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When your goal is overwhelming

Ramit Sethi

Years ago, I actually hired a firm to help with social media. They posted those stupid inspirational quoteboard pictures, saying things like “If you dream it, you can do it.” Or:

When I logged on and saw that picture, I almost threw my laptop out of my window. Can you imagine me ever saying anything like that? After I explained that I would rather tie my own neck to an elephant’s tail and let myself get dragged for miles along a rocky desert, they continued posting sayings more appropriate for a life coach convention. I fired them.

Inspiration matters, but there’s more to life than inspiration.

This is why you have so many people who say they want “freedom” or “to share their gift with the world,” but instead of taking specific steps to get those things, they become “inspiration junkies,” the people who constantly seek out inspirational videos and sayings — but never actually DO anything.

NOT you guys. If I ever catch one of you wearing 5 scarves and “manifesting your dreams” or “letting your inner spirit shine,” we’re through.

Let’s have some real talk about changing your life.

For example, if you’re in $50K of debt, it’s pointless to read books about being a millionaire. Read how to get out of debt.

My worthless inspirational quoteboards were “fun” for people to look at — but did anyone take action? NO!

I want you to take action FIRST.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to avoid the inspiration trap.

But today, tell me one area of your life where you want to accomplish something big — career, start a business, build confidence, social — but you’re stuck.

Share your story in the comments below.

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  1. avatar

    The three things that have been the biggest obstacles to achieve as goals are: self confidence, finding work I love doing, and losing weight/maintaining the weight loss

  2. avatar
    Awesome One

    My biggest goal is to get a higher level, much better paying job in the NYC metro area. All my friends and family are there, and I really miss the culture and lifestyle.

    A few things are stopping me though. I would need a significant increase in pay in order to maintain the same quality of life I currently have. I am on a pretty good career trajectory at my current company, but it has no real growth opportunities in the NYC area. I’m totally willing to change companies, but I don’t want to go backward in my career just to move. I really want to figure out how to accomplish this within the next year.

  3. avatar

    I like inspirational quotes, but only as a reminder notice. I don’t seek them just to read. Right now I am trying to figure out how to get my wife on the same page with my goals. She says she supports my goals, but if they are too radical for her goals she starts throwing up excuses. My biggest goal is to travel full time. I have started up a few side streams of income to help me with this and by investing the profits in the stock market I have been able to make some good progress. I have paid off all our debt and have $60k. I don’t think that is enough yet to travel full time but I don’t think I need to wait until I am 65 (I am 38 now) either and have millions in the bank.

    • avatar

      My husband and I travel full time with our one year old. We have no debt, but definitely not 60k in the bank! He works online as a web designer.

      If you have no house to keep up, it costs about the same to travel full time. We spent the last 6 months in New Zealand, and now we are heading to Malaysia for a month, Europe for 2 months, cruise to the States, Miami, San fransisco, then back to New Zealand. Not sure where to after that! But it’s not for everyone, and maybe your wife is unsure because of reasons other than finances

  4. avatar


    More annoying than inspirational quotes. On LinkedIn all those “Solve if you’re a genius” posters. Only thing this tells me is that there is a large part of the population that never learned order of operations.

  5. avatar
    Igor Komar

    Well said. I too don’t follow any inspirational quote.I think those are short time boosters but shortly we forget such things and get continued with all those things that we love to do.

  6. avatar
    Laura Lou

    Actually staying fit + healthy. I must have started Couch to 5k about 7 times now. I’ve signed up for a 10k race to give myself something to work towards so fingers crossed I should stick to it this time!!!

    • avatar

      Laura – If you were diagnosed with an illness that would be significantly improved or completely eradicated by losing weight and staying fit, would that help? Is your biggest challenge exercising because you can’t think of any kind of exercise you love (I’m guessing you might not love running, but are forcing yourself to do it?)? What about food decisions? Have you tried cutting out one food or food product at a time, i.e., sugar, wheat, fast food, known poisons/toxins like carageenan, etc.?

    • avatar

      I agree with Alexis. I think it comes down to finding the exercise that you love. Believe me I understand that even an exercise that you’re passionate about can be hard when you’re out of shape but keep it fun and consistent and you’ll get there! 🙂

    • avatar

      I agree with Alexis. I stopped looking at exercising as something that I have to do for 30 mins or an hour, especially when I do it all the time and it gets boring. I started looking at it as 15 mins here, 10 minutes there. If I do half of an exercise, I go hooray, and go on about my life.

      Actually, I’m in the best shape I have ever been and it’s because I took a college dance course. I was exercising an hour and a half twice a week, and because I loved it, I practiced it at home.

      Eventually you’ll develop a love for exercise and start to feel dirty when you do not do it. I’d go with baby steps.

    • avatar
      Yash Chheda

      It really helped me immensely when I shifted my thinking away from “Exercise” to “Play”.
      Look to for inspiration and ideas on play.

      Ironically, I’ve never had more exercise in my life than right now. 😀

      Guess daily sudden death badminton matches, short hikes and dodgeball will do that to you.
      Hell even, Wii Tennis will leave you panting if you really get into it.

  7. avatar
    G. Mogale

    My Biggest goal this year is to obtain financial freedom, quit my job and make a down payment for a new apartment/house to live in. I figure that WHEN im earning consistently $10 000 per month i’ll achieve that goal. Im currently writing a book to brand myself, working on a website and exploring the online marketing sphere to do this.

  8. avatar
    Bettye Rainwater

    My goal this year is to hone my photography skills so I can grow my new business to the point where *next* year I’ll have enough to start really paying down my almost $90k debt (uninteresting story there). Within two years I want to be able to afford to move back to Brooklyn or Queens, i.e., get the H*LL off Long Island. I refuse to die here. RE. FUSE. And I’m 53 so I need to get moving on all that.

    What are my hurdles? Me. Lack of self-confidence and a little bit of…I don’t like to call it “laziness,” but maybe “high need for down time.” Ha.

  9. avatar
    Michelle Dalrymple

    My biggest obstacle is figuring out what I am good at and tailoring it to the perfect job. I find myself continuously reading blogs like this, or starting a course that I think I will complete, only to finish half way through because its becomes insanely boring. Currently I am an admin and work at a front desk. I have been doing this type of work my whole life and HATE it with a passion. I am not good at being a doormat for other emotions and lack of recognition when I try to take initiate to show that I can do more than answer the phones and greet people.

  10. avatar
    Usually Silent

    I already either achieved or am on track to achieve most or all of my long-term goals. I have a strong career in the field I want, with strong growth opportunity both upward and laterally (the latter of which is difficult to secure these days), and am valued highly enough that I was deemed essential less than a year after I was hired. I’ve attained sufficient influence in the arenas of my focus such that I can raise an army by speaking for two minutes or less, and strike fear into the hearts of politicians. All of this, in my early 20s.

  11. avatar
    Kathy Rausch

    I laughed super hard when I read this! (LSH?)
    Anyway – I love inspirational quotes – I do! I use them all the time.
    AND I also tell my clients that none of this online *&$% will make you successful if you don’t just get out and do it! Make mistakes – be authentic – but get your butt in gear and get going! (online and offline).

    Love your posts – you’re such an “INSPIRATION!”


  12. avatar

    I’ve always wanted to start a franchise restaurant, but what always holds me back is the fluctuation in cash flow. I know from owning a business in the past you cannot always be guaranteed a certain amount of income each week. But I know I should just pay myself a salary and get bonus every quarter. Have a normal job is nice because you know you get paid the same amount regularly. But I know I’m better and with Ramit’s course I will overcome this road block.

  13. avatar

    I just launched (2 weeks ago) an online druzy jewelry store…. but I feel really tapped out already. Last year I launched an online bead store, and we’re on the right track. So I decided to launch a jewelry store, unfortunately I seem to be all out of fresh ideas. I’m wondering whether I should just close it and give myself some time to re-energize before opening it again….

    • avatar

      I would tread carefully here, Viviana. Anecdotal advice here: Momentum is incredibly hard to create. Ask yourself what you would actually manage to accomplish in that time off and what “re-energizing” really means. Additionally, examine what parts of your business are exhausting you, and find a way to outsource it.

  14. avatar

    Figuring out how to get my joy into actual products that people will purchase for MONEY so I can be financially supported by my passion.

  15. avatar
    Simon Cave

    I have mainly 2 goals today: finish my product and learn networking the right way.

  16. avatar

    I started a business that competes against the big dogs. I had some early interest but no idea what to do next to close the deals. Hutzpah got me where I am now, and I am determined to finish what I started. Even if I am “lost in the forest” (hahaha). I need help making an action list, or really a NOT action list because I’m afraid I will waste time doing all the wrong things.

    • avatar

      Hi Beth,

      I worked with a mentor on this same issue. She told me to contact the people that were interested with me in the beginning (just send a quick email) and try to get them on the phone to see what their needs are now to see how you can help them fulfill those needs. I’m not sure what your business is, but meeting up or talking to the people that are interested will open up doors for you that you would have never imagined.

  17. avatar

    I finally saved a good chunk of money AND have the time to commit to my entrepreneurial career, but I let the fears and opinions of others stop me from pursuing my ideas. Ok so they are crazy ideas but why would I get into the business world to have a concept just like everyone else? Analysis paralysis may have taken over me.

    • avatar
      Michael G

      Why do you think they are so crazy? Is that a badge of honor in some aspect?

  18. avatar
    Javiér Jordan

    1st overwhelming goal:
    I have a clothing line that will become one of the most powerful and influential brands in the fashion industry… The issue is how to get it to that point. I am just starting out and I am working on completing the second line.

    2nd overwhelming goal:
    I want to create one of the most successful holding companies with a large focus on luxury brands and real estate.

  19. avatar

    I am very idealist and have many dreams. However, I have not known what specific steps to take. My wife has told me this since we met but still I can’t seem to get pass the barrier. I am very hands on and would not hesitate to work if I knew the right steps.

  20. avatar

    Dream is to pay off my debt, buy a macbook to increase productivity, buy a townhome and improve my coding skills.

  21. avatar

    I actually have a lot of trouble just being present. I am always rushing and am trying to make the time to sit down so I can plan and make needed/desired changes. I don’t have any debt. I think that I could probably retire in a few years as I am content with a fairly simple life, but I am just completely uninspired at my job. I don’t want to just sleepwalk through years of my life. I know that I could be enjoying myself a lot more.

  22. avatar
    Teresa Roberts

    I am working on 5 books at the same time right now, and one of them I plan to turn into an animated TV show, which will produce a product (from a character in the book/show) that will help people get control of their addictions as well as anything else they want to gain control of in their lives. How’s that for ‘big plans’?

    • avatar

      Hi Teresa,

      I work for an addiction recovery program. I’d love to see any educational resources you have created.

  23. avatar

    I almost spit out my water on my computer when I read this. I’m definitely guilty of going on inspirational quote and video binges without actually doing any of the work. Getting over the fear of failure has been a huge block but I’m determined to break through that. My goal is to keep kicking ass at my full-time job and to gain more clients on the side for digital marketing and crush it so that I can replace my full-time income and be able to work from wherever I want. I love working hard, I just don’t like being told where to do it.

  24. avatar

    I would love help on getting my website noticed! I am using my blog as a means of developing a following so I can ultimately have my own career advising business.

    • avatar
      Michael G

      Arielle- I have just spent some time reading your blog. May I share a bit of constructive feedback?

    • avatar

      Hi Michael,

      I would love to hear your feedback. Please email me on the ask me section of my blog!
      Thanks in advance!

  25. avatar

    Two and a half years ago, I started studying towards my Masters degree. The first year I did great on the coursework side, and ended the year with a 95% course average and a distinction. The next year and a half, somewhere between family and work, I have developed a huge amount of blocking scripts. I am now late on delivering my thesis work, which is all I need to complete the degree. I find myself slacking off on Reddit or just browsing the internet worthlessly instead of getting pen to paper and pushing out my writing.

    • avatar
      Michael G

      Marc- you sound like me. If you figure out how to break the Reddit time-sink, let me know. Reddit is dangerous for me because it’s JUST barely useful enough to have some sort of justification in my mind for wasting time there reading aggregated articles… even though I know I end up wasting more time than its worth. I’ve gone as far as using add-ins to block the page and letting my spouse set the password.

  26. avatar

    My goal this year is to eliminate my debt and become financially free. I want to obtain a fulfilling position within my current place of employment, make more money. Stay motivated in reaching my fitness goals. Also, I would love to do as much volunteer work, get training and become a great mentor and work with youth/teens. Maybe an opportunity would even present itself for a well paid position in doing mentoring or programs with the youth and teens. I want to make a difference in this lifetime, and kids are near and dear to my heart.

  27. avatar
    Jennifer R

    I first thought of career but along with that I would definitely need to develop my confidence and social/networking skills. I tend to get quiet in groups and very self conscious. Eliminating debt is also another achilles heel for me. If I experience a boost to my career, eliminating debt will be that much easier.

  28. avatar

    I am OK financially but I work outside the US and I’d like to return someday. I cannot seem to make the same pay there, though. I’m looking for safe, lucrative investments.

