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What’s on your bucket list?

Ramit Sethi

I don’t know about you, but I never really knew what to say when people asked me what was on my bucket list (if you haven’t heard the phrase before, a “bucket list” is a list of things you want to do before you die).

Common bucket list items:

  • Go skydiving
  • Live in Paris
  • Compete in a triathlon
  • Buy your parents a house
  • Swim with dolphins

All of those sound cool, but today I want to talk about BUCKET LIST vs. REALITY.

How many of us magically wish for something to happen…but do nothing about it?

This is a little politically incorrect, but I’ve promised to always be honest with you:

Your best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. So if you’ve lived to be 25, 30, 35, even 45 without doing your bucket list items…

…chances are you never will.

Here, I’ll show you exactly what I mean.

Every so often, I run a contest on my blog where I give away $1,000, or a trip to Hawaii, etc. I ask people to tell me what they’d do if they won, and I get THOUSANDS of comments.

But what happens when people don’t win? Do they figure out a way to do it anyway? Or do they just sit back, sigh, and go on with life? (“Damn, that would have been nice…”)

I decided to follow up with a few people that commented on one of my $1,000 giveaway contests and didn’t win. Watch and see.


Here’s what one reader said he would do:

“I would use the $1,001 to pay for a class on how to get over my shyness”


Even though he didn’t win, did he find a way to take the class anyway?

“I would still love to take an improv class if I could afford it… I bought a book by Neil Strauss that has given me advice on being more social. I still struggle with shyness and am still looking for something that can give me a permanent solution.”

Sadly, no. Let’s try another.

 “I would love to take a hands-on mentoring photography workshop”


Did Gabby do it?

“Not yet, but I do plan on attending a mentoring workshop this year. One of my favorite newborn photographers is thinking about coming to [my city] for a workshop, which would be great since I wouldn’t have to travel…”

Still waiting. Still delaying until something external changes.


Compare those above responses to THESE ones:

“I would take my girlfriend to Denver…we’d check out some of the best rock climbing in the world while out there”


We followed up with Dave to see if he’d done it.

“I/we did make it out to Boulder. Shortly after that post…got an offer in December. Moved to Boulder, CO on Jan. 1, 2013…The company paid for moving expenses, and the job itself came with a 26% raise, care of Ramit’s negotiation course that I bought.

I’m totally going to volunteer a bunch of information (and brag) to show how awesome my life has been since moving here:

  • Became a professionally sponsored rock climber
  • Chosen to be a member of Columbia Sportswear’s social media ambassador program (#OmniTen)
    • Free gear, all expenses paid trip to Park City, UT, all expenses paid trip to the Kingdom of Jordan
  • Website (blog) has taken off, which brought in more opportunities

And I will be starting my own business on the side this year…”

Do you see the difference? Dave didn’t NEED to win to take action. It would have been nice, but he didn’t need some outside blessing — he did it himself.

Let’s look at another one from IWT reader “Pete”:

    “I would use the $1,000 to build my side business”


Pete didn’t win, but two years later:

“My photo business has seen tremendous growth since that post. Wow, that seems so long ago. I have expanded my client roster to nearly 30 agents spanning 4 separate real estate agencies here in Green Bay. I have since left my job in marketing to go full time with my photography business, Green Bay Home Tours ( Last year, in my first full year doing photography, full time I averaged 20 homes per month. This year looks even more promising…I did get business cards, I believe shortly after I made the post. They’ve been a big help in growing my business…I am pretty proud of what I’ve built thus far, but have a long way to go.”


Losers wait for the world to give them permission to do something. Winners do it anyway.

Do you see the difference? Life doesn’t happen to you. You MAKE it happen.

Of course it would be nice to get $1,000 free. But if you don’t win, you find a way, any way.

There are so many other examples:

  • “I hope I get into XYZ college, because then, I can really…”
  • “I hope XYZ likes me, because then, I know I’ll…”
  • “I hope I get this promotion, because then, I’ll be able to…”

YOU DO IT ANYWAY. You find a way. “Waa, Ramit, that sounds easy because you went to Stanford, but I don’t have [your eyebrows/your email list/etc].” First of all, never whine to me. I’ve covered over 500 ways to get what you want over the last 10 years on my blog.

More importantly, take an honest look at your past behavior: If you’ve been claiming you want to move to Paris, or learn a new language, and you haven’t taken any action towards it…today is a GREAT day to decide:

  1. I really want to do this. Here’s what I’m going to do to get it.
  2. I actually DON’T want this. Screw it. I’m crossing it off my list (doing this is incredibly freeing)


What’s on your bucket list? It could be anything — traveling to another country, starting your own business, or getting in shape. Leave a comment below: What’s 3 things you’ve always wanted to do? And what’s held you back so far?

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about one way to make them happen.


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  1. avatar

    My three things I want to always do:
    1. Go to Grad School for psychology
    2. Get in Shape
    3. Go to Aruba

    Things holding me back
    1. I have crippling invisible scripts that says I am not capable of going to grad school, and I have a lot of anxiety when I try to study for my GRE exams. I have dedicated myself to 15 minutes 3 times a week of focused work, and have three different groups out there to hold be accountable to this. It’s exhausting just to do 15 minutes of work, and I am moving slowly, but I am moving farther now than when I was just feeling anxious.
    2. I consistently went to yoga last year 2-3 times a week, but had very little results, so I hired a personal trainer and I am using a cognitive behavioral therapy book to practice good eating habits.
    3. I am accumulating air mileage. After this quarter, I should have enough for one ticket for my husband and I to go.

  2. avatar

    1. Climb an ice-capped mountain in the Canadian Rockies with my son.
    2. Learn to surf with my daughter off the Monterey coast.
    3. Work to make my business take off so I can do 1 and 2 whenever I want.

  3. avatar
    Taylor M.

    I have a rather large bucket list, but I’ve worked hard to consistently cross those things off. Last year at this time I had three things I really wanted to do. I wanted to find a job (or create one) that I absolutely love. I wanted to go SCUBA diving. And I wanted to start a podcast. I have successfully done all three things, though not at once.

    I purchased the Earn1K course in May or June of last year. I went through it and started a relatively successful freelance business for academic editing. Turns out, I hated the work and I hated working by myself. So within three months I stopped doing that work and aggressively networked around town to land a dream job working as a Data Scientist at a startup. It’s awesome and since starting I’ve increased my salary by 10% (using some of Ramit’s tactics).

    This year, my girlfriend and I made SCUBA a priority. We were planning on going to the Grand Cayman’s this month (generous gift from her parents) and we wanted to be certified by then. We picked a place here in town and signed up just to get the ball rolling. Two weeks ago we did our checkout dives and we are now officially Open Water Divers. It’s freaking awesome.

    And lastly, the podcast was a personal thing I wanted to try to see if I liked it. I love listening to podcasts and I consistently felt I could do something like that. I had some Amazon money from birthday and just bought a decent looking microphone about a month ago. I grabbed one of my buddies and we started recording. We have 4 episodes now and later this month I’m going to start releasing them on a new domain I bought.

    Currently, my top three things on my bucket list are 1) to be debt free by the end of the year (looking real good so far. Would have gone faster if we didn’t do the SCUBA, but it was totally worth it). 2) Write, shoot, and edit a short film (progress is being made. I’ve been playing a lot with my GoPro and shot several fun videos – and been contacted by GoPro to license my footage – and am writing more screenplay-esque stuff). 3) Learn to program even better and kick ass as a Data Scientist (so far so good, I know Python pretty well and my JavaScript is improving weekly).

    This is a long comment, but it’s really amazing how far I’ve come with a year of focused effort. Ramit, your site has been a part of the driving force behind that. It’s great having weekly reminders to focus on the big wins and just fucking do it, instead of talking about it all the time. So thanks for that.

  4. avatar

    1. I want to open a ranch for abused, neglected and unwanted animals. I want to take animals that shelters turn down because there are too many & foster them until I can re-home them. I want to take any and all animals that need help & then find them happy and loving homes.

    2. I want to buy a new car. I have always had old cars that break down and every time we get a rental I just love being behind the wheel.

    3.I want to visit Egypt. I’ve had a fascination with the culture and the history since I was in the 5th grade.

  5. avatar

    My bucket list feels a little urgent these days as I am battling breast cancer.The three top things on my list are.
    1.Be a better listener.
    I think in my attempt to feel more connected to humans, I appear to one up people. I am have managed three times in the last day to stop myself when I begin to tell a story of “yes, i had that experience once”., to someone else. I had no idea how difficult it made it for people to feel close to me, instead of becoming closer to people it distanced them from me.
    2. Draw every single day.
    3. Travel. Cancer treatments have made it difficult for me to pay even things like rent and utilities. I worry about my job . Part of me wants to become a good enough portrait artist that I can travel and draw along the way ,making enough money to support myself.

  6. avatar

    1. I’d have a party and invite all the people who’ve been so generous to me, plus new people I want to become friends with.
    2. I’d hire an assistant to help me be more productive with my business.
    3. I’d self publish my book.

  7. avatar

    1. Learn how to surf.
    2. Become PADI certified.
    3. Visit my cousin in France.

    What’s held me back?

    Myself. I think that we all get these messages in our heads that something grandeur we want is not attainable. I focus on my career and improving myself in multiple ways but then when it comes to really fun things in life, I talk myself out of it. I come up with excuses like… “I want to do that so badly, maybe next summer” or “I just need to practice my French more.” I rarely spend money on myself unless I see an immediate need.

