 percent, spend 30 percent and use 40 percent to pay down debt.. Thank you

  379. Sofia Garces

    With the 1001$ I’d use them to pay off a major portion of my debts completely eradicating one of them and making a serious dent on the others. This would allow me to save more money every month and eventually become debt free.

  380. Rachel Moshe

    I’d throw a party, take a trip, make some memories!!! … and get a massage

  381. Kyle

    I would use 900 to pay off my credit card and use remaining 101 to take my wife out for a nice dinner.

  382. Alfonso

    I’d fund my Roth IRA.

  383. Rob

    I would pay for my incorporation fees and website construction costs for my new company.

  384. Emily

    Pay down the car 🙂

  385. Adam Kerr

    I’d use it to climb out from under my damn credit card debt

  386. Jeraline Singh

    I would spend it on my Wedding expenses probably for my jewelry and gifts for family

  387. Karyn

    I plan to take your course, of course!

  388. Elias

    I would use it as a down payment for a home

  389. Daniel

    I’d put to the Earn1K, and use the other money I have saved for it to actually doing my business.

  390. Francisco Granizo

    I would use 25% on personal expenses, and would invest the other 75% in the stock exchange.

  391. Jimmy

    Pay off my debt and buy your products.

  392. anna

    I’d use the money to take care of some unexpected health concerns I have right now. Not glamorous, but necessary.

  393. Ward

    Put it towards mentorship

  394. Peggy

    I would buy the supplies I need to launch my side business venture. I have 3 small children and won’t spend the money just yet to start it, but if I won the money then I wouldn’t hesitate one bit.

  395. Kristy

    I would use it to pay student loans OR use it towards a travel fund for a trip to South America 🙂

  396. Lizzie

    I would use it to go on holiday to Italy with my best friend – we both work really hard and could do with a break!

  397. Berta

    I’d spend it on:

    -Hormonal imbalance treatment I need but always feel like I have to pay my bills first…
    -Took my twin to the Lion King musical I promised her on our Bday but we couldn’t make it as we felt too ashamed of spending around $200 on a single night of entertainment.. (and now I feel very guilty knowing how badly she wants to go)
    -After all above I would still have around $500 and I would invest that money to educate myself so I won’t have to be hoping that I’m gonna win next Ramit’s giveaway 🙂

    p.s. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and bringing inspiration to all of us! xx

  398. Cameron

    I’d go to Japan for a week.

  399. Alex

    I’d spend the $1001 on what I believe is living a rich life.

    I’ll start by flying my mum and dad to me.

    We’d share a nice bottle of champagne before we take the taxi to the airport and fly to Rome, Italy for a weekend trip.

    I’d make sure that dad and I go watch a football match and buy some souvenirs to the game to make sure that we blend in nicely.

    We would then pay a local “grandma” to show us how to prepare the most delicious fresh pasta dish that we would then enjoy with not only my own family but also with hers.

    I’d happily use the money to pay for local, good quality wine as well as some crispy, homemade bread.

    If I would have any money leftover, I’d use whatever I have to copy “grandmas” pasta dish when I get back home and then deliver it to homeless people in Stockholm (where I live).

    I’ll be recording everything and posting it on youtube with a big sign saying “all thanks to Ramit” if I get selected 🙂

  400. Emily H.

    I’m still mulling it over, but chances are my computer is going to die soon, so I may have to start a fund to replace it. Or I’d split it between that and a vacation fund.

  401. Timothy Moser

    I’d use the money to hire a professional to redesign my blog.
    Not long ago, I used to think that investing $1000 in a retirement account, as a rule, is wiser than spending it. I no longer hold to that view.
    If I invest the money in a retirement fund, it might double five or six times before I retire. It might grow to be as much as $50,000… 45 years from now.
    On the other hand, if I use that money to invest in myself and my own business now, that has a more immediate, as well as ultimately higher, potential for growth. There’s nothing you can invest in with better returns than yourself.

  402. Timothy Moser

    (But, of course, if I had a few hundred dollars left over after that, I’d run to Chicago and have dinner at Alinea.)

  403. Amu

    If I won the $1001,
    1. I’d invest a some of it to enroll to your Earn1K course.
    2. I have, may be, a hundred books in my Amazon wish list, I’d buy some of them.
    Investing in education and books.

  404. matt soflarsky

    I would use it as a start on my side business.

  405. Paxton

    I would use it to pay my Doctor/ Teacher who has been working on and teaching me without payment for months now. He has and is transforming my life, investing in him and at the same time, myself, is a worthy cause, I feel.

  406. Camille Hernandez

    I would spend some on clothes/shoes/handbags that I simply like, and would save the rest.

  407. Denis

    I’d pay off the birthday weekend I created for my girlfriend. NYC fun isn’t cheap!

  408. Tena Moore

    Definitely pay off my brother for his kind generosity when I needed it. 🙂

  409. PawelM

    I will spend a glorious weekend with my wife in Paris for our wedding anniversary.

  410. JD

    I would use most of it to pay off debt, and thereby, improve my credit. I would invest the rest in career-related literature.

  411. Joseph

    pay for college

  412. Chris

    I’d use it to pay down my debts

  413. jp

    I would buy shares. For a long time now I am interested to start investing in stock market and for a while I’ve been watching some stocks that I saw grow over the year and now I wish I bought those. Could of made some extra money.

  414. Ronnie

    I would use the money to pay off my school loans.

  415. Allison L.

    Go on a vacation with my husband before the baby comes.

  416. Ashley

    I would use it for kids who r In need of a better life for fun food and a place to live I wouldn’t give it to ppl who have money cuz I don’t have anything but my family and a phone I would rather see a little boy or girl have a fun trip or to spend time with someone they care for there is a girl who went broke completely and has nothing so me and my family try r best to give her something for her brithday and holidays she is only 10 and loves animals so I figure id give her the money to get her very own pet for her 11th brithday.

  417. Courtney E.

    I would use the money to pay for the California Bar Exam, which costs approximately $750. The remaining $251 would be spent on study aids and hotel charges (it’s a three day test in another county, so getting a hotel is a must).

  418. Jeff Freeman

    I’d buy some extra gear for my photography business 🙂

  419. Jenny

    I would use the money to pay down credit card debt!

  420. Sacha

    As corny as it sounds I would do the E1K course as not having that extra 1K is the only thing stopping me from doing the course – ironic!

  421. Viv

    I’d spend it on much needed new camera; as the camera I have can’t blow up as large as I would like for clients.

  422. Lona Hardy

    I’d invest it back into my own small business.

  423. jessica marshall

    i would give my daughter an amazing 7th birthday party (she wants to go ice skating as she has never been) and put the rest into our savings

  424. Kim

    I would use the money to help me save for a down payment on a house. Being a teacher I find it hard to save my pennies, so I had to get a second job. This would at least help me get started!

  425. Lucca

    I´d fly to thailand for a month.

  426. Olivier

    I would invest it in my education to learn how to earn more 😉

  427. Dean Green

    I will reinvest it, and use it to fund my ongoing infomercial product. 🙂

  428. Lis

    I’d visit my close friend who moved to Berlin. I’m in Oregon. It’s far! Life is short! Saving that kind of money is challenging for a yoga teacher.

  429. John

    I’m currently paying off a low-interest car loan. I would put half of the thousand towards paying that off, and put the other half in my Roth IRA.

  430. Leonna

    Just finished your book.
    I would put $800 in an investment account as my first step toward living a richer life and becoming more financial stable, something I, as a homeless college student, really worry about.
    And then, because I’m a huge geek, I would go out and buy myself some books I’ve been wanting, replace my worn sneakers, and treat myself do a tasty sushi dinner.

  431. Corie

    I want to say I would put it into savings, but if I’m being realistic I would take half of it and put it into our vacation fund and use the other half to begin furnishing our newly renovated downstairs.

  432. Ryan Gunteski

    Easy! I would beg Ramit to let me take the Earn 1k course in spite of my credit card debt, so I could earn on the side enough to pay off my debt! Win-win!

  433. Mason

    I would buy a car

  434. Dolores

    I would use the money to work on my shell hosting and web design business. It would really help jumpstart my business and make more money in the future.

  435. Nhi

    I would send half back to my family in Asia and put the other half towards getting my MSW.

  436. Clara

    Put half towards a trip to tour Europe post college graduation and the other half would go towards a college trip to volunteer somewhere in South America

  437. Joe

    I’d invest it in index funds. Boring.

  438. c

    I would go to Spain or to Jerusalem as they’re both trips I’m planning

  439. Bridget

    Right now, I’d have to put it into savings – more specifically, paying myself back money I borrowed from accounts I shouldn’t have touched when my biggest client had no work for me for an extended period. (Now I have more clients, but I haven’t dug out of the hole yet).

  440. Mala

    I’d use it to go on dates with my husband, which is substantially more expensive now that we have to pay a babysitter. Investing in our relationship is important to me.

  441. santos Gregorio

    pagaria todas mis deudas y la carrera de mis dos hijas recuperaría la casa que esta hipotecada

  442. Ilona

    Go do some travel, visit friends. Or maybe buy the new Macbook Air

  443. Lauren

    I would put it towards earn1K and my business to help me earn more to support my family

  444. Tary Taylor

    hookers & blow

  445. Lauren

    Half donation and half savings (and a little extra for a nice dinner) #payitforward

  446. Maria

    I would save some, buy opera tickets, fly to Berlin for 3 days with husband and son.
    Thanx for asking 🙂


  447. Edith

    I would save half of it in a college fund for my daughter and use the rest to visit family and friends this year.

  448. Jesse

    $500 goes to Roth IRA savings goal (boring, I know…)
    $200 goes to a new Samsung Galaxy Note
    $250 goes toward getting a special gift or a certain someone.
    Remaining $51 goes toward paying the toll to cross the bridge, train tickets, and subway, to give the person the gift.

  449. Jesse

    $500 goes to Roth IRA savings goal (boring, I know…)
    $200 goes to a new Samsung Galaxy Note.
    $250 goes toward getting a special gift or a certain someone.
    Remaining $51 goes toward paying the toll to cross the bridge, train tickets, and subway, to give the person the gift. Cheesy I know.

  450. Neo

    I would:
    – Use 10% to do something fun with my immediate family
    – Invest 35% in shares
    – Put 25% towards flights to see extended family and friends
    – Put 20% towards further education
    – Seed 10% as “Happy Money” for someone else

  451. Karina Nagin

    Trip to new Orleans for voodoo fest!

  452. CT

    Lapidary equipment, probably. Any remaining dough goes to my IRA.

  453. Donna

    invest it in marketing efforts on my website I’m relaunching with a whole new look, feel, brand and approach at the end of the month.

  454. Matt

    I have a Sharebuilder account, but haven’t invested in it for quite some time. I think I’d use the money to restart that process.

  455. Ryan

    I’d make it the first investment in my daughter’s college fund.

  456. Joshua

    I’d split it. Half would go into my Roth IRA, one quarter would go into saving towards building my boat, and the remaining quarter would go into fun!

  457. Brandon

    I’d register my car in my new state, and pay down a credit card bill.

  458. Joshua

    I would use the money to move out of my father and mother-in-laws house an pay off bills to get out and have a house for my family and my new daughter

  459. Stephen

    I’d save 100 for fun stuff and use the rest on school.

