What do you do for a living? Some interesting responses from readers

Ramit Sethi

I was checking out this forum post on the iwillteachyoutoberich forums and thought it was really interesting:

What do you do for a living?

“I’m a student. For making money, I do the following:
– Part-time as a web designer for my school’s student government. (5 hours/week)
– Work at my school’s book-store. (20-25 hr/week)
– Donate plasma. (6-8 hr/week)
– Run a web site; income from ads. (1-2 hr/week)”

* * *

“I’m an environmental engineer within the federal government. I generally earn less base salary than others with similar experience in the field who choose to work in the private sector, but it works for me. Most of those private sector guys work 45+ hours per week and many don’t get OT for it. I’m done after 40 hours and can go home to my wife and family.”

* * *
“I’m 24 and working full time in technology. Enterprise level sales. 40 hrs @ office, but do e-mails and such at odd hours.
– I own an auto detailing business. 300-500 extra a week.
– I cross sell conciege services through my auto detailing business. 200+ a week. (I’m very consistant with one client.)
– I work at a bar on weekend nights. 250+ a week. I try and shoot for earning $4,000/month AFTER taxes.”

What do you do for a living?

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  1. BobbyBeingManny

    Auditor, Big 4 accounting firm. Staff level though, so extra side jobs are hard to come by.

  2. Patrick

    I’m an attorney for a medium-sized city in the southeast. I also contribute to a sports blog, which provides some extra income.

  3. Adam

    I posted in the thread but didn’t really say what it was I did, so I updated it:

  4. Goal Hunter

    Strategic and financial planning for a class I railway. Real estate and angel capital investing on the side.

  5. Lauren

    I’m a PR/Marketing Manager for an arts-focused non-profit.

  6. Erica Douglass

    Temporarily retired since September 2007. 😉

    Working on a new business which should launch at the end of the month.


  7. Lauren Burns

    Healthcare IT project manager. I help health centers transition to the electronic health record at their sites.

  8. Alex

    I run an internal ad agency at a telecommunications company. On the rare occasion, I do freelance work as a copywriter and/or marketing consultant.

  9. Alex

    Run an Event Production company

  10. Lane

    For Living, I dance as a soloist and in group, and sing in a band.

    For money, I am a paralegal working on investment products at a top insurance company.

  11. Ramit Sethi

    If you do anything on the side, let us know! How do you make more than your normal income? Or do you focus more on frugality? I find that the most interesting of all.

  12. James

    Software developer for a network of radio stations around the country.

  13. Prajwal Tuladhar

    I am a programmer in a software firm here in NY and formally I work 40 hrs/week. When I am not at work, I am updating myself via blogs, articles, books and so on. Call me information overloaded and I still like it 🙂

  14. Small Budget Big Style Chick

    ~I am a communications associate for an education agency.
    ~I plan to become a freelance writer to bring in extra income in the near future.

  15. Holly Hoffman

    I’m the marketing research manager for four newspapers in Texas. I write a blog (which doesn’t make much – yet), freelance a little, and part-time at a cafe occasionally.

  16. GloriaWandrous

    -business manager for a commercial real estate company (40-45 hours/ week)

    – Academic survey research interviewer (10-21 hrs/week)

  17. Peter Maclennan

    I work as a commercial lender for a hard money lender. I tend to focus on being frugal and keeping costs down. I have a set budget that I work from and use it to keep spending down.

  18. Josh Mock

    Web developer for a small bookstore chain by day. By night, I do freelance web design/development (mostly WordPress themes) and I write for a couple independent music publications. The writing is voluntary, so I get paid in free CDs and occasional concert tickets.

  19. Monkey

    I’m an accountant by accident – Non CPA. I work in a small investment firm with Hedge Fund and Stock Investments. I am a salaried house, baby and cat sitter on the side. I plan on taking a CFP course to increase my experience and salary level.

  20. Breanne

    Multimedia Specialist for a Technical College. Basically, I work one-on-one with instructors, instructional designers and subject-matter experts to develop interactive learning activities for students. On the side, I do some blogging (for love, not money :-)) and occasionally some freelance web design / development and SEO content writing.

  21. Deron Sizemore

    Technical Support for my full time income and I make extra money on the site doing web design/development and ad income from my websites.

  22. N Dave

    27, Logistics Analyst

  23. mgs1983

    I’m a claims adjuster for an auto insurance company…I’m also starting out with trying to sell my photos on Etsy…My shop is a month old, and no sales yet, but hopefully that will soon be a little source of income as well…

  24. LZ

    I am a corporate credit analyst by day, an MBA student at night and a bit of an “entrepreunrial dabbler” in my free time. I make a little extra through blogging and random projects using my laser engraver, vinyl cutter, and passion for crafting.

    Most recently I’ve been designing and creating custom wedding invitations and accessories. It’s a small side business right now but I would like to one day turn into my full time day job so I can be a work at home mom. =)

  25. AD

    I’m a communications consultant (basically an editor, writer, and project manager) for a nonprofit education agency.

    I do some freelance writing on the side, nothing regular, though. I’m planning to start freelance editing, as well.

  26. Christian

    Technical Architect (Software and manufacturing integration).

    Historically I was horribly profligate, finally my finances caught up with me and I’m learning the lessons – some of your tips are eye openers, some confirmations that I’m on the right track. Either way, I’m glad you and your community are here!

  27. Kelly

    I work 40 hours a week in marketing for a software company. In the evenings I do freelance writing for a website (with a second website in my future – I’ve been recruited, we’re just still getting the website set up). I do eBay sometimes, if I know how to get my hands on an extraordinary deal, and I know it will sell.

  28. Jennifer

    Project Coordinator for Website Development Company. Working together with family on the weekends in getting a product developed and on the market. We are in the very beginning stages.

  29. Sunira

    I’m a software developer for a big retailer in the USA. 40 hours a week. I run a small side business making money off my photography, and web design skills constructing e-commerce sites packaged with product photography for small, family-owned brick and mortar stores. This earns me 2000-3500 a project and I generally get 2 or 3 a year. I also do random odd graphics jobs for logos, type and catalog layouts.

  30. Carla

    I work as a school psychologist and during the summers I work as a cocktail waitress.

  31. Jeremy

    I am a web strategist working with a range of clients from small local brands up to large multinationals. I’m working on building passive income streams,

  32. Bonnie

    I am a Senior Security Analyst for the provincial gov’t, make a decent salary yet still live cheque to cheque. So I have started a blog, writing articles for Bukisa, and soon will start submitting photos to iStockPhoto and a few other micro stock photography sites.
    Also finally took my head outa my butt and am paying very close attention to my spending etc.

