What would you name my upcoming book? (Winner gets free stuff)

Ramit Sethi

As you know, I’m working on the I Will Teach You To Be Rich book.

My editor and I are brainstorming title ideas, so I decided to open it up to iwillteachyoutoberich readers. One title choice is obviously “I Will Teach You To Be Rich,” but what would you pick besides that?

The winner will get 5 pre-release, signed copies of the first-edition book, and I’ll donate $101 to the charity of your choice (Indian people always add an extra $1 to gifts. I don’t know why.)

If you could pick the title of my book, what would it be? To submit your idea, leave a comment.

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  1. Bill Reid

    How about “I Will Teach You to Get Published”…


  2. Melanie

    “It’s easier than you think”

  3. Paula Lamming

    I think you already have a blockbuster best seller name on this blog.

    I will teach you to be rich.

    Good Luck with the book.

  4. Ryan Tetrick

    “You Will Learn to Be Rich”

    Simple and affirmative

  5. dave

    “A means to your own end”

  6. Stacey

    You Too Can Be Rich, Just Like Me

  7. Jay B

    Re: Indians and the extra $1:
    The only explanation I have for this is in the context of wedding gifts: giving an odd number makes it harder for the couple to evenly split the gift and leave each other, so odd-numbered amounts symbolically reinforce the bond of marriage.

    I can only assume that habit carried over into every other instance of giving money as a gift.

    As for my title suggestion: “This Book Will Make You Rich”

  8. Ryan

    Practically Rich – How being simple and unsexy can help you reach your financial goals.

  9. Katie B.

    I agree with Paula. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect name than “I Will Teach You to Be Rich.”

    “I Will Teach You to Be Rich” is already a brand that is known to quite a few people, why wouldn’t you want to capitalize on that brand recognition?!

    It’s PERFECT for a book title!

  10. Rob

    This Book Will Teach You to be Rich

  11. kai

    Redefining Rich: a guide for Generation Y.

    why: because your audience is young people; and I like your views on “what is rich” better than anything else. Make people think what it means for them to be rich, why they need the money in the first place.

  12. Laura

    I Will Teach You TO Be Rich: A Guide to Wealth with Common Sense

  13. BA

    I believe you should stick with the obvious title to build your brand. Your book will be in front of people who have sadly never heard of “” and this is a great opportunity to strengthen that brand.

    More importantly, I personally look forward to a series: iwillteachyoutoberich Volume 1 and so on.

    Keep up the great work!

  14. Amberlynn

    “How to Kick Financial Ass”

  15. Jay

    Shortcuts on the Path to Riches

  16. John

    You’ve discussed the notion of using targeted questions / declarations to get a targeted response….so use that same approach to title the book. I know that when it comes to finance a clear and specific title helps me decide whether I will buy the book…

    “Learn to be Rich: The Complete Financial How-To Guide for the Young Adult”

    From what you’ve mentioned about your book the main selling points are that it is very “how-to” or “nuts and bolts” oriented, and it is gear specifically for the young adult starting on their financial path…at least that’s what I’m hoping for…

  17. Tim

    Next time, decide to give $99 so that, following Indian customs, you’ll give a round $100.

    That will be my tip of the week to save $1 here and there!

  18. Cathy

    “How to become rich”

  19. mike

    its easy to be sexy..
    now learn how to be rich

  20. M HEBNER


  21. Matthew Wilkinson

    “Being Rich 101”

    Possibly written on some sort of blackboard with “Mr. Ramit Sethi” as if you were a new teacher to class?

  22. Rakesh Prajapati

    “Rich Ideas to get Rich”

  23. Matt

    I don’t know why you’d change it–you already have a brand name, why dissociate yourself from it? Besides, it lends itself to sequels: I will teach you to be richer, I will teach you to be even richer, etc.

    Subtitles seem to be in vogue, though, so perhaps “I Will Teach You To Be Rich: It’s Easier Than You Think.”

  24. Cs

    ‘Personal financing for the common people’

  25. Harley Witt

    Trendy – “Wealth 3.0: Semantic Guide to Personal Finance”

  26. Matt

    How about “Read for Riches”

  27. mamacita

    Super Ninja Money Skillz

    I would totally buy that book.

  28. green3

    Getting Rich – My Dirty Little Secret (or not)

  29. Nathan

    Getting Rich By Trying To

  30. Jonathan


  31. elkit

    I agree with all those who said that “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” is a great title, and your brand to boot. I can’t really see any reason not to use that name.

  32. Lejo

    I will teach you not to be Poor.

  33. Dee

    Be Rich.

  34. Justin Hetherington

    “Life is Rich – Take the path to Rich Right Now!”

  35. AC

    Unsexy And Rich: How Even A Skinny Feeble Indian Can Become A Financial Success

    I Am Rich (And So Can You!)

    Stupid Frat Boys Don’t Get Rich


    Sexy vs. Rich

    Sexy or Rich?


  36. Atul R

    Piggys, Dollars and Dreams: Simple first steps to your financial dreams

  37. mohit

    How about “Get Rich” for a title?

  38. Elissa Douglas

    Millionaire Mentality

    (Step by Step, Tried and True Proven Methods)
    by Ramit Sethi

  39. James Pitayanukul

    How I Am Becoming Rich

  40. 0xA0AC7C

    Don’t Steal This Personal Finance Book
    Buy it and Learn to be Rich

  41. Devin Reams

    Rich or Sexy-Choose One: The Best Practices To Becoming Wealthy

  42. Cory Levy

    1) It’s common sense!

    2) If read = you will get rich

    3) The Art of Getting Rich (rather quickly)

  43. Eric C

    Getting Rich Today
    because tomorrow is too late

    This is catchy and speaks of doing something NOW. Plus you can shorten it, like David Allen did with Getting Things Done, to be the GRT method. I can see GRT seminars… GRT widgets… you can train GRT coaches… oh my the possibilities are endless.

  44. Niranjan

    I will go with the original one: “I Will Teach You to Be Rich”
    Why: Nothing is better… 🙂

    or may be: “How to be rich”
    Why: Really makes me curious

    Re: Indians and the extra $1:
    Odd number is considered inauspicious while even is auspicious.

  45. bridget cooper

    How about “Be Rich Without a Hitch”?

  46. Dennis

    “Everything You Need To Know About Active Trading” in front of that picture of the middle finger you have as a 404.

  47. Karolyn Marshall

    Getting Rich is Easier Than You Think: Your Path to Wealth

  48. Carl

    Ramit’s practical guide to getting rich

  49. Matt

    Wealth 2.0

  50. sagar

    “Show Your Money Who Wears the Pants”

    As for the extra $1, I was always told that the $1 was for spending, and the remaining round amount was for saving. Maybe that was just my parents’ way of shaping me into the miserly 22-year-old I am today.

    Keep kicking arse!

  51. Laura

    Something about how you don’t actually have to teach all that hard. “I Would Teach You To Be Rich, But It’s Not That Hard!”

    Or, you know, the title of your blog IS pretty rad.

  52. Rick

    How about “$10 A Day Is All It Takes: The Secret to Getting Rich.”


  53. Drew

    Everything and Anything On Becoming Rich

  54. Carl

    Stay Ballin’, Stack Paper, Run Things
    Live your Passion, Control your Money, Take over the World
    A young person’s guide to maintaining your lifestyle, becoming Rich, Using your powers for good

    something that sets the book apart from the myriad other books in the following ways

    1. Its for younger people
    2. It doesn’t mean you’re going to scrimp and save
    3. It will solve all of your problems ever, ever.