  460. Sana

    Hi Ramit,

    My name is Sana and I have been a fan of your work for a while. I remember a few months ago, you had the dream career course and I really wanted to take the class. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to enroll because I couldn’t afford it. If I received the $1001, I would save a percentage of it for the first payment of your next class. I’m sure that the knowledge you would give me in those first few classes would help me come up with a plan to generate s good source of income.

    I’d probably spend 20 percent of it on supplies for this new art class my mom is taking. She never really spent money on herself (or saved or invest) all her life, so I’m spoiling her now.

    I’d probably also buy myself a mango juice drink that my mom buys for a dollar. Mango juice is good.

  461. glennji

    Invest/waste it speculating on stocks, FX, markets. I’ve always wanted to try that, but the idea of (inevitably) losing my starting capital until I figured it out has just been too steep.

  462. Alexandru Simescu

    I’d save it for a new car. The old factory on wheels that I have now is gulping gas like Homer is gulping donuts. And cheers for the opportunity 🙂

  463. Sheila Garey

    I’d use it to file for non profit status for my organization and to fund the things we want to give to bereaved parents.

  464. Nicola D

    I would like to get this 1,001 to invest in marketing for my company that is not doing good because i don’t have money to put on marketing….

  465. Gilly

    Hello Ramit!
    Outstanding marketing idea! Would LOVE to win, as would any normal person. I would take the $1,001 dollars and I would invest more in my business, marketing, promotions, maybe a junior sales go getter. I would not spend it on any debt or preschool tuitions or even save for 3 kids college tuitions. I would take action NOW! I would also leave over about $50-$75 to take you to lunch to say thanks! Least I can do really… 😉
    Thanks for the opportunity and inspiration!

  466. Robyn

    I’d use the money to help cover the costs of moving to a new city when my current contract ends.

  467. Natalia

    Definately pay off debts! and save some to take my mom on a beach get away for her bday in july!

  468. Benj Moser

    I’d fix my car’s front axel ($250), and put half the remainder ($375) in savings, and use the other half to get ahead on my school loans.

  469. James

    First, I would use $100 to go out for my birthday. Then I would put $250 on my student loans. Then I’d use the rest to get a CPT (certified personal trainer) from the NASM.

  470. Christopher Robinson

    We’re struggling with credit card debt. This would be a help to pay it down some

  471. Gian

    Use it towards my dream in life of running a unique cafe concept

  472. Jenn

    I would use it toward a French immersion course abroad and finally get fluent in French.

  473. Josh

    I would put the $1,001 towards s down payment on a house. My fiancee and i have been renting for the past few years and for about the same amount of money per month we could but a house… it’s just that down payment that is holding us back. This would help fulfill our American dream of homeownership

  474. Glyna Joy M. Espino

    I would pay all my debts and my house and then invest the money in stocks….and spent some of the money for a vacation with my husband….

  475. casey

    Buy a plane ticket for my girlfriend and I to come home from Spain for Christmas and propose to her with my family. Not with them, but they will be there shortly afterward, with her parents skyped in from Valencia.

  476. Alicja

    I would save the money for my property taxes !

  477. Jason

    pay off debt

  478. Luisa Zhou

    I’d use the money to fly to Europe, where I’ve always wanted to visit.

  479. Rose

    I’d invest $500 building my website and paying liability insurance for my new fitness and nutrition business. Then I’d use $300 towards a long overdue vacation retreat for myself to return to my dormant writing project. The remaining $201 would be given freely, lovingly and without strings as a tithe, handed out to 4 random strangers in $50 increments at my local dollar store.

  480. hughman

    i live on disability and i would use it to get my sweet dog some medical attention she needs.

  481. Katie

    I would use it to invest in an elliptical trainer. That way, I could spend less time commuting to the gym and more time working on my side business!

  482. Tracy

    I would put it toward my mortgage! Thanks for the chance to win $1001! 🙂

  483. LaDawn

    I’d pay down some debts. My husband recently had heart surgery so we are a young couple with a lot of medical bills.

  484. Jake V

    I would buy myself a hundred and some Chipotle Burritos.

  485. Anureet Gill

    I would fly to Punjab to see my family.

  486. Janelle

    To tell you the truth, if I won $1,001, I would not really know what to do with it. There are so many things I want to do or get if I had some extra money. Right now, I’m saving up for a car, school, and a trip somewhere around the world. A trip would be nice. It has been 5 years since I went on vacation. At the end of the day, I would put that money in my tax free savings account and wait till I figure out what I could really use it for.

  487. Jeremy

    I would give 10% of it to some people in need in our city. Then i would take my wife out to dinner at a nice BBQ place in town. Then I would put about half of it towards debt. The rest we would take off for the weekend and go to a hot springs and rent a cabin. 🙂

  488. Nicole

    I would take my herbal board, buy an estem machine, grt dental work for my kids and make car payment…

  489. Elise

    I’d use it to help buy the motorcycle I’ve been wanting because my car is decrepit and sounds like Dori trying to speak whale….along with a few other animals all at once.

  490. Therese

    I’d tithe the first 10%. Next, I’d put the next 10% in savings. Then I’d invest in education in Environmental Studies so I can contribute to the healing of the planet and humanity.

  491. MA

    Pay next month rent

  492. CMC

    I would use the money to start a savings plan our child’s college fund

  493. Erik

    I would start buy buying some books, to increase my collection, I would also use it to take a course in Korean. I would of course buy a nice pair of shoes too!

  494. Sridhar

    I ll use 50 % of it to buy a bike for my wife and donate reaming 50% to a child for his medical expenses..

  495. Jess

    Combo of payoff some debt, get some accountability coaching and website assistance.

  496. Phil

    Invest it to turn a profit and help pay back for undergrad debt when I graduate.

  497. Jennifer Hunt

    I would buy myself a new computer that didn’t have all its parts discontinued from Apple.

  498. dylan old

    I would use the money to pay down my student loan, as debt is not something I wish to be in.

  499. Charlene

    I know what I should do with $1001 extra and that’s invest it. Unfortunately due to my husband being our only source of income and illness causing him to lose his job of 19 yrs 2 yrs ago. His long term disability has just ended and now we are in a waiting period to see if ssdi will approve him. So with no monthly income coming in I would have to use it to keep a roof over our heads. Then if we make it threw this, i would invest when we can afford to.

  500. Cosmo

    I would use it to take my roommate/co-worker/best friend with me to Cambodia and to explore a part of the world that we have never been to. We would film a video of our adventures, explorations, flips, and tricks on our way there and back.

    Life is meant to be explored, and the exploration shared to inspire others.

    • venkanna


  501. Christy

    I’d put the money towards starting a non-profit to help domestic violence awareness, and to improve the conditions of safe houses for women and children escaping abusive situations in honor of my best friend who was murdered, and her surviving children.

  502. James Salerno

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying that $1001 would change my life, but what kind of knucklehead would I be if I passed up nearly free money, right?

    I wouldn’t use it to pay off credit card debt, because I don’t have any. I wouldn’t save it for a rainy day, because I already have that money set aside despite my car blowing up an axle and my dog blowing up his knee (yeah,it’s been an expensive few months). I wouldn’t put it in an IRA because I’m on track to max it out. I wouldn’t even use it to join earn1k because I’m already enrolled. All thanks to your sage advice and my persistence.

    So what would I use it on you ask? (Barely containing your excitement/disgust.)

    Based on the outcome of earn1k, I’m going to supplement what I’ve made so far. The whole pot will be spent roughly 75/25 on tooling and materials based on what my business case ends up looking like. If you want to know more, well… I’ll just have to win!

  503. Rachael

    I would use it to fund a trip somewhere exotic, where I can take lessons or go on a retreat,do something adventurous and new.

  504. Carisse

    I would start a college savings plan for my kid 🙂 the best investment!

  505. Leah Lambart

    I’d reinvest in my business. It’s small and new, so I need some capital!

  506. dinesh

    With the money i would invest in your books to learn ways to earn money and be financial free.

  507. Beth M

    My fiance and I are getting married soon, and shortly there after we want to start a family. Well my fiance has type 1 Diabetes and because of that he has a problem that would prevent us from having kids, but it could be greatly helped out if we had money for the procedure. We are in debt because I of the economy (of course, like everyone is) but the money from the wedding has to go strait to bills, we don’t even get a honeymoon sadly. He and I have been together for 6 years and engaged for 3.

  508. Lauren

    I would use the money to go sailing in the Caribbean this winter.

  509. Vanessa

    I would take my family to dinner, and then pay our bills. 🙂

  510. Erin

    I would use it to pay a marketing firm to launch a new online business.

  511. Joanne

    I’d use it to pay off my tuition for the coding bootcamp I’m attending.

  512. Jen Scaffidi

    I’m working toward being debt-free and I’m so close! Only $12,000 in student loan debt to go, so I’d put it there.

  513. Kaylie-Ann Flannigan

    travel and invest

  514. Tim Watson

    I would travel to Portugal and Egypt to visit friends and have fun.

  515. Kiely

    To lease a much needed car!

  516. Daniela

    To be honest, I would go visit my boyfriend for just a weekend for our one year anniversary soon – I’m in NYC and he’s in London, and he has been fighting cancer for the past two months. I just visited him for three weeks, but I know a surprise visit would cheer him up and mean a lot to both of us at this hard time. I would probably have money left over to treat him to dinner!

  517. Kelly

    i’d put it toward medical school loans!

  518. B

    I’d put it in my savings account to get me closer to having 12 months of expenses saved.

  519. Alex

    I would use it to buy books and teaching supplies for my elementary school.

  520. shiang yii

    if i win, i’ll return that money right back to you since i want to use that money to invest myself on your course and find that one profitable idea. money trade for your knowledge which i say might be the best trade ever.

  521. Joi W.

    For the past six months I have been trying to start my own business. I have read a ton of articles that all say the same thing – “Start a blog.” “Get followers.” “Become an affiliate.” “Buy my e-book of secrets.” Three weeks ago I nearly gave up on my life long dream. I told myself nearly every invisible script you described in your email and I am no closer to making money than I was six months ago. I have the passion and the desire. I just don’t know how to begin. When I saw you on Marie Forleo I signed up for your emails. I learned about the Briefcase Technique, how to get into the mind of my ideal client and of course your Earn1K program. You blew mind. I need to take your course. I WILL take your course the second I can afford it. So even though you will close enrollment for the Earn1K program before you announce the winner, I will still spend the 1001 on your program. I would turn around and give it back to you in full to reserve my space for the next offering of your course. Until then I’m going to soak up as much of your free information as possible and muster up the strength to take action.
    Thank you for what you’re doing.
    Your future Earn1K student,
    Joi W.

  522. Chris

    I knew after the first date I’d marry my girlfriend, and I’ve finally saved up enough to buy the ring I want and propose. However, I don’t want a normal proposal – I want to go all out. So the $1,001 would be used to make the proposal of our dreams while on a trip in Greece.

  523. Chris

    I would travel to Europe, and break bread with the Parisians

  524. Noel

    Give $100 away, save $100, road trip and 4night stay somewhere nice with the girlfriend!

  525. MS

    I would use it to buy your Earn1K course and then make sure I implement those principles to earn more money! 🙂

  526. Vee

    Well… if it were me to win the $1001, I’d be feeling extremely lucky and it would certainly be a real boost! I would share this with my family and take them to the snow for a holiday. Any money leftover would be put into savings. I’d be feeling pretty confident with this experience, and thus wouldn’t hesitate to sign up to the next round of Earn1K to continue building on this positive lift and getting closer to achieving my goals.
    Thanks Ramit, and keep doing what you are doing, it’s great!!

