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Today is my birthday!

Ramit Sethi

Today is my birthday.

On my birthday, I always ask my friends to share their birthday wisdom. Everyone has something interesting to share after a full year.

So this year, my advice is: LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY.

If you’re in any kind of journey — a business journey, financial journey,  fitness journey, even relationship journey — do whatever it takes to make sure you’re here to push forward tomorrow.

To me, this changes the way I approach things. It means I invest in relationships. I don’t cut corners. I can push hard…and I can also take breaks, knowing I have a long time to get there. And I’m conservative, knowing that I want to create backups so I never get my back against the wall.

Now I want to ask you for a favor.

Will you leave a comment telling me one thing that IWT has helped you do?

It could be paying off $50,000 of debt. Or starting a business and taking care of your family during Coronavirus. Whatever it is, I want to hear your story.

This is what makes writing I Will Teach You To Be Rich worth it.

All I ask is that you be specific — include actual numbers. Share your story. There’s nothing like seeing what other people have done to change their lives.

Thanks in advance — and here’s to the best year yet.

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  1. avatar

    – Used the briefcase technique to get my first job
    – Negotiated my starting salary
    – Maxed out my 401k contributions
    – Invest ~35% of my salary
    – Took my family on an awesome vacation (spent extravagantly on something I love)

  2. avatar

    – Don't get too stuck on one persons formula
    – seek inspiration and do your own thing
    – be straightforward and truthful about your offerings
    – don't bullshit.
    – Be confident with what you sell
    – Keep at it

  3. avatar
    Christine Kell

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!! Wooooot!

    When I first read IWT, you taught me to automate my credit card payments. It was revolutionary for me! Also, I didn't know then that you could change your payment dates. So I did that too. BA-BAM!!

  4. avatar
    Christine Kell

    Oops, I forgot to include actual numbers. OK, I'd say that credit card automation thing saves me 4 hours / month! (I have both personal and business credit cards.)

  5. avatar
    Rachel Strickland

    I'm a long-time follower of Ramit's. Using his systems (ZtL and BtL) I built a business out of thin air using my existing skills and powers for good (The Audacity Project). I went from making $12k a year to $18k. Then $28k. Then $45k. These are consecutive years, btw. I am now able to help so many artists to take their power into their own hands, and using Ramit's example I know I can stand with integrity and grow my business to whatever size I wish, knowing it is effective and a force for good. You're a stand up guy, Ramit- thanks for doing what you do so generously. You make the world better. Oh and happy freakin birthday!

  6. avatar

    I actually followed the advice in the book and sought out one specific product Ramit suggested: You Need a Budget. I took some of Ramit's advice to heart in trying to be conscious about spending and rejecting the advice of save a latte and most budgets. Well, that led to a little overspending and death by a thousand cuts. So, I started YNAB which helped me:

    – save for an amazing $8500 Disney family vacation including a meal plan (appetizers AND desserts), princess dinner for my daughter, and light saber making for my son
    – save for $6000 of furniture for our house
    – continued to save for retirement

    Thank you for specific product mentions instead of the generalized budgeting advice and get a good checking account BS.

  7. avatar

    Happy birthday Ramit! So what have I learned from reading your books, attending book signings and taking an IWT course? Think BEYOND your current circumstances. Always. Imagine, feel, think and finally, believe it. Just contemplating it and knowing there is more–this is what sustains and fuels me every single day.

  8. avatar

    I automated my finances and learned to write compelling e-mails and copy. Ramit showed me how to focus on making any kind of offer or proposition about the customer. Use their language and learn what value means to them.

  9. avatar

    IWT helped me reframe my perspective on money. I started reading about 4 years ago, when I was broke and financially illiterate. I've applied what I've learned to get multiple raises, save enough money in 2 years to buy a home, and open my own business.

  10. avatar

    -Negotiated a 20% pay increase.
    -automated my finances which got me from no emergency fund two years ago to $4,000 before Covid.

  11. avatar
    Dan Wedin

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Yes, to our Best Year…

    I'd like to send you a copy of my latest book for your birthday. Can you forward your mailing address? To [email protected]? No obligation but I can tell you we share some philosophies.

    The book is titled "You Are A Genius", and of course, there's a story behind the title and the book. Readers here early have sent me some encouraging comments on the impact it's had on their thinking. And once it starts there's no stopping the empowering thoughts that will ensue.

    Thanks for all you do for so many. Needed now more than ever.


    Dan Wedin
    [email protected]

  12. avatar
    Omar Regalado

    These are some of the things that I've learned from IWT:

    – Allowed me to become an independent professional -and stay like that since 2015
    – Have the certainty that there's always a way to [learn how to] do what I'd like to do
    – Helped me stay focused on what I can still do to keep growing during this pandemic
    – Taught me how to work and think around systems -as opposed to goals, expertise, or motivation
    – Always keep a growth mindset while staying true to ethics, first principles and relevant metrics

    Happy (Pandemic Edition) Birthday Ramit!
    All the best.

  13. avatar
    Sherry Shulok

    — This to Will Pass…mom was right!
    — Try anything once and learn from it
    — IWT helped me re look at finance and know it was good to save
    — IWT enavbles one to use other ideas but tweak them for you
    – – Being frugal is good… and develop your own perspective on money
    — JUst be happy and learn thing every day!

  14. avatar

    I got so much from IWT: a healthy money mindset and vision for the future, started investing, learning about business even as an artist. A big surprise was the strong response during covid and I felt prepared and calm due to the fireside chats- even had a good laugh- it made me appreciate you even more as a person. Happy birthday Ramit 😊

  15. avatar

    Happy Birthday! After reading your book and consuming dozens of hours of video, and purchasing some of your courses, I decided to automate my savings and have used your advice to improve my performance in the stock market. Thanks for giving me the confidence I needed to pull this off!

  16. avatar

    being clear thinking and decisive

  17. avatar
    Megha Aggarwal

    -Used briefcase technique to negotiate $30K raise at first job (contract).
    -used dream Job to find my dream job and gave me the confidence to negotiate negotiate negotiate for that job and raises at that job.
    -changed mindset re:finances through other IWTY courses giving me more freedom of thought.

  18. avatar

    Things I’ve got from IWT
    – taught me to question conventional wisdom and ended up approaching my finances in starting to save heavily and invest before paying off debt. Fast forward 4 years and I’ve got over £60k invested and paid off £5k of debt.
    – learned about the briefcase technique and used the approach in 2015 to switch industries and nearly double my salary
    – changed my mindset on seeing learning and development as an investment in myself. Now I earmark a % of my income to invest in me
    – taught me about mindset. Without A growth mindset, you limit yourself. And now I coach women in taking apart their limiting beliefs to reach goals they actually want to go after and build habits in a way that works with their process not against it. The missing piece to me making an impact on the world, particularly minority communities!

  19. avatar

    As a mother of two young kids, including one with a disability, I knew I didn't want to return to work full time. But friends had either: settled for low paid unskilled part-time work; grudging worked fulltime and used a lot of daycare; or remained out of the workforce until their children were school age.

    I used Ramit's job seeking advice to make strong connections within my existing network, directly approach the organisation I wanted to work for and negotiate the hours (and money!) that suited me. I used a low-key version of Ramit's briefcase technique and they couldn't wait to hire me.

    I previously thought negotiating a job was like an argument where each side was trying to "win" against the other. But now, I understand that making your needs clear allows a wonderful outcome for everyone.

    Five years on, I'm still working for the same organisation, and have had good carer growth. I recently negotiated 6 weeks additional paid leave to home-school the kids during lockdown.

    I gained $350,000, a job I love and an amazing work-life balance.

  20. avatar

    The idea that personal finances can be simple and not a reason to stress every month!

  21. avatar
    Todd Kane

    IWT has helped to focus less on the tactical of investment and instead trust a system that works.
    IWT has also helped me to become a (slightly) better copywriter. It's still a struggle, but I am improving. 🙂 Thanks for everything you and your team does Ramit. Happy birthday!

  22. avatar

    I'm working through Mental Mastery right now. The biggest 'light-bulb' moment that IWT has given me is simply speaking slowly and deliberately. I just implemented this two weeks ago and I'm already having people ask where my "commanding presence" came from.

  23. avatar

    Hey Ramit,
    Happy Birthday! I wish you a great year ahead filled with fun times! 