  55. geet_101

    How bout
    (i) 5 easy tips to Wealth
    (ii) Pick Me Up
    (iii) Go Get ‘Em $$$
    But since it’s your 1st book-you should definitely stick to your blog’s name.

  56. gs

    “The Disciplined Path (to Wealth)”

  57. Jonathan

    I’ve noticed there are three distinct elements to your brand – your personality, your blog, and your Indian background. Leverage all three. Change just one thing about your blog title and consider calling the book: Ramit Will Teach You To Be Rich.

  58. Kelly

    stop procrastinating and get rich

  59. Tim

    We Eventually All Learn To H_____


  60. Chad Smith

    – Bringing Rich Back

    – Affluence your Life

    – 10% Will Make You Rich

  61. dawn

    My pick for your book title:
    “I Know how…
    Now I want you to know how to be Rich!”

  62. Allen

    Happier (maybe).
    Richer (definitely).

  63. Joshua Levin

    How to Fish
    A Teacher’s Guide To Making You Wealthy and Keeping You There

  64. Martin

    I will teach you to be rich:
    financial boot camp

  65. Bruce

    Common Sense Wealth

    You + Common Sense = Wealth

  66. John B

    Ramit’s Rupee Rules

  67. Dan

    Obviously not original now – “I Will Teach You To Be Rich – The Book” Maybe you can then get The Movie, The Series, Behind the Scence, Bobble Heads, Posters, on and on. Make all you can.

  68. Rod

    “I’m (Going to Be) Rich Bitch!”

  69. Kenneth Hernandez

    “Your Way to Wondrous Wealth”

  70. Regina

    Generation Rich

  71. Akhil

    Get Rich or keep trying

  72. Mr. Sarcastic

    Why not rip off Stephen Colbert and make it “I Am Rich, And So Can You!” or name it after a soap opera, such as “As The Index Fund Earns” or “The Young And The Richless,” heck, maybe even do an Updike-like “Ramit Is Rich”. Sun-Tzu would prefer “The Art Of Bore: Methodical Applications Of Welfare.” I’m a concise person usually though, so I’d just go with “$”

  73. Khalid

    “To be rich i teach – yoda style!”
    “Milk the cash cow”
    “It’s easy to be rich, want to know how?”

  74. Ulhas

    How about “I will Teach you to be Rich: The Right Way” 🙂

  75. Rammohan

    ‘Money Ladder’
    Steps to reach there

  76. Sebastian

    I like Harley Witts suggestion “Trendy – “Wealth 3.0: Semantic Guide to Personal Finance”

    My personal suggestion would be “Money 2.0 – It grows in your pocket”

  77. Debbie Timmins

    134 Ways to Get Rich [or however many you have]
    The Simple Way to Get Rich
    Making Money, Saving Money
    Plan Your Life for Wealth and Freedom

  78. Fable Fox

    “Become Rich, For Real”
    “Road To Richess, Without the Nonsense.”

  79. Ricardo Gonçalves

    Lot’s of 0s

  80. Paul O'Connell

    I Will Teach You To Be Rich (Two)

  81. Matt

    Some ideas:

    Meet your new friend – Wealth
    Wealth: a little education and a choice away
    Becoming Rich, its easier than you think

    And I have you say I really like Bruce’s suggestion (Common Sense Wealth)

  82. Ricardo Cardoso

    “Read Me To Be Rich”

  83. FMF

    A few thoughts:

    1. You crack me up with that $1 comment. 😉

    2. I’d name the book the same as the blog.

    3. I’d work on several subtitles that explain what the book is about, pick the top four, and run a survey to see which people like best.

    4. Think about who your audience is. It’s likely that the people who read your blog will NOT be buyers of your book. It’s more likely that newbies to the world of maney management will be more likely to buy the book. Hence, when you do #3 above, be sure to get this group involved somehow. (BTW, this is speculation, but the reasoning seems sound to me.)

    5. When you get the book done, let me know. I’ll review it and be willing to help you promote it as I know it will be quality content.

  84. Rahul

    You Will Be Rich.
    A Practicle Guide to Building Wealth.

    Slow and Steady But Certain
    Proven Techniques for Building Wealth

    Real Wealth.
    Practical Guide to Building Wealth.

    Acquire the Habits and Mindset of the Wealthy

  85. Lad

    Become Rich and Stay Wealthy

  86. Mary

    I Will Teach You To Be Rich: Not Just for Young Adults

  87. Cal

    Don’t Be an Idiot: Common sense money advice for busy people.

  88. Vikram

    May be;

    Finance Made Simple!!
    Saving Money !!
    It all about you!!

  89. escapee

    Stupid People Make Me Want To Scream: I will teach you to be rich

  90. Brandon

    the gift of money

  91. Kharis

    Hey Ramit,

    Here are a bunch of names for you!

    1. “The Midas Touch: On unprecedented Wealth”
    2. “The Midas Touch”
    3. “Unprecedented Wealth”
    4. That’s so Ramit- Financial Ignorance Examined
    5. The Ramit Way : Why I want you to be rich!


  92. P

    “I Will Teach You to be Rich: Your guide to personal finance” OR

    “I Will Teach You to be Rich: Taking hold of your financial future”

    My advice is keep it simple. I agree with everyone else though, keep the “I will teach you to be rich” part in there. It’s a catchy title. Actually, it’s what drew me to the site the first time. I saw it on a blogroll of another blog and thought, “hey, that looks interesting…” and have been reading ever since…

    good luck.

  93. panah. r

    1. RichU: Learn To Be Reach
    2. Get Rich, Stay Rich For Life
    3. Mastering The Art Of Riches

  94. Ryan

    “Be Rich”

  95. Ryan

    A few ideas:

    “Getting to Rich”

    “Dummies Guide to Be[come] Rich”

    “Be Rich Boot Camp”

    “Be Rich and Live While Getting There”

  96. Jen

    Just to name a few…

    1. Aspiration to Wealth

    2. Pursuit of Success:
    A Guide Towards Obtaining Financial Growth

    3. Ramit Sethi’s Guide to Financial Prosperity

    4. The Road to Financial Success
    Explorations through experiences and evidence

    5. The Art of Becoming Rich

    6. On Becoming Affluent

    7. How to Increase Your Fortune

    8. The Wealthy Individual

    9. 5 Simple Steps to Financial Success

    Best of luck in finding a title!

  97. Kevin L

    Wealth: Get There

  98. Mark H.

    “Your guide to becoming Rich”
    “Its very simple, you can be Rich”

  99. homeimprovementninja

    Well, I would’ve suggested “Get Rich Slowly” but that’s already taken.

    How about:
    1) Got Money?
    2) Millionaire Univerisity
    3) Simon says…be rich!

  100. Ben

    Take all of the suggestions above, and plug them into adsense. For each of the top 10 titles that are already getting hits (adsense tells you what is most popular, and most expensive, already), put $50 into adsense ads.

    For each of the title-based ads, have them link to page on your blog, with a parameter that indicates which ad they came from. This can be done via separate but identical pages, or by using GET parameters. Finally, with all of this in place, after one month you can obtain the following data:
    -Which titles were clicked on the most, as ads
    -Which titles lead to the most submitted email addresses (an indication that someone would be willing to purchase)
    -Which titles lead to the most email addresses per advertisement click.

    Don’t pick your title based on what sounds best to you, unless you’re trying to protect some sort of artistic vision. Don’t pick what people recommend. Pick what people are willing to buy.

  101. C4

    “You Will Read This Book”

  102. Ken.H

    How about “You Know You Want It”

  103. Walt

    You Will Read Me To Be Rich

  104. Walt

    or simply “Read Me To Be Rich”

  105. Graham Powell

    I wonder if the word “rich” will give people the wrong idea. I think that when people see a book that promises to make them rich, they believe that they’ll wake up one day to find huge bags of cash have been delivered to their house.