  527. Christian

    I’d put it towards my law school loans.

  528. dlm2588

    I would sign up for Earn 1K.

  529. Lisa

    I’d pay down debt.

  530. Taylar Cobb

    I need $1500 more in order to continue with my second year at Syracuse University.. This $1001 would help tremendously.

  531. Izzy Palmerin

    With $1,001 bucks in hand… I would take the plunge and finally sign-up for IWT. By the way, Ramit, why are you so awesome?

  532. Shoshana

    I would either pay back money that I owe, or, use part of it to pay back debt, and part of it to pay for dental work that I can’t afford that I really need.

  533. Ciara

    I would use it as a deposit on my own place for my son and I! I’m ready to start my adult life!

  534. Ewa

    I’d spent on my daughter is 9 months, and I sign up for Earn 1K.

  535. Rose Dela Cruz

    I will go to Florence, Italy to study the fundamentals of oil painting. My purpose is to experience life in Italy, enrich my artistic endeavors, and use that knowledge to improve my freelancing career. I think about this goal everyday, so I study Italian and also enrolled in the Earn1k and Ramit’s Brain Trust courses to find out ways that will help me get there. So far I’ve earned more than $300 from the beginning of this month by applying the tips from the IWTYTBR book, blog (I earned $250 by selling my old/barely used stuff using the Scrooge Strategy), and Earn1k course. I want to prove to myself that I can reach this goal, and if there are opportunities like this being offered, then I’m more than ready to grab it.

  536. Zoe

    I’d invest in myself and sign up for your negotiate a lower rent course, your ‘find your first profitable idea course, buy your book and pay off my last bad debt payment (wohoo!). The left over would go in my savings: 5% in emergency savings, 55% in business investment savings, 20% in travel savings and 20% in real estate savings.

  537. Jeff

    The first thought that came to my mind is to enroll in the Earn 1k course.

  538. Corey

    Add to my $951 to my Vanguard LS holdings… $50 for a nice dinner celebraish.

  539. Shannon

    Shopping spree!!!

    Just kidding. Well, mostly…

    1. One lottery ticket – $1
    2. Invest/save – $500
    3. Shopping spree – $500 🙂

  540. Elwin

    I would save the money for my wedding. My girlfriend would be so thrilled, another step closer to our marriage!

  541. Alex

    I would use it to get back into my hobby of photography. Specifically I would buy some new equipment to start up a business so I can quit my retail job and start earning money by doing something I love.

  542. Alex

    I’d pay off my credit cards to raise my credit score so that I can get a mortgage for my first home and move out on my own

  543. Mihai Rusu

    I would invest in a powerful computer because I want to make new music for my portofolio here :

  544. Alan Javier

    Hey Ramit,

    If I had an extra $1000 right now, I would use it to help in the process of putting up a billboard. It would help with the costs of filling out zoning applications, structural engineers, and eventually, construction and billboard materials. Use money to make money!


  545. vanaja

    I would add it to my savings for my new house! tada!

  546. Digital Marketing Expert-Prasoon

    Hi Ramit,

    I would Invest the sum in my Digital Marketing Consulting Business,


  547. Terra Steinke

    I would use some of the money to partially pay off the credit card debt that I’ve gathered through school. I would put the rest into savings for emergencies or if I got into a car accident.

  548. Troy Methorst

    I would use the money to invest in your course and any extra money I had I would use it to invest in my future money making project 🙂

  549. Aran

    I’ll add my own 1001 and buy a flight ticket for both my nieces to come to Malaysia and hang with their grandparents during summer.

  550. Timur

    I would make a contest like, how would you spend/invest 500$ and the prize will be 500$. And then invest my 501$ in to the best proposal

  551. Jennifer P.

    I would save 1/2 of it and then purchase one of your programs.

  552. Javier Sanchez

    I would pay part of the debt I acquired when I started my business

  553. Anthony Benis

    I would take a modest dinghy out to the frozen waters of the Arctic in search of the elusive unicorn of the sea.

  554. Amos Walubengo

    Right now am looking for a capital to start a business, $1001 converted to ksh is equal to ksh 83,083. This amount is enough to buy a new motorbike. I can employ a person to ride it as a taxi and give me $6 per day which is equal to ksh 500. in a month I would make $180 equal to ksh14,940

  555. Lu

    I can’t decide what I would do. I think I’d get out a pair of dice, list out six options and let a die decide.
    1. Buy a ticket to Paris for my birthday
    2. Hire a life coach, I’ve always wanted to try one.
    3. Buy a computer, I haven’t had one for a few years.
    4. Spa/yoga/meditation retreat
    5. Buy a ticket for mom to visit me.
    6. Save half and give half away, just for the thrill of being extravagant and making people happy!

  556. Sunday

    Hmm! what a contest! Many people will obviously register for this contest. Who doesn’t what to get an extra $1000 or want to be rich.

    For me, if I have an extra $1000 aside from my income monthly, I will save to invest in a passive income earner.
    I have shared the above comment in – the IM social site where this contest shared and “kingged”

    Sunday – contributor

  557. Dee

    I would put it towards paying off my mortgage – any little bit helps to reduce principal outstanding and therefore interest.

  558. Ben

    use it to fund a project that provides the best value to society in return for money 🙂

  559. Jeff

    INvest in a Trust-fund and feed off the interest rewards to bills, sub-savings, retirement, and to my very limited “entertainment” pocket!
    I would also take 10% of those earnings and purchase IWT books for all my friends who are too stubborn NOT to invest the time/money in Ramit’s wisdom!
    I would be able to take care of friends who have need. Offer to people and places I have long desired to give financial aid.
    The possibilities are endless… Thanks Ramit for this opportunity to spread the wealth, knowledge and joy!

  560. Alex

    I would save half of it to put towards buying a second dog (I’m a dog trainer) that I can raise to be practically bomb-proof and can take anywhere i.e. clients houses. The other half I would give to my parents so they can add it to their holiday funds.

    • Erin

      I’d put it towards a MacBook Air so I could build a business on the commute to/from work.

  561. Sunday William Nkwocha

    With $1000 extra monthly, I will save and invest to seek knowledge and improve my earning!

  562. russ

    I’d use it to pay down my debt

  563. Shae

    Right now I would use the money to reinvest into my business. I have no debt so it’s all about growing my business and getting a return from it.

  564. D

    I’d finally have enough money to take one of your courses.

  565. Gorka

    I would take my kids away for a great summer vacation, since I dont get to see them much during the year.

  566. Marvin

    If I had an extra $1k per month in my pocket, I would:
    1. 10%: Pay off the mortgage of the house I am renting out to another person. I am technically debt free because the rental income actually pays off the mortgage. Paying off the mortgage would effectively double my rental income.
    2. 40%: Repair the truck that I use for my water delivery side business.
    3. 50%: Retire! Use the money to somehow replace my monthly employee income and shift focus on my other side business, a daycare/preschool.

  567. Tabitha

    I would put the money in my son’s savings account to save for college so he won’t have to deal with student loans like (most of) the current generation!

  568. marivic guevara

    I would re-do my website, work on a kickstarter video to help produce another show, buy another share of Amazon to add to my financial portfolio and take my boyfriend out to Babbo on the west side.

  569. Jeff

    I would use the money to invest in the Earn1k program.

  570. Mel Lathouras

    I’m a jazz singer currently studying a degree in Music.. So I’d use the money to fly to Sydney (I’m Australian) and get lessons from musicians I really admire.

  571. Chris

    I would use the $1000 to attend an ice crramtraining course in Italy so I can improve my skills at Ice cream making.
    I would then use this knowledge to increase the profitability of my ice cream buisness.
    I would also name a flavour after Ramit!

    • Chris

      Once I’ve made the business profitable I would then give the money back to Ramit so he can give someone else the chance if winning

  572. Akash GURA GOREDO

    With 1,001 USD (about half of my salary), I’d invest half of it in a bank account. The other half would go in a super-risky, highly volatile fund with massive but totally uncertain returns.
    And I’d wait.
    Until things have cleared up a bit “in that economy of these days”, I’d see what happened to the investments made from the two halves of Sethi-ji’s cash price.

    I would in fact be testing that saying which goes like: it can’t always go down, it must come up someday.

    The risk-loaded fund must have reaped me some fat dividend, and these, I’d spend on further education, as I always dreamt – most probably the Earn1K course or some LLM thing to enable me to migrate to some greener pastures (meaning more entrepreneur-friendly country, unlike Mauritius).

    OR, I’d just stow the cheque away under my mattress and wait for my local currency to be further depreciated (it’s actually faster that inflation) and then cash it when hard times come!

  573. Joe Barnosky

    I would take my wife out to dinner, buy her something nice, invest a small bit into my side business, and put every penny of the rest towards my debt. That’s the best strategy I can think of, balancing real-life rewards with aggressive growth.

  574. Rebecca Andrews

    OOOooo, well, I would either use it to pay my graphic designer to create a whole bunch of new marketing material I’ve got in the pipeline for my Chinese Medicine business.


    Buy myself some art.

  575. ginger bordwine

    I would probably double up on my house payments!!!

  576. Aaron A

    The beginning of my quest to pay off uni fees (with some help with successful scholarship applications and odd jobs) so I can be financially free.

  577. Mike Gurr

    Pay some medical bills.

  578. Andre La Barre

    I’m at a point where bills and groceries are a primary concern. However, there are also small software libraries and printing services I’d be able to take advantage of. with a one-time gift of $1001.

    With a monthly boost, I’d, you know, eat. I’d also be able to invest in new hardware options and occasionally pay a specialist for odd jobs. More frivolously, I’d be able to purchase various game/music/book bundles at a decent price instead fretting over whether I want to spend a dollar or two.

  579. Justin

    I would donate it to my sick friend. Last I heard the doctors do not believe she will make it to 25 (4 years more), so I would give her this to help her pay off her medical bills or let her do something that would make her happy. If she wouldn’t accept it I will give it to my other friend’s charity to give many Kenyans a chance at education, and more importantly, life.

  580. Kayleigh

    Hi Ramit,
    Today I received a letter from my bank asking for immediate payment of my $920 overdraft. So I would put this money on my credit card, bar $6 that I would use to buy my favourite hot chocolate. I can’t tell you what it would mean to receive this. Yes my credit situation is my fault, but I have troubles with my health and being a low income earner I’m constantly under financial stress.

  581. Kate

    It would be nice to see that amount in my account. I would like to look at it for a little while, maybe a few days:) I would make the most of that feeling, you know, the one you get when all your bills are paid and you still have money left over? There are some courses that I would invest that money in, some courses which I believe would help me experience that feeling daily:)

  582. Kat

    I would use it to pay my bills for three months, so that I could save the money I was making at work. I could start to build a savings account!

  583. Kaitlin

    I’d use it to pay for wedding season!

  584. Joe

    No brainer. Sign up for Earn 1K.

  585. Cindy Lee

    Put the entire thing towards my student loans. I’m almost debt free!

  586. shams

    invest in improving my skills so that I can use to make money.

  587. Robin

    I would use it to pay off my remaining debt and save the rest. I’m so excited that I’m almost there – I finally feel in charge of my finances and it’s such a powerful feeling.

  588. N

    I’ll buy a software package like yours and organize giveaways 😀

  589. Kori

    I would split my winnings two ways. One part would be on me to splurge and enjoy myself and the other part would be to invest in myself (savings, building a portfolio, eliminating debt, etc.)

