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What would you do with a free $1,000?

Ramit Sethi

It’s funny how people talk about wanting to lose 10lbs, but when you ask them if they’ve changed their diet or hit the gym, they say, “Well, I was really busy last week…”

Same with money. How many people do you know who talk about what they would do with an extra $1,000/month…but if you ask them what they’ve done to earn more, they start mumbling about how they’re “still looking for an idea…”?

I decided to do an experiment.

What would you do with an extra $1,000? Would you use it to pay off debt? Take a trip? Sock it away in your savings account?

Let’s find out.

I’m giving away $1,001 as an experiment to see what one of you will do with it. No catch. All I ask is that you tell me how you spent the money.

(Why $1,001? Because Indian people always add an extra 1.)

I’ll pick the winner on Monday 4/23.

Note: This experiment is over. Thank you for participating!

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  1. avatar

    I would send an extra payment on my mortgage!

  2. avatar

    I’d pay off credit card debt. Maybe save 15 or 20% of it for a letterpress machine

  3. avatar
    Seth Engstrom

    Not the clearest form Ramit! You should label your fields.

    Anyhow, I will be putting all $1001.00 into my Vanguard Money Market account. From there it will be used along with 3,999 other dollars to max out non-deductible IRA for Roth conversion. Thanks!

  4. avatar

    I would use the money to start a new (non-tech) business idea that I have in mind, and have completely chalked out.

  5. avatar

    I’d send that money in to pay down my student loan.

  6. avatar

    I would use the $1000 to build my side business of providing professional style photos and videos to realtors. I don’t have the funds right now to market myself in any way. I haven’t even bought business cards yet. But if I can grow my side business from the 5 clients I have to 10 or more I will be able to nearly double the amount of money I bring in to my household monthly.

  7. avatar
    Nick LeRoy

    I would use it to fund content creation and links… um I mean advertisements to funnel people to my sites.

  8. avatar
    Gregory Ciotti

    Invest in my own personal education, definitely.

    I already do it, but for me, this $1,001 would be spent on books and “knowledge investment”.

  9. avatar

    This is post is funny since last week people were looking to strike millions on the mega millions drawing so I had already thought of an answer for lottery type winnings. The truth is if I won any kind of money without working for it I would just go and blow it on whatever I wanted…probably a 1001 dollar steak. The saying is “easy come, easy go”.

  10. avatar
    Ashley Baker

    That would go towards Student Loans for Grad school of course.

  11. avatar
    Lesley Myrick

    I would invest the $1001 in my freelance business:
    – I’d use $200 to register for an art/craft show in LA in July to show and sell my work
    – A little more would go towards buying/renting supplies for the show display to make my booth appealing to buyers
    – The rest would go to paying off the iMac I just bought (with no interest financing, woot)

    Dude. This is such a neat idea – looking forward to reading other responses and seeing where the money gets used. Thanks Ramit!

  12. avatar
    Terri R. Munro

    Ramit, I’d hire a business consultant I’ve been looking at who specializes in female financial planners business plans and accountability. She is also Indian and kicks ass, just like you!! 🙂

  13. avatar
    Noah Bradley

    Fly out to a convention/workshop in my industry. Use the extra funds to try and take a few attendees/speakers out to lunch.

  14. avatar
    Camilo Oliveira

    I would give it to my brother who will get married in five months, and I agreed to help him with some costs of the ceremony, that he needs to pay in advance.

  15. avatar

    I will use it pay off a credit card debt so I can cancel that card and stop worrying about it. I had about 5 credit cards and trying to cancel all but 2 of them (just down to 1 more now) because I really only need a Mastercard and Visa. Then after that, I can worry about other things like my freelance business which I plan to focus all my energy on since my last month was occupied with a huge move.

  16. avatar

    Hire a high end escort girl and probably do some drugs. If you’re paying.

  17. avatar

    Easy-peasy….I’m getting married this October. It would go straight into that wedding fund.

  18. avatar

    I would ask you to keep it and have it go toward your class for the next time you open up either Dream Job or Earn1K. No joke, not brown-nosing.

  19. avatar
    annabel gonzalez

    I’d use it to enroll on your next Earn1k course.

  20. avatar

    I would use that $1001 to pay the next month’s mortgage payment and have that much more breathing room per month.

  21. avatar
    annabel gonzalez

    I’d use it to enroll on your next Earn1k course. (Investing in myself)

  22. avatar
    annabel gonzalez

    Education! I’d use it to enroll on your next Earn1k course. (Investing in myself)

  23. avatar
    Mimi Plevin-Foust

    I’d use it to invest in developing two new income streams:
    1) offering part of my home as a vacation rental suite (already in progress, would pay for installing a new bathroom sink) – about $450
    2) Creating a home voiceover studio for my daughter and I to begin a side business recording voiceovers, individually or as a mom & daughter team. I’ve gotten advice on how to set this up inexpensively, but still sound professional – about $500
    3) $50 to give to charity – my current favorite is clean cookstoves to help improve family health in the developing world and slow down global warming.
    Thanks for the opportunity, Ramit – great food for thought.

  24. avatar

    I’d buy your Earn1K course.

  25. avatar

    I’m turning 20 on April 23rd! I’m currently reading your book, and as a birthday gift to myself I’ll set up a Lifecycle fund on my IRA.

  26. avatar
    Erika Femrite

    $195 – Minnesota Interactive Media Association membership
    $629.95 – Adobe Photoshop CS5 so I can more efficiently do my freelance work
    $158.00 – Shazzam Platform Shoes I’ve been wanting
    $18.05 – Steak dinner at Chris Ruth’s

  27. avatar
    Olivier Gingras-Audet

    Hey Ramith,

    I would definitly use that money to get your course. However, since it’s not available right now, I would invest the money in the creation of my eBook and the plateform around it… And then get your course with the revenue! 😛

  28. avatar

    I’ve been paying off my credit cards for the past 2+ years. I started with a balance of ~$20K. I’m down to my last $4K, which should be paid off in about 6 months. I’m already going to max out my Roth IRA, so paying off my credit cards will get me closer to the point where I can start contributing my “credit card” payments to a second retirement account.

  29. avatar

    Fly to New York City. Drink your ass under the table. Go home.

  30. avatar
    Junice Hwang

    Ramit, I would use $80 for new running shoes (includes 20% off coupon valid until June -What can I say? I am a frugal Korean girl). And gratefully put the rest to beef up my Roth!

  31. avatar

    I’d treat myself to a nice dinner ($50-100) and invest the rest, probably into my IRA.

  32. avatar

    definitely towards airfare for a (hopefully) upcoming interview in NYC

  33. avatar

    Setting up a website as a side project; to earn some money.

    I will use $1001 for operating expense.

    Domain Name registration
    Hosting provider
    Communication expense.

    $1001 will cover my operating expense for few months if not entire year (subject to traffic on my site) and also some marketing expense.

  34. avatar

    i’ll give it to poor syrian refugees

  35. avatar

    I’d rent a Rolls Royce with a 29.99% APR credit card, go on a 4 day road trip where I stay at Ritz-Carltons (also on the credit card), and spend the entire 1,001 on winning stuffed animals out of a drop-claw machine in a Denny’s (that I pay the with my credit card). One day I’ll get around to finding a job to pay off all these credit cards. Gotta go… I need to get back to my video fames.

    nyuck nyuck nyuck… jk

  36. avatar

    I’m getting an error message when I try to submit.

    For me, $1k isn’t a game-changing amount of money, but it WOULD be a welcome boost.

    I’d put $100 to charity. I give 10% away of all my income.

    I’d do something fun with $100 — maybe a nice dinner out and passes to the zoo with my family.

    Then, I’d put $800 in my IRA as I’m not yet maxing it out.

  37. avatar

    I would use that $1001.00 to assist in researching prospective clients for my media design business. On a side note, great job on Chase Jarvis Live. Great advice.

  38. avatar
    Jyll Stuart

    Ramit, I would give the money to a group here in Henryville Indiana that is working on rebuilding the tornado-destroyed houses for those who were uninsured.

  39. avatar

    I’d use it to make an extra payment on student loan. That much closer to debt freedom.

  40. avatar

    Easy, I would put it towards my daughters college fund.

  41. avatar

    i’m sad i can’t win since i’m in canada. but if i did, i’d use the dough for a golf trip for me and my hubby. he’s turning 40 next month.

  42. avatar
    Mel Ryan

    I never got a confirmation email. =/

  43. avatar

    The escort girl and doing drugs guy is so hilarious!

    I´d buy your course, but before that I´d ask for a discount from you, using your scripts on negotiation and I would ask for a 2×1 discount on your next 1K courses, or I would pay 1,000 for the first one, and a dollar for the second one.

    Cheers from México Compadre.

  44. avatar

    Just wanted to say that the Indians adding an extra 1 thing is hilarious. When I graduated high school I got a lot of checks for $51/$101. Another number that Indians love is $1116. Sadly I’ve never received a check for that amount.

  45. avatar

    I would use it to pay down my credit card debt so I can worry less about it and concentrate more on earning more.

  46. avatar

    I’m a debt free student. I’d transfer $200 to my long term savings account, 2x $100 to my short term savings accounts for my next trips, I’d buy a $40 German language learning guide which has great reviews to treat myself and with the remaining I’d buy highlining/climbing gear.

    But that’s not going to happen because I’m not from the States.

  47. avatar

    I would put the money in our money market account to replace what we just withdrew to pay our property taxes.

    If the email confirmation would ever arrive, that is.

  48. avatar
    Robert Redding

    The email confirmation function doesn’t seem to be working……

  49. avatar

    I will use it to pay extra to my mortgage since it would be my greatest leverage.

    In Mexico the mortgage rates are significantly higher than in the US. Mine is 11.4%, so it doesn’t make sense to invest it to get 8% return.

    Paying an extra $1,001 dls would mean to shave off at least 5 months at the end, so I would use it for that… before my wife finds out I have extra money. Her answer would be “shoes” …

  50. avatar

    All extra money is going into a house fund – saving to buy our first house and also to have a 6 month emergency account. We are getting so close!

  51. avatar

    I would add it to my savings, to be able to pick up a rock for my GF sooner!!!

  52. avatar

    Hey Ramit,

    Over the last year, thanks to your material I’ve been able to:
    – Increase the rates I charge clients by 1000% (!) thanks to Find Your First Profitable Idea (FYFPI). After calculating my taxes, I’ve earned well over $7000 extra on the side.

    – Using free material you provided up to the launch of Find Your Dream Job on resumes, cover letters, interviews and the briefcase technique, I landed my a 6 month contract in addition to regular clients on the side. In counting just through the end of 2011, I was able to earn an additional $7000, so $14,000 extra last year thanks to implementing your free material (got FYFPI through a Keith Ferrazzi bonus some time back).

    – After implementing a majority of tactics from your book, I had every bank charge/fee refunded, renegotiated my car insurance to save $100-$150 off my 6 month premium, renegotiated with Bank of America for a more favorable credit card and implemented a conscious spending plan that, in combination with the extra funds from above, will be paying off the last of my credit card debt in 10 days.

    So what now?

    Next, I want to test and develop a successful Muse ala Tim Ferriss & the 4 Hour Work Week. Thanks to honing my skills in web design and development through FYFPI & Dream Job endeavors, I know I’ve got the raw web skills to make it happen.

    Tim outlines in the 4HWW that each muse should not cost more than $500 to test. I have $508.27 in a sub savings account (conscious spending #FTW) saved for just that purpose. I’m in the identification of my target market phase with magazine subscriptions being sent to me from the UK, California and Australia so that I can figure out their readerships, fish for repeat advertisers for profitability before moving onto product development.

    If I had an extra $1,001. That’d allow me to test up to three niches and hey, 3.8th time’s the charm as “entrepreneurs average 3.8 failures before final success.” (Lisa Amos)

    I figure if I fail 3 times, by that third time I’d have saved up enough money to punch through the 4th time lol. Even if it took longer, I’d still be at it because I’ve got some serious Dreamlines that I need to fulfill.

    So yeah. That’s what I’d do with an extra $1,001.

    Again, thanks for everything. You’ve already changed my life.

    To Your Success,

  53. avatar

    I’ll follow my general rule for any “windfalls” (tax refund, gifted money).

    25% to mortgage
    25% to non-retirement mutual funds (retirement accounts are handled via other means, fully funded)
    50% to fun times, most likely my travel account

  54. avatar

    $250 set aside to pay taxes on that $1000 when it comes in. The rest to save for a replacement car, since ours will break eventually.

  55. avatar
    Annabel González

    I’d invest in my education: I’d use it to enroll in your Earn1k course.

  56. avatar
    Stacy McKenna

    Homeowners insurance (yes, I own my home – I got tired of landlords selling out from under me and forcing me to move!) and framing for some excellent artwork I recently acquired after 7 years of wanting it.

  57. avatar

    Spend it on a vacation.

  58. avatar
    Christopher Adams

    Depending on what kind of investment I can get with the $1000, I would invest it or pay off my student loans.

  59. avatar

    I can’t help but feel late to the game… I know in the spirit of IWTY, I should say something sexy. credit cards! Savings! Investing! In all honesty, I would give it to my lawyer to continue my divorce. I have enough money for one more trial (child custody, this wednesday), and after that, I might have to do the assets by myself. if i don’t get custody (I didn’t last time), im going to have to just accept the courts decision, and go to trial without a lawyer later on… ah well

  60. avatar

    I’d like to use the money to invest in a continuing education course in order to make a career change. Specifically, I a’m hoping to use the 1k to put towards a certificate program in certified financial planning and eventually sit for the CFP, Series 7 and Series 63 exams so that I can transition from my current job into the financial planning/wealth management field. In the long term, I hope to someday open my own financial planning firm.

  61. avatar
    Caroline Hardy

    I would put the $1,001 in my savings account.

  62. avatar

    take fifty potential mentors out for lunch or coffee

    great way to keep on learning…

  63. avatar

    I would go skydiving and save whatever I had left over.

  64. avatar

    laddered CD.

  65. avatar

    I’ll be graduating from university this June so I’ll use the $1001 towards my student loan (100% of it).

  66. avatar
    Purvi Rajani

    I would throw an epic party with a band, fireworks, champagne and fantastic cocktails. The guest list would include my friends from the local start-up, tech, VC and media community. I would pay for the party myself and use the $1k to fly Ramit up from SFO first class.

  67. avatar

    I would spend $250.25 on 4 different advertising channels for my business, to try and figure out the best way to reach potential customers.

  68. avatar

    Ramit! I’d probably use $1,001 to max out my IRA which I just set up.

  69. avatar

    I’d buy a round trip ticket from NY to California and fly out to treat you to a lunch. I’d like to pick your brain on this business venture I have recently started as a way of earning more money on the side.

    Anything left over will go towards paying for a booth at a small business conference in NYC in May. (small business owners in NY are my target market)

  70. avatar
    Sarah L

    I would give away 10% to a couple of my favorite charities. I’d take $800 and put it towards my $5,000 roth contribution. I’d take the last hundred and consider it my “play” money.

  71. avatar
    Austin Wood

    I would use it to pay off my college loans.

  72. avatar

    When I click on “Read official rules” it doesn’t provide the rules. Ramit, are there no rules to this contest? Seems very shady.

  73. avatar
    Charles-Eric Dessart

    I’d use it to pay my first motorbike. American dream 🙂

  74. avatar

    Huh. 71 comments in, and nobody has confessed that they’ll use the money to fuel their raging online porn habit. This is the internet, and statistically speaking*, that’s the most likely outcome, so this is odd, to say the least. Then again, maybe this means that I should read and/or visit different websites . . .

    Jokes aside, I would just deposit the money into my online checking account. In a twist, though, I would create a separate account entitled “Ramit’s Gift” so I could watch it grow. Soon it would be $1,010, then $1,100, then eventually I would have all the money in the world! Mwa ha ha ha ha! Also, I might get a couple of windows refinished a month or two earlier than I had planned. Never let it be said that life as a married parent isn’t exciting!

    Oh, and I would send Ramit a nice thank you note. Not an e-mail, an actual physical piece of paper using the Pony Express or whatever people are using these days to convey letters. For all the plans that people wrote up in their comments, none of the other commenters would have remembered to say a simple “Thank You”. Ingrates.

    * I do not actually have any actual statistics to support this claim.

  75. avatar

    I’d use the money to buy Google Ad Words ads to test a couple of my Tim Ferriss-inspired “muse projects.” Haven’t had the ovaries (or the funds) to test them out yet, but I know at least 2 of them are gold, thanks to your free lessons you’ve been giving us the last couple months. Oh! And I’d save a little to order some glittery duct tape from England- I make hula hoops, and I’ve been eyeing this particular hoop tape for a while now, but it’s pricey! Thanks and good luck to all!!

  76. avatar

    Stick the money in a 5 year ISA at approx 3-4% interest (as its not enough to qualify for a bigger type of account with higher interest) and then forget about it.

    It’s the same policy as smoking – I’m halfway to quitting (using electronic cigarettes) but since the money saved already is substantial, I stick it into an account and ignore it. It’s as if the money doesn’t exist, as I don’t use it to pay down debt – it’s “invisble money”. Can be used if I crash a car or brake my leg or something incredibly substsantial like that, but otherwise tucked away and forgotten for a while is the best policy, long term strategy that I use, anyway.

  77. avatar

    I’d piss 25% away on whatever I felt like, then take the other 75% and invest it in business experiments (i.e. more elaborate, and therefore more expensive validation tests).

    OR, and I know he probably doesn’t need one, he does fine on his own, I’d get Ramit a nice “call” lady, which is probably what he wants us to do with the money anyway 🙂

  78. avatar
    Donna Freedman

    I’d plug it into my Roth IRA. Just got hit with a nearly $2,000 co-pay for my recent surgery, so $1,001 sounds pretty tasty.

  79. avatar
    Philipp Ulrich

    I would invest the money in medical therapy that isn’t covered by healthcare and if there’s something left it would go into technical equipment for my home office.

  80. avatar

    I’ll use it to pay back my “Unexpected things” account and my ultrasound!

  81. avatar
    francisco noperi

    Pay half of my $2000 ticket, so i could have my license valid, drive again, since i can’t afford it. My truck is just sitting there, & haven’t drove it since last year.

  82. avatar

    I signed up, but where do I fill in my response?? I keep expecting to get a fillable form, but haven’t yet, just requests to share the link… ??? Anyone??

  83. avatar

    I would pay down debt.

    Interesting way to get valid email addresses of the target audience. If 1000 people sign up, that is 1 cent per email address. Plus you know they are a targeted demographic interested in financial matters. Nice job.

  84. avatar

    I’d pay my taxes…..