    IWT has helped me be consistent in general. I've seen it in working context and it has:

    – Helped me save first and spend later
    – Helped me sustain myself for 4 months longer than I thought I could
    – Helped me create venues for secondary income
    – Helped me educate myself in the various forms of donations so that every dollar I donate does the work of at least two.

  24. avatar
    Douglas widick

    Using Ramit’s mindset and perspective, I got out of 10,000 dollar debt and have begun to save. But more importantly, I spend lavlishly on things I love still and ruthless cut costs on things I don’t need to spend on.

  25. avatar

    Ramit! Happy happy birthday man! One thing I learned with you is to be your own weird self and own it. I also learned some interesting and useful expressions such as "unapologetic" and value negative/value positive when it comes to use of your time. (English is my third language ;). All the best and have a great celebration.

  26. avatar

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Your gift to me from IWT: You taught me to set my sights higher, to not get caught up in focusing on saving $5 lattes but rather to focus on bigger potatoes!

  27. avatar

    Defining what it means to live a rich life – without guilt! So often the focus is on the earning more, being more, so thank you for the paradigm shift to actually understanding what "more" means, and what being "rich" means.

    Also – psychological barriers! Thank you for talking us all through the hidden barriers we put up that prevent us from achieving whatever the goal is. Now, I just think, "WWRS?"

  28. avatar
    Gordon D

    – I automated my savings and was able to have a constructive conversation with my wife to regularly save for holidays over the year rather than just walk into holidays that was stressful and making me feel I was the only one stopping spending. Now we are both clear on the money I'm much happier to spend.
    – I uped my company pension contributons
    – I have a long term savings fund running

  29. avatar

    IWT helped me get featured in forbes for an article on coaching, which was a fantastic experience!

  30. avatar

    Happy birthday Ramit!
    My advice would be to pay attention to what top performers did to get to where they are and then carve your own path. You don’t have to do things the way they’ve always been done, but you can use what’s been done to forge your path more quickly.

    Now onto real numbers.
    Paid $88K in student loan and medical debt using what I learned in ZTL (now Earnable) to create my own online business helping mental health therapists start and grow their own private practices (, have doubled my income ever year over the last 4 years, and am planning for my first six-figure launch this year. I’ve helped thousands of therapists create their dream practices (and lives), I was able to put a down payment in my dream house, and work from anywhere (and as many/little hours as I want) without ever having to answer to a shitty boss again. Freedom. That’s what I’ve earned. Thanks, Ramit.

  31. avatar

    Happy Birthday dude! I've bought a bunch of your courses but the one that stands out is the Negotiation one. I used it when I switched jobs last time and got a huge 15% increase after I was already offered a mid six-figure number to start with. Huge win!

  32. avatar

    IWT has helped me accelerate my wealth and I just reach the net worth of 1 million dollars earlier this month before hitting 38 years old (and I don't even have a business).
    However, the most valuable courses I took (Success Triggers and Mental Mastery) gave me a systematic approach on achieving success in both my career and my personal life. I keep on going back to them over and over again. Huge confidence boosters! Thank you!

  33. avatar
    Aman Gupta

    Wow, Today is my birthday as well.
    Feeling lucky…😎😎😁😁😁
    IWT has helped me a lot, not in monetory wise , but mentally. Like it has taught me that there are so much more options available out there and there is never a limit to your dreams to achieve.

    Ititerally inspired me to fly when I thought that I could only walk.😁

  34. avatar

    I've been reading ITW for about 5 years now. It's in part responsible for HUGE changes in my life:
    -I was able to triple my salary from 3 years ago
    -I set up a system with my finances that allowed me to save more in the last few years than in my entire life previously
    -Being better with money allowed me to reach for bigger dreams. Last year, I was able to take a trip with my partner to Spain and Morocco. Also, as a life long musician, I intentionally spent money to work with a professional producer and really stepped up my abilities as a songwriter.

  35. avatar

    Happy Birthday Ramit! The course has forced me to focus on the detail because broad strokes will not a plan make. It's also helped me to ask the tough questions and work through, streamline, discard to create a viable plan of action.

  36. avatar

    Today is also my birthday! I've learned that I should not hold back on investing in my health, for charitable organizations, and for my education.

  37. avatar

    When I joined the Salary Negotiation course, I was frustrated and had no perspective. The course opened my mind. I saw my job and myself in a whole new light. It wasn’t comfortable, but the clear steps allowed me to follow the exercises and prepare my “briefcase“. I got an improved contract and title, and a 30% raise! It changed the course of my career forever.

  38. avatar

    Got an offer at a new job that was 12k more than my last job

  39. avatar

    I use the "rich life" and "wealth triggers" concepts so much that I should pay you copyright fees.

    Happy Birthday!

  40. avatar

    Happy Birthday!

    In my mid twenties, I realize that I needed to change the way I handled finances. I can't recall how I came across your book but I absolutely LOVED the no-bullshit, straight shooting approach you took. Speaking in plain English and explaining things matter of factly was exactly what I needed. Since then, I have read probably 6 other finance books – which basically say the exact same thing as you about portfolio management. Your book encouraged me to take control over my finances and continue to learn more about investing. I think your book should be a requirement in schools!!

    Thanks for everything!

  41. avatar

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    I have followed the following advice from IWT:
    – opened a high-yield money market account
    – saved for an emergency fund
    – created a budget
    – maxed out my retirement accounts
    – spending money on the things I value/conscious and intentional spending
    – currently brainstorming ideas for a side hustle


  42. avatar
    Brian Castro

    I just took Finishers Formula, and while there's a lot of information to unpack and apply, I am already seeing it help me shift how I approach work, projects, habits, etc. Last week finished building a web app that has been on the backburner for over a year! It really wasn't hard but developing a system for planning and deep focus really helped!

  43. avatar
    Ronnie Young

    IWT has helped me to live to keep fighting. My wife, who originally gave me a copy of the first edition of the book, found out she was pregnant 3 months ago, we also bought a house, being conservative in our lives helped us to be ready for all these challenges.

  44. avatar
    Glen Whitten

    I joined ZTL and started my website. Less than 2 years later my wife and I quit our jobs and moved away from Ohio. We now run our business from our new home overlooking the Caribbean ocean. Our time is ours. Our son also quit his job and is working for us full time. We have our lives back. We are now looking to start another site and see how far we can take this. Thanks Ramit.

  45. avatar


    Thanks to your book, I started saving for my wedding and my future kid's first year of college. Thanks for what you do!


  46. avatar

    Happy Birthday! My take away from your book is that it is a decision. You have to decide to live richly. You can live a much fuller life right where you are in your present circumstances. It is a choice!

  47. avatar
    Laurie Hansen

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    I appreciate the new perspectives I’ve learned from you so far: earn more instead of cutting back, the time and headspace savings of automating my budget and payments, and now in Earnable: feeling good about offering a solution to someone’s problem instead of convincing them to buy my product.


  48. avatar

    I first read your book in 2016 after graduating with my Master's degree and coming to grips with my debt and career situation. Let me tell you, it was not good.

    My husband and I got married that June and in combining our finances started really implementing your suggestions.

    Since then we've increased our net worth from -$22,939.19 in June of 2016 to $364,580.15 as of June 2020!

    In 4 years this is an increase of $387,519.34. I almost can't believe it looking back!!

    It wasn't anything magic. We automated our savings and retirement investments, and are on track to max both of our 401ks. I almost doubled my salary 48k to 92k / year using your advice on interviews and salary negotiation. My husband increased his compensation ~7k this year and negotiated a promotion. Part of it was also paying down $50k in combined student loan debt. I can't imagine where we'd be if it wasn't for your book and your newsletters. Thank-you Ramit!

  49. avatar

    Put the work in up front.

  50. avatar
    Clay Brizendine

    There were two big pieces for me: Automation and Market Fees. On the automation piece, I now have the right accounts in place that feed each other for things like kids tuition and activities, 0% financed items, and so forth. I set it up once, do a 1x per month check to make sure things transferred as they should, and I'm done. I also am now more critical of what investments I see in my portfolios, and I keep a watch on fees like a hawk. Finding out what I could save ($1000+ a year easy) has meant… well, thousands of dollars reinvested. Thanks man, and happy birthday!