  29. avatar

    I am struggling hard to reconnect with my spouse. We have drifted apart and I want us to start loving and caring for each other again. We have a beautiful daughter who will start school soon and I want to provide the best environment for her to grow up.

  30. avatar

    I want to move my career along by finding the right company more aligned to my values and getting paid the right compensation.

  31. avatar

    My three big goals for this season are: (1)pay off debt; (2)rebuild self-confidence; and (3)find/get a job I love doing.

  32. avatar

    The biggest obstacle I have been trying to overcome is getting out of debt.

    Even after busting my tail to get almost a 20K raise at work this year, it could take close to a year to get out of the $15K debt I am in right now, and that assumes no emergencies come up that I can’t cover with the emergency fund I built. The hardest part about the goal is without question the scale and time commitment it will take, especially now that part of me wants to “treat myself” after getting promoted.

    I am in the best financial position I could be in to tackle this goal (low rent, 15 more months on my parent’s health insurance), so this is something I want to tackle now, but it’s hard to accept that it could take up to a year of sticking to a budget or longer if I fail.

    • avatar

      FB, I’ve been there. Perhaps give yourself 1.5 years instead of 1 year. I have been sticking to a debt payoff plan for over a year now, and let me tell you, it feels great.

      That 1-1.5 years is going to pass regardless. Do you want to wake up 1 – 1.5 year from now having crushed that debt? Or still living lavishly with the same debt? (Ramit taught me this way of thinking) the first part feels way better.

  33. avatar

    I have a revolutionary food product IDEA, but need to perfect a recipe (and off-shoot recipes to scale the business – I already have ideas for those, too). THEN, I need to figure out how to break into supermarkets, something I know could be extremely difficult. I think I know how to get started, but it could be rather costly and very time consuming. How am I supposed to fit in the time for this when I already work a full time and part time job? I am also a single female with a limited friend base in a new city.

  34. avatar

    I want to start my own restaurant- nothing fancy, just a small place where I can focus on delivering a great product to my customers but also be able to support my family. Problem is, I have no start up money or experience and I’m the sole provider for my family right now. I’m just so sick of working to line someone else’s pockets with cash.

  35. avatar

    My biggest hold up is constant changing interests. My big financial goal is get out of debt. Thanks to You Ramit I am on my way.

    Another goal is side income, this is my holdup. I can’t stick to a choice about what that would be. Sometimes I feel paralyzed to move forward on that goal. It’s been 1.5 years.

    Getting out of debt – working it and on my way.
    Side income – static

  36. avatar
    Jen G

    My goal is to launch a business that I will *love* to do every day, and that will be successful enough to replace my full-time job (and then some! And then lots!) Where I get stuck is in figuring out what I love that much, AND that is a profitable idea and not a pipe dream, AND that serves the world in some way. I’m realizing I’ll never be happy in the long-term if I’m not doing something to help other people, or the arts, the environment, or animals- helping something/someone in some way. I’m not happy as a cog in a corporate bureaucratic wheel.

  37. avatar

    My dream might not seem so big, but to me it looks huge and scaring unrealistic.
    I’m stuck at home looking after my two little kids. Although I work four hours weekly as a free-lance ballet teacher, I find it worse and worse every week and don’t want to take over more classes!
    So my big dream is to find part-time work, even something I could do from home or with a flexible schedule, something I enjoy doing and which is meaningful and allows me to spend time with my family and my hobbies.
    Now, written here, it seems impossible and arrogant, a teenager’s dream…although I’m rather a middle aged woman.

    • avatar

      I’m in the same place as you, Agnes! Except I also homeschool my kids. I’d love to find a way to be compensated for some of what I do without having to spend all the proceeds on childcare (husband is in the military, for extra complication), and being mindful that a lot of my fellow homeschool families can’t spend a load of money on tutoring/classes.

    • avatar

      Agnes, you might try – it’s a great site for people who have marketable skills that can be done from a computer as freelance work. Good luck!

  38. avatar
    Diego Castro

    I’m looing for a better paying job, there is something wrong with me because I see people with less skill than me getting better jobs.

  39. avatar

    I seem to be in quite the hole for a lot of things in my life, but my two biggest concerns now are my job and my debt. I love what I do, but I get paid by commissions so I need to attract more clients so that I can make more money and subsequently get out of debt. Some of the things I’ve tried unfortunately just worsened my debt and now I can’t keep plugging in non-existent money so I need to find the best way to attract clients without spending money – is that even possible?

  40. avatar
    John Scott Lucas

    My goal is to sell a screenplay and begin making my living as a writer. I don’t need to make millions. I just need to make enough that I could afford a modest place to live without bumming off my family and friends.

    • avatar

      Good attitude. All I can offer at the moment is words of encouragement: your “Crossing Girard” article shows obvious writing skills and a great sense of ending.

  41. avatar

    I want to be a full-time entrepreneur, but I can’t seem to stick with one thing and see it through. I start out with one, make a few bucks and then after 6 months or so I’m tired of it and want to try something else.

    • avatar

      Hi Kimmoy,

      Are you truly tired of it or is it not making as much money as quickly as you thought it would?

  42. avatar

    I love today’s email. I’m tired of all the inspirational manifesting pyramid scheme crap floating around out there. So many people making money by inspiring other people to inspire other people to inspire other people. WTF, yo?

    I’m stuck on expanding my distribution network for my products.

  43. avatar

    I want to get a good relationship. I think lack of confidence and sometimes Anxiety/OCD is in the way. that said, I also want to develop and challenge myself to get psychologically and physically healthier.

  44. avatar

    Oh my god everything. I agree those one liners are crap, an easy way out to pretend you’re giving constructive advice. And seriously I want to improve everything! I think it’s natural to want to improve everything to a degree or we’d all be happy sitting home on the pogey throwing beer caps at the wall!

    I want to be fit & not fat, I want to do better with my money, I want to make more money, I want to develop my personal relationships, I want to kill it every day at my job, I want to be the perfect dog owner with a perfect & balanced dog. These goals are not overwhelming individually but the whole is what kicks my butt before I can take off.

  45. avatar

    My biggest obstacle is actually my husband. I’ll do a ton of research, talk to other small business owners, and he still says “NO. we don’t have enough money ” even though we have been increasing our savings each month-6 in a row now. I’m a risk taker and he’s stuck in the mud. Do I go behind his back or try harder to convince him?

    • avatar

      Adrianne … Here are a few inspirational quotes to help you realize that you cannot let the opinions of others – even the person you are closest to – stop you from going for your dream. If you let “NO. we don’t have enough money” stop you, it will turn into resentment. The truth is, what you do is up to you, and you alone. So I say – go for it. Don’t go behind his back, but instead tell your husband that you’ll figure out a way to get your own money to pursue your business goals. Make that commitment and do it!

      Your only limitations are those you set up in your mind, or permit others to set up for you. ~ Og Mandino

      Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others. – Buddha

      Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinions of others, for those voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth. – Katherine Mansfield

      “We are taught you must blame your father, your sisters, your brothers, the school, the teachers – you can blame anyone but never blame yourself. It’s never your fault. But it’s always your fault, because if you wanted to change, you’re the one who has got to change. It’s as simple as that, isn’t it?” – Katherine Hepburn

  46. avatar
    Jose Maldonado

    I’ve always been a big dreamer and my biggest dream is to start a successful online business. So successful that it’ll choke a horse and I want to take what I learned and teach it to my family and friends so they can do the same. 🙂

  47. avatar

    I want to finish my PhD. I’m currently in 4th year and now is the time to start writing and bringing all my research together into one coherent document.

  48. avatar

    I have a full time job in photography that is enjoyable and pays the bills but there is no room to grow professionally or financially with my current company. I can see now that the only way to have the financial freedom I want is to branch out and start my own business. I am passionate about photographing people and bringing out the very best in them, specifically women. While I have a lot of passion and inspiration, I feel stuck in the actual details of creating a business on the side of my full time job and what concrete steps to take in order to make it happen.

  49. avatar

    I want to achieve big every moment. Its not like I m being greedy or am unsatisfied with what I have, its just that I want to make it big every step I take. By big I don’t mean lots of money or fame, I mean big to myself. Like I want to give my 100%. Thats de biggest thing of my life 🙂

  50. avatar
    Trying to get organized

    I want a bulletproof system for managing my commitments, so I can always be a top performer. The system needs to ensure that I spent my time doing exactly what I should be doing to have the most impact (most important projects done in thoughtful, timely manner, but small things also continuously getting done).

    I tend to build new systems (read: software) to keep track of my to do’s, but quickly lose faith, and start with paper notes on my desk. Then, I’m lost. Luckily, I’m quite productive with things on my mind, so it appears that I am getting it all done. I need to be better, to be better, if that makes sense.

    I’m trying to be a GTD ninja, but I’m more like a GTD weekend hacker. Or something.

    • avatar

      I have a similar approach – using systems to track my commitments/work – but haven’t found a tool that captures everything (and keeps me accountable) on it’s own.

      What are some of the software tools you’re using?

  51. avatar

    I want to create digital products & provide coaching for people to produce more authentic & quality content. That can translate into their lives too, but it’s more so a byproduct than my actual goal. I’m great at strategy & coming up with ideas, but I’m terrible at promoting myself.

  52. avatar

    I want to launch my career in marketing but am having a difficult time finding something new. I’m resume dropping, setting up informational interviews, etc. Staying strong! Or trying to at least.

  53. avatar

    Now that I’ve moved to California where there is opportunity galore for someone with fantastic front-end development skills, my biggest goal is to actually start my own company with a great networking concept that I had. But without seed funds, without good credit due to a medical issue several years ago, and with two other people to support, I need to start with a full-time job and then do a Kickstarter campaign to get my concept off of the ground. Is it insurmountable? Not at all. Would rather go straight for the idea, but don’t know a way to do that.

  54. avatar
    Josh Gipper

    I keep see sawing on my credit card debt, it’s nearly gone then boom it’s at 10k. Lot’s of changes in the past year (house, car and kid) and it’s getting obnoxious. I’m 29, married, I make good money, I should not feel/be broke. Acting on things is not my problem, seeing them through is.

  55. avatar

    Become a black belt in jiu-jitsu. I just started (40 years old). Can possibly take over 10 years to achieve, which I believe I can do. I am enjoying it immensely, as I also take my kids. I figure I can teach classes once I get the black belt. This will keep me active (what older people call ‘fit’), and I am in a community of people who are striving to achieve and are basically awesome.

  56. avatar

    It seems that I am older than many people here. I started working in the late 1960s and plan to start collecting Social Security next year. I thought that everything was on track, having earned a pension to supplement Social Security. However, the company became insolvent and made a one-time pension payout of 10 cents on the dollar.

    I started a 2nd career working from home as a freelance writer. I love writing and have replaced most of my former paycheck. I use inspirational quotes to keep me going when a client is late paying yet the bills are due. I’m trying hard to rebuild savings to make up for the lost pension, but late-paying or partial payment clients mean that I have to keep making withdrawals. So I do like inspirational quotes when I need some encouragement.

  57. avatar

    Thank you. So much “inspiration” is dishonest and even damaging.

  58. avatar

    We were just relocated for my husband’s job to a rural area with few opportunities. I find the prospect of applying to the one potential employer in the area for my field (one with an “as needed” posting with no guarantee of a job opening up) absolutely terrifying. It could potentially be a great career move, as I could get my foot in the door, but the fear of rejection is paralyzing.

  59. avatar

    Now that I have found the field that interests me the most, I would like to start my own nonprofit in Atlanta. My current location will not work. I am currently doingoing my own research and networking to get things in order. I am taking care of my obstacles as well (debt). I think I could have everything up and running in 24 months.

  60. avatar

    I am a full time, first year student in chiropractic school. I want to figure out how to make adjunct income while I develop my practice. I won’t be seeing patients for another 2 years, and the average D.C. graduates with 100k-200k in student loans. I am currently playing with a couple ideas but I need to get a more organized plan.

  61. avatar

    hahahah You make my day Ramit!

    Clearly carreer. I am stucked since more than a year, and now I am deciding if a specialized master’s degree is the best option. I know what I want to specialize in, but can’t avoid to think ¿what comes after? Will I find a job??
    Impossible to deal with that uncertainty…

  62. avatar

    My biggest challenges right now are my career, and eliminating debt. I have been in the IT profession for close to 20 years now, and I am still walking around just repairing PC’s, when I should be a systems administrator or higher. I start out all gung ho reading training materials and manuals about new tech, but then it seems like after a month or so, I just get burned out and the new plan I was on falls to the wayside once again.
    As far as the debt goes, I only have about $7,500 to pay off, but with a wife who is in school full time and 2 kids in elementary school, it seems like there is never enough money at the end of the month to do anything extra with.

  63. avatar

    I would like get an admit into a top 10 global mba program.

  64. avatar
    Kiran Vajja

    By biggest challenge is upgrading my skill set and move to a better paying job. I am having difficulty in prioritizing my tasks and taking some time out to learn new things. I always make a schedule and can never stick to it.