  590. A

    Invest in new equipment to get going with my studio side project

  591. Shani

    I would use my 1000 to enhance my photo business. I would buy a few ads in local papers like wag, parenting, to sell my portrait and video services. Also would spend some to hire Web assistant. Great idea, thanks for the chance.

  592. Monica Utrilla

    I would use 300 dollars to pay part of my life-insurance and I would use the rest to take my kid to Cuernavaca on a three to four-day vacation.

    best regards

  593. Djee

    Hi Ramit,

    Thanks for making this happen.

    I’m currently building a habit implementation system. With a simple daily tracking tool of the commitment and user chosen incentive + disincentive (depending on outcome, goal achieved or not – double the motivation!), I hope to help others make progress, just as this process I devised effectively helped me.

    Graduating this year, I don’t have a lot of cash, but I’ll still make it because that’s the direction I want to go. It’s part of a “E1K strategy”! Now earning that 1k in advance would really be early success… and setting me on the right track for many others.

    Thanks for everything and keep it up!

  594. Daise

    I would buy myself an i phone since I’ve been craving that from a long long time. The remaining money, I would invest in stocks since I want to try my hand at that too.

  595. Stacey

    I’d spend it on some job training

  596. Stacey

    I’d spend it on some job training I get a better job

  597. Katie

    I’d spend a chunk of it educating myself and my husband on adoption (books, classes), so we’ll be prepared next summer when we start the process!

    The rest I’d put toward savings & throwing some nice dinner parties for our friends because we rarely get the opportunity to host.

  598. Fahad

    I’ll start my dream Design company and spend some for a trip to Istanbul.

  599. Grace

    Hello Ramit,

    I’d take my five siblings and six year old niece on a hot air balloon ride in Napa. My niece and I love that movie “UP” and would love to experience what it’s like to be up in the sky! Then, we’ll have a picnic afterwards and talk about that adventure. More importantly, I want the experience to inspire my siblings and I to have a better quality of life and live well.

    Thank you Ramit!

  600. Ainslie

    If I won $1,001 I would put it towards my wedding. We’ve been saving and saving but we can’t seem to save enough. It just keeps getting more expensive to have the wedding of our dreams!

  601. Debbie

    If I had an extra grand in my pocket I’d add it to the other grand I have saved, and use it to cover rent and bills, take a month off work and get my side business off the ground. Gimmie gimmie!

  602. Tanya Parker

    I would take my baby to the beach!

  603. Rick

    It would definitely go into the “dev bootcamp” fund. I’m getting serious about returning to freelancing and making my own schedule!

  604. Devin M.

    Pay the movers when I move to my new job in Colorado.

  605. Ashley G

    If I had an extra $1001 in my pocket this month, I would buy a bike with $300 and put the rest towards building my natural perfume business.

  606. Duane

    Pay Bills

  607. Amber A.

    I have committed to take a risk in my career and have decided in order to further it, I need to relocate. This would be a big move, so if I won $1,001, I would use it to pay for moving costs as well as part of first months rent.

  608. Steph

    Buy a great Camera! Take my daughter across the USA with a car that needs to be transported from the eastcoast to the westcoast and take pictures with the New Camera. Report everything in a Notebook with the pictures. Make happy memories for life. Wow! Maybe sell some reports to magazines and make money on the side. Yep!

  609. kathleen

    Pay off my credit card, I just came back from Norway, I was there researching a business idea I had. I got lots of validation to continue to move forward with the idea, but Ramit, man it’s an expensive country!

  610. Caitlin

    Pay down student loans.

  611. Christy

    I’d put it toward a new laptop. I often work for my side job from home, and my laptop is outdated. A new one would save me a lot of frustration.

  612. Alisha Palagi

    I broke 3 ribs which caused me to not be very productive from the intense pain. So I would use it to pay some medical bills and pay off other bills that I fell behind in because of my injury.

  613. Mandy

    I would take your course definitely

  614. shane

    I’d use it on the new house my wife and I are buying… rugs, doors, bathroom remodel, etc. ^_^

  615. Stefanie

    I’d use it towards a student loan payment.

  616. Mike Revelle

    Help me buy a Jet Ski!

  617. Matthew Lilley

    I would spend every penny on my beautiful son, Rubyn Oliver Lilley.

  618. Jena

    I would use it to finally move on with my life and get out of my parent’s dwelling, into my own place where I could be independent for myself. I would be able to finally do that with this and I would be so eternally grateful for the chance to do that.

  619. Zephan

    I would use it to invest in my first business that I just started a few weeks ago. I finally left my 9-5 job working for one of the wealthiest companies in the world and followed my passion in video. I’m not a full-time self-employed videographer however I could really invest in a mentor or marketing consultant to help me expand my business. I think that $1000 would get me on the right track and would ensure my success.

  620. Katelyn

    We’re building a new, gamechanging app and that ain’t cheap. Seed money, yo!

  621. Jena Casbon

    Put it in a 529 account for my unborn baby (Due October 22, 2013)

  622. Vanessa

    I’m going to use it to pay my contractor who’s renovating a storage room in my photography studio for my makeup artist to finally start her business so I can get her out of her day job and working with me to make more money.

  623. Helen

    I would invest it in the online business I am building. Doing it as cheap as possible at the moment, but an extra $1001 (can’t forget the 1 dollar, every bit helps) would mean going live sooner and starting to earn an income from it.

  624. Terry

    Fix my old classic motorcycle which needs a starter and carburetor work, so I can enjoy summer riding and save money on fuel getting to work. Anything left, pay extra on credit card.

  625. John Shea

    I would use it to help pay off my car loan.

  626. Amanda Howell

    This is easy. I had my 4th child on May 1st. A few weeks ago our SUV bit the dust. Right now, we’re stuck with a car that’s too small for us. I’d hit Craigslist & cop auctions & find a new family-size vehicle.

  627. Alexis Lazarus

    I have a yoga inspired t-shirt company that is my ultimate passion and I would use the money to get to NYC to have a booth at the gift show or the apparel show to get my company off the ground!

  628. Jared Yaple

    1) I would put the money I spent on two new tires for my minivan ($170) back in my emergency fund.

    2) I would add an additional $100 to my emergency fund ($100)

    3) I would pay bills ($730)

    Boring, but when you are struggling to make ends meet, this is the only option.

  629. Stephanie McCoy

    I would use the money to hire someone to revamp my website and help create a business plan for my nutrition based, holistic health coaching business. Thanks for your consideration!

  630. Crystal S

    I would use the money to pay for student loans and rent so I can continue following my dreams by becoming an entrepreneur with a business that lights my creative fire and is of service to the world.

  631. Shanetta

    I would help my son put money towards a car. This would free my time up from playing chauffer and from praying each time he drives my car.

  632. Porche

    I’d invest in some website changes following Bschool! 🙂

  633. Karen

    I was on your webinar & short list for your Braintrust program, but I had to pass. I know you chided us on whether we TRULY couldn’t afford it, or whether that was a BS excuse. For me it was literally true. So that’s where half the amount would go.

    The second $500 I’d put towards hiring someone to set up Premise and get that #&@*$ing Paypal checkout working on my site, and then spend an half-hour training me to maintain. If there were any left over, this person could explain the incomprensible W3 Total Cache plugin which I know I need and yet can not unravel into english to know if I’ve set it up right.

    If I don’t win, the above things will STILL get completed, and your BrainTrust will come around again, I’m sure. I’ll be ready for it then. 🙂

  634. Kirstie

    I’d use it to start my own business (and all the associated costs that go with that) so that I can finally leave a job that 80% of the time makes me miserable to create my own destiny!

  635. Kerrin Shank

    I would spend the money on a new front door… My home is ver dark & the added sunlight would really make a difference!

  636. Keri

    Although I should use it to pay off school loans, I want to use it to enroll in the next round of your Earn1K course

  637. Melissa

    I’d put $1000 towards small business expenses like marketing materials. With the $1, I’d buy two hot dogs at IKEA.

  638. Ammar Idris

    Save it.

  639. Highby

    Pay off debt or use it on my upcoming trip to Roatan, Honduras!

  640. Sara Elizabeth

    I’ve been out of a job for a month so I need money to pay the deposit on a new apartment, buy schoolbooks for the Fall, replace my dying laptop before my online classes start and to pay the taxes and title fees on my car.

  641. Christina

    First I would invest in building my online business/website with some courses I’ve been wanting to take. Then I go away for the weekend to actually work on my business! If there was anything left, I would find a babysitter and spend another weekend away with my husband since we haven’t had a vacation with out kids in a long time. Almost 10 years!

  642. Elaine

    I am self-employed and do not get sick leave or vacation time. I would use the money to start a fund for that as I would like to take a month off to spend with my family in another culture.

  643. Lindsay

    I would use it to invest in myself and my business!

  644. Andres

    I would start my own freelance video/animation service online instead of being an employee.

  645. Daylon Hanson Clark

    Would invest wisely into someone I trust and start my business.

  646. Susan

    I would use the money to finance a trip to Savannah with my daughter. She was just accepted at SCAD and there is much to do!

  647. Kara

    I am going to use the $1001 to invest in continuing education to further my business and ability to be of impact in the world and support my clients better. Thanks!

  648. Dan

    Put some toward school and books, then some to my church, then take a road trip to the nearest six flags with friends!

  649. niloo

    of that $1,001.00, i’d put $1.00 in my wallet for the good luck, $100.00 in my savings, $500.00 towards my credit cards, $100.00 to my mom and dad… $300.00 to buy the stuff i have reserved on the “my cart” icon in one of those online shopping sites.

  650. John Eh

    I would invest the money in one of Ramit’s ideas to at least double my money!

  651. Emily

    I would use the money to help with my daily expenses. Having only just started working as a violinist in a symphony, and the season being over, I’m having to use what money I’ve managed to save in the last 4 months to pay for rent/food/gas/maintenance.

  652. saba

    God works in mysterious way,
    last couple of days I was thinking to thank you for all of the things that I have learnt in past couple of month and how it affected my personal life, me and new JOB, I might just give you back some of it and keep the 1 dollar.
    God bless ya!

  653. Deminerd

    I’d use it to pay for the IWT class. If your freebies are this good, I can only imagine how much value ill get for the premium content.

  654. Terry Matlen

    I’d use it to pay someone to organize, proof and design the graphics for my eBooks.

  655. Suzy Annala-Macdonald

    I would use the money to help pay for my fall semester at school. I’m a social work student. The school bills are adding up! Thanks.

  656. Cheryl

    I will use it to pay part of $12k investment in myself for Mama Gena’s Creation Course.

  657. Christina

    I would get my kid’s teacher a really awesome year end gift.

  658. Brian

    I would use the money to invest in myself- namely, to pay for my national board exams so I can start my own Chinese medicine practice.

  659. Wendy

    I would spend half on a trip to see my son, daughter in law and grandson who I haven’t seen for TOO long and the other half I would spend on mentoring from a coach I admire.

  660. Jay

    I’d probably pay off debt – we’ve been chipping away at it and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve also been putting a little something into savings (paying ourselves first) at the same time.

  661. Melissa Schacker

    I’d be living off of the money while I renovate my family’s online business and I don’t have a job. My mother’s dad had a stroke 30 years ago and she found new techniques for speech therapy, and now helps people who conventional speech therapy hasn’t worked for…speak again. Then my dad had a stroke too in 2008 and we have been trying to get the business back in action. I know my family’s business can be successful, and we could help LOTS of people. That’s what I’m doing this summer, and that’s what this money would help me do. Thanks for your newsletters, they are SUPER helpful.

