Ugh, bidets

Ramit Sethi

I’m very protective of my ass. So years ago, when I visited Japan and my hotel room had a bidet in it, I faced a dilemma.


Should I go out on a limb and use this weird foreign thing that I had no idea how to use?

Or should I just do things the way I always have?

I was in Japan for 5 days…and I’m ashamed to admit I never used that damn bidet. I just couldn’t get over the idea of doing something so different.

You ever think about trying something new…then do NOTHING? I know I have. I always hate myself later. What’s the worst that could have happened?

I’m not the only one: An NYC friend of mine had a problem biting her nails. Everyone told her to buy that clear nail polish, the kind that tastes so bad, you just stop biting. She kept saying “yeah, yeah…” until one of her friends said:

“I did it. It worked. You should do it.”

The next day, my friend went out, bought the nail polish, and stopped biting her nails. When I asked her what changed, she said, “Everybody kept telling me to do it but it only really clicked when my friend told me she’d done it.”

There’s POWER in seeing people like us accomplish things we want.

Let me show you.


Matt is a guy who worked as a marketing consultant, but his real passion was helping people improve their health and lose weight. He was a chronic wantrepreneur — reading blog after blog, but never ready to actually DO anything. In fact, he only wrote one piece of material in 2 years, generating a grand total of 46 subscribers.

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Tom, a physics tutor, actually quit his job to start an online business and started cranking out content right away. He was all over the place. No matter how many posts he wrote, nobody was reading.

Using Zero to Launch, he quickly discovered how to create the RIGHT material and get it in front of people who wanted it.

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Another ZTL student, Sarah, came from a spiritual background, but was tired of the “woo woo” advice she kept finding online. How do you start a business where you care about your clients…but also generate a profit? Is it shallow to want more?

This was especially tough because her business was in a very competitive area: men’s dating and relationships.

Sarah followed the strategies in Zero to Launch. Click here to learn how she earned over $33,000 and 790 subscribers in 6 months.

* * * * *

Click those links above. There are some amazing stories about going from dreaming to doing. My goal is to relentlessly show you that you can demand a life of MORE. Sometimes, it just takes one person to show you that you can do it.

P.S. I LOVED this tweet from “Sir Funk” last week.

I feel you, Funk.


Like you, I HATE the typical “lose 800lbs in one week” scammy ebooks. My goal is to help create tens of thousands of new businesses that create amazing, artisanal products. Businesses that stand the test of time — exactly the way I built mine.

For example, as you can see from the examples above, I have 25,000+ customers and students with businesses in 50+ industries.

In fact, look at my courses, which include psychology, personal finance, entrepreneurship, even social skills and fitness, not just ebooks about creating ebooks (ugh). I believe, together, we can elevate the entire market.

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