  65. avatar
    Lillian Karabaic

    My first goal is both overwhelming but achievable: I’d like to spend 9-12 months traveling by bike, train, and ship across Europe & Asia studying urban transportation systems and producing comics, videos, and podcasts about their financing, impact, and policy. I was a finalist for a grant that would have paid for this after I graduated college, but sadly did not win it. I’m still determined to go on the trip, however. I’d like to have enough of a brand & personal savings built up that this trip could break even on my travel expenses while I continue to contribute to my retirement. I’d also like this trip to be a benefit, not detriment, to my professional development.

    My second goal is to own a very modest home or condo before I’m 32, with a 15-year mortgage and at least 20% down. At the moment, I’m earning less than 80% median income in my area, so I qualify for a lot of mortgage/down payment assistance, but I don’t want to jump in until I’m 100% sure it’s the right decision.

  66. avatar

    I want to grow my gym so that I can quit my “real” job. Slow growth (1 to 2 new students a quarter) and great insurance for my family and I have prevented my so far.

  67. avatar

    My biggest goal for this year is to open my personal training business. It’s overwhelming because, although you have stated many times that you don’t HAVE to have credentials. I feel as if in order to confidently coach someone and have them pay me – I need some more education. (I teach my friends stuff all the time but I am not knowledgeable enough about the human anatomy, etc. to confidently answer questions such as – why does it hurt when I do xyz). With that said, I am studying for my personal training license and gave myself a 4 month deadline to take the test.

    It’s just overwhelming trying to get all of that done – and then progressing in my current job even though I have no interest in it whatsoever.

    Regardless, I have put deadlines on these goals and am in the process of creating milestones in order to better progress towards them! #balancingactishard

  68. avatar

    I always wanted to start my own business. Thing is, I am earning a comfortable 6 figure per annum living now working in a job which I like. So, to risk it all or to stay put?

    • avatar
      Charlotte S.

      Hi James, just a quick re-phrasing of something Ramit has said. It doesn’t need to be all or nothing at first. You could test out your business idea to see if it is profitable before you commit to it. I cannot remember where but I am sure you can find Ramit’s posts or videos on the subject.

  69. avatar

    Communicating more openly with the people I care about. I’m not talking networking or ‘putting myself out there’, but rather being able to share what’s bothering me when it is; in the correct way. I let myself get caught up in things and then act irresponsibly in order to compensate for a lack of control and it is unbecoming.

  70. avatar

    Yo, Ramit –

    I got your manifesting scarf RIGHT HERE.

    I’m a paramedic working in a trauma ER. In the immediate aftermath of the Haitian earthquake, I worked with the waves of acute injuries. On subsequent trips, i realised I needed to let my spirit shin-KIDDING- I realised that I wanted to learn more in order to properly pimp out my skills and knowledge. Ideally, I’d like to be able to afford 1-2 months a year of international medical/humanitarian work. For now, I find myself in the work-to-pay-rent and delaying school continuum. Frustrating.

    I don’t want to read inspirational FB wall quotes when I’m 70, wondering what I could’ve done if I’d applied my skills and got more education.

    Advise? Loans? Homesteading?

  71. avatar
    Bob Rowell

    Earn 1K has provided several sticking points, most of which I’ve extricated myself from, sequentially. I’m currently stuck at not being able to connect with and talk to 20 people in the target market. That’s probably a vibrant sign telling me to choose an offering with a target market that’s more accessible to me. And I’m stuck again.

  72. avatar

    OMG- I couldn’t agree more. If I get one more “Be brave and go forth..” BS quote sent to me ..I’m gonna puke.
    I have been in some minor debt for the last two years. I looked around at all my expenditures and all my various income streams last month.
    I cut everything I could and added just 10% more time to my money making efforts..and bingo I saved $1000.00 a month and made another $500.00.
    I also really asked for help- from family and friends- when it’s time to make a change – I need to take action. As a result of asking for help and doing one thing at a time . my debt is cut in half and I’m going to be able to be debt free with 4 months. Action is the key here.

  73. avatar

    My goal over the next few years is to eliminate debt. I have definitely made a lot of life changes recently to enable me to tackle this issue – moving into a new apartment, got a roommate and will be able to split utilities, sold a car dropping insurance, and upped my freelance rate.

  74. avatar
    Charlotte S.

    My most difficult goal is to easily develop meaningful rapport with others. Other goals, such as reaching fitness levels, seemed much more attainable because I could try different approaches and directly measure the outcome on a scale or by the level of weights I could lift. How do I tell what or where my approach to long-term friendly relationships is faulty?

  75. avatar

    I think the main thing holding me back is fear. I know the internal scripts that I use and I’ve been working hard to try and reduce them but every now and again, I get paralyzed by an overwhelming sense of terror. I usually squeeze my eyes shut and pretend I’m Batman (don’t judge me, it totally works for me) and when it passes, I continue on. I try doing small things to overcome the fear but I am just so damn tired of being so afraid all the time. And honestly, the Batman thing is getting weird.

    • avatar

      You’re pretty darn funny! Do you write?

  76. avatar

    I am extremely stuck in three major areas in my life:
    The first is socially. I literally have next to no social life, just one or two friends that I meet up with once monthly or so. I haven’t been on a date in upward of a year. And I just don’t know where to start. Making friends is actually scarier than dating, because the hurts my friends have brought upon me have been even deeper and longer lasting than anything I’ve experienced romantically.
    The second is weight loss. I lost a lot of weight in 2009, about 75 pounds, but it has all crept back on since then. The weight gain was started by the onset of chronic pain and medications required for its management, but that’s not (or can’t be) the reason for all of it. I want to do something about my body but since I can’t lose the weight the way that I did last time since I’m still living with chronic pain, and I can’t afford a trainer, I feel lost. Excuses, I know…
    The third is my financial situation, specifically my student loans. I’m looking at about 20K undergrad and 40K grad, and I’ve had them all on IBR since going on medical leave in 2011. Even since coming back to work, it’s not been work using my M.A. so that degree is essentially wasted, and I’m not making nearly enough ($14/hr) to come off IBR and actually pay them down. A bankruptcy 1.5 years ago helped a lot with day to day expenses, but I’m not anywhere near where I want to be in terms of ability to save or plan for the future.
    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever so concretely spelled out my biggest worries/ stressors/ issues that have me stuck. It was actually kind of cathartic, but now I need to take action, right?

  77. avatar

    I am stuck at wanting to be more outgoing but struggle with self confidence

  78. avatar
    Jeff Fliegler


    I have listened to and read a ton of your advice/philosophy and I think it’s great. I just hit my third client in our new business. My next obstacle is to break-out and get this to explode!!!! I know I may be a wanting to run the race as a rabbit and not the tortoise, but who wants to be a turtle? How do I break-out with keeping the legacy I want to create intact?

  79. avatar

    My biggest goal that is overwhelming me at the moment is having the confidence and courage to approach any girl that interests me whenever I want.

    • avatar

      I was working on the same thing. I like to go up to the prettiest girl at the bar, who’s not obviously with a boyfriend, and strike up a casual conversation about anything. Simply making a little conversation , have fun, no pressure. When you do it right away it’s not weird. It’s just like jumping into a cold shower in the morning – it won’t hurt you, it’s all psychological, by doing it is the only you’ll overcome it (practice).

  80. avatar

    I want to rule at my new sales job. Basically, stay positive, help people, and get myself out of debt by being ridiculously successful and productive. It’ll be fun and a good challenge.

  81. avatar

    I blame you Ramit! Your emails are too compelling, which FORCES me to follow the links and read the entire articles.

    Poor me… I’m such a victim. ; )

    I want/must get my website off of the ground and profitable THIS YEAR. But I keep getting distracted with new ideas, procrastination, chores around the house, etc. For some reason, folding laundry becomes really pleasurable when you know you’re supposed to be doing something else (e.g., like learning WordPress).

  82. avatar

    I never like participating in these kinds of things but what the hell, I’ll share my story. Maybe someone will get something out of it.

    I’m at a bit of a career crossroads. I’ve been a real estate agent for the last 3 years, and admittedly got into the field for all the wrong reasons, the most major because my options for a serious career were limited.
    I’ve had my ups and downs, but I’ve come to realize that I actually love the job, and helping people. I’ve also become very disheartened at the state of the industry, and the quality of the average agent. It has become my driving ‘why’ to get the industry (at least locally) to where it should be for the interest of buyers and sellers. We deal with a major life decision, and large amounts of money, and it boggles my mind that some people don’t think you need much more than a few hours in a class to deal with this stuff. I believe the required training should reflect the magnitude of what we deal with.

    So why am I at a crossroads? Because my outlook and and methods are not the norm, it has caused me to be a bit of an outcast since I refuse to follow the mold set forth by most agencies. When I ask for their help they just tell me ‘no’ because I don’t follow the ‘tried and true’ methods, and so, am beyond their help. I’m starting to get burned out by the fight to both do my own thing the way I see fit, and build my business at the same time. I’m wondering if the outcome and my goals are worth the hell I am going through in every aspect of my life to see them to fruition.

    Obviously I’m skipping over a lot of things, but I really wonder if I picked the right goal, and whether my efforts and actions could ever change an industry, and actually bring value to a job that is mostly scorned by the public (and often for good reason). As much as I want to succeed, the burdens of my choice are starting to become too heavy without starting to see some success come from my efforts.

    I don’t know if I should chalk it up to a loss at this point, or push through and keep going, since everything is hanging by a thread, and I can’t seem to answer this question myself.

    Not sure what I expect to happen by posting this, but we’ll see what happens.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, whoever and wherever you are.

  83. avatar

    One of my immediate goals is to find a part time, professional job in marketing where I can earn at least $2,500 per month so I can continue with my fine art and illustration career.

  84. avatar

    I want to open an authentic Brazillian pop up bbq bar for the world cup. The world cup begins in 2 Days.

  85. avatar
    Contis Booth

    My biggest obstacle has been figuring out whether I want to work a regular job after college go to grad school or step out on faith and start a business. Also, reconciling my own needs with my family’s needs. I just want to feel free to do and be who I am but feel ambiguous about my obligation to my family.

  86. avatar

    I’m a Producer on a national TV show, but I have been trying for YEARS to find the time and daily motivation to complete an unrelated humorous fiction book. I have written over 500 pages during scattered vacations, but between my work commitments, my family responsibilities and my lackluster focus, I have failed to create a system to sustain the progress. During a vacation, I’ll start gaining steam and build momentum up towards the completion of my story, then I’ll be distracted by “real-life” for a few months and when I return to the project, I find myself without steam, back at the beginning. Like Sisyphus, but with less sweating.

  87. avatar

    I would like to starta a side business, but a product, not consulting. And I´m out of ideas :/

  88. avatar

    I am taking 8 weeks off of work and traveling from Wasilla, Alaska to Maryville, Tennessee, with 5 children, 1 really old dog, and two cats, in an RV.

    Upon arrival in Tennessee I will start my own business as a consultant. Good news is I already have one client. But I have much to learn and I want to love what I do and make enough money where I can take my wife (and kids?) to Italy in five years without dangerously sacrificing our future.

  89. avatar

    The biggest hurdle for me is the market I’m in. Golf, by many accounts, is fading. The amount of money people are willing to pay for custom-fitted clubs isn’t what it used to be. For many, it’s a struggle to get them to just consider it…

  90. avatar

    I want to build my first income stream selling a physical product online using strategic alliances/outsourcing for storage, fulfillment, and customer service. I prefer a physical product that fits brand-wise with my blog, Aynjele. I have health issues that slow me down, but also have a dogged determination to own my own life by building at least one, fairly automatic income stream.

  91. avatar

    I really want to build on my presentation skills but somehow I struggle with it despite several efforts. Fear of the unknown, fear of what people may say and many more. I think it all boils down to self confidence which I think I lack.
    I have tried several means in overcome this but still finding it difficult. Like for instance, I have been involve in several social gathering, church events, group exercise etc but in the middle of all these I still shrud.
    Whenever I stand up to give a presentation, my hands starts to shake, my legs keeps vibrating and words that come out of my mouth are coarse.

    I try as much as possible to be caring, smile and I dress absolutely well.
    Please I need help.


  92. avatar

    I really want to get out of my 9-6 job and bring back my creative self. Pursuing photography and going to documentary school, living a less structured life, or at least one that I want to live, is a dream. And to make at least 100k per year.

  93. avatar

    Lately, I have become really awkward at conversations. I can tell I am losing people when we talk but I don’t know how to fix it!

  94. avatar
    Jen Kelsey

    I have no story. I am not stuck.
    I just want you to know that today you made me laugh out loud, really loudly and embarrassingly.
    Thanks Ramit.

  95. avatar

    Not only is my goal are to find confidence in myself, but also, to be able to describe myself well to other people when I’m talking about myself. It’s hard to confidently sell myself when I don’t feel good about my past experience or abilities (or mostly lack thereof).

  96. avatar
    Chelsea Castner

    I am sick of not taking action in my business and feeling stuck in mud. The thing is I KNOW I need to start writing and filming again to feel accomplished, powerful, smart and confident. The excuses need to stop and the action needs to happen.