  85. avatar

    Recently decided to try to pay off the $21,000 left of my student loans by my birthday this October to be entirely debt-free. Planning to make a $3-4k payment each month for the next 6 months. That $1,001 would go straight towards being student loan free.

  86. avatar

    I don’t have any debt…, hmmmmm.

    Let’s see, first I’d buy Ramit some Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Peppers cause I want to see just big how big a pepper freak Ramit really is. Then I’d give $500 of it as a donation to Cal Poly Pomona where I received my first engineering degree. Lastly, I’d use the rest to buy some new tires and sign up for a track day at Laguna Seca.

  87. avatar

    $101 for a charity that gives out micro grants (
    $320 for a 10-pack of Thesis licenses for WordPress, which allows rapid development of great websites
    $80 for additional tech books to eval other web technologies (Joomla, Ruby, e-commerce)
    $500 for a professional painter to paint the interior hallway/exterior of my 4-family rental property.

    I do have both of your courses. I started with FYFPI last August. I have found my first profitable idea and have been working on it since and totally love it. I recently purchased EARN1K to bring my business to the next level. This month I am expecting to make about $600 with your strategy and anticipate it to go up further as I go through the EARN1K course work. I even started to hire people to help with certain tasks. So it definitely works for everyone that puts the effort in! Thanks Ramit.

  88. avatar
    Matthew McDermott

    My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a brick and mortar business from a gentleman who is retiring. This $1000 will go straight into our marketing budget to help drive sales during the off months (there’s some seasonality to this business). Great promo idea – good luck to your winner!

  89. avatar
    Francisco Soto

    I will put it on an index fund and when it makes another $1001 I will give it away in a social experiment to find out what people would do with a free $1001 check.

  90. avatar

    I would probably use the money to get IT certification and gets some books on programming if i feel up for the task

  91. avatar

    Every time I read your blog I expect to see extraordinary material. This is the first post to disappoint me.

    In the past you’ve recognized thoughtful and creative responses — I immediately signed up and started thinking of what I would do with $1000. But the contest seems to be based solely on referrals. This goes against your message of attracting people by providing lasting value. I gladly tell my friends about your advice and techniques, but not about $1000 sweepstakes.

    Have fun with the experiment. It’s interesting to read what other people would do with the money. Good luck to everyone!

  92. avatar

    1. I would invest half of it in low risk mutual funds and then take the other half over to my friend Asadulah who works in securities…
    2. I’ll tell you what I’d do, man: two chicks at the same time, man. Damn straight. I always wanted to do that, man. And I think if I were a thousandaire I could hook that up, too; ’cause chicks dig dudes with money.

  93. avatar

    Why would anyone would pay me a 1K for free? All the posts just refer to what they have wanted to do even before the 1K.

  94. avatar

    I’ve been earning extra money with a side business and have been paying off my debt. Last week, found out that I need a repair to my house that will run about $900. I would use the money to pay for that repair so that I can stay on track with my debt reduction goal.

    Whatever is leftover goes to a nice dinner with my wife. After all, I work hard, I’m paying my debt down, why not use a small part of the money for something for myself?

  95. avatar
    Ahmed Agiba

    What I’ll do?!! What I’ll do?!! Hummm. I’m thinking!!! It’s confusing thing when we say about money. Honestly, it’ll be great to get 1.001$ for free, and it will be more excited when I convert it to my currency (1 Dollar equivalent to 6 Egyptian Pounds) So, when I win a 1.001$; I’ll pay a part of them to Somali children, and the rest I’ll use it to have fun 😉

  96. avatar

    From those $1001, I’ll
    – take out $400 that are currently missing to pay our trip in Scandinavia with my wife in September. Note that I’m planning to do freelancing on the side to really get those $400.
    – and probably put the rest aside because I actually prefer to have some money available if something breaks on my car (I still have a $1200 estimate for “minor repairs” from my garagist)
    I won’t pay my loan with it, this is really not enough 🙂

  97. avatar

    I would put it together with savings to invest in a rental property to get our family a little closer to realising our dream home = )

  98. avatar
    April C.

    I would open an investment account to mirror what my IRA is. Low broker fees! Whoop! I also need to hire an accountant/tax business advisor, my side jobs have replaced my income over the last 3 years. I just need to find out how to manage it all to my/our best interests. Change is coming – it’s all good!

  99. avatar

    I would use the money to help pay for a medical procedure that is not covered by insurance in our state (even though it is FDA-approved and may save my daughter’s life). I will save, earn, or borrow the money, regardless, but $1001 would certainly be a jump-start towards paying for this procedure.

    If I didn’t have this procedure to pay for, I’d use the money to:
    –Take a class in creative writing
    –Buy new wrist braces for my carpal tunnel (so I can keep writing)
    –Sign up for oboe lessons (I’ve always wanted to learn to play the oboe)
    –Take a long weekend hiking/back-packing trip with my husband and 3 dogs. (I know you aren’t an animal-loving person Ramit, but some of us are just wired that way.)
    –If I could stretch it any further, I’d take a yoga class, instead of doing it at home with a DVD instructor.

  100. avatar
    Bethany Smith

    If I win the $1,000 experiment, I will do three things with the money.
    First, I will set up a website and pay hosting for the year. Freelance writing clips should be online, and I don’t like advertising for my blogging company each time I give clients the link. I’m tired of looking like a beginner.
    Next, I will buy books that teach how to format and market eBooks so I can keep making extra money.
    Finally, with that extra dollar I will buy a coffee for my smart friend so she can tell me how she got her two-book-deal. Thanks for the opportunity!

  101. avatar
    Timothy J. Wedge

    My wife and I would use it as seed money for our next “business” venture based on Ramit’s classes.

  102. avatar

    I would completely pay off my credit card debt, and contribute what’s left over for summer classes

  103. avatar

    This is a pretty easy one for me.

    The first thing I’m doing is taking 201 bucks for just having fun and doing whatever the heck I feel like it with. Ok, it’s not a lot of money, but it’s a nice dinner or a plane ticket to see my girlfriend or a better iPod that I wouldn’t have before. something frivolous (or useful, like some new dress shirts and ties) but selfish nonetheless.

    I’m taking 200 and applying it to 2011’s amount in my Roth IRA, (note, not current year).

    And I’m putting 200 in to my savings account, which, even though it doesn’t get much interest at all, I use for my Emergency fund and short -medium term goals.

    Leaving me 400 dollars. I have two CCs I pay off each month, so forget that. My next highest interest debt is my car – so maybe that’s where I would go with it. And then there’s student loans, which I don’t have much there, but maybe a little extra now saves more later.

    1001 is not a “life changing” amount – unless we’re talking an extra 12k a year – which for me, would be – so I think it’s important to have a little fun and use the rest to pay down debts or put to goals. Earn 1k would be great here but i’m not sure there aren’t more pressing things for me.

    Or use it for a week’s vacation to work on the novel i’ve been writing.

  104. avatar

    I got married in August. My husband and I are both graduate students, so the wedding was a simple, DIY-filled affair on a small budget. Because of our financial constraints for the wedding itself, we were unable to afford a honeymoon after the wedding. We’re slowly saving up for a trip, so this money would go straight into the honeymoon fund!

  105. avatar

    It would definitely go to getting me a month ahead on my bills 🙂

  106. avatar
    John Evens

    I would use the money to cover closing costs to re-finance my mortgage. Reducing my rate by 1% would save me over $17000 in interest and would take advantage of the work I have done to improve my credit score.

  107. avatar
    Sarah R

    I would send a $1000 payment to my credit card… paying it off. Another one bites the dust!

  108. avatar
    Michelle Verbeeck

    I would use it to first help a friend dealing with cancer and being out of work in paying for his monthly drugs, and part of it I would use to pay for my gym expenses in hiring a trainer to help me get my life and my body back on track. To help me lose my over 100 lbs, and have a new life! It’s time to change my life.

  109. avatar

    I’d use it to register for sign language courses at the college near me. This would be a valuable skill to make me stand out in my field. I’m in the first course now.

  110. avatar
    Shawn McAfee

    I would invest that sum of 1000 back into training and course work to help me grow/launch my business and future businesses.

  111. avatar
    Keith Johnson

    I would use $800 to pay off the remainder that I owe on my vehicle so that I can finally be driving for free until it dies. The remaining $200 I would just have fun with as I have always believed when you get something you didn’t expect you should have a little fun you wouldn’t normally have been able to otherwise life is too boring. Slowly plugging at this debt so I can get out of it.

  112. avatar

    I would invest it in my photography business that I set up last year, with most (if not all) going into marketing.

  113. avatar
    Alex Huras

    I would partition the money based on the 5 categories I’ve divided my life and spend it equally: social, financial, mental, spiritual, and physical. Socially, I’d buy a groupon I just saw for paddleboarding lessons for me and a friend. Mentally, I’d buy evaluations of a couple personality indices I took, (Kolbe A index, strengthfinder). Spiritually, I would find something relaxing to do. Physically, I’d put it towards an expensive crossfit instructors certification course. Financially, I’d put it towards my first investment property.

  114. avatar
    Cyril Figis

    Well, just found out my wife is pregnant, so we’ll start a 501(b) for him/her

  115. avatar

    I would put it all on my car loan to knock it down to $7,000!

  116. avatar

    pay it all off on my auto loan. if by then i have paid my loan in full already, i would invest it on a Roth.

  117. avatar

    I would make an extra payment on my student loans ($300)
    Pay medical bills ($300)
    Take my wife to a nice dinner ($150)
    Extra deposit in IRA ($200)
    Blow it on books ($51)

  118. avatar

    Put toward student loan!

  119. avatar

    I would put it toward my savings account for a diamond engagement ring for my awesome girlfriend!

  120. avatar
    Susan Smith

    I’d fix my roof, that has been leaking for a few years and I just haven’t had the money to pay for it.

  121. avatar

    Invest in my business.

  122. avatar
    Joey Palma

    Honestly, I find that the cracks at people not hitting the gym really get to me. Don’t get me wrong – I’m actually one of those people who decided to get off his ass and started to do something about my sad spare tire. Since joining the gym in Nov ’11, I’ve lost 15 lbs. Ha! How about that? (I’m just really proud of myself)

    Anyway, related to that – since the weightloss has plateaued — because going to the gym has simply gotten trickier these days because of the God forsaken traffic in the Philippines — I would spend the $1,001 in investing in a home gym. I really joining the gym was a good idea – but the intent is not to go there forever and shell out an extra chunk of my paycheck each month. I’m happy to say my 5 months being there has taught me enough to want to create the same environment at home.

    Pics when I’m in the single digit bodyfat range.

    P.S. I am not a creep who will send you NSFW Chatroulette-esque pics.

  123. avatar

    I’d buy a lens for my camera, which would help me make $1500/mo on the side. Also, I’m Indian, so I’d save the extra $1.

  124. avatar
    Justin Hollender

    I would definitely pay off some debt, maybe go ahead and pay off my car that will be done being financed this year.

  125. avatar
    Matt D

    I would put it into my plan. In the last 6 months I paid off all credit cards (12,000) fully funded my 2011 Roth IRA, emergency fund, maxed my 2012 401(k), secured a huge raise, and have averaged 815 dollars of income on the side

    That means this goes onto the rest of my debt snowball, student loans (27k to go!)

  126. avatar

    I would put $700 towards my trip to Vegas in June. I already saved for it but an extra $700 bucks would be great. I would take the remaining $301 and put it in savings for next years trip to Barbados!

  127. avatar

    It would all go towards paying off my husband’s hospital bills. Luckily I’ve already set up automatic payments and we’re well on our way to being debt free!!

  128. avatar

    i’d buy the plane ticket for my cousins wedding.
    i’d spend a quarter of it on clothes
    and then save the rest. or pay off my student loans.

  129. avatar

    I would use it to pay down credit card debt

  130. avatar

    I’d put half in my savings/investment accounts, and half towards a vacation trip (Peru or Hawaii)!

  131. avatar

    I would buy into a nice expensive camera for taking pictures to sell, and if enough money is left over I would buy a laptop.

  132. avatar
    Joshua Sokolow

    I’d honestly invest half and throw the other half at freakin’ student loan debt.

  133. avatar

    I’d finally upgrade my computer monitor (yay!) then put the rest toward debt repayment.

  134. avatar

    I would use the money to enhance the web presence ( site, SEO, social networking )of my bbq sauce line. Producing it is no problem, getting access to new customers via the web is my stumbling block.

  135. avatar
    XL Tan

    I’ll split it into a few portions:

    1) payment of Matador travel writing course $350
    2) $300 for part payment of a public speaking course I want to attend for self improvement
    3) next $300 for part payment of my ACCA course fees
    4) remainder goes to charity

  136. avatar

    I´m gonna be honest. I´d probably buy a couple pairs of Jordan´s with that money. Oh, and pay half of my mom´s speeding ticket, since it was slightly my fault that she got it (I told her not to drive as slow as she usually does, and well, she didn´t).

  137. avatar

    I would finish out my ferret shelter and buy a few new cages.

  138. avatar

    I would let it sit in my savings account until I reach my savings goal, at which point I would use that money to pay off the entirety of my student loans.

  139. avatar
    Giannis Chr

    I ll buy some Shares of National Bank (Hellenic Rebublic) which are now up to 2,euros per Share, its cost was about 20euros per share before 2 years and more more before 4 years, i think that in about 3 years in the future the cost per share will be 10euros/share so i ll make 5×1000 = 5000dols

    some clues

    of course the amount you will give me ( 😀 ) is 1001dols so i ll have to use 1 more dollar (1000+1) , with this i ll buy a drink from a market and think how i would be with 5000dollars in 3 years 😀 😀

  140. avatar

    This is going in my Roth IRA.

  141. avatar

    How about your northern readers (Canadians–re: contest rules)? I am Indian too ((casino Indian (North American heritage) not computer Indian(Asian heritage)…heard that from a comedian)) and a free $1k+1 would be great. If I were eligible, I would put the prize in my TFSA (@ 3.25%) (the Canadian version of the ROTH IRA). When you offered the next “how to earn an extra $1K” course, it would be used for part of the tuition (with the other monies I am saving for your course).

  142. avatar

    I’ve been unemployed for 10 months now so the 1001 would go straight to my savings account since I haven’t been able to put away any money since being laid off.

  143. avatar

    My son was diagnosed with autism and this will pay for 5 months worth of OT and Speech Therapy.

  144. avatar

    It ain’t sexy, but I’d use the money to pay down debt and get some peace of mind.

  145. avatar

    Sheesh, I would put the money towards a startup so I can leave this job I’m at.

  146. avatar

    I would put $1000 towards paying off my credit card debt so that next time one of your courses open up I could sign up, since you won’t allow people to enroll if they have cc balances. The other dollar would go to a package of gummy peach-o’s just to take care of my sweet tooth.

  147. avatar

    I would put it in my son’s 529k.

  148. avatar
    Brandy Stanwood

    Hi Ramit.. I would invest that 1001 in my business to make more money, probably a nail course and product, although there are a couple different things I could choose to invest it in to make more money with it.

  149. avatar
    Nikos Kalyviotis

    1000 euros; enough to start your own business in Greece 🙂

  150. avatar
    Lauren Peery

    I’m graduating with my bachelor degree in May and I just lost my job. That $1,000 will most likely sit happily in my bank account, keeping me financially stable until I get a new job secured. If I’m feeling really spontaneous, I’ll use a couple hundred of it to buy a train ticket out to California to experience some new sites/culture before I get back into the dog-eat-dog world again.

  151. avatar

    1.) 10% to a charity that offers free training in accounting/buiness apps for out-of-work people
    2.) Buy 2 copies of IWTMYR — donate one to the charity, and one to local library
    3.) Join the professional organization for the buiness I started with a friend about 1 year ago after reading IWTMYR and joining Earn $1k (we’ve earned over $10k this year, made alot of mistakes, gained alot of experience, and are now ready to take our buiness to the next level in advertising, organizational leadership, and phone/web consultations)
    4.) Put the rest toward debt

  152. avatar

    I’d save it up. In case I have to sign up a limited company

  153. avatar

    I would use this money to fund a business idea I have and attempt to create an ROI on this money. That profit would then be split between reinvestment in the business and paying down my student loans.

  154. avatar

    I would spend the $1000 to found travels to travel a bit through Europe to meet the contacts I made recently, which could lead to possible work/collaborations. and $1 to buy a chocolate bar on one of the flights to get there.

  155. avatar

    I would put it toward a new computer – I’m working on a start up and my old laptop is slowing me down!

  156. avatar

    My $1000 would go straight to the emergency fund — it would put me over the halfway point to my goal!

  157. avatar

    if i got this 1,001 dollar prize i would throw it in my ING direct savings account for the next year, adding to my current savings. When I graduate college in the spring of 2013 I will embark on a round the world trip and this will help in a massive way

  158. avatar
    Alex J

    It would go towards paying for my wedding.

  159. avatar

    Bills, a refurbished laptop and take ONE class.

  160. avatar

    I would first give 10% of it to my church, not out of obligation but a desire to do so.

    The rest would depend on how I received it.

    Coming from you, Ramit, I would use half to buy a Transformer Prime tablet with keyboard dock and the other half to fund the electric vehicle motor controller development that I have 80% designed.

    If it came from a family member, I would put it toward finishing my basement (currently about halfway through doing most of the work myself).

    If my wife received it, we would use it for college savings for the kids.

    If I found it or won it (lottery style, which I would never play), I would buy the tablet and an RC helicopter and parts to finish my PS3 motion controlled gun for use with games that don’t support PSmove.

    Ramit, while I applaud the effort of the social experiment, I wonder if Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle will skew the results you are looking for. I would venture a guess that 80% of your audience would use it (or at least plan on using it) for something side-business related.

  161. avatar

    Since this is “unearned money” or “free money” as i call it sometimes, i would do exactly what i always do with this sort of money. Half goes to my savings, and the other half goes to items im saving up for. Currently im saving up for an engagement ring and a vacation. So $500 into savings, probably $200 towards my vacation fund, and $300 towards my engagement ring fund.

  162. avatar
    Lipstick Jane

    I would take $101 and put it in my wallet to spend however I wished. More than likely on these fab hair products I love but have been waiting to buy (don’t laugh). Then I’d take $450-and put it in savings and the other $450 to pay down my CC.

  163. avatar


  164. avatar

    Since I haven’t taken a vacation in a few years…totally going with a vacation. Just paid off all our credit card debt so I think my husband and I deserve it!

  165. avatar

    After setting aside the amount for taxes. I would go to the local turtle races, have each turtle represent a different outcome for the money. Turtle 1- take classes on how to set up a website that can sell products, and buy jewelry making supplies to start a jewelry business. Turtle 2- buy a 150cc scooter from a friend of mine. Turtle 3- take a trip to Hawaii to visit a friend of mine and sit in at a couple gigs. Turtle 4- turn my jeep into an rv and take a page from a friend in San Francisco and start a travel blog and live a life nomadic. Turtle 5- invest in something boring like a CD, savings account, or IRA (not the “political” group that would count as exciting). Turtle 6- ice cream yeah that’s right ice cream.

