What we can learn from one of the world’s highest paid consultants

Everyone knows being the best is way, way better than being #2. Like 1,000x better. That’s why today I want to talk about studying the best because I’ve noticed too many people studying nutjobs and weirdos and thinking it’s okay. Let’s start with looking at the world’s highest paid consultants. But first, let me get this off my chest:

I see people buying courses from some random guy living in his mom’s basement, selling an ebook on how to make a billion dollars, and I want to put my head in my hands.

I’d rather introduce you to amazing, successful entrepreneurs who can show you new ways to think. There’s major value in learning from the best: They’ve seen tons of scenarios, they’ve surrounded themselves with better people, and they’ve gotten more “at-bat” opportunities than almost anyone else.

To do that, I went to one of the most successful consultants in the world. In fact, if you google “helping successful leaders,” you’ll notice something strange. Virtually all of the 3,530 search results point to one person: Dr. Marshall Goldsmith.

Harvard Business Review and The Wall Street Journal note that Dr. Goldsmith is one of the top 10 leadership and business experts in the world. He’s also the author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There (one of my favorite book titles of all time).

I recently sat down with him and asked him questions I’d been wanting to ask for years. Like, “What do you really teach the CEO of Wal-Mart when you do a consulting project? How does it even work when you walk in the room?”

Being the best is never an accident. If you’re aiming to be amazing at what you do – whether it’s your business, your job, or even your relationship – one of the best things you can do is elevate who you study from.

(For example, no more reading life coaches who are secretly struggling to pay their bills.)

Dr. Goldsmith is one of the few people who can answer these questions. Recently, I sat down to talk with him as part of my Brain Trust Program.

I want to share one of my favorite parts from our chat. In it, he talks about:

  • What it really means when you attract and repel people – on purpose (1:16)
  • A fatal mistake that smart people make — I am guilty of this (5:02)
  • Why you should stop starting sentences with “no,” “but,” and “however” — a classic flaw of successful people (7:50). Again, I do this!

Check it out here:

Notice there’s a reason top CEOs hire coaches and trainers.

Of course, they could read the same techniques in some book. But they know a great coach can take the material in a book and help them APPLY it. If even one idea helps them perform better, it’s worth every cent.

Want to know what every single top performer I’ve interviewed in Brain Trust (including CEOs, athletes, and best-selling authors) ALL have in common? Simple. It’s habits. Successful people don’t just catch a lucky break and coast — they systematically identify and integrate winning habits into their lives, day in and day out, for years.

Ramit’s Brain Trust is now closed indefinitely. But before we closed the program, we extracted all the juiciest success habits from our guests and packaged them into a 7-part Ultimate Guide to Habits that you can read anytime, anywhere — absolutely free.

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Maybe you want to start eating healthier, or cook a meal once a week. Maybe you want to start a business, or even just read one book a month.

No problem. Start small. Pick 1 or 2 things to use these powerful techniques on, and watch what happens.

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