Watch everyone else set New Year’s resolutions. You know better.

Ramit Sethi

The Year of Unapologetic Matery

Happy New Year!

Each year, I start off with a theme for the year.

2012 was the year of mastering the game being played around you.

2013 was the year of taking control.

What will 2014 be?

To come up with the answer, a few months ago, I asked some of my readers for their toughest questions. I was hoping for questions on psychology, personal development, careers, social skills, negotiation, entrepreneurship, maybe even a few questions about Indian people.

Here are some of the actual questions I got:

  1. “Do you believe in Ancient Aliens?” –Samantha

  2. “How to get that ‘fuck you money’?” –Sanjaya

  3. “Can you imagine (and this should take some time) losing several of those things most dear to you (your entire family/your professional reputation/your home/your Stanford connections, etc)? I mean it, really dig deep into the misery, stay there for a while. Then, can you imagine how you would start again? You are alone; it all has to come from the now-depleted you. Where would the light first begin to re-enter?” –Jane

THOSE ARE REAL QUESTIONS. Forgive me while I take a few moments to ponder where the light of my heart is going to re-enter my life, or whatever that last question says.

On Monday, I’ll be sharing the 2014 theme with you. Stay tuned.

For now, turn on the news. Visit your favorite website. Notice everyone talking about New Year’s resolutions…and know that you’re going to focus on SYSTEMS over WILLPOWER. As Scott Adams said, “Losers have goals. Winners have systems.”

This is going to be the best year yet.


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P.P.S. What’s one thing you want to accomplish this year but you’re not sure how? Leave a comment (even anonymously). I’ll try to help if I can.

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  1. Watch everyone else set New Year’s resolutions. You know better. | Enjoying The Moment

    […] Watch everyone else set New Year’s resolutions. You know better. is a post from: I Will Teach You To Be Rich. […]

  2. Danny

    My new year resolution would be, finding my dream job on creative industry where I can work remotely and have flexible hours. However, I’m not sure how.

    I’ve been on the same job (not on creative industry) for 2 years just because it close enough to my home and the boss allow me to work remotely recently. I’m really eager to work with a team where I can put my skills into work and to be top performer.

    What would you suggest a person with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) approach to a job opening and explain to employers (through e-mail) that I’m willing to work full time, but from home so that I don’t have to endanger myself by leaving the house to go to the office ? because my condition has worsen recently.

    Thank You, Ramit !

    • Radan

      Exactly what is that “creative industry” you have in mind?

      These days a lot of companies are turning to remote work ( so it’s more of a matter of looking at the exact job you want. If you’re good enough, there is a good chance there will be a company willing to let you work remotely in order to get the best.

  3. Joe @ Budget Breakaway

    Happy New Year Ramit!

    This year I’ve began to condition myself to replace unproductive habits with productive ones; e.g. replacing playing computer games with checking my finances…

    I’m really starting to enjoy working and this year I’m going to focus on doing one thing every day that will make a real difference to my financial success.

    Thanks for all of your emails in 2013!

    All the best

  4. Kathlyene

    What I want most right now is marriage and children. I recently split with my last boyfriend and am looking to meet someone I can start a family and grow with.

    • Heidi Lauren Duke

      Cheers, Kathlyene! I want this too but have basically put it on the sidelines, because contrary to my other goals, it is hard to have control over.

      One thing I do have control over is examining the relationships I do have in my life, figuring out which ones I need to cultivate and which ones I can let go. So if I do go out on dates or to meet new people, I really know why I’m doing it.

      Best wishes!

  5. Adnan

    This year I want to take my blog to a decent level and try some of the systems i have developed.. let’s see what happens..
    any suggestions for building a system which sustains and bring you results?

    • Ramit Sethi

      What kind of specific results?

  6. M

    Between work, three little girls and trying to spend time with my wife, I’ve been unable to keep connected with my friends and family (I’m Indian so the family is pretty large). Most of my friends and family are scattered and not near me. I want more then the usual “twice a year phone call”. I want to be a part of their lives and I would like them to be a part of my daughters lives. What kind of system can I use?

    • Ramit Sethi

      It could be as simple as a notepad with everyone’s names, a check mark next to their name once you call/see them. Or an Excel spreadsheet. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

    • Alberto

      If you want something more fancy you can try Contactually (, they offer a free plan with basic features which could be enough for you (that’s the one I’m using).

      The advantage of that tool is that it allows you to connect twitter, facebook and linkedin to gather your contacts and have them all of them in the same database to track and follow up.

      PS: I have no relationship with Contactually and as Ramit said an Excel spreadsheet could make the trick

  7. T

    Continue on my journey of following God’s plan for me and to become a full time missionary.

  8. Kelly

    How to empower women using my voice, fashion & beauty knowledge where I don’t have to write a blog.

  9. Lacey

    Hey, there. Happy New Year, Ramit.

    I will attack current & new PR strategies like never before. I will obtain publicity through local TV, as well as major online news outlets. I’ll sleep later.

  10. Gwynneth

    Raise my credit score by 100 points

    • Ramit Sethi

      This is a good one. Out of curiosity, why is this your goal? (And to do it, get Chapter 1 of my book. It will show you how.)

  11. Ned Dinkins

    This year I will get that new career I’d been chasing for the last 9 years.

  12. Lori

    Building personal branding to increase reach in community, business and socially.

    • Ramit Sethi

      I’m trying to get us to be more specific. What does this mean? How will you know if you’ve succeeded or failed?

  13. J

    Last year was the year of reflection and understanding myself better.I honestly can see why a lot of my goals were not accomplished..My biggest down fall was not taking action..starting nov 2013 I decided I wasn’t going to wait until 2014 to hit floor running..My most productive months were the last two of the year..This year I going to put all my experience to work..I will book my concert whether I find an investor or use my own money

  14. Hank Whitsett

    Allow the music career to fully flower, empower the people around me to express their creative spirit, build performance frequency and impact, the music publishing catalog and recording business to a tipping point where dream turns to burgeoning collaborative community. Happy New Year, and let the light shine into your tortured, depleted soul, Ramit… ~: )

  15. Ste

    I’d like to get a higher paid job but no matter how many CV’s or positions I apply to I never get the job, don’t make it even to the interview. Honestly, I don’t know yet which path to follow in my career even though I recycle myself attending technical courses (IT field) but another line in my CV doesn’t seem to matter. I have some years of experience but I don’t know if the problem is that I’m not a native English speaker and so they reject me when I apply to foreign positions, or I need some specialization. Regarding contacts, I don’t have too many. I’m not confortable with people at work, although I try to get along with them.

  16. Natacha

    One thing I really want and don’t know how to do to get there: build a loving and satisfying relationship (fall in love with someone and no fear of missing out while being with that person, real connection & growing together).
    I am sure you have some insight on that because I feel like that is something you have been interested about and worked on.

  17. Randi

    Happy New Year, Ramit!
    I am responding to your P.P.S

    I want to grow my consultancy to work with social change and faith based organizations globally. Since my business is only one year old, I’m still in a phase where it’s hard to turn clients away (even if they don’t fit the profile of the kind of client I’d like to work with). Doing this, I end up working on projects that I do not necessarily enjoy, but I need the income.

    In 2013, I worked with a small, faith based organization in Oman for 4 weeks. I LOVED it and want to continue working with clients like them. Since that project, I have struggled to get into that niche. I was able to work with the Oman client because the Executive Director is a good friend. As an American consultant, how can I do this with overseas organizations when I don’t have a friend on the inside?

    • Li-ling

      Hi Randi, Could you not ask for recommendations from the friend that you worked with?

  18. Gretchen

    Quit my comfortable but decent-paying government job to work for myself–while not going into debt.

  19. Sylvia

    Practice violin every damn day no matter how many life responsibilities or other people are clamoring for my attention, or how much I’m afraid of re-injuring myself—which makes me avoid even picking up the instrument to practice in the focused way that helps me to not get injured.

  20. Ian

    Hi Ramit,

    I’m a big fan of your work. Believe it or not, I picked up your book at a Canadian bank when I was travelling! Then I totally got hooked on IWT.

    My New Years Resolution: I want to make my personal development book a NYT bestseller, just like you did 😀 You told us the value of focusing ruthlessly on the #1 goal and I did. However I’m not sure sure how I’d go about achieving this. I did research, but many articles tend to recommend major media placement, as well as rapid weekly book sales (which is the end result anyway!). Nothing of a concrete system to speak of.

    What’s the most crucial action step you would recommend me doing?

  21. N.

    Ramit, there’s one thing above all else that I would like to accomplish this year. I’d like to get better. For the first few years of my illness, I kept trying to ignore it and still pursue my goals (getting my graduate degree and starting a business). Of course, I never got anywhere because everyhting I did made my health worse. I’m still optimistic about the future and have finally started to take my illness seriously this past year and a half (I was in denial for quite some time). It’s been especially difficult as my physical self (including mental issues, such as fatigue) are not able to keep up with my ambition and motivation. Anyway, I try to live in the present moment, but I enjoy reading your material when I’m able to. It helps keep my spirits up by reminding me of my dreams (which are much more specific now thanks to you) and my plans for pursuing them when I’m finally able to function on a daily basis. Happy New Year, Ramit. Thank you for posting such great material and improving my quality of life by making me realize that success is possible, as long as you make the effort. 🙂

    • J

      Wow, do I relate to that one! I bounce back and forth trying to deal with my health issues and keep my dreams alive to boost my mental health and positive outlook but it is apparent that this method isn’t going to work. My health is continuing to worsen and I have a disorder that is little understood so I can’t even find medical professionals that know what to try.

      Ramit’s material has really helped me too just by realizing that there is hope and I take on tiny bits of his systems at a time. Sending you healing thoughts!

  22. Andrae Henry

    My goal for the new year is to get a mobile application made for my online location database and expand it to the rest of the Caribbean

  23. Amanda

    I want to be less impulsive about spending!

  24. J Bushnell

    Ramit…I appreciate your systems approach to accomplishment. This year my goal is to generate $5MM In custom foam parts sales to OEM clients. My thought about tactics include WP website…online CRM and video blog…use of telemarketing firm for appointment setting. Not sure best place to start and how to accomplish…other then to ‘choose, put head down and do the work.’ Thanks for asking…best wishes for another great year!

  25. Jeremy

    For about three and a half years now, I have had the same resolution– find a job in the legal field. To accomplish this resolution, I decided to find a volunteer postion to boost my almost two years of legal experience. Even with an overnight full time retail job,I can make an attempt to make better contacts and meet the right people to advance my career. I tried grad school but its getting too expensive. If any one has any advice, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  26. Baby

    Pay off all my credit card debts.

  27. annonymus

    I started a wedding floral and tabletop design business 2 years ago with a friend. I stopped taking clients when we moved few months ago, and my friend had moved year prior and left the business. We booked fast and were published in online wedding blogs within 3 months. I was very successful quickly, but found it a hard business dealing with bridzillas and the labor is intense. I loved the design work and business building. I am trying to take those skills and build a new scalable business using that skill set – sans no crazy brides. I have young children so scalability is important. Would love any feedback. I will relaunch this year – that is my goal.

  28. Janet Hill

    I have worked retail at the same company for over 18 yrs. This year I would like to find a new job ( not in retail ). How can I accomplish this?

  29. Ellen

    Identify a field I’d like to work in and move to a job that’s challenging, with better pay and conditions than my current job.

  30. Zoli

    Happy New Year Ramit!

    You asked what’s 1 thing I wanna accomplish in 2014.

    I’d say: balance.

    You were blaming on goal-setting. For me goals are working well and I was happy to see it in your Earn1K.

    What pisses me off is that anytime one partof my life starts working well — others areas crash. I just immigrated and I see the continuous development in my financial life. On the other hand I have no social life, stopped going out, and gained back a lot of weight.

    It seems I can only focus on 1 thing at a time and I’m getting farer from my dreams in all others things.

    I’m interested: how to YOU keep balance?

    Thanks, I hope this will be the BEST YEAR in your entire life yet! Stay awesome!

  31. brina

    Happy New Year Ramit! This year I would like to publish a scientific paper on my research as a MSc student and graduate with a Distinction.

  32. Adam

    My goal this year is to change my behavior. I notice that I’m pretty good at coming up with advice for myself on what I should be doing, but I have a difficult time doing it. I need to have a system to overcome my inaction, rather than a list of things I ought to do, because creating a good list and then not following through just makes me feel bad.

  33. Mich

    What I want to achieve this year is to start up my own t-shirt business. I do have a rough plan in place, but what I need to learn and find out more about is how to build and put in place an effective system. Cheers!

    • Andie

      Will you be producing the t-shirts from scratch or only doing the design part? There are so many t-shirt businesses out there, what makes yours stand out? Would really love to hear more. Cheers!

  34. AE

    Get beyond my fear of rejection.

  35. terra

    Launching my coaching practice and becoming sufficient enough to quit my day job and relocate to be with my man. that is the big theme for 2014.

    • Andie

      Hi Terra! What exact steps will you take to launch your coaching practice? Good luck with your goals!

  36. E.

    I need help breaking my addiction to the internet. Every day I have things I want to do. Every day I spend 10 hours on facebook. I know that this isn’t what I want from my life. It’s a way of handling anxiety. But I’m not sure where to start in changing.

  37. Ken

    Hey Remit! First off. Wanted to let you know that I really like how you spill everything into your emails and get right to the heart of it. So.. Thank you! This year I have a system to get organized and fit and healthy. Both mentally and physically. Do u have any advice or suggestions?

  38. Will

    Create and grow multiple income streams (4, currently have 1) that earn me $20k net/month by summertime, while having 2 be passive.

    • Ginny

      I like your goal, Will!
      What is your current stream and what ideas do you have for the other three?

