What I learned from a snobby woman at a candle shop

Ramit Sethi

In my continuing quest to become a complete metrosexual, last weekend I found myself shopping at a candle shop in the Upper East Side. As I walked in, I noticed a tall, snooty woman behind the counter.

She noticed me too, as she gave me a top-to-bottom stare, and sighed — no doubt assuming an Indian guy would not be buying — and she watched me from behind the counter.

I was like, is this really happening? Am I in Pretty Woman right now?

Ramit_PrettyLadyBIG MISTAKE, candle lady.
Actually, the bigger mistake might be me including this picture in an blog post to 500,000+ people. Shit.

10 years ago, I would have felt offended…because she would have been RIGHT!

I WOULDN’T have been able to afford any of those candles. In fact, I wouldn’t have ever gone into that store because, in my mind, it wasn’t “for people like me.”

Now I just smiled as she glared at me from behind the counter and, later, boxed up my candles. My apartment smells fucking awesome btw.

Do you see what was going on? In this subtle interaction, 2 things were invisibly taking place:

  1. My self-identity: I was rapidly deciding, am I the kind of person who shops in a candle shop? For these prices? What would my friends think? Does this place fit my self-concept as a young bachelor in Manhattan? Am I going to turn into a 43-year-old white woman if I walk into this store?
  2. The lady’s impression of me: Nobody younger than 40 shops in this store. Is this Indian guy going to buy? Indians never buy candles. Or is he going to try to haggle with me? Look at his t-shirt…he can’t afford this (scowl)

I’m showing you this because we ALL have self-concepts. Sometimes they’re good (“I’m a hard worker”), and sometimes not:

  • For example, the non-profit employee who says, “I don’t want to ask for a raise…I’m not a money-grubber.”
  • Or the guy who hates his elite job, but stays, because “I should be happy…other people would kill for this job.”
  • Or “I can’t earn more money…I don’t have any time.”


For the literal nerds reading this…

$100 candles = get a higher-paying job
$100 candles = start a business (even if you don’t have an idea)
$100 candles = pay for your parents’ retirement, or take 3 months off and travel in Asia

You can choose. Not the lady behind the desk, or the news reporting on the bad economy, or your parents’ expectations of you going to med school. YOU.

Here, I’ll show you.

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