  51. avatar

    Before reading I Will Teach You to Be Rich, I was obsessed with reaching FIRE but kept failing to hit my savings target for a variety of reasons (my spending dials would suggest that FIRE actually wasn’t my only priority). I took a step back and really tried to envision my rich life. It helped me shed my scarcity mindset. Instead of constantly chasing pennies trying to figure out where all my money was going, I used percentages instead. My big rich life moment was realizing if I set aside 1% of my net income each month, I could donate a $1000 scholarship to the program that helped me get into law school. Now I’m saving up for a down payment, something that filled me with anxiety when I was constantly trying to reach that FIRE number in NYC. I’ve realized that money is merely a tool to build my rich life, not the source of it.

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

  52. avatar
    Kaleo Hao

    Happy Birthday Ramit: IWT has helped me double my salary from ~$35,000/yr. to $70,000+. The job interview lessons helped me change careers from graphic design to data analytics. And this wasn't even the Dream Job course; this was from Ramit's free advice on the IWT blog and what not.

  53. avatar
    Joe S

    I put my rent check on autopay and rebalanced my retirement accounts with low cost funds and an asset allocation that fits my age

  54. avatar


    – pay off $65,000 in debt in 18 months
    – focus on maxing out my company sponsored retirement account- started at 10% contributions and have it up to 13% now with plans to increase 2% each quarter until contributions maxed out
    – realize my big picture/“why” for hustling so hard
    – helped me narrow my focus and approach finances in a stepwise approach

  55. avatar

    IWT has helped me see that there is beauty and freedom in entrepreneurship

  56. avatar
    Francisco Escobar

    Thanks to IWT now I have a date night with my wife every week. No excuses. It´s amazing how this tiny habit made all the difference in our relationship.
    Other amazing things I have achieved thanks to IWT are:
    – Had my first conversation with a prospect to get feedback for my services.
    – Have a system to read a book every month.
    – I started trading.
    Thanks IWT team.

  57. avatar

    Stop cutting corners philosophy made me call my house cleaner during pandemic (which we weren't since few months) and pay her extra $30 bucks (which we never did until now)on top of her actual charges and realized she is equally affected like most of the other people. So, Thank you!

  58. avatar

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!

    There are a number of things you have help me and my spouse reach:
    – Years ago, with your first book and material that we read in our late 20s, your guidance set us on the path to now have a $2mm+ net worth with no debt at 40 y/o, without scrimping
    – we got a huge number of things in order based on the guidance from your APF course (will, insurance — where we saved the cost of the course!, money experiments, etc.)
    – better defining a rich life for ourselves — this is still a work in progress, but currently includes multi-yearly trips to Europe (hopefully again once COVID is stable), paying more for things we value (for me: classes, coaches, hobbies, self-improvement; for spouse: hobbies, time saving services — cleaners, oil change) and less for things we don't (we have one car, and rent our place)
    – Oh and so much more!

  59. avatar

    Thanks for IWT I go to Starbucks periodically guilt-free. I've had a rough year and that little $5 coffee makes me feel ready to conquor the world again. I do it not to often, but unapologetically. Today's my birthday too (June 30) and I'm going to Starbucks for my birthday pick-me-up.

  60. avatar
    Jennifer Jones

    Thank you – I read your book ten years ago and now have $41,888 in my 401K. I make $70K now per year and support my wife. While we aren’t exactly where I’d like us to be financially, I’m happy to have some kind of retirement plan. This year I turned 28!

  61. avatar

    Happy birthday, Ramit,

    Reading your book (IWTYTBR) and your IWT blogs helped me to:
    – automate my finances
    – begin reaching out to new people
    – negotiate subscription fees

    Thanks from London

  62. avatar

    Happy birthday, Ramit,

    Reading your book (IWTYTBR) and your IWT blogs helped me to:
    – automate my finances (personal spending, and investment savings)
    – begin reaching out to new people (e.g. authors of books)
    – negotiate subscription fees (free month of cinema, upgraded internet modem)

    Thanks from London

  63. avatar
    Martin B

    Happy Birthday Ramit! My birthday is in June too

    IWT has helped me grow my business in a completely new way. I am building an online business now and have finally started seeing real sales from digital products after being stuck for years!

    I just got sold my first two digital products at $47 each, and am in the middle of my first launch using the material from Earnable.

    It's working, and people are really responding to what I'm creating. Thanks!!!

  64. avatar
    Lisa Daniel

    IWT has taught me that being rich isn't necessarily financial. I am comfortable, I don't earn a fortune but I am very time rich and use the time to be creative. I used to think I was poor but realise that I am incredibly rich

  65. avatar

    I don't know what the heck I was doing before I read IWT. I have automated my savings and went from saving nothing to saving 30% of my monthly paycheck.

  66. avatar

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Thank you for your wisdom.
    Your book has helped me get out of $25, 000 debt,
    automate half of my monthly expense payments, and save $10,000 over a four year period. Most important, my new mindset about money has allowed me to pay debt, save money, donate, tithe on an annual combined pension of about $50,000. I thought it was impossible to do this but I have done with your help and different, improved thoughts about money.

  67. avatar

    – Automated monthly transfers into savings and IRA
    – Found higher interest savings account
    – Set up interest-bearing travel fund savings account (for when we can go on a trip again!)
    – Started an ETF Fund
    – Give more money to charity
    – Don't feel guilty about anything extra I buy as long as I am saving/retiring/investing automatically

  68. avatar

    And Happy Birthday to you Ramit!

  69. avatar

    i have impact my life in ways i cant describe fully but he is one of few that makes join online bussiness

  70. avatar

    HBD Ramit!

    IWT taught me how to be financially literate, period. As someone who did not learn these lessons in adolescence from family members or the public education system, I was starting from ground zero. Within less than a year of reading IWTYTBR, I have saved almost $30k in a "rainy day emergency fund", and have other savings accounts of varying amounts for future dream expenses, like buying a house or doing a renovation project on my mom's house. Automating my expenses, payments, retirements funds, etc. has saved me time and frustration. It all flows with ease! Thank you, Ramit!

  71. avatar
    Sarah Whitney

    top highlights from IWT:
    – how to love the growth mindset
    – how to negotiate HUGE raises through the years, even as a beginner with very little experience: $10K, $15K, $10K
    – ideas for an online course: first sale of $1500 (feels amazing)

    Happy Birthday Ramit!!!

  72. avatar


  73. avatar

    This past Sunday my son told me that he no longer needs me! He has set himself free to create, to live, to be! I’m so proud of him.

  74. avatar
    Paul F.

    Hi Ramit, thanks to you and a little bit of work I've set up a system that enables me to save and invest a little bit every month. I feel more confident now as this significantly reduces the amount of money related stress I could have in the past and it enables me to seriously plan for the future. Appreciate the great content, keep it up! Thank you

  75. avatar
    Kyle Cooper

    Dang you're gettin' old! Happy Birthday Big Dawg!

    After reading IWT I definitely had a much clearer understanding of what to do with my finances. And I'm not talking about the typical advice we all hear of get out of debt, have an emergency fund, and invest in index funds. Ok, cool, sounds great. But, like, how? I'm talking like SPECIFICALLY what to do with your finances, WHERE to put your money, and HOW to manage it. This was huge for me, because as much as I hate to admit it, I needed my hand held a little bit, and Ramit did exactly that by explaining, in detail, which accounts to use and exactly what to do inside those accounts. Thanks for that!

  76. avatar

    – Negotiated a pay raise armed with suitable tactics
    – Automated some of my savings including automatic annual percentage increases to my 401K
    – Helped me to understand my wealth triggers and be ok with them instead of feeling guilty or foolish

  77. avatar

    I started to figure out what I want to live a rich life.

  78. avatar

    IWT has taught me to not settle for a normal 9-5 for the next 50+ years. I have felt empowered to take action since joining Ramit's email list and Earnable. Everyday I envision what my life will look like in 5, 10, 20+ years and it excites me! I did not feel that way prior to IWT. There is a lot of work to do to start living my rich life and I love putting in the work because I am pursing owning my business and doing what I love, bring on all the work! Even through the COVID crisis I have hope for my future and part of that is thanks to Ramit.

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

  79. avatar
    Alan Bradley

    Happy birthday!

    You've taught me to pay for value and to focus on the big wins rather than get stuck in the minutiae of any given situation.

  80. avatar
    Joe King

    Happy Birthday Ramit,

    Your advice "LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY" is a good one.