  33. Mike Smith

    I’m a full time medical student (35 hours/wk). I’m also:
    > Web Developer 10-15 hrs per week
    > Office administrator 10 hrs per week
    > Summer school assistant to students with disabilities (5 weeks in summer)

  34. Sherelle

    Student (Soon to be graduate!), Server at TGI Friday’s and Social Media Blogger/Observer for an Educational Research Center

  35. Wednesday Addams

    I work from home as a J2EE developer for $37/hr. I don’t get overtime but I do get paid the hours I work. I have yet to see a week under 40 hours, but I see many over 60.

    I’m nowhere nearly as frugal as I need to be. I pay over $1k/month in child support, plus another $500/month for health insurance for that child. Combine that with some very questionable decisions in my past, resulting in some rather large debts, and you have someone who makes good money but is indeed very poor.

  36. lycos

    I’m an Electronics Engineer for the federal governement making 80K a year working under 40 hours. I have a great social life. I live to work and not work to live. I’m a DINK with zero credit card debt, and currently, my living expenses is 2k a month and everything else is going into an Etrade savings currently at 3.01%. My car is paid off, cook and drink at home, have potluck dinner parties, exercise, hike and go to book stores to read magazines. You can find me online playing COD5 for 2 hours everyday. Life after credit card debt is pretty good. I’m I frugal, NO. I tend to give lavish gifts for birthdays and weddings. My focus is to find after hours income on the side and my master degree that work is paying for. I spend 30 mins everyday to come to this site for knowledge.

  37. Pooja

    Working as a compliance auditor for a multinational pharmaceutical company. Since I’m a consultant I work on other side projects from time to time which are an extra $1000/week.

    I’m working with a partner on starting our own clothing line, it will be home-based to begin with and then expand in a year or 2. No estimate income as of now. We’re going to be IN business by 15-feb-2009.

    I’m a Tennis Instructor. I only moved to the U.S in end of 2007 so from this year on I will be giving private lessons during summer on weekends. (We have outdoor courts behind my house) – 60/hr

  38. drsam

    Disgruntled primary care physician, becoming exponentially more disgruntled on a daily basis.

  39. Rachel

    Full time student. During break I work as a software developer (paid $AU15,000 for 12 weeks or so). During session I do tutoring for uni (normally 3 hours of actual tutoring, 1 hour prep + what ever marking i need. Normally get about $AU150 a week from that).

  40. Jessica Lill

    I am 24 and am in my second year of teaching 2nd grade. On the side I work in retail on Saturday mornings for about 5 hours. I make an extra $100-$120 a month from that. Unfortunately I do feel like I get adequately paid for the extra hours upon hours I spend at school on the weekends and at home getting things ready for the upcoming school day. But I can honestly say that I love my job and wouldn’t change it for a bigger income.

    I do not have any debt at all, pay off my credit card each month (I use it for the rewards), and I save 10% of my income each month.

  41. Asmita

    I am a postdoctoral researcher in science at an Ivy league university earning $40k/yr, but it’s a small town and have minimal living expenses. I don’t do anything on the side so far, since this is not a 9-5 job. It’s my research and I have to work hard to keep ahead in doing experiments, writing grants, publishing research.

    I cook at home, invite people over for potlucks, and occasionally eat out. Also being a vegetarian helps in saving. I don’t have a car, don’t need one here. I get a free bus pass from the university, but I mostly walk everywhere. I spend money instead when going out with people or on something I really want to do – like going to a Broadway musical or a college hockey game.

    (fyi, there seems to be a problem with your submit button)

  42. Jonathan

    lycos, you sound kind of like me, except I don’t yet make 80k a year, I’m still a part-time student, and I prefer Halo 3 over COD5. 🙂

    Ramit, it seems the “Submit” button on this form is not showing up. I see a red X. Maybe it’s just me.

  43. Jamie

    I am an IT consultant & project manager. I’m set up to be able to work from home or anywhere in the world as long there’s a phone & internet connection. The salary from that job is enough for my wife & me. My work sometimes involves travelling so I can sometimes tag vacation time on the end of trips for low-cost vacations. Because the hours are very flexible, I’m able to do voluteer stuff and occasionally pick up small IT jobs or help my wife with her freelance work as a translator.

    On the frugality side my wife & I stay debt-free and generally just don’t spend any money on stuff that isn’t important to us.

  44. Meg

    I’m a Private Banker, and I’m a landlord on the side. I also blog (sort of for income) and recently I’ve started selling books and other stuff on ebay and amazon mostly for fun.

  45. Benjamin Shive

    FT Web application and CMS developer, anywhere from 48-55 hours per week. Do web development when I can get it for income on the side. I also work on indie games as a hobby, with an eye on income someday. I’d like to have more flexibility with outside work, but a family consumes a lot of time too. Thankfully we manage income fairly well, but I’m sure there’s more cuts we could make. Certain things like quality food for cooking at home is not going to change though. However, we did fall into the two-income trap so things are tight with the wife not working.

  46. Kelly

    40 hours a week in Accounting
    20 hours a week in Customer Service working nights
    10 hours a week freelance writing for one website
    5 hours a week (average) as senior newswriter for local paper

    I focus on not spending any money at least 15 days a month outside of regular bills. Clothes I no longer wear go to consignment or to the Goodwill. I comparison shop for everything from car insurance to carpet and groceries. The most significant way I save money is to pay off my student loans (at 7.75% interest) and my car. I have no credit card debt and contribute to retirement.

  47. SA

    I work full-time in marketing for a financial institution. I am also a graduate student. For my future graduate final project I started working with the theater program at a local university as the part-time director of marketing. I love the independent music scene so I also shoot concert photography as a hobby, which isn’t a moneymaker but has gotten me lots of free tickets and publications in newspapers and Web sites.

  48. Kevin

    I’m a 3D generalist working for the government as a part of a Scientific Visualization group. I work a standard 40 hour week, slowly losing my soul day by day. Computer animation is my passion – working for the man is not. The pay is ok, and I was able to get in 3 years ago right out of college with a degree in a completely unrelated field, so I can’t complain much.

    I do light freelancing on the side, making a very small sum of money (generally $1000-$2000 per year).

    Presently saving every penny my wife and I earn, and investing in training programs for the eventual move to the Hollywood area.

  49. Brad Mills

    Legal Accounting & Administration by day

    Urban Gardener on the weekends.

  50. timgrahl

    I run a web development/design firm.

  51. Jim S

    I’m 49 and work as a Utility Electrician. Due to having to be on-call a lot, it is hard to do anything on the side. I did purchase another property and fix it up, currently renting for $500 per month. Otherwise, attempting to sell stuff I no longer need or am tired of dragging around the country for the last couple of years. Trying to be frugal, but finding it hard to save and keep it in savings.