  662. @VanniDeBartolo

    I would invest it into a stock or mutual fund.

  663. Noelle

    First I’m buying these *Sexy* black heels I’ve been wanting. THEN, every single penny after that is going straight into properly establishing my business. Can’t deny a girl the two things that keep her looking sexy and confident. A pair of Heels & a Bad Ass Business Structure!

  664. DJ

    I’d pay off debt and put the rest toward the payment plan for IWT. If it’s as good as you say, I’ll make that money back before I can blink twice.

  665. Malee Lucas

    I’d use it to sign up for Earn 1K. I’ve wanted to take it, and winning would be a clear message that it’s my time.

  666. Deek

    Buy a boat :0)

  667. Mara Bruyere

    I would use it to pay for tuition! The less I have to pay, the better 🙂

  668. Sam herbandez

    Im not going to be like eveyone else. I am going to tell the truth. I like to think that i would give it to charity to cure cancer or feed the hungry but that would be a lie. I would buy myself a video camera so i could become a movie maker like i jave always wanted. If there was any left over then i would do somthing good but im not going to lie about what i would do.

  669. Trini Ramirez

    I’d tithe to my church, donate to animal rescue and use the rest to work on my small business of animal items like cat trees, beds, treats. That would help to raise more money to help more animals in need. And hopefully go have a nice dinner.

  670. Lorie

    Use half to finish paying off my discover card, and the other half for my husband and I to celebtate our 30th Anniversary!

  671. Jess Yelvington

    I would stock my studio with paint and art supplies!

  672. Samantha

    Put the money towards my credit card debt.

  673. Steve

    Invest in flight training towards additional/advanced ratings!

  674. TMalcolm

    Put it towards my husband’s school expenses or take a mini holiday

  675. Jordan

    Instead of putting it towards student debt, I’d invest in niche training in my industry which I sell consulting in, so that I can charge higher rates and pay off my student loans quicker.

  676. Tushar

    I would pay off the co-insurance for having our second daughter. This will allow me to move towards being debt free.

  677. Daniel Decker

    Love this idea. For me, I’d invest the $1,001 into a nonprofit initiative that I am relaunching. Every dollar counts.

  678. Nick

    well, i guess $700 would have to go to a friend of mine back at home who’s struggling to pay off debts. $300 might go get invested in the future of my branch of the company i’m working for. and that would leave a dollar, huh? well…i haven’t had a kit kat in a while. candy bars are a nice luxury sometimes.

  679. Mitzi Fisher

    I would help my mother pay off bills. I try to help her as much as I can.

  680. sharizan

    I would invest more into my online business plans and give half of it to my mum

  681. shar

    Save it away for my deposit on a house

  682. mike

    I would give it to my mom. She deserves it…..she never asks for anything for herself.

  683. Angela

    I’d hire a mentor to help me advance my photography skills.

  684. Joshua Bedford

    I would use it to buy the Adobe Creative Suite to further my designs and ministry!

  685. Laura

    I’d use the money to break the lease on my horrible apartment so I wouldn’t have to count the days until I can move out on October 15th

  686. Jeff Gibbard

    I would put $1000 directly into my business. I’d spend a portion on some development work, a portion on ads, and a portion on design work.

    I’d spend the remaining dollar on some dark chocolate. I love dark chocolate.

  687. Darwin

    Ramit, with a $1,001, I would:

    1. pay myself first: $201
    2. facebook ads to promote my site: $100
    3. accelerate my student loan: $300
    4. accelerate my car debt: $400

  688. Jenny Trang

    When I win $1,001, I will embark on an international adventure, either to Europe (Greece and Croatia) or South America (Argentina and Chile)!!! LOVE WORLD TRAVEL! 🙂

  689. Udochukwu Ibeleme

    That’s at least $6406 in my local currency. I can do a lot with that… I’d probably register a business and start trading. I would sell stuff wholesale, plus I would invest in silver, because it’s cheap but in demand… technology products consume silver. I’d use all that money to reinvest into those same things and more.

  690. Karanime Nielsen

    Use it as investing capital. It’s a random $1k I haven’t accounted for in the budget, and I’d rather make it grow than spend it frivolously.

    Well, maybe I’d use 80% of it as capital. 20% on something ridiculously fun.

  691. Brian

    Fly to Japan to spend extra time with my daughter.

  692. Ty

    I would put it towards my first car, the one I’ve been trying to save for!

  693. Tonei

    Buy one of the shiny new MacBook Airs that Apple announced yesterday.

  694. Zoe Clandorf

    I would use this money to buy a new laptop for my friend…she’s inflicted with RSD and has a lot of trouble walking. It is very painful for her and she maintains such a positive outlook on life, and it motivates me to keep trying. Her family makes a decent amount, but it is all sucked away by medical bills. My friend is 17, and will never be able to live a full life, and yet she still attends college aiming for a medical degree. Why? She says because she wants to help other people. Her laptop is 4 years old and is falling apart…her family scarcely has enough to make ends meet with these recent medical bills, and her laptop is painfully slow and falling apart, with many keys missing and the screen hanging onto the keyboard by a mere few wires. School is very important to her, and I’d love to give her the best present ever, but I am a broke college student myself, and don’t have the money for something like that. I’d love the chance to make Kristia smile, she definitely deserves it. 🙂

  695. Diana Chu

    I will use that money to start a ebay store. Start my own small business. Buying things bulk and selling them individually. I will use that $1000 to find my next $2000, and so on. When I reach $10000, I will save a third, donate a third and continue to invest with the rest.

  696. Dani

    I’d most def go get some new contact lenses ( yea lame, I’ve been slacking in the health dept ) and spend the remaining going to see my 91 year old grandparents. I miss them so much! They live in Jersey and my family lives in the Carolinas. It’s hard to get all three of us there for a visit but we have time this summer but not necessarily the money.

  697. George

    Pack my bags, quit my job as an aerospace engineer (or have them put me on a long leave of absence if they’d let me), buy a one way ticket to singapore, and use that city as a hopping-off point to explore the rest of asia and austrailia. and slowly try to find a job in singapore. the $1001 would be more of a sign from God rather than the enabling factor, but it would tip the scale. you can even check up on me to ensure that i followed through. i’d basically follow this quora article:
    so… see you in singapore?

  698. David Horowitz

    I would use the money to fund the majority of a trip to surprise my girlfriend at home in Japan, who I have been in a long distance relationship with for three years now.

  699. Meghan

    Pay down my credit card with most of it, spend about $200 on baby #2 who arrives next month.

  700. shelly

    Travelling fund to the place I’ve always wanted to go

  701. Matthew King

    Hey Ramit, been a huge fan of your stuff for years!

    I’d buy a copy of optimize press so I can have better looking sales letters, a new battery for my 5 year old macbook, set aside a couple of hundred for that month’s FB ads for my own business, and hopefully save a little.

    I can see you saying bullshit to all of this, but believe me I need and want to do this stuff. Keeping writing your great content dude!

  702. Becka

    Hiya…..I would either invest it in more training for myself or something for my biz dream in progress such as web design assistance, or I would use it for a month of babysitting help to be able to really hustle in my biz dream…….working on the dream either way…..heaven!!

  703. natasha krivchenko

    build one of my many invantions FINALY

  704. Egidijus

    I’d invest the money into myself by buying yours courses and materials you provide.

  705. Karolis

    I’d upgrade my Alienware laptop.

  706. Nitin Shukla

    Dear Ramitji
    Good Day
    Here is description of What would i do with an extra $1,000/month received
    1)10% Donation to Charity
    2)20% Saving in Bank
    3)30% Education fees of my child
    4)10% House Rent (Balance)
    5)10% Medical Bills repayment for Parents
    6)10% Balance Insurance installment payment
    7)10% Day to day need

  707. Ekaterina Komissarenko

    I will invest it for a German visa, so I could stay with my German boyfriend. (I’m myself not German ofcourse).

  708. Chium Yuet Ching

    I would spend it on removing the wart at the side of my eye or a dental procedure. The rest I would save it.

  709. Anna

    I can easily live about six weeks off $1000, so I would use the money to buy time, and rather than taking clients during those six weeks just to eat/pay the rent, I would focus on learning iOS development full time and building an app that would create passive income in the future.

  710. Langford

    I would use the money to pay for a property investment course.

  711. wendy harris

    I would pay some bills, buy food, buy clothes and take a trip and save some.

  712. James

    I’d add a little juice to my investment portfolio… which is being funded automatically by my high interest checking account attached to my direct deposit income source… suggestions which came from a bright young Indian businessman 😉

  713. Yorgos

    Well, I’m Greek, chemical engineer msc and like 70% of the Greek people below 30 years old, unemployed. 10 months now. I NEED THE MONEY, To buy a pc in order to get a job abroad (500$) and visit a fricking beautifull island wich is 20 miles away and i cant go cause i dont have the money 🙂

  714. Jack

    I have a biz idea that I can launch for around $1200 to test the idea in a live environment. I would use the money to buy the action cameras.

  715. Mike

    Use it to market my business!

  716. Tessie Nguyen

    My husband and I have 2 little ones and another on the way. We currently live at my dad’s but would like to move into a bigger place with the new baby coming in August. If we won, it would be such a blessing and I would use it towards moving into a new place 🙂

  717. Joseph

    Stash it in my rainy day fund.

  718. Kara

    I’m a web designer, I’d put it back into my business with a Surface Pro. Ultrabook & tablet in one, perfect for taking to client meetings and testing responsive websites!

  719. Tanya Herb

    Honestly, it’s been so long since I’ve had the extra money to enjoy life I would spend it taking my kids to amusement parks! Life is too short not to have some fun along the way, and they’re only little once!

  720. Michael Deffely Jr

    I would definitely use it as a down payment for the next Earn1k course. I have a few ideas that I have been sitting on for a while due to starting my new job (which I acquired using the free tactics that were provided through the dream job course, it works!) and finishing up college. I have used many of the strategies provided in emails with great success. I plan to give back by purchasing a few of your products.

    So investing in the Earn1k seems to be the next step in continuing to optimize my life.

    P.S.- Just purchased your book Ramit, can’t wait to implement some more of your strategies along with my own!

  721. Susan

    Bills and the new Oliver Peoples cat eye sunglasses.

  722. Ashi

    I will use it to buy plane tickets for the dream honeymoon my husband and I have yet to take!

  723. Kimberly McAfee

    My answer will seem lame and boring…I “should” use the $1001 to pay down debt but I think I would put it in my savings just so I could feel what it’s like to have some money saved for a change, and then once I got that ball rolling (the savings ball), use some of it to pay down debt. I keep carrying around this $5000 in debt that just hangs over my head.

  724. Adlin

    I would use $500 of it towards your Earn 1k course, $300 to buy a plane ticket to visit my family, and the remaining $200 towards debt.

  725. Lauren

    I studied abroad in Siena, Italy when I was in college at Siena College (I know I know coincidence!). For those who don’t know, Siena Italy is famous for The Palio horse races. Siena is a small, medieval Tuscan city that is comprised of seventeen Contradas (neighborhoods) who have centuries worth of rivalry and competition between them. The city hosts two bare back horse races in the center of their Piazza on sand in July and August and each contrada is represented by a horse. Although the races take a few minutes, there are days of preparation, blessings, and parties. The neighborhood who wins gets the honor of hoisting their flag in town until the next year’s races.