  39. Carlos

    Pay off school loans and then sign up for earn 1k

  40. Anshu

    These are the goals I have for my business this year. I dont have an idea on how I am going to achieve it, but right now I’m on my first step:

    -Turnover of $50K in year 2014
    -sell 50 dresses per month for at least 3 months

  41. Marc

    Time mastery. Learn to use time wisely to accomplish major goals without sacrificing family life.

  42. Kent V

    I suspect for many it’s going to be a question this year of breaking out of the “ignored many” crowd into the “noticed few” and learning to cut through the BS of traditional advice (that you so aptly skewer).

    This will involve getting a much better handle on the “mindsets” of others around you including prospects and go-betweens. Too much time spent on your own inner mindset is very limiting, since there has never been an inner game that can write checks or choose to undetake a value transaction with you. This amounts to closing that gap between what we claim to want and what others actually value notwithstanding their own hangups and inertia.

  43. Carol

    I want my husband and I to stop hoping/expecting things to happen and begin making them happen. He’s building success as a writer but the money isn’t there and it weighs heavily. Meanwhile I’m in a full time job that’s hardly covering the rent. It feels like we’re about 15 years behind everyone else.

  44. Paul

    Happy New Year Ramit – thank you for all your hard work.

    This year I will establish a mobile text-based marketing company to help my business-owner friends connect to their customers.

    My challenge is to develop the systems and platform while lacking knowledge to develop it by myself, or funds to hire developers. The sales I can take care if fairly easily. 🙂

  45. Eva

    Find 10 – 12 people that join my first ever Yoga Ski holiday in the French Alps end March (Powder Yogi facebook). I live in London there should be loads of interest but not sure where to start finding them!

  46. Charlotte H

    Fall into a wonderful, love relationship AND double my business.

  47. Todd

    I need to rebuild my network with people who are in a position to provide substantive help. I spent 10 years developing a good reputation and network only to find out when the bottom dropped out, no one in my network was in a position to help. I’ve been completely taken out of the market. But, I’m in a new market now, with new players. I need to develop a network of people that are actually in a position to help rather than people who are simply hoping that what happened to me doesn’t happen to them.
    Good luck (better yet, happy system building) in 2014.

  48. Nathaniel Wyckoff

    Hi Ramit,

    You once recommended a book entitled “The Power of Full Engagement.” I have recently started reading it, and I am very interested in its ideas for managing energy in all areas of life. A personal goal for me is to implement the authors’ system fully, to achieve the balance between stress and recovery that they describe.

  49. Sarah

    I want to become confident and vivacious and comfortable with myself, so that I can bring in success to every aspect of my life.

  50. Judy

    Finish my degree that I started to work on but life keeps pulling me away from.

  51. Jonathan

    Hello Ramit,

    I a 25 year old recent GSU grad. I incorporated a residential contracting business in 2008. Ive learned a whole lot through mistakes and really want to take this business to another level.

    Its relatively easy to enter the home business ( word of mouth, flyers, yard signs, etc) but the “real” money seems to be in commercial projects which seems like an elusive niche to get into. There arent many resources provided. What can you suggest to connect myself into this segment?,

  52. A

    I want to land an awesome sustainbility job, in other words a dream job. And just thinking about it freaks me out. Mainly, I think, because ‘sustainability’ is huge, even when I’m more specific about it, it’s still huge and sort if fuzzy. The core being I don’t know what I want. And I guess I don’t quite know how to get specifik enough to be able to powerfully go for it. I know I need to do my research, but I don’t feel confident in what questions to ask to get to what I need/want to know. Basically triggering a fear that I will waste people’s time and make an ass out of myself.

  53. Ashley

    My goal for 2014 is to pay off my student loans.

  54. Joey

    Create systems in my business and other revenue streams to bring in $1k per day .

  55. Jasmine

    One thing to accomplish this year for me is building a successful side business into a consistent income that can replace my full time job if necessary without full time hours yet. Thank God I know this awesome Asian dad known as Ramit Sethi. Here’s to a year of systems that push me when energy is low, and great posts in my inbox that kick my butt to get my energy back up again too. Thanks, I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have without your help.

  56. Amber J

    I want 2014 to be the year where my business’s expenses are not far greater than the income. The last 3 years I have been trying to find the right pricing structure to bring in clients but also pay the bills. So far, I have not succeeded in anything except burning myself out. With baby #3 due this spring, my focus for the business will be to increase my husband’s workload so he can pursue his photography passion and stop wasting hours every day looking for a job that will cover the household bills but not fulfill his desire for real estate photography.

  57. Jane

    Ramit, the biggest thing that I want to accomplish is actually following through with my system. I make everything from elaborate to simple systems, but can’t go more than a few days until the system is thrown out the window either through irregular events that clog it up, or through my own laziness taking over. I’m set to get over the laziness aspect this year, once and for all.

  58. Susan

    This year I want, better yet need, to become financially stable.

  59. RB

    Goal: 10% body fat. I’m 19.2% now. 174 pounds. 6’1″. 40 years old. Achieved the goal once before and stayed there for a year in 2006. I eat clean. Yoga inconsistently. Fast regularly.

  60. Diana

    To be able to gain good muscle and build a strong heart. I’m tired of being called skinny and having to make food choices round the clock.

  61. Anon

    Winners use systems. This would explain why I was able to obtain a BA and MA (follow the syllabus), run a 5k, 10k, and half marathon (there’s a daily app for that) and learn enough French to travel alone to Paris and roam the streets (Pimsleur method…30 mins a day).

    However, the system of completely transforming my life…where is that one. If there are so many aspects or even areas that need to be changed, where do you start? My theme for 2014 is Transformation (maybe a bit vague) and self love.

  62. CH

    Shine in the interview of my dream job coming in 2 weeks !!!

  63. Jennie

    This year I will be paying off one of my large student loans by June 25th, my birthday. I made significant progress in 2013 by throwing an extra $1000/month at it. To accomplish this I will need to pay $1500 above the minimum, which requires working an average of 64 hours per week. I typically work between 50-70 hours a week (I’m a lawyer) so this is a lot but possible.

  64. Farhan

    I’ll say this for most of the guys out there. Couple a of guys have told me this and a bunch of guys are focus on tackling this issue in Hong Kong.


    It’s killing the minds of people. And I’m sure there are many men out there battling this. This would be one of the 20% of the 80/20 for improving quality of life through habit change.

    Check this out :


    • Lina

      Hi Farhan, i saw your post and i thought i had to answer to it.
      If you really have an addiction, then yes, you should try therapy or something, but watching porn isn’t necessary a bad thing at all. What i think your goal should be is to stop feeling guilty. When you forgive yourself you’ll start seeing porn as such an important thing, and then you’ll enjoy it just as a tool.

    • Farhan

      To Lina,

      I’m not sure if its a good things. Guys tell me how they want to get out of if. Just speaking for them.. and Ramit is all about habit change.. so regardless of whether it’s good or not.. if Ramit can tackle this one.. Hands down he’s King of habit change!!

  65. Frank

    This year I need to focus on systems.
    First priority is to be debt free:
    – 6,000 credit card
    – 5000 car
    – 250,000 house
    – 17,400 home equity loan
    – 2,500 other misc. debt
    Second priority is to stay out of debt. How?

  66. Allison

    This year I want to minimize. I have too much crap in my house that I don’t need but have a hard time getting rid of. I spend most of my free time cleaning and organizing and moving around all of this stuff instead of doing things that will help me reach my goals!

  67. Mark

    In one year, my goal for my new consulting / product business is to be able to afford to pay myself and my partner each $250K. In 2013, as an independent contractor, I made $180K, so this is not unfathomable.

  68. bryan

    What I want to accomplish this year… Sell my house in an unfavorable market & buy my dream home.

  69. anon

    I want to get out of my own way and finally start a business. I am my own worst enemy and keep holding myself back.

  70. Carolyn

    The third question in your last email resonates with me because I have lost everything. I am estranged from all of my family because I refuse to allow them to bully me any longer. This change in relationship dynamics, of course, has made them very unhappy with me. I am in the beginning stages of divorce from my husband – he loathes me for insisting on parenting our daughter, even though that requires some amount of confrontation occasionally – something he avoids at all costs. And the aforementioned daughter is heading off to college in the fall of 2014. I enjoyed a successful 15 year career in software testing prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom 18 years ago. Unfortunately, I do not have a college degree and have not kept my computer skills up-to-date over the years. Add to that my age (50+) and I am not a good candidate for positions in my previous field. All this considered, I need to find a position that I can not only support myself and help pay for college expenses, but also continue to build my meager retirement nest egg. And, no, I don’t know where the light is going to come from or how it will get into the dark and bleak future I’m facing. Good thing is – I have a very strong character and strong belief in myself. I am detail oriented, have great organizational skills, and an enthusiastic personality. I am strong in mathematics and learn new things quickly and thoroughly. These are the things I have going for me. Understandably, I am afraid and slightly insecure about how to proceed. Appreciate any feedback/advice.

    • Maria

      Unemployed but educated and professionally experienced folks over 50 are having a hard time in the job market.

      Ramit, I am sure this lady has a lot to offer and doesn’t consider herself to be a “special snowflake” but age discrimination in todays job market is a REAL problem. Can you help with a dream job webinar for over 50 folks?

  71. C. Bryan

    This year I would like to achieve real location freedom, to live abroad with my family while freelancing.

  72. DJ Reggie Beas

    moving to Dallas in May of 2014 and reestablishing my nightclub DJ brand without starting completely over from the bottom.

  73. Heather

    I lost everything in 2012… and I gained it all back and more. It’s not the first time in my life… as a matter of fact, I have been homeless 3 times in my life. Each hardship in life teaches lessons and I have learned so much.

    This year I will start a detox center where people who have been poisoned by mold and environmental illness can go to recover, detox and learn to live healthier lives. There will be systems and networks in place to help people fix their homes, build new homes and clean the air so that their homes are safe to live in. We will help people who have lost everything gain it all back and more. Abundance is all around us. Grab it and pass it on.

    I would love your help. 🙂

    • Karine Frigon

      Wow Heather! That’s awesome! Long life to your projects!

  74. Sherpa

    Begin a trusting and committed relationship, which first requires finding a partner who I’m willing to begin with.
    I have a list of “deal breakers” so long that it’s almost impossible for anyone to qualify. And the very rare occasions I do meet someone with potential, they’re already involved with someone else. Being in my 40s the pool seems to shrink each year.
    The deal breaker list is so long now that I haven’t been on a date for years – every single person “fails” in some way so I don’t even bother “wasting my time” on a first date.
    I can see the situation very clearly, know I’m the source of it, yet continue in my unwillingness to “settle”.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Not sure if you’re a man or woman, but either way, check out this book. It’s really good.

    • Karine Frigon

      Sherpa: What about enjoying activities you like, worrying less about it and stop looking? At some point, everybody in your life is a blessing to know more about what you look for in that special someone. Pursue your dreams, meet new friends! Get social and enjoy the process! 🙂 P.S. I’m 39, single and happier than ever! Being single is not an illness, right? 🙂 It’s good that the pool is shrinking: It’s not the pool that is important, nor it’s important if there’s enough water to swim. Get a swimsuit and go into the ocean!

    • Sherpa

      That book looks like it could be valuable. Thanks for the recommendation, Ramit – much appreciated.

      I’m a guy looking for a woman, by the way – the hardest deal breaker not to compromise is that I don’t want children and most women do…

    • Sherpa

      @Karine, thanks – and that’s exactly what I do! Life is great, I can’t recall being more satisfied overall, yet always looking for new ideas and opportunities – in this case I can see some wonderful opportunities in sharing many of life’s adventures with someone more than a friend.
      I liked your blog post of August 23rd by the way…

  75. Stephen

    Goal for 2014? Right now I am on an LOA from my retail job so I could put my full faith and emphasis on a new career. If I wanted a new retail job I could just go get one, employers expect high turnover in retail and mine is not as bad as most. That is not what I want, I want to start doing Project management, but most places need certifications or industry specific experience and I cannot wait a couple months/years earning little and saving less until I land my own project. My goal is to have a paid project participant role by February 1st in any industry (PM experience is usually transferable) and pay my bills. I guess if that means part time on the side it means less hours at home, but this is my new career goal and it will pay off big if I invest in it now. I just need help convincing my wife who has given me four wonderful boys and stays home to care for them (she is resistant to change). Any advice to getting into project management without having certification yet, even a participant role, would be helpful. (Really what I want is to finish my secret success formula, but as I do I realize there is no way to leave out the effort to get to success, [(effort+knowledge)•networking]/time=success

  76. Adnan

    the result i want is to reach UK specific audience….. specially the parents who want to improve their perspective on money and how they can transfer better money habits to their children.. I believe immigrants from sub-continents can teach a lot to Brit population because of the way they live a frugal and financially disciplined life while being expats..

    In 2014, I want to achieve only result of how delivering contents which produce results for the readers..

    any suggestions? should i use reddit or moneysavingexpert forums for collecting data and experimenting?

  77. Josiane

    wow. I tried to thing what is my main goal this year and it’s hard to find. Last year I decided I would be health ( and did! Yeah ) and will keep going I sstill need to lose weight. I left my job to be my own boss ( giving private english/portuguese classes ) and it’s not working yet. So the logical thought would be: I want my bussiness to work or I want I job better than the one I had, money. But actually what bothers me is my lack of focus and my huge hability to procrastinate. So that’s it! This year I want to have rotine, be organizaned, to have focus and determination with that I get all the rest ! How do I get this????????????? I was a mess my whole life. Never finished a single thing, not even college ( which I plan going back nest year )…. but I’ll do my best.

  78. Dawn

    This year I want to stop preparing for death and start preparing for life.

    I peeked too early in life, amazing things happened in my early 20’s and went through 2 tough breakups, that I’ve allowed until now to shape my indifference to the things I once was passionate about: life and people. I sometimes wonder am I looking at the past with rose tinted glasses, or is it that I miss the connection, significance, wholesomeness I once felt in those past relationships. I feel ever so lonely, and not knowing how to be at peace with that is the hardest part.