  166. avatar

    I’d make an extra payment on my private student loan with the insane interest rate. It would shorten my timeline for moving out of my parents’ house and becoming financially independent by a whole month!

  167. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    I’m a fairly new reader of your blog. My question would be how you are going to choose the winner. 1) Is it the best answer? How could you decide? There are so many awesome ways to use this $1001 as shown by your readers. Also, if it depends on what they DO with the $1001 instead of what they SAY, how are you to hold the winner accountable?

    2) Is the winner going to be chosen by chance? Then more comment entries the better.

    3) Is the winner going to be chosen by how close *you* would spend the $1001? Then it’s a guessing game.

    If I won $1001 I would personally put it towards 2 certifications that I am trying to earn in June in order to provide me with more earning power. WOOT!

  168. avatar

    Would allocate $300.00 to completing my emergency fund. The remainder $701.00 to open a Roth IRA (have to start somewhere).

  169. avatar

    I would book a spiritual retreat in Sedona immediately.

  170. avatar

    I would add the winnings to my emergency fund.

  171. avatar

    I would put it in savings towards my downpayment on a house.

  172. avatar
    Jean Moore

    I would tithe $100.00 to my church. Then I would upgrade much need equipment I use in my industry, and the rest would go to a promotion much like this one.

  173. avatar

    I’d put the money toward my car loan.

  174. avatar

    I would put it towards my vacation fund!

  175. avatar
    Nick Fox

    I’d use it to buy the backlog of lattes that all those “experts” keep telling me to cut back on.

    That’ll show them!

  176. avatar

    I would pay off my car payment!!!

  177. avatar

    Impulsively, I wanted to answer BILLS, student loans, stock up on groceries and paper goods, running shoes, etc. But, after a day considering this question I decided I would purchase a new TV for my husband and me.

    Here’s my justification: My day starts with a trip to the gym before work at 5:00 am, I work 8-5 (often later), come home, enjoy some down time –reading a book or watch a movie with my husband- and go to bed. My husband is usually waking up about the time I get home from work; he’s a bartender and is on a completely different schedule than I am. He works on my days off and I’m sleeping while he’s off. This leaves our only time together to be Sundays after he wakes up (Game of Thrones on HBO) and a couple of hours after work when we watch a movie together before I’m off to bed. (We sound lame but it’s important to both of us to pay cash for everything we purchase and pay off all my student loan debt.

    My TV is about 11 years old, bulky heavy, everyone looks orange, the screen is small but we can never justify spending that much money on anything but “responsibilities”. However, if I received money specifically for a new TV it would be like winning a TV and that’s what I would get!

    I came home from work yesterday and said to my husband, “You know that blog I read? Well, Ramit is giving away $1,000 dollars.” Immediately my husband says, “Bills.” Then I explained to him I wanted a new TV and why and we both agreed we would FINALLY buy a new, awesome, big, TV and a movie/popcorn.

  178. avatar
    Michelle Mercurio

    I’d spend $400 to pay off my highest interest credit card (which I had already negotiated the interest rate down and been paying off for a year now). I’d put $500 in my high-yield savings account which is designated for costs incurred related to adopting a child ( I’d donate $100 to a charity I’m involved with locally and I’d spend the $1.00 on a lottery ticket.

  179. avatar
    Rhonda Delgado

    I would share it and also invest some…………….:)

  180. avatar

    I would use to help pay down the medical bills that seam to be stacking up.

  181. avatar

    I’d use it to pay down credit card debt, which I’ve been working toward paying off since I began reading your book 2 years ago (I actually haven’t moved past the first couple of chapters and wont until I pay my credit card debt). It will be paid in full no later than September 1, 2012 thanks to you!

  182. avatar

    Student loan interest payments! (Always try to pay off the interest on those!!)

  183. avatar
    Rob Nisters

    In your e-mail you write:
    >How many people do you know who talk about what they would do with an extra $1,000/month
    But it doesn’t look like a $1,000 per month, what you’re offering, more like $1,001 just once, and that’s it

    Anyway, I’d use it to get my driver’s license
    I’m 56 years old, and I have only a motorbike license. I live in Amsterdam (Holland), and finding parking space for a car is really hard and expensive.
    So I’ve gotten along by bicycle and public transport. Up to now.

    I want to expand my company (webdesign, graphics design) into photography (saw your video at Chase Jarvis’s website) BUT…
    I really, really need to drive a car, with all the photographic equipment.

    So, I’d take drining lessons with that money, and when I’d have set up my photography business and were making a decent income, I’d send out an e-mail to everyone I know, asking them what they’d do with a 1001 dollars and a month later another 1001 dollars, and give it away to the one that came up with the most original answer.
    They’d have to promise that they’d send an extra 1001 dollars (apart of what they received from me) to the next person to receive the money, in another month, as soon as they could afford it.

    I love the “paying it forward” principle.

  184. avatar

    I would use this as seed money for my new start up company!

  185. avatar

    it’ll AUTOMATICALLY go to my savings account towards a savings goal.

  186. avatar
    Will Mellor

    Dear ramit,
    I would Invest the money into my eBay funds..
    At the moment I am selling a number of items on the site, but after buying a number of Chinese items online, and selling for twice the price on eBay I now need a lump sum of money to drive on my business. I hope you understand how much £1001 would help, after reading all your helpful guides, I’m still struggling to gain financial success, however I’m only just twenty years old so I think I’ve got time.

  187. avatar

    I would put it towards my college tuition!

  188. avatar
    Remy @MLISunderstanding

    I’d pay for summer term tuition and let my savings bonds mature a little longer.

  189. avatar

    We just paid off our Credit cards which would have been my answer before.
    NOW…after 10% tithe, I think $500 would go straight to an emergency fund and $400 divided among the list of things we’ve been saving toward/putting off doing till we have money. Gas for vacation with my family, dental work, fixing the dog, saving for a new car.

  190. avatar

    I’d use the money to help with my education costs. I’m currently enrolled in a program to get a bachelor’s in accounting and this money would allow me to avoid taking out additional loans.

  191. avatar

    My current daily account is about 900 euros in the red. I would use the money to pay that off, and then block my ability to go into the minus, so I can’t do it anymore! One less worry, and one less monthly overdraft fee!

  192. avatar
    Veronica Pardo

    I would use it for my trip this summer to hike through the Sierras. Sending food to the mountains is pricey. So are hiking boots.

  193. avatar

    Here is my plan…

    Take 2 days from work unpaid. This will allow me to go to the university during business hours. This is important because I need to get permission to post the flyers for my new business idea. I will post several of them in key areas, and use the rest of the time to meet with professors and counselors who can recommend my services to students.

    Second, I would use $50 to invest in materials for the side business. Forms, cards, free crap kids in college like, etc.

    Third, I would take several people out to lunch or coffee. I work in a very isolated part of my company, and it would be great to get out and meet some new people. For example, there is one higher up here that has given me really good advice regarding the “right” education for the company I work for. I would love to talk to him more.

    Why do I want to do this? Beause regardless of how much I believed you in the past. I FOUND OUT THE HARD WAY THAT YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT SIDE INCOME! The story is that I have busted my hump for a year to prove my vaule to this company. I have gotten a professional license, started coursework for my masters degree, have taken on more than I need to, etc. At my performance review I was told that I am meeting (not exceeing) expectations and as a reward I was being given a 3% raise. I can easily add three percent to my income on the side without all of the struggle.

    What have I learned from writing all of this? Honestly, $1001 is really not much money. I earn that in about 20 hours worth of work. So really why would I do this with extra money if I already have the money? Its obviously not money that is holding me back.

    Thanks for the insight your post provided. I will used vacation time I have coming up to do these things instead. Of course an extra $1001 wouldn’t hurt.

  194. avatar

    New golf clubs

  195. avatar
    Shelia Morris

    I will pay off bills!

  196. avatar
    Caty P

    I would use $1,001.00 to kick-start my pursuit of a lantern-rental business for weddings and events.

    I make tessellation lanterns:

    I think these things are magical as all heck, and I’ve always felt they would be an incredible presence at a wedding – but they’re complicated to make, and the cost of time and materials to make or buy any large quantity of them for a reception or party would be fairly prohibitive.

    Enter the Crooked River Fae Light rental company. Couples or event hosts who wanted these tesselanterns hung for one night from ceilings/trellises/trees could, instead of buying them, pay a fee to rent them for a day/night.
    I’d transport as many lamps as they wanted to the specified location, hang them, then take them down again at the end of the event. For newlyweds, I would include a gift lantern with personalized drawings or text on the inside of the lamp.

    I intend to make this business happen, eventually, whether or not I win the $1001.00 – but I’d be over the moon if I received the funds to do so while I have time and energy to invest in the startup phase. In June I will complete a masters degree, and in light of the lack of permanent positions in my field being available just yet, this summer would be the ideal time for me to put this lantern idea in motion.

    The Breakdown:

    $415 – die cut machine and software for cutting lantern pieces (up to this point I’ve been hand tracing and cutting the cardstock pieces)
    $350 – 100 battery powered LED terminals w/ hanging wire
    $50 – cardstock for 110 lanterns

    $101 – to nest egg savings account (rule of thumb I picked up from my dad)
    $85 – to (Pay It Forward, etc.)

    Them’s the specs.

    Very cool experiment, Ramit – thanks for the opportunity!

  197. avatar

    I’d use that money to help pay for some of my tuition, and probably to help fix up my car.

  198. avatar

    I would spend it because I do not need it. I saved my entire life to get all the things I wanted or needed. I am trying to make the transition to be a spender, I think this is my opportunity!

  199. avatar

    I’d spend 1/3 on travel to my hometown so I can celebrate my 40th birthday with dear friends; 1/3 would fund a few “mental health days” from work (I don’t get paid for sick or vacation days) so I could work on my creative writing projects; 1/3 would go toward bills.

  200. avatar
    John @ Married (with Debt)

    Because I don’t just believe in conscious spending, I live it, I would put the extra grand towards my European Vacation subaccount. This would fully fund that goal and allow me to focus on chopping the head off my student loan (4 more months to debt freedom).

  201. avatar

    I would give it to my daughter for her college graduation.

  202. avatar

    I would put it in the stock market to learn option trading

  203. avatar

    I would use it to outsource work that would build my business and help me create a reliable income.

  204. avatar

    I would initiate as many original science experiments as possible from my running list.

  205. avatar
    david petri

    I have several hospital bills from nine operations,plus several ongoing medical problems and bills,that just keep on adding up.I am verry sick. That is what I would use the money for.

  206. avatar

    I would definitely pay off my last credit card with a sweet $1,001 check.

  207. avatar
    Denny Bulcao

    1/2 to student loans, 1/2 to investments.

  208. avatar

    I would take an TEFL course.

  209. avatar

    i will spend half to refresh my wardrobe a bit so i can dress “as if” i am holding my dream job. i will spend the other half on professional development/business development activities (grant seeker/business plan workshops), purchasing supplies, etc.

  210. avatar

    I would put that 1001 dollars towards funding my Roth IRA for the year!

  211. avatar
    Matt carter

    Half would go to paying off my credit card and the other half would go towards paying off my motorcycle 🙂

  212. avatar

    increase roth 401(k) contributions

  213. avatar
    Scott Grace

    I would buy a new computer. Mine is old and slow.

  214. avatar

    I will use the money to buy plane tickets for my family to attend my graduation in NYC. Any extra money will be used to pay bills.

  215. avatar

    I would use that for travel. $1000 would pay for a nice weekend getaway at Door County, WI

  216. avatar

    I’d use it to pay off a good chunk of my credit card debt and put the rest toward credits to get my behavioral therapy licensure.

  217. avatar
    Cathryne H.

    Pay off a credit card, catch up on my car payments, and buy my husband some very much needed work boots.

  218. avatar

    I would send it towards my student loan.

  219. avatar

    I would use this as the starter money for my daughters education. She is 9 months old and I am about to open a brokerage account, with automatic checking withdrawal, to ensure this gets funded monthly. Regardless if I win this is being opened, just with slightly less of an opening balance…

  220. avatar
    Brian Ging

    I would invest it in education such as Dream Job course or others, as they become available (I know it seems silly to give the money right back to Ramit) but that’s what I would do.

  221. avatar

    I’d put half towards my credit card debt and the other half towards learning materials (classes and books) for my freelance copyediting business, so I can work on generating an extra $1,000 EVERY month!

  222. avatar

    A portion would go to pay for the last medical bill I have (my only debt), a portion to a final edit on my book so it can be published and I’d probably throw the rest into savings. Nothing fancy but it accomplishes several goals.

  223. avatar

    I would use it to get closer to my no-more-credit-card debt goal!!

  224. avatar

    Pay the IRS.

  225. avatar

    I’d take a trip for my best friend’s 30th birthday – she’s been a lifesaver since I moved.

  226. avatar

    I would use it to fund a mother/daughter vacation for my mom and I. We have never been on a solo vacation together, and it will help recharge our batteries to deal with all that we have going on.

  227. avatar

    I’d use it to help re-stock my emergency fund, which is lower than I’d like right now due to a breakup & job change.

  228. avatar

    I’ll be honest. I’d pay down some debt. It’s not “fun” but needs to be done.

  229. avatar

    Use to invest on the online marketing business I started last month.

  230. avatar

    Pay on a retirement loan.

  231. avatar
    Cassie Deford

    I have a mountain of debt, so I’d use the money to pay down a credit card balance.

  232. avatar
    Lawrence H

    I would take half to pay off my credit card debt, half to Roth IRA, and that extra $1 towards a lottery ticket 🙂

  233. avatar

    I’d put it into our adoption fund. Happy wife == happy life

  234. avatar
    Louise Spence

    I would subscribe to a personal assistant website and use the rest to pay off credit card debt.

  235. avatar
    Aron Rodrigues

    With extra 1001, With 50%I would reduce the value of my mortgage, and with the rest, I would begin a small business to earn extra income.
    with less mortgage, the money that I got from my job would be injected in the business. Something about cooking at parties.

  236. avatar

    I would put it into savings so that every time something goes amiss in my life, I don’t freak out because I don’t know how I will pay for it.

  237. avatar
    Zachary Fruhling

    Since I just bought a house, I would either make an additional mortgage payment, or I would use the money to help set up my home office and ham radio room.

  238. avatar
    Adam Fletcher

    I have so much debt and very little money coming in – I would use $1,001 to help pay some of my debts off.

  239. avatar
    Aleksandar Krzavac

    I would invest it in promotion of my Humor E-book of Aphorisms and Cartoons – “Close Your Eyes The Future Has Just Begun”.

  240. avatar

    $100 to charity – to support One Brick.

    I would use the rest towards attacking the yoke of my undergrad student loan debt. I would hit the one with the highest interest rate.

  241. avatar

    I’d visit my sisters in Budapest and Kenya!

  242. avatar

    Being an unemployed dad of 2 daughters, trying to finally finish my first step of my college education, I’d have to split it. 25% would pay for my last few life credits and graduation costs so I could start applying for jobs as a College graduate. 25% I’d save to increase my “emergency fund” 25% for some bills to eliminate late fees and interest, and the last 25% as a fun investment for my kids. A trip to Washington DC to hit the museums they’ve been asking to visit this summer. It would be a great use for “found” money.

  243. avatar

    I’d use it to pay for a conference I plan on attending this fall

  244. avatar
    Daniel Moyer

    $300 for a pair of nearfield powered studio monitors.
    $300 to my wife for whatever she wants to do with it
    $400 into savings, or maybe our emergency fund. We really want a car, so it’ll probably end up going into the car savings.

  245. avatar
    Phillip Martin

    I’d put the majority to some student debt I have left over and spend the rest taking my wife and some friends out to celebrate winning this awesome contest! Balance is key in life 🙂

  246. avatar

    1. Buy all books from The Personal MBA reading list in the Behavioral Change, Decision Making, and Problem Solving sections.

    2. Purchase copywriting course I’ve been eyeing for a while

    3. Set aside $156 to renew my Toastmasters membership for 2nd half of 2012-2013

    4. Purchase books that I think would help all of my existing clients and give them away as gifts.

    Cool experiment, Ramit 🙂

  247. avatar

    With an extra 1001 dollars I would use half of it for my credit card bill, another 500 for savings and the extra buck to get myself an ice cream cone from a Mr. Softee Ice Cream truck as a treat.

  248. avatar

    I would use it help expand my sidejobs and create more opportunities to get more $1001 checks.

  249. avatar

    I would put away 5% to my Roth IRA, 20% percent to my savings, 50% to my credit card debt and 25% to my guilt free spending. 🙂

  250. avatar

    I would pay off the credit card debt I carelessly accrued after buying a new home.

  251. avatar
    ray lee

    After reading the book and all the blog posts (and emails), I have decided to start a business with my wife to make some side income. The $1k will go towards all the fees for the paperwork (application for LLC, etc) and whatever leftover will go towards some equipment we will need.

    -ray lee

  252. avatar

    Honestly, I would use that 1,000.01 to join your classes and learn on how I can multiply that money!!! invest in myself and future!

  253. avatar

    I’d put it in my ING savings account to sock away for some moving expenses coming up later this summer.

  254. avatar
    Hana B

    I’d pay off an extra payment on my student loans.

  255. avatar
    Cynthia Delgado

    Hey 🙂

    Well I would spend around $200.00 on a bicycle. Ive been wanting to get bike to stop using the cta! The rest I would save it and pay off a part off my credit card. Maybe spoil myself to some sushi, been craving it! lol

  256. avatar
    Casey Camilleri

    I would use the extra $1,001 to help launch a travel blog I will be starting in August 2012. Half of the money would go into traveling the other half would go into getting some design work done for the new site since that is my weakness in launching a site.

  257. avatar
    Jacq Davis

    I would use the money to learn a new skill that interests me. Let it be welding, glass blowing, wilderness survival, play the guitar.

  258. avatar

    Pay off my Bills

  259. avatar

    It’s not a lot of money we are talking about! Not that I would mind effortleslly winning it though 😀 I would probably spend it with my friends… Unless I have an epiphany for an investment.

  260. avatar

    I recently was divorced and have been working hard to pay down student loans and my car. I’d put it towards that

  261. avatar

    I would use it to make a pancake suit.

  262. avatar

    I’d spent $6 on a nice bath bomb at the LUSH store, as a very fun treat and then put the rest in my rainy day account.

  263. avatar
    Tom Pinit

    Well, I’d deduct $3.49 from the total to go buy a Mexican pizza, although it’s really not as good as before when they put green onions on them. You’ll have to trust me on that Ramit. Then, I’d use the remaining funds to pay off half of my FYDJ investment!