    One I try to live by that my dad has drummed into me is BE ON TIME.

  81. avatar

    IWT has helped me as I now regularly ask myself “What would Ramit do?” And regularly move money around on pay day in chunks to pay savings for tax. Last month a third of my wages went straight over. Great to think of that tax being ticked off the list!

  82. avatar

    Dream Job helped me understand and face my mental barriers. I identified external factors that contributed to my self consciousness and fears about getting a meaningful job as a foreigner in a new country. The biggest external block was the stupid f*cking recruiters who scoffed at my targets. One told me £25k was the max I could hope for with my “background and experience”. Two months later I landed a dream job earning double that with amazing benefits. Thanks Ramit and Happy birthday.

  83. avatar

    Happy birthday! You helped me get interested in and educate myself to actually start investing, making better financial choices, grow and dream bigger. Thank you ♥️ From Amsterdam, Europe.

  84. avatar
    Bernadette Chun

    Happy Birthday
    You taught me there is more to money you taught me compassion and to never give up even if the person does not want any thing but friendship BC they might end up being a business partner. Thank you For being You

  85. avatar

    – Leveraged a mutual connection to get an interview
    – Through doing the research, I negotiated a 10,000 dollar yearly salary increase

  86. avatar

    Land my #dreamjob

  87. avatar

    IWT has helped me to broaden my view on money. It has helped me to create different mindset on approaching money problems.

  88. avatar

    Happy Birthday Ramit!!!

    You booked helped pay off my credit cards. I paid of $18k of credit card debt in 4 months. I am also actively working towards paying off my student loans and am on target to be completely debt free by April 18, 2021.

  89. avatar

    Oh, you also taught me how to negotiate my phone bill. It used to be $120+ a month, now I pay $66 a month!!!

  90. avatar

    Happy birthday Ramit!
    A couple of highlights from IWT:
    – Expanded my personal finance education
    – Convinced me to follow an entrepreneurial path
    – Great personal mastery tips
    – Rekindled my passion for learning

    And now on to build my business 🙂

  91. avatar

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    In the past 3 years, following your advice and reading IWTYTBR several times, I have:

    – Paid off over 6000 dollars in credit card debt, bringing my only standing debt to my auto loan.
    – Negotiated my APR down by 10% on my primary credit card
    – Set up investment accounts (though I've reduced contributions recently, we all know why…)

    I've got you to thank for setting me on the right path when it comes to personal finance. Your work is greatly appreciated.

  92. avatar
    Karyn Dolan

    The biggest thing IWT has helped me to do is to think in thousands instead of in hundreds. I no longer obsess about whether I should spend a few hundred dollars on a training program or on something else that will improve my life over the long term – I just do it. And because I do that, I find that I'm less inclined to waste tiny amounts of money on things I don't want. And, because I now think in thousands, I was able to see that spending several thousand dollars on a car that I'd never have to worry about makes more sense than spending several hundreds on a car that I constantly have to maintain, repair, and stress over. Finally, thinking in thousands made it possible for me to wrap my head around two big dreams that I fulfilled within the past year – buying a duplex that I live in, where the rent on the other apartment covers the mortgage; and taking a ten-day trip to the UK and France. I earn more than I used to, but not that much more. Mostly, I manage what I have much better, so that I'm able to pay for the things that matter most to me. Thank you for giving me the tools I needed to do that.

  93. avatar
    Steve Vinay Gunther

    Happy Birthday.

    I haven't even done an IWT, but I read every single email you send.
    • I particularly appreciate your question – what is a rich life for you? I have taken that question on board, reflected on it, chewed it over. It has helped me clarify my values, and deeply appreciate what I have created. I feel very very rich, though in actual fact my income is fairly modest. I have everything I want in life. Thanks for that great question.
    •I like your 'American Pragmatism'. 'Can do'. You embody the best of that. Theory underpins and is led by practice – don't just think about it, do it, now.
    •You do indeed offer most of your stuff for free. I appreciate how much I have learned from reading your free materials – they are truly generous. That generosity is repaid many fold by all the people I have referred to your courses.
    •Your emails are a perfect example of good sales. I learn from them. How to be clear, upfront, engaging, real. A perfect storm.

  94. avatar

    -Not everything that was taught at school, college, etc, is the "standard way" to have a balanced life, so i believe one pillar of a balanced life is to "know your numbers" in your personal finances, and that this is easier than most of us think about, I learned this from the chapter that talks about credit cards

  95. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    Happy Birthday!

    IWT taught me how to no; sorry, that’s not a priority. I’ve avoided all sorts of social commitments I have no interest in,
    which has helped me focus on things like my family and learning BJJ, two key components of my tripod of stability.

    Thanks. =)

  96. avatar

    Ramit helped me with productivity, financial clarity and taught me the importance of mindset when it comes to money.

  97. avatar

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    Thank you for your unyielding message of avoiding the trap of mediocrity. I first bought dream job in 2012 and every year I go through this material I grow by leaps and bounds every single time. Not that I change jobs every year, but the message in there pushes me to perform my best. I have bought many more of your courses ever since. Keep on moving forward!

  98. avatar
    Michael Sommer

    I will teach you to be rich and your emails inspire me daily, and help me to think smarter. I’ve embraced the philosophy to always say yes even when I’m tired or don’t want to pick up an extra day’s hustle. This has increased my side hustle income by about $10,000-15,000 a year.

  99. avatar
    Manish Sharma



    I want to achieve $25K per month with my marketing agency. Working very hard to achieve this goal.


  100. avatar

    Happy birthday!

    IWT helped me automate my savings and investments, and write better emails. Despite your advice, I also bought my own home, where I pay less on mortgage + rates than I would on rent. (Just sayin' 🙂

  101. avatar
    Jeffrey Johnson

    I finally bought and started reading the book. I have been following your work for a while but not really doing anything about it. I have only started the book but found somethings that I intuitively thought were good ideas are in fact correct, now I need to implement them. I am also starting to learn new things as well and integrating them.

  102. avatar

    I literally owe Ramit and IWT a huge portion of my business and financial success. I got on Ramit's email list January 2011. At that time I was a junior in college with basically no money and nothing owned to my name. Since that time, and following Ramit's guidance and counsel, I have built a 7 figure business, made more money than I could ever imagine, built solid financial structures and frameworks to guide my financial life, invested in real estate, and have just literally knocked it out of the park financially compared to my peers. And most of this was from the free advice given (though I did buy his book and one of his courses).

    Happy Bday dude!!

  103. avatar
    Warren Kopp

    doubled my salary in two years, started truly investing for retirement, paid off all credit card debt, and got quoted in the Second Edition!!!!!!!

    Thanks Ramit!!!

  104. avatar

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    I read Ramit's book on November 13th, 2014 ("Ramit Day" in my calendar) when I was in between jobs. It helped me come up with my side hustle idea (almost $30,000 in earnings so far and currently charging $100/hr now!). Then I took his Dream Job course, which helped me find my current job, where I'm doing great! Can't thank you enough Ramit! Have a good one!

  105. avatar

    Made me realize there are other people who are as ambitious as me and that it's not weird to be so.

  106. avatar
    Jamilia Price

    IWT has taught me a lot about saving money and how to put money towards your future! I’m still working and learning how to invest and IWT is always my go to to freshen up my brain.

  107. avatar

    Happy Birthday Ramit! IWT has helped me not only once, but twice negotiate great salaries for 2 dream jobs going from under 100K/year to nearly 150K/year over the span of 2 job changes! And IWT has helped me pay off lingering credit card debt. These have not been quick fixes, but rather hard work and consistency motivated by IWT. Thank you!

  108. avatar
    Jelique Edward

    Happy birthday Ramit! The greatest thing that any of your content has truly done for me overall is help me to more closely examine my mentality, mainly towards money, and determine what perspective I truly choose to have over it and how to implement it!
    Your work has helped me to forgo the frugality and low budgeting mentality that I was raised with and adopt one that aimed for getting the best and most that I could with my monetary situation. Your work has also helped give me a great understanding on the practical and operational parts to doing business, along with just how much psychology plays an impact on so many faucets in our lives and how!

