Do you guys want to hear more about the business side of iwillteachyoutoberich?

Ramit Sethi

I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I want to get your feedback.

For a while now, behind the scenes, I’ve been working on a bunch of projects to create several in-depth projects/products for you that I’ll be rolling out over the next few months. These are specific projects with more scripts that you can use to dominate, techniques for earning money (like the earn money bootcamp I hinted about), recommendations for the best accounts, etc. Some are free, some will be paid.


Believe it. Amazingly accurate cartoon (and brilliant marketing strategy) by the guys at

I was just planning to announce them when they were ready, but I just realized you might want to see stuff like:

  • How I come up with product ideas
  • How I decide when to charge vs. offer stuff for free
  • How to set pricing
  • How I do market analysis and craft a marketing plan — including online and offline
  • When to hire other people vs. doing it yourself

Stuff like that.

This is more related to entrepreneurship than personal finance, but I think it’s relevant to iwillteachyoutoberich readers: It demonstrates how to take a simple idea (personal finance for young people) and build a business (and income) around it.

Leave a comment to let me know if you’re interested in seeing what I’m doing behind the scenes. If you guys are interested, I’ll do some occasional posts on the business side of iwillteachyoutoberich.

If not, no hard feelings. Just let me know in the comments!

[Edit] Lots of “Yes” comments below, so let me know specifically what topics you’d like me to cover.

[Edit] The first post is up: How I use beta tests to rapidly optimize new products

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  1. iamamonkey

    Yes! It would be fascinating to get a behind-the-scenes look at this site. Perhaps you could also introduce us to your team?

  2. Nicky Papers


    I’ve been reading your site since 2006 and I’m a fan of your work. I own the book and enjoy reading your blog posts. As blogging has turned into a business for me I’d be very interested in how you’ve monetized off web traffic and your methods.

    It’s rare to see true methods revealed, but I think it will inspire other bloggers out there to tweak their sites or start blogs and dominate niches. If you show readers the power behind “web holdings” and the recurring revenue streams that popular blogs generate I think it will give many people a jump start and a new outlet for income.

    All the best!

    Nicky Papers

  3. Brandon Anderson

    Definitely interested to learn about the business side of IWillTeachYouToBeRich. I’d also be interested to learn the same from PBWiki.

  4. Willy

    Please! That would be awesome. Even if this isn’t the place to do it (not sure if it is), do it somewhere.

  5. Brian

    Post away, I’d love to see posts about what you were thinking and why you decided to do what you did.

  6. Baker

    I’m very interested in hearing the story/thinking/trial/error behind you building a non-traditional revenue model within the blogging niche (personal finance).

    Specifically, this is one of the areas that has ramifications for anyone involved in entrepreneurship, not just bloggers. How to approach different revenue models, why you choose to promote yourself over selling advertisement, and what you think the keys were that ultimately made you successful.

    Please do share! 😉

  7. Stacy McKenna Seip

    Absolutely! Having just finished the 4 Hour Work Week, I’m very curious to see how others do things.

  8. joe

    very interested

  9. Writer's Coin

    Yes please!

  10. Steve Brooks

    I am very interested. I know you are an automation freak, so I would like to hear about your systems and automation for launching new products or services.
    I really enjoyed the post on maximizing ebay profits. I assume I am like most readers… I am comfortable selling my used items online (ebay or craigslist), but just can’t seem to get started selling something new online.

  11. Anna

    I’d be interested as well.

  12. Mike

    How about keeping this blog about personal finance and a separate one for entrepreneurship? I know it may be asking a lot, but I read both kinds of blogs and can’t think of any that do both subjects.

  13. FrugalFixation

    I would be very interested in hearing about the business side of you blog. I believe that this content can fit into your blog theme. Just interested to know how one of the masters sells information products online.

  14. Nathan


    This is absolutely what I’m interested in. I think I have nailed the “cutting costs” portion of attaining financial independence but definitely need some guidance on the “earning more” part. Would be great to have some more insight on your model. Thanks for everything so far.

  15. Karen

    Yes please!

  16. aliotsy

    Yes, please.

  17. David M

    Very interested…

  18. Sara


  19. fiqo


  20. A-ron

    I’d like to know for sure, but maybe in a separate blog.

    I keep a second blog for all my “behind the scenes” stuff (projects I’m working on, frustrations, successes, etc.) and it’s more relaxed and personal. I use posterous (no affiliation) because it’s slick and stupid easy.

  21. Caron Margarete

    Absolutely! Bring it on !!!

  22. CH

    Yes please!

  23. Monica

    Yes, please share!

  24. Brian

    I want to know. : )

  25. Josh Kohlbach

    Yep, fire away Ramit.

  26. Dave

    I don’t think anyone’s gonna say no to this.