  264. avatar

    I will use it to take the Earn 1K class.

  265. avatar
    Patti Strong

    I would put half into my savings and use the other half for traveling expenses for breast cancer treatment at a state-of-the-art center with a multi-disciplinary team. 🙂

  266. avatar

    I would put it towards my credit card.

  267. avatar
    Norman Horn

    I would use it to help send my wife to the academic conference in Greece she wants to attend, but that I cannot afford right now. It would definitely help her career. If not that, then I would put it toward taking her to London when I go to an academic conference later this year.

  268. avatar
    Alex G

    Hey Ramit,

    You sent this at a great time. I’ve got an appointment set for a consultation with a patent lawyer so I can take the first real concrete steps toward an entrepreneurial endeavor. This would help with the fees.

    Big fan,

  269. avatar
    Joe McG

    I would definitely apply it to debt.

    Not the highest interest, but debt soon to be paid off.

    This is to free up capital.

    – Joe

  270. avatar

    hire a gtd coach to help me drill on processing “knowledge” tasks under 2-minutes.

  271. avatar
    Lynn Root

    I got selected to speak at a tech conference in Europe this summer. It’s my first speaking opportunity since I’ve [recently] found what I am absolutely passionate about. I would pay for the trip there since I’m otherwise just starting out in my career! ya!

  272. avatar

    I’d drop half in savings and use the rest to register a few domain names I have my eye on.

  273. avatar

    1. Save half.
    2. Pay some debt.

  274. avatar

    Simple. I would pay down my credit card. $1001 would pay down nearly half of my balance.

  275. avatar
    Christine Cloud

    Invest it in me

  276. avatar

    Pay for the court cost to file for divorce, divesting me of my biggest expense – a spouse whose was unemployed for several years. Awful but true.

  277. avatar

    I would spend it on a romantic weekend with my sweetheart in San Antonio! 🙂

  278. avatar

    Double it. I host events:)

  279. avatar

    pay down my 6% student loan

  280. avatar

    I would take two extra trips to visit friends in DC and Raleigh this summer.

  281. avatar

    High interest savings account towards a summer trip with my sons…

  282. avatar

    US $1001 is over $6000 of my dollars. so I would throw myself a decent 30th birthday party next month with $3000 and put $3000 in my freedom fund ( 8 months of living expenses to give me the courage to leave my hated job and freelance fulltime).

  283. avatar

    I would finish paying off my credit card. Yay me!

  284. avatar

    I’d put $450 in each child’s college savings account and use the rest to become a member of my local public broadcasting station.

  285. avatar
    Cameron Miller

    I will turn the $1,000 into $10k,$100k,$1M and beyond$$$ via penny stock trading, marketing awareness campaigns, creating many newsletters and stock pick websites and partnering with hedge funds.

  286. avatar

    Next December I will be turning 50. My goal is to pay off my mortgage by the time I reach 50. Once accomplished, I will have paid it off in 3 years. The money will go to the mortgage. I am a single mom and trying to teach my kids about managing debt!!!

  287. avatar
    Melissa Jean

    I’m boring. I’d just pay down my loans.
    I have a 5 year goal of buying my childhood house. Year 1 is to get debt free, years 2-5 are to make and save a ton. I know I’ll make it.

  288. avatar

    I’m deciding on putting it into a 2nd checking account for automatic payments ($1000 cushions are nice) or buying a life size, autographed, Suze Orman poster to hang from my ceiling. If there happens to be 2 available, then I’ll have one signed to my friend “To Amit Ray Ethi Say with love, Suze Orman”.

  289. avatar

    i am designing a simple product and will use $1001 for the patent search and apply for provisional patent.. Thanks

  290. avatar

    I would put $500 toward paying down credit cards. The rest would go to savings.

  291. avatar

    I’d pay down my credit card balance. Working hard to get down completely to zero. Only have a few thousand left to go, and I can start using credit cards to my advantage. 🙂

  292. avatar

    I would buy a 7d Canon camera, tripod, and mic to produced videos to make more money on the side. And then I would send you a nice gift:)

  293. avatar
    Chris Vander Meulen

    Use it to start my cooking class business and cookbook!

  294. avatar
    James Neal

    I just received an offer to put my self-made (but un-published) comic into a collection with three other local artists. Bill, the gentleman putting the event together, plans on holding a comic convention, showcasing this collection, in October. I will use this check to help him advertise/furnish the convention…making his, and my, experience that much more fantastic.

  295. avatar
    Aaron Biller

    I would not pay off my student loan because we’re already paying 3x’s the minimum each month. We’re relocating to NC, so I would invest the money for a few years from now when we’ll need to buy a new car.

  296. avatar

    I’d go visit my girlfriend in AZ. I live in MN. Roundtrip airfare is about $300 the other $700 we just use to have a good time.

  297. avatar

    I’d save $888.88 and take the $112.12 and pay my utility bill. Why $888.88? Chinese people love the number 8 because it sounds like the chinese word for fortune!

  298. avatar

    I’d buy tulips to send daily a bouquet to my wife.

  299. avatar

    I would buy my wife a plane ticket to Paris and buy mine with the $1000/mo extra income I’ve earned as the result of!

  300. avatar

    Start something to make more money … a little business venture into making clothing that I have always wanted to do.

  301. avatar

    I’d put it in a Mongolian savings account where it could earn about 15% interest.

  302. avatar

    I would open up a college savings plan for my daughter who will be born in August.

  303. avatar
    Sarah Evans

    Since my boyfriend and I just bought a house, my answer is easy…our first mortgage payment. I would say to help boost side income business, but I’m focusing on looking for a new full-time culinary event management job first.

  304. avatar

    I have two teeth waiting for crowns. The sooner the better. That would be just enough to land me in that dentist chair, combined with what I have saved, to get the job done before I can’t save them.

  305. avatar

    701 toward debt, 300 toward my portfolio book.

  306. avatar
    Johnny Mean

    Being that I have read your book:- I have NO DEBT.
    Being that I took your Earn 1K course-I already make money on the side and close to maximizing my investment ladder.
    Being that I took your Dream Job Course-I am lining up my next role in the field I want at a negotiated salary that fits for me.

    I’ll take the thousandand one and either
    1)Put it towards enjoying the next 3-6 months in Thailand with the wife before starting my new role at my Dream Company.
    2)Put it into personal development to increase my value to my TIER 1 companies. For example LEAN in Healthcare/IT certification.

  307. avatar

    Invest it in building a prototype for a web service. It’s a risk but I’m a risk taker 🙂 (with my own money and if you give me yours ha)

  308. avatar
    Andrew Wiecek

    It would go directly to pay down my 25k second mortgage, which I plan to have paid off completely by this time next year!

  309. avatar

    I would use it to pay outstanding medical bills that I just don’t have the money (or insurance) to take care of.

  310. avatar

    I would spend the $1001 dollars on expanding my side business. Some of the cash would be dedicated to putting together professional materials packages to provide free-of-charge to potential clients. I would use a portion to take out referees to lunch or coffee, and do the same with some people in my city from whom I am seeking informational interviews. There are a couple of targeted workshops coming up from our provincial small business body regarding pitching services to our provincial government, and I would register for those workshops. Lastly, I would get myself a compact data projector (many of my workshops involve presentations with visual displays). Individually, these are all small items that I can budget for, but as I am also saving up for the arrival of my first baby, every penny counts. With the $1001, I would be able to stick to my original business expansion spending plan, as it was before I found out that my family will be expanding shortly!

  311. avatar
    Adam Schuster

    I would put it in savings toward my house down payment.

  312. avatar
    Scott Boyer

    This will probably be the last “family” vacation as our daughter is 17. The money would help ease the burden of having to drag one of her friends along so she’s not bored to death!

  313. avatar
    Zach G

    $500 would go towards spending a week in Playa del Carmen next winter with my girlfriend and our friends.

    $500 would be used on a course or some other materials that would help me further my web development/programming skills (i.e. invest in my career).

    $1 would be used on a package of celebratory Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

  314. avatar

    I would invest around $200-$250 on tools and equipment for my side business. I would also save around $400 to get my car fixed (which is due soon). and the rest on vacation soon. coz I’v been dying to go on vacation for the past 6 months.

  315. avatar

    I’d use it for PPC to drive traffic to my new business

    We provide text and voice appointment reminders and also allow text/voice marketing blasts.

  316. avatar
    Kimberly Guevara

    Let’s see im a single mom, so I would use the money to put towards my 9 years old son down payment for private school in the fall.

  317. avatar
    Wendy Strain

    Honestly, I feel I’ve already benefited about $650 worth just because Marc (above) posted the link to the Adobe Photoshop Beta download. Now I don’t need to buy that program for my business – at least not for a while. The free training I’ve received from Remit is easily worth the remaining $351 and more.

    There are so many places where I need to put money right now that’s it difficult to prioritize. I would likely pay off a $550 loan I had to take out to finish out the last month of grad school without freaking out about bills. The remaining $450 would be used to help launch myself back into the working world following May’s graduation.

  318. avatar

    Hi Ramit, I’m a freelance writer and press consultant. About 3 weeks ago, the hard drive failed on my 1 1/2 year-old Dell. I already have two jobs, so an extra $1,001 would allow me some flexibility to pay my New York Sports Club membership, have dedicated transportation to both of my employers and the payment for my laptop’s recovery.

    A check such as that would allow me to continue growing my Bank of America Savings Account and my Zecco Trading Account with my own paychecks, and continue to reach my goal of being debt-free by age thirty (I’m 28). Thanks, and good luck, everyone.

  319. avatar
    Alicia Whittaker

    I would take some of it to move back home and then put my kids in daycare. I would stick the rest into a savings account and go back to work. Just know it would go towards me starting my new life with my kids.

  320. avatar

    I would spend the $1001 on my summer school class + bills, the fun never stops :p

  321. avatar
    Ria Megnin

    I’d split up the funds the way I automatically do with all incoming dollars: 1/2 to tax savings, 1/3 divided among other savings accounts (health, emergencies, big purchases, gifts/donations, travel/adventures/entertainment), and the rest to my checking account for “life” — bills, groceries, and random purchases. And right now, that $1,000 would really mean a lot to replenishing all those accounts!

  322. avatar

    I will put it towards my debt.

  323. avatar

    Probably blow it all this weekend on booze and dancing girls.

  324. avatar
    Akosua A. Manu

    I will invest in a business venture that I have begun…

  325. avatar
    Kristi Bailey

    I would use the $1001 to put towards my husbands student loans. He graduated from college 2 years ago and since then we have put any extra money (tax returns, bonuses, gifts of money etc.) toward it. With 4 kids and one income (I’m a stay at home mom) it has been tight, but we want to get that loan payed off as soon as possible!

  326. avatar

    When it comes to unexpected income, I tend to like the 50/50 rule. So 50% would go into my Roth and 50% toward something I can enjoy a bit sooner. Right now that would mean it would go toward my puppy savings account – I’m planning to get my first puppy within the next year!

  327. avatar

    $334 on SP500;
    $334 on bonds;
    $333 on gold;

  328. avatar
    Andrea of I Assist Your Biz. - Adminstration & Language Services

    That’s a tricky question… 1/3 I would save away into something generating moderate interest. 1/3 I would like to invest into something with a bit more risk. 1/3 I would spend for my budding VA business (a new computer comes to mind).
    Have I done something about it to get $1000?
    Yes! I’ve switched from unemployment to self-employed. I’ve asked for lessons by someone who does invest into property and I will go to training seminars soon. And I opened a savings account to hide a few bucks away for rainy days or for future investments to come.
    Oh, and the tricky part on the question is: What am I going to do with the remaining $1?
    Maybe I have the one icecream for the month as a treat. Because I’ve lost already 14 kilos in the last 12 months despite the health problem who got me into my weight troubles. And I know I will keep it up, because I am stubborn as a donkey.

  329. avatar

    I’d probably go out to a few really nice restaurants. Frankly, I’ve got a good system of saving and investing in place. So hey, lets be honest – i’d have fun with it.

  330. avatar

    I’d put it toward taking my boyfriend and I on vacation; we both have jobs we love, and tons of paid time off, but not a lot of money to spend getting or staying somewhere. I work at a methadone clinic, he’s a special educator, so we make just enough to get by, but it’s worth it to both of us for the jobs we do. Taking a real vacation would be such an amazing break for both of us!

  331. avatar

    I would invest my money into a freelance business

  332. avatar

    I would give $101 to a local charity that I donate items to occasionally and the other $900 would go straight to the credit card.

  333. avatar

    I would fly from Bulgaria to the USA to meet you in person.

  334. avatar

    I’d invest in my business!

  335. avatar
    Sunny Gonna

    I would use it to buy a DLP projector and some UV-curing resin to start a 3D printing company!

  336. avatar

    I would divide the cash in 3 ways:
    $100 = Buy 3 J Crew shirts on Ebay’s “buy it now”
    $100 = Dinner at my favorite restaurant in Berkeley
    $801 = Buy shares of VWELX

  337. avatar

    I will give the whole amount to some one

  338. avatar

    Columbia Journalism Graduate School Tuition: $23,538
    Money I’d have left to raise by August 2nd: $22,537

  339. avatar

    Ramit – you crazy guy – I would buy some stationery and write you a splendid letter saying thanks – ($ 4) then, enroll for drivers’ ed – I am 26 ($ 500) Next, I would pay off my credit card debt by 1/4th ($ 250) and get tickets to my college best friends wedding ($100 bus tickets, $ 100 hotel room) because she is the only one who sent me a box of food when I ran out of money last Christmas. I am all for Roths and patent searches, and shoes and stuff, but really, I would do these few things.

  340. avatar

    I will forward these amount as u did

  341. avatar

    I would spend 500$ on cocaïne and hookers and I would donate 501$ to a charity…Why 501$ ? Cause I think charity is that much more important 😉

  342. avatar

    I would invest some of it in a IRA and the rest, I would pay my rent.

  343. avatar

    I’d build another 3D printer and use it to make more stuff to sell.

  344. avatar
    Michael Yamamoto

    I am trying to get together a down payment to buy my first home. I would use this to continue adding to that pile. Every extra bit will help to keep my interest rate and monthly payment low!

  345. avatar
    Ali Lotia

    $250 – Towards Student Loans 🙁
    $250 – A few outstanding Medical Bills 🙁
    $250 – 529 Saving plan for 7 month old Daughter 🙂
    $250 – Emergency Fund 🙂
    $1 – Lottery Ticket 😐

  346. avatar

    I would pay to get the clutch fixed on my car.

  347. avatar

    Easy. Since this is “free” money I will designate it as risk capital. Upon receipt of payment I will deposit this into my online brokerage for trading in the intermediate term to take advantage of recent volatility. Either that or I’ll donate it to the city of SF so they can widen the sidewalk on Chestnut, so I can get past all of those strollers.

  348. avatar

    Whether I win or not I will put the $1000 towards a secured credit card so i can continue rebuilding my credit.

    The $1 I’ll give to my nephew as i started teaching him the value of saving & balancing his money!

  349. avatar

    I’d have a sick party and hire a midget ( to perform. Everyone loves midgets and I believe the networking benefits of hosting a great party will be worth my 1001 dollar investment.

  350. avatar
    Michelle N

    I’d use that $1,001 to pay off my student loans

  351. avatar

    I would use it to invest in my art business (buying materials, vendor payments, shipping art pieces, etc).

    I make (and just started selling) abstract art and need to get it noticed, so I need money to be a vendor at fairs, to showcase art at galleries, and for travel.

    Send me $1001 and it will help me immensely. Plus, I’ll send you one of my creations. It will add as a nice backdrop in your web chats.

  352. avatar
    Joseph Bothwell

    I would use the money to help fund a startup. The money would speed up what I am already working towards.

  353. avatar

    I’d give it to

  354. avatar

    I would put it in my emergency fund.

  355. avatar

    I would add it to my Emergency Fund to get closer to my 3-6 months’ worth of living expenses.

  356. avatar

    Since $1001 would do almost nothing for my obscene student loan debt, I would use the money to follow your recommendation and open a Roth IRA.

  357. avatar

    I will use it to invest in a drip plan. Either PEP or COP.

  358. avatar

    I would buy my kids a jungle gym.

  359. avatar

    Buy a cool set of bose speakers.

  360. avatar

    I would give the money to my mom to help pay off her mortgage. My dad was sick for most of his life and recently passed away. She raised four children on one income (making $8 dollars an hour). She now makes $12 an hour. Nonetheless, she was able to send all of us to college, and I am now proud to say we are all college graduates and better people because of her and her sacrifices.

  361. avatar

    Since I am a student in Boston, I would use $300-$400 to buy a plane ticket for my mom in the midwest to come visit me in Boston since she has not been to the east coast yet, and I would use the other $601-$701 for much needed visits to the chiropractor that my insurance company will not pay for.

  362. avatar
    Carla McCasland

    Since we’ve got our retirement accounts maxed out, a year’s living expenses saved up, and I am paying off my student loan like gangbusters, I’d use a $1,000 windfall in two ways: I’d donate half to mitigate the guilt of splurging the other half on fine dining. I’ve never been to a three star restaurant.

  363. avatar

    I would put it towards paying off my credit card debt!

  364. avatar
    Robert Sepeda

    If I won 1,001.00, I would stick it straight into my savings account to help my cost of living if and when my salary decreases or when I am not employed. I would also by myself a watch for work and a pair of prescription sunglasses for the summer.

  365. avatar

    Put it toward paying off my husband’s debt.

  366. avatar

    Easy one for me, Pay Down Debt, getting me a little closer to joining earn1k debt free.

  367. avatar

    I’d invest in myself by putting it towards one of your programs!

  368. avatar

    Invest in a side business ( custom graphic tees) that I set up recently
    The $1000 will roughly be used in the following way
    a. $700 to pay a creative guy for 2 graphic designs.
    b. $200 towards sample t-shirts – 2 different sizes and 2 colors.
    c. $101- towards mochas and lattes to fuel late night creative sessions with the designer

  369. avatar

    Initial desire is to go splurge BUT I woul actually pay down my student loan.

  370. avatar
    Caitlin McAllister

    I would use it to help fund my dream of living in South America for a year.

  371. avatar

    I will use it to pay off debt, since that’s your rule before using money to take your classes! I would save for that! Thanks for all you do!

  372. avatar

    If I won $1,001 I’d put it towards paying down my last two credit cards. I am looking to buy a house within the year and want to improve my credit score :).

  373. avatar
    Matt McGunagle

    Hi Ramit!

    Here’s the breakdown of how I would spend the $1,001:

    $500-to outsource several programming jobs for a website idea I validated using your techniques.
    $200-Much needed new clothes (college student).
    $100-into my ING savings account
    $100-Appsumo courses that I have been wanting to purchase.
    $100-into my rothIRA I started summer 2011 after reading your book.
    $1 on a bomb carnitas taco tuesday $1 taco.



