This hamburger costs $250. WTF?

Ramit Sethi

This damn hamburger costs $250.


250burger$250 at Beer and Buns in NYC.


Why? And does it really taste 50 times as good as this $5 burger from In-N-Out?

innoutFlickr/Jessica Rossi
$5.00 at an In-N-Out Burger near you.

Notice our first reaction when we see a $250 burger: “RIDICULOUS!”

Or “Only a ____ person would buy that.” (What word did you use? Arrogant? Elitist? Jackass? Dumbass?)

Sure, you could take that approach and insult people who spend a lot on something. That’s what most people do.

Or you can say, “Hmm. What’s really going on here? Who actually buys this?”

As a general rule, people who spend 100x more than other people are not stupid. There’s something else going on here.

Something that almost nobody talks about.

A look into the secret world of luxury

Luxury is one of those things that makes us feel happy, sad, angry, and jealous — all at the same time.

For example, who the hell walks into a Tom Ford store and buys a $6,000 suit…on a Wednesday?

$6,000 for ONE suit!

Just thinking about spending that much money on clothing makes some people cringe.

But notice that if you were given this suit for free — the same suit James Bond wears that fits like a glove — every single one of us would put it on with a huge grin on our faces.

I used to think spending this kind of money was completely stupid and irrational.

When I’d get on a plane, I’d laugh at the people flying first-class. “Lol, stupid. They paid 3x the airfare, but we’re all going to the same place. Ha ha.”

I was an idiot. I never once stopped to ask, “Hey, I wonder why those people are spending that kind of money?”

You’ll notice that most frugalistas and experts completely dismiss the value of luxury. They see the world as a spreadsheet of dollars and cents that can be optimized and counted…and should always be maximized to save as much money as possible.

But you and I know that’s not how life works. Sure, saving is important, but if you can afford it and you want it, shouldn’t you be able to splurge to buy it — every once in a while?

As I say, spend extravagantly on the things you love…as long as you cut costs mercilessly on the things you don’t.


Now, do you see why we feel so conflicted about luxury?

We want it, but at the same time we don’t. We see it everywhere, but nobody wants to talk about it publicly. We say certain things are “wasteful,” but the $10 lunch we bought yesterday seems wasteful to someone who’s living on $10 a month and feeding a family of four. And we’re all for luxury until we see how much it actually costs…at which point we instantly label it “ridiculous.”

Am I saying you should immediately go out and buy a $6,000 suit? No.

But I what I am saying is that it’s better to understand what’s going on in this luxury world than to immediately write it off as “too expensive” or “stupid.”

In fact, I’ve seen my view of luxury change through the years because I’ve seen it from both sides of the table.

One year, I earned only $11,000. I didn’t spend a lot on luxury then. But as my income grew, I saw another side. For example, I’ve written about how I spent $50,000 on luxury services last year.

As I started seeing things from the both perspectives, I learned to move past the sticker shock of saying “That cost HOW much? That’s insane!” and try to understand what’s really going on.

This week, we’re going to look beneath the surface and learn more about this secret world. Who buys this stuff? Why?

And from the company’s perspective, how can they charge that much?

For today: What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever paid for?

I’m curious — what’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever paid for?

It could be staying at a nice hotel, eating at a 5-course restaurant for your anniversary, or buying an amazing coat.

No judgment here — just pure unadulterated luxury in the comments below. Let’s talk about what you spend your money on, and how it made you feel.

And tomorrow, I’ll give you behind-the-scenes access to someone who creates luxury experiences like this — for millionaires and billionaires all around the world.

Talk soon,


P.S. Tomorrow’s guest is the guy you’d call if you wanted to take a last minute trip to the International Space Station or ride in a submarine to see the wreckage of the Titanic. I can’t wait for you to meet him.

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  1. Richard

    It’s not necessarily the most expensive thing, but it is the most expensive thing compared to what I’ve paid for things before. I spent $800 on a pair of Viberg boots.

    They feel and look great. I wear them all the time and they still feel great way after any other boots I bought before would have given up.

    • Emmylou

      Spent $2200 for a “13 MacBook pro. It’s worth it.

    • BlueNailsBetty

      A good pair of boots/shoes is worth its weight in gold. Stay comfy, my friend.

  2. Ketan

    When I was in college and Michael Jordan was winning the slam dunk contest in 1988, I had to have a pair of Air Jordans. Before then, I probably never had a pair of gym shoes that cost more than $25, but I made the decision to spend $110 to buy those Air Jordans. They were the coolest thing and my Dad thought I had gone crazy.

  3. Jessica

    i spent the entire year last year living out of 4 and 5 star hotels. It was fine. Had dwindling returns. Nice to save time cleaning, driving, etc. most luxury is savings in the form of time and quality.

  4. Michael

    Back when I was a college freshman, (9 years ago) I purchased a brand new MacBook Pro, top of the line. It wasn’t mainstream then and I spent almost $3,000.
    My dad and friends laughed at me.
    9 years later, I’m still using this amazing (and slightly outdated) machine and they’ve spent over $6,000 on new computers over the past few years.

    • Emmylou

      Exactly the same reason why I got a MacBook Pro 5 years ago…

    • Richard

      Exactly my experience with MacBooks

  5. Karl

    The most luxurious item I have purchased is a Porsche Cayenne Diesel. Me and my wife love it. That’s why in 2.5 years we have put 56k miles on it. Worth every penny.

  6. Andrew

    Paid nearly $4,000 for an Eames lounge chair. Haven’t regretted it for a moment, and it automatically improves my day every time I sit in it. Worth every penny.

    • ItinerantArchitect

      you made the architect in me smile big time after reading that comment. thanks for appreciating architects…and beautiful design!

  7. Erik Noble

    A down payment for a house! And then the rest of the loan for the house.

  8. Erica

    I spent over $1200 for a long weekend at an exclusive B&B. It was a fantastic weekend, food was fantastic, and the experience left me very relaxed.

  9. Ahmed

    As a teenager in NYC, I was obsessed with sneakers. There was an old term that was used to describe people like me: “hypebeasts”. Nowadays, “hipster” may be more appropriate. In any case, the only thing I would spend my paychecks on through middle and early high school are sneakers, hats, and other name-brand clothing. Nike dunks and SB’s, hi-tops, low-tops and medium-tops, Air Jordans, BAPE’s, so on and so forth. Each shoe cost no less than $80 and I once spent about $150 on a limited edition pair of Jordans. I had about 12 shoes in my collection before I grew out of the phase.

    Good thing is that I still have a lot of these sneakers in great condition, looking to eventually sell them to the “hypebeasts” of today.

  10. Brian

    I just bought my first $22 bag of coffee – the coffee is outstanding straight-up as an americano with just water and tastes great. Never spent that much on a bag off coffee before. And I did this right after I finished a $1,635 job, and landed a $2,600 job right after that starting on Monday!

  11. Becky

    I think mine was a meal at a fabulous restaurant in Sacramento called The Kitchen. My husband and I spent almost $600 for 2 people (food + wine). It was an amazing meal, a special time with my spouse and friends, and a memory I’ll never forget. We saved for it, we spent it, we loved it and enjoyed it. Living luxury! 🙂

  12. Matt

    It’d have to be a tuxedo I bought required for the group I belong to. It cost about $1300 but is it nice!

  13. Danielle

    ahh.. Massage and vacation. I’ll be frugal with as much as I can but I will definitely splurge on myself for incredible travel memories and the good feels!

  14. Jade

    I frequently spend more money on items that are very important to me. In the grand scheme of life, this is not a huge deal: but most recently I’ve upgraded my weekly egg purchases – which used to be around $4.50/dozen for organic – to $6.99/dozen for free-range chickens who live outside and each have 108 square feet of space. The farm even includes a little “hen of the month” flyer in the egg carton.

    Why pay so much? Well, one, the eggs are DELICIOUS. The yolks are a rich golden yellow, just what you expect from farm-raised. (And yes, I can tell. I am an egg fanatic.) Also, I care about how the chickens are kept and I like to support farms that treat animals humanely, and also create healthy food for me to eat so I’m not putting crap in my body. Finally, the egg carton is colorful with artistic fonts and creative expressions. As a musician and artist, stimulating aesthetics are important to me. I like to see pretty things when I open my refrigerator each day. Ergo, I am willing to spend $0.59/egg.

  15. Raam

    I paid 8 grand for a blue sapphire ring when I was travelling to Dubai two years ago just because an astrologer said it would ‘help me’. I was happy feeling that all the things he said would work out but after 3 months, it’s just sitting on my table top. I wish I hadn’t splurged on that.

  16. Jordi Querol

    I spent over $3,000 one day buying me and my girlfriend new gaming computers.
    It was worth it though, specially since those PC’s are great for design work too.

