My favorite checking, savings and credit card accounts

I’ll make this quick. This is about my favorite credit card account.

I was watching Oprah one day, because I am basically a middle-aged woman, and realized that she does something fascinating.

She recommends SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS to her audience’s problems.

Compare this to most “experts,” who hate naming specific products because they’re afraid of being seen as biased. (Or, worse, they won’t use their platform to promote products unless they have some kind of revenue-share deal secured.)

Total BS. Maybe 3% of my readers actually want to wade through page after page of credit-card offers to pick the best one. Most people just want someone knowledgeable to tell them the best account.  And my readers know that if I use an account, I probably spent months researching it because I’m a huge weirdo.

This is one of the reasons why you see me naming names in my book, or on TV/radio. I’m totally comfortable telling you which accounts are the best — and worst — so you can just go with my recommendation and get on with your life.

In the last month, I’ve gotten more emails than ever asking which accounts I use. When I respond, “Have you read my book?” many of them ask if I’ve updated my recommendations since the 2009 pub date.

And actually, I have updated my favorite accounts since then. For example, I stopped using a certain account because it started sucking, and I replaced it with another one.

So, I wrote a few blog posts of my favorite accounts.

These are important because you can get immense rewards from your checking account, savings account, and (especially) credit card.

I tested these with about 50,000 members of my Insiders’ List and they told me these were some of the best emails I’ve sent all year.

Best Credit Card
Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
The Chase Sapphire Preferred is a great first step into the world of rewards credit cards.

Also check out the Best Checking Accounts and Best Savings Accounts

What Insider Members said

“Awesome Awesome Newsletter!  I got caught up in the XXX bullshit as well.  Loved that card and racked up a ton of miles!  Will be grabbing the XXX as soon as you shoot me your link.”
– Adam B.

This week’s blogs are saving me a LOT of time.  I needed to change my accounts and you did all the research for me!  Thank you!
– Steve

“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your insightful — and witty — e-mails. You’re without a doubt my favorite personal finance guru (to the point where I force my family and friends to sit down and listen to passages from your book/e-mails).”
– Kristen M.

“This week’s emails are saving me a LOT of time.  I needed to change my accounts and you did all the research for me!  I opened a XXX checking account yesterday and today I will apply for a credit card.”
– Steve S.

Thanks Ramit! I just got the application form from XXX. (I just graduated college, so I was planning on switching banks and checking accounts anyway – I just didn’t know to what.)”
– Michael C.

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