  374. avatar

    Very simple: Deposit the check to my ING direct savings account. Then when Earn 1K opens up for the next time I will use this check to pay for the course.

  375. avatar
    Maya Gaddie

    Hi Ramit,

    I would spend all $1,001 on advancing my passive income business. I have the next steps laid out to be completed over the next 3 months and this would allow me to speed up the process. Looking forward to reading more comments as well!

  376. avatar

    I would use the money to finally try and invest in the stock market! I have been scared to take the leap but this money would give me the courage 🙂

  377. avatar
    Daniel Salazar

    $200 for any given charity. (I always say, sharing is better)
    $200 for fb ads for my company
    $200 for a trip to ny
    $200 savings account
    $200 I will do the same experiment on facebook and tell you how it goes
    $1 I will save it as a souvenir of the day I got $1001 check from Ramit Sethi

  378. avatar

    I would put some in savings and pay down debt.

  379. avatar

    I would use $1001 dollars to start a virtual law and consulting practice so that I could work from anywhere in the world . . . and then I would go anywhere in the world . . randomly . . . keeping everyone guessing as to my whereabouts . . . until I blogged about it in a state of the world topic blog that might exist if I wasn’t so spent working my current job. 🙂

  380. avatar

    I would use it to go on a trip to Fiji to assist with some of the disaster relief from their recent floods and look for social entrepreneurship opportunities on how I could continue to assist the relief.

  381. avatar
    Michelle Brasil

    I would put the $1,001 toward my credit card debt! I’m working toward becoming debt-free so that I can be a stay-at-home mom.

  382. avatar

    I would give $101 to charity. Buy two plane tickets to attend a business and networking event in San Diego, CA. and if I have enough $ left over a new pair of walking shoes.

  383. avatar
    Ashley Kropp

    I would put the $1,001 towards a honeymoon in Italy…

  384. avatar

    I would pay down debt so that I can have more options in the future (like say taking a Ramit class).

  385. avatar

    I would so pay off debts… but my validation link was not found by chrome. 🙁

  386. avatar
    Ryan W

    So I would use the money to help my sister and her 3 kids with a summer of fun. Oh but don’t worry I would still benefit. You see, my sister wants to join a local beach club. Its exclusive and costs just about $1,300 for the summer. With the $1,001 and her $299 we would all get a nice summer vacation. The kids would have something to do all day and my sister would finally be able to relax! I would also be on the membership and get to bring my wife along. This particular beach club is not the most expensive in our area, it’s more like middle of the road, but it still has day care, restaurants, and plenty of relaxing things to do. This money would help a lot of people in my family have a fun summer and without paying for going out of town (airfare, hotels, food, etc).

    Would this be an investment? Not exactly, but I would be investing in a way to make everyone’s summer a little better. My sister’s finances are not what it used to be and she wants her kids to have a fun summer with their friends. Since she can’t afford to send her kids to sleep away camp this may be the next best thing.

    This particular beach club is not the snobby elitist one that we all can’t stand. It’s middle of the road, quaint and filled with nice people who can’t afford the best but still want something worthwhile.

    So that’s it. The money is for a summer of memories for my niece and nephews. Less stress for my sister and drinks in the sand and sun with my wife.

  387. avatar

    I would use $991 of the $1001 toward paying down debt I had accumulated as an irresponsible college student. $10 would then go toward a picture frame where I would frame the bill it was going toward and the story behind how I racked up this debt irresponsibly.

  388. avatar
    Ben Culbert

    I’ll use the $1001 to help fund some materials for my DIY remodel of my front porch!

  389. avatar

    I would do a promotional video for my start up! That would be a great push for success

  390. avatar

    I would pay off bills!

  391. avatar
    Ivana G

    First of all, I don´t believe that money makes people happy, but you can´t live without it so I would split this money on one dollar bill and gave it to 1001 person.
    But to be one of chosen person you would have to gave value to this money by buying plant and put it all into garden where everyone can learn and see where really money grooves. In effort of mans hand.

  392. avatar
    Collin Messer

    I would use it to get my Crossfit Certification so I can teach Crossfit classes at my gym.

  393. avatar

    I I won $1000 I would be like most people and pay off some of my acquired credit card debt!

  394. avatar
    Rob Jacques

    I’m going to pay off a credit card! (and use the rest to go to a fancy dinner…maybe Bobo’s on Lombard)

  395. avatar

    I have about that much credit card debt, I would pay off my cards and credit card debt free!

  396. avatar
    Andrea M

    I’d pay off credit card debt

  397. avatar
    Abigail Bruley

    I would put half towards my credit card and the other half, I would split between my savings and vacation fund.

  398. avatar

    Travel to some top food spots to explore different dishes and bolster my recipe book.

  399. avatar

    I will be putting $1001.00 all toward my consumer credit card debt. Putting me that much closer to (1) improving my credit score and (2) winning my new year’s resolution to pay off my $10,000 worth of credit card debt before 2013.

  400. avatar

    $100 – Find your first profitable idea course.
    $500 – long-term savings (ING account holding for 2012 IRA).
    $200 – ING travel fund (planning for a few trips this summer).
    $100 – ING fund for new car (a couple years out, but starting to save for it)
    $100 – charity donation to GPA-WI.
    $1 – lottery ticket.

  401. avatar
    Ryan Ulrich

    I would be able to pay off my credit card! Its hard having debt in college ya know?

  402. avatar
    Horacio C

    I would put $250 in my savings account, “Money to Move out of Virginia.”

    I would spend $150 on gas/train fair for interviews in the jobs I am applying for.

    I would give $200 to my brother, as he is heading down to Florida for his Americorps position starting in May.

    I would use the last $400 to pay down my credit card balance. It would definitely help a lot.

  403. avatar

    While my knee jerk reaction is, “OMG use it to pay down some bills!”; considering the reality of our current debt that would really only be a drop in the bucket. Savings would be nice too! But I think it would make the most sense to use the money to increase my earnings capacity…i.e. go back to school, take a specific course, etc. which would give me the tools to pay my debt down much — quicker than an immediate $1001 would be able to do. You know, that whole “give a (wo)man a fish (s)he eats for a day, teach a (wo)man to fish and (s)he will eat for a lifetime” bible quote?

  404. avatar

    I’d send $100 to my emergency fund, go ahead and get my airline ticket to see my grandmother now, then send the money that I was saving for that ticket to different places in my savings account (e-fund, new furniture accounts, future travel accounts)

  405. avatar

    Buy a fucking handbag.

  406. avatar

    It’ll go into savings towards my wedding this year!

  407. avatar

    I’m currently working on my startup for my company, so I would invest the money into my company.

  408. avatar
    Dawn King

    Pay towards child’s college education.

  409. avatar
    Lauren Holcomb

    $500.50 toward my credit card debt.
    $500.50 in my travel account, towards taking my family to visit my brother in LA.
    Boring, but true.

  410. avatar

    I would pay off my friend’s medical debt.

    Fortunately, I am not sick but a close friend of mine is sick. The extra 1K1 will help me pay off a portion of the medical bills.

    Our health should be our number one priority. Sometimes we take this important topic for granted.

    With the extra 1k1, it will help me greatly at this time.

  411. avatar

    My answer is different. I am getting married this weekend and going on our honeymoon in 2 weeks to Ireland (my dream) and Italy. We have budgeted very well for the wedding and I negotiated pretty well to not go into debt.

    I would love the money for our honeymoon (for nice wine, tours, hotels, romantic dinners, etc) to enjoy a nice trip together as husband and wife!

    Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon,

  412. avatar

    i will by drugs….

  413. avatar
    Jason F

    $800 to my IRA, $201 fun money!

  414. avatar

    I would use the money to buy a lathe, allowing me to start doing fabrication work on the side.


  415. avatar

    I have a friend that needs to buy a new car. I’d give it to them.

  416. avatar

    I would invest in the “little things” I need to make my budding freelance/Earn1k project OVER-deliver to clients. I’ve already identified several of these, and $1001 would make it happen now instead of later!

  417. avatar

    I would use it to start paying my parents back after all the help they gave me throughout college. They deserve it more than I do.

  418. avatar
    Jim E.

    Too bad this is more like a lotto random drawing. I will say that the timing is perfect for wagering on the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby cards at Churchill Downs. $1001 is about the amount I bankroll for those two days so if I win it’ll be my cash for that.
    Good luck to the rest of you.

  419. avatar

    I would invest 1000$ and keep the 1$ (good luck of course!) in hopes that in the future I would have enough to pay Ramit back 1002$ (1001+1$…..Thanks Ramit!) and pay for my childs school loans.

  420. avatar

    I’d use $400 towards my business (branding, website design) and the rest toward my massive student loan debt!

  421. avatar

    I recently checked my credit report for the first time and discovered that my parents never paid for my tonsillitis years ago AND I was unaware that the bills were in my name. So I would put every dollar towards paying this off ASAP… that would be lovely. 🙂

  422. avatar

    I would use it towards paying off my medical bills.

  423. avatar
    Ben Summers

    I would add it to my emergency fund (matching the 1,000 I have managed to save since I started it in February)

  424. avatar

    half for debt, half for investment

  425. avatar
    Chris M

    Well after reading I will teach you to be rich! I would definitely get my brokerage account started and run that Lifecycle Fund. I would Automatically contribute to my new fund by rerouting some of my savings. I was actually saving for the lifecycle fund minimum so that money could be allocated for the fund and my money could start growing.

  426. avatar

    I would pay off a couple of small debts, pay myself and put the rest in savings.

  427. avatar

    Hi I would give you 10% of the $1,001 and put the rest on my ING account so that in 2 years I will be able to have built 2 studios to rent in the Caribbean…

  428. avatar
    Mary Ellen

    I would put the $1,001 into the student travel assistance fund for a symposium I’m planning. That way, I’d be assured of having the brightest graduate students and their academic work on the conference program!

  429. avatar

    I would use $500 to use in Facebook advertising for my business fan page (which is doing VERY well). I would then use the rest for backlink building to my products that are ranking on the first page of Google, but to push them even higher to position 1!

  430. avatar

    I gave 10% to a worthy charity, and put the rest in a savings account. When that particular account reaches a certain point, I am using the money to begin my real estate investing.

  431. avatar

    I would buy 15.3846154 Chipotle burritos (assuming a cost of $6.50 per burrito)

  432. avatar

    Our baby’s crib is slowly falling apart, so I’d buy him a new one first off. Then I’d take my husband on a date and put the rest in savings.

  433. avatar

    I would spend it on your Earn1K course – planting a money seed that would grow into a mighty money tree.

  434. avatar

    I would save the money to put towards starting my own business.

  435. avatar
    Stacie Parker

    I would use it to pay bills. Nothing exciting there.

  436. avatar

    Oh no lemme out

  437. avatar
    Kenneth Walters

    Pay bills!

  438. avatar
    Jeremy Davis

    In process of buying a house, since I have all bills covered plus paying extra, no cc debt, and auto payments to all my retirement and investments and long term contracts and revenue streams going, most likely I would literally just use it toward some of the appliance costs for the new house. Need a fridge and a toaster oven and washer/dryer.

  439. avatar

    I would use it pay off my credit card debt and any leftover money would put towards my student loan payments

  440. avatar

    Hire a sitter to watch my kids so I could do something more productive.

  441. avatar
    Michael Enquist

    I would would apply it to the Earn $1K tuition for one of these other people who have already posted here. He or she would then pay me back $2,000 over the first one year of their new business. I would then use the $2K to fund two more people into Earn $1K.

    Why would I expect such a high return? To weed out the dweebs. I bet there are many people who take the Earn $1K course, funded via credit card, and one year later only have the credit card debt to show for it. A person who is willing to accept my offer recognizes their own value and will easily earn back the $2K and more very quickly.

  442. avatar

    I would use the money to help fix my boyfriend’s teeth. His teeth are in pretty bad condition, and we have been meaning to get a start on fixing them for several years. He has been working very hard in school, and I think it would be great for his self confidence (and health!) to have nice teeth for when he starts looking for a job once he graduates. 1,000 dollars would be a nice start to all the work that needs to be done. And it would be a good incentive to get with the program and start fixing them!

  443. avatar

    I would like to spend the money on paying the credit card debt..

  444. avatar

    I would stop screwing around with trying to redesign my store’s website myself and hire someone on elance who actually knows what they’re doing!

  445. avatar
    Tina Pruitt

    Hire my first team member so I can start leveraging my time more….

  446. avatar
    Matt Regan

    Realistically I’d spend about half on a night out in NYC with my girl and close friends and then transfer the other half into my savings/retirement accounts.

    Boring yes but Ramit your invited on the night out if this happens.

  447. avatar

    It would be dumb to waste it paying for some expense. Because then the $1K remains $1K, is consumed, and disappears forever.

    I’d crack the whip put it to work! I.e., use it in a way that multiplies its value. I guess the best way to multiply the $1K will be different for each person. It will be important to identify the point of greatest leverage in your business or personal life.

    I believe that whatever wealth I can attract right now is limited to whatever state I allow myself to be in. So to get more wealth, it’s always a good idea to invest in advancing myself (learning, relationships with mentors & partners, fix mindset, etc), to reach a new state that allows me to attract more wealth.

    The other big asset to invest in would be in people. I’d spend as much money as I possibly could to acquire my best (and most profitable) lifetime customers, because they are the most leveragable asset. E.g. I might throw a “customer appreciation day”, courtesy of Ramit 🙂

    Or, I could use it to have some sort of contest to attract prospects… I guess kinda like what you’re doing now with your $1K 🙂

  448. avatar

    I will take holidays this summer with my 2 kids and wife.

  449. avatar

    BUY 1000$ WORTH OF GOLD! 😀 and spend the leftover dollar on that awesome chocolate truffle bar from Trader Joes… mmmm… And stash them both together… because when the world ends ( 😉 ), cash will be useless, and I’ll still be able to have my favorite chocolate on my birthday! and to think I could have wasted all that money paying off my debt that is no longer existent 😉

  450. avatar
    Juli Denike

    I’d take the first $300 to buy a shrink wrap system for my business making soaps & other products. Would save me HOURS per week in wrapping as opposed to using Seran wrap.

    The next $200 would go to develop my own website so that I can create a more streamline site to sell my products where.

    Then, I’d split the last $500 into two, put half in my Roth IRA and the other half in my high interest savings account to bulk up my “emergency fund”.

    That $1 goes towards a Snickers, because after all that stuff, I deserve one.

  451. avatar

    I’d quit my awful day job and fly out west to become an entrepreneur.

  452. avatar

    Pay off some debt!

  453. avatar

    I’d put the money into my ING direct savings sub-account for paying off interest free credit cards (two at the moment), to let it earn some interest, while being automatically debited in order to pay off my credit cards before I start being charged interest.

  454. avatar

    Pay down debt.

  455. avatar

    I’d use it to buy my 10 year old daughter a bedroom set and put the rest in a bank account for her schooling.

  456. avatar

    I would buy a treadmill.

  457. avatar

    At least 10% to an orphanage I support

    Invest the rest into a business idea my business partner and I are developing.

  458. avatar

    I’d replenish my emergency fund, as I had to deplete it last week due to an emergency.

  459. avatar
    Joel Bethepu

    I’d put it in my currency trading account and grow the money via trading.

  460. avatar
    Rachel Boyd

    I would convert it to UK pounds using then use the funds to make an overpayment on my UK mortgage. (I’m British, and living in the US for work currently.) An overpayment (in British terminology) is paid against purely the capital of the mortgage, meaning the interest as calculated daily will decrease (a little!) from the day I make the payment, though my regular monthly bills will remain the same.

  461. avatar
    Sam Nay

    I would Use the money to pay off my car

  462. avatar

    I will take you on a spicy food tour so that I can have your consultation time “for free”.

  463. avatar
    Anand Arumugam

    I will use it to buy the productivity suite you recently had on sale. If I can get that on the same sale price, then use the remaining money on the preliminary earn1k course.

  464. avatar

    I’m getting spammed lemme out

  465. avatar
    Caroline F. Lee

    I would pay off the last of my student loan. I have been aggressively chipping away at it for over 5 years and I only have $1886.01(as of today) to go! I’m so close to being rid of this ball and chain and with the extra 1001$ I could be done in in 2-3 months. Thanks!

  466. avatar
    Garrett Matthews

    Honestly, I would spend it to go visit friends across the country. Some, who I haven’t even met yet! I would buy a plane ticket (or train depending) to visit friends in California, North Dakota, Oklahoma and other places depending.

    If I had any money left I would save it up so after college is done I will have a little money to try and live on my own. 🙂

  467. avatar

    I would donate 10%; use another 10% for something fun – I have my eye on a beautiful B&B on the ocean and would drive there for the weekend; I would put 50% against some small debt I have; 20% would go into savings; and another 10% would be put into my RRSP contribution. Win-win all around.

  468. avatar

    I’ve been aggressively paying off my student loans, knocking 1/3 of them out in my first year out of college and paying at least twice the minimum monthly payment since then. This would take another significant chunk out from them, taking me significantly closer to being debt-free.

  469. avatar

    I would definitely use $500 it to pay off my line of credit debt two months early! With the second $500 I would buy a used kayak that I saw for sale – it’s a ridiculous price and I would then flip the kayak for an extra $500 – put it toward the debt. With the last $1 I’d buy my son a slurpee . . .

  470. avatar
    Kevin C

    Not to sound like a sycophant, but I would put it into the Vanguard Roth Ira I just opened thanks to reading your book.

    I’ve been saving up to buy another fund ($3,000 minimum) and this would help a lot.

  471. avatar

    I would contract with a company I found online to make 2-3 30 second videos that I would upload online to improve my company’s (a cremation service) SEO and also use to create a new squeeze page program to enhance my existing pay per click advertising for my exiting campaign.

  472. avatar
    Lionel Low

    I will save it for my new born’s expenses in a few months! 😀

  473. avatar

    I would pay of some of my evil creedit card debt!!

  474. avatar
    Elizabeth Rogers Drouillard

    Give 101 to a children’s home we donate to.
    Spend 900 on paying off bills.
    Invest 100 in necessary materials for my business.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your findings!

  475. avatar
    Tony Morris

    I would add to my emergence fund

  476. avatar

    Pay off my son’s tutoring

  477. avatar

    Hi Ramit, this is funny since I was just talking about how can I put the money together to build a first “prototype” of a new product that I would like to market;
    And also to get a patent.

  478. avatar
    Ashley Parker

    I would use this to pay down debt! I have a plan to be debt-free by Spring of 2013 and this would help advance me towards that goal much faster than I can currently manage. Thanks for the contest opportunity!