    I have the privilege to travel back to Siena, visit my host family, and go to the Palio this July and I Cant WAIT!

    If I was given this money I would give it to the winning contrada and their families. These families dedicate their lives to their neighborhood and this is their chance to shine.

  726. Jaq Baldwin

    I would invest the money into my family (wife and 4 year old son) by keeping it for our emergency fund.

  727. Seth Friedman

    I would use it to help me invest in newer development technologies for developing iPhone and iPad apps.

  728. Helen

    I’d use it to invest into my art skills and my art portfolio, to help me get into a steady freelance career.

  729. Alex

    I’m going to soon be moving into my first apartment with my boyfriend of a half a year who’s also my best friend for the last 2 years. I’d use the 1k to help pay the bills and making living in my first apartment much easier!

  730. Nikolas Colom

    I was directed to post my comment here in regards to the $1,001 contest; I hope this is not in error. This really is likely a long shot but anything- even such a small chance as this- would do well to help me fight what seems to be an overwhelmingly woeful period for my family.

    This is no sob-story mountebank tale, and while I do feel multiple afflictions have recently fallen upon those who I care for most, I do also recognize that we are some of the “lucky ones” on this planet- food, security, water, and many other things are never in question. What is in question, however, is our freedom.

    College in the United States, as many of you likely know, is devastatingly expensive. Any form of medical care falls under this as well, with even simple ambluance trips costing hundreds or thousands of dollars. Now that expenses from both of these are striking at once, I find myself saddled with fear and guilt.

    I am a junior in Computer Science at the University of Kansas, and every single year of my college education is looking to cost at least twenty thousand dollars. Furthermore, due to mistakes made in my freshman year (such as not grasping calculus quickly enough) have rendered my GPA low enough to where it seems impossible to gain any scholarships or jobs, despite sincere and thorough improvement in recent semesters to near-perfect status.

    Alone this charge of tuition and housing might be tolerable, if painful. However, my grandmother recently fell and broke her hip as well. Thankfully she is recovering swiftly, but that does not save us from the again twenty thousand dollars in expenses that must be accounted for over time.

    With these two things combined, costs come to well over two thirds my parents’ combined incomes for an entire year. While of course loans can reduce this to a more tolerable level, taking out loan after loan after loan to grant access to things that are simply considered essential in modern life (education and healthcare) poses a troubling prospect: eternal work.

    Remaining industrious throughout one’s entire life is a virtue, but being /forced/ to do so at the will of others past the typical point of retirement is not- it seems almost a new form of limited peonage, wherein one’s financial debts take the place of ancient feudal contracts. I for one know that I do not want my parents laboring endlessly to create the mere opportunity for a middle-class existence for me, but society overwhelmingly tells me also that I “cannot” help.

    I have a willing mind and a willing body to do righteous, gainful work, but no one seems to be willing to help me help my family stay away from debt. I will keep on struggling despite how depressing it can get some times, though some times are more difficult than others.

    Thus, if grand fortune should grace me and my entry should be awarded the prize, I would put every last penny towards my grandmother’s medical expenses. If I can even relieve my family from a mere 2.5% of its debt, it will be a step in the right direction, and the beginning of atonement for opportunities unknowingly thrown away years ago.

    Thank you for reading.

  731. Meaghan

    I would spend most on my business- printing and framing my work so I can sell on consignment, where many selling opportunities seem to fall. And I would splurge on a delicious seafood meal at a restaurant that I’ve been dying to try!

  732. Julie

    I would invest it in my “Do What I Want” Fund where I am saving for a move to a city where my boyfriend and I will both have much better job prospects in our fields.

  733. Ericka Coburn

    Payoff my credit card then use the rest for car repairs. Thank you for doing this!

  734. Michael Shortland

    If I won $1000 , I would buy as many as $1000 allows (maybe even try a bulk buy deal !) copies of James Altuchers’ new book.
    I would then send a copy to each person I have on my “possibility” list that would benefit from my “One hour, Once a Week , (for) One Month” Personal Trading Trainer Course I have mapped out to the minute in my head over the last 10 years – but done nothing about…
    Then if I get a response – & proof they read the book (and my offer of course), I could let James know the good news, & for those books read books that money can be credited back (James’ mad idea !) – instead get James to forward me copies of YOUR book & send to my “possible” new client base ,( with your weblink as a “even if I don’t hear back from you” reply from me)….
    ***2 books / gifts to these people for THE PRICE of ONE !! …not to mention making MY offer to them Stand Tall above anything that they have seen or heard before. Gold!!!
    Michael Shortland
    Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

  735. Jose

    I spend $500 on starting my web freelance career and $500 towards savings.

  736. Marc

    $1001 gift? I’d use it as the seed money to launch an online membership site. I’m passionate about helping people learn the small steps necessary to have a more intentional and impactful spiritual life. This core leads to stronger relationships, healthier emotional life, and more positive impact in the world.

  737. Kersti

    I would use it as a kick-off investment for my project.

  738. Ryan

    I’d like to say that I’d put the money toward my car loan… but I don’t know if I would actually do that (although now that I’ve written in publicly, I’m more likely to follow through).

    Alternatively, I may put it into a specific savings line item for travel.

  739. rachel

    I would put it in a special savings account to save up for a big trip to Europe in the next few years with my husband. I would be tempted to save it for a house down payment, but you never travel if you don’t have the money to!

  740. hendrick

    for once in my life spent it entirely on me. no regrets. go on holiday…something i can’t remember doing. i call that investing in my sanity. then there’s my pursuit to financial freedom which includes setting aside an hour daily familiarising myself with your guidelines/work/publications. . . . .cos now i would have less worries of day to day expenses. And i live in a beautiful country called south africa which means that amount is almost 10 times your rate. beautiful destinations…good clothes…delectable food…..outrages friends….precious memories. if not for the soul then just for the mere fact life is short and we all deserve too live a little!

  741. Ang

    I’d seriously use it to pay rent.

  742. Jason

    I’d put 500 into my wedding fund, make an extra 350 payment my student loans, use 150 for a nice dinner with my fiancee at the casino. On the way out, I’ll throw the last dollar on the big money wheel (ya never know!)

  743. Lakshmi

    If I had an extra $1001, I would do the typical, paying off debt. But with the extra money, I would put it away in my savings account, so sometime in the near future I can move out on my own.

  744. Jacqueline

    If I had at less 500 dollars i would be fine. but 1001 would help me get ac for my house before it gets really hot outside, food for myself and my roommates and i would also help my grandma who just had a heart attack with some of her problems as well. and also turn my hot water back on and pay for all over my bills. and get more food for my home. thats what i would do.

  745. André Quintal

    will invest on my site

  746. Terri

    I would reinvest it by signing up for your course “Earn1K course on starting a side business”.

  747. alexander ens

    I would spend it to buy my first Non Crop DSLR. Probably an 5DmarkII and would go into wedding Photography and stock photography to make consistent money by the side .
    I already shot 2 weddings with crop dslrs and photograph for a few years. But it isn´t really professional yet.

  748. Ben

    If I were to earn an extra $1001 a month I would put it towards traveling to see my best friend who lives in NY. More specifically I would spend it to go to his wedding in Italy this September. We have both been poking around with the idea of starting a healing and wellness business and it would be great to spend a few weeks focusing on it in person.

    If I were to earn an extra $1001 a month I would most likely invest it into an annual traveling trip to immerse myself in this beautiful world we all share. We have so much to learn from each other and there is no better way to experience that then to put a back pack on and go traveling.

  749. Rupesh Patel

    Use it to invest and pay some bills off.

  750. Lula Graves

    First- I would save in order to leave my current job. Second- I love learning new things, so I would use the money to invest in holistic nutrition courses through Integrative Nutrition.

  751. Eli Coronado

    I’d purchase a used car on Craigslist that had some minor, cheap things wrong with it that were easy to fix, repair those issues, and then sell the car again for a higher price than what I bought it for. Using what I earned from that sale, I’d buy another car and repeat the process.

  752. Mary Beth Bailey

    I would initially put it into my savings account until I figure out what to do. Which would probably be to put it toward a laptop for college.

  753. Jordan

    It would go straight into my retirement account, nothing exciting.

  754. Jay

    Pay down my student loans. Only $42k to go!

  755. Shannon

    Someone is trying to give you $1,001.00 and the first thing you people can think of is to give it away…or pay bills. If you are actually following his advice, your money should already be automated to pay bills/debt…and if you have debt the last thing you think about is giving it away. Screw that!

    I already am extremely responsible with my money. I’m putting away a ton and on my way to finding my dream job. What I want to do is feel awesome about myself in all aspects.

    Here is what I would do with the money:

    1. Dental work to remove/cover a calcium deposit on one of my front teeth. This has been there and I have been extremely self-conscious about it for as long as I can remember.

    2. Hire a personal stylist to help me find clothes that look great on my body style.

    3. Buy new clothes to add to my wardrobe after I lose the remaining 20lbs.

    4. Go to a spa for a day after I lose the remaining 20lbs.

    5. Feel awesome and RICH. 🙂

  756. Janice

    put it into the savings account and get some advice on where to invest it.

  757. Katherine Koenig

    I would put it in the bank, and use $500 to pay debt down in July and $500 to pay my debt down in August. The dollar I would put in my savings account, because even though it’s only a dollar…it’s a dollar more than I had yesterday.

  758. Joe

    I’d pay myself back for the my car getting towed by sfmta. Also I would invest in workshops with master teachers to hone my violin playing skills.

  759. Liv

    I’d give 10% to my friend who is trying to put out her first CD because I believe in paying forward first. I’d use the rest to build a website for my ghostwriting business.

  760. Zoe

    I would save/invest it and then spend half of the interest by donating to my favorite charities.

  761. Trevor

    If I won, I’d use the money to increase my Roth IRA for the year.

  762. Manilynn

    $500 for a scholarship in memory of my dad =)
    $501 fancy dinner for my family and I =)

  763. Sabrina

    Put it in an untouchable! savings account and decide what to do with it later.

  764. Linda

    I would spend $300 to buy a video camera so I can start making videos for my YouTube channel, finish paying off my highest interest card with $250, put $300 towards more books for my color/image research, and put the rest towards a full website so I can get started on collecting an email list immediately.

  765. Gonçalo

    I would spend 200$ on the success triggers course and would spend the other 801$ on drinks and dinners for my closest friends. The course because it can be the life-changing element I am missing to become a better and happier person. Since I do not have what it takes to risk 90% of the money I have right now in my bank account in a course that was wonderfully sold to me, money won out of nothing would be the easy way to take that risk. Buying things to the people I love because that has already proved to make me and the others happier.

  766. Abi

    I’m 21 years old, and a college student. That being said, my parents have done so much to help me out with my college expenses by paying for my flights home, school supplies, anything not covered by my scholarship. So I’d just give them the check, honestly. They’d put it to better use at this point my life, than I would.

  767. M. LaHue

    I’d use it as a baby emergency fund to give us a little peace of mind so we can concentrate more on how to get our income up. Not very inventive but this is a real stressor for us.

  768. Charis

    I’d use a chunk of it for a night on the town the husband sans kids and the rest would go to shoring up the emergency fund.

  769. Julie

    I would give the money to my unemployed father, who although is unemployed, knows so much about saving money, which literally SAVED him during this time of trouble. I would consider it a thank-you for teaching me how important learning how to save money is! And thank you Ramit for explaining it to me in a way I can actually understand!