    All 3 of these require money so I’ve decided to set up an account nicknamed “Reward Andie” with money for larger dreams. Then, I will force myself to use it by making plans to travel with friends/family and typing my plan. I have learned that mapping out plans on my computer in which I can refer back to on a daily basis gives me the right amount of drive to act.

    I have barriers in my mind but I can identify and squander them. It is a matter of mustering the courage and energy to do so. One life!

  8. avatar

    1. Attain financial freedom by means of getting a job or starting my own business to support my immediate family.
    2. World Tour
    3. Skydiving

    The major thing holding me back is myself. I’ve been altering my habits but its been a slow process.

  9. avatar
    Candace Mabry

    1. Get married. I want a partner I can share experiences with throughout my life.
    2. Earn my MFA in Theatre. I want to be smarter. I have a hard time articulating myself and want to have more input in the creative endeavors I’m pursuing.
    3. Visit India. In my heart, I know that will be part of my journey.
    What’s holding me back? Not knowing what’s holding me back. I’ve been going through a tremendous personal/spiritual change lately. I didn’t have the best childhood, no family support, etc. Not to mention I’m an actress by trade, which makes it incredibly hard financially. In fact, I could say that my finances have held me back the majority of the time. That’s why I’m here now, learning how to get out of debt and take control of my life. I’ve been saving everyday. I will have $1000 at the end of this year to start my first IRA. I’ve been paying off student loans and credit card debt and earning extra income with part time jobs.

  10. avatar

    Bucket List
    1..See every National Park in America. (just a few more to go)
    2..Grow my side business so I can work for myself. (Almost there – its so close…..)
    3..Build my own home in my favorite town in Arizona. (one failed attempt already…But i’ll get there)

    What is holding me back? In one word, my reality.
    1..No vacation at work, and too much work with my side business. It seems like every waking moment is about work.
    2..Financial and Family obligations (two kids with big college dreams… and just me, to make it all work 🙂
    3..See 2..

  11. avatar

    1. Expand upon my existing programming and design skills, especially game / app programming and 3D design
    2. Try new forms of exercise such as parkour and swordfighting
    3. Learn DIY and other useful life skills like car repair, making clothes, first aid and so on

    What’s holding me back? First off, I realize my goals are very broad, and as such they tend to stay on the list until I find an opportunity to do something. While not bad per se, it also means that if an opportunity does not present itself things stay on there for years.

    Secondly, no matter how much I try to clear my todo list, it seems whenever it is nearly cleared a wave of todos rolls back in and pushes me back. It’s kind of like fighting the tide and I’m not sure if it is rising or falling. Of course, things can crop up, but at times I wonder if I am not guilty of procrastinating through busy-work.

  12. avatar
    Q smith

    Ha ha , you can’t handle my list. I started my “death list” in 1986. It is now over 400 with about 300 completed!!


  13. avatar

    1. Scoring 80-90 in any golf course.
    2. Get a hot and intelligent girlfriend or wife.
    3. Able to play atleast one song really well on ukelele.
    4. My existing website bring in 1k every month of extra income.

  14. avatar

    Three things I want to do:
    1. Travel.
    2.Publish my blog
    3. workout

    I often end up procrastinating A LOT! Like I put things to tomorrow everyday and it take ample amount of mental pushing to do things right away. I have developed a very bad habit to run away from things basically. These are some very basic three things I want to do. It is not life changing per se, I realize they are do able I just feel that ‘tomorrow’ will be a better day! This explains me not being able to work out regularly.
    The problem with traveling though is different. I am from an Indian family where parents are over protective and they do not allow me to be out there on my own. I am not sure if something can be done about this.
    I fear criticism. Hence I write, but to myself and fear blog publishing.

  15. avatar

    I’ve never really understood the bucket list thing, because I struggle to relate to having the great experiences of my life on a to do list. I guess my true bucketlist consists of “how” I want to live rather than “what” I want to do. So…I’ll make a list of both.

    1. Love deeply and continue growing in my capacity to relate to myself and others with presence, compassion , and depth.
    2. Imbue my life with creative expression and creative work.
    3. Inspire others to have courage and do what it takes to open their lives to real, deep, wonderful possibility.

    1. Publish a best-selling personal development book.
    2. Run trauma healing drumming clinics at refugee camps internationally.
    3. Bike across the country.

    All of the hows are already underway. My day-to-day life and commitments to spiritual practice, writing, music, and my coaching practice are based on the Hows I’ve listed.

    1. The book is underway. I am drafting it now and hope to have it ready by December.
    2. I completed a music degree last year, so one part of this is ready. After my business is rolling and my book is underway, I’ll move onto this next one. I have some drum study and somatic psych training I’d like to do before moving this forward. No hurry here. 4-5 years from now is fine.
    3. I have the bike and have ridden a century. This I’ll take on, like #2, after my business and writing are farther along. In the fullness of time.

    This was fun!

    This is an interesting exercise because only 2 of these are things I feel I *must* do before I die. Honestly, I feel like I am doing or working towards exactly what I

  16. avatar

    My bucket list is quite large, but I’ll name three items.

    – Travel. Short term: hit up a bunch of countries in Europe. Greece, Portugal, Turkey. Southern Balkans, the Baltic states. Long term (5+ years): SE Asia, most of North and Latin America, some countries in Africa.

    – Skydiving. It’s terrifying and I’d love to do it.

    – Fire a gun. We have strict gun laws here so getting this done is a bit of a hassle, but I’d love to do this sometime.

    What’s holding me back? Mostly money – I’m still padding my emergency fund at the moment and I don’t want to get too distracted.

    Having said that – follow up with me in a year and I’ll update you on my progress.

  17. avatar

    Only turning 20, and coming from a middle-income family, I look at my “bucket list” as an actual task for me to do, sort of broad, focusing on “the now” with a time frame.

    #1.) Participate in the Jamaica Nursing Outreach program.

    #2.) Graduate from Nursing University at the expected time — 2017 — while maintaining a relatively high GPA, meaning with scholarships, honours, and also possibly, Valedictorian. I am also looking forward to volunteering, and being involved with the school to make myself well-known for my passion, and my capabilities as someone who can represent the graduating class.

    #3.) Visit South Korea 2018 World Cup. I am not really into World Cup, but as I was set to visit South Korea, I thought it would be convenient to have it within 4 years time where the country would be sponsoring a big event, as well as I will most likely be graduated, employed and have money to afford the trip.

    As far as I know, the only hold backs I can note are time management, and money. The cost of these trips, given duration time for me to have earned them by is reasonable.

    Look forward to my accomplishments!

  18. avatar

    Things I’ve always wanted to do
    1) Get Married
    2) Have Kids
    3) Give a home to a foster child
    What’s held me back is failure to meet anyone I want to spend the rest of my life with, let alone raise children with and items 2 & 3 would only be on my list IF I achieve item 1. Other than those three things, I do what I want and if I can’t do it (usually, finances, or lack thereof, is the barrier), I figure out a way to make it happen. The concept of bucket lists really irks me. If you want to do something, stop making excuses and find a way to do it!

  19. avatar

    still continuing working on my fixer to sell in 2014 so I can start my dream B&B business next year – not waiting on anyone or anything but ME!! =) I would post pics here of the projects completed to date if I could…

  20. avatar

    1. Become fluent in Japanese. (I’ve been hovering around intermediate level for years now, and I just feel like I have to see this through and reach fluency.)
    2. Find a better job and live in downtown NYC or Brooklyn.
    3. Start a side business of making cool shit and selling it. (I’ve been taking all kinds of classes learning new skills like silkscreening, sewing, etc., but on my salary I can only take about one class per month, so it’s been slow. But there’s no reason why I haven’t started selling the things I’ve already made…. just classic delaying.)

  21. avatar

    1. Start a consulting business around my passions (pensions). Did it last year. Will at least double this year.
    2. Buy a convertible – instead of a “practical” 2nd car. Did it last month. Love it.
    3. Move to a new part of the country. Move date – Sept 20th.

    All of these things required (1) getting past the negative script in my head – I’m not good enough/smart enough/I will fail; (2) listening to the positive reinforcement from others (even negative comments from others can be motivating); and (3) planning just enough – not enough that every possible bad thing is anticipated and prepared for (because it won’t be) but enough to know if it went wrong OR i didn’t like it – I had a cushion to let me move on to something else (not being desperate for rent money is liberating when evaluating offers!).

    Next three on the list involve travel and I’m working on them now!

    I also dropped all the goals I felt I “should” have but didn’t care about – run a marathon, buy a house, etc. They weren’t going to happen just sitting on my list and it was time to stop beating myself up about them.

  22. avatar

    1. Base jump/ climb Mount Everest
    2. Have 90% of my early income be from passive investments (Real Estate)
    3. Travel once a year, for at least a month with my family

  23. avatar

    1. Get in the best shape of my life
    2. Get out of a bad work situation
    3. Max out my retirement accounts

    This is kind of cheating, but these were the big three things on my list as of mid-2013. So far:

    1. I hired a personal trainer and work out three times a week and am eating better/adding in bike commuting to work. I have been doing this for about four months and am starting to see some real progress. Paying someone helped me follow through and stay accountable.

    2. I got a new job at the end of last year and moved completely across the country. I liked my coworkers at my old job but there wasn’t much room for upward advancement and I wasn’t challenged. My new job is very challenging and there is a lot of room to move up.

    3. New job let me sell my house and also came with better benefits and pay so both my wife and I are going to be able to max out ROTH IRA’s and 401(k)’s for the first time this year.