  17. tanja

    The most expensive thing I’ve paid for was, just recently, a £250 per person dinner. It is not something I normally do, and I felt a bit anxious… like if I was doing something wrong. But then I realised – the only thing that is wrong is that internal voice that was judging what I did.

  18. Nick Gardner

    I have many times spent serious money dining out, and will continue to do so. In fact my wife and I make it our holiday present to each other each year. Last year it was for the best restaurant in the country – it just so happens to be in our back yard too. The bill was well north of $700 for two of us.
    Did I feel guilty? No. First of all I don’t feel guilt when it is something I truly want to do.
    Will I do it again? Of course. I have already booked our table for the end of the year this year.
    Best decision ever. It is fun. We get exceptional service and we have a fun night out. We decided several years ago that we were going to collect memories not stuff, and this is how we do it.

    Now don’t get me started on the $1000 I spent in 1990 for a first gen portable Sony Discman (which I still own). That was wasteful. An evening out with my wife – priceless.

    • Susan

      Ohhh, what IS the best restaurant in the country, in your opinion?

    • Gabe

      I’m guessing it’s either French Laundry or Alinea.

  19. MARY

    I took a $40,000 severance check and put it on a down payment for a house. It felt great. I was going to quit the job anyway to be a stay-at-home mom for awhile. Then an opportunity for downsizing was presented. I had to keep myself from drooling as I said “yes.” It was perfect timing, and I felt very lucky.

  20. Carter

    Although not as expensive as our house, and not technically a purchase, the most “rich” thing I’ve ever done is that my wife and I are in the process of setting up an endowed scholarship at her alma mater.

    • Kevin

      Now THAT is living RICH!!! LOVE IT!!!

  21. Ryan

    The best part about this question is that I’ve never really stopped to think about the MOST expensive single item purchase I’ve ever made. It just never occurred to me to think about. There was a $1,500 TV I purchased for my mom one Christmas. But for myself, I’d have to say it was spending $4,700 on a two-night stay at a luxury suite in Las Vegas. It was the best and largest room I’d ever seen. There was a large group of us and I had recently come into some money. Everybody paid for something (VIP clubs, dinners, pool party, shows), but I took care of the hotel. Never told anyone the actual cost, and they kept asking me incessantly!!!

    Deep down I guess I felt weird about telling people what I spent on it, but personally I didn’t care. I just wanted to have a great time with close friends. Funny how we try to justify things even when it’s something we can afford and really want to do. I always say I don’t care what people think of me, and for the most part that’s true, but not 100% true I guess.

  22. Gretchen

    I invested $1500 in a Persian rug. It took me several hours at the dealer’s to pick it out. It is a joy to behold. One glance and you can see why they are called “magic carpets.” I’ve had it for about 12 or 13 years now and it thrills me every day.

  23. March

    I just threw down some cash on a personal trainer, and I cannot tell you how many times I thought to myself, “Why the hell did I do that?”, despite telling myself that the returns (and not having my knees blow out due to bad form) would be incredible. So far, so good; the team seems to know what they’re doing, and after what they’ve discovered, I’ll be going through what seems to be physical therapy for my first phase.

    • Kylee

      That’s my splurge as well. You question it at first but soon enough you’ll see the returns & view it as a necessity. I HAVE to budget for it every month

  24. Colie McClellan

    It doesn’t sound like a splurge, but,for me it was – two weeks ago I bought a last minute ticket to extend my trip down south. I was going for a bachelorette weekend, and thought, why just go for one weekend when my parents and sisters live two hours away from our bachelorette vacation spot? I just bought the extra ticket. Didn’t try to cancel the other or call the airline with bogus illness stories. Just let the one $200 ticket go in favor of another. I am now sitting in my parents’ living room listening to an awesome southern thunder storm, making shrimp cocktail and fried okra for lunch (shrimp caught yards away in the deep salt water creek behind our house) and feeling more relaxed than if I had splurged on a spa. Money well spent.

  25. Kate

    $6000ish for a fancy Turkish carpet bought in Turkey after learning about the “dying art” of Turkish carpets and how this is a “great investment” since they only appreciate. How I feel/felt: a little bit like I’ve been scammed and not sure I believe it’s value will appreciate), but it IS a nice carpet. It’s nice to have a fancy piece of art on the wall from Turkey – makes me feel accomplished that I could buy something as useless as a wall carpet.

    Also similarly at $5000ish end table from Agra, India using “the same stones and marble that are in the Taj Mahal” that “you can only get here in this region of India” – it’s pretty cool. Maybe worth the money? We decided buying one really nice thing that will last a lifetime is better than several cheap little souvenirs that will fall apart soon.

  26. Sam Vishal

    Most luxurious thing I have paid for is Porsche SUV as well as TAG Heuer Watch; and a luxury vacation at Jamaica.

  27. Matt

    I’m quite happy to spend on luxuries when it’s worth it. Racked up a $1,800+tip sushi dinner bill with 8 friends, amazing time. Spent $1,000 on a savannah cat, he’s awesome. $500 on my Saddleback Leather briefcase, gets a lot of compliments. Most recently somewhere around $50 to be earlier in line for boarding, so I can get overhead space and not have to check my bag.

  28. Ralph

    £2400 for a mountain bike (and one for the wife too!!) to be fair that’s only a mid range bike but we ride red route trails every moment we get several times a week so it makes sense to us

  29. Cat

    Probably the dream job course. I took it when I was out of work and looking for a job so it was a huge risk but one that ultimately keeps helping me.

  30. Ted

    Two things in the last two years were expensive for me, even though they were “pre-owned”: my Mercedes ML 550 and a Phase One camera system. Both are used in my photography business. Both are high quality. Both have provanance. Both have wonderful technology behind them and amazing history.

  31. Rachel

    Before I had a family I used to spend a lot on nice restaurants and holidays overseas. One highlight was spending close to $1000 (for two) to dine at Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant ‘The Fat Duck’ in the UK which at the time was rated number one in the world. Never regretted it!

  32. Andrew E

    Well, at one time the most expensive thing I ever paid for was ZTL at around $2k or so, and I joined accelerator which was $100 a month. Most people sort of taken aback by that purchase, but they also see it as an investment in myself and my business. The most luxurious spending I have done, which most people call me an idiot for, is that I took my girlfriend to Alinea (an $825 dinner) and when we were in NYC we ate at Momofuku Ko, which was around $650.

  33. Seth

    I’ve spent about $6,000 in online courses and books this year, which for me is a ton.

  34. Melanie

    Your ZTL course… expensive but worth it!

  35. Adam

    Not most expensive, but certainly more in line with the theme of “why would you spend so much on that” purchases that come to mind:

    1) A $400 Yeti Cooler. “Can’t a $40 Igloo do the same thing?” No. “Isn’t a $400 cooler a little ridiculous?” Yes. I still love it.
    2) A $270 GoRuck backpack. Unlike the cooler, yes, other cheaper options can do the same thing. It was a splurge, for ME. I use it 5 days a week at a minimum, I better like it.

    Both of these items should last my lifetime.

  36. Scott

    Besides my house and cars, I splurge on tools. For instance I paid $650 for my miter saw. It was a lot more expensive than other saws, but it’s also a lot better.

  37. Sierra

    Not my biggest purchase but the most I’ve ever paid for lightbulbs…
    $200 for Philips Hue Wireless Lights

    I thought about it for a year before I made the purchase, favorite bulbs ever. No regrets.

  38. Riyas

    The most luxurious thing I did was staying at Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore. It gave me immense pleasure and satisfaction even though I had to spend around 1500+taxes for one night stay just few kilometers from my apartment which I rented for $800 a month. And yea, I agree to the point you mentioned, cut short on unnecessary items and spend on what you like to do. My passion is travel and exploring new places. I covered every attractions of beautiful India. It took me nearly 3 years to completely cover Indian subcontinent ( yea, during vacations from my work, not the whole year ). Now I am targeting the middle east ans South Asian countries ( covered 6 countries already in 2 years ). My dream is to cover 60 countries in next 20 years. When I go to some place, I spend at least 6-8 days there and enjoy the place.

  39. Kathy

    $75,000 for a Lexus SC in 2001 before the market crashed.

  40. Emily

    I was in the market for gold dress shoes for my husband’s 10 year reunion. I walked into the department store and my flight was the next day. I spotted a pair of $35 Jessica Simpsons. The shoe salesman went in the back and came out and announced they had none in my size. So I went to the next price point up. None in my size. Conveniently, they were all out of my size for gold shoes for everything except Michael Kors. I should have walked out and called this salesman’s bluff, but instead I ponied up the $250 and got them. They hurt like heck after an hour or two. I’ve vowed to wear them to any and every special occasion from now until the day they fall apart in order to get my money’s worth. So far, it’s been 6 years. If anyone dares compliment me on them, I will tell them this very story as a cautionary tale. At least they are a conversation piece.

    • May

      I spent over sixteen thousand dollars on a cruise for two. We had a blast and would do it again.