    Hmm, I know what I need to do more of, but a big part of me wants it to come easily to and for me. I feel embarrassed writing that, because I feel it is not healthy to have a sense of entitlement. They don’t call it work for nothing. I can either continue in my defeated, self pity indulgences or I can do something about it. Plus it’s hardly admirable that those tendencies have spilled over to all the other areas in my life. Fix up and look sharp…here goes to something.

  79. Nick

    I want to own the shit out of 2014. Seriously, I want to make everyday the greatest accomplishment of my life. Then do it again. every. freaking. day.

    I don’t want to have time to do nothing. I don’t want pity. I don’t want excuses, hell, I don’t even want time to write this post. As Eric Thomas says “I want it as bad as I want to breathe.”

    Yup, time to make some moves.

  80. Kelly N

    What I would really like to accomplish is setting up an automated business online reselling a product to a niche market that yields 1k a week with only 2 hours of work. Much like Tim Ferriss discusses in 4 hour work week. Its a goal but the key is getting laser specific, creating a plan, and executing the plan with direct weekly steps to achieve the goal. 2014 you’re my bitch now

  81. Glinis

    My goal for the first quarter of this year is to reduce my debt of usd 50,000 by 75% am yet to figure out how but i need to sort this out and move on with the rest of my life.

  82. Rahul

    Hi Ramit,

    Happy New Year!

    2013 was awesome and I am looking forward to 2014.

    I consider this time as the opportunity to make myself better.

    I was always an introvert person, so from now on decided to be more active and social or extrovert.

    My resolutions for the new year are to be better for myself, for my family, friends and for my organization.

    Here’s to an awesome 2014!

  83. Matt

    I am going to find a better, more appropriate job, which is why I still read your writings, even though I can’t afford your products. I recently bought and am reading “What Color is Your Parachute?” and the already first chapter has a lot of the points you’ve raised over the years. ie. it’s more than just the resume.

  84. Winson Teo

    I want to double the profit from my side biz from $2500/mth to $5000/mth and quit my day job in June this year so that I can spend more time with my family. I should be looking into my sales funnel and see which part should be tuned. But as most of my leads come from Facebook, I’m struggling to measure my leads.

  85. Nick V

    This year I am going to graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree and use the networks of my contacts to land a job or internship. I will also narrow down grad schools and bolster my Quantitative Score on my GRE. And learn the guitar, because we all need to have a way to relax.

  86. Mike

    It may sound greedy but there are multiple things I need. I need to hit the ground running, stop being lazy and get to the gym. Get my health back. I need to start a business where I enjoy waking up in the morning and giving 110% and get paid wages that are worth my true value. I need to get my faith back and keep a positive attitude instead of looking at the world negatively feeling sorry for myself. I need to build a systematic way to perform all these things and still give time to my wife! I need to stop dreaming and start doing! I need direction to begin a system and I need to follow that system instead of being a quitter!

  87. Joshua

    Get a job at a cpa firm

  88. Anonymous

    This year I want to start a family which entails 1) finding a man to start it with & 2) getting pregnant.
    I have been out of the dating game for a long time (3 years) and have just started dating again. Because I want to attract a top notch man, I am investing a lot in personal & professional development [benefits me too, of course]. While I’m starting to attract a better caliber, I need to up the #s – basically have decided to apply the DJ system to achieve this goal (Tier 2 = practice for social skill improvement; Tier 1 = mariage material). Still wading through Tier 2 and not certain how to a) access or b) approach Tier 1.

  89. Elvia

    One thing I want to accomplish this year is to change from the legal field into the healthcare field. I already have an interview with a hospital set up for next week and now I’m practicing for my interview 🙂

  90. Shayra

    Happy New Year Ramit!

    This year I want to save enough money to go to the world cup in Brazil but I am unsure of how I am going to accomplish this. I also want to receive at least 10,000 in scholarships to study abroad in France.

    Thank you for all your e-mails in 2013. I am looking forward to reading your e-mails in 2014.

  91. Bob

    I need to secure at least one holiday let in my holiday apartment in turkey. How do find the right renters coming to my listing and actually renting the apartment?


  92. Abc

    My family business is in debt. Over $10 million. My dad passed away recently and I’ve been trying to get us out of debt for the past two years by selling off property, etc. Set goals, visualized, networked like hell and worked my ass off. But so many things seem out of my control. Litigations mostly. Nothing’s moving forward. In fact the bank now wants more money since we’ve delayed paying its dues. I want to get my family biz out of debt this year and I have no idea how. My strategy is to try and control what I can, do my best and not worry about shit I can’t control. But is that enough? I really don’t know and it’s frustrating.

    • Mike

      Focus on your most profitable customers: find out why they are your most profitable customers then get more like them. Fire your unprofitable customers. You can only sell assets and cut costs so much!

  93. Neal

    Hi Ramit,

    A happy and prosperous year to you. For me I want to negotiate a leave of absence for a year. With my time off I want to expand my consulting business I started when I took your earn 1k program. I have a couple of other projects that tie in with my consulting work that are important for me to pursue.

  94. av

    $20,000 in business (or a minimum of 10 clients) by end of 2014.

  95. Rowan

    This year I want to adjust how I operate my consultancy, adding automated streams of income/information products with the ultimate goal of cutting my “face to face” hours in half and tripling my income.

    That luxury will free time for travel, artistic pursuits that are not automatic money generators, and potentially a family at some point in the distant future.

    This may not all happen this year, but I do intend to get the ball rolling with the automation.

  96. Emily

    I want to figure out how to consistently take time to take care of myself (exercise, journal writing, etc.) without feeling guilty for taking time away from my family.

  97. Ali

    This year I want to publish a paper in a peer-reviewed journal (I’m a grad student in science). I’m a fairly good writer, and have received funding thanks to grants I’ve written, so my ideas must have SOME value (at least to other people!)

    What happens is this: I’ll write a draft, get some feedback, address the “easier” criticisms right away, and then get stuck on a big question or an intellectual challenge raised by the criticisms. Often I think “this is insurmountable. a very successful senior person in my field has posed a question I don’t know how to answer/address.” And the process stops. Clearly I am in need of a system, which is what I want to implement in 2014.

  98. Deb

    Finish the first and second drafts of my novel.
    Finish my dissertation and complete my doctorate.
    Find a job I love.
    Travel to Ireland, BVI, and Asheville, NC to visit a dear friend.

  99. Ella

    I’m a health coach and I’m larger than a size 10.
    I’ve recovered from am autoimmune disease that left me paralyzed.
    I have spent the last 20 years continually improving my mobility.
    I’m able to walk, dance, and lift weights.
    I love my body and I believe health is about more than a dress size.
    And yet, I am finding a fear of embracing my new career that is keeping me from signing on new clients.

    This is the year, that I’m taking steps forward, feeling the fear and not allowing the fear to keep me from accomplishing more.
    This is the year, that I will get the support I need to accomplish my life and business goals.
    This is the year, that I will let go of the illness in my past and release my notions about how much my body can physically accomplish.
    This is the year, that I want to take my health and wellness to the next level.

  100. Andrew Emmert

    This year I want to find a way to get the therapy and medication necessary to manage my schizophrenia. I’m tired of struggling through the stresses of school and social interaction while also carrying that extra burden.

    I don’t want to go to a terrible state funded support system, I want an actual mentor who will help me develop systems for handling these particular and destructive issues.

  101. Ian

    Hi Ramit,
    I’d like to launch a high ticket group coaching programme but I am struggling with laser focusing the niche/content/result. I am interested in business and have a business degree, I work in real estate and have followed IM for many years so I have a lot of knowledge but little in the way of results.

    Any advice?


  102. liz

    My major goal is to build my customer database to 5000 members; through FB likes and direct signups on my site. My business is very niche accessories and jewelry; a long tail business. I want to focus on adding leads and names, and then interact, create awesome products and build the revenue.

  103. Tamara

    No resolutions this year…just a plan to pay off debt, get a “new” used car since mine is a money pit and leaking oil everywhere, take my teenage daughter to London to visit my mom and family, daughter graduates from high school and starts college. I think this will keep me busy enough…oh maybe I can find time to start dating again…well maybe

  104. Olivia

    My goal is to lose a total of 25-30 pounds this year, and I’ve set a short-term goal of losing 12 pounds by the end of March (roughly 1 lb/week).

  105. MS

    Four things I want to do this year – finish my degree, get treated for my back for my back problem to never return, buy a home I can rent out and start a business. I have the first two figured out how I will do it. The other two, I almost have no idea how I can do it coz I do not have the money … And am not quite sure what business idea will work for me….. I do need help on those two.

  106. Shannon Lagasse

    Honestly, Ramit. On my list of goals, there are very few things that I don’t have the “how” to do. It’s just a matter of doing them and busting through the mindset blocks that I am allowing to hold me back.

    I guess, if there was one thing I was wondering, it’s how to get your message out there to more people, how to build your list.

    Because EVERYONE is saying, “You’ve got to build your list.” And I’m like, “That’s about as specific as telling me to look for a bear, when what I’m looking for is supposed to be a panda.”

    I’ve some ideas: guest posting (writing some pieces this week for places I’ve already pitched and been accepted to write for), opt-in offer (have this and also, this week, updating to more specifically serve my audience using their feedback). Those are pretty much the two that everyone says.

    Any thoughts?

  107. Aja

    Happy New Year!
    New Self-Consciousness!
    My system for 2014.
    1. New blog about business – created.
    2. Make a successful online business.
    3. I need to go live in India.
    Ramit help me in business!
    I invite you to India.

  108. Taylor Gorman

    This year I want to find or create a location-independent income so I can travel and work from anywhere.

  109. Leo

    One thing I would like to accomplish, in a nutshell, is to use the time I have for more things that I want to do. I’m currently working two jobs, so I’m letting one go soon, as the only real benefit it gives me is a little extra money. I’m also going to focus on my skills at my other job, which is what I want to have a career in.

  110. Vinita

    Develop the discipline to act and follow through.

  111. Glenn

    To stop overspending… I seriously suck at staying on my budget, and most of it is because I just love food. I take every opportunity I run into to buy something that looks delicious (and no I’m not fat, or out of shape, and I don’t eat crap food, I just love good food). So yeah, I need to exercise will power (or make a system, as you say) to keep myself on budget this year, that’s my ultimate “goal” for 2014.

  112. Judith Rosenberg

    Make more money and manage what I have better, so that I don’t have to break into my IRA or sell my house, while still helping my daughter finish her B.A. and visit my grandbaby in England once or twice next year.

  113. karen birch

    Buy a place to live

  114. Debbie

    In 2013 I realized how angry I’ve been (F50+). Abandonment, mental and physical abuse and dealing with it in self destructive ways – bad relationship, quitting good jobs just because, quitting good relationships because I was afaird to be hurt again. Many unfavorable emotions we carry build into these angry triggers.
    For all those out there male or female looking for the ‘perfect’ relationship/job/life, look and see if you have that destuctive streak within youself. Work on it, just because you smile, say and prehaps do the right things, anger is sitting on your shoulder biding time, waiting for the triggers to explode. People run from you, not to the self-loathing angry person. So no matter what you desire out of life observe how you are dealing with your present circumstances. I’m sure happy I had the opportunity to see it for myself, within myself.

  115. Mike

    Hi Ramit

    If there is one thing that would really improve me professionally it would be to finish the projects I work on. I am in academia and work on 3-5 research papers at a time. I produce initial results quickly and get pretty far with the project. But then it just drags on and on and never gets finished. I’ve tried scheduling completion dates on my white board, google calender, wrike – the dates just pass me by. This leads to frustration and ultimately it works against me – I must be lazy or guess I am not that smart or [other demeaning comments].

  116. Linda

    Happy New Year!

    I would like to start a business for over 50 years old people with varied skills. Many people over 50 have various physical symptoms that hinder physical labor. I need something for these people to do. I have begun to research ideas and funding but not really sure where to look.

    Thanks for all the help this past year.

  117. Bahareh

    My resolution is to earn1k on the side.
    or even 100 bucks.
    I just really want to get started.

    • Bahareh

      I am enrolled in Earn1k but the profitable idea seems like the hardest part.

  118. SAHM of 4

    I want to be a working copywriter and have struggled to do it with 4 kids. I have great kids (1-12 years old) but I’m exhausted. After trying to do this in 2013, it’s starting to feel impossible. Do I have to wait until they leave the house?

  119. Evan Johnson

    Hey Ramit, thanks for being a Jedi Master of personal development, dishing out advice like Yoda but with better grammar.

    This year I want to work on reducing time on Facebook so I can devote more energy to learning Russian and breaking into the marketing field within Moscow. I have some meetings with important folks lined up and I want to maximize my return. I took your advice when I was sitting next to a guy making a documentary about Siberia on a plane and asked him for career advice, and I ended up helping him find interviewees!

    I know when I emailed you before coming to Russia I was astonished with the speed of your response, and I really appreciate your personal touch. Keep up the great work!

  120. C K

    (1) Revise my system for working full time while taking classes full time in order to complete my graduate degree in one year.
    (2) Develop and implement a more effective system for bringing in freelance clients with the goal of earning an extra 1 k per month.
    (3) Build professional relationships with positive, forward-thinking professionals for personal and professional growth.

  121. rightyk

    #1 – Have peace in my personal relationships. Not going so well right now.
    #2 – Start a SaaS business with at least one paying customer.

  122. Mike

    I’m going to get a book agent and start working on a book.

  123. Edith

    I appreciate the quote about systems being better than resolutions: systems are the legs and feet of resolutions!