  479. avatar
    James Oldfield

    500 to savings plan
    98.90 to start up a web design business
    101.10 to charity (Mended Little Hearts)

  480. avatar
    James Oldfield

    800 to savings plan
    98.90 to start up a web design business
    101.10 to charity (Mended Little Hearts)

  481. avatar

    I have a couple weddings that I’m attending this summer — one involves flying across the country and driving to Yosemite, so I’d definitely use the $1000 to travel for it.

  482. avatar

    Mr. American Express would get an instant payment of $1001.00

  483. avatar

    I would send it right to the credit card I am working on paying off by the end of the year. I hate being in debt, but we had some medical expenses that we are now paying off. I am going to pay it off by the end of the year, and I won’t have paid any interest on it!

  484. avatar

    I moved to a new state recently and have a mortgage in my old state on a home I can’t sell and now a rental home to pay for monthly. I also have a student loan with $1,100.00 remaining which runs me $200.00 per month. I would pay off that student loan and not be broke every month.

  485. avatar
    Leanne Nurse

    Thanks to all for the new learning! I will make my next rent payment, then buy services & products ** to complement the new time management systems I learned via IWT. These things will further improve my presence/performance at my latest job assignment, special assistant to a high-level political appointee. **Two suits, two pairs of shoes, grooming services.

  486. avatar
    j a shimel

    i would do two good things for my health

  487. avatar

    I would use that money towards the next course you will be teaching!

  488. avatar

    I would use it pay rent, or – depending on my work situation, spend it on my wedding.

  489. avatar
    Craig Deakin

    I would use it for a idea I have for a product.

    I would test the market to see if there is interest in my product idea, if there is and I receive confirmation by driving traffic to a “mock product page” or landing page I will set to work and create it!

  490. avatar

    I’d hire a sales person to make 1001 sales calls to my 1001 hottest leads.
    That would no doubt return way more that $1001 in short order.


  491. avatar

    I would use 900 to pay credit card debt and 101 to support my church.

  492. avatar
    Michael Enquist

    continuing my comment from above:

    I left out a paragraph: After I fund two more people into Earn $1K, I will use the $2K each gives back to me to fund four more, etc. until the chain finally breaks.

    Not only does the high rate of return that I am asking for weed out the dweebs, it also “pays forward” to help more people more quickly to earn $1K, and ultimately break free of their J-O-B (should they choose to) or to transform their employment into something more beneficial to themselves and others.

    What do I get out of it?

    The entirely selfish satisfaction of helping other people make their lives better.

  493. avatar
    Abey T

    Use $801.00 to pay off my car loan. Keep $200 to use as spending cash for food, clothes and entertainment for the month.

  494. avatar
    K. Jones

    Put it towards more world travels with my lovely girlfriend.

  495. avatar

    $1000 = ~ 15 days of mortgage. Paying now reduces term by >1 month. Guess what I plan to do!

  496. avatar
    David Zeibin

    I’d split it with my wife. $500 for her, $501 for me. My portion would probably go about $301 into savings/investments, and $200 into books or courses.

  497. avatar
    David Herdrich

    I would use $901.00 to help pay down the debt on my highest interest credit card and send $100 to my high interest on-line savings account.

  498. avatar

    It would temporarily join my emergency fund and later this month or next, be used to help pay to have my house painted.

  499. avatar

    Hi Ramit – I would use the $1,001 to buy a plane ticket out to SFO and personally deliver a huge breakfast to your office… one that would make your arteries cringe. Why breakfast at your office? Because execs like you are always booked morning, noon, and night with meetings but hey – a man’s gotta eat! I’ll even pay you the balance of what’s left from the $1001 as a consulting fee. As a 27-year old cleantech entrepreneur, I aim to pick your brain and eat your discarded muffin bottoms. So, do you take your coffee with cream or sugar?

  500. avatar

    That’s roughly what I earn a month, so living one step in front of my paycheck would be great

  501. avatar
    Ian Blood

    I would use all of it to pay down my credit card debt, which is the highest-interest loan I have.

  502. avatar

    Would use the money to buy flights to visit my family in Colorado.

  503. avatar
    Ryan Muller

    I’d use it for some advanced training to help me improve my development skills. Training can be hit or miss I know but I already have some personal projects that I am working on and a list of questions to ask during the hands-on part of the training so I think with this preparation I will get more out of it than normally.

  504. avatar

    I’d spend the money to turn off notifications on these replies.

    The check box and unsubscribe do nothing..

  505. avatar

    I’d use half the money to pay off credit card debt and put the other half towards a vacation to somewhere warm and tropical!

  506. avatar

    I would invest in some affordable suits and professional clothes/briefcase for interviews and work.

  507. avatar
    Sergey Buravtsov

    I will talk to you on available courses from you or your friends, on how to start own business with my background.

  508. avatar
    Brandon Adams

    I’ve been saving for a hot tub, I’d put a surprise $1001 toward that.

  509. avatar

    It would go into my Brazil trip fund. I’m actually working my ass off right now to make this possible, so some help would be welcome. 🙂

  510. avatar
    Ed Cox

    Ramit, I’d use the $1,001 to help self-publish my next book.

  511. avatar

    I would put it towards my 20 year old son Roth IRA 2012 contribution

  512. avatar
    J. Ritosa

    Apply the balanced money formula 30-20-50 wants-savings-needs.

  513. avatar

    I would put up a billboard in my community saying, “What do you want for Hyde Square?” with a link to an online survey where they could fill out what business they think would benefit them/the community best. Then with the remainder, I’d buy a real killer outfit so I could hold a meeting at town hall for follow up Q&A and get support for starting that business.

  514. avatar
    Sergey Buravtsov

    I will talk to you on available courses from you or your friends, on how to start own business with my background. And then I will spent it for your or your friend’s courses, may be add more own money.

  515. avatar

    I would use it for advertising my business online to drive traffic to my site

  516. avatar

    Buy a bicycle.

  517. avatar

    I would pay off my existing student loan, which in already in the process of doing, before going back to school this fall.

  518. avatar

    I would use it to complete market and product testing for my startup, which is already gaining traction.

  519. avatar

    def. an extra mortgage payment.

  520. avatar
    Robert Litton

    I’m composing a score for a short film with a very small budget. Things being what they are I’m forced to keep most of the budget for myself (bills/rent/studio costs) and am thus unable to pay the musicians what they are worth. They are always happy to help me out and play for food or much less than what they should but their generosity only makes it more difficult for me to ask for their kindness. Were I to have an extra $1,001 I would cut them all additional checks to pay them what their time/talents are worth. Anything left over would be set aside for the next time a similar project came along in which the budget was not sufficient to pay all those involved what they are worth.

  521. avatar

    I’ve always wanted to be a cage sponsor for the Cleveland APL, but it’s $1,500.

    Tell you what Ramit, I will donate $1,001 of your money and also $499 of my own.

    You just helped to save an adorable puppy.

    …and put some positive energy into the universe.

  522. avatar

    $500 to catch up past due utilities (would love to keep the lights/phone on)
    $50 to reactive my lock box key
    $200 to join the Board of Realtors
    $151 for gas to show Buyers property
    $100 to charity (Habitat/St Baldrick’s/Microloans)

    I know I could turn it into $10,000 in 30 days.

  523. avatar

    I would use it to help replenish the saving account, since my 2011 tax return came up with $10,000 extra owed in taxes… Just mailed that check this AM… So having 10% plus $1 of that recouped courtesy of your check would be pretty sweet. : ) Thanks for the chance, Ramit!

  524. avatar
    Ryan Lee Waldron

    I would pay my state income taxes.

  525. avatar
    Michael Entinger

    I would use it to help my parents pay the medical bills from when my dad had a stroke.

  526. avatar
    Peter S.

    Pay off remaining credit card debt.

  527. avatar
    Jack Selph

    Well as I’m currently headed to San antonio to meet up with a friend to start a business I would use that to help get a mobile car wash started. We are both extremely motivated and willing to do what it takes to get this going. Wether we receive this dowery or not it will go and we will work other jobs around this to accomplish our mission

  528. avatar
    Jeff Barnes


    For an extra $1,001.00, I am going to start a movement…

    There is so much need in the world and I have a way to help meet that need on a personal level.

    EveryDay Angels
    A community based project to meet the needs of each other



    The objective of this project is to provide a way to meet the needs of the community as well as serve one another.

    Using a web based tool similar to Craigslist or message boards, people in need can post their needs or have needs posted on their behalf by staff in a safe, secure and private way so that others can find ways to meet them. Our intent is to help others to meet the needs of the body through service, goods, and contribution to specific needs.

    Working with fellow everyday angels, we build a web tool whereby those in need can post their needs and we help facilitate the meeting of those needs both in body and through the technology of web based tools and e-commerce. A person posts the need to the board. Once accepted, that need is shared with any member of the community board without personal Information attached. When someone finds a need that they can help fill, they ‘checkout’ the need and fill it. If in the form of tangible goods, they can bring it to an EveryDay Angel Outpost (school, home, church, community center). Upon receipt, we will notify the person in need that the need is met and they can come to pick it up. They can then choose to send a message or thank you to the individual who helped meet that need if they wished to do so. For services, a person will choose to meet the need and given contact information so that they can help the person in need. Financial contributions can be given to a general fund to help facilitate large needs and also as micro funds that can build towards needs of specific need requests.

    Examples of its use

    • Mother needing shoes for a child – someone buys the shoes on her behalf
    • Home ridden need meals cooked on their behalf – families bring in meals that can easily be reheated
    • A family who lost a loved one needs help with gas money – a micro fund can be created to collect money on their behalf
    • A family wants their kids to join an afterschool program but cannot afford the tuition; a micro fund could be set up to fill the need.

    What it is not

    We don’t want to be a warehouse of clothing and other goods. We want it to be as close to a one to one transaction as possible. We believe that new goods (except automobiles) instead of used goods will alleviate problems with broken things neither passed on to one another nor having to deal with repairs and delivery of items.

    Jeff Barnes

  529. avatar
    Todd Douglas

    I would legally change my name to Ramit Sethi, pat myself on the back and walk around town knowing I am in good company, then suddenly regret the decision, and pay to have it changed back.

    With the remaining moneys, I would invest in pig farming or anything involving bacon.

  530. avatar

    I would pay down my credit card debt.

  531. avatar

    I’m getting married in July, so I would definitely add it to my wedding/honeymoon savings!

  532. avatar
    Paul Harbin

    I would pay the pre-college fees (SAT/ACT, TOEFL, NCAA Clearinghouse, University Application, Transcript Evaluation, etc.) for a young female athlete from the slums of Nairobi, Kenya so that she could qualify for an athletic scholarship at an American University. The fees would total in the $800-$1,000 range. Unfortunately, the NCAA does not allow a school to cover any of these expenses for prospective athletes. In essence, a school can offer the athlete a $40,000 a year scholarship, but only if the prospect can qualify first by going through all the agencies listed above and pay the fees themselves. As the average annual income of a family living in these slums is about $800 a year, the likelihood of them being able to pay the upfront fees is nil. Helping to provide the kickstart to an education for one of these young females would not merely change her life, but, more importantly, likely save it. Without an education, the majority of these young ladies will die by the age of 45 or 50. Why females? Research shows that, if given the opportunity to better themselves, approximately 80% of females in Kenya will return to their communities and work to improve the community. Only about 20% of males return with a similar mindset. The answer is due to simple exponential math.

  533. avatar

    1 bottle Ardbeg Corryvrekan Committee Reserve 2008
    1 bottle Benriach 1966 Cask 1019

  534. avatar
    Daniel Moyer

    Oh yeah, and a dollar for a doughnut.

  535. avatar
    Paris Hunter

    I like your style. The benefit reach for IWTYTBR on this experiment is worth FAR more than the $1k you are handing out.

    I will invest in myself with the $1k. As of right now, it seems to be:

    $400 Credit Card (My only CC)
    $250 Personal Car Loan
    $150 Student Loan
    $100 5-$20 Info-Interviews (UX Design, Web Design, Programmer, Blogger, TBD)
    $35 Get 1-year hosting for my new personal website
    $35 Purchase 3 Kindle Books for self improvement (Never Eat Alone, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Millionaire Next Door)
    $30 Buy Protein Mix for my 30-Day Work Out Challenges
    $1 Quick Pick Lottery Ticket because obviously I am on a lucky streak

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  536. avatar
    Saul Lieberman

    Great offer! With no hesitation…having just heard within the hour that our school district is planning on laying off our children’s school art teacher I would create the first ever Art Scholarship Fund for the school. I’m positive this money and program would in turn attract more money that we would eventually be able to hire back and pay the salary of an art teacher, create art enrichment opportunities, and provide scholarships. Having seen what you’re capable without a doubt I bet we could turn this $1,001.00 into $100,001.00.

  537. avatar

    I’d use the money to create the prototype and the inital run of a product I’d like to make and sell – in fact, I will make and sell it. It’s gonna happen. I just need a bit more money first. Between grad school expenses and the fact that I just bought a boat to live on (b/c NYC rent is stupid-expensive and this is a more economical and cooler option), I’m a little hard pressed to get my challenge-to-myself off the ground at the moment. So this money would be quite welcome! And then I’d totally take you out sailing around the city and make you tea or something.

  538. avatar

    I will add it to the long term savings pool for my little boy.

  539. avatar

    I would put it toward my wife’s student loan. We paid mine off this month, hers will be paid in full in less than 12 months, and we will have our house paid off in about 41 months….40 if we can get our hands on the $1,001.00.

  540. avatar
    Shannon P

    I would put it against my credit card debt.

  541. avatar
    David B

    $450 in our Roth, $450 in our 429 for our 9 month old daughter, $100 date night 🙂

  542. avatar

    I would take a cabinet making course or two to and learn how to build furniture for fun and profit.

  543. avatar

    Hello Ramit – having paid attention to your wisdom – I am already debt free!
    I spent it already towards a vacation to glacier national park! Thanks

  544. avatar
    Mark Suman

    Half of it would pay down our auto loan. The other half would be put into finishing our basement.

  545. avatar

    I would use around 100 for filling out the paperwork to start my own company, another 100 for setting up a web page for that same company and use the rest for testing of business ideas (paying for lunch with interesting people and stuff like that).
    The purpose of the company would be to enable me to study for an extended period and also take a few weekends abroad with my girlfriend. 😉 It would be a step towards working for my life instead of making work my life.

  546. avatar
    Sarah E. Carlson

    The $1,000 would go towards a car to get to and from work.

  547. avatar
    Jordan S

    I’d put it away for school next year…That’s like 2 whole courses.

  548. avatar
    Kristin S

    So boring but I would put the full $1001 toward my credit card debt…which would allow me to pay of 2 of the 4 remaining cards.

  549. avatar
    Samson Ondeyo

    I will first of all pay the registration fee for this online working from home job.I will invest half of it in business,part of it help the needy.Later the balance will clear my debts.

  550. avatar

    That’s exactly what I need for my credit card, hehe 🙂 And for a nice meal at a great Indian restaurant in my neighbourhood!

  551. avatar
    Ryan B

    I’d buy a vehicle to get to work.

  552. avatar

    I have money borrowed on margin against my investments, so I would pay that down.

  553. avatar

    All $1001 would be used to fund my dream trip to Bali!

  554. avatar

    Pay bar dues and buy a new Adobe design suite to help start my advertising mini-agency on the side.

  555. avatar

    I would put it to my schooling. I would either give it to my dad because of how much he has helped me financially, or I would put it directly to my student loans.

  556. avatar

    I will put it towards opening my own business.

  557. avatar

    I would use it to pay for gas on my road trip this summer. Gas is expensive!

  558. avatar

    $1,000 to mentor for leader program
    $1 to track on where’s George

  559. avatar

    Would not you wonder to whom will you gonna give that money? I would come to San Francisco from Turkey to meet with you! So as a new graduate I could take your personal advices and discover San Francisco!

  560. avatar

    I would:

    $101 to charity, a reliable institution that helps people with HIV.

    $200 to spend a weekend with my girlfriend at a cosy and cost-effective resort.

    $300 to buy ear-plugs (noise protection) at a large amount, and sell them with 50% profit (maybe more) to keymakers and wood carvers that are exposed to to noise daily yet do not even know of this issue. That could possibly be made easier if the have work unions or some kind of organization, so I could hit up the owners directly and convince them to invest in their employees.

    $400 to team up with a physioterapist (I’m a psychologist) and offer stress management and posture/basic stretching trainning to cleaning/maintenance/staff employess from residential buildings.

    The great catch would be to go to neighbourhood organizations or residential staff management companies (it’s all vendors in here, buildings hardly-ever hire people themselves) and offer free lectures and them propose trainning sessions either at the building where the employees are allocated or at the companies’ headquartes.

    This could also in the future be videotaped and sold in DVD, once the market starts to get depleted.

    Whew, guess that’s it!

  561. avatar

    I’d use it to follow my heart.

    I’m visiting Arizona soon and will love to go to the Grand Canyon, I just don’t have all the money yet to do so. So visiting the Grand Canyon.. Yeah the Grand Canyon.

  562. avatar

    I would use this as start up capital for my me and my wife’s new business. We just sent the state registration in for the business name and will start contracting with vendors as soon as we receive the registration papers back. Extra capital would be fantastic and really speed up the process.

  563. avatar

    Frankly, I would use it to help pay off my student loans. One thing I’ve learned is that no matter how happy your life should be when you write it down on paper, if you have any amount of debt looming over you, you’ll never be as happy as you absolutely can be. While I wouldn’t say the $1,001 would be what gets me out of debt, it’d certainly help alleviate the burden that diminishes my happiness on a daily basis. It’s hard to deal with, as I’m sure most people could agree with.

    I have known quite a few entrepreneurs over the years and the ones who have succeeded are typically the ones who are doing what they love and loving life while they do it. Their debts are manageable and meticulously well planned, with few exceptions. That’s what I’m looking for in my life, and cutting down where I’m at now would certainly help with that.

    I’d view the money as a way to improve my debt, get a better hold of what I’m dealing with, and I would ultimately feel indebted to you – in a good way – to build on your compassion and act as proof-of-concept to others that good will and generosity to someone in a less fortunate situation can improve the situations of others. My belief is that acts of generosity can start a chain of people helping one another out. For me, I would be inclined to make sure that the value of your $1,001 would be and spread out to others in acts of kindness. Sure, I don’t have that amount to give, but value doesn’t have to be measured strictly in dollars and cents.

  564. avatar
    Nick Gagalis

    I plan to use half of the $1,001 as an extra payment on my student loans, a quarter of it on some Harvard Business Review Tools for professional development, and the other quarter as a bonus I can use for whatever I would like after I complete a couple of goals I can’t announce publicly regarding my current job.