  41. Thomas Andrews

    Bought Soccer Shoes for £750 🙂

  42. Jonathan

    Besides a house ($70k up front, $350k mortgage and 28 years to go) and cars ($15k – $25k), none of which were truly luxury type purchases, the most recent would be a brand new $700 guitar I bought for myself.

    Guitars truly follow the 80/20 rule: you can spend $200 or less to get one that sounds good, plays well, and will last a lifetime as long as you take care of it. The more you spend, the more details you get – the guitar won’t sound significantly different, but the feel, materials, and craftsmanship do go up. Up to this point every guitar I had owned was either used or a gift, and the one given to me was probably a $200 guitar. I love this guitar. Utterly love it. Completely non-essential purchase and paid way more than any other I’ve ever owned. I play it nearly every day. It’s one of those purchases that was truly worth spending the extra money.

  43. brenda

    Wedding dresses we wore once (and eloped in.).and the hotel suite and dinner that night

  44. Jennifer

    My mother and I had planned a trip to New York City together: her first time going, though I’d been several times. I deeply love theatre because she passed her love of it on to me, and am in fact studying to act professionally, so NYC is kind of our Mecca.
    We already had tickets to a couple shows, nothing too pricey, but we had time for one more, and I asked her what she wanted to see. She said “Book of Mormon,” and this is in the first few months after it swept the Tonys so it was by far the hottest ticket on Broadway, and the only seats available were the most expensive ones. But Mom wanted to see it, so I paid the $950 for our two seats and only gulped a little. (At the time I netted about 36K/year)
    It was an incredible experience we will both remember forever, worth so much more than I paid.

  45. Katy

    I bought a big screen TV for $700. It’s beautiful! I can’t really think of many other luxury items that I’ve bought. We don’t really go on vacations or wear expensive clothes…

  46. Kim

    OK, mine is not really a luxury now, but it really was at the time. I was a single mom living with my parents and trying to scrape enough together to get a place for my son and I. So I was seriously cutting corners every way I could including cloth diapering. I finally got us an apartment, but it didn’t have a washer and dryer and I hated the laundromat in our town. Going there every other day to wash stinky diapers was getting old fast. So I bought my first box of disposable diapers and I cannot even describe the luxurious feeling I got when I just took off that first poopy diaper, threw it away and was just done with it. Seriously, things have improved financially since then, but nothing- trips, shoes, cars- has ever compared to that.

  47. DWoods

    By far my most expensive purchase was and is my college education.

    My Bachelor’s degree cost me $30,000+ plus an additional 5 years of repayment.

    My Masters degree is being covered by a third-party but it still costs me 5 years as that was the bartering arrangement.

  48. Vic

    A leather Chloe Paraty handbag marked down for 700 Euro (original retail price twice that). Smoothy yet sturdy leather that has aged beautifully these 5 years and still gives me joy every day I use it. Regrets? I did cry once (at the “but I don’t really deserve it” price tag), and then enjoyed it forever after. Bit like losing your luxury virginity: ouch… AAAAHHH!

  49. LD

    Stayed at a 4.5 star hotel while travelling solo to Langkawi. Total splurge, but I felt safe there, with great and friendly service and access to other amenities.

  50. Daniel

    My friends were shocked when I spent $16 on a beer one night. They were drinking $4 American Lagers. I ordered “Cherry Funk!” from Prairie Artisan Ales. It was amazing. Nearly twice the size of their lagers. Completely delicious. It’s a sour ale aged on cherries. They all tried it, and understood why it was worth the price.

  51. BrianG

    Staying at the Ritz Carlton Maui for over $500/ night for our honeymoon and again 5 years later for our anniversary. The feeling was one of tremendous satisfaction and enjoyment because the value was apparent in every small detail of our stay. Since there was no room for doubt about the level of value being delivered, there was no feeling of resentment at being charged that much and not even any anxiety about spending it, even though it’s a lot of money for us.

    • Jessica

      You know you can stay at the adjacent (walk over) property, which are townhomes on the golf course and use all of the ritz’ facilities and even sign checks to your property room #. We did that and our townhome only ran 150 a night. We spent all day at the ritz pool, spa, and golfing..

  52. Remy

    Hi ramit 😉
    I spent 150K€ on a great flat in Cannes, french riviera. No regrets !

  53. Jen

    I walked into a Gucci store and bought the little black dress and heels that were hanging in the window. It was my first luxury purchase and it was not on sale. On our honeymoon in France my husband took me into Gucci in Cannes and bought me another dress, he now totally gets it. It’s an experience that you can’t understand until you do it. I work as an experience architect and these are exactly the things that we attempt to create, experiences fully based on the customer’s wants, needs, and desires. If any of you starting businesses want to soar be sure to get a grasp on this concept…there are lots of great books out there to help!

  54. Adam Hunsaker

    I have huge feet,not only wide but long! They have been ABNORMAL my whole life. Almost like my body was trying to keep up with how fast they grew and not the other way around. I also grew up with one pair of cheapest shoes possible a year because rationally…I was going to outgrow/destroy them. Multiple surgeries and ingrown toe nails later, stinky fungus feet, calloused, nasty, and utterly disgusted of my own feet. I had some extra money and went for it…$500.00 for shoes!?! My mother was going to kill me, and after his heart attack my father was going to beat my dead corpse!
    Surprise!!! All foot malities absolved, odors subsisted, and those shoes conformed to my feet ONLY the way really expensive shoes can. I learned young, some things (like engagement rings) are worth every penny, plus a tip. I would rather go without than waste money on cheap footwear today.
    I know it is not the mind blower you are looking for but that pair of shoes was the monetary equivalent of 10k shoes to my budget at that time. It seems silly now and I do not ever think twice about the cost of shoes anymore…it seriously never enters the equation.

  55. Kokes

    Two, round-the-world first class ticket for our honeymoon for $30,000 total. This was actually a great value, considering a first class ticket to a single destination is typically about $15,000 per person. It was a great trip with lots of great memories. We are looking forward to repeating this down the road.

  56. Aaron

    Most expensive luxury item I have paid for were Platinum passes to Austin City Limits music festival. $3600 got 3 days of front row or side stage access to all/any shows, air conditioned private open/free bar. All to one of my favorite music festivals in the world. I kept me out of lines, comfortable and inebriated for an entire weekend of phenomenal music.

  57. Priya

    I spent $700 on a pair of boots over 7 years ago and at the time it was an insane luxury. I almost hyperventilated when I bought them, I felt irresponsible, I was anxious, and I LOVED THEM!! I looked at them for over a month before I actually bought them for my birthday.

    I had the money and had never spent like that before in my life.

    7 years later I still have them and I still wear them and they’re still hot!! I still get compliments. So compared to less expensive shoes that would have gone in the garbage multiple times over I still have and love these boots and they were more than worth it!!

  58. Jack

    A lot of my friends thought I was crazy for spending $2400 on a meal for 3 at Masa. What they didn’t understand was that the experience of eating at Masa was like nothing I’ve experienced before. The staff was on a completely different level compared to anywhere else, the sushi was absolutely amazing, getting to see a master sushi chef make the sushi right in front of you, and eating the sushi as soon as it is made is a completely different experience from anywhere else I’ve been. For me, that experience was completely worth the price. Also knowing that I was able to actually splurge and go out like that was a very empowering feeling, it felt like a major life accomplishment.

  59. TopDog

    I bought a pair of 300 dollar jeans. I feel sexy every damn time I wear em

  60. Pat

    The funny thing for me is that I found I simply get less enjoyment out of certain luxury items. For example: travel, all of our trips (esp. overseas) have been done on the cheap. On one trip to Europe, the one night we spend in a luxury hotel was the least enjoyable. We had more memories of the time we went camping and got rained on than that luxury night in an expensive hotel.

    Same with cars, I hate spending time in cars so I don’t want a fancy car.

    So my biggest luxury, is paying for a financial advisor.

  61. Elle

    When food shopping, even on a budget, I have resisted the urge to think that I cannot afford at least one splurge. I remember learning about the importance of valuing yourself and an abundance mindset many years ago. I also love food! So, while my food selections have varied through the years, one primary product that I will spend money on every few years is a good purse – Coach and Michael Kors are my favorites, and I’m aiming for a LV this year 🙂

  62. Eduardo

    The highest I’ve ever paid for something was a month ago, $180 for a pair of Grado headphones.

    They are absolutely worth it, but being a college student, with debts, and barely having enough income, it was a though decision.

  63. Liz278

    Just spent $2,000 on a trip to Dublin, Ireland. Went alone (first time anywhere), and spent four days wandering around the city. Worth every penny, and if I can swing it, I will purchase a plane ticket to a new adventure every year.