  109. avatar
    Eleuterio Martinez

    Happy Birthday, Ramit
    -I used your book to automate my personal finance.
    – using your strategy on how to pay off your student loans I was able to pay 50% of my student loans and only have and so far I only have about 30% left to finish my student debts.
    – I also used your method on the book to paid off my car loans within 6 months.
    – currently, I'm investing in myself by taking your course Find Your Dream Job and decided to back to college this fall in order to pursue my electrical engineering degree.

    Once again Happy Birthday Ramit!!!

  110. avatar
    Georgekutty Vadakkel

    Automating money
    Importance of action over consumption .
    Many many happy returns of the day Ramit.

  111. avatar

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    IWT has helped me simplify my approach to personal finance. I loved your recommendations to automate savings and to think of it as paying yourself first.

  112. avatar
    Cindy Holtom

    After my husband and I paid off our car, we were both tempted to spend the extra cash on frivolous things because it seemed like freedom. But I was reading Ramit's book at the time which fueled a great discussion about what we really wanted that seemed too expensive: new carpet and a computer upgrade. So we set aside the car payment amount in a dedicated savings account for 6 months and paid cash for the items that we thought were out of reach. It was a small act that made us feel rich and changed our mindset.

  113. avatar
    Natalie Smith

    Happy Birthday Ramit –
    I love your emails.

    I joined ZTL over a coupleof years ago.
    At the start of the lessons I landed my dream job because I found my niche.
    Related side hussle is still in progress, it will get there.
    Thank you so much for all your inspiration.

  114. avatar
    Saad Dawoodi

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    1. Overcome internal barriers/invisible scripts to make career transitions early on. Didn't think I could "work in the business world" because my educational background was in the sciences.
    Graduated 2015. Moved to dream city/state 2016. Made direct transition to business world in 2016.

    2. Increased earnings 70% from first job to third job (accomplished in 2ish years). Used negotiation rules (ie briefcase technique) for biggest pay bump.

  115. avatar

    Automated my savings and started setting money aside for my niece.

  116. avatar

    Hauoli La Hanau Rammit! I am in my late 40's and thought I was already knowledgeable on finance and investing but since reading your book over the summer of 2019 Ive:
    – Changed my mindset on spending lavishly on the things that are important and skimp on the ones that aren't.
    -I looked at my income and expense and automated my money to live outside of the spreadsheet.
    – I never skimp when it comes to bettering myself or spouse physically, mentally and educationally.
    – I gave all my recurring mandatory expenses an audit and either renegotiated better prices or moved to other companies that gave better prices and/or services.
    – I liked your recommended Personal Capital that after using their freeware I became a client. In addition, I used their retirement analyzer to audit my Morgan Stanley account and was shocked at what I found. Also, I had that uncomfortable conversation with my Morgan broker and as you recommended, asked if he was a fuduciary. The broker began to talk in circles and then I knew. I left Morgan Stanley with my investments and moved them to Personal Capital which is a fiduciary and I am real happy with.

    I always recommend your book but due to the corny name, I am not always successful.


  117. avatar

    1) You helped me to consider adding a digital product to my business and using automation to make it work.
    2) Your principles validated my investment strategy.
    3) Your communication techniques helped me to land new clients.

  118. avatar
    John Williams

    Since finding IWT 6 yrs ago I've:
    – Automated my finances
    – Paid off $32,000 in debt
    – Improved my income almost 300% through getting into my dream field
    – Saved almost 7 moths of expenses in an Emergency fund
    – Increased my donations by $7,500 annually
    – Saved $75,000 in Retirement Investments
    – Helped me no longer worry about money
    – Begin planning for and living a rich life

  119. avatar
    Jerrin Padre

    Since reading IWTYTBR last summer I…
    – figured out how to best automate my savings and investments as a freelancer
    – saved about $5k in emergency savings in addition to contributing to my ROTH IRA
    – was inspired to develop a documentary on financial literacy!

  120. avatar

    Happy Birthday Ramit!

    The pandemic completely derailed all fundraising plans for my non-profit, just at a time when the needs are even greater.

    Your courses give me hope through your concrete road maps for generating income to keep my mission of public service going. I am not far enough along to give you specific numbers, but hope to do so by the time your next birthday comes around.

    Thank you for what you do! Wishing you a wonderful day and a fabulous new year ahead!

  121. avatar

    IWT has helped me start conversations about personal finance with family and friends in ways I never would have done before

  122. avatar
    Sayali P

    Happy Birthday, Ramit!
    Glad to tell you i am another person your wisdom has impacted.
    I was inspired by your book and paid off 14000 in debt so far. In 2 months I will be debt free, which in such times is going to be a huge relief. I went from despair to hopeful vision in a year. Thank you, and many happy returns of the day!

  123. avatar

    Hey Ramit,
    I have used your Briefcase Technique and a few other interview tips from you (like thank-you notes) to ace an interview earlier this year to get a job in a new industry with double my salary. I used to live in China, and back in January I was traveling for the new year holiday. When it came time to return to China, I did not feel it was safe to do so, so I made the decision to stay and try to get a job and start fresh in a country I originally just had a layover in. I was able to leverage my network to find an open position in a new industry (Fintech, and I was coming from education), and, after a good interview performance I am earning double what I used to make, and am on-track to be making six-figures before I turn 30.
    Happy birthday Ramit, and thank you for all the great emails and content over the years! Here’s wishing you many more!

  124. avatar

    Happy birthday Ramit:)
    Our company froze all raises until next year due to covid. I was disappointed as I’d been hustling hard to push out video content for my company (not in my job description but a passion and skill of mine). I had also started the process to negotiate a raise: strategic conversations and research (and aforementioned hustle). I learned this in your dream job course. I decided to not push my luck having said my piece and being turned down and feeling I didn’t have much leverage. Two weeks later though I was given a 10% increase and also asked to spearhead a new phase of digital marketing for the company.

  125. avatar

    Thank you for your honesty, bringing your insights to all of us and encouraging us to be better. I learned to think about money instead of hiding from it. I asked questions, made a plan, talked to my partner. We defined our rich life goals together and are on our way—this virus has changed our routines a little, but the goals are the same, the emergency fund is ready, and we are cutting back in ways that make sense to us to protect our future, but we are not panicked. That security is a gift YOU gave us. Thank you and happy birthday!

  126. avatar

    In Feb 2020, IWT helped me make a plan to get ahead on my credit card debt and create an automatic savings that will currently help me through 4 months of bills. I also have the flexibility and peace of mind to donate monthly to various causes & journalism I value.

  127. avatar
    Joelle Godfrey

    Maxed out my 401K
    Invested in myself and did not cheat myself on some things that I wanted – My Rich Life
    Was Encouraged by all of your Lessons – I keep the videos when I need a boost and advice from 'Uncle Ramit'
    Called my cable company to lower my rate
    Helped every Interview I'd had since I took your Dream Job Course
    If I wanted to start a business, I know I could because i have the courses and the advice of 'Uncle Ramit' to fall back on.
    Thank you again.

  128. avatar
    Joelle Godfrey

    And I always buy books if I want to read them. Someday I will %)

  129. avatar

    Happy Birthday Ramit.

    You turned me on to Vanguard and Target Retirement funds. This led me to:
    1. Read and understand more about the Boglehead philosophy
    2. Roll my 401k into a Vanguard IRA that invests in a Target Fund
    3. Start a post-tax IRA that is also invested in a Target Retirement Fund – Around 11K invested in last two years.
    4. Open IRA accounts for my wife and three kids in order to get them started on this process as well.

  130. avatar

    Ramit, This is your BEST Birthday Ever!
    After learning about you/IWT earlier this month I signed into the Earnable Program. Following the coursework is leading me to focus on the right paths to revive my consulting business… in process.
    ..Keep it moving…!

  131. avatar

    Learning how to negotiate and spending on indulgences that matter to me.

    Happy Birthday, Ramit! Hope you scored yourself another nice piece from Brunello Cucinelli.

  132. avatar

    Happy Birthday Ramit- Agree with your investing philosophy of buy & hold index funds. (among other ideas) Discovered you on Creative Live a while back. I hope to share your ideas with my nieces /nephews so gifted your Creative Live course to one last month
    & can see doing the same with your book which I finally read after reading your e-mails for some time. Keep up the good work….

  133. avatar

    Happy Birthday Ramit!!