    The systems I have put into place this year are many: I have a monthly pick-up of household goods (forcing me to identify objects that I have, but that are not helping me to accomplish goals); I have started cleaning “as I go”, so I do not have to have long cleaning days to catch up; I have kept a calendar book and wall calendar as a visual reminder of appointments (I am getting better at “sync-ing” them); I have flipped the room usage in my apartment to use the front room as a sewing area, and the second bedroom as a sitting/TV/reading room- the next goal on the list is to offer sewing classes, both at my church and at home. That has elicited interest from quite a few, so I am hopeful we can kick this off soon. I’ll let you know! I appreciate your no-nonsense approach. We do have a tendency to over-plan, and under-accomplish!! Happy New Year!

  124. priya

    Waking up early and doing things before work- like having breakfast. If it’s a choice between sleep and anything else, sleep always wins.

  125. nioko

    1.Get independet in finances. get more liberated in relationship in my financial relationships. to my parents and the socialsecurity.
    2. Find people around me where i feel well
    3. Get myself fit and happy again. be honest to myself. So i can work again and be fit and healthy and able to work in a resilent way.
    3.Being flexible and get more in movement. Find a new flat or place to life.
    Get more social support something, which makes me feel light and empowered and fullfiled. Something which catch up my worries and make me smile. And whom i make smile.
    4.learn to serve others in a way both them and me win, win.

  126. beth

    I really suck at filling my pipeline with clients. I want to become more effective at getting in touch with potential clients. I can usually make the connection once I have had someone call me but I am terrible at having a really consistent flow of potential customers. It’s more of a random drip.

  127. Abby

    I want to purchase a home for my daughter and her two kids after divorce. I want to get a house in the same area where they loved. I want to make sure that I can get it completely paid off, I am not sure how to get that, I know it is a big dream but I want it done for her birthday on July 28th 2014. I have money enough for a small down payment,
    I am a realtor (busting my butt working) I had only one transaction last year, I started on a program of coaching in Oct 2013 and I will restart on a new coach because the one I had didn’t help, I demanded my money back but they talked me into trying a new person for a coach. I will start on Jan 2nd with this new coach and see if It makes me feel I am going where I need to be, or else I will quit the program all together.
    I have more dreams and goals, I need the systems that will get me there; I know it can be done, show me how. Please.

  128. GMK

    Significant improvement to my health: losing 60 lbs and exercising regularly, so that by the end of the year blood pressure, cholesterol, and some other tests are are all in the healthy range

  129. Renee

    You’re going to kick me in the butt for this one, Ramit, considering that I’ve been following and implementing your teachings for a bit over 2 years now…
    I want to become more sociable. Last year, I did actually accomplish this but I’ve noticed and close friends I made last year have noticed as well that when it comes to going out to eat I always ask if we can just get something to go, or eat in the car/at home, or I find some kind of way to avoid it. It is true that I have an anxiety and I didn’t realize how bad it was until my friends pointed that out. I go in and eat every now and then (usually if there’s not a lot of people) but if there are too many people inside I won’t want to go. If we do go, I like to hide myself, lower my voice even more (people already can’t hear me cuz of my soft voice, Ramit, how much lower can I really go?) or I look around to make sure no one is looking at us if we’re laughing and having a lot of fun and good conversation. I think part of my problem is that I have too much of a filter. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea of anything I say so I filter it too much even though sometimes I really don’t care what people think of it. I also don’t know what to say. If the conversation goes silent and there’s not much to talk about, you have to look around (in my mind). The problem with looking around is that there is nowhere to look! If you look at someone for too long they’ll think you’re talking about them or think you’re saying something bad to them. Then, if you look at something else someone is bound to be in your line of site and they’ll think you’re looking/staring at them too! Also, if you don’t say anything you come off as boring and uninteresting even though you may be full of ideas and excitement! My mind just goes completely blank when it comes to starting conversations or continuing them. I just feel like I don’t know enough about anything to start talking about something, even though I am finishing my master’s degree in school which would imply that I must know something about something. My other issue is getting tongue tied. When people are actually listening to me and getting into what I’m saying, my voice sometimes become shaky, it almost slightly starts to sound like I have something in my throat, I trip over my tongue, and I’m out of breathe because I’m too busy trying to get every word out as though they will quit listening if I stop talking for a moment. The bad thing is that this all happens out of my control and I don’t know what to do to make it stop. So basically, I want to become more sociable when going out to eat with people.

    • Elizabeth

      I think you are not breathing from your diaphragm when you are speaking and that is why you are having these physical problems when you do presentations. Please Google Nancy Daniels known as “The Voice Lady”. She has a program that can help you. Good luck.

    • Andie

      Hi Renee
      I see several issues. So here are some of my thoughts. Hope that helps.
      1. Do you only feel uncomfortable in crowded restaurants? If yes, where is the difference to crowded places where you feel (more) comfortable?
      2. If you feel uncomfortable in crowded places in general, try this: visit these places with a good friend and stay there as long as you can, try to become aware of your feelings and talk to your friend about your anxiety while you are there. Talking about your fears to someone you trust, can help you become aware of the underlying reasons and finally overcome your fears.
      3. Try going to a restaurant with one friend only (when there are not too many people around) until you feel comfortable to take the next step. The final step is to go to a crowded restaurant with your friends. Make baby steps and take your time. Make sure you feel comfortable before you take the next step.
      4. What do you think of people having fun and laughing in public? Is that okay with you? If yes, why? If no, why?
      5. You will never be able to please everyone. So stop worrying. As you have friends, you must be a likeable person 🙂
      6. Most people cannot deal with conversations going silent. They have to keep on talking just to fill the gap. Personally, I think pauses can be very helpful…you have time to think about what has been said and maybe there is a question popping up in your mind while you reflect, or you can just look around. Notice that I said “you can”..takes off the pressure on “have to look around”. Try smiling at the people you are looking at…that makes them feel good and they won´t think that you are saying something bad…and often you will get a smile in return. Just give it a try!
      7. If you are not much of a talker, just try and ask questions. Most people love to talk and are happy to have someone really listening to them. Try not to hard on being interesting, but more to be interested in others. This is what makes you interesting 🙂
      8. Starting conversations can be quite hard, if you focus too much on what to say. Most conversations start best with a simple question or just simple small talk, nothing sophisticated.
      9. Often your voice doesn’t sound as shaky to others as it does to you. You notice it because you already feel uncomfortable and therefore you pay much more attention to it. To overcome your fear of speaking you just need to practice as much as possible. And if you realize that your voice becomes shaky, take a deep breath and slow down. Nervous people tend to talk to fast, so if you slow down that helps you overcome your nervousness.

      Dear Renee, I wish you good luck with everything! Cheers!

    • Lin

      Hi Renee,
      For what it’s worth: I started seeing a therapist last year for a similar problem with social anxiety. A bit of cognitive behavioral therapy and what they call somatic therapy (retraining your physiological responses to situations that make you anxious) can really help. You might be what Elaine Aron calls a “Highly Sensitive Person”, meaning you take in a lot of sensory input from your surroundings (facial expressions, body language, noise, etc.) and your mind is easily overloaded, displacing the stress onto your body. It’s part of your sympathetic nervous system’s fight-or-flight response, which is helpful until it kicks into overdrive for “normal” situations (veterans with PTSD often have this). I once had a full-blown panic attack (total blank mind, almost blackout) just because someone across the room gave me a strange look when I was presenting something. I also often have a hard time having a conversation with friends, especially if it is more than one person or it’s in a place with a lot of other noise or motion. I feel like they are looking at me weird and think I’m a freak (even though I know them and know they like me) and go into this weird “tunnel vision” mode. You might make your goal to find the tools you need to deal with this, including professional help for social anxiety. Susan Cain’s book “Quiet” might help as well…at least for myself I consider social anxiety a result of my introverted temperament, which can also be a positive thing. Good luck!

  130. Jean F

    This year I want to finish at least one of the novels I started writing years ago. I also want to publish several short works as ebooks, some of which are written and some of which are only planned. The second goal will be accomplished with the help of a friend who has published ebooks for others before and has already agreed to do mine. We are swapping services based on our respective skills. Whether I make any money from these books is less important to me than simply setting these goals and achieving them.

  131. Vero

    Hi Ramit,
    I started this year to write a novel and I would like to finish it in 2014 in order to present it to a publisher. How to find motivation to be diligent?

  132. Laura

    Happy New Year to you, Ramit!

    Last year, I left my full time job to start a business. I ‘worked from home’, spun myself into the ground with worry, spent time browsing job sites and eventually went back to full time work. Ugh.

    2014 is my second try. I actually really care about the business, and can see myself living a rich life if I can make it work. My major issues last time around were:

    1. Avoiding anything that might involve rejection (emailing people out of the blue, etc). Getting better at this.
    2. Not knowing how to ‘sell myself’ as a freelancer (because nice girls just get noticed, right?)
    3. Laziness. Very embarrassing to admit to but I find this really crippling.

    Looking forward to hearing this year’s theme 🙂


  133. Sherry

    Part Two of my life: I want to clean out my house, garage, and trailer (major undertaking) and stage it to be sold. Sale it and make a big profit….and decide what city to move to next.

    Thank u.

  134. Di

    I’m going to make $200k cash-flow through small scale property development. My biggest challenge will be to get investor partners, although I understand that once I find the deals I won’t have a problem finding the investment partners. I have an amazing mentor, and attend lots of property networking groups.

    After my first deal completes, I am going to be setting up a property mentoring service for females so I can help others avoid the mistakes I have made. It’s gong to be an awesome year.

  135. Ashar

    Have peace of mind in relation to my work… said in another way: manifesting work that is fulfilling. Even if confidence was there that I am clearly on that path of refining the skills needed for such a job, that is also great!

  136. Elizabeth

    I am going to kick-off my college admissions practice for stressed out Moms and Dads with college-bound teens. I am also going to build up my etiquette class “Charm School for the College Bound” because I think teens need this info before they enter college not after they graduate from college.

    The past year I have been in “analysis paralysis” building my website, credentials, and public persona. Now it’s time to get out there and meet parents through group presentations. Being somewhat of an introvert this is hard for me. But I am going to do whatever it takes to make this happen by taking presentation classes and working with a voice coach.

  137. Blake

    I want to flip 12 single-family homes for a net profit of 225k. However, I find it hard to stay motivated at times – specifically, I find myself pissing away hours at a time on the internet.

    Since I work alone (everything outside of negotiations and finance is already systemized and delegated) I find it hard to manage my time properly.

    Do I need a system to fix my bad habits or do I just need an assistant with a bullwhip and a stopwatch to smack me when I don’t accomplish the things I say I want to get done in a certain time period?

    For some reason the latter option sounds sexier.

    • Ramit Sethi

      How many houses did you sell in 2013 and what was your total profit?

  138. Blake


    Short answer: 30.5k.

    Long answer: I was working full time 55+hrs/wk until 10/15/13. Now I’m full-time.

    Currently have 34k profit in projects finished and on the market (profit could be less after negotiations but won’t vary more than 9-10%). Have another 45k in process (in the rebuilding stage, ready to go on market in 45 days) and 25k more waiting to close.

    So if I stopped everything right here and just cleared out the pipeline I’d be on track to net 104k.

    And this time last year I was at a deadend job making 45-50k/yr.

    75% of my results have came in since 10/15/13, btw.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Excellent! Great results and your targets seem ambitious but realistic.

  139. Staria

    I’ve got two!

    1. How to work with my boyfriend’s (and my own!) fears about getting married and having children (and settling down)
    2. How to have better energy – staying awake all day at work! (yes more interesting work always helps but I really do have a problem with sleeping at night / staying awake during day)

  140. Achieving Goals through Systems | verbistheword

    […] wasn’t until I came across other people* writing about systems that I realized most of my successfully accomplished goals were achieved with […]

  141. Staria

    PS, Happy New Year Ramit and thanks for all your great information that you put out there for us. I’m really looking forward to hearing about this year’s theme!

  142. Andrew

    Happy New Year Ramit et al.
    In 2014, with a second child on the way, I want to continue to build habits and systems so the highly time consuming tasks of being a parent are more efficient, but still include spontaneity. Eliminate even more non-essential time wasters (deleted FB app on 1/1, rarely watch TV), work through backlog of podcasts before downloading more, build my side project into a business, read backlog of books on Kindle app instead of reading blogs on Feedly.
    Reengineer current job to something closer to a ‘dream job’. I’ll do this with the goal of creating value for the company and proactively as getting approval will take 6 months, if ever.
    Currently meeting about 1 biz owner or VP a month for coffee but will aim for 2 per month.
    Make new friends who are parents in to paleo/primal eating and crossfit/strength/ functional fitness. Drop 1-2% body fat from 15% by cooking some low carb meals more than once per week for me and family.
    Get boating licence for some time on the harbour with family and friends.
    Complete additional university subject on Coursera (enrolled) that will build knowledge for side biz.
    Buy another investment property or find an alternative such as REITs and index funds.
    Turned out to be a laundry list..

  143. Andrew Freema

    I have been thinking about what I want to accomplish in this next year. I have 2 things. Firstly, I want to publish a fiction book. Secondly, I already make enough money, I just need to be smarter with what I have.

  144. Judith


    Happy New Year and thank you for asking the question. This year if I could accomplish one goal it would be to “do it NOW”! Too many important things in my personal and business don’t get done due to procrastination.


  145. Blake


    Average net per house is 22k x 12 = 264k so I think my goal is modest for what’s actually possible.

    The greatest thing I’ve learned from you (and use the most) is your training on barriers and how to use it for or against ourselves and others.

    That info has been worth at least 100k to me (seriously, no bs.)

  146. Blake


    My ‘full time 55+hrs/wk’ was at a job- I left Oct. 15 and went full time in R/E.

    After being there 13 years, I was nearly physically ill at times with fear but I finally decided this: I was scared to quit but I was more scared to stay. So fear be d*mned, I’m out the door.

  147. Lorraine

    Find the strength to say no to the things that are unhealthy for me and yes to those things that are healthy for me.

  148. Dave

    I want to start a copywriting business. Period.

