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Losers love tactics

Here is a fascinating insight I discovered from the millions of emails I have sent to my IWT Insider’s List.

Ramit Sethi

Here is a fascinating insight I discovered out of the millions of emails I have tested and sent to my IWT Insider’s List: You would think the best emails I send are the value-packed psychological insights, or the marketing nuggets, or the interviews I do with close friends like BJ Fogg and Tim Ferriss.


The single-best email I send is where I tell you what I’m GOING to give you.

Note: That’s NOT the actual email with the amazing material or life-changing insights. Instead, it’s the email telling you what you’re GOING to get.

Any idea why?

Two reasons:

  1. Because we love the anticipation of a free gift
  2. Because someone telling us what we’re GOING to get requires no work

In other words, it’s easier to feel good about the good stuff that’s coming than to actually USE the good stuff!

We “Claim” We Want to Do Something…But We Don’t

Any of these sound familiar?

  • “Yeah, I really should work out more”
  • “Yeah, I really need to get my finances together”
  • “Ugh, I hate my job. I need to figure this shit out”

We intuitively know this. All of us have something like this in our lives, usually around money, health, relationships, and careers. And when you ask people why, they are often unable to explain their own behavior — but they are delighted to opine about others.

Question: Why do some people whine while others take action?
Answer: 380+ responses. Answers like, “It’s very simple…people are just lazy” or “He is clearly afraid of XYZ and if he just did ABC he would be successful.”

Question: Why don’t YOU take action?
Answer: “I dunno…” or “I’m just lazy…” or “I had a really busy project last year, but this year is different…”

In other words, we feel ultra-confident about assigning reasons for OTHER people’s behavior…but we are clueless about our own. In fact, we’re terrible at both!

Be honest: All of us have something we “claim” we want to do, but we haven’t taken action on it. Why? Do you really think you’re going to figure it out later? Do you really know why you haven’t done it?

If your answer is “I’m lazy” or “I’m not motivated,” then you are missing the entire point. You’ve already lost because you’re using the wrong language. See, if you believe you’re “lazy,” then the only solution is to “try harder” — and we know that simple willpower alone won’t solve it. So what do we do?

We try random tactics. If we’re looking for our Dream Job, we decide to fix up our resume…or go shopping for new clothes because it’s an “investment”…or browse around for “interview advice.” But we don’t understand why. When it doesn’t work, we do it again. And again and again! Kill me please. Worst of all, we have no insight into how the actions we’re doing will pay off.

‘How does this resume fit into my entire job search? Oh well…I should just do it anyway. It can’t hurt…’

Our fears start taking hold:

“…if I met someone today whose brother was a fiction editor at some great literary journal, I’d be terrified to ask for the connection, because then I’d have to show some of my work to the editor, and then he would provide feedback, and then I would have to do more things to get better.”

“I learned about weaknesses I didn’t know I had–communication, procrastination, sabotage.  I remember saying how it felt like such hard work, but as I look back, I was working harder, not smarter, in fear of going at it on my own.”

“Self confidence is a major contributing factor.  I’ve been reading Ramit on and off for years and never implemented any of his strategies.  I rationalized that I was a perpetual loser, and that these were all great things for someone really together and talented to do.  As a consequence, I’ve struggled as the low employee on the totem pole with the lowest salary, most hours, and least fringe benefits.  At home I just left the big pile of bills sit there for MONTHS unopened because I was too scared to face my own debt.  And I’ve let my personal life and family ties go to hell because I was so used up at the end of every workday.”

There’s a better way. There’s a way to actually see the entire chessboard in front of you instead of moving one piece at a time. Instead of using random tactics, it’s possible to have a bird’s-eye view of the entire game.

So, instead of random tactic after random tactic, what should we do?

The answer is to use systems.

Systems and Tactics: What a Personal Trainer Taught Me

I was always a tall, skinny guy. In college, I had the body of a supermodel…a female supermodel. So I decided to change that and start working out. And over the next few years, I tried a series of tactics to see what would work.

Since I started, I’ve gained 45lbs (intentionally) and learned how to look like a normal human being.

The way I did it is directly related to how you can find your Dream Job.

See, I could have just picked a random tactic. Let’s say, lifting. Or eating more. Or reading a ton of books, or betting with my friends (which I did).

Recently, I decided to get a trainer to get to the next level. Look at the psychology behind this decision — and how you can apply it to your next 8 weeks.