  770. Susan

    I would invest in silver coins.

  771. abby

    I would buy myself a whole new wardrobe of clothes so I could match how I feel on the inside and outside. I never realised how important it is to look good and when you feel good.

  772. Abdalhameed

    I will buy computers for my kids and train them who to use these computer effectively to improve their life

  773. Kelsey

    I have just enrolled in Oxford University for the fall… I would use it to pay for my plane tickets or some of my school fees!

  774. kari

    I’d would go to New York City, meet with 2 record companies and sell one song.

  775. jessie

    Pay off some debt. We’re so close to being credit card debt free.

  776. Phil

    Invest in my wife’s passion for photography and use $300 to sign in at various Brazilian Ju Jitsu tournaments 🙂

  777. Roxy

    Pay off my credit card debt

  778. Evan

    I would pay off my credit card debt, finish furnishing my new apartment, save a couple bucks and give the rest to my mother to help her with my two younger brothers

  779. Quynh

    Dinner at Per Se after the next Scrabble for Cheaters tourney.

  780. AP

    I would put the money into my 2-year-old daughter’s college fund.

  781. Joseph Jujnovich

    Our band is right in the middle of recording our debut EP (recording sax and trumpet today) after finishing a local tour of New Zealand’s North Island. We set up an indiegogo campaign to help fund the video and post production… An extra $1001 would mean we could pay people who have generously donated their time to the cause.

  782. Tim

    Charity. Kidding. I’d also do Earn1k

  783. Will

    Honestly. . . I’d blow it on something stupid I’ve always wanted to do but never had the expendable income. “$1,001.00 on Red!”

  784. Heather Craik

    I would take $500 of it as a budget and use it to test out some business theories; I have 3 freebies on my newsletter list at the moment and I’m gaining results on all of them but I do want to streamline. By setting up some Google ads and basic optin pages I’d be able to determine which one (or two) to drop and focus my energy on the best results.

    With the rest? I’d plan a really great day out for myself and my friends (or my Dad, if received before he visits me in Canada). It’s likely to involve Vancouver Aquarium, good food, drinks, and some souvenirs.

  785. Christina

    Put toward home renovations or paying down the house

  786. Dennis

    I would put that capital towards starting my business. I have the plan, website, marketing, and product already set up, I just need a little more capital to put everything in motion. I have been saving to start the business so as to not take out any loans or use outside investors.
    This business would initially be to supplement my current work and lifestyle, like taking a vacation with the family to Hawaii that we have been wanting, but the goal would be for this to become my main source of income. Life changing business in two years is the goal!

  787. Michael Law

    I’d spend $500 visiting my Dad who’s ill. Would be great to get away for a weekend and spend some quality time together.

    I’d spend another $100 on some fat steaks and a good bottle of wine for dinner.

    I’d spend $250 sending my wife to the spa for the day. She doesn’t treat herself very often.

    I’d do is buy 6 $25 visa gift cards and give them to homeless people. It’d be fascinating to go online and see how they spent them money. What do people with nothing buy and so on and so forth.

    I’d use the last dollar on kickstarter on some art project. “don’t spend it all in one place.”

    Id do all these things because i live within my means. I don’t have credit card debt. I save money every month. I follow Ramit’s advice and because i do, an extra $1000 is all bonus to me.

    Cheers and good luck!


  788. Patricia Grace

    Take you to lunch at Grenoille (NYC) and spend every penny on champagne (and decent tips for the waiters). And have a fantastic conversation.

    (I would also wear my best Valentino dress + Blahniks… )

  789. Cristi

    I am on the verge of landing the biggest, most significant client of my career. They are based in LA (I’m in NY). I would fly out to visit them for a two day trip and immerse myself in their brand and business needs. Take them to a great dinner and land the deal.

  790. David Ngo

    No brainer for me.

    I’ve been bootstrapping my own mobile gaming startup for the past 2 years. I’ll soon be running out of my savings. So that $1,001, would help me at least get one or 2 more months of game development time. Probably just enough to polish it up and ship it. Otherwise, I’d have to find a job again, which I do NOT want to do. I really want to keep my own business going, and I believe in the game I’m making very strongly, and have a small community of early adopters that feel the same way (Lean Startup Approach).

    A thousand bucks might not seem like a lot later in my life, but right now, it would mean everything.


  791. andrea

    Bose headphones to gain back worktime sanity until I leave. The rest, tuition to journalism courses.

  792. John Montgomery

    I would use it for a personal training certification and study materials.

    I am starting a fitness coaching side business.

  793. Roni

    I’d fly my best friend FROM New York to me in Austin. He’s a happiness and energy boost and spending some quality time showing him a good time in my hometown would be both personally rewarding as well as a worthwhile business investment to get myself invigorated for some summer hustling. All remaining $$ will go to a charity of his choice.

  794. Rob

    I’d splurge on two of my passions: music and travel. I’d find an international music festival (Glastonbury, Tomorrowland, etc.) and go!

  795. Nacia Blom

    Put $500.50 in my slowly dwindling savings account, use the remainder to visit my long distance boyfriend in the Cleve!

  796. david

    I will enroll in earn1k, and reduce the savings I have to use to move to start my new job.

  797. Cate

    I would pay off some debt – just finished school and student loan payments start soon!

  798. Randy

    I’d use it to hire a WordPress developer to finish getting my web site business up and running.

  799. Christina

    $1000 is the budget for the weekend trip for my birthday this year! 🙂

  800. Rachel

    I’m working full time, but have a dream of starting my own business and somewhere along the way being a consultant. I studied marketing in college, but landing in a few financial roles for small fashion companies and have decided the next step is to get my CPA. So I’m putting myself through a few more accounting classes to be able to sit for the exam and really want to get started with some consulting on the side. I’d use the $1,001 to pay for my first classes and the right tools to launch my business.

  801. mary

    I would give it right back and join DJ and Earn 1K.

    Please pick me!!!!

  802. Claudia House

    Last year I went to Florida with my son while he checked out a school he hoped to attend. I was 65 years old and it was the first time I ever saw an ocean. I was over whelmed by the sheer awesomeness of it. So I would take another trip to Florida.
    (I would love to travel a bit and see the Pacific Ocean as well as more of the Atlantic.)
    But after Florida, I would put the rest in the back to save for the down payment for the farm my daughter and I want. We want to grow organic produce and our own meat, and to be as self sufficient as possible.

  803. shea

    I would use it to put towards an Israel/Europe trip that I’m still wrangling money for this summer.

  804. Belinda Solomon

    As boring as it might seem, I’d put the money into a retirement account. I’ll keep working as long as I can and every little bit of money put away for the future helps.

  805. Kat

    Pay a few bills, use some to invest, and some towards home renovations…

  806. Alex

    I’d pay off my credit card debt so I could start signing up for your courses…and reap all the other benefits (read: peace of mind) that comes from being bad debt free.

  807. Rob

    I’m going to be at a conference in Banff, Alberta, Canada Staying at the Banff Springs Hotel (Pretty Fancy). I’d like to give my wife a $1001 and tell her to go to the Spa & treat herself. Normally I’d never do this.

  808. Robert

    I will buy a faster computer that can help me with my work.

  809. Robb

    I’d use some of it to advertise my “side” business, testing what works & what doesn’t so I can get more traffic and more business. I’d also use some of it for fun because, I mean, it is a PRIZE so I’d probably get an iPad or Kindle Fire or both!

  810. Billy Pham

    I would take my girlfriend to New York for her first time.

  811. Ankit Jain

    Skydive !!

    First one here in Ohio and the next one in Dubai


  812. Gyda Gudjonsdottir

    We just moved back from Boston, MA. We lived there for almost 5 years. My daughter is turning 9 in October and her dream is to go back and celebrate her birthday. I would love to use the money for that trip (by the way, it’s only 5 hour flight from Iceland to Boston and each ticket is around $500 – so this would be perfect! )

  813. Lauren Rich

    With an extra $1001, I’d be able to pay for my car registration & repay (partially) debts owed to my parents (huge mistake borrowing $ from family) for recent veterinary bills (cat diagnosed with diabetes). Ideally, this could serve to propel me into pursuing an effective treatment plan for recovery from debilitating depression that’s plagued me for years so that I might truly live up to my potential and take the plunge into the career of my dreams.

  814. Angela Paris

    save some, spend some!!!

  815. Enrico

    I think I’ll use the money to buy a professional computer monitor to enhance my photography workflow. Or I’ll spend it to travel to Woking, UK, and get a job at McLaren Automotive.

  816. Liam

    I’m a student, and currently have zero of my own revenue coming in. I’d put 50% towards investing in myself – financially and in personal growth. The other 50% I would put in what I call my ‘Fun Account.’ Here are some ideas for my unconventional fun:
    – create a REAL treasure adventure for a complete stranger. Spend the money creating an authentic treasure map, planting it in a place where they ‘chance’ upon it, having clues on the treasure map plus outlining the dangers, then hiring people to act as bandits and really taking it OTT (of course keeping to the law).
    – find someone on facebook who has a public profile, do some ‘good-natured’ stalking and find out what kind of gift they would absolutely LOVE. Buy that gift and give it to them.
    – run a contest with the prize of $500.50 where you make a video of you doing something that you really feared and overcame. It’ll be inspiration for me plus a reason for some people to go out of their comfort zone.

  817. adrian

    I would use it to pay for the next dream job 2.0 course.

  818. Lily

    Enjoy a trip to see family Mexico!

  819. Jose

    I would put it towards replacing my dying laptop since I use that thing every day and it has all the programs I use to freelance.

  820. Hana

    I’d buy supplies to service my e1k clients.

  821. Joshua

    I would set it aside to save up to get some important health issues solved. OR invest it in my business and THEN earn the money to pay for it all.

  822. JN

    I’d use it to invest in my photography business (new printer, some trainings, marketing campaigns) and spend a little to “upgrade” my husband and my 5th anniversary celebration!

  823. Nathan

    I would like to start a YouTube channel about me explaining all of my ideas for new Survivor and Big Brother challenges that I have come up with over the years. So I would spend a bit of the money for video editing software, a nice camera, etc. Also, I’m in dire need of certain pieces of clothing (e.g. running shoes.) Nevertheless, I would save most of the $1,001.

  824. Thomas | Your Daily Finance

    I would take half and use it as a giveaway on my site, 250$ to help a needy family and the rest to church.

  825. Alex Alvarafo

    It will be the first $1001 in my self investment fund. In the meanwhile, I’m going to invest in myself for the first time this year with your Success Triggers course.

  826. Daniel

    I’d use the $1001 to invest in Sightsy, the Ruby on Rails project/website I’m launching that allows people to share custom intineraries with other travellers. Then I’d use the first $100 of money I made with Sightsy to take you, Mr. Sethi, to play Bocce Ball in Los Gatos.

  827. Erik

    I’d save it and add it to my fund for an extended trip to South America that I’m planning.

  828. ST

    I’d put it together with my $1k in the bank and put a down payment on a used car — a Honda hybrid or VW diesel. I currently have no car, and take the bus and carpool.

  829. Daniel

    I’d subsidize my travels to Europe with my girlfriend, and finally meet her family in Israel.

  830. Kate

    I would buy my best friend a 30th birthday present. A piece of art she has wanted for some time but can’t justify spending so much money on. My friend has always one-upped me with her gifts. She manages to find beautiful, personal and often home-made gifts. It would be awesome to knock her socks off for once!