    Your posts/courses on resume writing and negotiating helped me nail the second two and your posts about accountability and paying if you’re serious convinced me to get off of my ass and hire someone to help me do it right.

    Now my list is evolving to more nebulous stuff so I’d like to nail it down to specifics so I can plan specifically…

    1. Travel more – Joined some travel hacking sites and learning more about this as well as Capital One 360 Savings marked for travel I auto-deposit to out of each check – thanks to your book / posts on automating finances – need some destinations…

    2. Buy a house in cash – auto-deposit like above, investing proceeds from selling the old house

    3. Finish paying for wife’s school with no loans/debt – she is about 3/4 of the way through, it’s going to be harder with some work changes for her, but I still think we can make it work

    Check with me in a year.

  24. avatar

    I want to work at a public garden or as an animal control officer. I can’t sit behind a desk all day anymore. What’s been holding me back is the comfort and familiarity of the job I’ve had for 8 years already, as well as family pressure to stay in a “good” job, rather than do what I love.

  25. avatar

    My bucket list is to take primary ownership of the company I work for before I am 35 and take it to a newlevel of growth and performance.

  26. avatar

    What Ramit says here is so true– I was talking with a client the other day who regularly gives away $529 scholarships for my state’s 529 College Savings plan, and the client told me that even when people win the money, they don’t use it. They never even set up an account. That’s all they have to do to get the money, a process which takes less than 15 minutes, and our client is regularly calling winners and emailing them, constantly haranguing them to try to get them to take the money. What’s worse, her counterparts in other states have the same problem. I think that it’s easier for people to make changes in their lives if they’ve got some skin in the game, instead of it being handed to them.

  27. avatar

    1. Sing at the Metropolitan Opera House
    2. Write an award winning play or book
    3. Travel around the world (including Antarctica)

  28. avatar

    And what has held me back
    1– age and connections. I’m working on it, but getting to the top is a slow climb and I’m willing to put in the time and effort
    2–I’ve started writing short stories but ultimately I think I have some analysis paralysis to pick what to actually commit to
    3–time and money, but I opened a specific bank account for these trips and I’m accruing vacation time to make this a possibility!

  29. avatar

    Before I am too old (or any older) to quit my day job and pursue my art career for real, seriously, not as a side hobby or a part time pocket money job. I have a plan in place, and I am creeping up on it!

  30. avatar

    Thing is Ramit, looking at the “typical list,” two of those things are money&guts only. Anyone can skydive or swim with dolphins if they drop the money. The other stuff requires much more work, planning, and diligence.

    I’ve done so many of my bucket list things, mainly traveling the world, and I’m still feel quite young. The problem with the bucket list is the more you do, the more you add. I don’t have just three, so here’s what’s on it.

    – Run a marathon
    – Get in, not just good shape, but really excellent bikini-body shape – I haven’t really developed sustainable systems in my current life situation, and in the past I’ve slacked off after making good progress.
    – Finish my reading list – This may never happen since it keeps growing, but audiobooks have been a key tool to getting through pleasure reading despite being “busy”
    – Built something big (organization, company, nonprofit, etc, or just helping someone build their dream from the ground-up). Not going to bother with excuses, I’m working on it.
    – Become bilingual and raise my future kids to be too (an important consideration in my spouse-selection)
    – Have kids and raise them to be awesome
    – Travel the Ancient World, Rome, Greece, Turkey (and eventually-maybe-one-day Egypt and Iran, and don’t-judge-but-maybe-decades-from-now Iraq)
    – Travel to Jerusalem
    – Travel to Mecca (little tricky since I’m not currently Muslim)
    – Give a TED talk
    – Learn to make Malaysian Roti Canai – seems impossible, short of spending a month with a roti vender in kuala lumpur.

  31. avatar


  32. avatar
    Michael Leading Horse

    Three things I’ve wanted to do:
    1. Catch a Fugitive.
    2. Live in California for 6months – 1 year.
    3. Take some type of military style training class for fun. (like “the Extreme SEAL experience” and yes that actually does sound fun to me)

    What’s held me back?
    1. What’s stopped me from catching a fugitive? NOTHING! Despite having a liar of a boss who cheated me out of $600 and nearly got me a felony, I managed to catch a fugitive as a bounty hunter about a month ago in Vegas! 😀
    2. What stops me from moving to CA? Income. I’m focused on a business right now and frankly, don’t have the time or the money to adjust to a new city AND build my business.
    3. What’s keeping me from the “SEAL experience”? Money yet again. But I’m unconcerned. It’ll happen.

  33. avatar

    On my bucketlist i have many things. Three of them would be
    Go skydiving with special forces in Texas
    Go free diving in Thailand
    Invent something (and a list of ideas I will not say )
    I recently came upon this book, called the Law of Attraction.
    The point of this book is to make a claim that if you believe, you will succeed. I realize that I am the only one hindering myself. If I didn’t win any money to do the things I wanted to do or to free others and myself of the burden of debt, I know I shouldn’t worry about how. The how will come to me as long as I keep faith. Now I’m not saying I’m going to wait until opportunity throws itself upon me, during this time period, I will believe, and work at it. I don’t know how, but I’d do whatever that correlates with my being. And that is how I know I would be on the right track. If I want to go skydive, and I keep believing in it, I keep actively and consciously pursue it, the things that are necessary for me to achieve that goal, will get drawn towards me, the magnet.
    Reply needed from Ramit. <——-

  34. avatar

    Hey Chelzea,
    Very reasonable and tangible goals. It also looks similar to where I was at your age, and I accomplished everything on my list and on schedule. Good luck!

  35. avatar

    1–Do an oil painting workshop (or teach one) in Provence, France.
    I’ve been training in oil painting for 3 years and finally feel good enough to make this trip worth it. Now I’m working on getting a new job so I can save money for this trip. In 2-3 years though, I think I could teach an art workshop there and have the trip pay for itself.

    2-Own a 4 bedroom home or bigger in Santa Barbara, CA
    I own a 2bd home in another beautiful coastal CA town but can’t move yet due to the husband’s job. Haven’t figured out yet how much $ we would need for a downpayment and mortgage there.

    3-Start a blog and a business
    I put it off because I’m always working on getting better at the skills I need to do this, instead of just doing it. I feel like I don’t have a good original business idea yet and I’m afraid to take risks.

  36. avatar
    Tsukiko Spark

    I just love this game: “what do I wish for in life!”
    I wish for myself to finish writing all of my books (6 or 7, depending how long the 2nd book will be, the 1st is almost published).
    After that (Since I’ve learn that no good can come if you try to do it all at once…) I want to set up my own company for mobile apps (from great games I have in mind to useful applications!).
    Also the company will have a “new approach” for working- In my region people work so hard, that they don’t have time to enjoy life, to enjoy their family and that is all wrong!.
    Hopefully, by succeeding with my company it will encourage other to do the same…
    Then I want (and it’s going to be a little crazy from here…) each year, when I’m really rich, to go to a public place, dressed as an angel with a friend, and collect wishes from others. The “best wish” will win it’s owner with fulfilling that wish. Of course with expert help, and not just throw the money on that person. All that this person will need to do in return is the same when he/she is rich…Then I want to change to world….and I think that’s it…That will make me HAPPY:)

  37. avatar
    meshack otieno

    One of my main one in my list is to start my own cleaning firm. But what puts me down is that financial status since i come from a poor background

  38. avatar
    Chayce Solchaga

    Hi Ramit,

    One of my biggest goals was to attend one of those 12-week web-development immersive bootcamps to gain the skills to change my career and become a web developer.

    After reading this post, it made me believe that I do have what it takes in order to accomplish my goals and dreams.

    The challenge of this goal was : It costs 18k to do the program, plus you have to save extra money in order to have living expenses and having to relocate from wherever you are into the most expensive city in California – San Francisco.

    My solution: After teaching myself some web-development/coding skills on my own and saving up my money, I figured if I can’t get into the school because of financial reasons, I should try to work for them. So I emailed the founder, and applied for a job as his executive assistant.

    The solution: Not only did I get the job two weeks later at my dream web-development bootcamp, Hack Reactor, but I also know that while working here, I will be able to live out my dreams of getting into the tech industry by learning my web development skills from my colleagues and environment, and providing me with ample networking opportunities to further my career in this industry.

    I think the main lesson of what people have to realize when they are accomplishing their goals or dreams is that in doing so, you may not achieve what you are trying to complete in the way you thought you would, but as long as you find a way to work towards your goal, you will eventually achieve it somehow.

  39. avatar

    Hey Ramit,

    Like you, I don’t have a bucket list, but here are a few things I’d like to accomplish in the short term:

    1) Work for an energy-focused investment bank (or an energy group at a larger investment bank)
    My lack of a summer internship is holding me back from working at this very moment. However, it doesn’t mean I can’t do so in the future. Thanks to DJ, I’ve been reaching out to people in the field (and even found a non-energy group I’m super interested in at one bank), taking classes on Coursera to build up my financial knowledge, and reading books by the likes of Howard Marks and Michael Lewis.

    2) Get back in shape
    Last winter was rough on all of us, and my lack of exercise made going to the gym less than exciting. Packing my things and and going still isn’t my favorite thing to do, but I’ve been swimming every day this summer thanks to friends who are my “accountability buddies” and make me go. Looking better already.

    3) Regain my ability to travel
    Renewing my passport isn’t on my top 10 list of fun things. I finally got over my laziness, made an appointment and will be filling out my forms next week. The passport will be here before I know it.