The psychology of using a personal trainer

(Note: If your first thought is, “But Ramit, waa….we can’t all afford a personal trainer,” then you have missed the point. First, this is an EXAMPLE of a tactic you can use. Second, the system matters, not any individual tactic. Third, most people reading this could afford a trainer if they prioritized it, which I cover in my book.)

What you are seeing here is the game being played around you. Clueless people look at random tactics. They jump on the fad diet, the shiny budgeting software, the fanciest productivity tool. Smart people see behind it and realize any individual tactic is just a random tactic — but the SYSTEM of testing different approaches is profoundly important.

How to Use this Systems Approach to Radically Improve Your Resume

I’m going to show you a tactical approach to improving your resume and making it stand out more than 99% of other people. In fact, in our research, we’ve seen this approach help people’s resumes “semi-automatically” float to the top of the pile.

Then, I’m going to show you how this tactic fits into the entire system of finding your Dream Job. The actual psychology and nuts & bolts behind it.

Here’s how I’m going to do it:

  • I’ll show you the actual resume I used to get job offers at Google, Intuit, etc — and the psychology and reasoning behind the EXACT words I used
  • You’ll learn how to get deep in the heads of the hiring manager so you can read their minds
  • By the end of this, you’ll have insights into resumes that you can IMMEDIATELY put to work

Once you know how to make your resume stand out, you’ll also see how this fits into your entire Dream Job search. This is a powerful strategy + tactics approach.

Many of you listed your #1 challenge as improving your resume. Some of you said, “I send in resume after resume, but I never get a response.” That is a problem with a clear fix — EVEN if you don’t have massive experience, EVEN if you didn’t go to the best college, EVEN if you have spotty work experience. The actual language you use, the positioning you adopt, the methods you employ — these are immensely powerful.

This is something I want to help you with because even with this small tactic, you can see immediate, astonishing results.

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  1. avatar
    Chris Johnson

    I loved IWTYTBR. Made me better.

    And the thing is, when I automated finances, what else could I automate?

    Food- instead of waiting till I’m hungry to eat, I have pyrex dishes for most of my meals. I do it on Sunday while football is on. I don’t have to wait till I’m starving to figure out my meals. And so I don’t hit five guys.

    20# (of 80) gone so far in about a month.

    Takes me 2 hours a week. 2 hours that I would have spent anyway, in a drive through line.

  2. avatar

    Good post,
    I love the ideas of systems and was wondering if you have any advice/ideas on creating specific systems for myself? Maybe books or resources?

    Thanks Ramit

  3. avatar
    Aljosha Novakovic

    I’ve always been very into the psychology of persuasion. “Buzz words” that catch immediate attention such as yes, because, and free, have always helped me whether in business or everyday communication. I’ve never considered “going to” with it’s anticipation factor for receiving something….a ‘gift’ as you say it.

    Thanks for the interesting post Ramit

  4. avatar
    Marc W

    Really looking forward to digging into this material. It is the first program that Ramit has offered that is timely for me personally, and I cant wait.

    I have one question though. If the resume is indeed the fourth step in a linear dream-job process, then why start with it?

  5. avatar

    Hey Ramit,
    just a short question, will we be able to see this video after you did the live webcast? I’m a student from Germany, so the webcast would be at 3am on a school night, where it’d be better if we could see it the next day.

  6. avatar
    Dave Doolin

    I got an email exactly like this earlier this morning, someone “going to do” some cool thing with one of my WordPress plugins.

    Before Ramit (BR): waste time enquiring, encouraging, enlightening.
    After Ramit (AR): “Show me when you’re done.”

    Acting on Ramit’s advice saved me at least an hour, maybe two, given how much I truly enjoy helping people.

  7. avatar
    Matt McG


    Will the web seminar be posted anywhere after for viewing? I am new to your blog but have loved everything I read so far and really believe that this can help me find the job I want.


  8. avatar
    Ramit Sethi

    BR. I love this so much. Can we spread this around please.

  9. avatar

    I’m hoping there will be a recording available.
    At the time of the webinar, I am committed to family time. I’m not going to blow that off for a webinar…

  10. avatar

    Stoked on the resume class. I’d be watching even if it were 3am in Germany. I’ve been looking forward to implementing your interview tactics, but haven’t had a chance…maybe because my resume (and story) paints me as a commodity. Working on my story…

    “The single-best email I send is where I tell you what I’m GOING to give you.

    Note: That’s NOT the actual email with the amazing material or life-changing insights. Instead, it’s the email telling you what you’re GOING to get.”