  64. Karina

    I spent almost 900 dollars on VIP concert ticket to see Madonna on Stage. Along with airplane ticket to fly there, hotel room, etc. It cost me almost 3,000 dollars for the entire experience to be at the concert. And it was worth it! I had a free bag full of goodies, a pre-dinner all you can eat, easy access, fast lines, and of course, seeing Madonna up close and personal, enough to see the sweat drip down her body. And I’ve got pictures and videos to prove it!

  65. Jairo Levi

    i spent 1000 on an online course, then bought some software from another 1000. It still makes me 500 a month with 1 hour work a month.

    I also spent 900 dollars on a 30 day meal replacement / protein shake just because I was tired of cooking…. I know I could have hired a chef with that money but it seemed like a good idea at the time..

    • Bella

      What wa sthe online course and the software? I wouldn’t mind spending that if it made me $500 a month:). Thanks

    • Jairo

      It was something from Rusell Brunson and his company “Dot Com Secrets”, the software was a Lifetime access to SENuke X, I think I paid 2000 for it… dont remember.

      Anyways, now a days it is not that effective, but still have one site getting some income 🙂


  66. Muhammad

    I would say the most luxurious item that I spent money on was at $175 dollar dinner. Given the experience of eating (our drinks and sampler appetizers came outside while we were waiting to be seated ~ 1hr) to the feeling of having our own personal waiter made me feel appreciated, thought of and cared for. It was then I realized, why I want to shop at expensive stores, buy expensive clothes. It is not the badge, but the brand (and the experience said brand gives).

  67. Chris

    $15k on a sales coach.

    Turned out to be the best investment I ever made. More than doubled my income in less than a year. Was promoted, then later headhunted for an incredible job about 9-months later, work volunteered to start paying for it. New co I’ve joined sends the other managers to similar programs now.

    My only regret is not doing it sooner.

    • Kevin

      Super inspiring, Chris!! Thanks for sharing this!!

  68. Brittney Murray

    Burger looks super delish not going to lie!

    The most expensive thing I’ve ever bought myself was a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps, they were on sale for a little over $900. Original price was almost 3k for those shoes and it was for my wedding so it was justified 🙂 I felt wonderful buying them for myself, sure I couldn’t eat out for awhile but all my friends who own those types of shoes all had them bought for them by guys trying to smash. I got mine on my own with money I made for myself. Very gratifying feeling 🙂

  69. Cathy

    Back in the 80s when I wasn’t making very much money in Social Work, I spent $6,500 two years in a row to participate in an Ontological Design course. It was absolutely one of the best investments I ever made. It transformed my life and shifted my world view. It continues to affect me even today.

  70. Kari

    15 years ago, I paid $500 for a Louis Vuitton handbag when I was going to college and had just had a baby. It was totally impractical but I loved it then and I still have it. It’s in perfect shape. I’ve wasted money on dumb purchases, but I never regretted that one.

  71. Ottoline

    £15,000 on a Birkin handbag, whatever my Mercedes S class cost, and probably £1.6m for a house with an indoor pool and tennis court. The view is immense. The peace is luxury.

  72. jalabi

    There was a “going out of business” sale at an Italian suit maker in mid-town Manhattan, so I went and picked up four Brioni suits at $2000 each. Luckily they had a good payment plan!

    Other than that, I picked up a refurbished 17-inch MacBook Pro for around $1350, which is definitely the most I’ve ever spent on a single laptop computer before. Since they don’t make the 17-inch model any more (curse you, Tim Cook!) I consider it an investment, and I get daily use of it.

    My most recent splurge? Flying cross-country on jetBlue Mint. It was only around $550, but because I’m pretty tall, the chance to lay flat and be able to stretch my legs for once…ahhhhhhhhh. Priceless! I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

  73. Mark W

    My biggest luxury purchase will involve a combination of currencies. A trip for two on Singapore Airlines First Class Suite from SIN to JFK on Valentine’s day 2016. It will be one of the longest Valentine’s day in luxury with champagne, food and a bed in the sky. I’m really looking forward to it. Price tag: 187,000 miles + $675. The difficulty here is affording the 187,000 miles – quite an effort.

  74. Judy

    Recently, I spent $400 on an Apple watch I didn’t need. Very convenient. 😉

  75. Savannah

    Biggest purchase 5,000 on a bunch of nothing 😓

  76. Laurel

    $6,000 Peshawar rug that I bought for $3,000 =)

  77. Jason

    Aside from typical expensive items such as a house, grad school, and wedding, I have splurged on an Omega automatic watch when I finished grad school. It was almost $5K. I wear it every day and have not regretted it once.

  78. Aaron

    My biggest “splurge” was on a work briefcase from Saddleback Leather (~$650). I wanted it for a couple years because I wanted to look like a professional and have a bag that would last forever (Has 100 year warranty and the company’s slogan is “they’ll fight over it when you’re dead.”) I’ve had it for a year and it looks just as good as the day I got it, probably better. It’s extremely functional. I’ve received TONS of compliments on it from strangers to family. The best part is I’ll always have it and it will always look good. No more buying a ~$100 briefcase every year or two.

    • Jason

      I too bought a briefcase from Saddleback leather. It’s amazing. I get compliments all the time. I got the thin briefcase model so it was [only] about $450. Worth every penny.

  79. John

    For my wedding, I decided that I wanted a really nice suit. So I went to all of the designer stores around Maiden Lane in San Francisco. Eventually I ended up paying $2,000 for a navy blue Paul Smith suit that I LOVE. It gets compliments every time I wear it.

  80. Leonard

    2 years ago I bought a pair Cole Haan mens dress shoes for $400.00 for nieces wedding. By far the most expensive shoes I have ever purchased. And I boy did I feel bad. But, I have to say, since then I have had many compliments on these shoes and it does make me feel good to hear this.

  81. Kristina

    Dropped $1,100 in one day with a gourmet meal at Le Bernadin and then front row tickets for Spider-Man for my GF and I. Food was the best I ever had, and the show was garbage, but it was still worth every penny. Because for one day, WE were free.

  82. Eileen

    In 1971 I purchased handmade shoes, 3 inch platforms and 5 inch heels for $70. I had to go in the Bowery of NYC to a 3rd floor walk up store. Supposedly, Ziggy Stardust bought a pair of shoes from the same person. They were outrageous for the time but boy did I get a lot of compliments wearing them to clubs for dancing. I guess that would be equivalent to $440 today with inflation. No one in NJ and the Philadelphia area had these shoes.

  83. Priya

    Since we’re talking about luxury what are your thoughts about $1000 kindling? Remit I would love to hear your thoughts about this!!

  84. Diego

    I typically only buy luxuries items when I’m on vacation because that’s the reason my wife and I work so hard and that we deserve to have an amazing vacation. We’ve love eating and have gone to a michelin rated restaurant in Bangkok. We’ve also splurged on experiences such as spending a day with an elephant and cooking lessons. In Costa Rica we also got a couples massage at one of the nicer spas in the town we were visiting. We also stayed in a legitimate Tree House on the beach and learned how to surf. I’m all for living luxuriously when you are on vacation. Outside of vacation, I consider investments in my personal development and growth as a luxury and love spending my money on this. Probably the greatest “luxury” class I’ve purchased was your own ZTL course. And I absolutely love it so far. Luxury is more a “feeling” than a concrete object. I believe a luxury is anything that makes you feel important after you buy it and something that makes you want to brag about it because not many get to experience this same feeling.

  85. Mike Storey

    I spent $800 on a Kobe steak at Prime in Bellagio last year. This was real Kobe, not Kobe-style, American Waygu or any other imitation. The server told me Prime was lucky to even get real Kobe. I’ll probably never see it again, but it was the best damn steak I’ve ever had by a wide margin.

  86. Ravi Raman

    I dropped $30,000 on my honeymoon 2 years ago.

    U got that right, THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS for just 2 people!

    We spend 15 amazing days in one of the most expensive places in the world, the islands of French Polynesia (Tahiti, Morea, Bora Bora). My wife and I stayed in over the water villas, had room service, went on excursions and lived the dream.

    It was amazing!

    I have since left my very well paying job (where I was making well into the six-figures per year) to travel the world for 18 months (just wrapped up the travel).

    Some days I reflect back on that honeymoon experience and wonder if it is worth it, as I see my savings dwindle as I spent a lot on the 1.5 years of travel with my wife, and am now spending even more building my own coaching business.

    Was it worth it?


    Know what you enjoy, and go after it lavishly. Cut spending ruthlessly on everything else. Work hard doing what you do. Enjoy life.


  87. Prasanna

    I recently bought a computer speaker (Swam M10) worth $200 ( after spending a full day analyzing the pros and cons and reviews ). Previously, I never went beyond 30$ and kept thinking …$200 or $400 for a set of speakers…that s crazy…. now,….I really feel good. It is gonna be delivered soon next week.

  88. Alex L

    I’m a pilot and often will fly distances which cost $300-400 just to get lunch and fly back. Why? Because flying is fun and I love it so much. I’m so happy to spend money to be up in the sky.