  27. Nate

    Definitely! My first blog is up and running and am looking to roll out some products myself. I’d love to hear how you come up with ideas.

  28. Farrell

    Hook it up my Indian brother!!

  29. Andrew

    I’d be very interested to hear about product idea formation and marketing. Entrepreneurship is something all IWTYTBR readers should know about.


  30. Hoo Kang

    Yes, that would be cool.

    I think the topics that you’ve listed would be a good place to start.

  31. mark

    in theme with picture; AW HELLLLLLLLLLS YEAHHHHHHHHH

  32. lim seng

    Again, if it has to be paid, some might say you are no different from the rest, who actually need to make money from your how-to-make-money stuff.

  33. impertinent

    I’d like to see some concrete information about your revenue streams—you encourage your readers to follow your example, but how do we know you’re not scraping by on a subsistence-level income?

    One of the things other personal finance blogs have going for them is that their authors are very open about their own finances, or, at least, manage to lie convincingly. Their strength isn’t that they tell you to re-use tea bags, they tell you to re-use tea bags, and explain how it worked for them.

    I’d like to know whether you like your own dogfood. What your financial goals are, and how close you are to reaching them.

  34. sam

    Yes, please – it would be interesting to know what you set this blog up to achieve, whether you think that you have achieved it and what you have learnt about the whole experience. I set a blog up with a certain intention and although I think I have roughly stuck with my aim I have got distracted on the way.

  35. Annabel

    I’d love to know more about your systems for automation and routines in running your business, how you do market analysis and craft online and offline marketing plans, how you decide what to charge for and what to offer for free, what your income streams are…


    I would love to know your thoughts on the best way to develop a personal finance blog and how to make money with one.

  37. jordan luke

    this is exactly the stuff I want to hear about Ramit!!

    why not plan it as a video or podcast? it could even be a product too!!


  38. jc

    Mos’ def. I would like to hear more about how you decide what to charge for and how you set up your pricing. Thanks for a great blog. Looking forward to more great posts.

  39. Whitney

    I would love to see what you do behind the scenes. I am always up for learning about your entrepreneurial endeavors.

  40. John

    You’re tapping into an elusive, but compelling, area of marketing what I’d call “knowledge products,” and it would be very interesting to get a peek behind the curtain.

  41. Javier

    Definitely would like to hear about how you do your market analysis and create a marketing plan around that, as well as how you come up with ideas.

  42. Billy Broas

    Yes! Specifically about your market analysis.

  43. Satvik

    I would especially love to see your thoughts on pricing :).

  44. Omar

    I’m definitely interested. Your tips have helped me enormously.

  45. ignacio

    Yes, especially how do you set pricing.

  46. Christine

    Hi Ramit,

    I’d love to hear more about the business side to your site. More specifically: tips for building a successful blog, your thought-process behind how you differentiated yourself from the many other bloggers out there, and finally, how you established yourself as an expert in the field without decades of work experience or some crazy degree(s)(being the child of Asian parents myself AND starting a business under the same conditions noted above, I’d love to hear how you did it).

    Thanks so much!

  47. Kam

    I want to believe those are shadows on your cartoon arms but I’m pretty sure they gave you hairy arms.

    And yes, please on all the following:

    * How I come up with product ideas
    * How I do market analysis and craft a marketing plan — including online and offline

  48. victoria

    coming up with ideas and doing market research always seems like the hardest part.

  49. Steve

    I think, with the current push towards full transparency, that this is a great idea. Not only will it teach by example, it should encourage others to A)attempt to become entrepreneurs themselves & B)help encourage a movement towards full transparency in business and government. Since I personally believe that transparency will also lead to increased accountability, I’ve recently started encouraging the practice every time I interact with people who have a business. This site is a prime example. Thanks for showing an interest in a trend I believe may be one of America’s best hopes for a stable future.

  50. Joseph Tolentino

    Yes. I want to learn how it all works behind the scenes.

  51. Art

    Yes! I would probably learn more than I would in business school!

  52. Alex

    Yes! I’ve been waiting for you to go down this road. Sounds awesome.

  53. Michael

    Market analysis and planning as well as pricing strategies – including when and when not to charge – are all rolled up in the same ball o’wax to me. Always looking for other people’s thoughts on these.

  54. Chad

    * When to hire other people vs. doing it yourself
    Trusting others with ‘your baby’ is one of the most difficult things for anyone, but growth requires it. How do we separate emotions from our business?

  55. AJ

    Yes it would be great. I’ve started several small business and would love to learn more about how you develop a following of people that are interested in what you do, connect with others in a win-win way (like you hook up with other bloggers).

    I realized quickly that unless people know about you, you don’t have much of a business.


  56. Scadman

    Yes, specifically statistics and how you use them.