  149. Anonymous

    I want to regain control of my finances. 3 years ago i left a lucrative career with a six-figure salary, bonus and stock options to turn my passion for fitness and nutrition coaching into a business. Living on the North Shore of Long Island and working with very wealthy clients my business did ok for a year and a half. Then, long story short, Navy moved us to Okinawa, Japan for a year, where my wife worked (shes a Navy doc) and I lived off my savings. Now living in San Diego, have rung up a boat load of debt – credit cards, IRS – and not really sure if I should stick with my fitness business or go land a six-figure job, be back in control, and pay off all this debt (im a CFP, worked for one of the best financial planners in the country, and can make 2 phone calls and be back in that business).

    • Martin

      Hi Anonymous,

      I live in in San Diego and know there are people here who do counseling for questions like this. Just do a search online. I won’t be so shameless to plug anyone in particular, but I know there are people in SD who will do initial consultations for free. That might be all you need to decide one way or the other, since it sounds like you have a reliable back-up plan. Good luck!

  150. Sonia M.

    I have completed my annual review, and for me it’s a year of transformation.

    Lots of specific and very concrete goals. Lots of hard work and prioritization ahead. BTW, Naveen’s RBT interview that I downloaded and listened in my car today has already given me key stragegies/mindset shifts that is making me more confident.

    One of my priorities is to organize and declutter my life (physical stuff and schedule)… and most importantly maintain it. This is not the first year I’m attempting it, but the first one I think it’s actually doable. Still, despite of all the work I’ve accomplished last year to take control and revamp my life, I’m not sure I have the right systems to sustain this decluttering and schedule rehaul – because “triggers” set me back to old habits. Or perhaps I simply have a huge IS that I will fail because I always have – and because so many people have made comments about “how I am”. In fact, my father was flabbergasted this xmas when he noticed I had made my bed before going down for breakfast. I’m 41 years old, and only started making my bed every morning right after I wake up in 2013. So I’m afraid the comments family and friends have told me over the years – and that I somehow replay in my head when I fail – will have the best of me and will be stronger than any system I put in place.

    • Samantha Brown

      Hi Sonia,

      I just thought I’d add my thoughts as I’ve experienced (and overcome) the same problem.

      Firstly, you have to understand that people (especially our loved ones) often tell us that we can’t achieve something because they themselves can’t achieve their goals and (either consciously or subconsciously) they don’t want to see someone else succeed when they can’t. So the comments that your family are making are really a reflection of themselves, not of you.

      Secondly it might be helpful to approach the comments from a different perspective (this is how I overcame the problem). Instead of getting put off your goal every time one of your family members makes a comment, you should make it part of your goal to have your family make these comments (sounds counter-intuitive but I’ll explain).

      For example, I used to always be late to everything so whenever I started being on time, my friends would say that they couldn’t believe it or that it must be a fluke. Instead of using these comments to ‘confirm’ to myself that I couldn’t change, I turned them into motivation and made getting comments like this one of my goals. It helped so much! It also helped that I had a system in place – I would calculate what time I thought I’d need to leave home and then always leave 15 minutes before that. So this combined with the way that I approached my friends’ comments lead me to become a punctual person.

      So my advice is to try and find a way to see your family’s comments as a positive and to use them to push you forward to achieve your goal of making 2014 the most transformative year of your life. I wish you all the best!


  151. Alixandrea

    By the end of this year I intend to be running a successful business in a completely different sector to the one I’m currently working in. I’m going to stop being an employee and start making a real life for myself, finally escaping the wage slavery I’ve been allowing myself to suffer for my entire career.

  152. Eric

    I haven’t even seen the movie yet, but I love the quote from it: “I want to be a dragon.” After all, dragons are powerful creatures that everyone respects, unlike my current state of affairs. 2014 is my year of the dragon.

    To me this means 1) a promotion at work, 2) positive recognition among my professional peers, 3) improving my health, 4) using my expertise to earn $1000 a month on the side, 5) elimination of my debts, or a good start on it, 6) a real relationship, maybe with one of those hot Indian women. 🙂

    That’s a lot (too much) to work on, so I need to get focussed and get some systems in place.

  153. Max Chesnut

    This year I am focusing on my creative passion and starting a 365 photo challenge with a twist. Each month I’ll have to produce, shoot, edit, and release one short video a month along with the photo challenge. I am extremely excited to take on this task, but I don’t want to fall behind I would love to build a system I can fallow every day a routine to make sure I reach my goal of 365 photos and 12 short videos by 2015!

  154. Nichole

    One of the big things I’d love to accomplish this year would be to start my own nail polish business. I’m sure that seems out of place for your typical audience, Ramit. I know the basics of creating the products, but the main reason I want to make my own is because some of the ingredients I’d like to use don’t exist yet (at least according to my research). My hang up is who do I contact to make those pieces for me and how do i keep that supplier to myself so other indie polish brands don’t take my ideas?

  155. Jonny

    I’m registered in the Earn1K and I’d like to earn $10,000 this year on the side while increasing my (perceived) value at my day job.
    My hope is by the end of this year to be able to negotiate a raise at my day job AND work a few days a month remotely from home while growing my freelancing side business.

  156. Claudine

    Start my blog ‘Pimp My Zen’ & achieve readership goal #1- to get 1000 followers.
    Generate 500K via corporate engagement for not for profit CUFA
    Do 10 presentations/ speaking spots on building women’s confidence at both community level (for free) and at 2 major women in business corporate events.
    Get published in 10 online or print publications, including 5 major international publications.
    Compete in Japan at karate. Place in the top 3.
    Have my first ever muay thai fight. Come out injury free. Win.
    Write my first book by the end of the year. I currently have no idea how to get it published.
    Thanks Ramit, and good luck everyone achieving your goals and desires.
    May your systems be bulletproof! Have fun

  157. David Garcia

    This year I want to net over $100,000 in Commissions as a Realtor® here in Queens, NY. The additional challenge for 2014 is to achieve that goal while at the same time spending more time with my family and friends than I did in 2013.

  158. Marcel

    My task is to find the area of focus, where to direct the effort, how best to gain advantage from the opportunities presented and develop clarity of vision – having a bit of fun whilest getting there would be good too.

  159. Martin

    My #1 goal for 2014 is to find more mentors and surround myself with more ambitious people of a business and entrepreneurial variety. Every business blog, podcast, and book I’ve read all have this in common. Not everyone can agree on most aspects of how to run a business, but they all agree on the importance of mentors. I think if I do this, the other goals will have an easier time falling into place. What I’m not sure about: How to find and connect with successful people in my area (San Diego).

    • Samantha Brown

      Hi Martin,

      This is something that I’m working on in 2014 as well! I’m focusing on looking for ways to be helpful to those that I look up to and to start building a relationship from there (and expecting nothing in return). I’m also making an effort to reach out to as many people as I can.

      As for how to find successful people in San Diego – keep an open-mind about what a mentor might look like (they don’t necessarily have to be “successful”, even having someone just one or two steps ‘ahead’ of you can be enormously valuable). Your mentor also doesn’t necessarily have to be in SD – reach out to someone online while you’re working on building your San Diego network.


  160. Mark

    I struggle sleeping through the night. In 2014 I’m going address any sleep issues there are and then figuring out how to systematize my sleep schedule so I’m getting enough sleep while still getting the important things for work/family done during the day that I need and want to.

  161. judishi

    ramit —
    as hard as i worked at my well paying part time job heading a church based non profit last year, i got laid off in december because of a massive budget cut.
    thankfully my self employment enterprise as a freelance writer is still up and running (never stops), but doesn’t bring in enough to get by on
    MY GOAL FOR 2014… to ramp up revenues on the self employment side by $2k/mo (to start)… that will make up for revenues lost with the layoff.
    then… i want to push the needle up by another $800/mo by the end of the year.
    please help…

  162. Dan

    Goal: develop the copywriting chops to freelance online and travel.
    With my travel ‘style’, I’d only need say $3k-$4k/month.

    That’s the goal. $4k/month freelance copywriting.

  163. Blake


    Why not do both?

  164. MM

    I want to finally be able to loose weight. Second goal would be to decide how to live the rest of my life.

  165. am

    Pass the 6 remaining tests to become a licensed architect in 2014. Things I’ve tried before are: study after work while traffic dies down or study at home. My new job has people there all the time so studying after work is not a good option. I think studying at a coffee place is loud. The next step is to try a library.

  166. Lim

    Happy new year Ramit!

    Objective for the new year:

    increase sideline income from 300 to 3000
    Increase current clientele from 3 to 20

    Planning for a system to:
    Talk to 1 prospective client per day
    Aiming to close 2 clients per week
    Spending 2 hours more each day outside work hours to commit to business activities
    Connecting to available network of mentors on a monthly basis
    Hold myself accountable and keep track of my results. Updating it each day.

    I’ll get it done this year! 2014!!

    • Gaelle

      I’d be interested in knowing what kind of business you’re in, and whether you want these 2 clients/week to be regular or one-off customers. If regular, that would be quite a lot to handle, no?

  167. Anon

    In year 12 high school senior this year, i need to graduate with straight A’s

  168. Gaelle

    As a freelance translator, my goal is to shift from “working with agencies only” to “finding 4 direct customers that together would give me a workload of about 1,500+$ per month” (the rest can still come from agencies).

    And on a more personal level, run a half-marathon under 2h30 🙂

  169. Lina Polanco

    The thing i’d like to achieve this year is to ENTER the tv and movies industry in Mexico D.F.
    I live in a small city 5 hours from D.F. with my fiancee and we both have this goal since we’re both interested in this industry, but we really don’t know how to do it. One of the issues is that he has a daughter and things must be worked out with the mom of the little girl. But even with that set aside we just really don’t know how to start. We have a couple of friends working in the industry but we don’t want to move to D.F. until we get a job there first. Also, i’m not mexican, i’m from Colombia, which i think i can use for my benefit somehow.
    I don’t care if i start in a soap opera or tv commercials or dubbing. What i want is to ENTER. I’d be so grateful if you could help me with concrete ideas to create a system to achieve this. Thanks!!

  170. Vicki Flaugher

    The one thing I would like to accomplish in 2014 and I am not certain on how to do it is developing multiple streams of income without feeling scattered. I am guessing I should just start with one, then add another, then another, pausing to get each system under control before moving on, but….well, is that the smart way? Or is there some way to leverage systems to start the plates spinning on more than one at the same time? Is there any advantage of having more than one started at one time (economies of scale, etc) or ? Dunno….but I want to do it. Thoughts?


    • Vicki Flaugher

      Looking further at the other questions and answers here, perhaps a more specific request is in line – I would like to cultivate/build at least 4 different streams of income to the following levels over the next 90 days – specifically, my book writing (I already get some income from Amazon Kindle books now), my photography art (just started on this, but am selling some online), online products (have membership site, creating products and training), and my book writing freelancing (client work that I like ok, but I get paid well for this so would like to ramp it up for now as I build the other things). Book writing – making $150/mo – would like to build to at least $500/month. Photography – making $50/mo – would like to build to $300. Online products/membership site -have made about $500/month – would like to build to $1500. Book clients – have had 2 already – would like to secure at least 2 clients/month at at least $5000 each (I have charged 5-8K before) with systems in place to grow these streams by at least 10% each month. I do all these already, but want to amp it up and feel more in control…

  171. Claire

    This year I’m selling US$50,000 worth of product, hiring a full-time production assistant, and making the Canvas 2014 Hot List with my bamboo sheets

  172. sam

    I am really not liking the job which i do (and i do earn very well in an MNC), I want to go into the SEO world, but i am making no money
    and daily i see lots of scams around the SEO industry and if i leave this job i am not sure if i can earn the money i am making now,
    so i am not sure should i quit and go into the SEO or not, also i am obese aswell and this too killing me
    daily.. i know i am in my deep ****, really having stressfull life daily, not able to sleep properly thinking about this… dont know which is my priority..

  173. Bhoopathi

    Ramit, I want to write a non-fiction book on implementing ones best ideas. We are what we read, but most of the times, we struggle to implement what we think is right. I want to crack this.

    This year is year of writing book for me. Though I take most of the inspiration from you, I am not sure how you can help me with my accomplishing this task.


  174. Andy

    I have a job as a compounding pharmacist, and I am also the pharmacy manager. As it stands, my job consists of taking care of various paperwork duties, managerial duties, THEN compounding in a sterile room for five to six hours. I have found it very difficult to keep track of duties at home (or have the energy to do them) and certain tasks at work definitely fall through the cracks. I delegate best I can, but I need a better strategy for how to make the most out of my day. My 2014 goal is OWNING my home and work life, thereby reducing my stress


    Tools utilized right now: Google Keep, checklist of items for pharmacy staff to do, incessant emailing

  175. Brooks

    Starting a successful career in a location where the industry you are in is not flourishing.

  176. Scott

    I’d like to be able to put something in the “website” field for starters but I’m not sure what it would be about. I have lots of ideas, lots, but none are formed enough to commit to.

    I was going to put something like be a better dad but you’re already helping me do that. I’m doing lots of thing to be better in many areas of my life and those will help me be a better dad. So let’s just stick with the first thing that really started as a quip. I really do want to have a website/blog but don’t know where or how to begin.

    Thanks in advance and happy new year from me to you. You’ve helped.

  177. Larry


    I’ve been playing way too small in past years based on what I know I am capable of doing. I would like to triple my income ($50K) to have more time and financial freedom, but money doesn’t seem to be what really motivates me. How can I determine what really motivates me and reach my financial goal at the same time? FYI, I presently work 9 – 5 p.m. and I am building a home base business (mlm).

  178. Rob

    I want to get my consulting career off the ground. I am not sure how to get access to companies. Is this usually handled by the HR department?