    I'm in my early 20s and had no idea about IRA's, HSA, 401k, and the importance of credit limit. All I knew was to pay back what I owe on my credit cards on time. Thanks to IWT, here's how it changed my life:

    1. I opened my ROTH IRA and maxed it out for 2019
    2. I called up the credit card company and got an additional $500 credit increase (I had my CC for 3 years, and not once had I asked for an increase… crazy)
    3. I set up automatic investments even with an unstable income (Actually, did not think this was possible)
    4. It taught me to use my money wisely and now I use the envelope system to track my spending on different categories.
    5. I use LastPass now, so now I definitely won't be wasting time thinking – what was my password?

    This book has made me want to learn more about money because I want to live a Rich Life. I am beyond shocked how this book has helped me pay attention to my finances more than what college classes teach.


  134. avatar

    Thanks to your book, I now have close to a $10,000 emergency savings fund (I will need this soon to relocate for school) and have started investing my first $1,000 in a Roth IRA to which I contribute $25/month. I also have started using YNAB and have achieved an age of money of '30 days' (something I never thought possible as I once lived paycheck to paycheck). During the pandemic, I was furloughed from work and went 4 weeks with no income, but was financially stable enough to not sweat it. I have switched all of my payments to my credit cards to earn cash rewards and I also look forward to paying off my student debt quickly after graduating from grad school. Thanks for planting the seed of financial wisdom for me! It has been life-changing. (:

  135. avatar

    – Guilt free spending due to automated investing (thanks to the book)
    – Get started on my career strategy business, – (thanks to the book Your Move + a couple of your courses, Finisher's Formula)
    – Build habits that stick (thanks to Finisher's Formula)
    Happy birthday Ramit! 🙂

  136. avatar
    D. Lee

    Understand your burn-rate in relationship to mandatory vs discretionary. Then budget accordingly. Being honest with expenses is the only way to achieve financial freedom.

  137. avatar
    Michelle Dunlap

    Happy Birthday! Just one thing!?! I've learned so much but ok. When you talked about how to adapt an irregular pay schedule to work with the Conscious Spending plan, I never thought I'd have to use it. But then I went back to school on the G.I. Bill, which only pays you housing money to live on while school is in session. Suddenly, I'm getting paid 8 months of the year and getting nothing for another 4. I totaled up the 8 months' worth of pay, divided by 12, automated a savings contribution to set aside 1/3 of my income each month to cover those 4 months. Then I automated distributions during the off months. In fact, I get "paid" again tomorrow! I probably wouldn't have thought of it if it wasn't for your book. So thank you very much, Ramit!

  138. avatar

    – Negotiated a 20% pay increase for 2 years.
    – Got finances corrected.
    – Started emergency fund saving.
    – Got more financially literate.
    – Started monitoring my financial condition monthly.
    – Learning salary negotiations.

  139. avatar

    your book help me in 2 ways
    1. your checking method always me to look at my checking account once a month. this allow me to focus more on ways to invest or spend my money.
    2. I told my friend to read your book and your opening analogy of comparing money to weight loss scares him enough to be concern about reading the book that I chuckle

  140. avatar

    your book help me in 2 ways
    1. your checking method always me to look at my checking account once a month. this allow me to focus more on ways to invest or spend my money.
    2. I told my friend to read your book and your opening analogy of comparing money to weight loss scares him enough to be concern about reading the book that I chuckle

  141. avatar
    Michelle Dunlap

    It ate my previous reply, so here are the numbers I forgot. The G. I. Bill pays me ~$2,500 a month to cover housing and food. I saved $834 a month during the 8 months I was in school, and now I have a steady amount of money per month: $1,668. My husband works and brings in double that, so this allows us to live on a steady income. That makes it easier to manage our Conscious Spending plan, even in the face of my reduced income while I'm in school. Apologies if this leads to a double comment!

  142. avatar
    Angie L.

    Happy birthday, Ramit!
    After reading the first half of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, over the last several months, I have:
    -Created a credit debt payoff plan, reduced my debt by $5,000 and will pay off all credit debt within one year
    -Opened a savings account, named it for a specific purpose and saved $10,000
    -Created my first retirement account and put $4,100 in it
    -Renamed my personal financial spreadsheet My Rich Life instead of debt/budget/bills, etc. (What an amazing mental shift!)

    I haven't even finished the book yet and can't wait to see what else I can do. Thanks for investing in people like me.

  143. avatar
    Anna Grace

    Happy Birthday!
    After reading your first book in 2010, I applied the concept of Big Wins to my job as a high school history teacher.
    In 2011, I won the 4J Teacher of the Year.
    In education (as in finance, fitness, relationships, etc) people are always looking for a quick fix, or the next big idea that will magically make this complex job easy.
    By focusing on Big Wins my work remains challenging, but manageable. I created systems, like you suggest people do with their finances, that streamline my work. It feels fantastic, and I'm a better teacher while working fewer total hours.

    Oh, and I also refinanced our house at 3%, saving us $300,000 over the life of the loan. I'm gleefully spending it all on coffee and shoes.

  144. avatar
    Paige NeJame

    During first days of the pandemic you said to small businesses,”move.” And that has made all the difference in our thriving in the pandemic. Thanks Ramit!

  145. avatar

    Happy Birthday Ramit! The biggest breakthrough I've learned from your material is how to recognize and overcome mental barriers, whether it's making it easy to go to the gym or eat healthy, or realize that lessons learned from family about finances were wrong (houses are always a good investment, money is evil, etc.). Specifically, Dream Job and the briefcase technique helped me get a 50% raise at a different company, and I have since moved on from there to a lower stress job but with increased salary due to the experience I gathered.

    Your advice on considering what is important v. not important and spending accordingly is gold, so is the advice that cuts down our decision making willpower, like just buying the book (or renting the ebook) if the book looks like it will enhance my life.

    Thank you Ramit and your staff!

  146. avatar

    I set up a system that helps me automatically manage my Budget. I did a reboot of my credit and I’m working towards paying down student loans. Instead of looking at my budget in terror, I’m now excited to check it out each week and see my progress.

  147. avatar

    Learning the basics of personal finance in my early 20s, such as automating my savings and easy investing. IWTYTBR was my first personal finance book, and it's partially thanks to it that I got to a net worth of 100K before my 30th birthday. Not to mention all the other amazing life advice, such as being aware of invisible scripts and becoming a better storyteller.

  148. avatar

    Happy birthday Ramit! From your free negotiation videos, you gave me the confidence and negotiation skills to switch jobs for a $30,000 salary increase.

    I also apply to your rich life mindset to not feel guilty on spending money on items that are important to me and cutting out what’s not.

  149. avatar
    Kelly Osborne

    It's hard to distill everything I've learned from you and your brilliant team over the years in a short comment. I've based my resume off your examples and gotten my foot in the door at almost every job I've ever applied to. I've used your methods to approach debt, applied testing methods to drill for insights in my day job as well as the business I'm building. Sharing your approach to research, your real talk about being proactive, every valuable tip and free discussion, the list goes on. Thank you for being such a positive, meaningful, and influential figure in my life. Happy birthday Ramit!

  150. avatar
    Yoncarlos Medina

    Hi Ramit!!!! Happy birthday!!!!
    It is a great surprise to me, to see your email today because
    is my birthday too but from 1971…
    then let's toast!
    Best regards,
    Yoncarlos Medina

  151. avatar

    You taught me how to negotiate. In my last position I was able to gain an 18% raise plus an additional month of vacation. The raise was nice, but the vacation meant more time with my family.

    Now, I’m taking six months off to travel with my wife on the honeymoon we didn’t take 4 years ago. It won’t be fancy, but we love the time for slow paced travel.

    Your book should be handed out in every high school. Happy birthday, stranger.

    Thanks for teaching me the value of eating the entire chicken wing!

  152. avatar

    IWT helped me get on the same page about finances with my husband before we got married. It was an awesome version of premarital counseling. Now we have a shared set of values and a language to discuss money easily. Even in stressful times, this shared view gives us so much peace and confidence.

    Happy birthday Ramit!!!

  153. avatar

    Thank you. I wanna learn how to love myself and see the bueaty in me. I don't like my body, hair and teeth

  154. avatar
    Mike McKellar

    IWT taught me how to negotiate car deals like a boss. I was able to purchase my car at $2,000 under invoice, and the only time I showed up to a car lot was when I went to sign the paper work. Oh! And I'm firing my financial advisor! =)

    Happy birthday Ramit!

  155. avatar

    Thank you Marilyn. Amen!