    I have a question about how this is demonstrated in cover letters or client proposals. It’s a very direct approach (I like), but I’m not sure HOW to effectively & convincingly tell people what I’m going to do for them or what I’m going to give. Obviously, just saying:

    “Hi, here’s what I’m going to do for you” or “Here’s what you’re going to get” and follow with a list of bullet points isn’t effective. OR is it? I’d definitely like to see an example of a wowing cover letter, so I can really get a concrete idea of what works.

  11. avatar

    Will this video be posted afterward? I’m not sure I can make that time.

  12. avatar

    I actually had to walk around my house and think about this post.

    Basically what I got from it was:

    1. Information alone is worthless.
    2. Find a great system that’s generating positive results for others.
    3. Make sure it’s a system trustworthy.
    4. Shut up and follow the system. In other words, open your mind to the possibility that it’s going to work and move past negative assumptions.

    Kind of reminds me of the phrase – “You can be happy or right!”

    Looks to me like most people want to be “right” and make all types of excuses why something can’t work for them.

  13. avatar

    Funny you should mention testing various techniques. just 5 minutes ago I discussed this with regards to exercis. Obviously exercise is something you should do. You’re future self will thank you. Yet my current self loaths exercise. So I try and trick myself, automate myself, motivate myself in anyway I can think of. So far I’ve found various ways that do not work. Rewards, working out with friends, stickers like 5 year olds get. Currently I’m down to the threath of public humiliation (record myself singing musicalsongs and post it on youtube).
    But if this again doesn’t work then that just means I can cross another tactic of the list and get closer to something that does work.

    Although I’d love to sign up for the webcast that doesn’t work with my timezone, hopefully we can watch it later?

  14. avatar

    Ramit posts his Webinars after. I saw his really cool photog interview the day after he did it.

  15. avatar
    jack foley

    Successful people have coaches and mentors in all areas of their lives

    1. finances
    2. health
    3. relationships etc

  16. avatar
    Heather Craik

    And people wonder why I never get any sleep… I could wait on you posting the replay, but I’ll get up at 3am anyway to come and watch it live.

    See you on the 16th (17th 😉 )

  17. avatar
    Liam M

    Waaaa Ramit… I live in London so now I have to get up at 2 in the morning to listen to you! 🙂

  18. avatar
    Michael Enquist

    I’m -going- to view the webinar, and I’m -going- to learn how to make my resume float semi-automatically to the top of the pile, because some of the places I’d like to work rely on the pointless web-based application forms that are designed for preventing hiring rather than finding people like me who can help the company gain more clients and more income.

    Ideally, we find five people in the company we target and -show- them how we will help the company. They are smart enough to recognize value when it’s right in front of them and we start working by the next week.

    The vast majority of companies, however, are run by their HR departments, who have put policy ahead of principle and require conformance to made-up rules that serve no one but HR forms junkies. Learning how to cut through the HR barriers with a minimum of fuss is a good idea.

    See you Monday.

  19. avatar
    Michael Enquist

    To all who are asking about the replay: What if the answer was NO! ?

  20. avatar
    A Viescas

    “In other words, it’s easier to feel good about the good stuff that’s coming than to actually USE the good stuff!”

    Man, is THAT why your site and articles are full of so much boring repetitive “I will show you how to do X” crap even after I’ve signed up for your email list? Even your “Master the Art of Interviewing” video had five minutes of intro waste before it got useful.

    Well I can’t really tell you how to run your site, and if it works it works, but personally?

    I hate sifting through that garbage. I don’t need to hear from everyone it’s supposedly helped when I’m just going to try it out and see if it works.

    Just thought I’d put a counter-point out there. Number of comments/email responses != best posts, and it’s not a universal thing to prefer being told we’re benefiting to actually benefiting.

  21. avatar

    Ramit, if you can, please make this Q&A available to those of us who can’t make it live. Or a transcript, like you’ve done in the past. Great stuff as always

  22. avatar
    Adam Sroka

    Hi Rammit, really enjoying the dream job stuff and looking at how I can apply it.

    My biggest problem? Procrastination, as you said past behaviour is a brilliant indicator of our future activity. I really want to improve myself all the time but at the end of the day when I’ve done nothing but read I hate myself. Nothing changes!

    This needs to stop.

  23. avatar

    The brain releases the most dopamine when we are EXPECTING to get something

  24. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    Look forward to the webinar and looking for ways to tweak it. I stuck between two career choices and want to be able to have these two specific resume’s ready at any time.