  89. Kita

    Currently paying $200/mo for a “bootcamp” gym type membership — not quite personal trainer….but more personal and accountable than my $60/mo YMCA membership.

    Also got a top tier pool suite 4 day / 3 night stay coming up for 5th year anniversary….a little over $500/night

  90. Andrea

    My husband and I love good food. We seldom eat red meat, but we both dearly love a good steak every now and then. There is a local butcher that sells the best filet mignon in town. It’s $35 a pound and worth every penny. A few years ago I would have said it was crazy to pay that much for a steak. Today, it’s an occasional indulgence we thoroughly enjoy.

  91. Adolf

    $3000.00 on an espresso machine.

  92. Todd

    Funny, I never really thought about this either… and ironically, both of my answers involve Las Vegas. I guess something about that city brings out the spender in me 😉

    For myself: On the flight back home after a trip to Vegas in 2014, I purchased a Montblanc StarWalker Carbon Ballpoint pen for 495 Euros duty free… or roughly $550… for a writing instrument. 🙂 That was after I won $4000+ in Vegas, so I didn’t feel guilty in the slightest… and now I bring that pen with me anytime I travel or go to important meetings, and it’s a cool conversation starter, too. Gotta love guilt-free spending.

    For others: On a different trip to Vegas (in 2013), I picked up the bar tab for bottle service at a nightclub after a wedding… think it only set me back $2000 but that night was a wee bit hazy so don’t recall exactly… my wife gave me an earful on the way home too since that was after some hefty losses that weekend, but I wouldn’t trade what memories I do have for the cash spent, so again guilt-free spending. 🙂

    Honorable mention: when we relocated to India earlier this year, we paid $400 for 6 hours in the Four Seasons Mumbai during a layover… just so we’d have a nice place to take a shower and take a nap before our connecting flight…

  93. Andy

    Luxury item – $250 Sunglasses (these see everyday use)

    Luxury Experience – $12,000 1/2 year South America vacation with maid service.

    This was possible because I had surplus value in the form of currency. Having reasonable spending habits and access to economic opportunities can pay wild dividends.

  94. Isaac

    for my 25th birthday I flew to miami to watch my first NBA game. That was when lebron was still with the heat and they were playing against cleveland. that was the first time I’d ever rented an ‘exotic’ car .. I rented a 2012 BMW 650i convertible. That car was fast!!! and it definitely turned heads. Also on that trip I happened to meet a nice lady and ended up having a date… I needed an outfit for that date and I went to Nordstroms.. (I didnt know the difference between nordstroms and macys back then) but I learned that night… lol I ended up buying a pair of Prada loafers for $500, jeans for $90, and a sweater for $120. I had never before spent more then $100 on shoes. I felt shocked but also curious as to what do the people do that can afford such lifestyle on a regular basis?? I once was like how you said… thinking such prices are ridiculous… but I slowly realized that some people make 100k a yr, others 100k a month, some 100k per week, and a few 100k per day… and there are still a few select people that would jump off a bridge if they only made 100k a day.. so I learned that when you make that much.. suddenly $500 for shoes is laughable. to the man that makes $13 million annually a Lamborghini is two weeks worth of his income. so I’ve learned that luxury is NOT something stupid or something to be envious of.. it is a ‘reward’ or a pleasure that can be enjoyed as long as you can afford it.

  95. Heidi

    A truffle. $100 for this teeny, tiny, perfect little nugget of heaven. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone about it, but we used it very well for a couple of very perfect meals! It was wonderful. And expensive.

  96. Queen

    A $ 3400 business class return ticket to india

  97. infmom

    Last year I spent $500 on a refurbished MacBook Air on eBay. And I had to think about it for a long time before I spent That Much Money on something I merely wanted and did not need.

    It was worth it. But I’m sure not spending that kind of money on anything else any time soon.

  98. Marc Melkie

    obviously not including cars (including a 911 carrera S) and house would be Omega speedmaster and multiple trips to Europe for the family. Also a $4k investment class for lifelong wealth mentors and of course Ramit’s ZTL 🙂

  99. Ritu

    I spent $600 on a leather jacket once. It was worth it and I still grin when I wear it.

  100. Patti

    I spent almost $2,000 on a golf game. I paid for the cost of playing, a caddy, the dinner after and one night in the spa/resort hotel. It was worth every penny. I learned that when I actually have the money to spend, my bills are taken care of and something put away for emergency cushion, I have an amazing guilt-free experience spending money. It wasn’t the most expensive…but it was the first one and it allowed me to understand a different way of thinking and a new life.

  101. Elizabeth

    I spent over $10,000 on a week in Las Vegas, and didn’t gamble once.


    My (now ex-) husband is from England. After we got married, we had to move in with my parents while we waited for his green card/permission to work paperwork came through because he couldn’t work and I was fresh out of college. I started working two jobs to save up to move into an apartment and have six months of expenses so we could move out on our own once he got a job.

    Then, I got a $10,000/year promotion. His green card came through very quickly and he soon landed at $30k/year job as well.

    We were now apartment hunting while working two jobs that totaled over $70k/year.

    Suddenly, the six months expenses I’d saved up doubled into a year’s savings.

    We found the perfect apartment that wasn’t going to be ready for another six months, so we kept saving.

    Then, we decided to celebrate everything — our marriage, our new apartment, my graduation, our new jobs — right before moving into our apartment, so we splashed out on a fantasy Vegas vacation.

    Honeymoon suite at a five-star hotel? Yep.

    First class tickets? Yep.

    Meals at celebrity chef restaurants every night? Yep.

    Cabana rentals at the hotel pool? Yep.

    We splashed out on bottle service at clubs, anniversary presents for each other (he bought me earrings from Tiffany’s; I bought him a carry on bag from Marc Jacobs), front row tickets for Penn & Teller and tickets for a small-venue show Sarah Silverman did, had massages and facials at the spa, I got a haircut at some posh, celebrity salon, and we took a town car around town.

    It was the most fun I’ve ever had, before or since, and a great way to have one last hurrah before moving out of my parents’ house.

    People said to us “$10,000 for a vacation? That’s half the down-payment on a house! Are you crazy?”

    And I have always said “It was the best money I ever spent!”

    Now, as I started the post, he and I are now divorced, but neither of us regret that vacation. We both had so much fun, felt so relaxed and relieved, that even writing about it now puts a smile on my face. We were both young and not ready to buy a home–with him a UK citizen and me a US citizen, we had plenty of places we might want to live, and the plan was after he had his US citizenship to move to the UK to get my citizenship there, because then all of the EU would be open for us to live and work! We weren’t ready to be tied to one country, let alone one house! And, now that we’re divorced, I’m even happier that we didn’t invest the money in a home our stocks or some other asset to fight over in court.

    So yeah, it seems totally extravagant, but I wouldn’t go back in time and change a thing about that trip! It was $10,000 really well spent!

  102. Solomon

    As you mentioned, Ramit, luxury is in the eyes of the beholder. That $5 In-N-Out burger could be considered luxury to many. I bought a new Honda CR-V without a loan, that’s pretty damn luxurious. I have a house that had an $80k down payment. Engagement ring set me back few thousand for my wife. Obviously, those are longer term investments, but still can be considered luxury.

    As to every day things, most of my luxurious spending does go into meals. Paying couple hundred per head at a 5-star Sheraton for my dad’s 70th birthday. Hurts at the time in my head and wallet, but I’d do it again without a second thought.

  103. Keith

    When my wife and I got married, we skipped the wedding (just went to the courthouse, cost us $35), but then blew $20k on the honeymoon. We’re talking two weeks in the carribean with a butler, first class airfare, the works. Only way we could have spent more would have been to charter a private plane and rented out an entire island… and it was TOTALLY worth it. It was a trip we’ll never forget.

    Other than that, yeah, the down payment on the house was more, and the total cost of each of the cars over time, but that’s really it.

  104. Franz

    Recently bought a $1,250.00 fountain pen.

    I know that I’ll be paying for it for a while but I think it was worth it.

    I collect fountain pens and I couldn’t pass this one up. It was made by one of the well-respected, and knowledgeable people in the industry, the pen model was a one-of-its-kind production, and I love the color.

  105. Angela

    I spent $120 on a dress which really isn’t that much money (significantly less than my high school prom dresses). However, the dress fits me like a glove and I felt like a model the moment I put it on. Considering I was only hoping to spend $50 or less, it was a splurge. The same with an $80 dress I found while hoping to spend less than $30.

    I also love spending on myself for vacations. While I don’t think it would put me in the “luxury” categories, saving for a week long vacation and paying it all up for feels so great.

    My boyfriend and I recently treated ourselves to a $200 dinner, which was crazy to us. But we ordered everything we wanted and it was the best dinner we’ve ever had.

