Using judo techniques to find your Dream Job

Ramit Sethi

I LOVE the email responses to this week’s post about why our parents push us to be mediocre.

We’re talking about finding our Dream Job, and the feedback revealed something really interesting.

Remember, our job is where we spend 8+ hours a day. If we can find a Dream Job that challenges us, teaches us great skills, surrounds us with amazing people, and pays us what we deserve…THAT gives us a huge amount of freedom in our lives.

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Notice this: When we think about our careers, it’s so easy to point to the EXTERNAL factors holding us back: Our parents’ expectations, our lack of the right credentials, the job market…

But guess what? Most of the time, it’s our INTERNAL barriers that actually hold us back. It’s us saying, “I don’t have enough experience to get that job”…without ever applying for the job!

It’s us saying, “I don’t even know what my Dream Job is” (sigh, emo look, push bangs out of eyes)…without ever taking the time to learn how to discover what your Dream Job really is.

In fact, if I gave you the perfect job today, and even introduced you to the hiring manager, would you know how to get the job? Would you even apply?

To me, this is actually a GOOD THING.

It means that we can ignore the EXTERNAL and instead take CONTROL of our careers — the place where we spend 8+ hours a day!

In other words, most of the challenges in finding a Dream Job are OURS to master — not the external job market, not our lack of credentials. It’s internal, something we can master and control.

And one of the most powerful things I ever learned was turning a weakness into a strength.

For example, if you’ve ever worried about not knowing what your real Dream Job is, I look at that as a PLUS. Awesome — I get the blue-sky chance to explore a ton of industries and see what I love? Amazing.

Another example: If you’ve ever worried about being a job hopper, or not having the required 10 years’ experience…there are ways to get past both of those. I know because I’ve done it (beating out Stanford MBA students for an internship — I’ll tell you about that below).

Today, I want to show you an example of turning weaknesses into strengths from one of my friends, Julie.

A few years ago, she was terrified she’d never find her Dream Job.

She’d made some decisions that made her think of herself as a failure, like quitting law school. But she had high-expectation parents (Asian) and knew she wanted to do something meaningful…

…she just wasn’t sure what.

She took my advice. Just a few months later, she was able to land a 6-figure job with a great company — while still in her mid-twenties.

Listen to Julie explain how she stopped worrying about the EXTERNAL and took control of her career to find a Dream Job.

From resignation to control.

From delaying it until “some day” to taking action TODAY.


What you can do for your Dream Job (which I can help you identify) and the narrative you craft is much more important than the bullet points on your resume.

Let me show you proof. Look at some of the IWT employees I hired. They are world-class at what they do — but their background has very little to do with why I hired them.

IWT world-class employees and their backgrounds

  • A customer service rep worked in the hotel industry for 5 years
  • A social media expert who majored in French and Anthropology
  • A content manager who studied film and was a certified home inspector
  • A customer retention specialist with a Bachelor’s in Music
  • A food coach (yes we have a full-time food coach on staff) with an MS in Accounting

What does this tell you?

Even with your background — even if you’re a job hopper, live in podunkville, or don’t have the perfect experience — you can find your Dream Job.

I’m going to show you how.

This Monday, I’ll tell you the exact words you can use to make it happen, live.

Even if your boss has objections like:

  • “We don’t have the budget for that”
  • “We’ve never allowed employees to work from home before”
  • “Nobody gets paid that much in this department”
  • Or even if you decide you want to switch entire industries

So sign up now for Monday’s free presentation: Beyond 9-5: How to Build a Career You Love


Time: 9pm EST / 6pm PST (search for my time zone)
Date: Monday, March 23

This live event will not be recorded, so click the link to sign up.

P.S. In this presentation, I’ll also show you how to discover great companies you didn’t know existed — and how to beat out people with 10+ years’ more experience than you. It’s free to attend. Get in here.

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