  57. Catherine

    One thing I think you might have a great perspective on is financing. When should you not use your savings? When is it time to start asking banks/family/VCs for seed money?

    I’m so glad you’re doing this, I think lots of interesting stuff will come out of it.

  58. travis currier


    I want to learn about out sourcing…I do all my own newsletters, blogging, web design, scripting.. it just takes so much time..I want to use my time writing my cancer support book…instead I bombarded with everything else. Please help..

    Go BV Broncos

    Travis class of 1997

  59. Alan

    Yes! I’m interested in learning about everything you mentioned. I think it would be helpful to those of us that want to start a side project to earn some extra income.

  60. Josiah Garber

    Yes, that would be great!

  61. Chris

    I’d like to see information on how you decide when and how much to charge.

  62. Erica Douglass

    I already know what you’re working on, but I’d love to see how you plan to blog it. So, yes. 🙂

    For those who say separate blog — I’d say no… I think everyone who reads this can learn something from you in regards to business (even if they learn that you are, in fact, a crazy mofo. 😉


  63. Blah

    Yes. Topics such as: deciding what types of ideas are more lucrative than others, how to take ideas and stretch them to make the most out of them, how to determine when you have a good enough idea/product that others should pay for, pricing of said product, how to break down your idea so that you can actually accomplish it (or rather how you have taken your ideas and accomplished them step-by-step), etc. Anything and everything really.

  64. Sam

    Yes or I will never read this blog again! J/K!

  65. Desmond

    I’m interested in hearing more about market analysis, planning, and what tactics you use to implement your findings. I think we all could use some different views when it comes to marketing as it’s one of the most important aspects in business. Without proper targeting, you’ll never reach the right prospects.

  66. Amethyst2525

    These are all great topics – I’d particularly love to hear more about marketing analysis and creating a marketing plan. As a part time freelance graphic designer I often work project-by-project a la ‘whatever comes my way’. It would be great to learn how to develop some relevant business planning skills, find a direction and stick with it. Thanks Ramit!

  67. giffroy

    Do more money diaries.

  68. Dane Carlson


  69. Chad

    I want to know the technology side of it.

    Obviously you are using wordpress for the site. So I want to know
    1. How have you integrated payment processing (scroog strategy etc) within wordpress ?
    2. How have you integrated monthly subscription for paid content ?
    3. Are you spending a lot of time troubleshooting customer orders etc or is it on “autopilot” ?
    4. How are you tracking your “bounce rate” i.e. how many people sign up for paid stuff, then cancel in a month ?
    5. How do you convince your users that they should sign up for scrooge strategy etc, outside of what you say on the blog like ‘oh, get this and 30 more tips at my scrooge strategy” ?

    and any other thing specific to monetization please 🙂

  70. - Financial Planning Demystified

    Hi Ramit,

    Its great to see you opening up a new dimension in your writings… Something that can be of tremendous help to me!

    I have been writing on matters related to personal finance and investment planning for about 2 years now – but strictly from the Indian context, and for the Indian audience. The market in India is quite different from many others, thats why the focus. (You might be aware of this because of your background).

    My aim is to promote healthier financial planning and investment practices among Indians – specially the younger generation that has tremendous disposable income (by Indian standards). I try to educate them about various avenues of investment and good investment practices, so that they can save adequately for their goals.

    In the process, I am also trying to monetize the website in different ways. That way, I can focus more on the goal, and can dedicate more time for the cause.

    I already offer a service called “My Financial Plan”, which is a web-based financial planning service. Web-based courses in various aspects of personal finance are in the pipeline.

    I would love to hear the following from your experience:

    – Different product ideas that come to your mind (irrespective of whether you implement them or not – many things rejected by you might be quite good for others)

    – How you determine the financial viability and marketbility of each

    – How you decide between free / paid

    – How do you decide on the pricing (the price and the strategy – eg. one time, subscription, and other models)

    – And yes, how do you decide on outsourcing (currently, I am the one-man-army for my website: design, development, testing, implementation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and of course, writing and answering readers’ queries!)

    Please do write about these whenever you find time, and whenever you feel like writing about something different! And keep inspiring others…


  71. Amanda

    100x yes! I’m actually doing the same thing for – am on the verge of publishing our business plan. We have 3 charged services in the works, and I know we have customers in our audience of 3,000 daily subscribers. There are many reasons to be transparent about your business operation with your readers — I’d bet they’ll trust you more and be more loyal.

    My question is: why aren’t more businesses being transparent about their operations and growth plan? Afraid competitors will steal our ideas? Naah … I think it will be great.

  72. jared

    yes! Specificlly I want to know everything there is to know about making money from blogging and earning income online in general.

  73. Jason

    Yeah man. Would love to hear about how you decide when to charge, how you create your pricing structure, and your online and offline marketing plans.