  40. avatar
    Tsukiko Spark

    Ho, almost forgot…what’s holding me back…
    Now when I think of it, nothing really…Although I do have my day job, and my family, I wish that I could write for a living…working on that…takes time…I hate the waiting….can’t move faster? the process? Or the more you work on it the more it’s rewarding at the end?

  41. avatar
    Lidia Marina Hurovich Neiva​

    1. Decorate my house and build 2 wonderful art studios, one for me, one for my husband, build a swimming pool and a wonderful garden in my house
    2. Buy a Wacom Cintiq
    3. Invest in both my own and my husband´s art carrer.

  42. avatar
    Lidia Marina Hurovich Neiva​

    1. Decorate my house and build 2 wonderful art studios, one for me, one for my husband, build a swimming pool and a wonderful garden in my house
    2. Buy a Wacom Cintiq
    3. Invest in both my own and my husband´s art carrer

  43. avatar

    1. Start my own business
    2. Give my parents a couple of 100 Euro’s each month so they can live more comfortable
    3. Be financially independent.

    What was holding me back? A 9-week old baby, but she is starting to sleep at night so I can kick it!

  44. avatar

    Hey Chealzea, if it`s the soccer World Cup you mean: It`s held in Russia. South-Korea was in 2002, and hopefully they`ll never get to hold it again, no offense 🙂

    For me: 1) Work abroad in Asia.
    2) Attain such a high level in my professional field that I can create
    3) Maintain a long-term relationship with a woman.

    Number one and two, currently working on, number 3 will come when I find the right one 🙂

  45. avatar
    Eugene Jiang

    1: Study engineering, develop and market all the various devices I have floating around in my head, and create a business platform to spread those devices around and improve the lives of every person I can.
    2: Build systems that will allow me to maximize the impact and efficaciousness of my businesses while allowing me to live a remote lifestyle so that I can travel the world and explore every culture, perspective, and experience I can.
    3: Become the kind of human being who can accomplish the previous two.

    To me my bucket list is the same thing as my life goals. A long time ago I decided that on my death bed there are only 2 things I am going to care about.
    1: Did I enjoy my life? Did I make my moments count?
    2: Is the world a better place because I was a part of it?
    While I would love to go skydiving, visit every country on the planet, and do so many other things it is only because I want to learn something from those experiences that I can share with the rest of the world.

    The things that have been holding me back are my own fear and trepidations, my own inaction, and the resulting negative habits. I am taking action on breaking these cycles through applying Ramit’s courses (Specifically Earn1k and Success Triggers), CBT techniques I learned as a child in therapy, and deciding every day when I wake up to take action towards my goals.

    I’ll let you know how it goes.

  46. avatar
    Mansi Shah

    Hi, I am currently an university student from UK and the following is my bucket list before I finish uni:

    – Generate an extra income to fund for my current medical degree (as a graduate doing a third degree of medicine, I don’t get government loan for tuition fees, I have to pay it from my savings!)

    -Generate an extra amount of income to help my parents debts

    – Generate an extra amount of income that not only accomplishes the two points above but also for saving to help buy a house in future.

  47. avatar

    1. Create a successful freelancing business thus leading to financial independence and being able to help my family, which leads into my #2
    2. Buy my parents a house
    3. Start a non-traditional school that allows kids to learn more practically
    4. Live in New York
    5. Go to NBA All Star and Finals games

    What’s holding me back is I take in too much information trying to do things “smarter”, then end up second guessing myself and trying reshape plans and strategies. This ends up paralyzing all progression and I go in a continuous cycle of this accomplishing little to nothing.

  48. avatar
    Kendell Mcknight

    1. Own multiple self service car washes. I like to see others keep their vehicles nice and clean.
    2. Take a cruise. I would be nice to go with family and have a good time
    3. Be debt free. So I can bless others and teach them how to become to debt free too.

    What’s hold me back: Its a lack of confidence in myself and having the funds to do so. I am currently working on pay off some of my debt. Hopefully I become debt free by the end of the year. Family is important to me and if I could treat them to a cruise that would be awesome!

  49. avatar
    Even Steven

    Bucket List aka Things to Do

    1. Be able to have income supporting living in a Miami for 6 months and Chicago for 6 months
    2. Have season tickets to a favorite sport team of my choosing
    3. Travel extensively for 1 year to visit different parts of the world

    I am working on all of it, I even have a rough draft plan. It’s 6 years 3 months from completion, but I’m working on it.

  50. avatar

    What you have just shared is so powerful yet so many people will actually get the point because they are not ready to get it.

    I love this quote (actually it’s one of my favorite one):

    “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” (They say it’s Buddah’s but not sure)

    It’s like reading a book for the second time you will learn so much more the second time because even if it’s the same text you are different, so you learn things you didn’t get the first time.

    Now I think it is our job to be ready, it’s our job to take action, to create urgency in our lifes for the thing we truly want.

    To answer your question the Bucket list is more like a list of fun things to do:

    1. Travel for a month to asia
    2. Go to Africa and volunteer for two weeks or so
    3. Go with my friends for a weekend to an unknow place for everyone
    4. Invite my friends from around the world to a wild, crazy and fun week in Peru

    What’s yours Ramit?

  51. avatar

    1- Travel to as many countries as possible.
    2- Learn three new languages.
    3- Live in London, New York, L.A, Venice and Barcelona.

  52. avatar

    My three things are:

    1. Work for NASA
    2. Live in Europe
    3. Visit Antarctica

    As for working for NASA, I am working my tail off in Grad school right now to get there. As for living in Europe, I almost did about 7 years ago. Right now me and my girlfriend are talking about that for when we are both done with grad school. I might try to work for the ESA for a while before coming back to do NASA. And for the third, it is purely financial why I haven’t done it yet. I’m planning to try to manage it for my 35th birthday in 5 years. I think I should have the job and finances in line and I’ll be able to afford to take me, and my likely then wife, to Antarctica.

  53. avatar

    3 things I want to do still:
    – travel outside of the country
    – get published
    – have my first online client

    What had held me back from traveling outside the country is other things were more important for me to focus on first.

    I have one research article accepted for publication this year and just contacted another about a different research project I completed. The first one was 2 years in the making and thesecond is at one year so just time involved holds it back.

    I just launched my website talking what I do in my occupational therapy practice and reaching a wider audience online. What held me back at first was trying to learn everything and make it look perfect. Launching was liberating. Now I’m just building up my free content, social proof and getting my name out there.

  54. avatar

    1: Get fully certified as a scuba diver.

    2: Learn to surf.

    3: Live in both hemispheres (on the ocean) so it’s always summer where I live.

    “It’s not the things we lack that hold us back; it’s the things we think we need.”
    – Bayles & Orland – Art & Fear

  55. avatar

    Please tell people the difference between a bucket list and a career. Some people nailed it and others just went deep out into the ocean.

  56. avatar

    Ramit –

    Three of my bucket list items:

    Move to Bay Area
    Watch my beloved Red Sox from a Fenway suite on my 50th birthday
    Take my wife and kids to five European cities – London, Madrid, Barcelona, Florence, Munich

    We moved to Silicon Valley in July, 2013 — DONE!
    I will turn 50 in a few years and I am saving up for the suite a few bucks at a time — NOT DONE
    My kids are a little young (10 and 7) for the European trip — we have the cash set aside already — NOT DONE

    It is not our time, yet. In a few years, we will cross these items off the bucket list!

  57. avatar

    3 things from my bucket list and the reasons I haven’t done them so far:

    1) Take a trip to Europe.

    Reason for not doing so to date: First, my children were too small to enjoy such a trip. Currently I am in the process of finalizing my divorce after 18 years of marriage, so money is the main issue. Two years ago after we separated, I was looking for change in the couch cushions at the end of the month to pay for gas to get to work. I had never wanted for money and all of a sudden didn’t have $20 in my account at months end. Now I have been able to pay off over $20k in debt, have $20k in my bank account today, and have all of my basic accounts in order (life insurance, etc). I am taking my kids on smaller trips for now, to DC next summer at almost $6k for 8th grade graduation, and plan on Europe after that. So while not immediate, I feel like I have made major strides in my life and finances and will get there soon.

    2) Operate my own SUCCESSFUL side business to give me the extra income I need since my job is in government, there are no possibilities for bonuses or raises unless scheduled by the union!

    Reason for not doing so to date: I do have 2 very part-time businesses. One is in direct sales and I was very excited to start that last year and was doing very well. However, after being in it a few months the quality of the product proved to be less than desired and I don’t want to tarnish my reputation with an inferior product so do it very little now. My other requires a lot of time and marketing in which I frankly don’t have the time right now to devote to it. It can get too big very easy and I only want to provide excellent customer service so it is a hard one to figure out.

    3) Get back in shape!

    Reason for not doing so to date: Fear, laziness, any excuse insert here! I am conquering this one as we speak. I had to reach my low, so to say, and be mentally prepared. While at a recent work retreat someone made the statement that they spend 4 hours per week on “me” time and that equates to 2% of their weekly hours. I thought how sad that was, 4 hours, that’s it… really! Then I stopped and realized that I didn’t even give myself the 4 hours. Now that was just pathetic! I immediately went back to my room and contacted an aquaintenance of mine who is a personal trainer and went through a tremendous transformation herself and is such a motivational, beautiful person both inside and out. I signed up and paid for her 12 week program on the spot with the extra money that I earned from #2 above and am now completing my 2nd full week with her. This is the first time I have never cheated on a diet or failed almost immediately- I am fully committed and know that this will be a success this time and that I will be able to cross it off of my list once and for all.