    In other words, they want to get rich so they can change their lifestyle, instead of changing their lifestyle so they can get rich.

    But hey, name it whatever you want, it’ll still be a good book.

  106. Ashley

    Personal Finance: Not Just for Bloggers Anymore

    Understanding Your Financial Choices

    Live Your Life & Still Come Out Financially Successful

    Miserly Living Won’t Always Get you Rich

  107. Felino

    Be wise – Control your Life!

  108. Chris
    Become rich with Ramit Sethi

    Maybe not original, but even if people don’t buy the book, your still pushing the site – either way – they will learn to become rich with you. Thats what your blog is all about – why stray from that with your book. You gotta Synergize!!!!

  109. MP


    Ah, yes the extra $1! I’ve heard adding the extra $1 will help to bring luck!

    I like the title ” I will teach you to be rich” most of all. But for another option maybe”Learn to be rich: How I did it and you can to”.

    Good luck!

  110. Lux Living Frugalis

    “$$ Ramit to Riches $$ – Ramit Sethi Teaches You How To Be Rich”

    Good luck with your book!!

  111. Ruth

    “Finance for the Rest of Us”

    kinda lame, I know, but I’d buy it.

  112. Mark H.

    Ramit, Any feedback? Could you post your top 10 favorites from these posts? Or will you be providing yourself with 5 signed copies and $101 to your favorite charity because you have already decided to use “I will teach you to be rich”?

  113. Omar Ferrer

    Title 1: “The Road to Financial Freedom”

    Title 2: “The Guide for Personal Finance Wealth”

    Title 3: “I Will Teach You To Be Rich: A Guide to Financial Freedom”

  114. julie

    I Will Make You Rich: A Guide for the Young and Careless (or Ignorant)

    From Blogs to Riches: I Will Teach You To Be Rich

  115. Honza

    Here are some of my ideas:

    I will teach you, the rest is up to you.

    Get Rich By Yourself,
    I will teach you.

    You Can Be Rich.
    I will teach you, if you will listen.

    Knock, Knock.
    I am here to teach you to be rich.

    I think you’ve got the idea. The titles and subtitles can be combined in any way. You can also use only the title,.. and so on.
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the book whatever the title will be.

  116. Munmun

    I came with these
    1.It’s never too late to learn to be rich
    2.You too can learn to be rich
    3.Make your money grow like mine
    4.Learn to accumulate wealth no matter what….

    Wish you all the best with your book!!

  117. Linda

    On Feb 8, 2008 7:59 AM, Linda Thai wrote:

    How about “Money Matters” or “Money management matters” or “Things they don’t teach you on ways to get rich” “Secrets of the rich and famous” “Simple ways to get rich” or
    “Not cheap, more like frugal!”

    Let me know what you think. Linda:)

  118. Trish Harris

    Get Rich Smart and stay that way

    Most themes are not about staying that way

  119. Brian

    Dude, Ruth, that’s pretty good! Way better than anything else I read. I might change it slightly, to “Personal Finance for the Rest of Us”, or something kin to that, to use an Indian word 😀

  120. suzanne traini

    My title recommendation is: Stealth Wealth

  121. Nicole

    How about “Common Sense”??

  122. WeSellEm4U

    The Start-Up Guide to Wealth
    The Start-Up Mentatilty to Riches
    The Mastermind Method to Wealth

  123. Honza

    I forgot to post my last idea, so here it is:

    Want To Be Rich? I Will Teach You!

  124. Matt

    “Cook at home, you lazy bastard”
    – The article was ok, but the title really grabbed me and told me to take financial responsibility for myself. I think that is your point.

    “How to sleep at night”

    “Debt and finding financial freedom”

    “Debt, choices, and happiness”

  125. Eddie

    “The Get Rich Pitch”

  126. John Turcany

    Hi Ramit,

    I’m brand new to your blog. I really enjoy the content, but I think the title doesn’t really do it justice. Your blog offers much sounder advice and food for thought than those “get rich quick” schemes out there. It’s clearly about much more than amassing money. How about something like “Get Enriched Quick” as a title for your book? (a subtitle might be “… and wealth may follow”).

  127. Caro

    My suggestion:

    “Learning to be Rich”

  128. Mario Sanchez

    You need a title and a tagline. Here are my three swags at it:

    Young, Fabulous… and Rich
    How young people are getting really rich, and staying that way.

    Young Money
    How young people are getting really rich, and staying that way.

    Generation $
    How young people are getting really rich, and staying that way.

    The first two use the tactic of mental association with other financial products (Suze’ Ormans book and Cramer’s Mad Money), sort of like 7up did with their un-cola campaign.

    The third one is more original. The word “generation” automatically evoques an association with young people, and the combination with the $ sign is catchy and easy to remember.

    Another tagline could be:
    How young people are using their unfair advantage to get rich…and stay rich.

    Good luck!!

  129. Rajeev

    “Get Rich Hacks”
    “Get Rich Financially”
    “Financial Hacks for Smart People”

  130. Commish

    “I’m a Sexy Rich: Ramit’s guide to riches and hos”

  131. Commish

    “Get Your Mind on Your Money and Your Money In… Vesting”

  132. Chase

    -Being Awesome
    -How to Systematically Kick the Crap Out of Life and Make a Little Money Too.
    – Money Book
    -Dollars and Sense
    -Yeah, Dude, It’s That Easy.
    -Dude, Where’s my Money?
    -Money Monerson’s Guide to Money and All Things Money
    -Use you Head (The Lump 3 Feet Above Your Ass) – You may run into copyright issues with Tom Hanks and the movie “A League of Their Own”
    -So I Just Wrote a Book
    -Read My Book and Live
    -Don’t Read This Book (Just Kidding. You Can Read It…Seriously Read It)

  133. Omar Hernandez

    Once you know the True meaning of this word your book should be named after it too…. “Merit”

  134. Jennifer B.

    Thinking Rich and Taking Charge

    New Adults Guide to Financial Success

    Get Rich While You Can

    Owning Your Financially Savvy Thirties

    Ramit’s Tools for Financial Happiness (or How to Avoid Losing it All to Shoes and Cigarettes)

  135. spokes

    “You are not rich; Yet”

    Implies it’s just a matter ot time.

  136. Christopher

    No Particular Order

    1. Unconscious Wealth
    2. Your Not Rich, Here’s Why
    3. Don’t Blink…Your Rich
    4. Get Rich – No Brain Required
    5. Insanely Easy Wealth Accumulation
    6. Stop Being A Moron – Save Your Money
    7. Building A Better Financial Mouse Trap
    8. The Conspicuous Consumption Conundrum
    9. Financial Super Structure

  137. Pete

    Educate Your Wallet

  138. Frank

    You Rich Now

    Yous Gon Be Rich

    IWillTeachYouToBeRich (“As seen on Internet!”)

    Mo Money No Problem!

    Be Good With Money

    Oh hai. I has monies.

    Personal Finance for People Who Are Not the Smartest Ones In The Room

    Personal Finance for People Who Have Given Up Being Sexy


    Cash and Bitches: Live the Ramit Life

    But really, I second “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”. If that wins, does that mean there will be no winners? Or is the prize split among those of us who agreed with the title? :oP :o)

    If not IWTYTBR, I think something related to your themes, which are a bit broader than just personal finance, since you use “rich” in a broader sense and the ultimate purpose is to accomplish goals or live a happy life. Like… Getting Rich, Accomplishing Goals… but not as square sounding. I like the ass-kicking Amberlynn mentioned earlier. Kicking Ass to Financial Success? Or if that’s not “appropriate”, then Laying the Smackdown on Personal Finance…. or… not….