  156. avatar

    Hi Ramit,
    I'll make an exception of just being a silent reader and silently praying for your health, wisdom and safety before deleting your mails – since it's your birthday. What do I learn from you – I admire your guts, you give me faith, I don't make significant changes financially but I know I will get there. At least I'm conscious of my spending, planning my personal growth and learning from you, my virtual Guru. Not good enough for I'm now different from who I used to be a year ago. Be proud of yourself, knowing that you've inspired someone in Malaysia everyday.

    Thank you, God bless you Ramit.


  157. avatar

    Started building my 10 year buffer
    When Corona started, had a plan B income stream
    Am teaching my students at business school parts of your wisdom

  158. avatar

    1. Increase my salary income from 1,500 – 2,500 monthly, following your Dream Job lessons.
    2. Invest using index fund, the return is not so great (2 years) for now, but I'm expecting the long-term will be worth it.

    My next goal is upgrade my freelance business (website development at using your Earnable materials.

  159. avatar

    "बार बार दिन ये आये, बार बार दिल ये गाये
    तू जिए हज़ारों साल, ये मेरी है आरज़ू"

    Happy birthday Ramit.
    May you live happily. And celebrate more and more birthdays.

    I got the confidence to start my business and be myself.

    PS: the above text in hindi says, may you live 1000 years…

  160. avatar

    Happy birthday Ramit!

    IWT has helped me:

    1. Start and grow a business that I ran for 6 years, with revenues up to $300k a year.
    2. Easily sell said business.
    3. Land my dream job at a startup in Switzerland.
    4. Build up a two-year emergency fund.


  161. avatar
    Kate E Loftus

    – automated all my bills
    – used the Overnight Resume Makeover to land a fun job in a totally different industry
    – studying the copywriting course now to help my non-profit organization get to the next level
    – learned how to roast a damn fine chicken and I still use many of the recipes from the cooking course regularly
    – started the habit of a 6AM workout routine with the fitness course

  162. avatar
    Kate E Loftus

    Happy birthday Ramit!! Thank you for all you do.

  163. avatar

    Happy Birthday Ramit. God Bless you for doing such a good work. For me, honestly I am a reckless spender who thought, investment is a big word and finance management needs special skills. But, since the day I have started reading your book, I have taken small steps for eg saving a huge perc of my salary and investing it and saving it as a backup. So, from zero savings to a saving with of living a jobless life for next one to two years is something I am grateful for.


    Cheers! 🙂

  164. avatar

    Happy Birthday Ramit !!

    I could learn many things from IWT!! Especially your definition of rich life.
    Long way to go still . but IWT laid good foundation and helped me to change my mindset..
    Thanks a lot !!!

  165. avatar

    You will not be expecting this comment Ramit . But you want to know what IWT has taught me ?
    The last few weeks I have been Constantly been so down and depressed and feeling unworthy of anything. Today it crossed my mind to end everything permanently so I don’t have to feel this way anymore . Now to be honest I don’t always open your emails ( sorry bout it ) however today I did and read those words LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY and those words have me hope . I will live to fight another day for my beautiful children , my lovely husband , my amazing friends and my parents . I will live for me and all that is yet to be . I may not become as powerful as you or Successful like many of your subscribers however, I will always remember those words LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY . I like the honest to the point way you write . Thank you Ramit and many blessings for your birthday and the year ahead

  166. avatar

    I automated my savings thanks to IWTYTBR, now I'm guaranteed to hit my savings target each and every month – without even thinking about it. I still seem to have the same spending power every month, too. Just more stashed away.

  167. avatar
    Paul Uduk

    Happy Birthday And Many Happy Returns Of The Day Ramit. //Interestingly, mine was on 20th June. So we're June People.//Well, in June I generated $2222 from two Webinars. //It's that figure because the exchange rate has fallen to $1 = N450, as against N360 before COVID-19, or N160 in 2015. // I'll share the full story on the Earnable platform.

  168. avatar

    Happy Birthday!
    -Money automation
    -Bargaining (like an Indian)
    -Dreaming bigger
    Much love. Stay safe out there!

  169. avatar

    Happy birthday! Ramit.

    Actually, I just took the course Earnable one month ago. You give me the hope that I can really start my own business. I have screened my business ideas using Pay Certainty test and Demand Matrix. I am working on the next step. Hope that I can give you good news in the near future.

  170. avatar
    Tebogo Gabriel Mosiane

    Happy Birthday Remit


    Have a great day ahead.

  171. avatar
    Rohit Singh

    Happy Birthday, Ramit. I am kickstarting my goals of the business, financial journey, mental fitness, and physical fitness and healing journey. The only way to achieve all this is sheer will and action along with checking the deviations.

    Happy Birthday Once again. Keep Inspiring and Keep writing.

  172. avatar


  173. avatar

    Fantastic! I'm in such a different situation but this is inspiring. Congratulations!

  174. avatar

    Happy Birthday! Wish you a good health as health is wealth. You are very lucky if you have a good health and you can eat whatever you want. Do whatever you want. Me, as a hyperthyroidism patient, there are dos and donts. I experienced my first miscarriage last week and it hurts so much. It was because the baby didnt developed because of my illness. Anyway, wish you a happy birthday!!

  175. avatar

    Just one week before lockdown I finished my first feature film, an indie horror with a huge curse on it, but I finished it anyways.
    As I am not a fan of "fake it until you make it", I tried to stick to logics and scientific facts (brainwork) I learned from your newsletters. One of them is: "trust until it feels real".

    I am now stuck in post production and with the film industry being locked down completely I am forced to sell whatever I have to get the tiny bit of money for post.
    I still trust that this micro budget film (my producer and I maxed out every bank account we had before lockdown) is worth it and will be the first stepping stone to my career.
    It sure is a project other film peers called "impossible". Should it ever come out and you have the opportunity to stream it, know that I made it because I followed your guidelines and wisdom.

    Happy Happy Birthday, wonderful wizard and trustworthy mentor. Have a fabulous day!

    R. xx

  176. avatar

    IWT helped me to pass the gatekeepers and land two amazing consulting opportunities through unique word to word scripts on cold emailing for a job.

  177. avatar
    Kate Kozyra

    I re-evaluated my budget and started investing for retirement.

  178. avatar
    Sheila Medina

    6/30, my birthday too! I’m new to your training, bought your book, and am committed to putting action in as I learn. I was a sahm, now studying for financial licensing exam, working in investment industry, want to be able to financially care for family. Thank you for education you put out!

  179. avatar

    – Used the briefcase technique to change job
    – Automated my savings and this helped me get my 9 month emergency fund in place
    – Set up my investment account in Vanugard (I read this chapter in your book about 10 times before I actually set up my account)
    – Started sub-savings accounts for the big things I wanted. This allowed me to take a dream trips to Japan, San Francisco and Bali.
    – I've been using "natural networking" since 2015. This helped me land my dream job
    – Negotiate rent

  180. avatar
    Cody Wheeler

    Happy birthday Ramit. You and your team have been extremely influential in my life. I first came across IWT from a free course on AppSumo. I don't even remember what it was, but it made me pick up your first book and read it in a weekend. I loved the ideas of automation from reading The Four Hour Work Week, so I did all of that ASAP. I then used your courses like No Stress Salary Negotiation, Finisher's Formula, Earn1k, and Zero to Launch, to increase my income from $40k in my mid 20s to $160k (and growing) in my mid 30s. This has allowed me to set my family up for a comfortable life, have nice things, not worry too much about money, and dream of retiring early. Thanks for being an amazing mentor to me and helping me get to where I am today.

  181. avatar

    I read IWT a year ago, June 2019. I was very embarrassed to find my story in the anecdote about the girl who had a ROTH IRA for 10 years but never invested it. At the time I was bragging that my ROTH IRA was bringing in $100 per month in interest. Since investing in target date retirement funds at your suggestion, I can now brag that I have brought in $10,000 in one year! I've also taken advantage of many other investment opportunities and almost doubled my income from work by advocating for myself and finding a company that is in alignment with my values. I recommend your book so much that people probably think I'm part of an MLM! (Thanks for that super scammy sounding title by the way! LOL!) You are an inspiration Ramit, thank you for all you do.

  182. avatar
    Theo W

    I started saving ~$400/month for retirement and automated my savings and payments. Also got my internet bill lowered AND at a higher speed rate. I love the feeling of living a rich life and am working towards it – planning to use the brief case method as I job hunt right now.