  52. Graham

    Software Engineer for a Fortune 50 company. Focus mostly on frugality with a side hustle for approximately 250 a month fixing computer issues.

  53. Trendy Indy

    I am a Financial Systems Analyst at an Oil Services Company. Looking for something to do part time to supplement my income.

  54. dan

    For my day salaray I make training videos (40 hrs), and on the side I have a blog generating a couple pennies a day from adds (1-3hrs/week).

  55. Nick

    Full time job is as a Programmer. Part time job is as a DJ for Complete Music.

  56. Sarah

    I’m a project manager for a translation agency. I work about 45 hours a week and pay about 30% of my salary in student loan payments.

    I do some freelance writing on the side. The political writing I do for love; sexpert writing and copyediting bring in a nice sideline income.

  57. Jeremy

    I help run a 401k/403b plan by day.

    By night, I have a blog and write about finance at

  58. Kevin Franklin

    I sell New Toyotas and Scions, and preowned cars at a Toyota Dealership.

  59. matthew harrison smith

    i work in litigation support. played with mturk a little bit as well. trying to find other things to do on the side.

  60. Lawrence Huynh

    I’m 24 and a Systems Engineer for a small firm that writes automation software for pharmaceutical plants and in the process of becoming an investor in real estate.

  61. Danny Garant

    I’m Safe and reliable electrical distribution network designer for industrial process (consulant in electric engineering.) I work about 37,5 hours a week. Flexible work days. I’m in the process to join the Canadian army reserve, part time, as an officier to supplement my skills and income (18-20 hours/month). I have two or three project on the table for other source of income

  62. Battra92

    I work as an IT guy for a utility company. I fix computers and phones all day. It’s a 40 hour a week job which pays middle class for the country and for the area (small town America) it’s not bad.

    For side money I occasionally sell things on eBay (when my brother isn’t using my account) or on Amazon used and new. I’ve been offered side gigs doing web blogging and such but honestly, they were unpaid and right now I just don’t have the time for that.

  63. @zanders

    I’m an account executive from 9-5, occasional email after hours.

    On the side, I help job seekers with their resumes, personal brand, and using web 2.0 tools to find their next job. I train a 14-yr old in basketball, once a week. I also spend about 25-30 hours a week working on an organization that helps college students engage with career management before graduation.

  64. Jessica

    I am 26 and I’m a law student. Most of my cost of living is supplied through loans. I also work in the law library but I’m not allowed to work more than 20 hrs per week per ABA rules. I really focus on frugality more than working extra.

    For me, it makes sense in the long run to really concentrate on my grades and extracurriculars because, in law, GPA can mean the difference between starting out at 160,000 or 40,000. I get antsy, though, I’m tired of being a student and not being able to afford things like nice furniture.

  65. dawn

    I’m a full-time personal finance writer for I also do freelance real estate writing using contacts gained through a previous employer.

  66. Karen

    I am an Accountant during the 40 hr week, and I also do some freelance bookkeeping on the side with small businesses. I usually work 60 hrs a week doing all these .
    But its fun and its really helpful with my debt snowball . Ive worked on paying off $12K in debt since July last year and now Im halfway done! I had to be very frugal (bringing lunches, not buying anything that is not essential)

  67. Cathy

    I’m a software automation engineer. I write software that tests my Fortune 50 client’s software.

  68. Kristen

    For a living: I’m a wife, sister, daughter, mom to an awesome German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix, friend, and wanna-be artist (furniture making).

    For money: Customer Service Operations manager for an online-retailer. I do it full-time for a company I really like, with people I really enjoy being around, for not a hell-of-a-lot of money.

    *I refuse to consider what I do to pay my bills as my living. I live to do much more than that 🙂

  69. Wes

    Production Assistant for a large conglomerate digital media department, specializing in advertisement production across various key websites.

  70. Morgan

    I’m a recruiter at an Internet company in Silicon Valley. I supplement my income by doing freelance work for start-ups/participating in industry focus groups, but (due to the economy) I’ve had very little opportunity to do this recently.

  71. Ben

    Software development for fortune 500 company (full time), and software / engineering consulting (12-15hrs/wk). The independent consulting generates nearly as much income as the full time gig.
    Being single, I have the time, and the $$ is very nice. Plus it’s a way to get more experience and opportunities to play with new technology.

  72. Justin

    I’m a student, currently looking into starting a part a time position that could become full time after I graduate.

    For money I rely on my financial aid, and budget that as far as I can. I also may be starting a research study which pays $1,200.

  73. Kim

    I am a Purchasing Agent for an International Environmental Company during the week and a chic singer in a country band on the weekends.

    Just finished my MBA and the extra band gig will help repay my loan. Love your blog!

  74. Jason

    I’m an ethical hacker. I travel 100% of the time, so my rent, food, and transportation is paid by the client. Everything I own fits in two suitcases. When between clients, I live wherever I can – couchsurfing, parents, friends. This is an extremely frugal lifestyle, which allowed me to pay off student loans quickly. It’s also a very difficult lifestyle, one where my life is dominated by my job.

    This prevents me from working side jobs. I spend my personal time trying to get away from the computer.

  75. Erica

    Day job: 24, help desk tech/supervisor. Everything else: I’m also getting my broker’s license and slowly trying to find a side gig–a lot of friends ask for my help in job hunts and resume proofing, so I’m thinking about how to pursue that. I also sell stuff around the house I don’t need, like books and movies on or

  76. Manda B

    I’m in grad school for a master’s in counseling. I have worked full time off an on through my program, but was forced out of a crappy job six months ago to begin my practicum. I recently began working a part-time job as a social worker with the nonprofit where I completed my field experience. I earn $10 an hour before taxes.

    I would love to find something to do on the side, but unfortunately due to my area of expertise, the ethical code of my profession, and lack of substantial experience, currently I have no realistic way of freelancing my skills. I am focusing more on frugality and consciously avoiding of materialism. I like to frame my spending habits in zen mindfulness.

  77. Nick

    Engineering student. I work 15/week teaching CAD to students and contract my design services to Biomedical Department for small jobs (~$70 per). I also applied to very large scholarships at Boston University…ended up so the school pays me $2000 per semester this year to attend, nice little cash bonus to go to school.

  78. Theo

    I split my time between two major activities and various small side projects. One of my main role’s involves providing economic analysis of energy efficiency policy and program design around the world. My other role is working with an early stage start-up in the music publishing space. I have a passion for the financial markets and short-term trading, which has taken a back burner while my other projects have taken off. Eventually I would like to make enough money that I could spend most of my time trading.