  97. avatar

    Building confidence is a huge thorn in my side that affects all aspects of my life.

    Last summer I actually gave up English for two months in order to better study Japanese, learned how to accommodate for my weaknesses, and experienced a giant boost in confidence. So, that was a lesson to me that pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone can really make you stronger in the end, so long as you’re willing to adapt.

    I was feeling so good about myself that I applied to a highly competitive language program that’s administered by Stanford — and then I GOT IN!!

    The high from my success didn’t last long, though, because every grant and scholarship opportunity I applied to gave me a big fat $0. It didn’t matter that I’d spent hours polishing my resume and writing a compelling statement of purpose that all of my former professors loved (btw, your advice on those things is the best I’ve found, Ramit!). There was nothing anyone could do, even after I personally contacted everyone I could think of, taking care to approach the issue with the question of WHAT can be done, rather than IF something can be done.

    Despite all of that, though, I’m fortunate. I’d already anticipated failure to secure funds and had been working on a Plan C for how to pay for it. It’s not an ideal solution, but it’s something I can do. I can still go.

    But I can’t shake the fact that MOST students in this program receive some kind of funding, and yet I received absolutely nothing. That realization has left my self-esteem in tatters. “Do I even belong here?” “I bet the other students will be PhD students from Ivy League schools, while I’m just some kid from the sticks.” “Other people must think I’m unworthy of this program since I’m one of the few people who didn’t get funds.” “I’m just not that impressive, so I shouldn’t expect much.” I’ve felt utterly paralyzed over the past couple of weeks, and came dangerously close to just throwing in the towel altogether.

    Now I’m trying to pour myself into my studies this summer so I can blow everyone away this fall. But I’ve noticed a negative change in my self-talk cycle and how I carry myself, which affects everything else. Of course, I’m making a conscious effort to “fake it until I make it”, confidence-wise, but it’s still been a miserable, uphill battle that I think most people can relate to.

  98. avatar

    I have always felt “inspired” to travel. I would like to accomplish it for next year, going to the other side of the world where I would meet with some friends. I have calculated the money and how I can get it. But I really haven’t done anything. Worse to say I’m just some high school student. So, I get doubts of “What if my parents don’t let me go (altho I will be 18 if I go)?”, “What if I can’t make enough money? An the job?”, “What about entering college soon?”. I then feel ‘inspirated’ to end up all, get ideas, etc. But at the end of the day I find myself just thinking.
    I also feel like I get inspiration for a lot of subjects (recycle program, library project, simply to study for a test), but barely do it when it comes the real time.

  99. avatar

    I’m a little embarrassed that I’m stuck, because I’ve been stuck on so many things for a long time. And I shouldn’t be because I know I need to just start doing things differently.

    I didn’t comment to share why I’m stuck. I’m commenting on the title. It caught my attention because one of the things I remember you saying was that top performers either didn’t get overwhelmed or never talked about being overwhelmed. And I never expected you to use the word overwhelm or overwhelming in a post.

    So my conclusions are:

    People who get easily overwhelmed aren’t top performers and
    People who get easily overwhelmed constantly seek inspiration and therefore
    Top performers don’t constantly seek inspiration.

  100. avatar
    Katy Louise

    I always need help focusing. And I’d like to write my book at last – 5 years after I started it! It’s about my roller coaster relationship ride throughout my late 20s and early 30s, and will be like a spiritual ‘Sex and the City’. In fact, I’d like it to be made into a US series just like SATC. And then a film…
    I focus on too many areas and don’t get much accomplished in any one: a fitness dancing business, a supplement business, a freelance writing business, some modelling… but I fear if I focus only on one thing then if it doesn’t make any money I’ll be screwed! I quit my full-time editing job end of 2013 to be ‘free’ and I like not being told what to do, but dislike earning way less money 🙁
    I also confess I’m one of those ‘inspirational quote’ people; they are a nice reminder of the important things in life, but yet it’s very easy to get lost in yet another self-help book (been there done that got the T-shirts!). KT

  101. avatar

    I’d like to get traction with stabilizing my confidence and the mental heal challenges I have that seem to be keeping me stuck. I come from a past of being as you say “an inspiration junkie”, sucks cuz it never worked and when I find myself seduced into it, reading blogs or whatever, like you mentioned, I’m not getting anywhere besides the loop I know.

  102. avatar

    I want to properly start & grow my business. I’m tired of explaining that “it’s going fine!”, when really it’s not doing shit. I want it to make money and be a thriving thing that I’m proud of.

  103. avatar

    I want to be able to make friends easily and connect with people, but I have big anxiety issues.

    • avatar

      Just started today, and it’s free!

  104. avatar

    Right now I’m trying to build enough technical skills to get out of my current job as product manager for a big corp. I’m in the midst of bridging the gap between my goal and reality, which can be very intimidating. I find myself wondering if I could ever succeed, but when that happens I try to find inspiration from people who’ve walked the same path and came out the other end with their goal realized. I know that the more knowledge I gain, the more confident I’ll be and the less doubt I’ll have of myself.

  105. avatar

    I got the big $$$ idea (verified- people are ready to buy!) but haven’t the time (yet) to get er done. Child + just moved (get this place in order!… I am OCD about that) mostly take up my time. I’ve made the decision that I’ll have to lose a bit of sleep to get the time do what I need to do. It feels like I’m always a few weeks from starting 🙁 Slowly making my way through my task list (that pesky sleep!) but I’m confident that I’ll get there and that I will be able to what I need to do. Only disappointed I’m not there now!

  106. avatar

    You said it… my biggest goal is getting out of debt after a divorce. So that I can move forward with my multiple creative ideas. The weight of it holds my wings down. < How's that for an inspirational quote 😀

  107. avatar

    I have a problem with the social part of my life. It seems that my network is stagnating. When I was younger like in my teens I had hundreds of friends so it seemed, but now I can almost count them on one hand. I think I have out grown most of them from my early years or maybe I just went a different way with my life, but I do miss having more friends. I try going to social events from time to time, but I guess here in Scandinavia people are more reserved and difficult to approach, besides I also have something stuck in my head that someone once told me that I personally am hard to approach and difficult to get close to.
    Maybe it is partly my own fault, but I feel stuck and don’t really know what to do.

    • avatar

      Sarda, I was that way in my early 20’s. I felt very much alone even though I worked full-time and attended church and participated in social activities. I mentioned it to a nun and she gave me the best advice I ever heard.

      She told me to stop looking for friends and develop myself as a person. She made me realize, in a kind way, that I was coming across as shallow and uninteresting.

      My assignment was to make a list of 20 things. They had to include hobbies, sports, music, and literature. Also, I had to read the newspaper every morning so I could participate in conversations at work. I took tennis lessons at the community center, joined a bowling league, visited the library every week, and taught myself to play the harmonica (the only instrument I could afford).

      Once I was out doing things, I met people who shared the same interests, including my husband of almost 37 years and counting.

  108. avatar

    My job is to run a $1 million fundraising campaign across four states. We’re about 30% of the way there, but my position ends in November. Somehow I’m supposed to put systems in place for people to continue the work at a grassroots level after I’m gone. It seems impossible!

  109. avatar

    The two most important areas I want to see myself take the greatest action is making more money and starting my own business. I have student loans I’m paying off and would actually like to see that go slot faster. My biggest setback is starting something and not finishing or getting so tired, distracted, over whelmed that I lose sight of my goal(s). I end up taking baby steps instead of the leaps and bounds I want and need to take. I definitely need to be more of a doer instead of talking or wishing.

  110. avatar
    Imran Khan

    I was recently hired at a new firm. I’ll start on June 16th. Unlike when I was hired at my first job, which was right out of college, I negotiated my salary up five percent from their original offer this time around. Thanks for your help with this, Ramit.

    Anyway, this post isn’t about salary negotiations. After I accepted the offer letter from the new firm, I found myself very anxious and not confident about switching from something familiar to something new. I’d imagine these feelings are normal. However, what I didn’t like is my mind asking itself if I can really do this or what would happen if I got fired after the first week? I mean why shouldn’t I be confident? I didn’t lie during the interviews. I told them exactly what I did in the past and based on that knowledge, they hired me. So where did all that confidence that got me hired in the first place go?

    I’d like to learn how to decrease or completely discard these feelings of self doubt. I want my confidence level sky high when I step into that new job for the first time.

  111. avatar

    Living in NYC for 5-6 months.

    I’m from the other end of the world. I’ve had this dream of an international business in my head for nearly 5 years. And i’ve spent the last 2.5 years actively building a curious combination of artistry+technology+marketing.

    I’ve always eyed NYC like a 4year old eyes forbidden candy. I want to spend 5-6 months there – promoting the business i’ve so lovingly created and taking courses/workshops from experts & universities alike – so i can build the best intelligence into my business.

    I had planned to do this last year – but some unforeseen circumstances got in the way.

    But this year its coming together really well. I just might be able to hit NYC by end-October 2014.

    Fingers crossed.

  112. avatar

    Taking action right now! First time ever leaving a comment. I want to build more confidence so I can build up everything else.
    Visit my blog. I have some cheesy quotes there just for you.

  113. avatar

    My biggest issue, the goal that I’m stuck worst on right now, is my weight. Yeah, I legitimately do have a relatively big frame, but no two ways about it – I’m fat. 265 pounds at 6’1″. Down from an all-time high of ~295 over the past several years, and in the past year or so I’ve been better about what I eat and much better about working out – I’m considerably stronger and faster, with better endurance, than at any time since I got out of the Navy back in ’97. Clothes are fitting better, too – I’m down 6″ around the waist in the past year. But I’ve lost a whopping 2 pounds in the past 6 months. My wife has lost 31.

    Thing is, I *KNOW* what to do about losing weight. I understand that in order to lose weight, keep better control of my blood sugar, properly fuel my efforts at physical fitness, etc., I *MUST* eat properly. And still I find myself cheating. If the opportunity exists at all, and in modern-day America the opportunity ALWAYS exists for anyone making a reasonable income, it’s like there’s something inside of me compelling me to do things that will make me feel horrible afterward. To eat far more than I need, of all the things that I should have very little of. It’s frustrating to have so little self-control.

  114. avatar

    Achieving a really high monthly and yearly revenue goal as our business becomes more transactional (less subscription focused).

    With just over half the year left, I’m at 30% of my annual goal. For June, I’m at 37% of my monthly goal. This is consistent for all 3 sales reps that run the business in Western US, Eastern US and EU.

  115. avatar

    In the last year I’ve accomplish more than I ever thought possible. I lost 160 pounds, I became supported by my writing, speaking and coaching. We moved from Wisconsin to Maui. It’s been a good year. Now I’m kind of like “what’s next?” Kind stuck in limbo. I do know that I want to grow my business, outside of that working on some new crazier goals.

  116. avatar

    Outside of my job, I struggle with the ability to let myself “write shitty first drafts”. I’m re-entering the freelance world after a long hiatus, and it’s sort of hilarious how difficult it is for me to do things now that I had no problem with as a teenager, simply because I didn’t know any better then.

  117. avatar
    Kathryn V.

    Hi Ramit!

    I actually laughed out loud when I read this email! Yesyesyes! I can totally relate to your irritation at “feel good” platitudes that don’t come with a practical call to action!

    The BIGGEST problem I had for years was trying to come up with an idea that was MATCHED BY A NEED in the marketplace. But by taking action- even tiny little steps- I stumbled upon my product and am busily implementing the steps I need to take to get it into the market… step at a time. I am almost there, and am pretty excited about the future. (And this is after grinding away in a job I am really good at, but frankly loathe as I am bored to tears.) I’ll keep y’all posted! Woot!

  118. avatar

    Test taking– I am preparing for the USMLE’s ( US medical licensing examination) and want to be a top performer, though I have trouble finding a coach other than students who each have their own unique learning style.

  119. avatar

    I am inept at self-promotion.

  120. avatar

    I want to be a real estate developer and landlord. I want to build or refurbish decent low cost housing for low to middle income people and provide it to them for a decent price that would yield me a small profit on each unit and have so many units that the total profit would be enough to support myself and my family.

    I have been overwhelmed because I did not know where to start. But, I took your advice and asked a local real estate developer/landlord if I could buy him coffee (or lunch) and have him tell me how he became successful. He said he’d be happy to meet with me. I expect to meet with him in the next couple of weeks.

  121. avatar

    In a few weeks I will find out if I’ve passed my degree. So big step: what career do I want and how do I get it? Luckily I’m not in the position where I have to take the first crappy job I find so my plan is to use my contacts to gain work experience in lots of different fields until I find something that fits and hopefully by that point I’ll know who to know (or already know them) and have a good chance of doing well. Fingers crossed!