  179. Jason

    I want to accomplish getting skin surgery this year. By the summer I will have lost over 200 pounds. Since insurance doesn’t cover it I’m not sure how I’m going to come up with the money needed in order to accomplish this. Love your stuff Ramit! I suggest it to everyone.

  180. Ati Aziz

    Happy New Year, Ramit!

    For 2014 I want to consistently interview one person and write one article every month for my project on writing about religion and youth in Asia – while working full time, and be able to run 5 km consistently by the end of 2014.

    I hope to achieve this by engaging myself fully in the RBT group (that is another goal)!

  181. Leslie

    Hi Ramit, I know you said 1 thing but I have 2 things.

    1. Triple the revenue in our mineral paints and stains company — its the healthiest and most eco-sustainable available, but it is not an online business so managing cash flow and growth is key. We are at a point where we know our target, our message, and have an amazing product (everyone loves it) so it’s all about building awareness and utilizing our time and resources properly. We haven’t gotten any VC money so we are doing it on our own but we need to hire people to take it to next level. However, we need to make sure we have enough revenue to cover the additional expenses.
    2. Find a mentor/coach to have monthly meetings with.

    Any help is appreciated.

  182. Jackie

    This January I will move into my own apartment for the first time. Most advice I get is how to keep saving and spending less to get by. I want to earn more so I don’t have to do that. I hope I can make it through!

  183. tinornit

    This year, I want to accomplish this: By December 2014 immigrate/ work in Canada in my field Computer Networks , either in QA or as a SME earning a salary to support a rich ( upper middle class lifestyle – which means I have enough to support my family, travel around US/Canada every month or 2 months once, and such that my wife does not ‘have to’ work there). Aaaahh I would love to make this happen.

  184. Heather Craik

    I want to accomplish $100 a month sales for my 3D art; either in prints, objects, assets, or whatever. Specifically not client work.

    Do have the basic concept of how I’m going to go about doing it, however not sure what systems I should be using for conversion.

  185. Sue F

    Write a book by the end of the year. I am mostly done with the outline and have an interested publisher, so it’s a matter of setting aside the time to do it.

  186. Lanita

    I want to commit to a path of study for Grad School and complete the application.

  187. jp

    In 2014 I need to build my network rapidly which requires me to work on my social skills. This includes both personal and professional relationships. Have already started but need to be more focused.

  188. Sukhneet Singh

    I want to accomplish a successful podcast.

    This means having an interview done and published every Tuesday, each week of the year. I’ve got systems in place to ask new people to interview (3 a week), have the supplies, and have backup recording methods in place.

    4 interviews are done, and the first one is posted.

    I’m unsure of what system I can implement to improve the show.

    Right now, I’m thinking of setting 1-2 hours on a Saturday (my off day) to listen to interviews I’ve done and take notes on how to improve. I’m also considering dedicated an hour to listening to popular podcasts and taking notes on what sets them apart.

    I can also focus time on marketing.

    Which area (improving or marketing) would you recommend focusing on?

  189. CG

    Over the course of 2013 I’ve been promoted at work, increased my income 2x in the past year, completed my MBA with a 4.0 GPA while working full-time and still have some room to go to get to the salary level I fell is appropriate at this point in my career. I have learned this past year (yet once again) that the opportunities don’t just show up at your doorstep, you have to set incremental goals and work towards achieving them as long as you want to excel in life.

    Two goals for 2014:

    1) Leverage the Dream Job techniques to supplement my MBA work and get the job that is the right fit for me both professionally and financially.

    2) Marry the woman I love and start our family off on the “right foot.”

    Happy New Year IWT community!

  190. Jennifer

    Free myself from debt. 2011 was the year I conquered a serious personal demon. 2012 was the year I left a toxic relationship. 2013 was a year of recovery and figuring out where I want to go next. The first step is freeing myself from debt, because nothing else is really achievable til that’s done. Then maybe I can take one of your classes. 😉

  191. Andrianes Pinantoan

    One of my new year goals is to get lots of media mentions for the start-up I’m working with right now (Pocketbook). Would really appreciate it if you can share a few tips! 🙂

  192. James Rouzier

    My Goal is be able to play with my children without feeling like I should be doing something else.

  193. Cara

    Hi Ramit,

    This year I want to leave corporate retail behind and finally land a job outside of that industry. I discovered that a successful community based credit union chain based in my city has no social network outlets yet has great TV and radio marketing and community event sponsorships. I want to be their Social Media Specialist, but I do not know how to present myself and this prospective job. I took the first step and got the names of the VP of Marketing and Director of HR, but I’m stuck. Do I send a letter and resume? A portfolio? How do I make sure they want to utilize me and my ideas and not an existing employee? Any advice is helpful.

    Thank you,

  194. Steve Shane

    Love the Scott Adams quote Ramit, and best of luck finding your hearts light or whatever that question was about. Im pretty sure there is an app for it.

    This year I will get a publishing deal writing music and begin investing in real estate. Having just relocated, I decided my theme for 2014 would be ‘Building a Foundation” in all the areas in my life: business, family, health, and spirituality.

    My system for the Pub Deal is to write 3 songs a week, and demo the two best a month building a catalog to shop. Also to network my tail off getting cowrites with published writers.

    I’ll be bird doggin for investors to build capital to start my real estate investments. Ideally purchasing my first property in 6-9 months.

    Major happiness goal? Never have to Bartend again after 2014!

  195. Jeff M

    I did the Dream Job course in 2013 and I was successful and started my dream job September 23rd. Thank you! Many people would say “I was lucky” but I know the behind the scenes work that went into it.

    This year my goal is to earn $100k. As a part of that I want to start writing articles and guest blog posts to establish myself as an expert in my field, commercial real estate investment. My goal is to write 2 posts a month.

  196. Karine

    – Never take myself too much seriously.
    – Raising awareness about lack of self-esteem and start a coaching business;
    – Interviewing successful peoples about the system they use for success, productivity, etc.
    – Getting a certification on NLP (which I’ll start on January 21st).
    – Never stop pursuing my dreams. (Will probably need better shoes)
    – Will smile more often. (We should coach each other about that point)
    – Will cry when necessary instead of keeping it inside myself – which I already started while watching Shrek 1, 2 and 3 while peeling an onion.
    – Probably will also try to fit in all the dresses I’ve purchased in 2013 – but it’s another story.
    – Last point: I am still looking for that special someone to help me zip the back of that sweet blue little dress. Or maybe it’s the black one?

    P.S. Using Ramit Sethi’s techniques to reach the best of ME while doing all that. Except for the helping hand for the dress. 🙂

  197. Barbara

    I want to leave my job and start a business overseas that I’ve been considering for a couple of years. I don’t knew how to get started and the idea of leaving a comfortable and reliable paycheck terrifies me. How can I be more sure thai my idea it’s right and will work for me?

  198. Samuel Lim

    The one thing that has always vexed me is: persuading my mother to start cooking healthier (eg no oil, fried stuff, more veg etc) food and to stop buying unwanted junk food.

    She thinks food is love, and when I have tried to talk her into buying healthier replacements for junk food, she verbally agrees but her behaviour doesn’t reflect it – she keeps buying junk food. I already tried Pavlovian behavioural conditioning, but I just can’t bring myself to say something bad about the junk food when she buys it.

    Ramit, could you share with us IWT readers how you would go about persuading her to change her behaviour?

  199. Barbara

    Gotta love autocorrect 🙂 I mean, how can I be sure that my business has a chance to succeed and that it will work for me?

  200. ,heather

    To earn enough for a down Payment on a house in Sebastopol, CA. To organize my systems for a successful Real Estate Development Company and sell several houses, like maybe 2-3 a month starting in April/ May by the fall.

  201. Tim

    Hi Ramit

    I just got my insurance license. I want to start small by getting a minimum of 2 clients every month. I would like to learn on how i could convince people the importance of getting an insurance. I hail from Asia and people are conservative here (even if you hand out a brochure or a fast food discount coupons, people would not take it)

    Also would like to overcome my own mental barrier. Coming from design school, I feel that people would wonder why I didn’t embark on a career which I studied. Even though I know 100% of them wouldn’t care.

  202. Klu2Dbo

    I know this is not 1 thing, but in my mind it’s one goal because as I accomplish part it enables me to do another. Save10k, relocate to another country by end of Sept 2014, payoff about 5k of credit card debt, create 1k of income from an online source.

  203. Lisa

    How to develop a better relationship with money, and people who have money? Lately I have noticed there are some folks who do do incredibly good things for the world with their money. But they seem so few & far between. So few seem to have a sense of responsibility or sense that they didn’t earn it all themselves. And seriously, charity balls? And, for my adult life, money seems like the enemy – the tool others use to keep you enslaved. How can I turn my relationship with money & the rich to a more fulfilling instrument?

  204. Gurjit

    Warn a side income

  205. Rhoda

    Identify my marketable skills that I can use for a side income. Somehow, even though you say everyone has skills, I can never find mine. 🙁

    Maybe I have to expand my knowledge further?

  206. Warren Thackeray

    I want to once revenues from my sideline to go full time. Turning two clients into twenty every month.

  207. Justin

    Changing beliefs about my identity once and forever

  208. Irina

    Hi Ramit! Happy New Year to you and thanks for everything and especially for all your call to action letters. Finally they worked for me – i have been reading your blog for years but this is actually my first comment. I have been learning English for more than 20 years (on and off) and for a few years in a row one of my goals was to master it – bring it to the native speaker’s level. I now work for an international company, live abroad – use the language as never before – and even have a certificate of proficiency in English, but still feel that my English is not good enough. Would appreciate it if you could help me to move forward!

  209. Manuela

    Learn how to make 100euros per day so I can pay my debt.

  210. Su

    To save for $200,000 house, and save for marriage fund within the year

  211. Anon

    I want to take control of a community organization I’ve put a lot of (unpaid) work into by getting rid of a bunch of idiots who sit around and do nothing, who are only there to leech off the work I do and put this on their CVs. The trouble with “non-hierarchical collectives” ugh. Seriously: How do you get rid of people who suck and are too shameless to remove themselves?

  212. Theo

    To come up with an idea for a biz and make 3k a month.

  213. Angie

    I’ll admit I just picked these numbers out of the air because they were easy to remember and seemed realistically obtainable.

    Consistently make $1000/ month from blogging (really consulting with blogging as my main marketing tool).

    Get 1000 email subscribers.

    These seem like they should be easy goals, but I haven’t met them yet.

    I’m getting what I consider decent traffic (10,000 visitors per month). Conversion is my problem.

    I picked my topic based on my passion (baby names) but admit I hadn’t considered my audience’s ability and willingness to pay–at first. Now I tell myself there are people willing to pay, I just have to figure out who there are and where to find them. But I might be fooling myself.

    The only service I have on my blog is consulting (one-time and on-going). I plan to expand those services because I realize those services aren’t scalable. (Those plans are confidential.)

    I’m already trying to change my mindset from “monitized blogging” to “content marketing for my consulting business”. From what I’ve read, blogs don’t make money, businesses do.

  214. Thaddaeus Moody

    Happy New Year Ramit!

    I quit my corporate job in August to write a book that I had been talking about for years. The writing is done and I am working on editing. I’m planning on self-publishing when it is complete. I want to come up with a good marketing plan so I can get it out there to the people it can help, but have no idea where to start.

    Do you have any suggested resources?

  215. My

    Hi Ramit! One thing I would like to accomplish is to attain a job within my city’s tourism group. I just spent Christmas in NYC and live in a big city. So many events that happen in NYC could happen here in Toronto. Our city is so diverse that cultural events could draw in other cultures to learn and celebrate. Just how do I attain this? Thier website says no employment opportunities. I’m thinking of sending a cold call email, what do you think?

  216. F

    Hey Ramit,

    Hope you had a grand New Year’s Eve shindig… Anyway this year I really would like to get a job in international development e.g UN and the like.

    I know you might think me a loser coz I’ve not joined ya career classes yet but reasons most genuine involve finances. For real like no money for this month’s rent (yeah it’s like that:))

    Anyway you got any advice, connections, inspiring stories, etc. would be great

    Btw you are nice person despite what you think:)

  217. Tam

    I’d like to pay off most of my credit card debt and seriously starting working on my health wellness/beauty blog, and start a health coaching business.

  218. Maddy

    Be very talkative in party/dinner conversations and have fun and enjoy myself while doing it.

  219. camron

    Thanks Ramit,

    This year, I want to get a job in User Experience Design. I have no experience yet


  220. Scott


    Yesterday I responded to your New Years resolution post telling you what I want to accomplish. I need to apologize for that response. It will probably be one of the lame responses you laugh at. It was vague and not well thought out. After having just done the finishers formula I am embarrassed at the response I sent. If I may expand…

    I stated that I want to start a website. I need help in acquiring the specific web address that I want. Someone owns it and I want to buy it and don’t know how to get there. Further, I want my website up by the end of January. I want it to be about me and offer my thoughts and beliefs about self improvement, getting through life, dealing with depression and more. I want it to be self sustaining for the year, financially. (i. e. Pay for registration and hosting fees, and cost of research and acquisition and design and maintenance). I would love help with these things as well as reminding and coaching to get it done.

    I’d like to offer to help write or research/contribute to any piece you might like to do on depression.

    Thank you again.


  221. Alicia

    I am going to end 2014 working for myself. I am in the beginning stages of a custom screen printing business but am worried that I’ll not be able to make enough to suppliment my current 9 to 5 income or that I’ll miss something and end up screwing myself and my family financially.

  222. Renata

    I want to change my job and discover what I really love doing. Recently I wanted to get the job and I did, but now I’m not sure if I’m really the best at it and so I’m stressed and it’s not the feeling I wanted to have after getting a new job.

  223. Lou

    One of the things I am going to accomplish this year is to automate no less than 10 other liner processes in my life. I have systems in place for a lot of things (money) but want to build out the processes and procedures that will free up additional time to re-invest on higher value tasks. Still a little foggy on how excatly how to do this but I’m sure with some homework I can find the needed information. Next, am closing out one phase of a business to focus on the launch of a new product line. Lastly, I am going to improve my work life balance with the first step of defining my ideal balance this week.