  139. A

    Indian accents are sexy, and so is being rich.

  140. Paula

    The title you have is good but kind of blends in with so many others for me. I’d like a title like:

    If Rich is Where You Want to Be………..
    ………………Start and Finish Here
    (The “do” and “don’ts” of reaching your financial goals)!

    Thank you – I’d love to read it no matter what the title because being Rich is where I’d love to be! (o:

  141. Andrea

    How about: Verdant Wealth: Nurturing Richness

  142. John Knox

    – “I thought I Taught You to be Rich!”
    – “Be Rich or I’ll Throw Something!”
    – “I Will Teach You to be Ramit”
    – “I Will Teach You to be Rich: Learn How to Enjoy Life and be Financially Responsible.”
    – “I Will Taunt You to be Rich”
    – “I Will Not Teach You to be Sexy”
    – “You Make Me Want to Throw Something!”

  143. ROSIO

    Read me +apply= WEALTH
    Like middle class? Enjoy, Multimillionaires hobbies.

  144. Dave

    From the original,
    “I Will Teach you to be Rich, no seriously, it’s not that hard.”

    It will appeal to our “lazy” generation.

  145. Baddriver

    How to kick butt at life: The I will teach you to be rich guide to saving, investing, and achieving your goals.

  146. Brian

    OKAY. So here is what you do.

  147. Samir

    Ramit, you got a great name for the domain, why not use it again for the book? “Iwillteachyoutoberich” or “Guide to Avoid Financial Meltdown”.

  148. moneymonk

    Young and Rich

  149. aimee

    Main Title: “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”

    Subtitle: “Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship for College Students, Recent College Grads, and Everyone Else”

    I took the subtitle from your posts introducing your blog to new subscribers. It’d be a good hook for your book too!

  150. doug

    Hey You DUMB ASS ” Let me Show you the WAY to be RICH.

  151. GP

    “I Will Teach You To Be RIch(er): A Guide to Common Sense.”

  152. Ryan

    Get Rich or die trying

  153. JH

    “Nonsensical Guide to Getting Rich”
    “How to Kick Ass & Get Rich!”
    “Stop Being Lazy & Get Rich!”

  154. Ben

    I Will Teach You to Make Me Rich

  155. Kurt

    “You make you rich”

  156. Michael G.

    “Ramit, Dammit!: I Will Teach You To Be Rich”

  157. Erik

    Your Monetary Mind: Use it or lose it…

  158. Jason Su

    “You are Poor, but I will Teach you to be Rich”

  159. David

    My choice for your book title is:

    Sensei Sethi: I will Teach You To Be Rich.

  160. Nikhil

    “Real Riches for Real People”

    “Richest Kid in the Dorm: The no-nonsense guide to saving and investing for college kids, recent college grads, and everyone else”

    “Wall Street Eye for the Average Guy”

    “It’s Not the Latte”

    “Money Without Bullshit”

    “Scaling the Wall (Street): A bottom-up approach to saving and investing”

  161. tata motors

    This Book is Free!

  162. Kiran

    I agree you should keep the site name as the main title in order to build brand equity.

    Main Title: I Will Teach You To Be Rich

    Subtitle: Simple Steps For Anyone to Reach Financial Freedom

    You know I remember one post you made when you questioned why people want to get rich. I hope you definitely raise the question in the book as well. For some people it’s about some kind of artificial ego boost, but for many of us, it’s to alleviate the burdens of having to make decisions based on finances- which a lot of the time is just the result poor planning and preparation.

    The subtitle could also be something like “Don’t Let Money Control Your Life”, “Don’t Let Money Cramp Your Style”, or “Don’t Let Money Make Your Decisions”.

    It’s all about keeping the personal dreams alive, to me anyways.

  163. Craig

    Title suggestion:
    The Student of Wealth Handbook: A Guide to Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship

  164. Nichola Gonzalez

    What would Yoda do??

    You Rich, Teach You He Would.


  165. Michel

    RICH: Yep, you can, too.

    RICH: Your soaking in it!

    YES! You can learn to be rich!

    Rich and how to get there.

    Nice Shoes…but I am Rich!

  166. NJS

    Money, money, money!

  167. Stone

    Again with a by-line…best method for your brand…

    “I will teach you to be rich”
    …its not rocket science.

  168. Paul Jose

    Rags to Riches

  169. randeep

    “I Will Teach You To Be a Baller”

    paypal the check to my email please.

  170. Sameek

    ‘Start at the top and… work your way up’

  171. Enrique,Tallahassee,Florida

    Becoming Rich by Expending Less.

  172. Lisa DiMona

    Still love I Will Teach You to Be Rich

  173. EH

    Money Class (or Moneyclass, if Billy Beane doesn’t mind).

  174. snuff

    “The safest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it in your pocket.” – kin hubbard

  175. Sean Blanda

    Stupid Frat Boys and X other dumb money mistakes

    I always loved that frat boys post…

  176. Carlin

    “But, I don’t know ANYTHING about money!”
    “If this book doesn’t help make you rich, I’ll send you a ski mask and a bank blueprint.”
    “This book won’t make you rich…you will”
    “I’d rather mud wrestle 60054271298523432 slightly irritated grizzly bears than print a bunch of bullshit that would waste your time”
    “How to roll fat like me (I live in San Francisco bitches)”
    “The Death of Poor”
    “Mo’ Money, Less Problems”

    “Take everything you know, set it on fire, read this book by the light of the flames, and learn how shit really works”

    I will teach you to be rich sounds kind of gimmicky and would make me skeptical if I didn’t know about your site. “Why we want you to be rich “- Kiyosaki and Trump (or Douche 1 and Douche 2) is a good example. Anything with Rich in the title kind of turns me off instantly, and makes me think, “Oh boy, what kind of bullshit is this guy selling, waste of time. More like I will teach you to make me rich (props to commenter Ben). If he had all the secrets he wouldn’t put them in a book. He’d be getting a rub down on his private island trying to figure out if he wants to build the bonfire tonight out of twenties or hundreds”.

    The people that do know about your site are going to know what the title of the book is even if it isn’t named after the blog (unless you don’t tell us, which I doubt, you shameless self-promoter you). It’s the people that don’t know about the site that I’m assuming you would want to “grab” with the title. And I personally will look at something funny usually, with an eye catching cover (don’t put a stock chart on it, please for the love of god). Yes, I admit that I am not that sophisticated, contrary to popular belief, and can be easily tricked by clever titles and eye candy for a cover (into glancing at the book at least). I doubt anyone will read all of my post (kudos if you made it this far). I barely remember typing this short novel.

  177. wayne

    So you want to be rich, I will teach you to be rich.

  178. Ethel

    I am American married to an India for 20 years. It’s all about the retail marketing, media and lack of work ethics. Stop Spending & Start Saving…Don’t buy everything you see, stop living for today only. I always here people say I am living for today who knows what tomorrow will bring. While I know… no savings… forclosure…and excuses.

    The American Truth The REAL Deal
    (What They Don’t Tell You)

    Learn To Stay Above The Line

    Positive Cash Flow

    American Spending Habits

    The Real Deal

    Needs Not Wants

  179. lori ann kelly

    people can come up with alot of catchey cliche’s but I think you have your title.
    The “I will teach you to be rich” book pritty well says it , direct and to the point. We just can’t get enough of that these days…

  180. amit

    “Dammit, Ramit, show me the money!”