  122. avatar

    Hi i really struggle taking consistent action because i have a debitating illness
    Sometimes i can
    Sometimes i cant
    I do love inspiration quotes becuase sometimes they cheer me up
    It can be hard to find a postive voice sometimes
    Im trying to take consistent action on the right things not the wrongs things because in the short term they seem good
    I am trying ingrain a an action habit not something else

  123. avatar
    Anya L

    I have started and lost steam learning Arabic about 5 times now. I even lived in the Middle East, but in a community doing work in English, and did not focus much on language acquisition. I have had a string of really disappointing teachers, and the one year I had amazing teachers I actually made a lot of progress. Great teachers make things easier for sure, but until I find another one, I could at least be doing vocabulary drills and maintaining the level I have already achieved, but with no fluency in sight, it is very difficult to motivate.

  124. avatar
    Jody Wynnyk

    I want to sway the oil companies to practice safer drilling practices. I’m from Alberta, Canada and the oil companies in Northern Alberta are tearing up the place and poisoning citizens and fast facilitating the extinction rates of flora and fauna in the process. I’ve always been a proud Canadian (even though I now live in Portland, OR), but my pride has diminished significantly since the Canadian government has not only been condoning bad behavior, but inviting it.

    I went through Dream Job a few years back and it greatly benefited me professionally and now I’m applying the same techniques to my new hobby: fighting the oil companies! The biggest challenge is dealing with an industry that has had little moral accountability. In my personal life, low moral accountability in others is usually my cue to pass on that particular situation and to instead, align myself with individuals whose morals are closer aligned to my own. If I were to practice that same technique with the oil companies…my venture would have been short lived.

    Any advice on dealing with individuals, organizations or industries with vastly different value systems would be greatly appreciated!

  125. avatar
    David Herz

    I want to be President of the United States of America, but it seems a pretty big goal, and I haven’t built the organization to make it happen, or am even sure of all the steps that are necessary. I guess the biggest obstacle is first creating the plan to make that happen, and then relating to it like it’s really possible.

  126. avatar

    My dreams are the following:

    Be debt free
    Have a fulfilling, flexible career that allows me to be independent
    Go to law school
    Travel frequently

  127. avatar

    I’m working toward being fully self-employed and debt-free…two huge goals.

  128. avatar

    My goals are to increase my income by 10% over this next year. I make a decent amount of money now, but I seem to be stuck. Finding it difficult to grow into the next level.

  129. avatar

    My goals is simply to finish music

  130. avatar

    I feel stuck with school. I am currently working on my prereqs for nursing but I’m not really sure if I want to do it. I have worked several jobs over the past couple years and quickly got tired of jobs that did not challenge me. I picked nursing because it makes a decent amount of money, especially compared to what I am currently making and I want to help people. I feel stuck because I don’t know what to do if I stop going to school. I don’t want to continue with dead-end jobs that don’t fulfill me.

  131. avatar
    Jarod Billingslea

    So let me start with my background. I’ve been a college graduate for 1.6 years now, I haven’t found a job, and I’ve never worked a job. But about 3 weeks ago, I started networking for the first time ever to start finding a job, and I’ve met with 3 people so far.

    Now my problem is I’m still learning how the job search process works as I network with people in my industry, but I’m uncertain about how I’m going to actually go from networking to suddenly being interviewed. And I would gladly buy the course, but I’m not financially stable to save up $299, so I have to use the free material. It would be great if you could create a visual flow of how the job search strategy and share it with your readers – especially how we can go from networking to suddenly being interviewed by the company hiring manager.

  132. avatar

    My goal is to get organized and out of debt

  133. avatar

    I want to (and will) travel to France and around Europe to learn more about wine regions and visit vineyards and tasting rooms all over Europe at the greatest wine producers and houses around.

    • avatar

      Don’t forget about your local region’s vineyeards, visits to a local wine bar, and try something new. 🙂

  134. avatar

    I am basically overwhelmed by life at this moment. About six months ago, I checked out of life. I was depressed, miserable, and needed to take some time to figure myself out (and yes, I know that you hate that saying–I listened to the webinar). I’ve done the figuring out, the best that I can and now it’s time to act. Unfortunately, I’m buried so far, I don’t know how to come up for air anymore. Plus, with all of the “figuring out” I’m still torn. Do I want to continue working from home and making my own schedule so that I am able to devote the time to my kids? Or, do I want to have a corporate job where I feel intellectually stimulated and challenged?
    On top of all of this, my financial situation is crap. In fact, my Jeep just got taken last night (even though I paid the payment, they didn’t get it in time, and now I am responsible for double the amount). I am living with my mother and in my ex husband’s old house (until the foreclosure process is completed).
    So…my list,
    Be financially stable (not paycheck to paycheck and still have money left over for some extras)
    Have a career that makes me happy
    Not be reliant upon anyone

  135. avatar

    I thought I was just being cynical when I “Bah hum bugged” all the inspirational quotes of the day.
    Really its irritating when it leads to nothing.
    I’m no stranger to starting a business. Brick and Mortar. Im at a point where I want to be healthy with my work and trying to reinvent myself without feeling judged.
    Sitting at a computer for long periods is very unhealthy yet the computer is where I need to be for business. I’m currently interviewing and shadowing some people in industries that are below my potential but allow me to be away from the computer.

  136. avatar
    Wajid Khan

    Want to start the online business by the end of this year. There are other priorities right now.

  137. avatar

    My biggest goal is to pay off some debt, earn more money and start investing more. I want to produce a record that charts.

    • avatar

      That’s funny! I want to write/record a record that charts. 🙂

  138. avatar
    John Mac

    After recovering from an auto accident, I’m developing some applications (mobile and server-related) that I hope will get me out of debt and onto a solid “self-employed” status. I have studied to do the programming myself but have been pushed to the realization that I will never be the programmer skilled enough to finish them – any of them. So the project has lost forward momentum as I search for a programmer and fellow developer now that’s it’s obvious I need to be a team instead.

  139. avatar

    I don’t understand why so much hate for inspirational quotes. I truly believe in the idea behind “The Secret”. I believe thoughts are things. I believe in the “millionaire mindset”. I believe in affirmations and positive thinking. I not only believe in it, I feel like I am a byproduct of it. About 15 years ago, I ran away from an abusive relationship and came to San Diego, CA with nothing but the shirt on my back. I stayed in my dad’s garage for awhile, then I stayed in my friend’s garage for awhile, then lived on my sister’s couch for awhile. With a positive attitude, and a planner full of inspirational quotes by my ‘role models’ that I accumulated over the years, I went out and got a job. Then I doubled my income. Then I doubled my income again, and then again. I had some set-backs along the way, but every time life kicked me down I got back up and tried again.
    Right now, I own a home in San Diego worth about half-a-million dollars, and I make more money than roughly 75% of Americans.
    I think that most of you are missing the point here. I was raised in a poor family. We were on welfare and food-stamps when I was a kid. When you live in poverty, you by default, gain a “poor” perspective on life in general, unless you take measures to “rise above” your situation. Elements involved in this process include believing in yourself, in your future, and believing that its possible to be a success. That is where all this “inspirational mumbo jumbo” comes in. I think its harder for someone to rise from poverty to wealth than it is for someone from a well-off family to become a success on their own. Its not just because of their connections, resources, and finances, but because of their attitude and their beliefs. Inspirational quotes, and affirmations and the like are all tools to help an individual create their own attitudes and beliefs towards money and success, rather than having it imposed upon them without question. It allows them to create, in a sense, their own little bubble of existence in which they can use the resources within themselves to “manifest” a new reality; despite all the negativity possibly going on around them. When the path seems arduous and the outlook seems dim, that is when you need to draw from any and all of those “inspirational” gems to find the courage and fortitude to keep climbing that hill.
    Now, to address your call to action, where I am “stuck” is in my inability to walk away from a successful, high-paying career in order to pursue the daunting task or entrepreneurship. This is the “action” that I am failing to take. But I think that it stems mostly from my apprehension of the unknown in being “self-employed”. I think it has very little to do with my possible addiction to Pinterest (aka “inspiration junkie!”)

  140. avatar

    Right now I have way to many big goals and dreams that it is hard to bring them down to earth. I feel like they could be attainable, but I have to decide on a few important ones, figure out the first steps and commit to them. I just graduated this spring, moved back home and have a job interview tomorrow. Hopefully it goes well and I could at least save up some money while I am trying to figure myself out! I guess the main things are that I want to quit quitting, I want to create a kick ass online presence so that my online jewelry boutique will be a successful, and my largest goal is to become a full time musician/entertainer. I have played music basically my whole life and I write songs, but I’ve always been to scared to perform or to just go for it.

  141. avatar

    I like working on solve social/environmental problems. I have a lot of experience in this field and a broad knowledge, but I haven’t been able to focus in one area. I am trying to narrow my focus, but keep getting distracted by the many opportunities & directions in which to head.

    • avatar

      same for me…and I always was in the lousy paid pilot projects because I loved to be on the edge of science …those projects were not continued …if the stream of work was continued some years later it was done by the mainstream consultancy much better pay and long term contracts

  142. avatar

    I would say that inspirational quotes may be cheesy and short-term motivator boosters but they work for the time being. Many times, this is just what people need to boost their confidence or get them unstuck. I feel like I’m stuck from the loss of confidence of being accepted into the right program for my second degree. I have the motivation but through my first degree, I have lost the confidence in being accepted into something I am passionate about due to the always being rejected into the things that I want.

  143. avatar

    I have a full time job and family but have been trying to make a direct sales side job work for almost 3 years and am no closer to my goals now than I was when I started. I actually may be further away. The company I work with has a great business plan, more than reasonable compensation but you have to actually be successful in the business to take advantage of that. I am frustrated and discouraged that I can’t make the basic principles work. I consider myself a reasonably motivated and hard working individual and this is truly one of the first times where hard work has not paid off. I don’t want to quit, but I want this business to work.

  144. avatar

    my biggest challenge is to start at almost 44 a career in development co-operation with out the right network I have been meandering around in the field for nearly 17 years without real success and wanted to get out of the business because it is really competitive and badly paid and I have so many hobbies to focus on…but I like to travel to developing countries, start pilot projects and can not imagine any other job…so I will try it again…

    in my personal life I will settle with a partner who supports me and likes my dogs…I have been living alone for a long time being comfortable with being responsible for everything but now i would like to share this comfort with somebody

  145. avatar

    1. Complete my ‘Suck Less at Logo Design’ video course. I’ve learned so much about Keynote and Screenflow in the past 4 months, and making progress.
    2. Jumpstart my new blog so I will have a tribe of Graphic Designers to sell my online video courses to:
    3. Trying to grow my freaking mailing list!! But I know this is a marathon, not a sprint..
    4. My 20,000 ft goal is to create multiple streams of revenue, NOT JUST Design services, I’ve been doing this 20 yrs now, and I long to break into the holy grail of business: Passive Income.

    Thanks for the post, Ramit.
    – Your Creative Junkie

  146. avatar

    One of my big goals is to find a new job and eventually start my own business. Another big one is learning to be confident in social/networking situations.

  147. avatar

    I want to finish the story I’ve been working on for more than a year and get it published!

  148. avatar

    putting systems in place to lose weight (started boxing class, and another workout class), growing my sales (in real estate and side business) and managing excess cash into different investments. Motivation gets you only so far.. its the systems that make it work.

  149. avatar

    I excel at helping people realize their dreams as a landscape architect, but my current “stuck” is figuring out how to combine my two passions: landscape design and real estate. I’m currently working in both fields, but feeling like I’m living dual lives.

    Can’t figure out how to package the two together so they work in sync, AND…the important part…clearly and succinctly explain what I do so people don’t go “ok, so you’re a landscape architect, but you also are a real estate agent…” Insert head scratch here.

  150. avatar

    I am a full time college student, even though I like college, but deep down inside I want to create my own business in the medical field and I think that college is not helping me in that dream. I have plans to create a product but I just feel like lazy bumb to work on it. You are so right that inspiration is not the whole story, you gotta put action behind words. Another thing I want to do is to create a youtube channel and have a way to express myself to the world in a unique way.

  151. avatar

    Work/Life Balance. As a comedian working my way up the ranks, I’m thrilled to get to do what I love, but sometimes I feel like I’m not spending enough time on relationships and personal life, and I wonder what a better way to maintain a balance would be.

  152. avatar

    I’m trying to get my makeup business going and I love all the products in selling but for some reason whenever I’m talking about it to anyone or posting on Facebook it comes off super gimmicky and a little spammy. How do I get people interested while still maintaining some authenticity? I genuinely like what I’m selling, so why am I so awkward at it?

  153. avatar

    Become a better public speaker.

    I’ve long been afraid of public speaking and want to become better at it for career advancement/self-props.

    I know what I need to do to get better, but–classic–I’m not doing it. That’s not to say I don’t try; I always jump at the chance to participate in an event ONLY if it’s a last minute thing. What this affords me is the luxury of not having time to get nervous beforehand. However, this backfires because I know one of the best methods to become a better public speaker is thorough PREPARATION. Thus, I often look like an idiot because my mind goes blank and it all just comes off really shitty.

    I believe it’s a strong possibility that Ramit would tell me to get a therapist, but if I prepare in advance for a speech, I get so nervous I’m shaking and my throat is as dry as a nun’s bed sheets by the time I’m in front of people. You may say, “Go to Toastmasters.” Obviously, I’ve thought of this; I’ve told myself time after time that I’m going to go to one meeting. Nope, can’t get myself to actually do it. Stuck.

