Tonight: Ramit’s “Shark Tank” event on launching an online business

Ramit Sethi

Tonight, I’m hosting the “Ramit’s Shark Tank” event, where I’ll critique real business ideas and show you how to turn them into successful online businesses.

I’ve taken an ebook that had mediocre sales and turned it into a $1 million product.

I’ve developed an idea that tons of other people were doing, then made it into a product that sells thousands of copies a year — automatically while I sleep.

And I’ve made tons of mistakes that cost me millions of dollars — mistakes you can avoid. My pain is your pleasure!

The event is online, it’s free, and it starts at 9pm Eastern tonight.


I’ve hand-picked a few of the thousands of ideas submitted to me last week. Tonight, I’ll do live teardowns of each idea to show you what’s working, what needs improvement, and give you hidden insights to getting your online business started as fast as possible.

Maybe I’ll select your idea. Maybe not. Either way, you can see how I think about business and psychology. Because when I create a product, I play to win. I expect the same for you.

That means you don’t launch an ebook to “see how it goes.” When you can apply the playbook — and you know how to play with the levers of pricing, business models, tiers, traffic, and partnerships — you can create an amazingly successful online business.

See you tonight. No recordings, sorry.

Click here to register for tonight’s event.

See you there.

P.S. If you want to do a little pre-reading beforehand, check out

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