  79. Matt

    Just graduated, got a job as a loan processor making just enough to say I’m finally financially independent. On the side I make the occasional sale on eBay or Amazon, and I try to do work around the parents house for gas money.

  80. Jermaine H.

    I’m a Grocery Clerk worker during the day, and I’m a part-time blogger. Started making some income from it, but still working at it. Would prefer using my bookkeeping or writing skills for additional income.

  81. Moneymonk

    I’m a Computer Analyst for the federal government. I also own a consulting company on the side and I also blog about personal finance.

  82. Peter Vankman

    Peace Corps Volunteer. Right now, I make approx. $8 per day. I teach English on the side for what equates to approx. $25 per week. I’m obviously not doing this for the money…

  83. Andrew

    I run an investment partnership and co-own a 4ish person energy manufacturing company.

  84. TMS

    Salesman for a small family-owned service company. The owner pays me 7% of gross sales of $2.2 million a year. The American Dream is alive and well.

  85. Johnny

    I’m a Pilot in the U.S. Air Force

  86. Adam

    I work at a living history museum, research, writing, and creating guest experiences. My focus is on experience design – utilizing theater techniques, free-choice learning, and minds-on/hand-on engagement.

  87. Tyler

    I’m an electrical engineer at a Nuclear power plant. I make sure certain protective systems keep running.

  88. tfaunh

    State employed Wildlife Biologist. I do web design/programming on the side for a small business, but only put in about 10hrs/month on average. I could probably get a part-time job but I’m not ready to give up my free time.

  89. Rebecca

    Because I am a student, and hold a students schedule, I’ve found myself working many different jobs at a time. Most of my income comes from working for my college’s photography department 10-15 hours/week cleaning the lab, mixing chemicals, and doing other odd jobs and working 16 hours/week as a Junior Technical Writer for Stanford School of Medicine’s IRT Info Security. To make extra cash on the side, I’ll occasionally cover a shift at one of the two drive thru coffee shops my family owns in the Bay Area, or design and create signage and other marketing material for said shops. I also am on a local photographer’s call list to assist in shoots when he needs the extra help. I also periodically go through things in my room, and determine what I don’t need anymore, and post any items either on craigslist, or amazon.

  90. Bob

    Lead Software Test Engineer at a private software company. Side job, web designer

  91. :P

    I’m married for a living. I really need to change careers.

  92. Valerie

    I’m an analyst for a major airline, which translates to a slimmer salary with fantastic benefits. 😉 I don’t have a part-time gig to make up for the slimmer salary, but I’ll soon be finishing up my MBA which should help me climb that management ladder.

    I love my job, so I think that I prefer concentrating my efforts there for now. There’s always potential to work more jobs for more money, but I find that I rarely have enough time to enjoy all that I already have! (Thankfully, my only major debt is a car loan and our mortgage.)

  93. MDubs

    24 years old; Married with a toddler; State Level Legislative Analyst ~ $45k/year; Ropes Course Facilitator on the side when it is available ~$300-500/mo; Monthly Family Net Income ~ $4500/mo

  94. Kevin from Minneapolis

    28, single. Director of Public Affairs for a legislative/political caucus.

  95. Snowballer

    Heh, I feel really stupid in comparison to most of these responses. I consider my profession to be a grad student, but in reality 40 graveyard shift hours a week as a bookkeeper in the office of a big box retail store is what pays the bills.

    Priority #1 is school and #2 is the crap job, so there’s just no real room for side income although I’ve tried. Frugality is my MO.

  96. Sara

    27, Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies.
    Waitress, lunch hours, 3-4 days a week. Tips + $3.75/hr., approx. $300/week.
    I clean a church, $40/week.
    Part-time nursing student, evening classes.
    I live with my parents for cheap rent ($50/week), plus I match that in a savings account for when I do move out.
    I help a guy with yard work sometimes ($10/hour), plus I’m almost certified to be a substitute teacher, for days I don’t work at the restaurant.
    Recently paid off CC debt ($6000), now have $2000 saved and working on more every day.

  97. Mark

    I am an IT Architect for a Fortune 25 company focusing on our public-facing Web site. I usually work 50 hours per week, though I averaged 80 hours in November and December.

    For extra money, I do freelance Web development for a few extra hundred dollars per month, complete online surveys for an extra $30-40 per month, and occasionally mow lawns or bail hay in the summer and fall.

    Our household budget only consists of our “day job” income so that we don’t depend on it directly… I split my additional income like this: 50% invested, 25% fun money, and 25% reinvesting in my freelance business and day-job skills.

  98. Susan Nalbach

    I own a process serving company in Central Florida. I also work parttime merchandising fresh floral arrangements. I love both jobs but I’m hoping the process serving business becomes so successful, I can devote full time to it.

  99. S

    I’m a graduate student in the biomedical sciences. They pay tuition and I get a stipend for living expenses, but if we earn extra income our stipend is docked by that amount. My creative ways around that rule to have/make more money:
    – be frugal (no debt!)
    – apply for fellowships (potential to increase stipend)
    – extra cash from high interest savings (couple hundred/yr)
    – use credit cards for bonuses (free plane ticket and ~$350 cash for using credit cards wisely instead of getting used).

  100. ninja

    I’m 25 and a Senior Systems Analyst at a major energy company. Being semi-frugal I’m able to save about 30% of my income while living comfortably. I’m starting a part-time MBA program in the fall.

  101. Steve

    Recent graduate from undergrad, working with my BS in Microbiology as a Microbiologist 1 at a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company. Accepted to dental school, will be here until August when I quit to go back to school. Extra money on the side from poker (sometimes, ha), and teaching DAT (dental admissions test) prep for Kaplan, Inc.

  102. J

    I produce sports related TV shows and produce live sporting events. Lots of hours a week and lots of travel. Side money can be made freelancing by producing other shows. Keeps me busy.

  103. RT Wolf

    I’m curious as to why you’re interested, Ramit. Anyhoo, I’m a student right now in psychology. For money I have bascially a part-time job working as manager/a/v person, I volunteer at the Film Board as a Curator for a small honorarium, I make videos for clients (last one for Covenant House), fix computers and I occasionally design websites. Right now I’m building up my website to generate more income from it and exploring passive income in the next twelve months. Wow, seems like a whole lot of different stuff put down like that. Works for me, for the most part.

  104. B

    I’m a construction & engineering recruiter in NYC… would love to have a side job for the evenings and weekends but haven’t come up with anything yet!

  105. TStrump

    I’m a contract accountant and aspiring singer.
    Make good money in my day job, but no one will pay me to sing yet!
    I’m also a p/t financial blogger.

  106. J

    24 yo. I’m a logistics planner for a steel servicing company.