    Thanks for reading.

  154. avatar
    James Gorman

    My goal is to write a Crowd Funding Campaign for our new product. Ready for the pass/fail test. The product works, I know this. It does what we say it will do. It proposes a new use or method for bicycling that is not currently known. Writing concise compelling script that appeals worldwide makes me babble- I’m not the best writer anyway, and being an engineer I get into the weeds really quick. And the questions of launch: Do I have enough connections? Stuck.

  155. avatar

    My goal is to move from web development, which I do now, to web app/software development. It’s quite a big change, and sometimes it’s hard not to get discouraged seeing all the jobs I’d love to be doing that I’m deeply underqualified for. I’m working to continue growing my skills, and I’ll get there eventually, but some days I just get really down about it.

  156. avatar

    what i’d like to accomplish is to speak up for myself and have confidence. If I could do that and then figure out what I love to do while finding motivation…then I feel i’d feel and be awesome

    • avatar

      i want to stop being afraid of success and afraid of failure

  157. avatar

    1. building self-confidence
    2. learning how to be in a good, healthy relationship
    3. maintaining a positive attitude

    I feel like there’s always the initial urge to do it, but somehow don’t end up sticking with it or know a good plan

  158. avatar

    I so appreciate the no b.s. approach of this site. Partly with the inspiration here, I quit whining about not being in shape and joined a Krav Maga school. I am in better shape than I’ve ever been, and having a great time doing it. Just because I decided to shut up and do it. Just got back from a heavy bags class and feel great.

  159. avatar

    Take action on my plan. Follow through. I want to build a business that I enjoy doing and add value to other’s lives. And make profit $1000.00 each month for the first year. Then increase profit at least $12,000.00 each year for 5 year in a row. Also, truly live a rich life with freedom to take time off and enjoy life.

  160. avatar
    Wahid Chowdhury

    Hi Ramit,
    Inspiration is indeed vital for anyone to step up and take action. Same goes for me! However, I’m in a situation right now where I have been trying to find an internship since the last seven months. I looked into my college career services for assistance and applied to over 300+ positions. Followed up with as many contacts I’ve made over the last 2 years or so. The result is, 3 interviews and no offers. At this stage, asking for referrals to expand my network base and seek for an opening seems far too late for a summer internship. I have 6 more months to graduate from college and my attempts to secure a full time job via an internship of relevance with my degree in finance seems more unrealistic than ever. Although I never give up on my dreams, finding inspiration and motivation after consecutive setbacks is not easy either.
    I would really appreciate a comment on how I can still pull things off and what actions I should take. Cheers.

  161. avatar

    I want to start a business. I’ve been stuck analyzing the complexity of the task instead of taking immediate action like you wrote about in your email. Breaking the habit now by taking the action of commenting what I want to change. I’ve spent too much time developing my talents and gifts and not enough time sharing them with the world in the form of socially exchangeable value. Business is the area I most want to change.

  162. avatar

    What I desreve is to travel the world, in a luxury way. I already am going to get rid of most of the junk holding me back. I am going into the enterainment world, because that is where I am going to get my story heard. I also, have my health issus, in which I will turn this into a business for me, this country is lacking in actual nutriton and good food pakeo wise.

  163. avatar

    I’ve been wanting to start a business now for months. I’ve been stuck at just getting an idea that has not been thought of already.

  164. avatar

    To finally hand in my documentation, to get pilates certified- after 3 years of working part time after my full time job- and start a mat class in tokyo where I live. The goal is teach pilates full time and help people live lives free of pain and with energy, grace and power.

  165. avatar

    My biggest priority is getting out of student loan debt. I moved to Silicon Valley w/ my significant other in 2011 and had high hopes of working my way towards that goal. However, tackling it after taking some time off to care for our youngest who had some issues during her first year of life.

    For the interim, I took advice of family/friends/colleagues to “follow my passion” in pursuing photography to hold me over. However, I think I do ok, it isn’t enough to really get my debt paid down.

    To realistically tackle my debt issue, I need a high-paying job. I’ve taken the free tips provided from IWT resources and have gone through many interview processes.. but I swear, this culture-obsessed way of hiring individuals is driving me crazy!! “You’re highly qualified but you might not be a good culture fit.”

    Deep down, I feel like I’m being penalized for choosing to be a parent. “Your qualifications look great but there is a break in your work history. We want someone with recent experience.” Seriously, in the last three years, how significant are the changes that have occurred within the various CRM systems out there?

    I have never, in my life, had trouble landing a good job until I moved here and am becoming highly discouraged. The offers I do get from recruiters is entirely laughable that they want to give me entry-level gigs, discounting my 10+ years work history–in reality, its offensive.

    I met with people I find inspiring and who have connections–they like me and ask me why I’m having such a hard time as well. I don’t know either! They’ve been kind enough to refer me out but no bites yet.

    I’m a marketer who can code. I’m stuck and this is my story.

  166. avatar
    Tom Bice

    The greatest challenge that I face today is raising funds for a trip that I am taking to the Philippines in July. I will be moving to the Philippines to help feed hungry children and their parents, and to teach others the skills that they must have to get a job, get a better paying job or start their own business.

    I am passionate in helping others and will share what I know to help change lives. I have an international non-profit ministry and getting others to support what you are doing has been a challenge for me. It can be overwhelming at times. What wisdom do you have to share if we were sitting down together?

  167. avatar

    My goals may seem counter intuitive. I want to work less. I have a great job making about $75K/yr. I can keep making more. I have hit a ceiling where, if I want to continue to grow technically in the company, I will need to make some sacrifices. But I am not willing to do that because those sacrifices are opposite my goals. I want to work less not just to work less, but so I can work more, ie. volunteer work. I already know I get more satisfaction from this volunteer work than from chasing a career.

    What I have been doing is starting a side business. I got a mentor who has a skill I don’t have and he is teaching me while we do jobs. He keeps all the money and I get trained. This is very difficult though because I have to fit it around my regular work schedule and volunteer work.

    I have been reading business books – I will Teach You to Be Rich, Personal MBA, Getting Everything You Want out of Everything You’ve Got. Also listening to and reading books about relationships, psychology – How to Win Friends and Influence People, Making Habits Breaking Habits – Why we do the things we do; The 4-Hour work week; How to Fail at Almost Anything and Still Win Big, and more on my wish list (Audible is a life saver.)

    Reading other books related to getting the most out of minimum input – to still get results and save time.

    Paid off credit card debt. Now using credit cards for purchases. Next need to set up envelope system.

    Just applied for a new job. Hoping to negotiate work days, time if they offer the job. We will see.

  168. avatar

    Thanks to what I learned in Earn 1k, I make between $1200- 2500 per month while still working full time. My goal is to scale it up to replace my full time salary by March 31st of next year.

  169. avatar

    My most overwhelming goal is taking a new career path and getting my side not so profitable consulting gig to produce money. I do not want to chained in the 9-5 rat race. I have been learning my strengths and playing to them rather than over exaggerating my weaknesses. As for inspiration quotes I for longest time was a Inspiration Junkie I would read them post them everywhere at work yet my life still sucked. haha.

    However, I am still at times very anxious about taking the path less traveled I feel happy in my life because I am working towards my dreams. In my work area at home I have positive statements e.g. I am financially free, If I don’t work toward my goals I will be unhappy and my life will suck.etc… I also have action steps I need to do posted all over the wall by my computer such as join Toastmasters, reach out to a successful peer for advice and so on. Some days I still feel stuck but I am working on that.

  170. avatar

    How do you break the inertia of a really high paying job you have worked for 20 years to achieve only to find it a boring, soulless, sucking vortex of politics and mediocrity? It’s like being stuck in quicksand while your brain slowly turns to mush. I am in my mid-40’s with bills and commitments to match so starting over while my children eat ramen out of a styrofoam cup is the height of self-indulgent stupidity. Continue the slog until death? Man, I hope not. There has to be something I am missing.

  171. avatar

    My background & goals:
    I’m a first-generation 22 year old who recently graduated with my associate’s degree 2 weeks ago. I’m building my fashion career (modeling, fashion styling, and a small fashion line), working towards getting out of debt, and moving out of my parent’s place. I cleared one credit card and was looking forward to clearing the other 2 cards I maxed out because of school.
    Sweet right!? I’m totally on my way to financial freedom and living life good!
    Not to mention I also booked a trip to Vegas in 2 weeks to celebrate graduating college.

    The situation:
    After a week of graduating, I lost my job… my main source of income. They fired me because of my hair and hired someone else for full-time when I had been requesting to work more.
    I never got a warning or heads up that they were letting me go. As a temp, you can’t really fight getting “wrongfully terminated” and you would need to prove your “civil rights” were violated.
    Then a couple days after my last shift I got a DUI.
    Yup! Life happened people.

    Taking action:
    Both situations were unexpected… and majorly make life suck.

    It’s easy to get depressed about it or ignore the situation; I’ve taken a step back from building my business to just getting a steady day job. I’m still doing photo shoots that help my modeling book and liquor promotions so that my modeling career can keep going. I’m cutting expenses (gym memberships, nails done, I barely eat haha, and when I drink I’m balling on PBR) and actively applying/brainstorming job options. For the DUI, I’m getting an attorney and using whatever I currently have (whatever available credit I have, my unsecured line of credit, and use the card I cleared debt to afford my attorney and DUI bs. If worse comes to worse– open another card or lending club). I am fortunate that my case is not that bad… no one was hurt. I was barely over the limit but sadly still over to get screwed over by the law. It could have been worse. Looking forward to my attorney guiding me out of this mess.

    So right now, despite all that, I’m making life work. I can’t financially go to my parents or anyone for my financial (or emotional) problems. Even if they could help me, that doesn’t change the habit or POV of how to handle the situation like an adult. I’ve thought it over and these flat tires are just a very pain in the ass roadblock that I need to handle.

    I’m going to enjoy the bumpy ride and keep positive; so when I’m out of this mess I can laugh at what my dumbass 22 year old self did and enjoy getting past that stage of my life. 🙂


    BTW.. I’m still going to Vegas. I will just have the poor unfortunate scenario of not spending or barely spending anything.. just enjoy it for what it is. 🙂

  172. avatar

    I have no problem with inspiration images or quotes and posting them if you feel it fits your branding on your social media.

    However, people probably shouldn’t build their future on lies and need to take a look at what they’re working with to get where they want to go. Small steps in the right direction!

  173. avatar

    To start a business. A job and a 2 year old is holding me back

  174. avatar

    I want to start freelancing for money. I’m a student, and I’ve done a couple of half-hearted jobs for free before, but I want to start using my skills to make money. Even though I know that I know a lot about my area, I have no idea how to go out and get clients–the prospect of putting myself out there terrifies me. (I’d sign up for Earn1K, but I don’t even have $999 to my own name.)

  175. avatar

    Straight up trying to find time to get everything done. My entire life is overwhelming. I have bitten off more than I can chew and the To Do list is starting to cause paralysis. But I’m breaking it down into baby steps and doing things in prioritized order. So I don’t know if this counts or not.

    I’d just like to get up one day and not feel like I was perpetually behind the 8 ball.

  176. avatar

    One of my biggest goals and one I’m working on is, paying of student loan debt. I have a little over 6 grand which I plan on paying off by December 2014. After that I’d love to find my true passion/dream job and lastly, I’d love to travel the world.

  177. avatar

    Due to some unfortunate timing and circumstances, I am in the middle of starting my own business and paying off my student loan debt. Having trouble deciding where to channel my money so that I have a successful business and good personal credit.

    • avatar

      Channel the money into your business first. Grow your business by maximizing cash flow and limiting your business expenses. As you grow your cash flow from your business, keep setting aside money to pay off your student loan balance. Pay off the student loan balance slow and get the tax break on interest paid. Grow your business quick; you’ll be glad you did!

  178. avatar
    Brandon Ochoa

    Hey Ramit, lately I have been in a funk after accomplishing my goals, which felt great, but left me without goals to work towards. Right now my goal is to start writing articles again for my website and my third party publication I landed. I stopped doing that after I landed a spot on the publication and started receiving as much traffic as I wanted. I need to keep pushing towards bigger goals when I accomplish them. Also, next week I begin my first internship and also my first management position. My goal for that is to set the precedence in the first few days and act like a true leader to my teammates and encourage everyone to hit the sales goals set out by the regional manager. A life goal I want to accomplish is to keep thinking positive and always stay working towards something whil remaining happy with what I have. Ramit, thank you for inspiring me week in and out with your emails and you have truly inspired me to take action with my life and I can’t wait to see what will come out if it, because so far because of your advice I have, started my own website, got on a big website as a writer, and got a management position in a great internship that flew my across the country for training with all expenses paid. Truly Ramit, thanks.