    I’m also not a big wine drinker, and paid $50 for a bottle or organic syrah. Again, nothing that should scream “LUXURY,” but these purchases have all been worthwhile expenses more than I budgeted for.

  106. Paris

    My grad school. Haha! But … in terms of luxury items, I spend several hundred ($200-$400) on boots, but I shop around, buy high quality, wear them for YEARS, and love them.

    I also spent $400 on a meal for two once. It was a chef’s tasting menu with wine pairings. It was GLORIOUS.

  107. Laura

    Ramit, I was brought up with parents who each represented opposite sides of the mentality you describe in this post.

    My father was very much a “if it matters to you, buy the highest quality you can afford, and enjoy the hell out of it” whereas my mother doesn’t seem to have a premeditated spending philosophy, which results in her making a lot of what I would consider to be junk purchases- stuff that’s bought on sale because it’s on sale, and ends up in the bin for garbage or donation sooner rather than later.

    There is also a sense of shaming from her where if you spend what she thinks is “too much” on an item, or if you prefer a certain name brand and make that preference known, that you are materialistic/snobby/what have you. The only area she isn’t like this, for whatever reason, is when it comes to home goods such as furniture or rugs.

    I definitely adopted my father’s philosophy on spending rather than my mother’s, and the benefits of it are exactly as you describe in this blog. Not making a ton of money yet as I am just out of college but here are the luxury investments I have made so far:
    -Burberry watch ($500+ original price tag, I paid $300, has held up beautifully and everyone compliments me on it. Sapphire crystal face is completely scratch free)
    -Apple computer, $2000.00. Everyone pointed out I could have gotten another brand for $600.00. My first apple I got when I was 18 and it worked like a charm for 6 years until I sadly spilled a glass of water all over it and ruined it. It would probably still be going if not for that. I purchased another Apple and have had no issues. It’s worth every cent. My friends who purchased cheaper brands are now on their 3rd, 4th, or 5th computers and many of them lost work as a result of their machines crashing.
    -Leather Coach purse, purchased on sale for $225 not sure of retail price. Looks brand new after 2 years of wear, every person compliments it.
    -Nicer skincare, makeup brands of various types which have really improved my skin tone and appearance

    My next “luxury” purchase will probably be a high quality wool winter coat that will last for years, and/or a really amazing pair of boots. I live in a very cold climate so this will be 100% worth it as it will be something I wear daily for 4-6 months of every year.

    I’m also grateful that my parents invested in amazing quality mahogany furniture for dining room, which looks amazing though it was purchased in 1996 at the cost of nearly $20,000.00. I will inherit this one day 😛

  108. Mike

    As far as luxury goes, I spent 3000 dollars for a guitar, amp and cabinet. Well worth it though since been playing everyday for the past 3 years. The gear is high quality to so I spend less time doing repairs then on the cheaper gear you can buy and more time enjoying the crushing guitar tones I can produce.

  109. Susan

    Our rescue dog had a lot of behavioral quirks when we brought him home. We bought different training toys, special collars/leashes, therapeutic shirts, and 6 obedience classes before shelling out for a private dog trainer. He was our last hope. This trainer had different packages ranging from hourly training for moderate cases ($) to a week of living with the trainer for severe cases ($$$). We were ready and willing to pay for a week of boarding but our dog’s issues weren’t as severe as we thought. It was like a Christmas miracle watching our dog respond to the training. It was the best money we ever spent.

  110. Donald

    $1100 on a Palladium plated pocket watch – so few people wear pocket watches that it’s notable in its own right – and then when you hold it – it’s almost double the weight you expect. Add in the custom exposed gearing inside and the unique faceplate … yeah, I was “invested” in getting a sweet timepiece.

    Again – it’s “expensive” but so unique that the price was right (luxury) – compared to a Rolex which is costly so you can ‘flaunt’ it (just plain expensive with a ‘blush’ of luxury about it)…

    Then again ‘lux’ is a personal thing 😉

  111. Jarret

    I love luxury. Love it. Extra charge to get a room with a Butler. I’m in. Extra $500 for a Cabana by the pool, or ocean, Done. Kids want bacon on their Subway sammich, even though the lady behind the counter told me TWICE it was extra. Yes, you cheap frugal no-fun having soul suck, my son is getting bacon – he’d get filet and lobster if you had it.

  112. Ashley Ching

    A $2,000 airplane ticket to East Africa during wildebeest migration season!

  113. Ashley Marie

    I would try that burger, out of sheer curiousity!
    Theist expensive things I’ve ever bought were my Louboutins, which were almost a grand (and half of two months pay check at the time)
    I always wanted a pair, but now that I’m building my own business…it sounds silly but I wear them for everything I do that’s work-related.
    They really get me in the mindset of being powerful and in control, like a boss, I suppose 🙂
    I do adore luxury though and will opt for more quality goods and services when I can afford them.
    I really believe that you get what you pay for.

  114. RP

    What comes to mind isn’t the most expensive thing I’ve ever purchased, but the biggest stretch for what it was. A John Varvatos jacket – $1700…I saw it in a store window, went in, tried it on and fell in love with everything but the pricetag – I didn’t buy it, but couldn’t stop thinking about it. When the opportunity to buy it presented itself again a YEAR later, I had no choice. No regrets.

  115. Morag

    My teacher’s pension works out at about $20 a day, but I recently spent £2,000 on a painting. I love it & it completes a room that never quite felt right in our small house… not only that, it’s an investment for my kids! It makes my life richer by far.

  116. Ron Maddox

    Aside from car and home, which most of us have, last year, I spent $9K on an original piece of art (sculpture). It brings an amazing energy to my home and to my life. Have since then purchased another piece of original sculpture for $8K. I’ve become an art collector! Who knew?

  117. Prescott Paulin

    $10,000 for a ticket to 10XEmpire in NYC to learn about strategic branding with Brendon Burchard. Definitely an interesting event, but not worth the price tag. Could have read Blue Ocean Strategy and got more value than from his content. (MY take home material had a bunch of fill in the blanks, and the training left a lot of them unfilled so I was never able to fully apply the material in our business. They offered zero support afterwards.) But I did make one priceless connection from it who I still keep in touch with regarding business, and ended my relationship with buying anything from Burchard ever again.

  118. Phillip Hullquist

    For my 30th birthday last year, I took a trip to Spain and rented the top floor of a Parador (castle). I think it cost about $500 for the night, but I felt like a King in his castle.

  119. Sunni Almond

    I spend on Pilates apparatus, I’m a total Pilates nerd and need the all Gratz, it’s pricey and I’d go hungry for it. I also spend on my dogs, they get holistic human grade top of the line dog food, toys and treats.
    I spent several thousand dollars on a couch, so my husband would sit downstairs with me instead of camping out upstairs on the bed. He has a bad back and hip. Surgery helped the back…I spend on great, healthy, organic food and supplements, I’m worth it.

  120. Maryline

    It was expensive for me. A facial in London UK at Claridges Hotel. It was amazing! and yes, I would do it again.

  121. Sunni Almond

    OH, and I just cringed as I spent $492 on a paperback book, more costly than 5 Pilates lessons or a Pilates masterclass workshop. TOTALLY worth it, and I got the author to mail me a sticker of her autograph, so I could put it inside. Came with a note card and her signature and a sticker ;)))

  122. Heather

    After my education and car, the two most expensive things I have paid for are a $3000 vacation and a $700 winter coat.

  123. Orgene Cpwe;;

    A $1200.00 Louis Vuitton hand bag.

  124. Karen

    Earlier this year my husband and I went to Las Vegas for a getaway night (and to use up some plane tix before they expired) and managed to get in to L’Atelier De Joel Robuchon at the last minute for their tasting menu. About 4 very large courses into the meal – with several more lined up – we realized two things: 1) the portions were very large and heavy and we were already full, and 2) we don’t really like French food. We wound up cutting it off after the 5th plate and explaining and apologizing to the staff and the chef that while the food was wonderful, we were full and we didn’t want the kitchen to waste anymore resources on food we couldn’t eat. They adjusted our bill, but it still wound up being almost $400 for a tasting menu we didn’t even come close to finishing. It wasn’t the most I’d ever spent on anything, but it was a luxury that I could pay for it and not think twice about it.

  125. Himanshu Mirani

    When I spent on my ATLS course which cost me a good 150 00 INR when I was nt earning much..

  126. Matt

    The most expensive single item I’ve paid for (aside from condo and car) is my trip to Croatia this past year – cost about $5K for everything and I went all out for 2 weeks for pampering, exploring, and loving every second. I came back refreshed and ready to go back to work instead of feeling like my vacation was just too short.

    However, overall I’d say the most expensive thing in the long term is sushi dinner. Once or twice a month my girlfriend and I go to our favorite restaurant and spend at least $100/meal. We go so often that the sushi chef made a roll and named it after us. We love it! It’s become “our restaurant,” it’s the one place we go and don’t feel bad what-so-ever spending that money. We budget for these meals and cook at home more often instead of eating tons of $10 meals that we don’t enjoy.