    My side income comes from extra paid work as an internal auditor at my company, being a mystery shopper, taking paid surveys, selling off my book collection, and having a roommate.

    I rely on frugality to stretch my money since my company has taken away 20% of my hours due to the steel market. I play the drugstore game, keep the thermostat slightly uncomfortable, and am an electricity conserving fiend.

  107. Julia

    I’m a full time English teacher at a local high school.

    – I’m finishing up a graduate degree to make me an instructional specialist in my field and I take extra inservices (district offered courses) that give a stipend to teachers for learning… such as a whole course in google aps.
    – My husband and I bought a house we can afford on one salary. Note: we live in a very, very inexpensive city.
    – My husband and I are extremely frugal and lived in a dump which gave us a down payment in less that a year for our home.
    – I am militant about getting the best grocery prices on the regular stuff (lettuce, veggies, fruit) so that we can afford the luxury stuff and foods (high end cheeses and another season of the office…) I guess it’s all in the trade offs…

  108. Drew

    I’m an undergraduate who’s to finish in May. For income, I do:
    Tutoring, groups and inviduals (5-10 hrs/week)
    Training others to tutor (1-2 hrs/week)
    Funded research (10 hrs/week)
    Web design (3-5 hrs/week)

    I have a few ideas for patents, though I need to spend some time reading a few to learn how to write one. I’m refurbishing a few furniture pieces to sell online. I’m studying and practicing cooking in an effort to cut down on costs and to eventually offer catering services (ideally, 1 event/month).

  109. Todd.Borst

    I live off my income from running a business in a virtual world. This is currently my primary source of income and has allowed me to travel and start blogging about it.

  110. Lelia

    I have 20 years experience as a counselor. I do lots of marriage training, energy counseling (LIFE machine and trapped emotion release). I am a licensed minister, I basically help people spirit, soul and body.

  111. Janet

    I’m a municipal employee keeping her fingers crossed as the city tightens its belt. Because of some health issues, I don’t think I could keep up with a second job at regular hours, but I am thinking of doing some freelance Photoshop work. I am not sure enough people could pay for those services right now, but I am open to barter opportunities. Thinking outside the box seems to be key. Good luck to you all. We are indeed in this boat together.

  112. Toni

    I am a full time student, going for my Bachelors in Accounting, then my Masters
    I work in Residential Life 11 hrs/wk plus 3 weekends a semester, paying for housing
    Internship with a Financial Company 16+ hrs/wk @ $10/hr
    Chair member of a student group, 1-2 hrs/wk @ $250 per semester

  113. shawnna

    I work as a full time graphic designer. In my spare time, I teach SAT prep classes, and I do freelance graphic design. I’m also always trying to sell something I own on Amazon, Ebay, or Craigslist.

  114. Lindsey

    I’m a senior in college with a relatively demanding academic schedule, so to make money I fix computers at my university’s computer help desk for 4 hours per week and tutor 4-5 students per week in economics. I make about $300 per month. Not much, but plenty for a busy college student who doesn’t spend much money on booze.

  115. Julia

    I’m 26 and work in technology and operations in a startup bank. I know that sounds like a terrible place to be right now, but timing and some really great planning ensured that we are in a great position, not dealing with the worst of the problems associated with this crisis.
    Right now, I am in the brainstorming phase of my next career step, which I hope involves some consulting but ultimately more ability to work from home. I have a lot of varied interests and experiences, making the line between hobbies and career a bit blurry. That sort of explains why I have a Bachelor of Arts in English, am working in IT in the banking industry, and am beginning a blog about domestic (household, not political) arts.

  116. JX

    I’m 29 and work as a special events manager for a government agency. I’ve made money on the side working at seasonal jobs, mystery shopping and selling stuff on eBay. Still can’t figure out where all the extra money went but I’m keeping better track this year thanks to

  117. Vivian

    Unemployed since September, but have extensive experience as a translator/interpreter

  118. Graham

    Server engineer at an energy company. On a given day that could mean watching backups run, or working on a new server deployment plan.

    Like a lot of tech guys I have a “garage project” that I’m working on but it’s not making money yet.

  119. Jaclyn

    I’m a 26 year old accounting student (yay graduation in December ’09 and hi to the accountants/auditors above).

    I work at a large retail drug store chain, I’ve been there 6 years, in management for 5. I work one shift a week, 8 hours.

    On the side:
    – I mark 74 hours a term for an intermediate accounting class. ($850 a term)
    – I am a volunteer note taker for $40 a term
    – I participate in an online research panel that pays $400-500 per panel term (I’m on my second, they are about 6 months)
    – I complete surveys for a local company, points are turned into cheques every month (usually about $10).

  120. Alice

    Full time supervisor in a telecommunications call center. I’m on the customer service side ($30,000/year).

    I’m also a full time student getting my bachelor’s in Business Management (because my company has tuition reimbursement of up to $3000 a year).

    Husband is a full time student, and we get money back on his loans ($1200/semester).

    He also works part time in retail. ($300/month)

    We bought a lot of stuff we didn’t need before we had a kid, so now we make a little extra (around $200/month) selling stuff on Ebay.

  121. liv

    I test video games. I’m also considering my options in trying to walk dogs in the morning and learning how to blog better so I can have something interesting for people to read…but for now, just testing games is my job.

  122. Jamie Martin

    I sell piping systems… And I love it. Don’t always like my boss, I don’t like every customer. But for the most part it is interesting, fun and challenging.

  123. Maggie

    I’m a sorority house mom. It allows me to be walking distance from my full time job at a University, and provides my apartment, utilities, parking, and many meals. They pay me minimum wage for the hours I clock (mostly landlord-type duties), but the money I’m saving on living expenses is helping me pay off debt much faster.

  124. r-anon

    I am the yet another indian in IT.. two sources of income.
    – My salary as an IT engineer
    – Bought 2 cars & sub-contracted them to a transportation company, where my wife works – the returns cover the EMIs and a little more.
    Alternative sources – but doesnt give much:
    – interest from cash deposit – thats for leasing our 2 floor house to 2 families
    – Some cash deposits in India which pay acceptable interest
    – Recurring deposits in Singapore which pay very little interest

    – Wife’s an accountant in transportation co., & I dont touch her salary.

    Ramit, if you are interested in profiling please drop me an email – will mail you back the numbers.

  125. Bekka

    I am a part time student, and I work part time at a small web design firm and part time at an internet marketing company.

    I designed a blog not too long ago about graphic design, but since I post so rarely, I have yet to see any ad revenue from that.

  126. Ivan M

    I’m a CPA/tax consultant for one of the Big 4 here in Silicon Valley. I also earn an income from photography on a side, but it’s a hobby more than anything and any income that comes from print sales or paid assignments is a nice bonus that goes mostly to pay for new equipment.