  181. andrew

    Physician’s Desk Reference. That or Freakonomics II.

  182. Alex

    Free to Be Rich: How to Achieve Personal and Financial Wealth Without Sacrificing Your Life.

  183. moonimus

    The Uncool Guide to Becoming Rich
    The Financial Apprenticeship
    Financial Self Discovery
    Crush Your Finances
    Financial Certainty
    The Geeks Shall Inherit
    Financial Cross Training
    Hitting Your Financial Stride
    Financial Evolution
    Financial Revolution
    Fatten Your Piggy Bank

  184. Sullivan

    “Gaining Wealth: It’s in Your Hands”

    “Not Just Another Get Rich Quick Book”

    “Another How to Get Rich Book” (to be humorous)

    “Follow These Principles and Gain Wealth”

  185. Randhir

    The “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” title is pretty good, but as someone has previously said, a little gimicky for people not familiar with your site. People will think, “what does this guy know that all the other get rich books dont”.

    I think something like “The Common Sense Guide to your Personal Finance” with a secondary title of “How I Will Teach You To Be Rich” would be more appealing to the average reader coming acroos your book in a store.

    Its kinda a long title, but something like this would work best: “The Common Sense Guide to your Personal Finance: How I Will Teach You To Be Rich”

  186. Cameron

    1) The Ass-Kicker’s Field Manual to Getting Rich

    2) Kicking Ass and Making Cash: The Exciting Guide to Your Financial Fortune.

  187. Kiran

    1. Optimize Your Wallet
    2. Use Common Sense and Get Rich

  188. John

    Simply Rich — Wise Advice for Smart People

  189. alfredo baltazar

    I will teach you to be rich in knowledge . or I will teach you to be rich Ramit way

  190. Sid Elmer

    “What Money Can”

  191. Lon Ball

    Title to book

    Your Fortune Starts HERE.

  192. Francisco Moriones

    Sex, Drugs & Rock&Roll

    NOPE ! The Hew Motto is

    Cash, Wealth & Freedom

  193. poster

    I will teach you to be rich – a kick in your assets.

    IWTYTBR – B****

    IWTYTBR – This books comes with a positive NPV

    IWTYTBR – And you will make me rich by buying this book

    IWTYTBR – And you will learn.

    IWTYTBR – And you will listen.

    IWTYTBR – I promise*

    *not guaranteed 😉

  194. Josh

    Want money?
    By Ramit Sethi of

  195. Richard Wood

    Not having read any exerpts from your book in order to get a feel for it, I offer the following possible titles:

    “$ecret $$$ $trategie$”

    “Financial Ba$ic Training”

    “Are You Listening?”

  196. Araviski

    All of this wouldn’t work if everybody were applied those guidelines, this is all about information share. That’s why my suggestion is :

    I Will Teach To Be Rich.
    ——————-Do not tell them

    (Perhaps there’re mistakes because I’m not a native english speaker, but I think you catched the idea)

  197. Araviski

    Of course you should read :
    I Will Teach You To Be Rich.
    ——————-Do not tell them

    (Btw I think a preview comment option on this site would be definitively cool !!)

  198. arjun

    man, everything i thought of is here, will come back after some thinking.
    i agree with whoever said iwillteachyoutoberich doesn’t fully encompass everything the blog has to offer, is this the case for the book as well?

    how about this: instead of promoting a method to get somewhere, which every book title tries to do, you could point out that you’re offering a way to remove ONE (or a couple or more) of people’s most frequent sources of worry/unhappiness from their shit-i-dont-like pile. Even include a little whiteboard drawing about a guy removing money as a factor in unhappiness/worry

  199. Nick Anadiotis

    Ramit Sethi’s guide to getting “rich”: Common sense rules of finance that society forgot to teach you.

    Subtitle: “I will teach you to be rich without giving up your $4 lattes”

    Note: I put the word rich in quotes because unless I’m misreading some of your articles, I get the feeling that this site is to teach you how to live within your means and not spend money just because you have it to spend. Financial security will give you sense of be “rich” because having money in the bank that’s not owed to someone else is very empowering.

    If you just call the book “I will teach you to be rich” I think a number of people would just pass over it, because those people probably already wasted their money on “rich dad, poor dad” and didn’t get a lot of good advice, but they did make that author RICH!

  200. JM

    $$ NIRVANA $$
    Money Nirvana

    Nirvana is a Sanskrit word which means “enlightenment”, but a Google search would give you more information, because it has quite a depth of meaning. Hey its a little twist on your Indian roots and the quest for $ contentment!

  201. Laura

    The Art of Money: I Will Teach You To Be Rich

    I agree with some othrs – you have got to protect the ‘brand.’ 🙂

    Good luck!


  202. Matt

    1. “I Will Teach You To Be Rich: Financial Sense vs. Common Senselessness”
    2. “I Will Teach You To Be Rich: Taking Back Your Finances”
    3. “Financial Sense vs. Common Senselessness: Getting Rich by Keeping It Simple”

  203. Jonny

    “Expand your wallets waistline”

    “Get Fat – Financially”

  204. evie

    I agree with the “IWillTeachYouToBeRich: Subtitle” idea. This also leaves room for a series, as Matt suggested. I like Amberlynn’s idea: “IWillTeachYouToBeRich: How to Kick Financial Ass.” The next book could be “IWillTeachYouToBeRich: Stupid Frat Boy Ideas and Other Dumb Mistakes,” as Sean Blanda said.

    I think your personality should be in the title. That’s what makes me read your blog. I don’t want a boring or generic title.

  205. Pruthviraj

    Few names suggested as..
    1) (Money)Square .
    I dont know how to put 2 as power hence written as square.
    2) Money Works 4 u
    3) I love $
    4) Money buys Money
    5) Million 2 Billion

    Best luck

  206. AR

    Get Rich the Right Way: Avoid Common Financial Non-sense

  207. Steve

    “Learn and Grow Rich”

    With apologies to Napolean Hill

  208. John

    First, I should tell you that I didn’t actually read the 200 comments that have already been posted, so I apologize if someone has already mentioned this…

    That being said, I was thinking about your plight today while I was out and about at the mall and I decided to walk into one of the bookstores and head to the business/investing section. A quick investigation of the section revealed that approximately 1 in 3 books have titles/subtitles that contain the word “rich.” Before my trip today, I was thinking that you’d be asinine not to utilize the brand recognition that “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” has, but now I’m not so sure. I think giving your book that title won’t allow it to stand out at all.

    My suggestion: think about what your book has to offer that all of the other books out there don’t and emphasize it with your title. While most of those books are crap, there are still a fair number of books on the subject that are quite worthwhile for the new/inexperienced investor (your target market). What does your book tell me that those don’t? Are you just rehashing the same old information or are you bringing something new to the conversation? That’s your selling point; use it in your title.

    If all else fails, just use a synonym for the word rich. My personal favorite: “Achieving Affluence: How Responsible InvestingToday Leads To Your Dreams of Tomorrow.”

  209. Austin

    I Will Teach You To Be Rich: Are You Ready?

    I will Teach You To Be Rich: What You Need to Know

    I Will Teach You To Be Rich: The Smart Way

    I Will Teach You To Be Rich: The Fight For Change

    I Will Teach You To Be Rich: Uncovering the Mystery

    I Will Teach You To Be Rich: A Surprising Story

    I Will Teach You To Be Rich: The Journey

    I Will Teach You To Be Rich: Want To Know?

  210. Dana Terrell

    Any time I see a book with the word rich in the title I automatically steer clear because of all the scams out there. Given that, here are my suggestions.