  58. avatar

    I am going to work at my passion in a new place, a foreign country. I manage my own company in a seasonal area, and dread the slow times. If I could just travel to another place and be compensated monetarily and/or with respect I would feel more confident. I am not sure how this would work, but I cannot stop thinking about it. I am not sure if the time frame is a several weeks, a few months, or a year.

  59. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    Right now 3 things in my Bucket list are:
    -Get a Masters degree in Foreign Affairs in the United States (I’m Colombian) I haven’t done anything about it because I’m still paying for my college education.
    -Travel to all the Continents before 30 (I am 25) I am saving for that.
    -Walk to the top of the highest mountain of my city. I did it this morning, I woke up, took into account that I’m currently unemployed and perhaps in the future I wouldn’t have the time and energy to do it so I did it.


  60. avatar

    Actually, Paris IS on my list. To visit. South of France to live. It’s where my family is from. My other 2 would be: Write a book and Go on a Mission Trip. There are, of course, many others but those are the ‘top 3’ – the ones that have been weighing heavily on my heart as of late.

    What’s held me back? From France, money. Just don’t have the finances to make it work, my husband’s job is here and we have kids so it seems impossible. Writing the book, I have started a few over the years but then I become afraid, and feel like I have nothing important to say or no one would read it. The Mission Trip, money again and feeling like I am not righteous enough to help people in that way.

  61. avatar

    1. Run my own business. Ownership comes 2nd here. I want to be in command. I am a leader by nature but a slave to comfort. Being content with my current situation is what is holding me back from taking the leap. I have a great job, great relationships, and great friends. I am happy, but not satisfied. I fear the amount in my savings account will never be enough to finally quit everything and pursue my dreams full-time.

    2. Help in the relief effort during and/or after a large natural disaster. Every time I hear about a hurricane, or tornado, or tsunami my heart yells at me to drop everything for a few weeks or months and just go there and help in any way I can. But once again, fear of losing the awesome things I currently have like my job (the biggest one) hold me back. So I sit on my couch and text “Relief” to #####…

    3. Make sound effects for an animated film or a video game. I’ve been working towards this one for many years now, perfecting my sound design and recording abilities. But I have not worked on any projects involving sound design. Nothing recent is in my portfolio because I do not have time to actually work with a client right now.

    Thank you all for listening. And don’t look too hard in to these, I have tons of stuff on my bucket list like going skydiving and zorbing. Not all of them are deep and meaningful like the 3 I listed above.


  62. avatar
    Bec Tilley

    Well, I guess I kind of have a “bucket list”, but it’s not much like a usual bucket list in that it is just things to do with my career dreams that I fully intend to do.

    For example:
    1. Next year take 3 months to travel through the USA researching the history of the evolution of African-American music (from gospel to blues to jazz to soul to funk to hip-hop), visiting important historical musical locations and meeting important people in these areas and talking with them about their music
    2. Become a high-paid voice coach for my favourite artists (D’Angelo, Jill Scott, Prince, Janelle Monae, etc), while at the same time touring with them as a backing singer.
    3. On the long-term high-level achievement and more-like-a-regular-bucket-list side of things: Sing with Prince. Yeah, he’s kind of my idol.

    What’s holding me back? I didn’t expect to have an answer here but now that I look at it, I do, at least for the number 1 item:
    I need to get in touch with the people who i want to connect with and meet along the way. I’m pretty behind on my planned schedule of doing so. I need to contact these people somehow, online (tricky considering the vast volume of email they probably receive) and confirm some dates & places to meet up with them, so that I have a solid itinerary to show organisations with whom I will be applying for grants.
    I’ve done stuff like this before, but it’s still a bit daunting. And I think because this trip means so much to me, it’s even more daunting.

  63. avatar

    #1 – be the owner of my time. In fact it is stop selling my time to gain money.
    #2 – start my own business
    #3 – make a tour in Europe with my wife and kid.

    These are the top priority on my list.

  64. avatar

    I want to
    1) learn programming to make useful iOS apps
    -i don’t know which programming language to start with and, I also become lazy at a certain stage of learning.
    2) get my income upto 1 lakh rupees per month
    I know what skills I have but I don’t know how to use them to get income side-by-side
    3) build a house for my family
    I don’t plan ahead, don’t save money (I am 24 yrs old)

  65. avatar
    Faraz S.

    “Do it anyway”: awesome name, this is how I was raised! This is the only way that gets results. I saw this very strongly in a French class for busy professionals that I once took. Most of the students were there to take a French class, but I was there to learn French. The majority didn’t get anything other than 4 hours of socializing a week, whereas I immersed myself in movies, songs, websites, and conversation practice. I think this is highly related to being task/process dependent vs. goal focused. In the former if you get stuck at a point, you’ll never find a way to proceed. You don’t desire the goal strongly enough. And desire is the key to action.

  66. avatar

    1. Land a 900 Unispin on my Unicycle

    I’ve got so close to landing this trick over the last 2 and a half years, but still haven’t landed it! I’ve come close so many times. So why haven’t I landed it yet? I don’t practice it consistently each session, I try it in patches when I feel like it. More thinking and less action is being taken.

    Solution: For 1 week, focus on landing the 900 uni spin and nothing else. Warm up landing 720 uni spins to build confidence before attempting the 900 uni spin. After trying for 1 hour, If I don’t get it, I need to get out their the next day and continue to build on RECENT progress I’ve just made.

    2. Learning French
    I’m going to be honest here, I’ve said I’ve wanted to learn another language for a while, however no action has been taken on it. Main reasons would be “to time consuming” and not as high on my priority list. Thinking of the end result, I seem to be in two minds of this one, one says I want it, one says if I don’t do it, it’s not the end of the world.

    Solution: Dedicate myself to learning French for just a month. This way, it makes the goal achievable and will help me find out if it is really something I want to learn. I would allocate a certain amount of time each week ( even just 15 minutes a day or so). This will motivate me to START which is the hardest part and help me find out if this is something I really want to learn.

    3. Snow Boarding
    – Always wanted to go snowboarding, however in Australia there isn’t exactly much snow. They pump a combination of real and fake snow onto the mountains near Falls Creek, but I want to go all out and do it all on natural snow, whilst snowing in another country.

    I’ve currently been travelling a lot over the last few years. I’d say I haven’t been putting it off, I’ve just been busy EXECUTING other travel plans at this current point in time. In a few weeks I’m going to the Unicycling World Championships held in Montreal, Canada.

    Solution: I just really need to set a date for when I’m going to make this snow trip happen and to have enough money in place. At this stage I’m in my last year of Uni studying to be a high school teacher and I’m unsure of where that will take me in terms of a job next year and therefore finding a time for when I’d be free to do this trip is difficult. Starting out, I may need to just get my foot in the door and potentially teach somewhere where I never thought I would, which would be exciting and an adventure in itself. Once I get that teaching job next year, I can look at where I’m at, have a clearer picture of the time i’ll have off and I can go right ahead and plan the time I’ll go snowboarding and then execute it.

  67. avatar
    Dave Weitz

    1. Invest in real estate.
    2. Begin a foundation to partner with organizations working on global humanitarian issues.
    3. Tour the United States on a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

    1. Fear — of failure, of not being good enough to accomplish these things and an inner script that tells me I’m not worthy of these goals and items.
    2. I’m not always sure of what steps to take next.
    3. I have not had the capital and cash flow to pursue these things.

  68. avatar

    Learn a second language-I wasn’t always interested in culture, and also I didn’t realize that I could teach myself a language without having to go to school. I am actually learning at a very fast rate now but I still hold myself back. I should set some goals.

    See earth from space-currently trusting the brilliance of the human race to make an elevator, depending on myself to make enough money to pay for such a thing.

    Write a book-I am curing my writers block! Ideally I would love to be capable of what one of my teachers called, genius on demand.

  69. avatar
    Jess F.

    For as long as I can remember, traveling has been on my bucket list.

    3 years ago I got a job offer to head up a new ecommerce project for Harley Davidson. It involved an increase in pay and I’d finally be moving up into a manager-level position. At the same time I got an offer to work at a junior position in a company that was so desperate they offered to let me work remote. I took the cut in pay and status and took the remote job.

    That enabled me to start traveling; however, this company required me to work long hours and it was entirely fixed to a particular time zone. I was getting to see a lot of the U.S., Canada and Mexico, but it was tough to go further afield.

    A few months ago I was offered another job that was truly location independent. It was another cut in pay, but, I ran the numbers and I’d be able to travel farther without having to be up all night working in another time zone. I took the job and started planning my foreign travels.

    Right as plans were taking shape, I learned I had been accepted into an intensive program I’d been looking at for years. It was a full time program….what to do?

    I accepted. And I kept my job. 40+ hours of school and 40+ hours of work for 3 months to be able to reach my goals. It sucks in the moment, but it’ll be worth it.

    I’m in the thick of things right now, but in a few months I’ll have finished the program, I’ll be down to just the one job and I’ll be boarding a plane for Paris (with tickets already booked to Pisa, Florence, Rome and Israel and plans for Turkey and Greece to take me through the end of the year).

    Bucket list? Mine is a life list and I’m making it happen. Strategic pay cut after strategic pay cut, jobs on top of intense schooling, whatever it takes. I haven’t had a permanent address in 2 years and I love it. Not bad for a girl that spent less than 2 weeks out of the country prior to her 30th birthday.