  831. Kisha W

    I sacrifice so much for my kids’ education. I’m working on paying for 2013-14 school year tuition now, along with Summer Camp for two kids, and Summer School for my oldest daughter. We also have a son in college – he’s entering his last year. To manage household expenses I only do repairs and cosmetic things to the house little by little. I’ve been wanting my living room and foyer area painted. I could do it myself, but I want a professional job, but every time I put money to the side for it there’s a more important need and that get placed on the back burner. So I’d get a lovely paint job for my home with the $1,001. Please pick me 🙂

  832. Arthur

    I’d use half to pay down debt and invest the other half. CRAZYYY

  833. Katie

    With this, I’d be completely able to move and take my dream job and not worry about racking up debt moving to a completely new (and more expensive) locale.

  834. Alex M.

    I will have many choices to choose from:
    1. Get a personal development coach
    2. Pay debt to the bank
    3. Finally start that freakin online bussines (without the fear of investing my own money)
    4. Invest the money on trading.
    5. Get a course, degree, or some certification.

    This is a hard decision because all are equally important to me.
    What do you think Ramit?

    Alex M.

  835. Gretchen

    It’s only $1001, it’s not like that would let a person live forever. I would be a nice little bump.

    I would start by getting my car painted. I’ve been procrastinating that. There goes a couple hundred.

    I’d go back on Weight Watchers for six months or so. That program helped me in the past and I’d like to drop about 15 or 20 from where I am now. There’s 300 out of the budget.

    Also I’d take a few days off and go visit my Dad back east. He’s going to be 92 and it would be great to be there for his birthday.

    There’s $1001 right there! All gone. That was easy.

  836. Najlaa Elbadri

    I would apply to ARDMS, Breast sonography registeration, save about 100, and the rest would help me to pay my rent.

  837. CCW

    Books, cooking class, and a software class.

  838. sv girl

    I would buy a MAC computer to support my youtube channel.

  839. Kasey Owens

    I would save the money and use it towards moving out of the horrible situation I’m in at home.

  840. Samantha

    I will buy a new big house and i will give some of the money to my family and helping my mommy and daddy pay the rent

  841. Dominique McDonnell

    I’d invest half and spend the other half on a week away.

  842. Erik

    I would use a small amount to pay off what little credit card debt I have left.
    Then I would use what remained to help my family with some pet emergencies and put some away in savings, while keeping a little to spend on myself as I please.

  843. Jean-Francois

    I’d buy a round of golf for my dad at pebble beach.

  844. Amy C

    Pay all the expenses for my parents travel trips.
    Thanks for this amazing contest, Ramit!

  845. Kayte

    I would donate the money because the date that you wrote on the check for your photo is a date that will forever be engraved in my mind as a terrible date. I need to change that date in my mind so that I can continue to move forward. I will donate the money to charities that I have always wanted to be able to donate more too. I want to be the rich person who walks into a fundraiser and writes a check for $100, $200, $500 or $1001 because I can. I can make a difference.

  846. Sandy Klocinski

    Buy lots of groceries at Publix. Stock up for two or three months.

  847. Carla Pontious

    It would buy us a wood stove to heat our home…and some wood for the winter also…this would be nice…

  848. Nicole

    The short story: I would use the money to hire a professional to help tackle the overgrown jungle in my front and back yards.

    The long story: A horticulturalist used to own the house that my boyfriend and I bought in October 2011. The man spent the last few years of his life in a nursing home, during which time squatters took over and destroyed both the inside and outside of our property. We went the DIY route and have sanded all the floors, painted all the walls, put in a new kitchen, put in a backyard deck and glass sliding door and more — all on our own (so we are no strangers to hard work)! When it comes to our yard, however, we just can’t keep up. We have beautiful species of plants and trees in our backyard (Japanese maple trees, bleeding hearts, dogwoods, etc) that are being suffocated by all the ivy, milkweed, dandelions — you name it, we got it! $1001 would help us to hire a professional to tame our wild yards so we can actually make use of all the beautiful space that we have.

  849. Ra'anaa Samad

    I’d pay down my student loan debt

  850. Richard Schmidt

    I would give half to my sister for my autistic niece. The other half would buy new tires and some gas

  851. Colleen Conger

    I’d use the $1,001 to put new tires on our camper and the rest in gas money and take to the road to jumpstart our locational independent lifestyle.

  852. M Rego

    I’d definitely invest half, and put the other half into a decent summer wardrobe. Still on my winter line right now, shorts and chucks are sounding good.

  853. Annie

    I’d buy a cheap, used car – so that I could finally have the freedom to take my amazing daughter on weekend adventures like we used to, before the bottom dropped off and we became nearly-homeless, couch-surfing in friends’ basement guest rooms. We finally got out of that, and into a home of our own but the car has eluded me for almost two years now. But I really miss those weekend field trips, exploring roads not taken, hiking in Pisgah, discovering a tiny bookstore in Asheville, buying strawberries from a roadside farm stand and eating them all on the way home… Yeah. That.

  854. Dave

    I’d plow the money into some great training, investing it back into myself!

  855. Roxana

    First, I would give some money to people in need, then I’d help a friend of mine to buy a musical instrument he always wanted, and from the rest of it I would buy books. Lots of…

  856. Gi

    I would go to Plainfield, Vermont for a month to finish my novel. I would donate 10 per cent to charity. And, thank you in my book foreword.

  857. Lexie Isabelle

    I would use it to make my dream come true – to go to London and start my business there.

  858. Nichole Siebert

    I would finish renovating my house that my husband and I have been working on for 5 years.

  859. Ambra

    I would use it to travel to see family!

  860. mikako

    I’d use it to pay to take the CFA exam.

  861. Amanda

    I will be surprising my mom with new sod lawn to cover her dirt yard and a new paint on her house which is old and chipping away. Her house is the ugliest on the block and I want to change that for her. I am doing all of the labor myself this summer and have been earning income on the side to pay for supplies. It is a big project, but not as big as raising three children while working full time. So I owe it to her. $1001 would be a huge help.

  862. June

    I would go away with my husband for a weekend to relax and place the rest in our retirement. IT’s been years we went away…we don’t like long vacation just three days

  863. Jared Kimball

    You know what’s crazy? Ever since I started working and I mean since I was around 16 I’ve always wanted to start my own business. But never had the guts or financial foundation to leave my job. Then I stumbled across your Earn1k program this past Friday, and I’ve been going through the material ALL weekend. I mean I’m actually doing the exercises and writing things down. I consume a lot of information, but rarely act on the information. Your free stuff is phenomenal! And if your free stuff is this good I bet your paid program is even that much better. Which is why if I were to win the $1,001 I will invest in myself and purchase your full Earn1k course. Instead of wasting the money on entertainment like video games, movies, or etc. I really want to learn the actionable skills and mindset I need to increase my earning potential. Thanks for this opportunity. Regardless of winning or losing I’m working on earning more money.

  864. Debora Fiuza

    What would I do with an extra US$1001?

    I would first put it in my savings account to add to my yearly goal of saving up R$13 thousand in 2013 (I’m from Brazil). Next, I would start investing. Earlier last year, I was taking an Investing class in college, and felt a desire to start investing. But, as a second-year business major, I still felt like I had no idea how to go about doing so. I felt a certain anxiety, as if there were too many options, and I was scared of failing. So, what I did was I left my saved allowances in the standard savings account earning very little interest, under the inflation rate (yikes). At some point I realized that not taking the risk is actually the biggest mistake. Since then, I’ve done some more research, I have a plan, and I’m not scared to risk more to earn more. I’m so young (21 years old), that I don’t have to worry if I lose some of it. There is time to learn from my mistakes, but if I don’t try, I’ll never get there, right? 🙂

  865. Debora Fiuza

    I would also use the extra cash I’d generate from my new investments to go traveling with my long-distance boyfriend.

  866. April

    I’d pay down my credit card debt incurred through the start-up phase of my business.

  867. Gina

    I would put it in my saving’s account as a buffer for unexpected expenses associated with medical school. Prep courses? Medical equipment? Text books? It would be nice to not sweat the financial burden of extra school expenses and focus solely on studying!

  868. chris

    I would invest in the needed jewelry equipment to upgrade the product I make to sell AND take a class with John Cogswell at Touchstone, a master jeweler, to learn how to make interesting rings to add to my collection.

  869. Patricia Hudak

    Pay down my credit card debt

  870. Natasha

    I would invest it into the new business I’m starting – $1000 would give me so many more options and some room to get creative.

  871. Gabby

    I would invest it in my business.

  872. NM

    I would invest that money to build a crypto-coins mining rig

  873. Jenifer

    I spend a week in Saltaire with my 4-year old.

  874. Ryan Hess


    I’d put your $1,001 toward my dream of studying International Economics in Milan, Italy at Universita Cattolica. I got into one of the hardest schools, managed to save big over the past year thanks to autopilot financing, but I wasn’t able to build my credit in time for a credit card to take care of the plane ticket.

    That thousand would take care of my plane ticket.

    Either way, thanks for being the one of the key reasons why I’m living my dreams today.


  875. Valerie

    I would invest in my friend’s startup, on which I have helped him with some of the initial planning.

  876. Courtney

    The best ideas come to me when I’m riding my bicycle. I’ve begun biking as a primary method of transportation and not only does it help clear my mind, it’s fun! Therefore, I’d use the cash to invest in rain gear and other upgrades so I can ride all year long. I consider it an investment in my mental and physical health.

    This expenditure is already on my list and I’ve begun saving, but this would jump-start it!

  877. Catherine

    I’d travel!

  878. JJ

    I’m gonna use it to enroll for the CFA exam (Level 2 or 3 depending on my final results from the last exam) and further both my career and knowledge of investing.

  879. Ian Blood

    I’d pay down my student loan debt!

  880. Simone

    I’d definitely reinvest in myself and my start-up

  881. Wilson

    I will donate the money to charity.

  882. Diane

    Half to pay off debt and half in savings.

  883. Nick

    I would use it to replenish my emergency fund, which I’ve been drawing from while I’m in between jobs. Having that extra security will make my job search much less stressful!

  884. Lori

    I would invest in tools and machinery and supplies that I currently can’t afford, so my business could grow and my income could grow along with it.

  885. Tamara

    I would pay down credit card debt.

  886. Lisa P

    I think I would do 1 of 2 things.
    1.) Save it and use it as a cushion for when my 6month grace period is over for my student loans/apartment rent…
    2.) Invest it into my dream of owning a unique cupcakery that also sells my family’s homemade frosting-by the jar AND on the cupcakes 🙂

    However, I would really love to just go shopping with it and get actually “professionally” looking clothes.

  887. Kyle

    Probably split it between saving, paying for school, a bit of venture capital for some business ideas I’ve had, and funding a trip to see some friends in London this summer.

  888. Robin

    First, I would invest in my business to help it grow, I would invest in myself to learn to be a better entrepreneur and third I would pay down some debt.

  889. Kjerste Lee

    I’d use it to get corrective surgery for my ears!

  890. DANIEL

    iam in dept i want this money for my self i have lot of needs help me to get money

  891. Tim

    I would use it to invest in my wife’s photography business. Her goal is to switch roles, i.e. make me a stay at home dad, and I am totally cool with that.

  892. Chris SIMONNEAU

    I would take a course on entrepreneurship and business administration to have proper tools to launch my own business.

    The other way would be I take a plane to NYC and follow Ramit for a week, maybe the best way to learn !