  74. Chris

    No. That sounds like a horrible idea.

    (Actually, I’m just kidding. I would read those entries. I just wanted to shake the comments up a little. It does seem a little Tim Ferrissy though.)

  75. Lawanna

    Thanks for all you share. I’d like to hear about how you decide when to charge and not and how you set pricing.

  76. Pat

    I’d be very interested in your thoughts on free content vs. paid. And also that earn money bootcamp sounds pretty intriguing 🙂

    Also, all the content here is fantastic! Whatever you decide to add I’m sure will be extremely valuable. Many thanks!
    – Pat

  77. Manisha Thakor

    Ramit – Yes, Yes, Yes! In particular, I’d love to hear how you maximize your personal productivity. I’m blown away by all that you accomplish – so would love to hear how you manage “the routine day-to-day” things as well… stuff like emails, social media, networking, staying zen & happy, etc. as you engage in the business side of iwillteachyoutoberich. And thank you in advance for allowing us to learn from you. Your generosity and transparency are very inspiring. (And totally agree with Amanda from… sharing builds serious loyalty). Go you!

  78. Amanda Steinberg

    @RaagVamdatt – re free/paid – focus on volume, building traffic and capturing subscribers (email, RSS, Twitter, Facebook). Once you have volume, opportunities to charge open up. If you charge too soon, you’ll stifle your growth. Re outsourcing — do what you love, and find affordable partners to help with the rest. For example, I have 8 writers now contributing to my website bc I love technology and the subject (women and finance in my case) but my editorial mind is somewhat limited. Best of luck – Amanda

  79. David

    Absolutely. I’d love to learn what you’re doing in the background (seems that posting has slowed down as you’re devoting your time to other projects).

    I’d love to learn your strategies behind building your business from a blog into something more, as well as the technology behind it.

  80. JimE

    Not sure if you ever watch Sportscenter or not, but one time they ran sportscenter on ESPN and aired the making of Sportcenter on ESPN 2 so you could watch them doing the show live. If you could somehow do a podcast of a week, or blog a “making of the post” diary with all the things you think about that would be awesome. I know the temptation to clean it up would be there but I say leave it as raw as possible.

  81. Kelly

    Double yes on setting pricing. How do you ballance the amount of time you’ve put into something vs what people are likely to pay? How would this change if you handmade goods instead of selling ideas? Think furniture or jewlery…

  82. Jon

    Yes, specifically:
    # How to set pricing
    # How I do market analysis and craft a marketing plan — including online and offline
    # When to hire other people vs. doing it yourself

  83. Jim Lochner

    I see the cartoon and picture you on a dance floor somewhere with your hands pumping in the air: “Ramit in the house! Heeeeeeeeey!” But, yes, behind-the-scenes would be great, specifically pricing and marketing plans.

  84. Notabear

    Yes, would like to learn more about how you decide what to keep free and what to charge for

  85. Eric

    I would be interested to know more about your take on outsourcing versus in-house services for iwillteachyoutoberich.

  86. Cory Kaufman

    I would like to hear more about your marketing strategies.

  87. Stephen

    I really appreciate your writing tone and style and would be very interested in reading what you write especially in regards to entrepreneurship.

  88. Joy


  89. Meg

    Yes please! I have been reading up on entrepreneurship but noticed your conversational style and to the point information would be very useful. Look forward to reading.

  90. Ryan Gonzales

    Yes, I would love to hear about your entrepreneurship life. In particular how you set your pricing for your premium subscribers, and how you decide when to hire someone else vs. doing it yourself. This would amazing.

  91. Alan Hunter

    The more the better!

  92. Darryl

    Bring it on. All 6 look good, Ramit.

  93. Brian Y

    I’d like to see how you come up with product ideas

  94. Jon

    Absolutely. Please do.

  95. kathleen Smith

    Dear Ramit, yes yes yes. i love your knowledge that you share with us. i have been using and absolutely love it. i am on the downside of my life. now working part-time, have down-sized and have some savings after selling my home. i now rent, but would like extra tips on how to save more, so keep it coming.
    i appreciate all that you do.
    kind regards, Kathleen

  96. Justin


  97. Gurjeet Singh

    Yes, this is a great idea. Specifically, I would like to read about:

    1. Customer development – how to find customers for products and to modify products based on their feedback – what are the important questions to ask potential customers ? I think this ties in with Market analysis and marketing strategy.

    2. Pricing strategy – how to find the right price for products ?

    Thanks for all the great work Ramit !

  98. Nick

    Yes, especially more about making money.

