Why you should always check your bank statement

Ramit Sethi

From a chat with one of my friends…

hoochiebooty: so i’m looking at my bank statement
hoochiebooty: online
hoochiebooty: and it has this check that i apparently wrote for like 700 bucks

hoochiebooty: i’m thinking that’s wierd
hoochiebooty: so it has the option where i can see a scanned copy of the check
hoochiebooty: and it was a check for $80
hoochiebooty: but they made a mistake and took out $775 bucks
me: are you serious
me: that is so good you caught it
me: what bank?
hoochiebooty: i know!!!!!!!!!
hoochiebooty: b of a
hoochiebooty: so i’m like talking ot the bank right now
hoochiebooty: and thye are like “we dont’ understand waht the problem is
hoochiebooty: and i’m like “bam the check is right there!
me: HAHA
hoochiebooty: wow i am always goign to be checking my statements from now on

Now what?

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