  565. avatar

    goes to the downpayment fund

  566. avatar
    Ashley N

    Ramit, I would out all of it towards my credit card debt. Either that or towards my future engagement ring payment that will be made on a credit card. Either way, its going towards new or old debt! Goal is 2013 debt-free!

  567. avatar
    Paul Moore

    I would use the money to make my motorcycle even faster than it already is.

  568. avatar
    Jack Woods

    Honestly, I’d put it towards Earn $1K. From what other folks have said about its effectivenes, it would be the best investment I could make with it.

  569. avatar
    Josh Kuehler

    I would pay my developer that codes my software.

  570. avatar
    Todd Medema

    Use it to kickstart my startup’s marketing efforts –

  571. avatar

    How would I spend $1,001? That’s an easy one – I’d invest in systems to save myself more time, based upon your workshop advice. And whatever money I had left over from doing that I would use to get any tools I could identify to get more or better use my time. Time is far more valuable than money, so any free money I get will be invested in getting more time!

  572. avatar

    Straight to my car loan which will be paid off in September!

  573. avatar

    Bolster my eFund.

  574. avatar

    1. Create a site with a page that says like “Tell me an idea to build a web site for $500 that brings revenue; the best commenter will receive $500”
    2. Promote the site on HN and this one (You would help me, won’t you?)
    3. Pay $500 for the best idea
    4. Pay $500 to develop the site
    5. Keep $1 to myself as a souvenir

  575. avatar

    I am always looking for new ways to diversify my portfolio.The extra money erik help in doing this. With the thoughts of having my money work for me, you could say I am already thinking rich! Exploring all options.

  576. avatar

    Will soon get my PhD degree. Planning to be a day-trader after that. I know :). Technically a swing trader but never mind the minutiae. No paper trading- went live from day one and am net-positive after 5 years. Learnt the tricks of the trade by investing my own money for the last few years. Doubling my account, blowing it up, making it back, waking early almost every weekday to trade before leaving for work, looking at a thousand stock charts every week to understand patterns, spending hours at the local bookstore going through trading books (90% of which were full of bull), saving every penny of my graduate stipend for 5 years, not taking vacations….I have been there and have survived the game and made some money. Most of all loved every bit of it. Only recently I found a steady rhythm in the way I trade which made me take the leap. You know it when you see it. I said to myself, ‘Dude if not now then never’. I will do a small time job initially to pay part of my bills. The rest has to come from trading. Any money I get will go into my trading account. And trust me this will be at least 10% of my starting capital so it will make a difference as capitalization plays a very important role in the success of a trader. Thank you.

  577. avatar

    I would take my 10 year old son to Washington, DC for a 4 day weekend (train there and fly back). He has been asking to see DC for 2 years now and as a full time single parent I just haven’t been able to swing it, yet. 🙂

    Smithsonian, The Treasury Department, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and the White House Tour are the “must do’s” on his list.

  578. avatar
    Financial Advice for Young Professionals

    I wouldn’t do anything too exciting with it. Maybe go out to a nice dinner and save the rest for my next real estate purchase. Boring I know haha.

  579. avatar

    I would put it towards my son’s college fund.

  580. avatar
    Christopher Han

    I’d set that aside as the fund for the next ten seasons of the soccer league I play in!

  581. avatar

    I am actively searching for my dream job-in light of my search I would do the following with the $1001. I will pay off the $86 dollars of credit card debt that I have. Then pay for a dental x-ray to make sure my tooth is okay and that I am healthy to start a new job. I will use the remaining funds to pay for an overdue eye exam and new contacts/glasses to allow me to see the computer screen with the sharpest focus. Any funds remaining out of the $1000 I will use towards a high quality navy blazer. Then I will be set to start my dream job.

  582. avatar

    I would spend a portion to purchase books re finance – to learn about business statements etc.; a portion toward paying off student loans at the highest percentage and $100 for a nice treat of fresh sushi – a little reward once in a while is a good thing

  583. avatar
    Ryan H

    Pay off credit card debt. Not nearly enough to pay it off completely (*sigh*), but it would be a good chunk. Actually, knowing myself, I’d probably keep a couple hundred out for something fun, like throwing a party for all my friends. That attitude may be why I have credit card debt in the first place. >_>

  584. avatar

    Put money away for our daughter who is due in August!

  585. avatar

    I’d take a trip to see family in Oslo.

  586. avatar

    I would invest it in the next film I’ll be producing, as I continue building my dream career as an action film producer. My first film “Death Grip” ( is actually coming out soon!

  587. avatar

    I would use the money to pay down Back Taxes. The Interest and Penalty are more than what I owe. This is killing me. It’s hard to pay down but I would use this money towards that. Thank you

  588. avatar

    I will start a random “import and sell” business 🙂

  589. avatar

    Following your wisdom, I am finishing paying off my credit card debt. $901 I’d dedicate to credit card debt with the remaining $100 dedicated to my business as I move towards that extra $1k a month. The $100 would pay for my travel to Portland, OR to meet with two prospective clients that are looking for an in-person meeting/presentation.

  590. avatar
    Wendy C.

    I have been doing a ton of research on the right type (non-toxic, combination of different sizes, cheapest method of purchase) of memory foam mattresses. I would build my own platform bed, order the mattresses…and actually wake up feeling rested and ready to go in the morning.

  591. avatar

    Greetings 🙂

    There are just two things left i want:

    – do a theatre course for fun
    – buy a new bicycle to go to work

    with the rest i would go to a nice restaurant with friends.

  592. avatar

    I am building the initial technical skills to begin freelancing in client based film work using techniques you outlined on Chase Jarvis Live.

    I will used the money to hire an experienced DSLR shooter on craigslist for a multi-week learning project to get me up to speed on the skills side of the business.

  593. avatar
    sanja ristic

    I would pay the Money back to you Ramit as i am dying and cant wait to take your coaching 🙂

  594. avatar

    This will lighten the load on one of two options (both will happen anyway)

    1) Invest in my business, or
    2) Add to the summer vacation fund

  595. avatar
    Fabien Sarran

    I would finance my company.

  596. avatar

    down payment on a new car that I would get at 0% interest, no first month payment minimum 32 miles per gallon

  597. avatar

    I would put the $1000 towards debt and the $1 would go to a Powerball ticket.

  598. avatar
    Cameron S.

    I would invest it in my wife’s new business – my own business is going well.

  599. avatar
    Jonha | Saving is Sexy

    Will SAVE the money.

  600. avatar

    I would use it to:
    1) Pay for a couple of extension courses at a community college
    2) Pay for membership at a freelancer site to supplement my current income
    3) Buy some work clothes
    4) Save the rest!

  601. avatar

    I would use half to pay off existing debt, and the other half for something cool like… a new shed for my back yard.. I’d build it of course… not buy a pre-made one.

  602. avatar

    I would use it to have an “Oprah moment” with my birthmother. I recently found her after 52 years of wondering if she was still alive and if she would want to know me even if I found her. Now (through the magic of the internet) I’ve found her and we’re emailing each other constantly. I live in South Florida and she’s in California so we haven’t met yet. She’s planning a trip here to Miami for my birthday in June and $1,001 would make it a really incredible reunion. One thing I want to do is hire a professional photographer so I will have pictures of the moment we finally get to see each other in person. I can’t wait to meet her and I know we’re going to do our best to make up for lost time. (And by the way, all of this happened after both of my adoptive parents passed away on the same day last August and I found my adoption papers while cleaning out their house.)

  603. avatar

    sallie mae

  604. avatar
    Brian Ellis

    I’d use it to put a dent in my wife’s school loans. $1001 would pay about 10% of our remaining loans.

  605. avatar

    $300 towards debt – address my past
    $300 in a money market account – an emergency account for my future
    $301 for my daughter’s new elementary school garden. – for the future of my community. As part of the new garden program, the 5th grades will sell herbs as part of their regular fundraiser.

  606. avatar

    $350 towards debt – address my past
    $300 in a money market account – an emergency account for my future
    $351 for my daughter’s new elementary school garden. – for the future of my community. As part of the new garden program, the 5th grades will sell herbs as part of their regular fundraiser.

  607. avatar
    Jennifer Jeanty

    I would invest the money in a pattent, for a medical testing device, that I believe would do extremely well.

  608. avatar

    In an effort to earn more money for the family and teach my two young sons about money I would buy a pair of dogs that would be good family dogs and whose puppies would be easy to sell. I would be able to teach my sons about biology and responsibility by having them help take care of the dogs. I would also teach them about money and marketing by having them help sell the puppies and count the money. I would also teach them about saving money and tithing by setting up a bank account for them and having them give some to church or a good charity.

  609. avatar

    With an extra $1,001 I would live it up a little more on our upcoming vacation. I hate doing vacations on a small budget.

  610. avatar
    Sarah v

    Hi Ramit! I would put $501 in my Roth IRA, $300 to pay down my highest interest credit card and $200 would help fund a ticket to Guatemala to visit my dearest friend D

  611. avatar
    Marcia Hutson

    1001 dollars wouldn’t pay-off my debt and I’m already doing that in a good debt mgmt program so I won’t use it for that, but I would use a portion of it to start my emergency fund and the other portion to equip a very basic “home office”, pay for the small biz licenses and be further along with starting my own business.

  612. avatar

    Sadly I would use it to pay ONE overdue bill

  613. avatar

    First of all, thank you for putting this opportunity out there. Here is a rough idea of what I would like to do with the winnings.

    $300 – Take 8 experts in my field for lunch to get recommendations.
    $300 – One year of gym access to boost my energy level and personal image.
    $150 – Leather briefcase (to use with your briefcase technique.)
    $101 – Towards the youth group I collaborate with.
    $100 – Pay towards credit card debt.
    $50 – Get that spa groupon for the girlfriend!

    Thanks and good luck everyone!


  614. avatar

    I would use it to take my children to Washington DC. My youngest son wants to see the white house and the capital and he is only 7

  615. avatar
    Frisco Kid

    Great idea!

    I’d save it and wait till you offer your next $1000+ course; probably some time this year.
    Then use the money to buy in.
    Sound Good?

    Alternatively I could use it for:

    – Strippers. It would last less than one hour.

    – Chauffeured service to Yountville and back with dinner for two at French Laundry.

    – My Latte habit and fund my Starbucks Card.

    – Investing in the hottest stocks of the moment.

    – 1,001 Lottery Tickets.

    – Drugs. I could take like all of them… Get faded!

    Nah… I’d save it and invest in myself.



    This reminds me of:


    Luke 19:11

  616. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    That’s funny you mention that because I actually have done more than change my diet to release unwanted 30+ pounds. I stumbled upon a book by one of my favorite role models in the writing and health field, Dr. Roni DeLuz. She’s also a bestselling author. After following her program from 21 Pounds in 21 Days, I reprogrammed my tastebuds and my belief systems subsequently.

    My life goals changed so much. I felt like I was turning into Gandhi. Anyway, I’ve discovered “cures” (the government trademarked that term so I use it sparingly) for “incurables” (chronic diseases) that I’ve dealt with and that which with others still do. I’m writing a book called Chronic Heaven, and it’s about healing one’s entire life, including those diseases.

    With an extra $1001 I would apply that to my new book’s production costs since people have already begun preordering it. It’ll be released in May on the 27th, 2012.

    Thanks for the awesome contest.

    Stay rich lol,


  617. avatar
    Leslie Warren

    I would put it towards rent or my huge student loans.

  618. avatar
    Ben Flippo

    I would spend the money on company software for the insurance company that I currently sell for. This would help to make more sales and thus learn more about the art of selling, as well as contribute to my “Sales for Sails” fund. The money I am saving up to buy a sailboat with with to sail around the world and raise awareness of individual power and provide real help to people who need it wherever they may need it.

  619. avatar
    Stacy Erickson

    I would buy hardwood floors for my house. I actually already have a “Hardwood Floors” savings account, but there is not quite enough in it yet to cover the floors. I have about $4,500, and would like about $6,000 in case I go over. My place is about 700 square feet and it’s proving to be way more fucking expensive than I thought. It’ll be nice though, because it will look beautiful, be easier on my seasonal allergies and eczema, and really change the look of the place. It will also add value to my home, but that’s just a perk–the real value will be my personal and aesthetic enjoyment.

  620. avatar

    I would take my wife on a shopping spree.

  621. avatar

    I can’t decide what I’d want to do with it just yet so I’d just set it aside for now. $1001 is a lot of money to just spend impulsively. I have an older car and it’d come in handy if I needed car repair.

  622. avatar
    Jenn Bernstein

    I’d definitely use it to pay off some of my debts.

  623. avatar
    Elizabeth Gray

    I would take myself and my boyfriend to Alinea in Chicago, and use the extra funds to get two three day passes to Lollapalooza for myself and my brother.

  624. avatar
    Nat Hyde

    I would invest the money in the new business that I am currently help create and need the extra cash to get it off the ground.

  625. avatar
    Scott Jeffries

    $100 will go to my church or to a charity

    $400 will got towards my kids camps, lessons, and activities

    $500 will to towards medical expenses and bills (my three year old daughter was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate and has had many surgeries and procedures

  626. avatar

    I would take my asthmatic cat to the emergency vet next time she has an attack.

  627. avatar

    I’d make the FINAL payment on my credit card debt. I’ve been battling this debt for almost four years, and I’m slated to pay it all off by June (with your automatic payment system from I Will Teach You to be Rich, obviously), but with $1001, I would be debt free by the end of April!

  628. avatar

    All of it into marketing for my side business.

  629. avatar

    10% to my church (I’d even throw in 100% of the extra $1) – and pay the rest forward to help my daughter and future son-in-law get started in establishing their new home. Knowing my daughter, she would save half of it. I tried to teach her well.

  630. avatar

    I would put it into my down payment for a car fund.

  631. avatar
    Simon D

    I´d use it to eliminate my credit card debt

  632. avatar
    Justin Reto

    I would use the money for boosting my business. It has always been my dream to start a film company and I have been doing commercials for businesses for a while now. But I need some capital to form my LLC get business cards and really boost my business. I haven’t borrowed anything for my business yet and I don’t plan to I want to boot strap it and make it work. But if I did win that is what I would use it for.

  633. avatar

    I’d go to Hawaii for a week!

  634. avatar

    $200 would go to st Jude hospital and the remaing 801 would pay down the last 1000 of my original 8000 in credit debt from college.

  635. avatar

    I’d put the $1,001 into my savings account.

  636. avatar

    drive to dover, de casino (closest to me), put it all on black.

    drive home and put any proceeds into non-qual bond fund until i can decide something better to do with it…

  637. avatar

    I would use it to help pay off my parents’ debt…or to buy a headstone for my Grandfather’s grave. And I would try to save some of it and buy stock with Apple or HP or Dell, depending on which one is the best choice.

  638. avatar

    I’d use it to pay off debt, so that I can finally take some of Ramit’s classes! Debt stinks and is holding me back, I’ve made good progress, but an extra grand would move me along nicely.

  639. avatar

    I’d buy my wife a piano.

  640. avatar

    I would invest in people. The return on investment in people is big on the front end and grows exponentially as they in turn invest in others.

    I have made some very good career moves and business deals because of things I have learned through Eark1k & IWTYTBR. I have made enough money to realize the greater value in investing in others and realize my need for the $1,001 is minimal as $1k is not holding me back right now.

    So I would donate the money to a local organization that provides food and housing to those at the bottom of the barrel of life.

  641. avatar

    Would apply the entire $1,001 towards the purchase of a Canon 300mm 2.8 IS lens for my photography business.

  642. avatar

    I would spend half on re-doing our apartment to make it more organized and functional. The other half would go to the laptop fund. Ours are 3+ years old and I do not expect them to last for too much longer (though I sure hope they do!).

  643. avatar

    I would buy presents for my wife for her birthday and invest in myself more (a Udemy course, etc).

  644. avatar

    Buy my wife a nice present for finishing her degree program (she graduates in June).

  645. avatar

    Pay the necessary fees to start my LLC officially.

  646. avatar

    I would replenish my emergency fund.

  647. avatar

    I would use a portion to pay Uncle Sam the $432 that I owe in taxes. The rest of the money would go towards my planned trip to Nicaragua to help feed the many starving children. This is the charity website I support.

  648. avatar
    Kirsty Lawer

    I would buy a couple bicycles for me and my family, and then buy some food, a whole stock pile of it.

  649. avatar
    Justan Samson

    I would use it to help pay for my sons tuition to the National Young Scholars Program this summer so I wouldn’t have to spend the money in my savings.

  650. avatar

    It would go towards my 2 college age school tuition

  651. avatar

    I would do the boring thing and put it in my Roth IRA. I had a long job drought so I have not gotten to contribute very much to it lately. I have a job, now though I am using the techniques in Dream Job to improve my standing and prepare for the next one in a year or two.

  652. avatar

    Pay of my student loan and keep some to have a night out with the girl for once instead of studying..

  653. avatar

    I would buy call options on Apple stock. Ether lose it all or double (triple, quadruple) after Apple’s earnings release.

  654. avatar

    It would pay for gas for my summer trip with the kids on Route 66.

  655. avatar
    Greg Yeutter

    With $1001, I’d make short- and long-term investments:

    -$400 in the stock market
    -$300 to fund ~3 projects on Kickstarter
    -$100 to loan to 4 foreign entrepreneurs on
    -$201 toward Earn1K

  656. avatar

    Continue my debt-snowball payoff towards being debt free

  657. avatar
    Jennifer Catillo

    I would use the money to pay for 3 months supply of a drug I use. My insurance is in the donut hole, meaning I pay double for the cost of the medication. I would use the $1001 to pay the $978 cost of the medication. The balance would go in my checking account.

  658. avatar

    Invest it in stocks and future business opportunities

  659. avatar

    pay off debt and sign up for one of your courses, obviously!

  660. avatar
    Murali S

    Hi Ramit,
    The answer is simple. I use the money to pay off my credit card debt 🙂

    Murali S

  661. avatar
    Jake Southers

    I would buy a car so i can get a job..

  662. avatar

    I would definitely give away the $.1000 for charity at the orphan house, because I always believe that when we did the extraordinary thing to others. it’s not only the money itself but eerything extraordinary as well will get back to you ten times what you gave to them 🙂

  663. avatar

    I would re-direct a third of that money towards my Roth IRA, the other third towards savings, and the last third towards printing promo cards to send to advertising agencies to promote my photography work.


  664. avatar

    1) Cash it out in singles.

    2) Spread it all over the floor

    3) Take off all my clothes.

    4) Roll in it.

    Just to know what that feels like.

  665. avatar

    $1001? Use a thousand to fly out to San Francisco or New York for a couple of days and say thank you in person to the brilliant man who wrote the check and changed my life over the last year or so.