  99. Claudia

    You hardly need my “Yes!” but I would like to thank you for your generosity 🙂

  100. kate

    Much of what you talk about is related to creating additional revenue streams in addition to cutting costs on things that don’t really matter to you. There are a LOT of people who are entrepreneurs in addition to their day jobs. Knowing how to create and price products would certainly be helpful! (plus some of us just love reading that stuff and passing it along to others)

    Also, we all learn differently. When you explain the background and how you come up with what you are doing, why/how you are doing it – it makes the other personal finance stuff ‘click’ in a different way.

    new perspectives are always welcome! I am looking forward to this series!

  101. John McGlynn

    The more you share, the better off we all are. Looking forward to a “behind the scenes” view.

  102. Chris Coletti

    I am interested how you come up with product ideas, but even more interested in how you choose which ones to pursue, and in what order. My problem is usually having too many ideas, to the point where I have no idea where to start. ALso pleas go into how you decide when to charge and how you set pricing, as well as how to make a market analysis; where do you get this information? Is it research that requires only time and hard work or do you purchase statistics from relevant sources? And of course the question of when to hire someone vs. do it yourself always comes to mind. Can you trust the people you are hiring, even of the project involves having a stranger (or strangers) working with an idea of yours that is not patented/copyrighted or protected yet (particularly in the case with an invention where either drawing or fabricating a model is required for a patent to even be considered, yet you do not have the set-up/skills to fabricate/draw it yourself)?

    Love your work!


  103. Keith-Hermosa

    Yes. Bring it on. Good case histories are not that easy to come by.

  104. Suzyn


  105. Sathish

    Sure Ramit,

    Specifically I would like to hear your thoughts about how you start from an idea, to deciding if it will be useful for a wide range of audience, to brainstorming about possible solutions including reasons as to why is something a problem in the first place(I can imagine your educational background gives you a big hand here). Do you collaborate with a team, of 3, 4 or 5 people? I am sure you look for people with expertise in specific areas to help you out, but how do you identify when to reach out vs doing it yourself. Things like these.

    Thanks for your all your work!

  106. Levi


  107. Luis

    Yes, definitely. I think that will be a great opportunity for everyone to learn and expand their ideas and strategies.

  108. Paul

    Yes, I am very interested in entrepreneurship. Please share your knowledge in that area as well. I think I recognized your voice on the audio podcast from the Stanford Technology Ventures Program: “Overcoming Adversity and Taking Risks – Jackie Speier, Deborah
    Stephens (Former St Senator)”. You asked the question how she got into writing a book. See? I am very interested in all things entrepreneurship. Cheers, Paul

  109. Rob

    Yes, very interested.

  110. tim


  111. Tim

    That sounds really cool. Thanks

  112. Jaskaran

    I want to know the specific steps to take your idea into something concrete. Logistically, perhaps you can direct us on where to build a website or who to hire to do this because these days seems like a website is the easiest way to advertise or sell something when you have an idea, but being a 20 year old guy with no experience in this area.. where do you go?

  113. arun L

    Yes, I am interested in knowing more – especially the entrepreneurship part.

  114. Rober


  115. DebtFreeEarth

    I think it would be fascinating to hear about the “inner workings” of I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Looking forward to it Ramit!

  116. Charlene

    I am totally interested in the behind the scenes action! Please fill us in and thanks!

  117. Griff

    I’d love to hear about it. Looking forward to you email.

  118. Cameron Schaefer

    Always interested in hearing you discuss entrepreneurship!

  119. Calicotigress

    yes, please do.

  120. Jenny Blake

    Hey Ramit,

    Great idea – and thanks for being willing to share the business-side with all of us. Some specific things I’m interested in:

    -Your general approach to viral marketing (any flops? biggest successes?)
    -Innovative “call-to-action” ideas (like having people send you book receipts for private calls with other bloggers/authors)
    -Day in the life – how the hell do you juggle everything? You seem focused on a great mix of PR, marketing, strategy and writing – and amidst all that, you continue to connect well with your audience via email.


  121. Peter

    Ramit, I would really enjoy and find informative the whole process. I run a very small lawn mowing business on the side of my regular job and really could use all the information I can get on business. I would be willing to ay for those things that have value. Thanks for your website and help. I look forward to more.

  122. Sam Rosen

    Hi Ramit,

    I’m particularly interested in a few topics:

    (1) How you took the very general, decidedly non-niche subject of personal finance and built a unique voice, following, and business over time (beyond simply “being yourself”–I’m interested in the strategic dimension of it all: how you built relationships, engaged with readers, and navigated the cacophony of the blogosphere to make a distinct impact).

    (2) Your approach to online marketing in general. Clearly, you don’t follow the “big-red-headline” philosophy, which usually consists of a series of “squeeze pages” written as if by an ex-con; beat-you-over-the-head hype and high-pressure sales tactics; and massively deceptive claims and email marketing strategies.

    (3) What you would do if you were entering a new niche–that is, how you would approach the process of market research, product development, promotion, and business- and systems-building.