  127. Christina McPants

    I spent $3,000 on my wedding dress, which is the largest single purchase I’ve ever made. I loved it so much, and I looked amazing in it, but I still have lingering guilt about how much I spent on it.

  128. Edgar

    Ok so maybe I spend a little to much on things . Last year we took a 24 day driving vacation and spent over $10,000.00 i did not consider this a luxury, but maybe it is to some people. What I spent $1800.00 on this year was an Apple watch this. I would consider a luxury. Do I need it know? No but it is a very nice toy and tells good time.
    I think all our definitions of a luxury are different.

  129. Tyler Hebert

    Spent $2,500 on a Universal Audio Apollo Interface (for recording music professionally). So far so good and hopefully will not need an upgrade for years to come.

  130. Jovanni

    When I upgraded my DSLR camera + a lens and tripod about $5,000

  131. Jill

    I spent $12,000 on a set of Alexandrite and diamond earrings and necklace. It feels amazing to wear jewelry that was reserved for Russian Czars.
    When I wear it I feel like I have an amazing secret, because no one know what the stone is or that it’s the rarest/most expensive gem on the planet. They have no clue what they are looking at. But I know and so I don’t have to flaunt it. It just makes me feel powerful and important when o wear them. I always wear them when I have a big presentation to give.
    I hope that they become a family heirloom.

  132. StuartB

    Refurbished 2012 Macbook Pro, $2200. Worth it, will last another 2-3 years under Apple Care until the new model specs have risen enough to make upgrading worth it.

    Another item I could add: my 2007 Honda Accord, purchased used in 2013. Everyone was telling me to just buy a $2000 junker car, but I had to make a quick decision over a weekend, and with no regrets chose to get a car loan and a better car than an unknown from some guy off of craigslist.

  133. Caitlin

    The most expensive thing I ever paid for was a trip across country on the Amtrak. Not the most pleasant riding experience I ever had, but the memories I made are irreplaceable!

  134. Andrea

    Spent $4000 on a bag, and sold it about 4 years later when I lost my job and my savings was depleted.

  135. Jeff

    While designing the functional aspects of an interior space on a high end vehicle, Italian style designers at Pininfarina were preparing related renderings for marketing purposes. Expecting it to be unlikely that I will ever have this vehicle or perhaps be invited inside, I saw that they offered a writing implement like a pen that requires no ink and writes like a pencil. This stylish goodie cost about $120 but sure looks and feels cool.

  136. Nathan Gosey

    I spent a total of $800 on two pairs of Oakley glasses, they made me feel like a Rockstar while allowing my eyes to almost win a stare down with a solar eclipse. They were gone in months, but I don’t regret owning them – even when I put on my $8 ebay glasses.

  137. Ellot

    I think this is a thoughtful post. Why? I think Ramit is suggesting something, if you always act frugally you won’t be able to ask for money, as in your business. Think about it, if you act like a curmudgeon all the time, asking for a high amount of money would seem unfair somehow cause you know you would never pay like that. Paying for something expensive lifts you in another realm.
    Anyway what have I payed for the most recently? Ramit’s course, of course!

  138. Matt

    Bought an Audi. Could’ve bought a Honda Fit. Don’t regret the Audi.

    Spent $25k on our honeymoon. Don’t regret it. Would do the trip again if able.

    Spent $450 on a belt because it was made out of centuries old Russian reindeer. Then spent $750 on a matching passport wallet. I regret these. At the time I had poker winnings burning a hole in my pocket Should’ve held on to the cash.

  139. Leandro Bortolotto

    I always do it with chocolate. I know that this is not so expensive, but the chocolates I use to buy are at least 3x more expensive than other options.

  140. Angela

    Thank you for your newsletter and for creating your community.
    All my life, I had dreamed of riding in a gondola in Venice. But I assumed only very special, very beautiful people ever got to do something so marvelous. And then a few years ago, my precious husband booked us a trip to Venice, Italy. It was pure magic, every second of it! Our traveling companions scoffed at spending extra money for a gondola ride, but my husband didn’t bat an eye. We had an extraordinary, beautiful ride in a gondola. I still get goose bumps when I think about it. We don’t regret a single penny of that trip.

  141. Zoe

    I spent the most expensive stuff was my house and all the furnitures! I LOVE it, I look at them every single day and they made me so happy!

  142. Peter

    Most in a single purchase has to go to a Bespoke blazer at $2200 (blazer, no pants!) beautifully constructed.

  143. Mel

    Hundreds on ingredients – to learn how to cook & to throw dinner parties! Other purchases with a higher dollar value would be e-courses; coaching; booking x2 air tickets for the same day as I had to leave a place for visa reasons but hadn’t decided where to go next … and most recently about $2K on a week-long trip to Melbourne, just ‘cos. 🙂

    In terms of what I consider expensive though, I think it’s anything that’s a waste of money … e.g. yesterday’s $5 run to the coffee store in the afternoon which led to a headache and stomachache.

  144. Sung

    For this past summer, I went to Kenya to train with world-class runners. I paid regular airplane ticket and didn’t spend much money during the time, but this was in exchange of potential internships that could pay me a lot more $$$ and a lead to a job after graduation. I still remember, on my way to Kenya in the plane, thinking, ‘WTF am I doing? I am going nuts over here.”

    However, now I am back, I am ever so glad that I took the leap. I learned about culture that I never knew of, became friends and ran with Kenyan’s women national marathon team members when they were training for IAAF World Championships in Beijing, made great friends, and learned what it means to run with my heart and whole body.

  145. Shayna

    I can’t even remember what my largest single purchase was. I just know that my biggest chunk of spending tends to go to travel. I tend to have simple tastes and don’t seek out luxury experiences. However, I have upgraded my accommodations from couchsurfing and hostels to AirBNB and hotels.

    The most money I’ve spent at one time might actually be a business expense – $2500 annually, on premium wordpress hosting. Not very sexy, but essential to my online business (I love my web host and don’t regret at all upgrading from the unreliable hosting I’d been on before).

    It’s really fascinating to read the comments and see everyone’s vastly different priorities for indulging in luxury!

  146. Sarah

    After owning nothing but crappy cars all my life, when I turned 30 I went out and bought myself the car I wanted to have for years in the exact color I wanted at the trim level I wanted so I could have all the bells and whistles. I wanted that car for years but I never thought I could have because I didn’t believe I was “worth it.”

    I’m really glad I decided to upgrade and go for it anyway. Buying that car was the catalyst for a lot of positive changes I made in life. I hired a life coach and am currently working at my dream job, spending more time with my kids and living the kind of life I want to live.

    Spending money on things and experiences that we love and bring us joy is a good thing. Life is too short not to enjoy it.

  147. Pat

    I bought a 800$ Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro. I had many other guitars that could do a lot, but none worth more than 100$(which didn’t matter to me then, but it goes to show that when you splurge on Something good, generally you get what you pay for). Bought it as a birthday gift to myself last year, and haven’t played any other guitar much since. It might sound silly, but the fact that it is of such good quality can be heard in my playing as it really made me better at guitar. I thought it was luxury, but it turned out to be a needed an upgrade.

    I do believe it to be frequent, people not even knowing what they are missing and stopping at the price tag…

  148. Leonardo Moreno

    I bought a $1400 bow for playing my violin and I’m not a professional musician. Never regreted it and I enjoy it every time I play.

    • Peter

      Love this reply!

  149. Jamie Li

    $850 for some air Jordan 1’s that I will never wear. Felt amazing when buying it.

  150. Zach

    My first purchase after working a sales job out of school was a $5,000 engagement ring. Paid cash it felt great. Still think about it some days.

  151. Michael

    Senior year of college I received advice to buy the best suit I could (or couldnt) afford for job interviewing. I paid $800 for a Hugo Boss super 150 wool suit that I didn’t pay off until after I started working. I still have that suit and over 10 years later it still looks great.

  152. Michael

    I guess that Hugo Boss suit wasn’t my most expensive purchase, but it was the most expensive considering I had $0 to my name when I bought it.

    My most expensive purchase is a BMW Z4 that I only drive once a week. I already have a car that I drive the other 6 days a week. It feels good to have heads turn every time I take her out for a spin. Topless of course. Wind in my face, not a care in the world.

  153. Linda

    I knew you were gonna say the hamburger was in New York! I was there 10 years ago and paid 30 USD bucks for a simple hamburger and 5 dollars for a tiny V8. Plus there was a sharing charge! It wasn’t even that good!

    The most I ever paid was $5000 for a brand new digital camera when they were just making their debut. (Way,way back) The quality was amazing for its time …you could even see individual raindrops in the pictures. I loved it.

  154. Jon Orozco

    I spent $43,000 on a brand new Nissan Maxima with everything premium and every add-on possible, double the price of my previous car – I LOVE my Maxima.