    1. The Do It Yourself Guide to Financial Independance
    2. Financial Independance: Letting Your Money Work For You
    3. The Young Person’s Guide to Money and Why it Matters
    4. What the Wealthy Don’t Want You to Know: Secrets to Financial Freedom

    What is in the book can talk all day long about being rich, but in todays scam filled world, one needs to choose his words carefully if one is to sell a book.

  211. geolojoines

    The Bottom Line

  212. DaveyMac

    Sexy AND Rich:
    Once you know the difference, you can be both.

  213. Stephen

    So you want to be rich!
    I will teach you.

    so you want to be Rich!

  214. JT

    Wow, I couldn’t read through the volume of previous posts, so I apologize if its alread been posted.

    My vote would be something like: I Will Teach You To Be Rich: A Guide to Kicking Ass in Personal Finance

    As far as the $101 dollar thing, I’m Indian…my parents always said that it was because the first $100 was the gift, and the additional $1 was a good luck omen for additional money the gift recipient was to get in the future. Just from somewhere else, not from us 🙂

  215. Ganesh

    “Where money matters?”

  216. Amit

    The title of your book can be – “Let’s be Rich!”

  217. katy

    Title: “Not Just Another Get Rich Quick Book”

  218. Raffi

    Be Rich: A guide to banking, saving, budgeting and investing.

  219. max

    i got a couple:

    1) “Get Rich! (because I said So)”

    2) “dont go green, get green!”

  220. Michael Roberts

    ~ The Practical Path to Wealth
    ~ Commonsense Wealth Building

  221. Brian F

    Book title – “Self Help Wealth”

  222. Steve V

    The best I can come up with:

    Money and your money


    What you already know about finance

  223. kkmp

    Be happy with money

  224. Jim

    Financial Practicality

  225. Ricky

    1. Overachieve: Make every Dollar count

    2. Simple Money: Making easy Financial decisions in an overcomplicated America

    3. Intro to Money: The stuff they don’t teach you in school

  226. David

    Financial Freedom:
    Working your Way towards Wealth

    by Ramit Sethi

    (insert background and credentials on inside flaps, summary of work on back along with outstanding snippets from book review comments)


  227. Anonymous Coward


    I have a great idea for the title. How much are you willing to pay for it?

  228. Anthony Cummings

    “The Birth of Worth”

  229. Kai Saleemi

    “I Get Money, And So Can You”
    Understanding how to become rich.

  230. Brad

    Re-define Wealth, Re-align Yourself

    Exercising Wealth-Control

    I will Teach You to Practice Wealth-Control

    Personal Wealth Management Advice from a…

  231. Marco

    “Get Rich the PB Way”

  232. Marco

    I will teach you to be rich…the PB way!

  233. NM


    Although I think you should go with the obvious, “I will teach you to be rich”. I ALWAYS hoped someone would write a book called

    “So you got a little money…Now what?”
    Making your money work harder for you.

    I think most people that follow your site have some kind of money saved up or are pretty savvy, we’d just like to know how to be savvier.



  234. Lance Dunkin

    Cashing In: Habits That Turn Your Available Resources Into Net Worth

  235. bridge cooper

    Sethi Speaks: Get Rich Now (takeoff on the “Seth Speaks” series)

  236. Rajiv

    Mystic Money Mantras

  237. Michael

    “Who wants to be rich?”

  238. RasmusJ

    “Money in Your Mouth”


    “Do You Know You Are Probably Rich Already?”

  239. Sammy

    “A Simpler way to wealth” with a sub header “by the author of the hit[or your choice adjective] blog

  240. Saurabh

    ” You Are Rich ! “

  241. Marco B

    “How to be rich”
    “Lessons to be rich”
    “Learn to be rich”
    “(You can) learn to be rich”

  242. Marilyn

    “Stop being money stupid”
    “Stop making money so complicated.”
    “Simplify and be rich”

  243. Andrew

    Well, if you turned it into a series, I would call it
    ” Life and Money ”
    Vol 1 Stop being Stupid !
    Vol 2 Get Smart, Eliminate Waste !
    Vol 3 Practice what I Preach !
    Vol 4 It’s What you Save not What ou Make !

  244. kokokaka

    “I have too much money”
    “Why money means jack to me”
    “penny for the guy”
    “move over Suze!”
    “Underwear on sale – buy?”
    “Buy this book and make $100”
    “The zen of money making”
    “How to mint money and not make money”
    “Ram-It! The way to shove money around”
    “How I made $1 without really trying”

  245. kokokaka

    “There’s money in peanut butter”

  246. Harrison

    Get Rich the Right Way!

  247. A-Ron

    I’d Rather Be Rich than Stupid

  248. Rahul

    “This Book Will Pay For itself in 24hrs”

  249. Dennis

    How about “I will teach you to be rich, and stay rich.”

  250. Junior


  251. finance girl

    I’d name it the name of your blog.

    Kills 2 birds with 1 stone (brand extension).

  252. Camp

    Paycheck Pimping: Making that cash work for you.

    Money out the AZ: From Asset Allocation to Zillions.

    Make bank, not debt.

    Sexy = Dumb, and other socially induced financial paradoxes.

    My blog makes me rich, bitch.

    Pure Finance Pwnage: A comprehensive guide to kicking your paycheck’s ass.

  253. Manhattan

    How about: “I’m Rich Bitch!”

  254. Rajesh

    My suggested titles are

    1)Learning the habit of saving and investing
    4)teach yourselves to be rich. ( this will be apt to the title of the website)

  255. Eve

    Make money: It’s Hot

    Make money and keep it

  256. Eve

    Wait – This Book Will Teach You to Be Rich.


  257. wch

    Creating Wealth: How Boring!

    Subtitle: The exciting ways lead to risk and/or disaster. Here are the boring ways, presented in a non-boring way.

  258. al

    Rich people are not just born… some are taught!

  259. Kent

    “Allow Yourself To Be Rich;” from the creator of

    Becoming rich isn’t about what you can teach them, it is about what someone will allow themselves to learn. Most often oneself is whats keeping them from learning to be rich.

    You heard it here first.

  260. Jenny Sikes

    Are You Rich?

    Simple enough, if I walked by a book and seen a title like this, I would pick it up to see what it is about. The title needs you to be curious, NOT too much info. Last I heard there are only 20% of Americans that read books. That is very sad, so make the title “GRAB” you.

    Are You Rich?
    Well, Are You?

  261. Wesley Hunter

    Many of the suggestions sound like cheap, get rich quick scam books. I would agree that “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” is probably the safest and smartest way to go. Something that I did thing of.
    “How Being Boring Will Make You Rich” or something along that line. This isn’t exactly the wording I would want, but I think that you can get the point.

  262. Trent Bigelow

    “Read This & Get Rich”

    Step 1: Steal underpants…
    Step 2: ?
    Step 3: Profit!

    Just kidding about the steps…but seriously, I think “Read This & Get Rich” is simple enough and it works… If I saw it on the shelf, I’d want to know “what’s in there that’s so simple?”

  263. Anna

    I haven’t read all the comments so these ideas might be here all ready but what about:

    Budgeting is your Way to Riches by Ramit Sethi!


    Budget your way to riches

  264. Vergel

    Safe Smart Wealth

  265. Rob

    If you don’t buy this book I’ll punch you in the face.


    I will teach you to be awesome (and rich famous and good looking while we are at it)

  266. Amiya

    You don’t have to be smart to be rich

  267. Mike Harris III

    “From 0-Rich in 10 years or less”

    you can adjust the years how you see fit… 5-10-15… etc…

  268. Don

    I have a good one…how about “Can I Be Frank?…You Can Be Rich!”