    God, there’s more. Testing, analytics, partnerships. I’ve been following IWTYTBR for a little while now, and I find your business inspiring and fascinating–it’s an example of a profitable and impactful online presence that doesn’t compromise in either voice or ethics. Kudos.

  123. Purga Apnehr

    yes. I love it so much.
    I will be teachings

  124. Scheherazade

    Hi Ramit,

    One thing I admire about you is the ability to strike a credible and trustworthy tone even when being pretty relentless about building a business and self-promoting. This offer, to be transparent about your strategy and decision making on pricing, is consistent with that.

    I’m curious about how you set prices and what your objectives are (profits vs. visibility/market share, etc.). I’m also curious how you can build a sense of collaboration with an audience from whom you are also interested in extracting money — that’s a tension you manage gracefully, and many others don’t.

    At some point, buyers and sellers have interests that diverge — you’d like to figure out how much you can charge for your expertise, while we’d like to figure out how to get more free information from you, while sorting through as few product promotions and ads as possible. How do you recognize that place where interests diverge, and balance the interest in maximizing profits with the need to build an authentic and loyal relationship with your customers?

  125. Theresa

    Yes! I would love to hear more of the business side of things – particularly your marketing strategies – I think you’ve done a fantastic job and I’m always looking to learn.

  126. roy

    Hi, I would like to know more about starting a business, it goes well onling so I am especially interested in getting help with the whole online process. Obvioulsly getting a web site up is easy, having it
    be effective seems a whole different story. Help!

  127. SWH

    Yes. As a fellow Entrepreneur I would also be interested in how you do things from the business perspective.

  128. Micah

    I’d be very interested in how you come up with pricing for online content.

  129. Eric

    1. How I come up with product ideas
    2. Determining when to do something already out there, because you’re going to do it better.
    2a. Convincing people it is better.

  130. InterestedReader

    I would be very interested in this. It is always interesting to see how people come up with ideas and products for their own business.

  131. Julie

    Would appreciate the behind the scenes view!

  132. Robert M. Cavezza

    I’m interested in your forecasting. For example, based on the number of comments for this thread, how would you estimate the demand for exploring entrepreneurial topics behind the scenes at IWTYTBR?

  133. TH

    I’m interested in your point of view regarding about income generation.

  134. Sachin

    Surely, that sounds like a good perspective to logically thinki about while following I will teach you to be rich.

  135. Kyle

    I always have a hard time deciding when an idea is feasible for making profit… That would be nice!

  136. Timothy

    I would definitely be interested in learning about the behind-the-scenes business aspects of iwillteachyoutoberich. More information on top of the oodles of valuable information you already provide through your blog, your book and The Scrooge Strategy would be much appreciated!

  137. christian

    Would love to hear about: product ideas/how to set pricing/when to charge.

  138. Tex Murphy

    Interested in hearing the details of what to give out for free and what to charge for.

  139. K

    Definitely interested.

  140. Alberto

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    Especially about e-commerce (setting up a site, legalities), trademarking, employing, investors, establishing a business as an individual vs. a corporation, etc

  149. Kim Learner

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    I would like to find out more about college scholarships for my daughter, and even for me, the single mom back in school.

    Also, info on buying a good used car for the person without car maintenance experience.

    If there are links for that, i would love to read them.

    Thanks. I enjoy your blog.

  150. Laura

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  151. Dr. John

    Hi, Ramit,

    I’d live to learn how you choose your blogging topics, find the time & energy to keep writing, and researched your book.

    Have you ever considered writing a version of your book for mid-lifers? I loved your guidance and would like to know your thoughts about budget percentages for those of us over 45 (as well as what investment methods you recommend).

    Keep inspiring and leading!


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    Im in the top undergrad entrepreneurship program in the nation right now and I have fallen in love by the subject! I would love to know what your take is.

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    Thanks for the continued brilliance you bring to the public. I’ve enjoyed your posts for some time now and believe you to be one of the better sources on money out there…excluding good ol’ Suze, of course.

    Since you brought it up, I would love to learn about:
    -How you come up with product ideas
    -How you decide when and what to charge
    -How you do market analysis and create a marketing plan
    -When you hire other people vs. doing it yourself

    I’ve created a service specifically for the Hospitality Industry and would love your take on it. Here’s the address:

    Would love to hear what you think of it and how it can be improved.


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    Based on the high-quality products you’ve delivered so far, I will definitely be interested in the “earn money bootcamp.”

  156. Joe

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    Would like to see:

    1. Steps involved in idea creation
    2. Planning
    3. Implementing (big one! I have trouble with the actual execution)
    4. Autopilot – once the idea/biz is up and running things you do to automate stuff like reports or any other backend function.

