Why you’re good at giving advice (& bad at taking it)

Funny how we’re so good at giving advice to other people, but when it comes to ourselves, we get mired in the weeds.
Think about your friend who’s in a horrible relationship. It’s so obvious what he should do.
But when you’re in one…there are a million things “you just don’t understand.”
Easy to give advice — hard to analyze ourselves!
One great way to think about self-improvement is called “the hotshot rule.” It comes from Cinnabon President Kat Cole:
Four times a year, Cole would go somewhere quiet, think about the state of the company and ask herself: “Let’s say a hotshot takes over my job today. What two or three things would the hotshot look at and say, ‘That’s unacceptable’?
This is a great way to “step outside” yourself and give yourself advice. Like Patrick Swayze floating above his own body, you too can be assaulted in an alleyw– wait, wait, no. You too can use this to quickly identify how to be more productive and get ahead.

This is about productivity. I promise.
A few examples:

  • “I’ve been trying to lose 15lbs since 2012 and I’m getting nowhere. What would a personal trainer do?”
  • “I want to cook more, but I keep telling myself I’m too busy. If I had 2 kids, what would I do?”
  • “I keep beating myself up for being lazy. What would a busy CEO do?”

Sometimes, you don’t need some long-ass treatise to learn how to change something. Just ask yourself what a master would do and listen. ONE question can bring you startling clarity.
Hopefully this question helps you.
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