    And leave the one dollar in an ING sub savings account titled serendipity. 🙂

  666. avatar

    Since I only have $1,593.33 in credit card debt left after 3 years, 11 months of paying off the remaining $9,046.54, I would spend the money by paying down the remaining debt in the following way:

    1. Pay off the remaining balance on the Bloomingdales CC – $259.81
    2. Pay 56% of the remaining balance on the BillMeLater account – $741.19

    Then I could use my federal tax return refund to pay off the remaining $592.33 left on the BillMeLater account and be credit card debt free at exactly the 4 year mark and my birthday (mid-May). Woop Woop!

  667. avatar

    I would re-invest it in your program. Plain and simple.

  668. avatar

    I’d hire a babysitter, a house cleaner, some writers, get a chromebook and launch some of my sites/ebooks that have been on the back burner!!!

  669. avatar

    I would use it to pay down some of my credit card debt.

  670. avatar
    Lisa R

    I would put $600 towards my monthly bills; $300 towards the catering bill for our Oct. wedding; and $101 would go to making and handing out bags of food to the homeless in my area.

  671. avatar

    I would:

    1. Use $475 to pay a month of rent. That way I would be a month ahead.
    2. Save $200 of it.
    3. Give $200 of it to someone that was laid off.
    4. Automate $100 for higher summer electricity prices.
    4. Use $25 of it on books.
    5. Frame the $1 for winning the contest.
    Give or take taxes on items!

  672. avatar

    I would invest it with kickstarter. These folks here could definitely use a bump for a great cause:

  673. avatar

    Right now I’m on debt repayment mode. I’d still sock away 20% of the $1000 into a high interest savings account, but the rest of it would go onto paying down my student loan.

  674. avatar
    Kathleen Citron

    I started a small business about a year ago selling gourmet crackers that also happen to be healthful. I am plugging along getting the business going while my husband generously puts bread on our table and provides me with some cash infusions for the business. I realize that I need to take the business to the next level and outsource some things. While $1001 would not be a huge infusion of cash it would enable me to hire some interns to help with marketing demos that are currently taking a huge amount of my time.

  675. avatar

    If I won $1001 I would put it towards my car loan. We’ve got one car paid off and are working towards paying off this one. Then we’ll be debt free except the house!

    Pick me!

  676. avatar

    I would put it toward a new synthesizer keyboard that sounds so much better than the 13 year old piano keyboard I currently use. It would add depth and expression to performances because it sounds so incredible.

  677. avatar

    I’d give a tithe of it to my church, then I’d use the remaining amount to pay off the rest of my taxes for 2011… woot!

    Then I’d be home free to begin my awesome new business. Fun stuff…

  678. avatar
    Rizwan Sayani

    Here’s how I would spend $1001.00

    1. Renovating my parent’s house before I make a move to Ontario.
    costs: a.3 x bathroom faucets = 57 * 3 = 171
    b. kitchen faucet = 120
    c. install backsplash in kitchen and change countertops = 200 (found a good deal)
    d. Rent self storage for 2 months while place is selling = 250

    2. Pay off credit card debt = 200
    4. Grab a 6 pack of beer = 14.00
    5. Grab some meat and throw it on the bbq = 50.00
    Total = 955

  679. avatar

    I would definitely use the money to pay off my education loan! And that debt off will spur me to do a career switch into social enterprise work.

  680. avatar

    I would use it to buy more video equipment. I am growing the business and more capital would be helpful.

  681. avatar

    I would spend $601, by depositing it in my tax-free savings account. I have had to take some money out of it for some unexpected expenses, and my balance is not as high as it once was.

    With the other $400, I’d get a Blendtec Blender… I can hear you Ramit, “What are you going to to with a $400 blender, Sonia… crush rocks?”, like one of my smartass friends asked me. It’s true, for most people – the Blendtec is just an overpriced blender – but for me (I follow a special gluten-free, dairy free and a few other “free” diet, which has actually given me my life back), a Blendtec means even better health. The Blendtec is the sportscar of blenders. Or like the convertible car lovers dream of. If you ever wondered what cooks dream of, I tell you Ramit, they dream of Blendtec. Actually, the refurbished blendtec I’m looking at is $384.95 US, after taxes, shipping and other fees, it will be more than that, but, I’ll gladly cover the rest. I do have a decent blender, there are just some recipes I can’t make because, well, I don’t have a Blendtec…

    You can make my Blendtec dream come true faster Ramit…

  682. avatar
    Laura L

    Invest it in myself by hiring a personal running coach to help me reach my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon (as part of my larger goal to run a marathon in every state!)

  683. avatar
    Erica Freckleton

    I have 6 kids, 3 of us live in a room I am renting.. I know I can get an apartment for a few more bucks per month.. I would use the money to help us get a bigger place..

  684. avatar
    Kraniesha Vaughn

    I currently just got hired for a temporary position so I would use the money to help pay for transportation to and from work, daycare fees, and Bills (rent, utilities, student loan), add to my IRA account and restart my emergency savings account.

  685. avatar
    I blew it

    I’d use it to cover the rent money I blew in Vegas last weekend.

  686. avatar
    Laura Berthiaume

    I would put the money into the SAAS business I’m launching next month!

  687. avatar

    I would buy about 372 Taco Bell Mexican pizzas…Guilt Free!!!
    No really, I’m automating my bills and I am meeting my savings goals, so I would use it to jump start my savings for a trip to Alaska.

  688. avatar

    I would be torn in between putting it on my car or getting everything else ready for my new baby.

  689. avatar

    I would put it into my ING Orange savings account for it to accrue almost 1%, but allocate to go into my Vanguard Roth IRA monthly and automatically over the next 12 months. I would also take my wife out for a romantic dinner at her favorite Spanish restaurant.

  690. avatar

    I would use it to pay down a credit card.

  691. avatar

    With $1001.
    -Get 5 Local Business Contracts.
    – Build 5 WordPress Websites ( Buying domain, hosting..etc)
    – Rank them.
    – Sell them $2500 each website ( contract agreement)

    $2500 x 5 = $12500
    Profit = $12500 – $1001 = $11499

    After profit:
    $1000 toward SickKids.
    $1001 toward Earn1K.
    $500 TOWARD Unicef.
    Lucky number $9999 toward another project.

  692. avatar

    I’d pass your earn1k course…because I would have earned 1k.

    The one dollar would be extra credit. ^_^

  693. avatar

    1. Pay off CC
    2. Expand side biz
    3. Take wife to dinner ;^)

  694. avatar
    Peter Sutton

    Hi there,
    here’s how I would spend your money
    1. $100 to the Petaluma library for their wonderful & enriching presence
    2. $100 to Mentor Me – a non-profit that supports kids in need of direction
    3. $100 to Petaluma Bounty:working to create a sustainable food system
    4. $100 to Petaluma Hospice
    5. $100 to the Carousel Fund which raises money for very sick children
    6. $100 to 18th Annual Petaluma River Cleanup
    7. $100 to Petaluma People Services
    8. $100 to Petaluma Boys and Girls Club
    9. $200 to Petaluma Kitchen which feed the homeless
    10. And the penny for my thoughts!

  695. avatar

    I would take my little brother on a trip to San Francisco to reconnect with his childhood friend and introduce him to the tech community!

  696. avatar

    I would purchase a Mac Book so I could start freelancing and run my LLC…

  697. avatar

    Thanks in advance for the $1001! I spent the money on having my product designed. It helps parents break free of the 9-5 so they can start living their lives now and, most importantly, spend time with their kids while they are young. You’ve helped change the world in yet another great way!

  698. avatar

    I would invest in myself by enrolling in local college to acquire up to date skills to be of more interest to hiring managers!

  699. avatar
    Eva Bramwell

    $1,001 makes nicer, healthier, fit people and makes at least $7,000 back!

    My little microgym – Woohoo Fit would use $1,001 in marketing to create at least $3000 in revenue so a +$2000 profit after expenses within two months. Long term it provides woohoo with marketing budget and more profitability. Even longer term it gets me closer to the bigger purpose (faster) of making fitness accessible to everyone and creating awesomeness.

    Even if I don’t win, I’ll be doing this. You got me thinking. Thanks.

  700. avatar

    I would pay down my PLUS graduate loan. It has the highest interest rate of my 3 student loans, so $1001 off it makes a big difference on my long term interest paid.

  701. avatar
    James H.

    Put it into a new account and redirect my student auto-loan withdrawal there so that I can keep it off of my radar for a few months.

  702. avatar

    I would use it to pay for school!

  703. avatar

    I’d buy the components I need to make my computer suitable for my audio/video creation endeavours.

  704. avatar

    Hello Ramit,

    With $1,001 I would buy my own personal computer. I currently use my work computer or the free computers at the library for all of my personal computer needs. Throughout grad school I used my lab’s computers for free, so I have never invested the money in my own computer. It seemed silly to spend money on something that was a) going to be outdated in a few years and b) has been available for free.

    However, with the opportunities available in the “1K/month” program, as well as some freelance writing opportunities I would like to pursue, I have realized that if I want to start making money outside of my regular day job, I am going to need my own personal computer.

    Any remaining money will go into my Roth IRA.

    Thank you!


  705. avatar

    I have a game in development. I want to pour all this money into hiring an artist to create some game art so it can get to market faster.

  706. avatar

    I’d buy shares of a low priced stock. A low priced stock more speculative than I usually buy. Hopefully it will do well.

  707. avatar
    Tyler Jacobs

    $250 each to kids college funds, then rest to pay of school.

  708. avatar
    David Schwertfeger

    I’d go to Thailand this summer. I’ve been studying non-stop for the past years and really could need some time off at the beach.

  709. avatar


    I would use the money to pay off debt. I am using nearly all of my extra money to pay off debt.

  710. avatar

    I would invest it in a single stock.

  711. avatar
    Joe Tuck

    I’d invest in a training course to continue to develop my skills. Either to get my scuba diving PADI Dive Master or a Canopy Access course for working in the tree canopy!

  712. avatar

    I will pay for 12 weeks of private pilates lessons. Becoming healthy and fit are more important than anything else to me right now.

  713. avatar
    Mike Burns

    I would use it to pay off some of my student loans! I’m paying for all my schooling myself, so getting loans paid off as soon as possible is of primary importance to me!

  714. avatar

    I’d love to come up with some awesome creative thing, but realistically – I’d pay down my mortgage. In fact $1000 is almost exactly how much more I need to reach 80% LTV and therefore stop bleeding $50 in insurance every month.

  715. avatar

    1. Pay the taxes due on the $1001
    2. Donate $100 to a non-profit
    3. Put some of the money in my savings
    4. Buy some shares of a municipal bond fund.
    5. Purchase some dividend paying stocks
    6. Go out to dinner with some friends!

  716. avatar

    I’d use it to sign up for your next Earn 1k class.

  717. avatar

    I will have to cover some bills and register a new company.

  718. avatar

    As a single Mom, of three boys, I would take them on the Disneyland trip I have been promising them since the divorce happened three years ago. They have been good at listening to me say no to toys, fast food and other non essentials so we can save up. But normally our disneyland savings become the rainy day funds for car issues and when child support doesn’t show up.

  719. avatar
    Laura S

    I would spend $800 cleaning up old debt (I don’t have too much left) and spend $200 on pearls and gemstone beads and other supplies to make higher end jewelry than the jewelry I’m currently making.

  720. avatar

    I’d use it to hire the consultant in a country where I’m trying to start a technology company. I need someone there who can navigate the intricacies of investing and hiring in that country.

  721. avatar
    Todd Clancey

    The drawing for the $1000 is on my birthday…Vegas!!

  722. avatar
    Balaji Santhanam

    Hi Ramit,
    First I would thank you for the $1000.
    Next I would put one more $1000 on top of it and invest in fixed deposit in India, and earn 10%pa. I will reinvest the interest again in the same FD.

  723. avatar

    bills, bills, bills

  724. avatar

    Everyone is paying student loans…I’m thinking that regardless I might just have to go pick up a side job at a college somewhere teaching something!! Figure there’s guaranteed payment if everyone is so dedicated to paying off the loans they took out to do so!!

  725. avatar

    My dream is to be a Group Travel Organizer. With the $1001 I would take the course that allows me to develop my business plan and have access to the needed resources. I would also be able to launch my business and start doing some marketing to have my first group travel within 3 months.

  726. avatar
    George Mihaly

    …put some $ into my student loans 🙂

  727. avatar

    i’d put it in my savings account used to fund my travels!

  728. avatar

    On second thought… I’d rather invest it in one of your courses. Having someone to guide me always pushes my work along much faster and makes me more dedicated. So, invest in your course, get my own dream job faster, pay down ALL my student loans faster. Much better investment than just paying down one loan. 🙂

  729. avatar

    I would use the funds to hire a consultant for web site creation and monetizing a digital product. I would like to start a blog related to being a top performer in law school, how to get a big firm job and career consulting for law school graduates. Let’s face it, for those that want to do well in law school and beyond, the competition is through the roof, the market is saturated with supply and the job prospects are low. For the few the succeed, however, the opportunities are endless. I am one of those who succeeded and know exactly what to do to get where I am. I just have no idea where to start on creating the project, website and platform. Hence the need for a consultant. Sean Ogle is offering a consulting service called the Location Rebel InfoProduct Creation Application, which seems like a great opportunity.

  730. avatar

    I would pay for my wife to fly home to visit her family this summer.

  731. avatar

    If I won $1,000 I would divide it in fourths … $250 would go to whatever I wanted, $250 would go into my savings, $250 would go towards school and $250 would go to my one credit card.

  732. avatar

    I’d put it in savings or towards my mortgage

  733. avatar

    I will get rent a fun, fabulous house for vacation instead of a boring hotel room!

  734. avatar
    Todd J.

    1-$100 First Fruits – 10% to the Church
    2-$700 Pay off debt
    3-$100 Invest for marketing my 8yr old daughters new dog sitting business – she got her first customer two weeks ago and wants to expand her marketing territory in our neighborhood
    4-$100 Invest in marketing for my own business
    5-$1 sappy Redbox movie with my wife to thank her for believing in me

  735. avatar

    My boyfriend just got laid off so I would put as much as needed towards next months rent and the remaining would be used to pay off credit card debt.

  736. avatar

    Get certified (and then maintain the certification) in I’ve had the training, just need to take the test. I could use that certification to bump up my salary at least $1K/year.

  737. avatar

    Like many others, I would use it to pay down my student loans.

  738. avatar
    Katie Mcginnis

    I would use the $1000 to establish my initial emergency fund, which is my first savings goal. With this initial emergency fund established, I would funnel all my additional and unallocated income to paying off debt and funding my next savings goal.

  739. avatar

    I would update my camera, put the money towards the one I have been drooling over for a year an a half.

  740. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    Firstly I would invest $597 (thats the actual ticket price) for the social media success summit that is at the beginning of next month. The skills from this will allow me to have a deep understanding of how to plan and execute a succesful social media campaign for my membership that is due to launch.

    Secondly I would invest $15 x 10 for ten articles to be written by the content creator I outsource to so I can use these articles as part of my launch campaign.

    Thirdly I will use $200 on paid advertising via googles advertising to mobiles. I will set this at $10/day for a week to test conversions before I am happy with things then invest in more dollars/day until the $200 is used up. This should give almost instant traffic and then members to my site which I can then build on with the funds I earn.

    The remaining $54 will go towards dinner and drinks in London with my gf. Work hard and play hard.

    Lastly this will cost nothing but send an email to you to thank you for your kind offer. Done.

  741. avatar

    I would buy the best wheelchair I could get. I am mostly housebound due to a number of ailments and would love to be able to get out and do things again. (right now I use my cane to go to doctor’s appointments, but it’s not sufficient and I always end up totally exhausted)

    Best of luck to everyone!

  742. avatar
    Pat Lamb

    My first thought was to pay off credit card debt, but after looking at all of the responses above, I’ll give it to our local food bank. They can use it to help more people and I’ll pay my debt on my own.

  743. avatar

    I would take $500 and match it with my own $500 and start a Roth IRA at I would then take the left over $551 and buy 6 bottles of my son’s birth vintage wines to hopefully eventually share with him on important dates in his life: 2 bottles of left bank bordeauxs, 2 bottles of barolo, and 2 bottles of port – all of 2009 vintage.

  744. avatar
    Tyler F

    I have no idea. When I get bonuses at work I don’t spend them. They go into a savings account, because what I need more than money is time.

    I’d try to buy myself time.

  745. avatar

    I would make an extra payment on my student loans.

  746. avatar
    Heather Scott

    I would save it for a trip to Disney World with my family!

  747. avatar

    It would go directly to my student loan with the highest principle and interest rate!

  748. avatar

    I would use the $1001 to buy myself a new wardrobe of feminine clothes, shoes, and makeup and hire a personal development coach to put myself back on the dating market.

  749. avatar
    Brendan R.

    I would probably put it towards an assessment for rank that I’ve been unable to afford. Definitely not something I need, but would like to have if I could spare the $1000.

  750. avatar

    I would use the money to pay student loans!

  751. avatar
    Alex Ebert

    I’d buy a flight to Boston and a three night-stay at a hotel during the Boston marathon in 2013. That would light a fire under my a$% to get that qualifying time this year.

  752. avatar
    Jeffrey Vargas

    I would put $250 away for automatic savings, not to be touched, and the rest I’d use to enroll in a 3-day course to enhance my web development skills. It’s important to stay on top of the latest and greatest and the only to keep extra income coming in is by offering the latest options for clients.

  753. avatar

    I’d spend it on some books and the rest on some courses I’ve been considering, all toward self-development so I can improve skills and increase income. Basically, invest in myself.

  754. avatar

    I would pay down my credit card debt.

  755. avatar

    But a share of apple

  756. avatar

    There’s a temptation to just pay some bills with it, but I think I’d probably stick it in savings. It’s money I didn’t have and didn’t expect to have.

  757. avatar

    I would spend the money on Dream Job Elite. Duh.

  758. avatar

    $100 to start my newborn babie’s college fund. $900 to pay off my college debt. I do not want my daughter to go into debt to pay for school!

  759. avatar

    I would invest $500 for a personal coach to help me start and maintain a good daily routine.
    I would save $200 into my children’s’ savings account.
    I would invest $200 into gift massage for the wife.
    The last $100 would be spent on a nice family day out.

  760. avatar

    I would buy a car. mine had to be scraped a couple of month ago and it makes it more than difficult for work. Without a car, you need quite a bit of cashflow to get a cab (not being posh, if I am called to work at 5.00am in the woods, no train or bus to get there…I work in film.) and to get a new car, I need work… vicious circle.
    so I am working on tiny jobs, less paid & shorter jobs, inside london for now. It makes saving for a car more difficult, or at least will take more time.
    have a great day Rami.

  761. avatar

    I would save half and then spend the other half on something for my mother!