  157. kathleen Smith

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    I’m interested in all the bullet points you mentioned, and I’m sure some other great ones have been asked about in the comments here (I’m racing the clock, so I had to skim them). I do & am really good at all the money saving things, but I really need to work on more coming in! Anyway, thanks for all your good advice; there’s never enough of that, and all your efforts to keep us in the loop. Looking forward to this!!

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    I liked everything on your list. I could see relevance for my own business in all of the topics and I value your experience and advice very much. Thank you for the book, blog and the encouragement that comes through in both of them.

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    # How I decide when to charge (e.g., with The Scrooge Strategy and my book) vs. offer stuff for free (blog, Twitter, YouTube, newsletter, etc)
    # How to set pricing
    # How I do market analysis and craft a marketing plan — including online and offline

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    One thread of an entrepreneur project could be for people who know nothing but need to make money. Like a 101 course or, in some cases, remedial high school.

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    •How I come up with product ideas
    •How to set pricing
    •How I do market analysis and craft a marketing plan — including online and offline
    I really need to start making some more money, I’ve been saving $$ on all sorts of things,but would like to increase my income.

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    – How I decide when to charge (e.g., with The Scrooge Strategy and my book) vs. offer stuff for free (blog, Twitter, YouTube, newsletter, etc)
    – How to set pricing
    – How I do market analysis and craft a marketing plan — including online and offline

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    How I come up with product ideas &
    How I do market analysis and craft a marketing plan — including online and offline
    You got to make money to manage it well. Salary jobs can be nice and secure, but I’ll probably never have one again, so the more side project ideas the better. To me, it’s better to have 3-4 “side projects” than one real job.

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  202. Rebecca

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    also, hearing about your business plan would be great too!


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  208. matthewZ


    I enjoy all aspects of your teachings. I look forward to learning more of the behind the scenes parts. I appreciate all you do. Thanks, matthewZ

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    Looking forward to it!

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    A lot of the topics here don’t go in that direction, though most are still good reads…

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  219. James

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    1. Your strategies for growing your blog and contacting JV’s, expert requests, live interviews

    2. Different strategies for monetization (for you, its not as much “ad based”, but for some that might be the route)

    3. The lifetime value of your customers, how you figure that out, and what kinds of returns you look for with people coming in.

    4. Web design optimization, seo, outsourcing

    5. Product Creation in your niche vs. affiliate marketing..?

    Hope that helps


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    Pricing particularly intrigues me.

  229. burnsy

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    I’d like to put a little bit of a different spin on what people are asking to see. You seem like a very busy person who runs a lot of different projects. I’d love to know more details about how you organize your work: how do you get this stuff done, keep everything in order, how much you do yourself vs outsource, etc.

  232. Anthony Medina

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  234. b.

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  235. Nick McIntosh

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    Would love to see behind the curtain.

    Specifically things like how you going about testing ideas and the planning you do before a launching the idea / product

  236. Jon


    I am primarily interested in vetting ideas for feasibility and identifying key areas to focus on (i.e. skills/interests with needs).


  237. Colette

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    Bring on the good stuff please.


  239. Anon

    Absolutely not. You don’t see Apple publishing their marketing playbook and pricing strategies because it would damage the Apple mystique. Similarly I have no interest in learning how you persuade your readers to buy your stuff — I’ll take a rhetoric class if I want to know that. Sorry, just the truth.

  240. Steve

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  241. Josiah

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  242. Patti

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  243. Daniel


    I have been a reader since 2005 and I rarely comment. I did not buy your book because all your personal finance info is on your site (in on form or another). What I study when I come to your site is your model. For me, it’s all about how you did something.

    Anyway you can share how you design products and how you decide to charge or make it free would improve my ambitions.


  244. KCLau

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    Hope to see your sharing soon.

  245. Virginia

    Of the examples you mentioned, I’d really like to hear about how you decide when to charge, how you set pricing and do market analysis. When to hire vs when to do it yourself is also really important, especially for women. I find that male colleagues are much better at deciding that something is more trouble than it’s worth. I and my women colleagues tend to assume we should be doing it all ourselves. Of course that’s broad strokes and the info can be useful for anyone who’s hesitant to delegate.

  246. dan

    First, your stuff is important for anyone, as someone who woke up a couple of weeks ago and noticed I had slipped into middle age without a whimper, (46) we need to keep our thoughts and goals young. Showing people how, behind the scenes you go from idea to production would be helpfull.

    As to free vs. pricing – my thoughts are simple if you parcel out a bit of free stuff that is useful. that actually works, or helps people solve an immediate small need, you should have no problem charging for complete packages. Oh wait you already do that, 1st chapter of your NY Times Best Selling Book. Keep up the good work.