  127. Nikola Sivkov

    I`m 18 yo student working as a webmaster and freelancing when i have free time time 🙂
    school -30 hrs week
    work – 45 hrs week

  128. Ben

    Good question Ramit.

    Graduated two years ago with a marketing degree and still looking for work in my field. I work 40-45 hrs/week at a warehouse order selecting; and about 5 hrs/week cleaning businesses on the side. 2 hrs/week donating plasma. This recession sucks but there is always a way to make money!

  129. house

    31, mba student in austin trying to find the next step when I graduate in a year.

  130. Paras

    25, Project Manager for a software company

  131. Natalia

    I am a freelance traslator. I work around 30 hs per week traslating websites and software. Two or three weeks/year I also teach other translators how to use software programs needed for our jobs. My husband owns a pizza place and he pays the bills, while I pay for the holidays and save for a new house.

  132. topseekrit

    Business Consultant/Analyst for a Software company is my 9-6. Side gigs include coaching teachers and business owners and selling info. products.

  133. Lizz

    I’m turning 21 in three weeks, and I spent the last two years working in Customer Service 32 hours a week for about $15-$16/hour while taking classes towards a BS in IT on my employer’s dime. I recently convinced HR/management to let me cut my hours in Customer Service down to 24 a week and add in extra hours in a department in IT as an intern making the same hourly amount, plus overtime.

  134. Josiah

    I’m 28 and Director of User Experience at an online marketing company. I started a company last year in my spare time that develops iPhone games and apps. We’re just about to launch our first game so only costs so far and no income from that labor.

  135. Fred Garvin

    Male Prostitute.

  136. evie

    Acquisitions/due diligence paralegal for a development company.

  137. M

    24, civil engineer for the federal government

  138. Nathan

    I’m 28, and I’m the CFO of a nationwide security company. At 26, I was the CFO of a small public company (research suggested that I was the youngest CFO of any public company in America). I earn a good salary, but still have to be careful with spending because my wife stays home and we have two daughters.

  139. Jim

    I’m a foot and ankle specialist in large orthopedic surgery group. After a mountain of student loans and unfrugal living, I’ve decided to start a personal finance blog and share my experiences (both positive and negative).

  140. E

    I’m a full time pediatric occupational therapist. I’m contracted through a local school district, which allows me to make more money than if I had worked for the school district itself.

  141. Kyle Cherrick

    I’m 23, recent grad of the University of Arizona. Moved to Orange County, CA to join a start-up solar project developer as employee #6.

    I blog on Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship at, this has yet to provide any income though I am investigating Six Apart’s media partner program.

    Most of the focus of my blog is on solar and the automotive revolution to plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. With this in mind, I work to expand my renewable energy network to include many of the promising start-ups in the EV world and I look for ways to help evangelize their businesses.

    I am focusing on frugality, but also do creative ways to improve lifestyle without raising my costs. For instance, I joined my local CrossFit gym, which is the best fitness community I’ve ever seen. CrossFit drives you to improve through competition and community. Work outs are 20 minutes or less and allow me to be more productive at work.

    My CrossFit gym costs $150 for unlimited small classes (like having a personal trainer), I don’t have room for that in my budget so I pay my way by referring people, getting out the word about CrossFit, and helping out to grow the business. Its a side project but it provides a lot of value to me.

    Finally, my wife and I are working to pay off $20k in debt to be debt free by the end of the year. No auto debt, school debt, or credit card debt. We’re looking forward to that day.

  142. Carla

    Project Coordinator for an architecture firm. I also run an online retail website and blog.

  143. Ricky

    Software Engineer is my primary job. I also own 3 rental properties and investor for 3 coin operated laundromats.

  144. Noreen

    I’m an Admin Assistant in the IT department of a large construction company.

    – Also donate plasma twice a week (extra $200 – $275) a month
    – Take surveys (about $5 – $10) a month. I have a lot of time to kill at my job, so I might as well do something.
    – Coupon clipper. Never pay full price for anything. Probably average savings of about ($20 – $30) per trip.

    I’m making about $3.50 less than my previous job in Customer Service for a biotech company, but since I’m doing all the extras, I don’t notice the difference much.

  145. Brandon

    25, project manager for a global contract research organization; we get hired by pharmaceutical companies to run their clinical trials. 40 hours/week in the office, but work from home occasionally. Also in school part-time for my Masters.

    On the side, I do consulting work at the university hospital in my city regarding clinical trials: design, start-up, regulatory maintenance. Looking to expand this once school finishes, pick up a few extra clients and increase the income from this avenue.

  146. Chris

    I’m a Sales Engineer for a major oilfield services company. On the side I do occasional consulting for investment companies on the industry.
    We’re SINKs (single income, no kids), so we do have to watch where the money goes.

  147. liz

    legal aid lawyer. $45k/year. i could make much more in a firm, but like the guy in your post i prefer 40 hour weeks and interesting work with coworkers i enjoy being around to 80 hour weeks doing document review with a bunch of assholes.

  148. Pev

    hello, i’m 24, a marketing coordinator. I don’t make that much, and I would love to do something on the side like all of you; but my problem is that I’m still learning how to manage my time correctly to fit everything in – but it just hasn’t happened it. How do you guys time manage? Any tips?

  149. Jaime

    I’m a sales rep for an energy company. I made $53000 last year plus they pay for my health benefits. Sometimes I wish I could do something that pertains to my degree (advertising/marketing) but entry level jobs in those areas would most likely mean a paycut.

  150. SP

    I’m 21 and work as a Commercial Credit Analyst, approx. 40hrs/week. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything to do on the side for $.

  151. Ariella

    I’m an attorney in a small/medium midwestern city ($58,000 + bonus). I also teach Legal Research and Writing at my local law school ($8,000) and edit a defense-oriented journal that’s distributed throughout my state ($8,000). And in my spare time, I sleep! 😉

    No really, it helps that i love my job, love the law and love teaching. I’m going to quit the editing job soon, though, because it is way too much work and too stressful.

  152. steve

    I haul garbage, a self owned business. So, basically I throw money away.

  153. Linda

    I’m a 47 yo wife and mom with a degree in mechanical engineering.

    We own 3 rental homes and carry a mortgage on a 4th. Currently shopping around for another rental property. We’ve been completely debt free for over 15 years. ( Yes, that includes our home and the rental houses.)

    Husband works as engineering consultant from home. I pay the bills and manage the investments. Fortunately I had just liquidated most of our mutual funds to transfer our investments to a new brokerage was still trying to select new mutual funds when the stock market tanked. Pure dumb luck.

  154. Adam

    Undergrad student, pharmacy technician, and weekend debate coach.