  179. avatar
    Sharon Marrell

    It’s so funny I saw that saying yesterday pasted on a car! yeh whatever…I agree they represent no action, just being stuck in your head! I’m at a plateau in my business, and I want to leap into the next phase, level, whatever you want to call it. I see something bigger that I want to build for people. I have a lot of great ideas but not enough people or money to pay people to carry it out. It’s like a catch 22. That’s where I’m stuck.

  180. avatar

    Hey Ramit,

    I have been a long time reader of your blog. For years I had been stuck in a dead end job and picturing the next step forward was almost impossible. So after ensuring that I had enough money in the bank, I finally mustered up the courage to quit my job and start experimenting. I have been networking, volunteering and doing a lot of other things that interest me and slowly I can now see a road-map evolve of what I want to be doing in the long term and whats even better is that I have started to earn money doing these things.

    I was an inspirational junkie for a really long time. It was one of the few things that gave me some comfort while sitting in front of the computer at work. I was the go-to-person for quotes in my circle of friends and almost everyday I would send them an email with an inspirational quote. What ultimately made the difference was finally getting off my ass and doing something about it. Inspiration can only do so much. Until you start taking action nothing is going to change except for you feeling “inspired” for 5-10 minutes everyday.

    Whats even better, focusing on one thing and taking action i.e. my career has ended up positively impacting my social skills, my confidence and a few other aspects as I had to get out of my comfort zone in order to reach out to people and talk to them.

    Ironically enough, I realized today morning that it has been a while since I emailed anyone an inspirational quote and lo and behold, your email was sitting in my inbox! Talk about timing!

  181. avatar

    One of my goals is to get out debt ,by investing in real starting point is tax liens,tax deeds and learning more about different types of investments.

  182. avatar
    Rajiv Nelvoy

    I want to transform myself. I know that’s very vague. But I want to be a better version of myself now. I read the book “So good they can’t ignore you” by Cal Newport and I realized that I have never achieved mastery over anything in my life. I want to build systems so I am forming better habits and leading a happier life. I want to follow through when things get tough instead of chickening out. I have a lot of things I use to escape. Alcohol, dumbass YouTube videos and my relationship are the main ones. I want to stop being a sad drinker. I want to gain the skill of focus. I want to set a career path for myself. I want to pay off my student loans within the next two years. And that will just be the start

  183. avatar

    I want to be debt free from my 25K in 2-year-old defaulted student loans.

    In my personal life, I want to finally speak C1 level French (I’m already very close), be fluent in a fourth, non-romance language, and have visited every continent by 30.

  184. avatar

    My goals are: make more money, less pressure from work, more fulfilling relationships, feel loved and appreciated by others, fulfilling romantic relationship, buy a home, have children, travel, lose weight and be debt free.

    I go through highs and lows with my emotions and satisfaction in life and where I am. I feel like where I am is not good enough and I feel ashamed for where I am in my life. I have my own place, car, pay my own bills, have a MA degree.. But I always feel empty. I’m waiting for the moment when I can say, yes life works for me, life is good.. maybe that it just a fantasy, and life is a series of ups and downs.

  185. avatar

    Fear stops me every time.

  186. avatar

    My biggest concern that almost prevented me from pursuing my Masters and future doctorate in Oriental Medicine to become a licensed acupuncturist (which encompasses much more than acupuncture) and eventually a doctor was the opportunity cost & fear of not breaking even or making a revenue. I got over this fear and am giving all of my energies towards this education and am doing great in school. I left a career in digital marketing to move towards my calling. I need to apply my previous career & personality skills toward building my network and future clinic/practice/wellness association.

  187. avatar

    I want to start a successful career and continue to play rugby on a nationally competitive level. I have a bachelors in exercise science, and can’t find a decent paying entry-level job in finance,sales, etc. so I can actually save money. I also just dislocated my shoulder preseason and can’t find a job to pay for my physical therapy. I’m stuck and am digging a hole for myself.

  188. avatar
    Leila S.

    My biggest frustration at the moment is not having the will power to follow up with the distance learning course I signed up for 2 years ago ! This course would help me with the career change I have dreamed of and have been talking about for ages (from the world of finance to the environmental sector). Sometimes I just want to kick myself for being all talk and no action. Plus I am losing credibility towards my friends and family. I really don’t know how to go about this.

  189. avatar

    Start and earning from my business.

  190. avatar

    You always know how make feel crappy about myself – that’s a good thing because I have become lazy and scared of succeeding. Like everyone else, my goal is to make more money. But, I first need to find something I’m really good at because I feel like I am good at a lot of things but just average good – not really good.
    Goal no.2: Become more self-confident.
    Goal no.3: Health and fitness.

    I’m stuck in a rut and I need your help Ramit.

  191. avatar

    I love making art but just can’t seem to ever make enough time for it. Art is the thing i end up with every time when thinking about what inspires me and what i want to do. Running an internet startup takes 90% of my time and 110% of the energy. Sometimes i manage to organize stuff so i can have some time for making art, but soon it fills up with stuff to do for startup. I can make small income from art, but nothing that would support my family. Allocating more time there would make sense, but it never seems so urgent as other stuff on to do list.

  192. avatar

    I would love to be at a job that I really like doing, where I can see that I am having an impact on improving people’s life, and not just making money. I just started working a year back and I still have that idealist streak in me, which I am sure will die out in another few years’ time, bogged down by the pressures of life. The problem is I don’t really know what job I want and I would love to know if there is a way to find that out without resorting to trial and error.

  193. avatar

    Ramit: The one area of my life where I want to accomplish something big is to save enough money for a down payment so I can buy a small business to run. Two things, however, are preventing me from taking that leap. The first issue is I have over $15,000 in debt – student loan, credit card balance, and auto loan. I feel like if I can get out of those debts quickly, the money I save can be applied toward a down payment on a small business. The second issue is fear; the fear of failing when taking such a huge risk such as owning a small business when I’ve never run a business before. I don’t know why I have this fear and what I need to do to overcome it. Thanks for posting this, Ramit!

  194. avatar
    Bret S.

    About four months ago I set myself the modest (I thought) goal of selecting a career, and then coming up with a plan of action for proceeding down that career path and implementing it. 3.9 months later, I am still dithering. “Stuck” is the perfect word to describe it.

  195. avatar

    My area is friendships. I want to make a lot of friends and increase my social skills. At the moment I lack the confidence to talk to people because I’m afraid they won’t like me. I’m in a new city and I don’t know many people. This is HUGE for me, and the main area I always hope you’ll build a course around. I have seen your videos about taking a systematic approach to logging what works and what doesn’t, but I have yet to take action. I lack confidence in my ability to identify the correct path to go down, and as a result I am paralysed in terms of what to focus on. Should I read this book? Should I learn game? Should I sign up for a meetup group or go to toastmasters? I’m frustrated by my lack of progress, when I’m seeing success in other areas of my life.

    • avatar

      Hey hey why don’t you begin on social networks and then gradually from there go into the real world? It also helps to visualize the confident version of yourself and to try and get in touch with that version 🙂

  196. avatar

    My goal is to move to NYC and be able to live well. I need to be able to support myself and have a halfway decent apartment in a safe neighborhood. I got myself completely out of debt and was able to save up some money, but the hard part now is that I need to find more lucrative better job/career before I make the move. I can save up until the cows come home, but I feel it’s unwise to make that jump until I have better earning potential.

  197. avatar
    Christian Delgado

    First: Im from Chile and living in New Zealand for 5 years. I’ve got a degree in business and finance(in Chile) but I’m still doing jobs in hospitality and construction (in New Zealand). I’ve been in a couple of job interviews (business and office related) but nothing. This year my goal is land a job related with finance (or at least an office job where I can get my foot in the door) but really I dont know how to land it. Been applying through but I know that this is not enough. Need to have a system but Im useless in that topic

    Second: I need to lose those last 10 kilos in order to get my dreamed body

    Third: I need to overcome a breakup that really broke my heart in a thousand pieces

  198. avatar

    Thank you for your email today. I am someone who searches out and posts inspirational messages. I also send them to friends on every day type days and challenging days. I agree that doing that alone is not sufficient. However, some of these quotes have become mantras during daily meditation or in tough situations. I have recently begun my goal to reach others via my blog and become a motivational speaker. I say I am going to try new things and I do just that.
    Thank you for reminding me to take action. The next time I devote time to seeking out inspiration, I will commit to writing a new blog post.

  199. avatar

    Thanks for keeping it real, Ramsi.
    I struggle on a daily basis of removing ridiculous conditioned thinking from my brain – very much related to being raised by “inspiration junkies” and surrounded by new wave gurus that could not serve as real mentors for me, moreso as inspiration to drastically do the opposite of what they had, and create the life I wanted.
    Two years ago I left my high-paying career in advertising to start my B2B food business about 18 months ago – in France. Yes, in the country of food, I started an import and export business working with independent premium food and beverage producers. We work with all major European countries, and we trade across European borders. We respond to specific niche markets, but I believe we are ahead of the curve…
    The concept we have crafted is gorgeous on paper, but our cold hard results are less than gorgeous.
    We have amazing products that our customers rave about – but they buy in small orders – not yet buying in truckloads.
    We have products that consumers are very satisfied with – but our customers remain vigilant and prefer to “test” products before buying in mass quantities.
    Meanwhile, I keep getting caught up in this sort of security mechanism that I developed; call it escapist dreaming. Call it “head in the clouds” but I keep expect the big, game-changing orders to rain down.
    When things get tough, I want to look at pretty images of the house I want to buy on Pinterest; I want to post images to stupid boards that take me no closer to my goal, yet it feels so comfortable to dream.
    It is not that I want to “stop” dreaming, because it is essential to creativity, but I want to have at least 1 foot on the ground and take serious, consistent, everyday actions to get me where I want to go.
    I often ask myself, “is it just doing business in France” or “is it just sleepy Europe and the financial crisis” that is weighing heavily on the success I am trying to create? But what if it is me? And my crappy, childish perspective?
    How can I re-train myself to think and ACT like a business mogul?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

    Kind regards,


  200. avatar

    I’m 77 and have been to many conferences where I’ve heard motivational speakers spouting rubbish.
    Thanks for your down to earth practical advice!
    My biggest challenge is to be a good and loving caregiver to my wife who is ten years down the line with Alzheimer’s. We still travel, entertain. attend shows and concerts and live one day at a time.
    Keep up your good work!

  201. avatar
    Lindnkosi Mnyandu

    I am trying to open an IT company, but I am stuck because not a lot of people or banks want to give a business loan to a 21 year old with no house, no car or anything valuable under their name, inspiration came the day I watched called social networks, a story about Mark Zukerburg, the more research I make on how to start a business the more I realize how clueless about the business world.

  202. avatar

    Hey hey why don’t you begin on social networks and then gradually from there go into the real world? It also helps to visualize the confident version of yourself and to try and get in touch with that version 🙂

  203. avatar

    At first glance, firing the social media firm probably made your goal even more overwhelming since you were left with yet another task to do yourself instead of delegating. Ramit, it would help if you could describe how you went on taking care of all this during a 24 hours day.

    As a wannabe filmmaker, feeling overwhelmed is a constant state of mind because you have to either do everything yourself or find an army of elephants and pray they’ll all understand what the destination is. Even after overcoming the bullshit about inspiration, even after taking action and becoming skilled enough to complete some of the steps, you’re still feeling overwhelmed and miles away from finishing the full film…

  204. avatar

    You are right Ramit. From childhood we are fed with “empty” inspirations – not intentionally but thinking that it helps. Parents, teachers etc. keep telling stories and quotes from various writers, folk tales, mythology and what not. They mean well to inspire you but it doesn’t help. I think this is one of the factor why we become “inspirational junkies” and don’t take actual action.

  205. avatar
    James D. McVey

    My diffulty is the same as most people I have little or no money to start my business but i did it anyway not knowing what it would take to make it go. I am learning thanks to you and a couple others. I will be success full and have you in part to thank. i am slow in implamenting some of the things i have learned, mostly because to do the cold calling stuff i need to have the confedence of a profitable business to talk about. I can be confedent in a dream, as i am, but people want proven success. I can tought amway and all that they do and what they own. but then i am not saying look at my business. you can make it work too., I am more saying, these guy’s say you can make it. give it a shot.” To me the first is most moving. and so for now i learn. Change my self and how i look at stuff and slowly things will come in to place i made my first 5 buck in profit yesterday.. I also picked up a second job so i can have a marketing account and still not worrie about paying rent.

    • avatar
      Freuds Teapot

      James, you need a dictionary or someone who proofreads your stuff, asap!

  206. avatar
    Alina Mayer

    Just wanna add something positive to this ‘I’m stuck collection’.

    I’m not stuck anywhere, my career is doing great and I do enjoy inspirational quotes once in while. My favorite is: “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be”. Btw, there are tons of people selling such quotes, nicely printed, in form of posters/postcards. Not a bad thing at all.
    However, I love your “take action” attitude, hope it’s help move a couple of lazy butts out there.
    Also, would love to see another post on that ‘let’s talk about salaries’ thing – there’s never really been a comment from you, Ramit!

    • avatar
      Alina Mayer

      aaah, once IN a while, of course. Hate typos.