  70. avatar
    Amanda E

    I didn’t even think I had 3 things that I REALLY want, that are also attainable, but once I started thinking about it I came up with them (and others):

    1. I want to finish (write, illustrate and publish) a children’s book; I’ve had the idea in my head for years now and worked on bits and pieces but it’s still largely unfinished
    2. I want to illustrate a graphic novel for a friend; I’ve always wanted to be the illustrator for a graphic novel and I love the story and it would make my friend’s day (year? life?) to finally have his story come to life.
    3. I want to lose a lot of fat (down to about 15% body fat) and gain muscle and end up looking a lot like the models you’d find in fitness magazines.

    Why I’ve not done it:
    1. I’ve always worried about being perfect. I don’t do things because I know it wont be perfect the first time around. I know it’s stupid to think this way, but I still do it.
    2. I’ve also not done things because in the past there’s been a lot keeping me from getting my stuff out there. Years ago I’d have to get a publishing house to agree to publish my work, etc. but now I can self-publish on My brain is just still stuck in the “days gone by” way of doing things.
    3. I’ve used poor self-talk: “You’re not good enough for that” “You don’t have the body for that” “No one would be interested in buying that” “People would judge me if I did that.”
    4. I don’t know what the next step is. So what if I start an exercise routine. Then what? How do I get my body to that next level?

  71. avatar
    Suz deMello

    My bucket list? (1) get a halfway decent boyfriend. What’s holding me back? My dislikes, which include bad grammar, casual sex, and dishonesty. (2) Living in other countries. Nothing has held me back on this one–I’ve lived in Europe, China and Thailand for extended periods of time, but right now am living with my 84 year-old mom in NoCal for the duration. REALLY want to get back overseas, especially southern Spain and Morocco (two places I’ve never been) plus southern Italy (a favorite). (3) Be a better person. Again, nothing holding me back except my character flaws. I’m currently applying the Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz and using hypnotherapy MP3s for self-improvement,

  72. avatar
    Suz deMello

    You rock, sweetheart! Enjoy!

  73. avatar
    Suz deMello

    Nice quotation–thanks!

  74. avatar
    Suz deMello

    Congrats on your new baby! Enjoy!

  75. avatar

    Three big items on my life list

    #1 Travel the World –So far four countries down and way more to go :p
    #2 Be the Best Me that I Can Be–take workshops and read often…I will continue to do that in the future
    #3 Get Debt Free–four years to go

    Any item on my life list takes motivation in the long term. Sometimes it’s easy to to get distracted from reaching the items on my list but when I take a break to refocus I remember that I definitely want to do as may of the things on my life list as I can. Getting creative with finances and opportunities is also an important thing for accomplishing my life list. Also, sometimes it’s hard to identify what I am doing that is keeping me from doing the things that I want.

  76. avatar

    What up Ramit?!

    Okay, three things on my bucket list:

    1) Divorce my fucking husband! (‘Scuz the french). He got served the papers by the sherif in May!

    2)Start building my coaching business and find a business partner. FYI found the perfect partner… Or let’s just say she found me because I was putting out! (She is in Surrey, UK, I am in Cape Town, SA).
    Next step now is to find a few clients to test our new coaching phelosophy and methodology on and build as we go.

    3) Travel to go see my business partner in the UK and my friends in the USA, even though there is a divorce pending and a ton of commotion around, will be even more broke than before etc.

    Seriosly, I just want to travel… Have not set foot outside my country and I’ll be 30!

    Things that have stopped me:

    1) Fear of not trusting my ability to do the hard work it will take in following through or beingwilling and able to apply consistant effort.
    2) Fear that the life of my son would worsen if I followed a path.
    3) Not being able to hold my own boundaries and needing assistance financially after 8 years of being totally financiallt dependant on husband for a roof over my head.
    4) Having no wheels has also been an excuse.
    5) Having no cash was definately an excuse… Still is as I now have to save to get divorced, buy new stuff for new place, get two wheels, before I can travel. (With that said, I’m super tempted to forget that stuff and travel anyway).

    My plan:
    Husband will be paying for the lawyer fees.
    I’ll be pumping my Lifestyle Makeover Coaching service to test and tweak it. Pump the money into building it even more.
    I’ll get a Goddamn credit card if I have to to travel, and will be saving as much as I can.
    I’ve just taken on a half day job on the side to save more.

  77. avatar

    Thanks for asking the question. It’s very interesting to learn from everyone’s comments.

    1) Experience zero gravity.

    Key step: Decide what I am willing to pay for this experience at this time. Specifically, is the current $2500-5000 cost for this (going up in an airplane that does parabolic maneuvers) more worthwhile to me at this time as a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list experience than an alternative use for these funds? As part of this decision process, brainstorm how I can maximize the value of this one-time experience to extend the value beyond the flight itself (such as learning more about space exploration, using it to celebrate a milestone with friends, etc.).

    Achieved in the past? Yes, in the past I have invested in unique experiences and maximized their value through learning and savoring the experience before and after.

    2) Take a horseback riding safari.

    Key step: Continue monthly automatic savings into vacation account until goal is reached. Ask for donations to this fund on gift-giving occasions.

    Achieved in the past? Yes, in the past I have gone horseback riding in new places and traveled in order to see animals in their habitats.

    3) Build more “best friend” relationships (as friendship expert Shasta Nelson would describe it, moving friends who were close in the past from the “confirmed” circle back into the “committed friends” circle where we regularly share our lives with each other).

    Key step: Going this month on a short trip with several close friends, as we do annually, and asking questions that deepen our sense of connection. Then making a point of calling them every 2 weeks after the trip to stay in touch with the details of each other’s daily lives.

    Achieved in the past? Yes, in the past I have reconnected with old friends.

  78. avatar

    You may be interested to know that a company is making a balloon that takes you up 19 miles (not technically outer space but a great view of the earth):

  79. avatar

    1) Plant succulents in vintage, tarnished, silver plate containers- done.
    2) Make a tote bag using the reverse applique technique of Project Alabama.
    3) Make an item of clothing refashioned from a thrift shop purchase.

  80. avatar

    Oops. Forgot the what is holding me back part: time and energy. I need to hire a housekeeper to free up time for myself and stop using my energy for things the housekeeper could be doing for me.

  81. avatar

    1. Start singing in public – I am not used to singing in front of other people.
    2. Write one blog post a month – Time and space. I like to devote research and rewrites to my blogs and work about 50 hours a week. I live in close quarters with others where phone interviews and quiet are not common occurrences.
    3. Gain a digital marketing position (that pays more $) with a company that shares knowledge and promotes education – One thing, not an invisible script, but a potential opportunity. If it does not happen then it is off to the races!

  82. avatar

    2. Write one blog post a month – Time and space. I like to devote research and rewrites to my blogs and work about 50 hours a week. I live in close quarters with others where having space for phone interviews and quiet to focus on my writing are not common occurrences.

  83. avatar

    Hi Heather, I believe there are some invisible (or pretty obvious) scripts at play in your reply. Having kids is also on top of my list. Unless there is regulation against adopting/fostering a child as a single parent where you live, I don’t see why you need a partner. And even if there is regulation you could always consider relocation if having kids is really really a priority. For instance, in Brazil, regulation is pretty laxed and single parent adoption is encouraged given the amount of kids in the system. Got a friend who did it (since have heard of other success stories) and his main condition was to be a resident for 1 year which in a country desperate for qualified workers should be a plausible option for many many professions. Back to point 1, yes, a two parent home is better, but do you really think single parenting doesn’t beat an institution?
    I’m running the options in my head as well and building the conditions to do it on my own (financially, location-wise, etc). Would love to find the knight in shinning armour, but that won’t stop me from having children.
    Different perspective, but like you say, it’s importante to “figure out a way to make it happen” 😉

  84. avatar

    I still intend to get my best songs properly published, recorded and released and I’d like to tour behind them. Before I do that, I need to get myself healthy. Although I’m long in the tooth now, I’d like to explore the USA and see at least some of the rest of the world. I also intend to learn more about practicing practical urban forestry in my bioregion and helping out with the parks here.

    I have problems just getting through each day. I have some health issues right now that keep drain my energy: solving those is a prerequisite to anything else. I’ve been chronically broke all my life. I don’t play instruments or have production skills, so I need to recruit musicians that have those skills to help me do the recording and touring bits of my dream. I hitchhiked some when I was younger, but that didn’t always work out so well and I’m not as hardy as I was then. This time, when I embark to see the world, I intend to have the means to get to my intended destinations, explore and return home. I haven’t undertaken the discipline to learn about the flora and fauna of this watershed and learn to work with them.

  85. avatar

    Ramit, tell Gautam to join Toastmasters – it’ll cost him 40 bucks or so and he will definitely get over his shyness …

  86. avatar

    1. Learn how to be a successful photo artist with remarcable marketing abilities
    2. Improve my photography skills until I became a (they called it:) master
    3. Achieve some above-average photo gear (for the learning process. Masters will make art with any kind of gear)

    If the mental health status will remain “Normal”, the rest will follow.

    1. nothing
    2. nothing
    3. nothing

    Realize (at last) that:
    Stay healthy. Think. Do. Focus. Repeat

  87. avatar

    1. Work with animals as an entrepreneur groomer
    2. Stay in shape (more specifically, gain muscle, lose body fat)
    3. Release more serration into my body and be rid of the cortisol

    Nothing has really held me back from any of these, except myself. Focus, drive, and motivation have been key killers. However, since my health has continued downward in the past few years, it’s been my wake-up call to make a change now or face the consequences. I’ve been eating much healthier now, including staying away from GMO foods. I still need to keep my distance from grains, but I’m working on it. 🙂 I’m so in love with coconut, it’s not even funny. I drink Kombucha a lot, too.