  155. ssss

    i’m 32, a grad student (abd). so i work about 30-40 hours a week on dissertation writing and research, papers to be published , and fellowship applications for next year. right now i have a stipend from my school, but this is the last year. i also do freelance writing, but its very unpredictable, so that’s between 0 and 20 hours a week at about. i sell books and my girlfriend’s old toys on ebay and and i occasionally sell clothes and other house stuff online or in consignment stores.

  156. Joe K.

    I’m 23, 1st year out of school. Chemical engineer working for a very large chemical company. 40-50 hrs/week split 50-50 between desk work and field work (out in the chemical plant).

    On the side, (now don’t laugh or judge!) I count cards at blackjack. This brings in between +$1000 and ($500) per month, average about $300 extra per month. I make more than enough from my day job, but twice a month I take a trip to the casinos and try to supplement my income a little for some extra cash for luxuries.

  157. Brett H

    I’m 24 and just finished school. I’m now an environmental engineer working in a private consulting firm.

  158. stephanie

    I’m 24, working in res life on a college campus. I can’t officially have other jobs during the school year (I did work at a couple of summer camps last summer, though).

    For now, I’m also:
    -taking classes (free, since I work on campus) in an area unrelated to my undergrad major
    -working on a personal finance blog I recently started
    -volunteering: learning the ropes at a local organization so that soon I can start teaching small personal finance classes and meeting with clients individually to help with budgeting, etc.

    Basically, I’m working on putting things in place that can help me as I figure out where I want to go from here.

  159. Tiffany

    I work for a company that is contracted to do medicaid for the state. I’m making contacts with the state Health Department, and am fairly comfortable that, if there are cut backs and I am let go, that I would be secured a job with the state. I’ve also made sure I’ve learned as many jobs here as possible, so that I am more versitile to them.
    I work at least 40 hours a week, but try to do as much OT as they will let me(5-10 hours), which is time and a half. I also work every holiday, which is paid at times plus time and a half (so if I made 10 an hour, it’d be 25 on holidays).
    In addition to this I take three classes at a college near by for my accounting bachelors: Managerial Accounting, Financial Accounting and Business law this semester. I have a scholarship which covers about half of the costs of that.

    Between that and my volunteering stuff at church, I guess I’m more about making contacts and opportunities, then about making money.

  160. Terry

    I am a network administrator for the city where I live. I also have started a side business doing consulting work and basically offer the services of a full IT shop to small businesses.

    I also teach free classes at the local library about staying safe on the Internet and am about to start teaching a night class at Kaplan Career Institute once or twice a month.

  161. Lance

    I am an estimator/project manager for a construction company. To pull in some extra cash I donate plasma twice a week. I am also in the National Guard and I try to volunteer for extra courses there whenever possible. Total money made between National Guard and plasma is about $10,000.

  162. Jessica

    I am the Marketing and Innovation Leader for my local newspaper. On the side I referee Dodge ball games at the local YMCA. The dodge ball doesn’t pay much (it’s only 3hrs/wk) but I get to play one of the games while I work and I figure that gives me a little extra spending money too.

  163. Sara

    I’m a consultant and the editor of a trade publication for a small technology consulting company. I do freelance technical writing and photography on the side. I also rent a room in my house to a friend for extra income, and am frugal in places that are easy for me, such as being careful not to waste stuff and buying store brands. I am admittedly lazy about cooking at home though (and I’m single so it’s not that much cheaper anyway) so I usually order kids’ meals at restaurants and call it a day.

  164. Seth

    I do portrait photography on the side. It helps generate a little income, but I’m not quite as serious with it as I should be. School and family keeps me rather busy. I need to focus more attention to the photography biz to help generate some sort of substantial side-income though.

  165. Rhiannon

    I work as an Environmental Consultant, 40 hrs/week, $31,000/yr. I’m working towards a graduate certificate in geospatial information technologies, and training for a marathon, so don’t have the time (or the desire) to do much work for money on the side. The few things that I do for extra money are things that I enjoy: finding cheap books in thrift stores (and on my own bookshelves), reading them, and then selling them for more on Amazon; and pet-boarding at my house. I concentrate primarily, though, on frugality and am getting better at it all the time!

  166. Essavant

    I’m a design engineer for a commercial rocket and launch services company (we are really the only company that does this) in Southern California. On the side I own two businesses, one manufactures and sells an apparel product, and has become basically a flop. The other is just getting off the ground, and we represent high end apparel designers to boutiques, as well as sell online.
    I am married, debt free, and have never been in debt (excluding my home). My home mortgage is currently not underwater, but the property is worth less than it was when I bought 4 years ago. I have a dreaded 5-1ARM, that adjusts this year.
    I charge everything to rewards bearing credit cards, earning at least one free airline flight per year, plus cash for my fuel costs. My credit cards are paid off every month.
    I follow this blog every day, and have picked up a few pointers, and reassurances that I am doing the best I can.
    I’ve lost over 42% of my portfolio (401 k, IRAs, stocks) in 2008.

  167. Bradly Fletchall

    Server Support Engineer for an investment company is my side gig (doesn’t really make much money though- less than $600/year)

    Looking to increase blog revenue and find other opportunities to make extra spending cash.

    Paying for my $28,000.00 wedding and gonna buy a house soon.

  168. Keely

    I work as a real estate assistant 30 hours a week. To get extra income I do freelance online marketing for other agents in my office. I am working on building up a writing portfolio so I can do that as a career.

  169. Elizabeth

    Unemployed. I quit my job in September to travel for 3.5 months. Recently returned and looking for work related to criminal justice/community affairs/legislative affairs in Minneapolis. Run a blog for fun (makes a few bucks, but it’s not why I started it.) 24.

  170. pickeju

    – work as a programmer 9-5
    – donate eggs 1-2 times a year, about a month process each time, 2 hrs 3 days a week
    – voice acting for local radio, half an hour once or twice a week
    – opening an Etsy store, 3-4 hrs a week crafting jewelry
    – took advantage of the Ebay Wii craze to pay for Christmas last year

    I’m a little scattered with my efforts, but I feel like being diversified helps when the economy is down… so if one thing falls through, I have some other interests that are paying off somewhat. I’m still paying off student loans and credit cards from a medical emergency, so every little bit helps.

  171. Jake

    Day Job: Financial analyst at a University
    On the side: Jazz Saxophonist, Music Booking Agent

  172. Jackie

    I’m a special education teacher in a large inner city school district where I teach kids with multiple disabilities. For extra money, I became a club adviser and I joined an assistance team in the building. I also attend trainings where I get stipend pay. While the work environment can be quite hazardous at times, I have amazing health insurance that I don’t have to pay for. During the summers, I tutor and work at group homes.