  247. Sean

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  248. Giovanni


  249. Meri

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  259. - Financial Planning Demystified


    Thanks a ton for your suggestions! I appreciate you taking some time off and providing recommendations…

    I have about 750 daily uniques, plus around 8000 registered members. So I thought it was the right time to monetize. I am targetting a niche within a niche – personal finance for people in India, so I can’t target a traffic of 1000s of uniques daily 🙂

    What I am doing is a mix of free and paid stuff. Whatever I was offering free remains free. Only the new services – where I actually would be providing personalized guidance – are paid.

    Re outsourcing: Yes, completely agree with you. I love personal finance, and love writing abot it. So, I guess I would have to outsource the admin and tech aspects… It’s a bit difficult, coz it would mean giving up control. But well…

    Thanks once again.

  260. Nick

    would love to hear more!

  261. Jessie B. R.

    Absolutely. I think this is brilliant.

  262. Jessie B. R.

    Absolutely. I think this is brilliant. In trying to develop my own business plan right now, this has been a point of conflict. What do you give away for free in order to build an audience. And when do you start charging. Thank you!

  263. raymond

    yes—- I just finished reading Chris Anderson’s book, Free — would welcome your thoughts on pricing in a world where more and more is available for free

  264. Jerome

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  268. Ivan Arnaudov

    Whoa that’s a lot of comments so far 🙂 Great work Ramit.

    As a starting entrepreneur, I would be very interested in getting your take on price setting and figuring out which products/services to make available for free.

    Nice reading your blog, loved the book too!
    Ivan A.

  269. Dids

    Hi Ramit,– would be cool to read more about pricing information-products Vs. tangible items.
    To me it seems like a lot of guys offering info-products following a trend in setting a price. Like in internetmarketing, guys start to use the “47, 97, 1997$”, just to break the pattern, but I feel only a few think about the real value of their items. So, I am interested in measuring potential value of information and forward that in understandable terms to the customer.
    I am no IM, but a “Knowledge worker”-so to speak and I want to evalute projects on information-potential to set a price.
    Keep up the cool work.

  270. Kimberly J

    I believe when someone shows success in their ventures it’s always interesting to read up on some aspects of what actions led them there. So yes! If only to attempt to replicate one or two of those…

  271. MoneyEnergy

    Would be great to hear your thoughts on different types of marketing plans, how you came up with yours, or how you develop one for each new product. Also, general tips on crafting a marketing strategy for different revenue streams/projects (yes, both online and offline, as you said).

  272. Derrick

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    that would be good

  282. Sanjana

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  283. Idea To Get Rich

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    BTW, I’ve been following your blog content for the past few years and appreciate your knowledge-sharing. Keep up the good work.


  288. sheiler

    Hi Ramit,

    I think the earlier calls for you to be more transparent with your own life are a bit … forward and unnecessary. Hello, New York Times bestseller? I think that demonstrates that you’re not living freelance gig to other freelance gig.

    I would, however, like deets on making a marketing plan. I for one do not suffer for lack of ideas (fortunately or unfortunately).


  289. Sherry

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  290. james

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    Yes, definitely! Great idea, I’m looking forward to see the posts. Thanks a lot,


  292. Fikri Rasyid @ Bloggingly

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    Can’t wait to hear about it! 😀

  293. Bob Steere

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  297. Ericka


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  301. Lori

    I’d love to hear how you set pricing, and do promotion online. I am an entrepreneur, not specifically a blogger, but your marketing obviously works!

  302. Michael

    Yes- Specifically the cost analysis ( when to charge,when to hire other people)

  303. Leland

    # How I decide when to charge (e.g., with The Scrooge Strategy and my book) vs. offer stuff for free (blog, Twitter, YouTube, newsletter, etc)
    # How to set pricing
    # How I do market analysis and craft a marketing plan — including online and offline

  304. Luba

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  305. A


  306. Shad

    Ramit – it would be great to see the business behind I will teach you to be rich. I am in the midst of writing a business plan and starting a business right now, so I am interested in learning more about your strategies and plans in regards to marketing and market analysis, pricing, etc.


  307. Amy


  308. JF

    I would love to hear and learn more about product development, marketing plans and how to launch into your own company.

  309. Shilpa

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  310. Adriana

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  311. Mike

    YES. Always interested in hearing how entrepreneurs come up with their ideas.

    How do you know which ideas are worth pursuing?
    Once you decide an idea is worth pursuing, how do you set goals for implementing that idea?
    What makes an idea a Success/Failure in your eyes?

  312. Elizabeth

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  313. John Natoli

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    Thanks so much!

  317. Brian

    OK Ramit. Just keep it simple and dummy proof. That way it will be easier to retain and practice. Thanks for what you do. -Brian

  318. RP

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    Thanks for the opportunity.

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    How I do market analysis and craft a marketing plan — including online and offline

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