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This is something I love doing in NYC

Ramit Sethi

One of the most common questions I get texted to me:


For eating, just check out my NYC restaurants bookmarks.

But if you’re wondering what to do, I always give them the same answer: A MUSEUM TOUR.

I know, I know. Who the hell wants to go to a museum?
But it’s not what you expect. Not only is it one of my favorite things to do in NYC, it shows how you can take something everyone thinks is boring — like going to a museum — and totally transform the experience.

When I went on my tour, we went into secret rooms and elevators. The tour guide told us all the gossip, politics, and behind the scenes stuff you never hear on a traditional tour.

These amazing museum tours are put on by one of my friends, Nick Gray.

nickgrayrbtpromoNick Gray, founder of Museum Hack

You know that person who’s always going to interesting events? The one who has obscure recommendations that just happen to be amazing? That’s Nick — he’s the guy I go to when I’m looking for something weird/interesting to do.

Nick is the founder of Museum Hack, a company that’s totally re-engineering the museum experience.

I asked Nick to join me in the RBT studio to talk about how to take something that everyone does the same, then do it totally differently — and get people raving about it.

Nick talked about how he changed the traditional museum tour. Then he showed how to take the same techniques and apply it to:

  • Throwing awesome parties that all your friends want to attend
  • Sending emails that get responses from even the busiest people
  • Building a business around your passion and charging what you’re worth

Even in this short excerpt that I put together for you, you’ll learn some of the best hacks Nick’s discovered through the years. Check it out here:


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