    I remember that Ramit mentioned that future webinars will no longer be recorded. I do like having the recordings to go back to as a reference.

    Ramit, is it okay for me to record it myself? I have a few programs on my computer to do so.

    Thanks for providing this for us.

  25. avatar

    Loved the video about systems as well as having someone you trust to keep you going…

    The social psychology and systems approach have been helping me tremendously lately. I’m now back to flossing everyday and more importantly exercising 30 minutes every single day.

    A girlfriend asked me to do 30 in 30 which is say 30 minutes of exercise for thirty days and then post on facebook each day to track ie – 1/30, 2/30 etc. Three of us have been are on second month of doing this and its been really inspiring and fun. Today I also fit into jeans that I haven’t been able to get into in two years.

    I was a person that signed up for a gym and never went or would work out for two hours one day and then not work out again for two weeks. I love that I check in and am held accountable and that thirty minutes is totally doable. Already know that I am going to do the same thing next month as I’ve already started seeing results in me and my friends.

  26. avatar

    I should totally not share this, because I want to be the thinnest/most fit person of all time, but it only seems fair, given how much free stuff Ramit gives away:

    If you have any capacity at all to enjoy audiobooks, they are a great bribe for getting yourself out the door for a run or on the elliptical/treadmill. There are great, well-produced thrillers on and when I was training for a marathon, I’d stock up on books that were 20-30 hours long, and do a 6 hour training run almost without thinking about it, because I was so wrapped up in the book. (Stieg Larsson is great for this, also Carl Hiassen — maybe it’s the weirdly spelled names? — or George R.R. Martin if you’re a nerd.)

    I do the same thing with unpleasant commutes — I don’t want to get in the car. So I find intriguing, sciency books and only let myself listen to them in the car. (New find: Mindset, by Carol Dweck. AMAZING.)

    Btw, I learned the hard way that when I’m running, I need to listen to something fun; if I’m just sitting in my car, I want something that makes me think. I’m sure a neuroscientist would have something to say about that.

  27. avatar
    Mac Accounts Software

    Did like the “BR” and “AR” from Dave 🙂

    See your point with the personal trainer. It’s good to have a plan (and tactics) but if you do nothing with them, then what was the point other than to make yourself feel good for a short while.

  28. avatar

    Second on the audiobooks. Listening to Gladwell’s Outliers while running was like a positive-feedback system. I wanted to run longer so I could listen to more.

    Also, not trying to be a whiner… I would get up at 3am for the webinar, but at 10am Tuesday morning in Japan, I can’t skip out on work or get away with watching it at the office. Sorry. Please post after. Thanks.

    PS – I’m developing systems to network and cold call. Not easy at all. But I know this is will be the most effective use of my time.

  29. avatar

    Ramit, I swear, you are the answer to my current collegiate prayers.

  30. avatar
    Jeff Crews

    Being the manager of some great startups. I have found that many times people will talk and be like “Look what I am going to do!” However, the ones who truly step up to the plate and say, “Look what I have done!” are the ones I want on my team.

  31. avatar

    Then I wouldn’t watch it. The trick is to work on what is most important for you. I’ve never had problems getting my resume noticed. So if I compare the value of a webcast compared to a good nights sleep, the sleeep wins. I know my body, so I also know that watching a webinar from 3 am to 4 am breaks me. I wouldn’t be able to get the value from it due to lack of sleep, and I’d be broken for the next few days, while working towards the deadline of a very high profile project that could earn me a promotion (together with other efforts).

  32. avatar
    Vinayak Maheswaran

    Looking forward to Monday!!

  33. avatar
    steve ward

    Im so glad that your teaching this ramit not just for myself which im applying several tech. I really wish some of these people that send me email would learn from you.

    After i read there email marketing I’m left with a bad taste in my mouth Then i get your email. Oh Steve I think you might be interested in this after i get done reading it like a breath of fresh air.

  34. avatar

    this is timed for Tuesday morning business hours in Australia (not intentionally I know, and this is not a whinge). Hoping the content is captured some way so people who cant do a webinar for seriously genuine reasons (as opposed to excuse finding) could access it in the future…

  35. avatar
    Alex Berman

    Hey Jack,
    If you used a png (or upped the resolution) for your banner instead of using a jpg, your site would look 1000x less sketchy.