  207. avatar

    Well, I am stuck at 2 important places 1) Career 2) Social

    I am a sales professional and pretty good with my target achievement but, when it comes to show the same with figures during review meeting…I suck and that leads to low confidence. Senior keep postponing and never help. I can also say i am not able to utilize my skills towards my own growth and recognition.

    Now, talking about social….Lots of friends but, I need to be more interesting and fun to be with. Hectic work have made me boring.
    Stuck and want to take an action. Ramit…Please help

  208. avatar

    I run a dance school in Oxford, England. I have an aim to rent a dance studio for my dance classes that are currently scattered in church halls and arts centres and being strangled by the limitations this has on us. My goal is to save up for rental deposit and refurb costs by next September. My classes make a small loss at the moment and I run lots of other initiatives and activities linked to the business to make ends meet. I work very long hours to keep everything ticking over and am quite overwhelmed. I don’t think it is sensible to get a loan when the business is only just keeping it’s head above water. I need to increase my income to take the next step….

  209. avatar

    Gaining confidence. I worry I’ll become arrogant, or people around me will try to pull me back down or feel like I’m leaving them behind somehow, that I’ll look like I’m bragging or showing off somehow, that any confidence I gain will feel like I’m being fake or pretending.

    Also, I’m a classic over-thinker and find myself getting stuck thinking about problems over and over from every angle, which is a waste of time and leaves me feeling bad. What I would like to do instead of that, is to shift to thinking of solutions and applying those solutions – this is the more empowering choice of the two.

  210. avatar

    I have hit a wall in my life. I am a happy stay at home wife and mother, but we are basically living paycheck to paycheck. We are not in debt, but are not coming out ahead. The degree I chose was great before kids and in a city. I now have kids and live in the middle of beautiful nowhere. I’m ready to be excited and make some actual money…just can’t figure out my next step.

  211. avatar

    Right now my biggest obstacle is finding a manufacturing company to help me set up my product. (A brain/life enhancing supplement) and I have all of the tests and info ready on it but I’m kinda stuck not knowing how to set this up or how to set up drop shipping. Also losing 30 lbs would be a nice boon.

  212. avatar

    Right now, my biggest goal is a better job and higher pay. Second would be starting my own side business and paying off my mortgage.

    The thing I find the most inspiring is not quotes but practical “here’s how I did it” stories. I take notes and try things he or she mentions in their story.

  213. avatar

    I’ll be quitting my job in the next 3 months to spend my work hours promoting and building my small sports coaching business. I’ll also be focusing on getting and keeping the real estate I already have up to par so it is sustainable and continues to be profitable.
    Even though I know the plan and am behind it and excited, I’m scared shitless a lot of the time of the change – the loss of stability of knowing I will go into work and come out with a paycheck. It will now be on me to get shit done. I’m good at it and I’ve started it small while working full time. I’ll soon have the time and energy to research, promote/market, and actually go to coach! Every step of planning and doing is a fun jump hurdle over a sunken stuck kinda scared gut.
    I feel stuck but I’m doing it. Constantly getting over feeling stuck.
    Talk to me in 3 months!

  214. avatar

    My goal is to start up a business related to promoting/marketing Japanese food, sports science/coaching and live music. I really want to do business in all of those industries or a collaboration of those 3. I do not know where to start but thought blogging would be a great start.

    I also thought a collaboration restaurant (Live Music, Sports Bar w/ Japanese Food) would make sense.
    I will continue to search, create my website by end of this week, start research and blogging to see where I can fit best. But sometimes thinking about all of it is REALLY overwhelming.

  215. avatar

    If I said synchronicity about the timing of this post, I think it might make you bleed out your eyes. Please don’t. I want to build an empire that changes the face of maternal health in the postpartum years and we have fun while we’re doing it. So when this post arrived in my inbox, let’s say my dream on Sunday night told me exactly where I’ve been holding myself up. Finally, after hearing it loud and clear, I woke up and got over it.

    I too know too much about psychology and neuroscience, hormones and physiology. So when my own subconscious said, “Hey Rebecca, want to keep repeating this pattern?” I woke up and said, “hell NO! So over it.” What do I do? Professionally, athletically, I take myself to a certain level. Right when I’m about to launch into something really big I opt out. The opt out is usually awesome, but I don’t take myself to the next level. BORING!

    So, I woke up and started over. In a major way and this time with commitment, because I know what I am doing is working and providing incredible results to people who crave it! Actions I took before reading your email: posted a cheesy quote to instagram (just kidding), then started calling every contact I’ve spoken to in the last 9 months. Also, I have some mega connections and I’m moving forward with them on projects that are totally exciting. I guess you just have to get sick of your behaviors enough and then deeply dedicate yourself to the process that works for you.

    I say this also because I’m an athlete and training for a 100M race. On a trail run today, I thought, “I’m overly ambitious and that power, I’m going to capitalize on.” If I have succeeded at multiple 50+Mile races, I can apply that strategy to my business everyday. So, I centered in, focused deeply and I’m ready to take on even my dirtiest inner asshole.

  216. avatar
    Rod Chfat

    I am struggling with English being my second language, I can not write a blog, get a good job, do YouTube videos, and so on.
    can you come up with a course to help there people who live in USA but they are not native speakers to start an online business.

  217. avatar
    Izzat Hafiz

    Hi Ramit,

    After a rough period of unemployment (around 6 months or so) things started to look up in the last couple of months. Slowly but surely, I’m moving towards some improvement in 3 areas of my life: rejuvenated my career, reduced my debts and finally date someone again (been single since 2011! God, I know.)

    Of all 3, I’d say the top would be…yeah, I’d like to be debt-free, most of all. I am at the stage of rebuilding my life now. I wish for a speedier progress, but I guess I gotta start somewhere.

  218. avatar
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  219. avatar

    Wanting to launch my business online. To much to do to little time??

  220. avatar

    I want to find my dream job, and I’ve signed up for the Dream Job Course. While I’m doing some things right, I definitely need help improving my process because I’m not getting great job offers from great companies. I want to improve my results, and I’m looking forward to understanding what I need to change in myself.

  221. avatar
    Uwaifo Constance

    the summary of my story is ; the more i push, the more things happen for me.
    Yeah, i do understand what you were trying to say, but in my opinion, i do find inspiration quotes very interesting. But, what i also know is that i need to work at every goal i have set for my self in spite of the quote .

  222. avatar

    My biggest goals this year is to separate from my husband in the best way we can for the sake of our children and to start my online business. It is big, to start something like that when going through separation but I feel that this is the way for me, that my mental barriers would decrees significantly.

  223. avatar
    Arifa Raj

    The most important thing at this moment I would like to focus is on my CAREER. And next thing is self confidence which too is needed at the same time cause they both go hand in hand.

  224. avatar

    I’m overwhelmed. I do not have time to focus on all that I want to focus on.

  225. avatar
    MANifesting Mr. Right – book – It's Never Too Late for Love – It's … –

    […] When your goal is overwhelming | I Will Teach You To Be Rich I am working on 5 books at the same time right now, and one of them I plan to turn into an animated TV show, which will produce a product (from a character in the book/show) that will help people get control of their addictions as well as anything …. I love today's email. I'm tired of all the inspirational manifesting pyramid scheme crap floating around out there. So many people making money by inspiring other people to inspire other people to inspire other people. WTF, yo? I'm stuck on … more info… […]

  226. avatar

    Two biggest goals of the year:

    Figure out why I have not been able to convince myself that meaningless spending is BURYING ME. What is it about my thick noggin that can’t comprehend that getting out of debt can’t be achieved if I’m going out to eat and spending $ on clothing. These may seem essential for some people, part of what living a rich life is about- but when you’re living paycheck to paycheck it’s not as easy to justify these expenses. I’ve spent so much time beating myself up over poor financial decisions, yet I go and make the same decisions again and again. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

    And next- I would like to be accepted in to a physician assistant program. I was working on the application so well when it first was available in April. However, my progress has stagnated. As in, I haven’t really put any effort in to it for the last month. Which is embarrassing to admit. I’m not sure if it’s laziness or fear. I applied two years ago and was rejected. I have also noticed that when I am feeling too much pressure and don’t know how to handle it in my personal dealings (like this one), I tend to feel paralyzed and do nothing. Which is ridiculous, I realize, but also not something I have been able to get up and over. You would think that since I have this acute awareness I would be able to talk myself out of my “do nothing” mentality. Not the case.

    This has been a painfully truthful post.

  227. avatar

    My goal is to write a story about biking across the state, starting in the mountains and finishing the ride at the coast. The ride was last fall. I have a file full of information, have written up parts of it, but need to organize, write the story, slim it down, submit for publication.

  228. avatar

    I want to be able to use my spare time to the fullest. I should be able to write or think creatively when I am not in a perfectly comfortable setting.

  229. avatar

    I want to pay off my debt and earn over 100,000 per year. I did the work needed to get in the door for the right company, now I have to take action in order to achieve the goals. I find myself stuck in the stage between preparation and execution.

  230. avatar

    Goal # 1 becoming more productive and stop being lazy
    Goal # 2 Get out of debt make more money

    I was once an inspirational junkie only to find myself feeling a natural high for a couple hours then needing another dose only to find myself doing the same self destructive routine

  231. avatar
    Marie @ My Personal Finance Journey

    My goal is to become a nurse. But unfortunately, that is far from now. My family forced me to take up another course which I don’t like. Well, I don’t have choice so I just followed them even it hurts me as long as they are happy.

  232. avatar

    I’m a DJ and I’m doing OK, getting regular gigs and good feedback.
    I want to write and release my own music, so that I can DJ that in my sets. I know the basics of how to do that, but I worry that it’s going to be rubbish! So I don’t do anything.. even though I know practice or at least writing SOMETHING is the key to getting there. I have some basic equipment to do it too. The only thing stopping me is myself, I’m just not sure how I can snap out of it and force myself to work on this.

  233. avatar

    This is why the title ‘life coach’ makes me cringe.. Because so many of them use words like “manifesting your energy”, “healing”, and other words which basically make me want to run out of the room and hear none of it any more.

  234. avatar

    I want to quit my day job and make educational puzzle game apps. A lot of times I feel building other people’s dream slows down my learning process. But at the same time, I am ‘addicted’ to the regular salary I get every month. Also, in general, my parents don’t support the idea of not having regular day job…

    In a couple of months or years, I hope to take the leap of faith…

  235. avatar

    I would say I’m “stuck” but I do have a big goal regarding my profesional life which I rather call “my mission”. It used to be overwhelming because I wanted to accomplish so many things and cover so many topics but now I know I have to start by ONE.

    So that’s what I am doing right now. I know I dream big and my plans are also big but I rather act small, measure the results and then keep moving forward.

  236. avatar

    Currently, I would like to get out of my current job, then embark on a job that I would be passionate about and with that new job, I hope I would be able to build the business that I want (i.e. patisserie).

  237. avatar
    Sune @ Extra Income Blogger

    My goal is to make enough extra income, to be able to do it full time and be able to leave my current job. I want to be able to make myself rich, and not work for somebody else to make them rich. I’ve been stuck for a while now, but am very ambitious now to get ‘unstuck’.

  238. avatar

    My goal is improve my social confidence by first eliminating the speech impediment that has been beleaguering me since my childhood days. Because I’m always really worried that my speech impediment will manifest itself in conversations, so it has the added hindrance of putting me in bothersome social binds.

  239. avatar

    I feel called to go into ministry at some point, but with student loans, it’s financially difficult to transition from my 6-figure salary to a potentially much lower one. Thoughts?

  240. avatar

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  241. avatar

    I have finally saved a chunk of money…now what to do with it wisely? my dream is to own a 3bd eco-friendly home in the Santa Barbara area with my partner, have a backyard with fruit trees, a vegetable garden, chickens, goats, geese, & cats. It’s sooooo expensive and beyond reach…so my goal is to find work that I love to do, both as a graphic designer and amateur farmer and create businesses that are fun, creative and cause us to grow as people while contributing to our community. All whilst healing our old athletic injuries and becoming hard core cross fit type athletes again and enjoying hiking, nature, friends, sports & local culture. A lot to wish for? Others have not only done it but much more.

  242. avatar
    Internet Guru Power Rankings June Edition! | More Than Hard Work

    […] quote is actually my favorite quote from my favorite article this week “When your goal is overwhelming“. In this article Ramit talks about cutting out the fluff and focusing on what you need to do […]

  243. avatar
    Fitness Goal app

    Hello Dear, are you genuinely visiting this website daily, if so afterward you will without doubt take good know-how.

  244. avatar
    Martin Sandoval

    I’m a 27 year old young man with a big heart and need to apply my self more In life, I’m not a know it all I have lil pride, I just need a stable home and honest income, I’m a Man with meny talents but nothing to show for, Im ready to take action! (Job) (opertunity) (comfort) thanks you

  245. avatar
    drug addicts before and after

    Inpatient or residential therapy is continuously
    the really helpful therapy sort for individuals who
    either have long-standing addictions or coexisting medical
    or psychological health situations (referred to as twin prognosis ).