  269. Sarah


  270. Phil

    Why not be rich?

  271. ains hassan

    how to live rich without doing a thing

  272. Ann B

    Your time = your wealth

    Learn your way to wealth

    Rich 2.0

  273. Joshua

    Money Grows on Trees: If you plant the RIGHT seeds

  274. Shawn

    It’s not Sexy
    Sexiness not Required
    You Don’t Have to be Sexy
    Un-Sexy Secrets to Personal Finance
    Personal Finance Secrets Exposed: It’s Not as Sexy as you Think
    Sexiness Doesn’t Sell in the World of Personal Finance

  275. Pavan

    1. “Who don’t wanna be Rich”

    2. “Discover your Wealth”

    3. “Discover your Fortune”

    4. “Let me lead you to Riches”

    Good Luck.

  276. DaveyMac

    What about
    “Ramit’s Guide to Kicking Ass with Money”

  277. Marco

    As Rich as You Want

    (how much do you WANT it?)

  278. KS

    “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Money But Were Afraid to Ask”

    “Think Smart, Be Rich”

    “Money, What to do with it”

    “Money, How to make more of it”

    “More Money, Less Work”

  279. SJD

    The Path to Personal Wealth

  280. Valerie

    Teach a Man to be Rich, and He Will be Rich Forever

  281. James Crocker

    I would call it:

    “Holy Crap, It’s your Life. Why haven’t you started planning for this stuff yet?!?!”

    You can send the donation to Child’s Play 🙂

  282. ideapreneur

    Secrets You Already Know to a Simple & Rich Lifestyle:
    Do as I do and as I say

    Basically you want to portray that people have tons of information they need to have the lifestyle they want already, but you just have the ability to relate to them in a matter that they will DO what you say.

    I hope I win!

  283. Ms Red Hook

    How to Hustle your future

  284. Fiyin Adewale

    “Live Richly”
    “Live Rich: Finance for the Rest of Us”
    “A Better Get Rich Quick Scheme”
    “Get Rich [strike]Quick[/strike] Eventually”
    “Amass a Fortune and Build an Empire”

  285. barb

    How about:
    Not a get rich scheme, but a way of life…Rich (or Wealthy, words are interchangeable)

    Let me change your prosperity, not your life

    beyond the ordinary budget.

    How to get your slice of life

    Take out the garbage, and start clean

    You’ve got money,
    learn how to use it wisely

    It’s ok to party like a rock star!
    if you can afford it?

    A new way to think smart,
    let me teach you how.

    success starts here.

  286. Jim

    I’m a bit late, it seems, but how about:

    “This Book Is Made of Money”

  287. Jim A

    “This Book Will Teach You To Be Rich”

  288. rmc3711

    Got it everybody just stop right there!
    “Cash Talks Credit Walks”
    Whats in your Wallet?

  289. Zamochit

    Run from the bees! A bears journey.

  290. Debbie Timmins

    One more suggestion…

    Stop Wasting Your Money: I Will Teach You To Be Rich.




  292. Eric

    How about this.


  293. Monevator

    How about:

    Can you teach yourself to be rich?
    We can all be rich
    Earn your right to riches

    Good luck with the book!

  294. Reinis Ikass

    “I will help you learn to be rich”
    “The simple nature of personal finance”
    “The art of becoming rich”
    “Be rich. Now!”

  295. Senthil kumar

    To Be or Not to Be …RICH
    This is my suggestion.

  296. Jennifer

    Shouldn’t we know what your book is about before we try to title it? Does it lean more towards career enhancement, negotiation, recruitment or personal finance motivation? Is it funny or serious? A how to or a memoir? Is your target audience still twenty somethings or the Money Magazine audience? And is your face going to be on the cover?

    Personally if it covers website topics and if your are trying to appeal to 20-somethings, I like:

    Give me fifteen dollars and I WILL TEACH YOU TO BE RICH

    I vote for putting your face on the cover as long as you’re wearing something outrageous.

  297. Joan Crawford

    I would call the book Rich Life Lessons because if its really helpful it will give you information to pass on as well as get rich with.

  298. Brett Kilby

    “Ramit’s Guide to Educated Finacial Decisions”

  299. Ronnie

    Read+This Book= Rich

  300. Hyder Mir

    Simply Rich – Simple ways to Save

  301. Edward P

    “Don’t pet the sweaty things!” (don’t sweat the petty things>>>)

  302. Pat

    “how NOT to F yourself”

  303. Mary Ann

    Rich within Reach

  304. nikolaas

    wealth 101

  305. Zo

    “To Be Rich or Not To Be”:
    There is NO Question

  306. Ann

    The Path to Financial Freedom

    The Ways of Wealth

  307. Andre Blackman

    You, Me and We: The New Rich

  308. Andre Blackman

    The New Rich: You, Me and We

  309. Tony Fallon

    Grow $ Dough

  310. Joe

    WWAID? – What Would an Indian Do?

  311. dantown

    “The Parabolic Curve: how little daily savings add up to Wealth,Opportunities and Peace of Mind.”
    This of course is based on the fundamental equation:
    A =Future Value= P( 1+r)^t, which is parabolic-yes?
    “Each time you save and invest $1 you double your money in 10-12 years.Wouldn’t it be nice to turn your earnings into Wealth?This book tells you how: in tiny,understandable steps anyone can do-today!”
    Ramit, hope you like it,
    Dan Townsell

  312. Mary Mays

    Time To Get Rich

  313. Olivia

    Itch’n to be Rich’n

  314. Neley Haynes

    I would call it “Learn to Be Rich.” Personally I think, “I will teach you” is sort of like my students papers that begin “in this paper we will talk about 1,2,3.” (we teach them not to do this.) I think the suggestion is short and to the point. “I will teach you” is still implied. I hope you sell many, many books no matter what you decide!

  315. Bitaddict

    Rags to Riches- Biatches!

  316. Letha

    What about “Take Control of your Future: a smart way to earn money”

    It catches the attention by working on the feelings of security, an it also appeals to the “lgocal” thinking crowd. Some may see the words “get rich” and think it’s a scam.
    It’s always good to think of a title that will peak the interest of your readers and work on their feelings.

    Hope this helps.

  317. Jamie Roark

    May your book be a blessing of wealth to those who read it and cause a cross-country financial revival for those who truly need it.

    Possible titles —–>

    Waking up your Wealth

    For Richer, Not Poorer :
    For Better, Not Worse

    Contracting the Virus of Success

    How to have a “Green Thumb”

  318. saritha

    According to me the title of the book should be “secret encyclopedia to become rich.”

  319. Steve


    Knowledge is Money

  320. Mark

    “Learn to be Wealthy”
    “”Want to be Rich?”

  321. Adam C

    living below your mean$, makes cents.
    a guide to building wealth.

  322. Matt

    “Ramit and Kumar Go To The Bank”

    You’d have to get Kal Penn to sign on for it to work though.

  323. Barbara Sapp

    writin’ it, subimtin’ it and teaching you to be rich

  324. Doc

    Get Rich Asian-Style!

  325. SK

    Be Rich Now

  326. Abhisheq

    The titles could be:

    Habits Wise, make your Dollars Rise

    Grow Your Money Plant

    Money is in the Air

    If you can breath, you can get rich too.

    Stitch 51 holes in your pocket

    Getting rich just one step at a time

    Habits that make you Rich

    Getting Rich in Simple Steps

    One minute guide to getting rich.

    Get rich without earning more

    Who took my $


    And the reason behind adding 1 after 100 are:

    1. It is a belief that having Zero in the last will make the blessings void and would not be auspicious. So we add 1 more to it.