    I’m starting to be more active daily. I play DDR when others aren’t using the TV, I walk as much as I can (I still haven’t been able to pull the recommended 10k steps, so I’m shopping for a pedometer to help keep me motivated and on the right track), I stretch and do some jumping jacks, squats, and lunges while at work. It’s not nearly enough, but with my somewhat hectic work schedule (I work 2 jobs), I’m glad to get anything in. I’m giving myself little excuse to slack off now; my health is on the line.

    As for the career with animals, I have no [viable] excuses as to why it hasn’t taken off. Pure laziness and a lack of motivation have been my go-to excuses for years. It’s pathetic. Recently, I discovered you on youtube while searching for better ways of approaching job interviews. You offered some great advice, but the one that stuck with me the most was found in one of your vids regarding finding a dream job. This was around 2 months ago, so forgive me for not remembering what you said word-for-word. Basically, you said that simply being grateful for whatever job you have was, in a way, blocking you from your dream job. That “putting up” with any old job simply because you don’t want to appear ungrateful is putting unnecessary stress and pressure on you.

    What that meant to me was: I don’t HAVE to put up these jobs that I really don’t like. My dreams are still within my grasp and I won’t be ungrateful for what I’ve been given in the past just because I quit those jobs. I know I’m worth and capable of so much more than this.

    I’ve never liked working for mediocre jobs, because I wasn’t contributing anything worthwhile to the world. I’ve always felt stifled and miserable in them. I NEED to work with animals! It’s gone way past a “want”. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to work with animals as a career. For many years, I wanted to be on an animal rescue team. But when I found out that it’s mainly volunteer based, I needed to focus on a career path that would help pay the bills. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t love rescuing animals. I’d still love to do it, but right now, I want to focus on a career path.

    My mother once offered to pay for my college classes if I wanted to pursue animal grooming. Initially, I thought it was silly, because it’s not what I wanted to do. Back then, I didn’t realize that grooming DOES, in fact, help save animals. It didn’t click until recently when a famous animal photographer went to one of my local shelters to help take pics for their website. When he emphasized how important a well-groomed dog/cat and a great photo of them was to the likelihood of them getting adopted, I nearly cried. I knew then that choosing a career in grooming animals was a great one.

    College is still pretty expensive, so right now, I’m trying to get a job at any of my local Petsmarts. They offer free grooming courses to their employees. The skills I would learn from them I would use towards starting my own grooming business.

    So far, it hasn’t gone too well. I failed my first interview with one of the stores, so I’m reviewing everything I’ve learned in order to do better next time.

    Ever since my father died when I was 13, I’ve lived my life with the moral that I don’t wanna look back on my past with too many regrets. I wanna live a life my father would have been proud of. As of now, he certainly wouldn’t be, which I’m rather ashamed of. So I wanna make positive changes before it’s too late.

    Live, love, and forgive. That’s my motto.

  88. avatar

    To live in a house close to the sea. What held me back? I never considered buying any property, since I live from one month to the next. And never considered renting one (any way no money for a whole house), since we live with the family there, where my husband has a contract. No place on the seaside yet :).
    To go back to the mountains in Switzerland where 4 years ago we had an amazing holiday. I/we always spend the little money we have on other things. When holiday is near, there’s no money plus everything is booked out.
    To have my own business. Hindrances: I wasn’t able until now to find consistent help with the kids, so I could focus on this; I still don’t know exactly whatmy business would be about; I’m scared of all the necessary organising, contacting people, advertising.

  89. avatar
    Meghan C.

    Lily, at Barnes and Noble there are GRE books that train you on how to take the test and pass. I chose this approach over relearning the math skills and it worked really well. I was barely functional with the flu the day I took the GRE but just passed with the score I needed for my grad program due to the training from that book. On math problems I was able to eliminate two of the answers out of four thanks to the book. I forget the name but highly recommend it, I’m sure it’s still sold at Barnes and Noble.

  90. avatar
    Meghsn C.

    1. Build up savings to afford baby #3
    2. Get back to 135 lbs. And 19-20% bodyfat
    3. Finish my children’s books so I can start my side business of promoting and selling my self pubbed books

    What’s holding me back:
    1. My big wins would be food expenses and Target spending (I always overspend at Target!). I felt too busy and run down to monitor those areas and cook at home more but am feeling a lot healthier now and ready to cook at home every day and batch cook some meals. For Target I need to stick to a list or start carrying cash so I can’t overspend.
    2. Nothing, I was waiting until my body fully recovered from my 2nd c-section and my son was old enough to handle the kids club at the gym. I reached that point and had my first workout back at the gym yesterday and the kids did great in the kids club.


  91. avatar
    Meghan C.

    3. Time management. I work full time from home and at the office and am primary caregiver for our kids and hadn’t figured out a good time to schedule in my work on my children’s books (or novels but those are on hold for now). Now that my son is almost one year old I’m getting more time back and can add scheduled time for my writing and illustrating.

  92. avatar
    Dave C.

    My list meshes together a bit in my mind, but maybe it shouldn’t.
    1. Start a side business
    2. Buy a larger home or pay off our current house quicker
    3. Learn how to invest wisely
    4. Get in shape
    5. Write a novel

    The obstacle for doing these are pretty much my own laziness. When it comes to starting a side business I really don’t know where to begin. My full-time job is an accountant, but I really don’t have a desire to do more of that on the side. When it come to getting another house, I have been trolling Trulia and Zillow looking for good deals around where we live. However, my wife would rather stay in our house a couple more years to pay down the mortgage and then look for something. There are a couple of clear steps when it comes to investing. First would be to rollover the plan I have from my previous job. Then do some research on what I want to invest in. The last thing of getting in shape is to just get an exercise program. I don’t have a plan right now so running or working out is very sporadic. Thanks for these challenges Ramit because it wakes us up out of our stupor :-).

  93. avatar

    Sir , I have try to be rich man last 5 years but i am not sucees . My dreams are my own home my own work . But its not possible . Can i do this please help me . I loss my $23000 amount my unsuccesfull work. My condition is very poor now. Pleasr help me .

  94. avatar

    Sorry but my bucket list is not something i would just typed here.

    Lets say its achiving my self.

    If these comments wont be deleted and if you live long enough to see my name is ahmet omer 15-20 years just wait and see…

  95. avatar

    dont beg here…

    Its called a start up or an enterprise. First get a decent english course(watch movies w/o subs,music,games,books,skype) second make a plan.

    If this guy would give you a million away you would wasted it.

    Make a plan, make it realistic.

    According to your comment i measured your IQ which is 90-100 points sequence.

    Trading is a scam… People are being fooled by stupid dreams with fake start up stories like facebook and such.

    So be awake…

    Read John Steinback the pearl

  96. avatar
    Eric Baker

    Im not eric. But:

    Nice things about your dreams…

  97. avatar

    1. Write the articles on my list. Submit for publication.
    2. Prepare and present voice recital
    3. Start a side business doing something I like to do. Obviously, need to focus in on exact business.

    On all 3, what’s held me back so far is me. Invisible negative scripts, which I’m working on and making progress. Narrow my focus so my time is spent obtaining my goals. This is a biggie. I’m much too scattered in my approach, doing all sorts of things that are worthwhile, but do not advance to my goals.

  98. avatar
    Cat Aboudara

    1) Hug a tiger (I wanted to be a tiger trainer when I grew up but never worked with tigers – have worked with alligators, octopus, coyote, bobcats, raptors and amazon river turtles though…)
    2) Write a book – been working on it but falling off and realize if I want to do this it must be a daily practice
    3) Dance well into old age – I want to be the 90 year old who is shaking as a walk onto the dance floor and just blow all the lil young whippersnappers away when I start dancing. There was one 90 year old who did this at the ballroom I worked at in college and she was absolutely stunning to watch and I had noting but love a respect for her (took West Coast Swing and Belly dancing this weekend and got the bug again – I have been rehabbing a broken foot and not been dancing and think its time to start up my training again to help heal and do what I love).

  99. avatar

    1) clone myself successfully and perform experiments related to environmental impacts on personalities vs. genetic make up
    I am held back because its not legal in US, yet.
    2) meet aliens
    held back because they dont like me it seems
    3) meet Ramit Sethi when he is in NY next time :p

  100. avatar
    Mary Gravitt

    My three things I want to always do:
    1. I want toTravel anywhere
    2.Learn how to invest wisely
    3.Start a side business doing something I like to do. Obviously, need to focus in on exact business.

  101. avatar
    Eric Taylor

    Three things I want to do:
    1) Learn to Kitesurf
    2) Move to Australia
    3) Become a Virgin Galactic passenger

    The one thing that prevents me from doing all these things is money. So instead of complaining about it I’m constantly thinking of ways to make more. These goals are also ordered in terms of importance to me. So right now I’m focusing on my first goal. I analyzed the costs of lessons for kitesurfing in the area around me and I discovered that for $525 I can have two incredible beginner lessons. Also, I know I’ll want to continue investing in lessons after my first two. So, I decided I’ll need to earn or save $525 extra dollars for the initial investment and at least $200/month extra for continued investment. Thus, I decided I’m going to pick up a bar tending gig on the side in order to earn the extra cash for kiteboarding. I’ve given myself until the end of this month (July) to start bar tending.