    • Dan

      That sounds awesome! What did you automate?

  224. Zdenek

    Hi Ramit,

    although being successfull at work I would like to balance my life in order to achieve all-round harmony and happiness. To calm down, relax more – seems easy but harder to pursue.

    All the best for 2014!

  225. Bill

    This year, I want to move the family to Denver. This will require me to get a job that pays enough to cover a house that will hold 6 people. I have applied for 8 jobs in Denver, but do not have any contacts out there. I will be using your networking techniques to build some contacts there. Here’s how I’ll do it.

    1) Scan local online newspapers and google results about Denver companies.
    2) Send emails to the people mentioned in the articles following your scripts.
    3) Provide content that may be helpful to them.
    4) Take at least one trip there for the purpose of networking and schedule several casual/informal meetings with these individuals.

  226. Ziggy

    I’d like to figure out how to build deep relationships, be popular, be the life of the party etc. Not ‘how to make new friends’ which is generally followed by trite advice like ‘network more’, ‘go to group events’ etc. Basically I want to figure out what changes I have to make in myself to become more magnetic rather than simply increasing the q

  227. Ziggy

    [my last comment got cut off]

    I’d like to figure out how to build deep relationships, be popular, be the life of the party etc. Not ‘how to make new friends’ which is generally followed by trite advice like ‘network more’, ‘go to group events’ etc. Basically I want to figure out what changes I have to make in myself to become more magnetic rather than simply increasing the quantity of people I know / meet. It goes back to that old question, would you rather have 1 close friend or 10 random ones.

  228. Joao

    This year, my biggest challenges will the implementation of a career change, with strong desire for significant professional and financial improvement, while planning for having a second child, in a peripheral, corrupt and deeply depressed country, steeped in the European crisis, with high unemployment and low average salaries, where everyone seems sad and afraid to take risks or changes (largely because of the decrease in purchasing power as a result of the implementation of heavy austerity measures) after completing the construction of a house that wore me psychologically, precisely due to a number of problems arising from the crisis (bureaucracy, corrupt contractors).

    Will be like fighting a combination of ‘Invisible Scripts’ and adverse social conditions.

    Guess what? They tell that what does not kill us makes us stronger!

  229. Umar

    Happy New Year 2014!

    It was first full year with RS! Joined the DJ & RBT! Has taken me to the next level of thinking these two courses, especially RBT, since you get to learn so much from the masters of the game!

    One thing I am stuck since mid-2013 is actually the DJ program! So for the last 6 months I have not even opened the DJ program, even though I was on it for the first 3-4 weeks! So for 2014 I intend to restart the DJ course and go through it as if I have started it afresh. Any tips to beat my lethargy and procastination??

    • Ramit Sethi

      Hey Umar. We have a DJ sub-group in RBT. Get in the group and meet with the others. They will help you take action. That’s what RBT is for!

  230. A

    One thing I would like to do this year is get a business I’ve been pondering up and going. I make home made BBQ potato chips. The recipe is set and I would like to sell them. At the moment I’m just not sure of the best approach. Bagging them, markets, etc. Also, time is a huge issue. I need to manage my time to make this goal possible. I run a music business for 3 years now and we are getting very busy. I also work a part time job while the business picks up. I’m getting spread thin and am not sure how to get my focus and make this goal a realization.


  231. Ann

    I own a Recruiting firm in NY. I am not sure how to make this venture work. I have tried to start and run other businesses in the past and failed. I do not want to fail at this. I have a few clients and have difficulty breaking into new ones. I am good at getting the talent to the table but not good at marketing. HELP!

  232. Nessie

    This year I want to have a few PAYING clients for nutritional/emotional advice, even though I’m not yet certified (I’m currently studying Nutrition and Dietetics). I don’t even have any clients at all at the momement, but I’m starting volunteer work at a mental health center next week, so I hope I can start from there.

    The reason I want to get paid is not just because I want money, but because I think my advice is worth it and I need to practice getting rid of guilt related to earning money. I don’t want to any guilt about making money when I start working.

    Thank’s Ramit!

  233. Ben Y

    Hi Ramit,

    Thank you for the great post. For this year, I want to accomplish changing jobs and entering a new industry. I am going from healthcare billing and practice management to Medical Device Sales. I have already been offered a position verbally to start in 2014. I want to give my current employer 2-3 weeks of notice, but am not sure how to ask for something in writing for the new position. Should I just email the man who offered me the position and ask for something in writing? I do not want to burn any bridges and want to make the transition as smooth as possible. What do you think?

  234. D. Scott Caldwell

    I have embarked on new path this year that I have always wanted to go down…Real Estate. My dream is commercial development, but to get their first I have to cash flow the endeavor. Therefore, I have a goal this year of selling $3,000,000 + in commercial real estate. You asked to list something that I want to accomplish but not sure how and this is it…Sell $3,000,000 in commercial real estate. Tips and insights are appreciated.

  235. Terra

    Happy New Year, Mr.Ramit
    The one definite goal I want to achieve this year is to start my career life in psychology, I will pursue the MA in Consumer Psychology in this September, but before that I need to buckle myself up with basic psychology first. So here is where I need your advice on, since I am totally overwhelmed by information on different websites and books: “HOW DO I START LEARNING BASIC PSYCHOLOGY?”. I thought it will be best to ask expert on the field. The help is deeply appreciated. Thank you.

  236. Jennifer

    After an awesome 2013 (thanks in no small part to advice from Ramit!) I want to take 2014 to the next level by giving back. My goal is to give $20,000 to charity this year. Why? Because in all my working career I’ve never been in a stable enough position to really give back financially. How? By increasing my income through the systems set up in 2013 and more advanced plans I’m working on for 2014. Yahooo!!!! Here we go ya’ll – It’s going to be a great year!

  237. J

    In the past, I’ve made and reached goals regarding fitness, school/career, travelling, etc. This year I want to be a better person. I want to be less selfish, not so wrapped up in myself, complain less, be a better listener, someone who makes others feel comfortable by working on my social skills and charisma. I think this is the one (extremely difficult) change that will improve my life in all aspects, both in my career, my personal relationships, my self esteem, and my personal life satisfaction.

  238. Claudia

    Happy New years! I have written down what my goals are for the year with action steps. Any comments or suggestions on how I can improve my tactics is greatly appreciated.

    Since I went from Part-Time to Full-Time with my job and I’m officially debt free I created a finance system for the extra income.

    -save $415 on Roth a month ($5,000)
    – invest $100 a month ($1,200)
    -have $1k in emergency (CD) ($1,000)
    -start sub savings account
    -traveling $100 a month ($1,200)
    – misc fund $50 ($600)
    -presents fund $50 ($600)
    -House fund $200 ($2,400)
    -Wedding Fund $200 ($2,400)

    Total Saved: $14,400

    -raise credit score to 780 in order to start travel hacking

    -lose 25 lbs
    -workout min. 3xs a week
    -run at least once
    -stretch at least 1x a week
    -lose 1 lb a week and by end of June have lost all 25lbs
    -remove dairy and gluten at home
    -continue eating home-made lunches and dinners 5x’s a week

    -write juicing book
    -write 5 pages a week (20 pgs a month) for 7 months (140 pgs)
    -By end of July should have written 140 pages
    -accountability partner
    -read pat flynns book about writing an e-book

    -start passive income goal
    -listen to 1 Pat Flynn podcast on the phone weekly
    – write an article every 2wks with a goal of creating passive income

    I have a side business and this past year I had months where I made a lot, and other months where I wasn’t making much. Now I want to have stability and maintain the income flow. Of course once I have maintained and created the system to sustain the 1k a month I will be updating my goal to 2k a month and so on.

    -make 1k in revenue a month
    – need 29 hours to make 1k a month
    -if client purchase 10 blocks I need 3 clients a month
    -in order to get 3 clients I need to sit down with 10 ppl
    -to see 10 ppl, I need to meet or reach out to 20-25 ppl.
    -meet or contact 1 person per day

  239. Rand Herz

    This year I will be opening my first company, aiming to bank HK$10,000, and pay off my US$20,000 of student loans.

    I’ll pass the US FSO test, learn Vietnamese and Cantonese, and become a yoga teacher.

    I’ll settle in Hong Kong.

    2014 will be the year of starting from scratch, of building the foundation for a career and of starting to fly.


  240. Donnalee

    I have GOT to get into the right brain rehab program, since I am not getting better health-and-brainwise, despite efforts, after getting electrocuted back when. There is clearly something I am not doing right, so I need to find the best people within my local area to help me. I’ve started making contacts with the best clinics, so now just need help with transportation etc. It’ll happen.

  241. Tara

    As a photographer, my goal is to raise prices in a significant way, so I can make a decent living for the amount of time I put into my work. I will alienate much of my current client base, which is scary. I also aim to be more organized, get into a routine, and spend less time in front of my computer.

  242. HC

    My goal is to get my editorial photography portfolio together and stop using my wedding photography as a crutch for not getting into the field I’ve always dreamed about. I’m done complaining and being jealous of other people doing well in the field.

  243. Stephanie

    I want to identify my top priorities right now and then organize my life in a way that accomplishes these priorities in a sustainable, meaningful way. I’ve been in the IT implementation world the last couple years which was challenging and fun at times but largely stressful with no work/life balance, and in my heart I know I’m an artist and a people person. I’ve realized more money and less time doesn’t make me happy, but I do need that challenging job that still allows for a life otherwise. I’d like to figure out how to fuse my top talents into a job that will work for me.

    Also just ended a serious relationship, which until a couple weeks ago was my top priority, so unexpectedly I now need to refocus my energies completely. I’ve already started enriching other areas of my life to be happier and nurture myself this year – joined a weight-loss program, rejoined an old a cappella group, doing a course to rediscover my creativity. I also am looking for volunteer opportunities and courses I may be interested in taking such as graphic design or painting.

    But what to do for work (even as basic as which industry and/or role) is still a gigantic question mark that I’m looking to figure out. Don’t know how, but one step at a time is the plan.

  244. Ross McCay

    Really good post Ramit. Hilarious questions that you received!

    To answer the question you asked at the bottom of the post, the main accomplishment I want to achieve related to my business this year is expanding the readership of my blog since I just launched my website a mere 2 weeks ago. I plan to do this mainly through posting content often that adds value to the readers lives (like you do with IWTYTBR)

  245. Meghan C.

    I had my 2nd baby in July, and just like with baby #1 my systems for home maintenance and my job got shot to hell. The kids stay with me so I have two full time jobs and can’t keep up without systems, so my goal for 2014 is to get systems for home and work responsibilities set up again. I already started in November but got sidelined by cold and flu season. Me and the kids are still sick now!

  246. Paris

    I don’t know honestly what I want to accomplish that I don’t know but I am open for a challenge have any ideas?

  247. Paris

    Actually I don’t know how to get important clients. I want to be able to get important clients because I know they have the willing and ability to pay me for my work when it comes to photography, videography and ideas. Being that they’ll possibly continuously making money/profit/gross/revenue how do I accomplish the same to get a percentage from them?

  248. Connor

    The one thing I want to accomplish this year is to work with you. I need a job and I want to learn from the Man With the Plan!

    • Andie

      Seriously? Then you should better check this out first 😉

      Good luck!

  249. Anonymous

    How to get your spouse to lose weight?

  250. Yvette

    Earn more money! Get more savvy with my expenditure,, :/

  251. Najlaa

    Happy New Year Ramit
    Thank you for making this great community and opprtunity to share ourselves.
    My goal is making family.
    This year and all coming year. Until I get it.
    I don’t now how, but I know I will.

  252. Mona May

    Hello, my name Is Mona. I have always had a dream of owning my own liquer company as well has publishing my childrens book. I have done my research on liquers, branding and much more. I know that can be a great success, but I’m not sure we’re to start. I feel this fire buring inside of me that wants to explode. I would love any guidence that you can give me, it would mean a great deal. Thanks and happy new year.

  253. Ethan O'Brien

    Hi Ramit, happy new Year!

    I discovered you this year from your socials skills teardown video on youtube, the one on speaking too fast and I was captivated by 2 things: your control when speaking and how that made you come across as confident and astute. I subsequently joined a toastmasters club and bought your book and the 4 hour -work week and got my savings underway with a financial adviser.

    My goal this year is to start earning a credit rating (my first credit card is in the post) and to learn how to not be over-bearing with advice on people. You mentioned in a video that this used to be a problem for you, what system could i setup to learn to help people the way you learned to?

  254. Janir Thorndike

    1) get my niche dropship site up with product on it
    2) extract a problem from the MMJ market that I can solve with software

  255. anonymous

    I am leaving an anonymous comment because… I think I am worried that I won’t be able to make this happen… and would feel very embarrassed when that happens…

    I want to earn 500k dollars in this year. Right now, my net worth is in the negative side of the number line… I am pretty sure I cant reach this goal, speaking objectively… I still want to give it a try.

  256. Nats

    I want to get into Human Resources as a new career. I have been taking the appropriate courses but I make a decent salary now and can,t afford to go down in pay. How do I cross this barrier with no HR experience. I have 10 years business working experience but no HR.

  257. Anon

    There’s so much I NEED to accomplish (“want” is the wrong word because these goals are necessary for my survival). My father’s health deteriorated for the past two years and he died less than a month ago. I was so focused on him, and now that he’s gone my life feels unbalanced. One thing I want to accomplish this year (besides landing my dream job, of course) is going back to school to finish my bachelor’s in IT. I know the courses I’ll need to finish, but money is very tight right now. Financial aid will be difficult – I have a lot of student loans that went into default because my current salary is so low that I can’t pay them.

