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Tim Ferriss Master Class: The psychology of testing (LIVE WEBCAST)

Ramit Sethi

Two weeks before the manuscript for “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” was due, I was stuck on the last chapter of my book and didn’t think I could finish. I picked up the phone and called one of my friends and asked him what to do. He listened, he commiserated, and then recommended a book that helped me push through the uncertainty to deliver a manuscript I was proud of.

Everyone loves a dream team. Think about it — in the movies, when somebody important is in trouble, they pick up the phone and call the right person and get it taken care of.

  • Relationship problems? Your two girl friends will know the answer
  • Not sure what to do about life? Dad’s been there and he’ll talk it over with you
  • Got arrested? Call your lawyer, who just happens to know the judge

Think about your own dream team. If you have a job interview tomorrow and you’re not sure what to say, who would you call? Or you have to buy a fancy suit — who would know what to get?

We each have people in our lives who are masters at what they do…and they help us when we need it.

I have my own dream team.

Whenever I’m stuck, I call up one of my friends to help out. Maybe it’s a marketing question, or being stuck on writing, not knowing how to get my publisher to do something quicker. Whatever the case, I have a group of close friends who all help each other back and forth.

One of those friends is Tim Ferriss.

He wrote The Four-Hour Workweek and, recently, The Four-Hour Body.

And we share a love of testing, psychology, human behavior, and ridiculous antics.

I can’t think of something more powerful than being able to call up a friend or family member and ask them for help. Especially the ones who are truly masters at their field.

I’ve been pretty fortunate to build up an amazing group of friends who have done interesting things. For example, I can call up a lawyer friend, or a best-selling author, or my friend who sold his company for tens of millions of dollars, or a pro athlete — and ask them what they think of a situation.

But if you can’t call those people up yourself, I want to at least let you peek in on how I do it.

And tomorrow, I want to invite you to a dream team meeting I’m holding.

Tomorrow, Tim Ferriss and I will be talking about the Psychology of Testing — live. And I’d like to invite you to come and listen in.

In fact, I’d like you to be a part of it, so I’m leaving around 25 minutes for live questions.

Why testing? Because although it’s not sexy, testing is one of the most important ways to accelerate and get disproportionate results. Instead, on most sites, you see people talking about Twitter (!!) and top 10 lifestyle hacks(!!)  and the importance of starting a blog (!!). Total BS.

Testing is as much a series of tactics as a methodology and mindset, and it has helped me get hugely disproportionate results.

Tim and I will talk about:

  • The psychology of testing – what we both test, what we’re too nervous to test, even how we’ve tested dating
  • Disproportionate results – everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. How does somebody like Tim get so much done? What tools does he use? What does he focus on and what does he simply NOT do?
  • The power of a social network – and how to get access to influential people if you’re not famous

There’s really no way to get access to Tim and me, live, answering questions, but the second-best thing I can do for you is to invite you to listen in, live.

Sorry about the late notice, but I just confirmed this for you. The talk is at 10am PST tomorrow, 1 PM EST (Wednesday, 2/2). There are only 1,000 slots on the call so if you can’t make it don’t worry, I’ll send out a recording to my Earn1k Insider’s List.

Details of the webcast:

  • When: Wednesday (2/2) at 10 AM PT (1pm ET).  Be early as only 1,000 can attend.
  • Where: IMPORTANT: Sign up below to get the secret registration URL
  • Will it be recorded: Yes, but I’m only releasing the recording to my private Earn1k Insider’s List.

Update: The live webcast just ended and people are raving…

@ramit holy crap man – this was just as good, if not better, than your last webinar with BJ. solid. @tferriss you rock my worldless than a minute ago via Twitter for Mac

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    I’d like to thank you for all the kick-ass content you’ve given us.

    You helped me to get started on a project. I’ll share the story with you as soon as the cash starts to flow in.

    Thanx a million.

    When are you going to have a portuguese version of your book ? I want to give it as presies for some of my friends.

  2. avatar

    i’ll try to make it, but sort of a weird time. I’ll try to take an early lunch and shift an appointment or 2.

  3. avatar

    I’m excited! The two most influential people on my business in one conference. Thanks for doing all this Ramit. I’ve been absorbing and applying what you’re teaching as fast as I can while still keeping up with current and perspective clients. So far its increased my effectiveness and efficiency quite a bit. I should close a couple big clients soon that I probably wouldn’t have even gotten this far with, several weeks back.

    Btw: have the people who’s promotional offers you’ve accepted already been contacted?

  4. avatar

    Ramit, you are brilliant.

    I really wish I could attend this event, but I have a part-time job on Wednesday mornings, which I am seriously tempted to skip just to attend..

    At least there is a recording.

  5. avatar

    Which WNBA player do you know?

    Just kidding. Looking forward to the webcast!

  6. avatar

    I shook hands with a multi millionaire yesterday, I was surprised to how normal & down to earth he was. He told me stories about his early childhood & his passions. I would like to know from you what convesation or questions do you ask a person like this to learn the secrets?

    • avatar

      It’s funny you asked the same question that I wanted to ask, Darryl! What type of conversation do you have w/someone & what questions do you ask to learn not only their secrets but… LEARN from them??

  7. avatar

    Loving the sounds of this webcast! Unfortunately turns out GoToMeeting doesn’t work on Linux. I’ll be sure to setup a virtualisation for the next one.

  8. avatar


    I’m really super awesomely stoked on this whole month of great content! I really appreciate all of your hard work. Now get back to work.

  9. avatar

    Ramit + Tim = awesome

  10. avatar

    looking forward to the recording when you release it. I’m signed up to your blog etc do I need to sign up again in the above to make sure I get the recording? don’t want to miss it. thx

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