  183. avatar

    Reading this newsletter and the book has helped me reframe and make purchasing decisions a lot less stressful while not taking away from the "frivolous" passion purchases I love to make.
    And somehow, I still managed to save 10% of my income two months in a row! #whoisshe

  184. avatar
    Ravi U.

    Deliberate planning, habit formation, and deep focus have helped me get in a daily outdoor running habit that I never thought I would do. In one month, I didn't lose any weight, but I cut two-inches of belly fat.

    I also started a book reading habit, scheduling one chapter of reading time before I go to sleep every night. I'm not 100%. Sometimes I fall asleep before I finish reading, but I've learned that it's okay to not meet your goal all the time, and to not beat yourself up about it. It's a learning experience, and totally worth it because reading books has immensely helped with my deep focus by improving my concentration during the day while I work.

    But by far THE most important thing IWT has taught me is to manage my emotions. Growing up, I remember my family and friends being hard on me or making fun of me for not living up to what is expected of me: having a high-paying job, married with children, a big house, etc. For years I have allowed those voices in the back of my head to pull me down which resulted in a toxic mindset, which led to me being a stressed, anxious, lazy, and unproductive person. I would typically distract myself from those feelings by watching TV shows, movies, and social media. I still sometimes struggle with toxic thoughts, but I'm better at anticipating them, and supplementing negative thoughts and fears with a positive and realistic outlook. Having self-respect was a HUGE barrier to overcome, before I could change my mindset, set goals, and make a plan, while being okay with tuning my goals and plans as needed.

    Happy birthday Ramit! Thank you so much for your clarity!

  185. avatar

    First, now I buy lattes whenever I damn well want. (I'm drinking one right now, actually.) Before, I would stop and think of that $4.67 beverage as an extravagance. Life is short and I'm worth it.

    Second, and most importantly, I have shifted my mindset from scarcity to seeking out and living a rich life. Of course, there is work involved in that, but it's worth it.

    I'm not in your demographic, Ramit. I'm a 66-year-old female who has a net worth of roughly $400K. I have my own business. At one point in my life I was desperately broke and scared to death. But your message helped me. The next flight I book will be with first-class seating. From there, my eye is on private jet travel. Yup, I'm going for the really big stuff. Thank you and I hope your day was awesome.

  186. avatar

    Happy Birthday!!!
    I'm very glad you were born!
    The impact of IWT in my life:
    – fully automated finance structure
    – a checking account that works in my interest
    – being able to max out my Roth IRA
    – creating savings goals and consistently saving for several years
    – learning how to get bank fees reversed (and doing it!)
    – putting my retirement into low cost index funds and staying out of toxic financial advisor relationships
    – putting my money behind my values
    – holding my first ever fundraiser for a charity I care about and raising over $100 as well as a number of supplies
    – being in a safe enough financial position so that I could contribute to others during the corona virus pandemic
    – the value of diversified income and conscious spending
    – striving for excellence in what I do
    – a concrete example of what's possible through your teachings – this means more than all the great copy (though that helps)
    – many laughs
    – concrete guidance that has helped me identify the scripts running in the background for me in my life
    – also through the student examples from your courses I've made new contacts and lost ~30lbs (intentionally) and going

    Thank you!!!

  187. avatar

    Happy Birthday Ramit 🙂 10% Pay increase during budget cuts: I used the techniques in Dream Job to continue the conversation I had started about a pay increase. I was building my case with research and more when there was a company wide announcement that all increases were frozen until next year due to COVID. My heart sank, I decided not to push the envelope given how many of my friends and people are being furloughed or laid off. While I was upset, I did two things 1. I made sure to validate the reasoning, and instead asked to discuss my schedule and how to make it work better for me (total comp) (hint, more remote work time when we come back in person) and 2. I kept working hard, and providing more value outside my position. Fast forward two weeks later and I was privately told that I was being given a 10% increase, and asked to head up a new digital media plan moving forward.

  188. avatar

    I don't have numbers, but learning about invisible scripts has helped me to stop self-sabotaging myself.

    Thank you and happy birthday, Ramit!

  189. avatar

    Happy birthday!! Make sure the person you decide to spend the rest of your life with is the same person you can stand to be quarantined with.

  190. avatar

    Taking the pilot/driver seat of my finances
    Changing my perception of money and the meaning of a rich life
    Automating my finances

  191. avatar

    You are amazing!!! I am so glad you are living to fight another day! And another and another! It sounds like you've got a lot to live for and I'm so glad you found it!!! I'm a total stranger and today your post made a big difference for me 💜

  192. avatar

    I've learned about simplicity. For example, simplifying my funnel, and also creating landing pages

  193. avatar

    Belated Happy birthday Ramit Sir..
    I really need some money in debt..please help me.

  194. avatar

    In one year I:
    -Automated my finances and have invested $50,000 so far this year.
    -Negotiated salary by $5000 and got a $5000 signing bonus for a new position in a healthcare field that is saturated where this is definitely not the standard!
    -Started an e-commerce product-based business!
    -Considering additional opportunities after systems are in place for side-business as well as new full time role
    -Learned to pay for solutions that offer results (Currently looking into options for personal training)
    -Valuing my time much more
    -Focus on big wins
    -Stopped focusing on $30 decisions and am now trying to make $300 and $3000 decisions, and hopefully scale that even more!

  195. avatar

    In 2008 when I first discovered IWT I was in huge debt and was chased by debt collectors firms with not enough money to pay my bills and 60% of my salary going to the debt collectors firms. I used the credit debt negotiation tactics in the book to bring some of this debt down which instantly saved me a lot of money and time. In the next 12 years my income jumped more than 300% my debt is taken care of and my finances are fully automated. I have good emergency fund and drive the car of my dreams. All of this happen because 12 years ago I run into your book and learned how to manage my finances the right way. I now never struggle with finances and everything is planned. Thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams and Happy Birthday !

  196. avatar

    Hi Ramit Sethi!

    Happy Birthday !
    I can’t yet write about wealth, what I did with my money.
    I’m very new to you and I don’t even speak languages.
    I learn, I learn, and the more I learn, the more I am lost in a lot of emails and writing a Blog. But they are not carved out of wood who can easily give up!
    Good luck for everyone!

  197. avatar
    Hunter Becker

    Happy birthday Ramit!!

    IWT has helped me create a systematic approach on how to handle ALL of my financial needs. So I’m not constantly thinking or worrying about my finances. You rock!

  198. avatar

    Get out of debt

  199. avatar


  200. avatar

    -Started putting 10% of my income into retirement each month
    -Learned great negotiation strategies
    -Opened a high-yield savings and have earned over $100 in interest in less than a year
    -Automated almost all of my finances

  201. avatar

    Happy birthday, Ramit!

    I bought your personal finance book when I graduated from college.

    I had just gotten my first credit card, which I chose by comparing rewards since I planned to pay it in full every month. But I knew pundits all called for choosing one by comparing interest rates. I kept thinking I was missing something.

    Then I read your book! That helped me trust my own decisions about money a lot more. And I also automated my finances.

    Over the years, I've also purchased a few non-flagship products like Success Triggers, Resume Writing, and Social Skills. But I would say the credit card information is the most memorable.

  202. avatar

    Happy birthday, man!

    – Helped me clear $30K in debt
    – Got a new job paying top of salary range for my position using scripts and The Briefcase Technique
    – Helped me pick a strategy to start investing

  203. avatar

    I used the briefcase technique to get promoted to a management position at my company. In our first conversation after I got the offer, my new boss told me she was impressed with the plan I gave her and that it made me stand out from the other candidates. She plans to recommend this technique to everyone she mentors in the future, and she's also grateful that I introduced her to you and your site, Ramit.

    The promotion earned me a 7% raise and and a 16% bonus baseline (dependent on company performance) so it has made a huge, cumulative difference for me and my family over the past six years and will continue to do so!

  204. avatar

    I read IWT and started to automate my finances

    I now pay myself first, am able to save AND spend intentionally on what I want

    As of today, I am saving 27% for long term investments and have saved enough for a 6 week holiday in Africa (without touching long term savings). I plan to hike mt Kilimanjaro, go rock climbing at table mountain and a safari in the Serengeti

    I've started on my journey towards financial freedom!