  173. zach

    I’m a pilot flying those small regional jets everyone hates.
    –Typical duty week is on call four days (on-call because I’m new to the gig, only 22 years old) followed by three days off, usually end up flying 30-50 hours a month. This doesn’t count all the unpaid time between flights and away from home, which ends up being 200-300 hours a month.

    –Salary works out to about $1300/month after tax and insurance deductions. Student loan payments are around $850/mo. Posh life, huh?

  174. SamInLA

    I’m a Business Analyst for an insurance company in L.A. working 40+ hours/week with optional OT and excellent benefit. Working on getting my CFP to jump start a new career change. On the side, I do web design, photography, and advertisements for various small businesses. Own my own home and debt free….until i have to pay for a $30K wedding this year! Looking into starting a web design/advertising firm in the near future.

  175. Tyler

    25, software developer (BS in CIS). I 9 to 5 it and also do it as a side-gig for different people. I can imagine that doing something new for a month would be fun, but I can’t imagine any other job being as enjoyable as mine even after 8 years.

    I would love to start a business with a product, but so far I’m blind to the opportunities. Or be a partner in a business.

    I don’t ever want to go into management (unless it’s managing my own biz). I’ve met more unhappy managers than happy ones. The happy people are always the worker bees, and I’m fine with that. I love to work.

  176. Working Mom

    A marketing analyst for a Fortune 500 tech company making $80k. Trying to find freelance consulting, writing or editing work on the side to pay off debt faster, but having trouble finding the time to focus on it. Considering a career change going back to school for speech pathology.

  177. Ian Ultra

    28, learned last week I’ve been going through a “quarter-life” crisis for the past 6-8 months 🙂

    Work as a scientist for a mid-size consumer goods company, pays well.

    Work periodically as a 3D Technical animator making technical animation for all sorts of people/companies, self-employed.

    Committed to transitioning to being self-employed by July, regardless of recession. Need to spend a significant amount of time building on-line presence.

  178. ANW

    I’m a full-time student, and a server at a little restaurant.

  179. charles

    I taught school and did (sadly had to do it to make ends meet) something else. At the beginning I tutored children and taught night school. Later I realized I was “burning the candle at both ends” and tried out other options where pay did not have to go by hours in the day.

    My break came when I started out in residential real estate. I was able to make more money, much more money in r.e. than teaching school. Now I don’t teach anymore. It is a pity because I liked what I did and thought I was very good at it. Now I make much more money.

  180. Eric

    I’m 25 and an aerospace engineer for the USAF. Currently an O-1 Grade. I’m an extra in movies whenever possible. In Transformers 2, I was a royale marine color guard in a few scenes…. They pay minimum wage, but you earn about $100 a day since you’re there for 10+ hrs a day. They (Entertainment Partners) provide food and transportation during the set. Downside is I have to take leave days to participate…..

  181. Corey

    I’m a 21 year old web developer earning a living off of my web properties (ads and subscriptions). I take home about $12k/month for about 5 hrs. of work weekly.

    I’m also an artist, and that takes up most of my time. I lose a good $2k/month being an artist. It’s not exactly a prudent choice, but it’s who I am.

  182. Vicente

    I am 26 Years old. I am a business developer for an industrial construction materials manufacturer. I make over 50k/year and I am a realtor part time. I make an average $3400.00 monthly renting properties for focus since buying/selling is extremely slow now.
    For the last 4 months that I have been doing it I’ve seen my savings increase nicely.
    My Monthly expenses are less than $1300.00 per month. My car is paid off and I have a small student loan (sine I was a resident advisor during college). I am projecting to make over $100,000 this year just 4 years after college. No bad right? Good luck all.

  183. Minoan

    I’m a journeymen pipe fitter from a union hall. Traveling three hours round trip, and working six days at ten hours, sometime eight hours on Sunday. In the near future starting an new career in market finance.

  184. Brian

    35yo Work in the Oil and Gas industry as an Electrical/Electronic systems maintenance supervisor. Have been working offshore West Africa since late 2004 but move with contracts for exploration. I work a month then off a month at about 175k. Have a few rental properties I enjoy working on and everything else is about Family and Church.

  185. Clara Mathews

    I am a Corporate Concierge at a high rise office building. And I am still trying to figure out how to make extra money with my 2 blogs.

  186. Luxy

    19, 3rd year undergraduate, almost finished my 1st degree in commerce and just started my science as well. I’m in summer school at the moment.

    5 hours a week, 1 hour a day at summer school checking lecture theatres in the morning, its great cause it gets me outta bed earlier than I would usually.

    Casual work 5 – 40 hours a week as a public transport ambassador when needed.

    5 hours a week doing filing and achieving for a CPA.

    I still live with my parents so expenses aren’t much of an issue.

  187. pev

    I guess no tips on time management from anyone yet?

  188. BD

    Late twenties, Economist, scholarship through Grad School so luckily for me debt is not an issue.

    Investments/ pension fund got crushed in 2008, currently studying more within the finance realm but the next thing I study will be outside of finance (whilst I am still in it I hope…)

  189. CCJ

    I’m a 26-yr-old union singer-actor who lives and auditions in New York, and who travels all over the country for when I book gigs.
    20 hours a week web consulting/editing/copywriting for a healthcare startup web-based company on the west coast.

  190. Snoop

    I’m 30, working as Software Engineer for a top Financial firm. Pays well for working 45-50 hr/week.

    Volunteer tutor on the side teaching English. My intention is to teach/tutor on the side at a local institute or University for pay in the future.

  191. PJ

    34 years old. Been working as an urban transportation planner for almost 6 years, mostly on rail corridor studies and bus service planning and operations. I also do advisory work on energy issues at the state government level.

  192. JZ

    25, business development analyst at a entertainment/media company. I just lost all my money and ruined my credit through real estate and then trying to develop and market eBooks online. I’m now onto my third business venture with whatever I can scrape together. I realized about 18 months ago I’ll never be happy until I’m working for myself and dictating my own schedule, so I’ll continue trying until I do just that.

  193. Mindy

    Age 43, work 40 +/- hours as an ophthalmic technician (23 years) with a solo practitioner who works part time and I earn $31,000 currently, editorial work for a university publication (hours and earnings vary widely, 100 hours and $2000 per year). I am also doing editorial work for producing an encyclopedia, having put in about 50 hours of work and haven’t seen a dime yet “because of the economic slowdown.” I’m currently renegotiating this contract.

    I’m currently looking for a job at a larger medical practice where the economic rewards will be larger. I’ve stuck with it this long (19 years) because it was convenient to commute to the university where I was working my degree (took me 12 years of working full time and going to school part time, but I finished!).