  36. avatar

    Before applying a system to my finances, I could never save any money, always struggled to pay bills on time, got into debt easily, and spent way too much time juggling money. Trying “harder” lasted about 10 seconds and resulted in me drinking to black out because I’m such a loser (though a handsome, smart, a superiorly talented one at that).

    After applying a system to my finances (as taught in the so-so book, “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”) I’ve managed to save over $30k, have money in the bank every 2 weeks dedicated to nothing but “fun” spending, pay bills on time, reduce my debt significantly, and save about 1,000,000 hours a month of my time (I spend about 30 minutes max a month on managing and tweaking the system).

    It works for other areas of your life too, no fancy personal trainer needed 😉

  37. avatar

    I used to be VERY fit, in fact I was an exercise physiologist and by doing tests on myself I could prove that I was within the 99th percentile when it came to aerobic capacity (VO2 max), 2.9% body fat, 175 lbs. Six years later I’m a father of 2, suffer from injuries and hardly ever work out. When I do work out, I often hurt myself and end of popping tylenol and icing all night.

    I have this script that keeps me up at night, ‘I need to exercise more so that I can do ‘x’.’

    I have a script that I use with friends, ‘We have to start working together.’ etc.

    If it was really important to me I would have found a more powerful system to solve the problem of being sedentary. Thanks to this post I’m going to suggest a motivational system to my friends. Since we’re all fitness enthusiasts (or have been in a past life) we should be able to work out at home. We pay ourselves $5 per workout and post a 2 sentence summary on our ‘blog’ or wherever. If we fail to complete our workout (not make it a priority) then our $5 goes to the people who did complete their work outs. Basically, come up with a bet. Thanks!

  38. avatar

    I hear what you’re saying about the automated HR web application things. I honestly think those are a waste of time and/or a formality, barring government jobs whose websites you HAVE to go through. Even so, I think it almost doesn’t matter HOW great your resume is–if you’re relying on a web resume alone to get you a good job, you’ve probably already lost to someone else. This comes from one a guy who’s sent out “like a bajillion” resumes and gotten nothing.

    I’ve come to bellieve that the only way to get noticed is to get to know the people who do the hiring, web applications or no. All of the work I’ve gotten in the last four years came from getting to know the people who had the power to hire, whether through another person, or by straight up cold calling or rolling in with or without an appointment.

    I imagine he won’t make the webcast available afterwards, because in the video on this page he points out that you take something more seriously if you pay for it–in this case, with time and planning, for all of you in inconvenient time zones. Check out this website/app to help you get the right amount of sleep regardless, hope it helps (yes, just type this into the browser only):

  39. avatar

    Totally! Some people are motivated by not wasting money (or ‘investing’ it)- like paying extra for an extra studio space to work from even if they technically ‘work at home’. Or buying expensive programs or trainers to work with.

    It’s taken me a while to realize my personal motivator- but i’ve finally figured that appointments with people for a face-to-face meeting is what really motivates me. There’s something about fostering a personal connection that impacts my maternal instinct- to not let someone else down or feel abandoned.

    I’m not actually trying to find my dream job- but I find your info extremely useful for all parts of life anyway. Thanks for continuing to keep me motivated and giving me these Aha! moments.

  40. avatar

    I’m with you on the web-baed application forms since the gov’t-based bodies I want to work with require application through them…

    So, any way to get the résumé to get on top would be great!

  41. avatar

    I just emailed you about a great profitable idea I came up with. I don’t know how often you read emails or reply to people but I’d love it if you reply to mines! I’m very excited because I never thought I had any profitable skills.

  42. avatar

    Applying your previous material, IWTYTBR book and Earn1K course have improved my finances, and I am grateful. Still need to find a better full time job.
    My resume needs an overhaul, so I am certain the webinar would help. Current work hours: 4PM to Midnight EST. Please record/post.

  43. avatar

    Interesting post Ramit. However I’d like some more detail as to how making a bet with your friend and hiring a personal trainer were not just random tactics that turned out to work for you…I cant see what system was in place from this post.

  44. avatar

    Well, I would be very disappointed and would probably shave my head and set myself on fire because I’ve been looking forward to this part of the bootcamp for a long time, but I would understand that its his information and if he chooses not to, that’s his right.
    I will be missing the video because I think it would be counterproductive in my quest for a promotion/dream job to leave my boss stranded at the country’s busiest airport at 10pm. I think that would go against my “responsible” argument. If that makes me lazy, an excuse maker, or any of the other things that I’ve seen posters call people who miss seminars, then so be it on this one.
    Now having said that, I would like to personally ask Ramit to please, please, please consider posting the replay. I have a funny shaped head and would not look cute bald. Come to think of it, rocking 3rd degree burns wouldn’t be a good look for me either.