    2. I think that adding Just 1 more, make the figure more special. Like 101, means more than 100. The receiver thinks, he got more.

    It is opposite of “The strategy and tactics of Pricing” who sell any product for $99.95 where buyer thinks he paid less.

    In both cases, it is adding psychological value to the amount, no matter how small. Money is Money.

    Best Wishes + 1

  327. David

    “Hacking Your Life’s Finances”
    “Monetary Hacks”
    “How Easy It is to Fix Your Finances”

  328. kevin

    Live Free in the Free World!
    Your Financial To Do list

  329. Brant Shapka

    “Common Sense Dollars and Cents”
    Simple and concise. Could substitute S with $ and the C with the cent symbol.

    “The Bulls and the Bears” or “Bulls and Bears”
    Tagline: “No bull lessons on personal finance power and perpetual prosperity.”

    “Personal Finance: A Plethora of Principles and Practices”
    Drop “Plethora” to get a conservative title that sounds like my finance textbook. Also a departure from standard titles with “money and rich” in the titles.

    “A Deliberate Walk Down Wealth Street”
    Tagline: “The street Wall Street doesn’t want you to see.”
    A play on the brilliant book “A Random Walk Down Wall Street.”

    “Buy Boardwalk (No get out of jail free cards, sorry.)”
    Monopoly fans will like this. Don’t know about any legal issues though.

    “Cash advance? No, this is enhanced personal finance (biatch) !”
    If 50 Cent was into compound interest he would both suggest this title, and would rename himself 50 dollars … Just kidding about the biatch part.

    “The Fellowship of the Bling”
    Tagline: “Let me guide you to a future of financial freedom.”
    You can portray yourself as the Indian Sam Gamgee and Wall Street as the forces of Mordor. Cast Warren Buffet as Gandalf and you might have a movie deal.

  330. Sarah

    What Would An Indian Do? Ramit’s Guide to Getting Rich & Kicking Ass

  331. Rebecca

    Money talks…BS walks…

  332. Daniel

    Why I Want You to be Rich

  333. Bill M

    How about: “Your already rich, you just don’t know it…”

  334. Pete

    Who is this guy Rich ….. and how can I be like him!
    How to be rich like Belgian chocolate.
    Being Rich defined.

  335. kiezein

    I Will Teach You to Be Rich: Wealth 2.0

    It carries your brand, nods to both the web where you got your start and the web2.0 generation that you are a part of. Also, Wealth 2.0, as Web 2.0, has a different meaning than wealth in the money hungry days of the 90’s and dot-bomb era. So Wealth 2.0 has a more emotional connection, a fuller meaning than just “money”, credits and debits etc. It’s about choices and the freedoms having a balanced budget and planned savings gives one.

    Anyway, that’s my .02. Hope it helps!

    Love your blog, btw. Good luck.

  336. Camille

    Stealth Wealth

  337. ed brooks

    Book should be called, “Eat My Shorts You Losers”

  338. kari weeks

    “”some people spend their lives trying to GET RICH,when actually IT’S A CHOICE! that’s the title. it comes from one of my favorite paintings, that i don’t have and if i win the $101 i’ll buy it for myself,the saying goes “we tend to SEEK HAPPINESS , when actually IT’S A CHOICE” think about it.
    peace,love and money….. make good choices people

  339. Gregoire

    I’d name it “$”.

  340. Loy

    “Get Rich, with Me”

  341. larry pistorio

    The Do$ and The Don’t$ of Getting Rich

  342. Yasmin Thomas

    “So you wanna be rich” Learn How……………

  343. Don

    “Money can’t buy happiness, but try retiring on a smile”

  344. Vasu

    title: “”Enrich Yourself”
    “agline: “Practical Financial Advice For a New Generation”

    I think the combination offers a smart teaser and punch


  345. Mike

    Die Rich or Get Trying: Ramit’s Guide to Personal Finance and Wealth Building

  346. Tracy

    Retrain your brain for success, The new way to be rich and successful in everything you do.

  347. DJ

    No Silver bullet – The kick ass guide to getting rich
    No Silver bullet – Guide to Wealth / Rich
    No Silver bullet – Help me help you (Thx: Jerry Maguire)


  348. Katie

    “You Don’t Get Rich By Being Stupid”

  349. Tyson

    I have been reading your blogs for only a short time, however the best advice I have gotten from your teachings are the little things which have helped me, compiled together to make a bigger difference. I think you should name your book:
    “Steps to a richer you ”
    From Personal finance, savings, budgeting,
    and investing to Personal Entreprenuership

  350. shubhanshu

    getRich@speed of light

  351. Ladan

    How about:
    “Lessons for an under training Rich Person”
    “How to prepare for a Rich person lifestyle”

    “Take some rich being lessons”
    “Rich gets Lessons”
    “Rich attend in my course”
    “I’ll teach you, you’ll get rich”

  352. Elisa Feola


  353. Brian

    Ramit’s 2008/9 Guide to Taking Names

  354. Andrew

    Get Rich the Legal Way

  355. Wibisono |B|R|T|W|


    When you want to be rich is not money that always counts, but it have so many chain reactions within the life that we need to understand.

  356. Ang

    Schooled To Be Rich.

  357. L Felbaum

    How about, Money Madness, Making My Millions!

  358. Craig

    How To Get Rich – Official Instruction Manual

  359. Jagadeesh

    ‘Do you want to become Rich?’

  360. Quinn Trunks

    How about a quote from one of my favorite authors, James Joyce:

    I Paid My Way, I Owe Nothing

  361. Grant

    Practically Rich

    short and simple. Long titles get lost on the shelf.

  362. Desmond S.D.

    Title: “Take charge of your wealth today”

    Tagline: Stay young, start now.

  363. jo

    Title: “Not another Scheme ..its the Real Deal”

    Tagline: Read, Learn and start now.

  364. Bonnie Bird

    I’ve got it & I’m 1/2 Indian!


    It’s perfect, catchy & clever.

  365. Bonnie Bird


    again, clever, catchy & guaranteed to be memorable…which is the goal,



  367. Jessica

    GENERATION wealthY

  368. Mike

    Debt to the Rear, Forward, March!!!!

  369. Lahnna

    Drink all the cafe lattes you want and still get rich.

  370. Jason

    I once was poor

  371. Angela



    “GOT M.I.L.K.? Ramit’s Guide to Money, Independence & Lifestyle for Keeps”

    “Unleash Your Financial Potential”

  372. Tage

    Secrets of the Rich: Common Sense

  373. JK

    “Rational Splurging: Make smart financial decisions to have what you want”

  374. Mary Wilson Gallegos

    Your new book title…

    For Richer For Better Till Death Due Us Part.

  375. Ankit

    If you want it to sell, keep it short and simple.

    Young And Rich


    Rich 101


    Financial Success


    Think Like a Rich


    Rich In The 21st Century

    contact me if u need more suggestions… 🙂

  376. Bradly

    Teaching “anybody” to be rich is a huge undertaking. I say this because I feel that just “anyone” cannot be rich. My reasoning is because rich isn’t–WEALTH.

    See most people chase the lure of cash. To have an abundance of cash is deemed to be “rich”. Even if someone has cash, or acquires it suddenly, your book is the teaching of WEALTH.

    All rich people are not wealthy.

    All wealthy people are not rich.

    Since you are trying to teach “anyone” how to be “rich” then you have to remember to TARGET the “poor” man who is “rich” as well as the “wealthy” man who is “rich”

    My TITLE for your book:

    BE RICH “…a guide to living a wealthy lifestyle.”

    by:Ramit Sethi