  102. avatar

    Last november I made a list of 3 things I got to do in the whole year well I made a video of myself saying the things I have to complete
    1)Pass the exam which I will be giving
    2)lear to play guitar
    3)to learn more about a different sport (which I F1)

    well I am studying hard but this exam is tough but still trying my best as I have job too which makes it more tough anyways will be having holidays from August so will get a good amount of time to prepare for it
    Guitar lessons are going no where, I have hardly touched my guitar for last couple of months
    Learning about FI is been cool , watched many race on sundays but wishes if i had a friend who liked this sports so could talk about the race

  103. avatar

    why not hot and rich?

  104. avatar

    Bucket list:
    1) Visit Ireland
    2) Retire before I die

  105. avatar

    1. get in shape and compete in an athletic competition
    2. learn to invest money
    3. find my passion and make it into a career

    There is really nothing in my way of getting in shape. I have a gym membership with great trainers and classes available to me. I know what to eat and what not to eat, the toruble is figuring out a good routune schedule. But, I’m working on this.

    I’ll be the first to admit I know nothing about investing money. The problem is I don’t know where to start or how to find a reliable source.

    Finally, I have had many jobs that I’ve liked with people that I enjoy being around, yet I want a job that I am excited to go to everyday. If I’m going to spend a majority of my day doing something I want it to be something I enjoy. I’m still exploring and hope to someday create my own dream job!

  106. avatar
    Tsukiko Spark

    Even though it wasn’t the question… I just realized that I have deleted some things from my list. I’ve notice that I don’t want them or need them. I took them from the lists of other.
    For example: traveling to far away places for long period of time, I don’t like this. I love staying in one quiet place with good drinks and food, all by myself and let my imagination travel to much more interesting places…I love doing that for hours and the time just fly like that…every thought in my head can become a story for me…not always an interesting one…but I’m drifting away from the subject (sometimes it happens to me …a lot…)
    So, when I thought I just LOVE traveling and going on trips. I found myself asking again and again “Are we there yet?” in each occasion…not a good sign, you need to watch for them (explaining to myself again)

  107. avatar

    I have an ever-evolving bucket list as I learn, grow, and develop more interests and bigger goals:

    -Earn a black belt (and continue training)
    -Travel to Europe — Italy, Germany, UK
    -Go to grad school
    -Freelance for a newspaper
    -Move out of my home town

    -Learn German (studying for 4 mos, 7 mos to go in program)
    -Write novel (finished page 50 this week)
    -Participate in Toastmasters to improve public speaking skills
    -Teach college English (hired for this fall!! Writing the syllabi this summer!)

    TO DO:
    -Combine teaching college English WITH freelancing at the same time.
    -Travel more — France! Caribbean! Australia!
    -Move 30 min closer to LA
    -Sell first novel
    -Write second novel idea
    -Learn Final Cut, buy a camera
    -Host a YouTube talk show
    -Work for A21 Campaign
    -TBD. . .

  108. avatar

    PS Forgot what’s holding me back. . . nothing is holding me back, though procrastination + money can sometimes slow me down. When I start teaching, I’ll be spending a lot of money on gas/car upkeep which will postpone travel dreams for a while. But now that I have my foot in the door, I will find more teaching/freelancing gigs and then save more money for travel. (Summers off!! 🙂

  109. avatar

    Ramit good job. I will like to travell to paris or other country outside my country where life can more meaninfull

  110. avatar

    I’ve wanted to start my own business for a number of years, and I’m actually about to go tell my boss in an hour that I’ll be retiring from employed life.
    I’ve worked hard to get to this point and I’m finally doing it!

  111. avatar
    If You Can’t Beat ‘Em… Wait. You CAN Beat 'Em - AfterCollege

    […] not getting what we want. Ramit Sethi on his blog, I Will Teach You to be Rich, challenges us to stop asking for permission (and shows us times we don’t even realize we’re asking for […]

  112. avatar
    Gigi Rodgers

    1) Get my business rolling and automated (so I can drag these ideas out of my head and into fruition)
    2) Round the world tix for myself and my aunt (she introduced me to traveling overseas. I need to return the favor in full)
    3) Get a breast reduction (so I look proportionate) and lasik eye surgery (I would LOVE to wake-up and be able to SEE the alarm clock)

    This is a good place to start. The 12-month plan.
    Let’s do it.

  113. avatar

    A lot of items on my bucket list had been checked off.
    1) Travel to France (check!) and was able to enroll at a language school in the Cote d’ Azur and even became the French Club president where I live.
    2) Work for a museum (now am a museum director).
    3) Be a newspaper columnist (dreamed of this ten years ago and now still writing for the paper).
    4) Have passive income (just built a rental pad, and built up a side business)

    Still, more items are left unchecked and they are: 1) visit Italy, Spain, Japan, Turkey and India; 2) raise ducks in my backyard (will happen before the year ends); and 3) move to a better paying job.

  114. avatar

    I have 110 things on my bucket list that I believe I can complete. I’m a total dreamer. But out of those 110 I only completed 7. And now, I still believe I can complete them all. Tho, some are impossible, but gotta continue dreaming!

  115. avatar

    When I was 13 I made a list of 101 things to do before I die, unfortunately I lost that somewhere along the way. A few years ago I made up another list and found that beyond the big extravagances most of the things on my bucket list were pretty doable. I am currently working on several of them.

    I want to perform stand up comedy- I took a quick one day introductory class, and will be doing open mic at a club when they roll out their comedy open mic this fall.

    I want to teach a class- I have started studying for a boad certification class that will give me the necessary qualifications to teach a class in my field. I am also volunteering with two local colleges in order to build the necessary relationships that will someday allow me to teach, even if it is only as a guest speaker.

    I want to eat a burrito in all 50 states- silly? yes undoubtedly, but after starting this quest in 2006 I have pushed myself to travel frequently and to visit the parts of America that I never would have sought out. After 8 years I have eaten a burrito in 38 states and the province of New Jersey. I am in the process of planning visits to two more states next spring and am looking forward to exploring more of the country. My friends have all gotten in on the act and it has become somewhat of a sensation. People actually revel in going somewhere new to eat a delicous burrito with me, and I frequently get updates on any burrito related news. Showing the fun and eclectic side of myself to people has been nearly as worthwhile as the motivation to travel to these places instead of just sitting home in a funk.

  116. avatar
    Kevin McCoy | Bucket Lists vs Bucket Life

    […] you have a bucket list? Should you? Since reading Ramit Sethi’s post I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I actually thought the movie was a little odd too […]

  117. avatar
    Agnieszka Obara

    You’re so right that winners don;t wait for the world to give them permission. That is why this year I am halfway with what I want to achieve. My list include:
    Helping more people earn money online.
    Spend more time with my family and my daughter.
    Earn twice as much as I did the previous year.

  118. avatar
    Steffen Eckart

    A bucket list for most people is all about individual events or experiences to encounter within their lifetime. My bucket list is more about lifestyle and process, with the thought being that achieving these changes in my life will bring about rewarding experiences. Included are the following:

    *Getting down to my ideal weight or even a little below
    *Becoming super physically fit and following a lifestyle where I can sustain this.
    *Learning Japanese fluently (I live in Japan now)
    *Operating my own business that makes a meaningful contribution to people’s lives, and which I can run from anywhere

    The 1K course has so far been so motivational and empowering. I look forward to continuing the journey.

  119. avatar

    I’ve been 1. spending time with my family, but 100% focused on just that spending time with them, not letting my phone distract me. 2. playing a lot of tennis 3. staying healthy.

  120. avatar
    radical love

    I have 17 things on my bucket list and counting, i add to it when I think of something. Sometimes I think the things I have on here are way too advanced though and I should go with some more possible things.

  121. avatar
    Abbey B

    I’ve had a bucket list on my bathroom mirror for YEARS, and the #1 item is the one that never gets checked off (take a trip to a place I’ve never been, once a month, every month, for one year).

    Why did I never do it? Because I didn’t have enough vacation time saved up, I didn’t have a car, couldn’t afford the flight, didn’t have a boyfriend to go with me, etc.

    6 months ago, I was trying to motivate myself to start the hour long commute to a job I hated when I glanced at the list, and realized that if I didn’t do it NOW I would NEVER do it. I found a job that lets me work remotely on my own schedule, I joined a ridesharing community to travel up and down the West Coast, took in an extra roommate to free up more money for plane tickets, and jumped into couchsurfing.

    I’ve been on 10 trips in the past 6 months, and the biggest surprise is that I’m saving MORE money now than I was when I was working 8-6 in an office. My advice to everyone is to spend your money on experiences, rather than stuff. You never miss the stuff anyway.

  122. avatar

    I’ve been 1. spending time with my family, but 100% focused on just that spending time with them, not letting my phone distract me. 2. playing a lot of tennis 3. staying healthy.

  123. avatar
    Laptop Review

    You’re so right that winners don;t wait for the world to give them permission. That is why this year I am halfway with what I want to achieve. My list include:
    Helping more people earn money online.
    Spend more time with my family and my daughter.
    Earn twice as much as I did the previous year.

  124. avatar
    Porn Blocker

    I’ve been 1. spending time with my family, but 100% focused on just that spending time with them, not letting my phone distract me. 2. playing a lot of tennis 3. staying healthy.

  125. avatar
    Touchscreen Laptops

    A bucket list for most people is all about individual events or experiences to encounter within their lifetime. My bucket list is more about lifestyle and process, with the thought being that achieving these changes in my life will bring about rewarding experiences. Included are the following:

  126. avatar
    Diogène de Namasat

    My Bucket List:

    1) Get A Girlfriend (LOVE)
    2) Get A Job (WEALTH)
    3) Play A Sport (HEALTH)

    Focus On My Bucket List, Leave The Rest To Others ,)