  45. avatar

    I’m 57 years old and after spending 28 years teaching piano and loving it, I am half way through my first year getting a 3-yr. Masters degree in Social Work. I’m SO HAPPY AND EXCITED about it, but I wouldn’t be doing it if it weren’t for you, Ramit!

    And now, I’m needing to establish my network so I can do what I really want to do when I graduate. Obviously, I’m not looking for a high-paying job or I wouldn’t be in Social Work. I don’t even need the money. I’m looking for a chance to change people’s lives for the good, not only directly through counseling, but also by helping to set social policy in my community and my state. To get to that point at my age and with my lack of experience would seem like a pipe dream, except I BELIEVE Ramit and I BELIEVE that if I do the hard work necessary, I’ll get there!

    I’ve been trying to go above and beyond on every assignment and do ALL the readings and MORE (most of the other students skimp on that) in order to stand out. I’m identifying the people in my small community who are the movers and shakers, and heads of councils, etc., and getting ready to set up informational meetings with them to learn about and discuss the needs of the community. Then I will get from them the names of their counterparts at the state level, and get to know them.

    I live in a small community which is 3 hours from any other town of size, so I’m going to be relying on the internet, phone and occasional forays into the city, not only for getting my network going, but probably for my dream job. My husband and I want to stay here for the rest of our days. I want to be able to continue finding fulfillment well past the normal age of retirement, while having time to have fun, go on trips, visit my grandchildren, etc., so working online fits the bill there.

    Ramit – I think the timing is good for me to take the Find Your Dream Job course now, though I’m guessing I wouldn’t be ready to fulfill some “assignments” like actually interviewing for a job.

    I’d love your feedback on whether this is good timing for me. Thanks for lighting a fire under me last year!

  46. avatar
    Agatha Tefora

    Two things I’ve learned about this post which can be applied in any aspect:
    – Don’t just lie down and get lazy.
    – Work and work hard. Seek for options. DON’T STOP UNTIL YOU FOUND THE ONE.

  47. avatar

    Absolutely interested in watching the webinar but unfortunately I live in the Asian part of the world. When you’re telecasting, I’m at work cos it’ 11 in the morning. Is there any way that you could provide us a recorded seminar?? Please please pretty please?

  48. avatar

    Ramit –

    Thank you. No more.. no less.


  49. avatar

    there is one other thing that i have gotten from your story, and noticed in my life struggle, that you don’t mention, which is to make your intial tactic FUN. for instance, when you first gained weight it was through having a bet with your friend. the deal with making a bet is that it actually takes the focus off the problem itself and instead puts it on the fun of short-term competition. who doesn’t enjoy the adrenaline rush of a bet? it’s not sustainable, but it did help you to gain some weight, which helped give you the confidence to know that this was a problem that, though persistent, you COULD solve. of course you then do have to move on to develop a system to finish dealing with the problem, but once you have that initial confidence and belief then the rest becomes much easier to commit to. i’m working on this with my own debt mountain. i started addressing it by ‘spending down’. that is i would pay a respectable amount onto my credit card each week and then allow myself to spend that much. i made sure to pick an amount that was a bit more than what i honestly thought i needed so that at the end of the week it was not hard to have $10-$20 worth of credit still left on the card. it took a bit of adjusting, but it was fun to think that i was spending my way out of debt and after a couple of months i found myself with over $200 credit on my card above and beyond my weekly spending money. that gave me the boost to believe that i can and will find a way to pay off the rest of my debt – huge as it is – and has given me the incentive so that i am now moving on to additional, longer-term tactics which involve having control and awareness of my finances. (the two problems which were the cause of all that debt to begin with.) but without the initial fun tactic, like your bet, it can just be too scary to address the problem.

  50. avatar

    I agree 100%

    I learned this over a 15 year career in health care. People loev information, they will pay for information, and spend hours looking for information. But they rarely ever DO anything with it, even if it outlined for them step by step.

    But then this is why life doesn’t really change for most people. Reaching a goal requires things that only a few people are willing to give.

  51. avatar

    Ramit, I know you’ve said that you may not post a video recording of your web-seminars. But doing so would be very appreciated by many. I wasn’t aware of the seminar until it was already finished and it’s a lecture that I really want to learn from.
    Thank you