  258. Brittany

    I’d like the courage and the direction to leave a job I love in a state I hate. My company is wonderful, I’ve been promoted various times and increased my salary by 20k in 2 years, I have meaningful work and my coworkers are wonderful. But I live in a place with a backwoods culture and where anyone with any talent or intelligence leaves, leaving me with few prospects for relationships and ultimately no social life and few future prospects. It’s my first “grownup” job–I just don’t know how to make the leap.

  259. Pallavi

    track our family’s expenses each month! i know how much we spend every month but i wonder if we are living in excess …. could we do with less (especially the kids) and not even realize it? right now i’ve started a simple excel… any other recommendations?

    • Anand

  260. JC

    The thing I need to accomplish this year is to find a job that pays six figures and leaves me enough time to help my kids with homework. I’ve identified two so far but they require an investment of more than $100k in school, which seems risky.

  261. Ryan

    I am going to create a system to incentivize myself to wake up earlier. I tend to stay up later than I should and over time wake up later and later, but when I wake up too late I tend to not sleep as well and sleep longer than when I go to bed earlier which just makes the problem worse. I don’t yet have any ideas for a system to do this, but it is clear that willpower alone is insufficient.

  262. How to create a secure backbone for your personal growth in 2014 | The Pyramid Manifesto

    […] Ramit Sethi says, one big reason that so many New Year’s resolutions fail is that they’re based on willpower not systems. And our willpower is sadly very likely to fail. So for example, if you want to eat more healthily, […]

  263. Andie

    Hey Ryan

    I have the same problem. I am just not a morning person (especially in winter) and I tend to stay up too late. Now, which is the cause and which is the result? I also seem to be more productive later in the day. Often I don´t even realize how late it is because I just don´t get tired. Which seems logical given the fact that I don´t get up early. I know if I would go to bed a bit earlier I would wake up with more energy. In summer it is easier for me to get up early with the beautiful weather outside being my incentive to get out of bed. Now it is winter and I have to write my thesis, and none of this motivates me to get up. Fact is, that I would prefer to get my things done in the morning, so I can spend the rest of the day doing the things I really like.

    Let me know when you have found a good system, please 🙂

  264. Ohana

    My goal for 2014 is to publish my book + sell all copies of the first printing ((except those I will give away for free for specific people)

  265. Hiren

    Happy New Year Ramit!

    2014 needs to be a big year for me as I want to get engaged, also being Indian you probably are familiar with the family pressures that are put on the idea of marriage in our culture.

    However, since leaving my previous job I haven’t managed to secure a stable income stream, so maybe self-employment is not the right road for me at the moment. I have had many potential clients and inquiries, unfortunately practically all of them have been unreliable time-wasters.

    I really require some stability, so I think my best option will to start actively looking for full-time employment again while still trying to establish my own small company on the side. I am worried about the employment prospects and stability in my industry though (animation/game/vfx industry), so it may even be worthwhile me considering whether there is a decent alternative I can swiftly turn my hand to.

  266. Liz

    I want to learn how to sell!

    I don’t se myself as a salesperson. I don’t now how to start a sales conversation and I don’t know how to end a sales conversation. I’m terrified of rejection and I’m afraid of coming on to strong. It feels like I have everything against me. Still. I want to learn how to sell!

    I want to help people, and I want to make money doing it, but I want to do it in a way that corresponds with me and my personality. Is it possible? I’m not afraid of being afraid, but I need to create a system that will take me through my fears and my scripts that say I can’t do this. How do I do this? Where do I start?

  267. Mario

    Hi Ramit! I would like to earn my life as a psychologist. We have difficult times in Spain but as you say often: “Top performers have job offers all the time, even when the economy is not going well”. Best wishes!! And congratulations for your job!! I love it!

  268. B

    I’m working through a divorce right now that will invariably end up with me being in some substantial debt due to my wife’s spending habits and me burying my head in the sand for 4+ years. So while this is stressful and frankly depressing, I’m trying to view it as a great opportunity for me to get my life together and take control. My plan this year is to settle this divorce as quickly as I can while keeping things fair, and to set up a structure for paying off the debt. I also plan on getting more responsibility at work (including a raise). 2014 is my year.

  269. Marc W

    This is a fun thread and, given the new year, a topic that has been on my mind. This year will be my year to focus on taking my network (and career) to the next level!

    What I have done so far. Identified 3 of the best networking books (by reviews). How To Win Friends and Influence People, Never Eat Alone and Business Cards to Business Relationships. I have read the first two in the past week.

    Next I have identified a few close friends that are great networkers to help me through the next year. I am going to be sending them my ideas and a general plan for the year this weekend. I will check in with them regularly on my progress.

    Next, I have set up a trip to Seattle, one of my markets (I’m in Real Estate) and have set up meetings with 6 connected people that I have just begun business relationships with. This is in addition to an already packed workload. I have another 5 or so potential meetings yet to be confirmed and I will probably “clone” those meetings…or double up dinner meetings with people that might value knowing each other.

    Now for my year-long goals:

    First goal…1 year – to become a top deal-maker in my markets by securing 10 projects (two is the expectation for my role). 3 month – Join professional real estate organization and serve a role on the board. This will be accomplished through (one month goals) reaching out to a few leaders of a handful of connected groups, and meeting with 3 people within the group I select. Other 3 Month goal will be to start region-specific networking groups that match my geographic territories. I will start to achieve this by identifying connected friends with different roles in those markets and selecting a format and venue for the meetings. I am thinking about quarterly meetings where 1-2 individuals select a topic that they are experts in and update the rest of the group on trends.

    Second major one year goal… Give a speech at a major conference on an issue relevant to my industry that focuses on cost-benefit analysis in property management catering to millennials. This goal is to increase exposure to my company (employer), particularly in West Coast markets. To do this I plan to (3 month goal) collect information/research/interviews for my study by (one month) identifying the 3 top experts in that niche, speaking with ten people within my network that are at the forefront of property management trends, and reading the 3 best books on millennial behavioral patterns. Additionally, I plan to (3 month) join Toastmasters and give 3 of the first introductory speeches.

    I have noticed that Ramit has been asking for specifics. Hopefully that is specific enough where someone that has read through the comments may actually be able to help with my goals…or at least help define them further!

    Lets make 2014 the best IWTYTBR year yet.

  270. Kristy

    I want 2014 to be the year I get a grip on navigating interpersonal relationships, and knowing (easily) when to act and make changes with them. I want to shorten the time it takes for me to recognize when it’s time to speak up or make a change, and I want the changes I make to be productive or insightful more quickly.

    I’m interested in recording how I am feeling about a variety of things (work, relationships, friendships, personal challenges), and monitoring progress in a way where I can see or understand when it’s time to act versus continuing to monitor or test and make changes. For me, this is most applicable for interpersonal relationships, and also plays into your personal challenge of having difficult conversations earlier (or just having them).

    I am evaluating some journaling apps for my phone that track things like where I’ve been and how I’m feeling, but I definitely want this to be an actionable list, and a system I continue to use instead of drop due to low payout (time invested vs reward). I’m absolutely open to suggestions.

  271. James H.

    Finish fulfilling the Kickstarter I launched last year, start and finish another one, and start a third, all in the space of one year.

  272. Green Swaan

    OK I read your book and I separated every dollar into each compartment you advised…still I have 3 dollars in my checking account and 12 days until payday. How can I stop struggling financially? I have two jobs, I been looking for free lance work but nothing yet, any ideas? I am fully bilingual Spanish/English…this lack needs to stop!!!

  273. Em

    Getting control of my schedule. When working toward a recital or other performance, I know what I need to do, but don’t do it well. Taking the time to focus on my goal and write down what I need to accomplish, the steps to accomplish, a schedule to accomplish, then sticking to the schedule. For example: I have X number of songs. Need to learn music, words (in various languages), memorize, polish. First block seems to be taking the time to spell out, in writing, how I will accomplish all this.

  274. J

    I would love to find a way to have all my financial needs taken care of without needing to work or make money in any way– just have an unlimited source of money coming in without any effort on my part. I guess its only possible with large investments, or winning the lottery, or finding a genie and wishing or something….

  275. Eric

    My goal for 2014 is to start a successful business. I am thinking of a moving company – labor only for now, no truck. We would help load/unload. I think this would at the very least be a good side business. Although, I’m not exactly sure how to go about hiring people and the best way to market my services.

  276. Chris

    Hi Ramit

    I’ve been thinking a lot on the idea of getting started. The science behind it. I know this is most of what you cover. Sort of. But what is it that when you start to break an old habit, it physically feels like you’re losing that thing? I’m not sure if it’s helpful to many or not, but it’d be great to know the science of starting out. Josh Kaufman does a great job alluding to much of this, as well as Scott Adams.

    Looking forward to 2014

  277. Rohit Kothari

    Hey Ramit,

    I would appreciate your response in how to achieve the following goal.

    I go to a business school in MA, and my goal is to make business contacts there in 2014. The problem is that I want to make sure that business in the future is a possibility rather than something I will have to indirectly bring up in conversation in the future. I most probably will join my father’s business but at the same time I want to hear from my friends whenever there is an opportunity for a joint venture/business partnership. How can you create this sort of relationship with classmates?

    Any advice at all, even general, would be appreciated.

  278. Nubia Prèvil

    I have a real problem with grit; that thing that entrepreneurs have that make them successful. Every time I start to work on a project, something along the way eventually stops me: fear of failure, fear of scrutiny, procrastination. My focus is to see projects for the long haul, long after the honeymoon has passed. Help!

  279. Nadia

    I want to become a successful entrepreneur this year and make atleast 2 grand per month, on top of the income from my day job. I’m anxiously awaiting the release of earn1K. I also want to go back to school because navigating the workforce without as much as a Bachelors, sucks!

    I saved $20,000.00 last year so this year the plan is to save atleast 30K.

    Happy New Year, Ramit. XOXO Nadia

  280. Tara

    This year I will be a do-er rather than a I-want-to-do-er.
    Way too many times I talk about what I dream about doing but the next year I’m still singing the same song. On my list for 2014…
    1) Loose 20 lbs
    2) Learn another language
    3) Travel to at least 3 different countries
    4) Move to another state
    5) Build a greenhouse

  281. A.K.

    Hi Ramit,

    Happy New Year! My main goal this year is to find my dream job and ideally be working in some capacity in that field.

    This is a very challenging goal as I have many many interests and I would argue strengths, which make it hard to exclude things. I have a day job, but my true passion lies in “comedy and/or music writing and/or performance.” This is a pretty broad statement. So my dream job could anything from writing for a children’s TV show or adult sitcom, to performing as a solo musician or stand up comedic act.

  282. todd johnson

    I would like to get my dream job to work at for the next 20 years. I am 55 and want to be ambitious until I am 75.

  283. Skye

    I am a journalist, but all I want to do is finish editing/rewriting my novel within 3 months.
    I have written it, but I have another 300 double spaced pages to polish and partially rewrite. Any advice?

  284. Thomas

    I’m 52 with a net worth of somewhere around – $100K. I have a job now (thank God) and it pays my day to day bills while not doing anything for debt payments, savings or paying for my children’s education…I want to get out of debt this year, earn enough to cover my kid’s education in 3-4 years & be retirement ready in 10-15 years….Is this even possible?
    BTW, it probably doesn’t matter but just so you know, I’m not from any of the major developed countries.

  285. Liam

    I want to become excellent at closing the loop with mentors and other contacts. I set a schedule of emailing on the first Sunday of the month, and I did everything I could to avoid it. Ramit, do you have a system that you use for emailing mentors?

  286. Rose

    I want help transitioning from my corporate day job to running my career coaching business full time.

  287. kaj

    Hi Ramit,
    I actually got a friend of mine to read your site. The one thing she loved was the swearing. That’s what got her hooked.
    But my question is do you ever get bored? And I don’t mean “oh I have nothing to do I’m bored” but an innate need to do something different other than your routine. Even though the routine was a system you yourself created to develop a better habit, you have the better habit but the “thrill” is gone somehow. You go on vacation you come back same routine cause it’s a really good system. Shit gets done and then some. But there’s something… hmmm… I guess the word would be “missing”. Then again maybe it’s just me. (shrugs)


    I want to attend your IWT course!

    I want to be rich so I can give my parents a comfortable life, have secure accommodation, drink green juice every day, travel the world, donate towards climate science, and meet awesome people.

  289. Emanuel

    I want to clean all my debt, Im working on it!!

  290. Amy

    I’m trying to figure out how to climb the ladder in spite of the crazy office politics at my company. I’m now doing 3x the work and am trying to figure out how to make sure the extra skills and responsibility work for me (aside from padding my resume). Otherwise what’s the point?

  291. Melissa

    I think this idea of choosing one big goal could really work for me. I have noticed that I tend to set too many goals at the start of the year and my focus tends to peter out as the months pass.

    In 2014, I would like to become a better communicator. Specifically, I would like to learn to read other people and to be an active and engaged participant in conversations. When I speak, I would like to tell a good story that interests people. My sense is that I can appear silent and aloof, and when I interject and join a conversation awkwardly it can be perceived as pushy or interrogative. These skills will transform many areas of my life – work relationships with colleagues and supervisors, relationships with friends and family, and romantic partnerships.

  292. ¿Cómo de en serio te tomas tus objetivos? - ValeDeOro

    […] *Frase de Ramit Sethi. Imagen: gonzalvo / […]

  293. stacey

    What’s one thing you want to accomplish this year but you’re not sure how?
    Marry my black boyfriend in another country. This will involve bringing him to meet my white redneck parents, getting a work permit/visa for his country or vice versa. Not sure yet, I know some jobs for my embassy in his country will be online in February so in the meantime I will start by selling everything I don’t need.

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  297. James

    I like the Scott Adams quote: “Losers have goals. Winners have systems.” In fact I googled it to find out what he said. I like the idea that a goal is too easily missed and can demotivate you when it makes you feel like a loser. The System idea can help you be more productive over a longer time. Great article!