  155. Leander

    Barring my mortgage and my college education, the thing I spend the most on is my martial arts training…Tournaments and extra seminars included, I’ll usually hit about 2K per year.

  156. Jairo Levi

    Silly question, what do you do to make your picture appear in the comments?


  157. Shay

    My husband and I went on an Alaskan cruise and decided to get the balcony suite room. It wasn’t the most expensive (those were already booked) but it was a premium room. It was a quiet view in the corner front of the ship. Fantastic. I don’t regret it, as we had a fantastic time. My husband unexpectedly died the following year. Makes me wish now we had sprung for the helicopter ride too.
    You can almost always make money, but you can’t always make memories.

  158. Steve O

    You people make me feel poor. My biggest purchase was $1000 for a non-Mac laptop.

  159. Saurabh

    I bought a $240 leather jacket. It had no collars. It was a really beautiful design. Always made the heads turn. Was the most expensive thing I ever bought. Of course when I turned vegan, I gave it away, but man was it slick!

    I also bought a new Toyota Prius. It was quite expensive for me at that time. I could have easily bought a Corolla or a Civic, but I felt that now that I am making money, I should spend it in a way in which I want the world to move. I never regretted that decision. It was just amazing getting into that car each and every single time. Every single time I used it, for the 5 years I had it, I felt – Yeah! That’s cool!

  160. Walter

    I just spent 855 on a 7 course dinner with my fiancee. It’s not US$ but the earning power here in Malaysia is pretty much the same as in US so it really feels like 855. It was the most amazing experience ever and I’m definitely gonna earn more experiences like this!

    P.s. I blame Ramit for making me this crazy (and opening my eyes to a “new” world while he’s at it).

  161. Kate

    I spent $1600 for a 2 night stay in a bed and breakfast after my wedding. The bed and breakfast was a 100+ year old castle. We stayed in the honeymoon suite, of course. The most extravagant part is that our house was 2 miles away and we stayed 2 nights! I wanted to stay somewhere special the night after my wedding. Just going home did not seem quite right. We were not leaving for our honeymoon right away. I did not want to have to get up and check out the morning after my wedding so I booked the extra night. It probably wasn’t worth it because we got up the next morning and ended up going home anyway.

  162. HPasha

    ZTL course and Shadow coaching (15 sessions @ $300/ session)

  163. JohnE

    Not the most expensive item, but in terms of how many times more I would normally spend, I would say a bottle of whiskey that I got in the duty-free store at Heathrow. It was 11am and a guy offered me a whiskey tasting and I just want to do it and then say, sure give me the 125 pound bottle. And it feels great when I have friends over and I offer them the expensive whiskey, I don’t just hoard it to myself.
    On a related note, there is a whiskey bar in my home town and some of the menu items are like $800 a shot, and I always get in an argument with whoever I’m there with about whether we would ever order something like that. I always say ‘yes’. I could afford it. It would be a massive waste of money, yada, yada, yada. But one time I want to know what it feels like to order an $800 shot of whiskey. Who’s with me?

  164. Jerry

    The biggest stretch that I have done recently was to sign up for a $30,000 annual mentorship program and a $90,000 vehicle.

  165. Pedro

    $1450 on a 13″ MacBook Pro, early-2015 model. I do believe that quality is cheap on the long run, but that one felt kinda like a splurge at the time, and still feels a bit. Anyway, totally worth it.

  166. AMY

    I spent $2500 on a new bicycle after successfully divorcing my husband! To me it is a symbol of my new found strength, and determination, and a reminder that I don’t ever have to live that way again. Bicycling is also great therapy!

  167. Jim

    I spent $17,000 on a paving my driveway. It’s over 170 yards long so the cost added up fast but it’s pretty nice.

  168. Jared

    Paid $25k for flying lessons to get my private pilot & IFR rating. It was such a luxury because I have no use for it & no plans to “go pro”. Just did it for fun & the feeling of accomplishment.

  169. Amy

    Not necessarily “expensive” but definitely luxurious. I had just finished paying off about 30K in credit cards, and my 10K car note. Woohoo, debt free! (minus student loans) I really enjoy knitting, so I went to a big knitting convention near my house and bought hand-spun hand-dyed sock yarn to make a gift for my sister, and one pair for myself. The yarn was $70. Normally would never spend anywhere near that for yarn! Do you know how many pairs of socks you can buy at Walmart for $70?? Huge splurge, especially after budgeting hardcore and working 2 jobs to pay off all that debt. It’s too bad you can’t post pictures, because the socks turned out AMAZING, and my sister loves them! Worth every cent!

  170. Nathaniel

    I once spent $65 on a set of some leaves and a common citrus fruit with little taste, little pulp and a mild smell. In fact, I also bought a set for my son, so I spent $130 on two fruits and several leaves.


    These items were important to us in order to observe a religious holiday.

  171. Steven

    An outfit to go clubbing in, totaling around $1400 with the shirt, jeans, sunglasses, and shoes.

  172. malaika

    nearly $2000 on a Bianchi with Ostrich leather seat and custom everything, while on a student budget. Four years later, it continues to turn heads in the street, every single time I ride it.

  173. Matt

    We bought our house 3 years ago. It’s stretched us to the limit but has everything we ever need. We no longer need to think about moving ever again.

  174. Suman

    I actually spent over £400 on a photo shoot for my younger sisters 18th Birthday! I normally stick to a £50-£100 budget for big birthdays, bearing in mind I have 4 other siblings…! This was insane at the time for most but I thought it was worth it 🙂 to have a timeless bunch of photos for my beautiful sister to reminisce on one day in the future – why not, that’s what big sisters are for <3

  175. moi

    I spent 1500$ for a 4-day trip back to my home in Europe, while working in Japan for 3 months.
    They wouldn’t allow me more days to leave, but I WANTED to go back see my family & friends, even with jetlag and a ridiculous short time there. It was worth it.

  176. Sara

    I spent 2,000$ for a two years english course.

  177. Lavonne

    I purchased a $1,000 refrigerator because I really wanted one where the freeze was on one side and the ref section on the other side with water and ice dispenser on the front and it was silver, as opposed to a typical small white or black fridge with freezer on top and refrigerator on bottom that would have cost $500.

    $200 pair of boots.

    $2,500 on a vacation to Florida for myself, husband and two children.

  178. Nigel Chua

    Hmm, I’m not sure – ever since I embarked on a boot-strapping role of entrepreneurship, I have problems spending money on luxuries…but as my business and investments grew, my perception on money changed.

    I used to “go cheap” – used to be very cautious with my money – spent max $4 dollars for lunch, even if we go out to restaurants, no appetizers, and no taxi no matter what.

    ….after growing my business and profits, I started to be more sticky with my time and experience, and where I can afford it, I just enjoy it.

    $20 for taxi, 10 times per week? No problem.
    $500 dinner? No problem.
    Wife wanna buy the third baby carrier (it’s a bag to carry babies) – No problem.
    Wanted to buy an investment property in Australia? No problem (it was more the hassles of paperwork that was irritating than spending the money)
    Wanted to take a 24 days trip to Europe? Sure.
    Wanna buy something just to try it? As long it’s within my reach, my curiosity wins.

    But it’s always in the back of my mind, my “absolute limit” (after all, I can’t spend more than what I make/have). Another criteria is that whatever is bought, MUST be consumed/used – no buying of white elephants.

    I spend thousands of dollars on courses without batting an eyelid (Ramit, one of them is yours and I’ve a couple of your courses), just paid $2K to learn another skill in another course.

    However, are these even considered “luxuries”? I find it not really a problem to spend money on “skill-upgrading courses”, “assets that make me more money” and of course, the travels and food.

    I find that it’s more the experience (within the limit of course) that matters more and more as time goes by.

    • Nigel Chua

      Oh I know another 3 business luxuries!

      I’m getting a COO in to help me handle my operational matters.
      I’m getting a marketing person to help me with marketing matters.
      I’m getting PR agencies to help me with PR matters.

      Used to do everything myself, but now have a bit more leeway to outsource and delegate more =D

  179. H. Davis

    Most expensive luxury item was a $2500 60″ tv. At the time it was top of the line, now the same size/model goes for under $1200…

  180. Andrea

    Let’s see, a few years ago, I paid $600 for a barley used brown leather sofa with recliners on both ends. It has survived 2 moves and is the most comfortable couch to relax on. I am proud to have it in my living room with fun artwork.

  181. Antoine Ribordy

    I spent over $4000 on a home cinema amplifier and almost the same amount on a DVD player 15 years ago. I was a student at the time so it was really a lot for me.

    By the way, I still use both today and they are working like a charm…

    No regrets there, but it was definitely a bit crazy at the time.

  182. Gerardo

    Two things even though I don’t get to use them much.

    1) Porsche 911 – getting to drive my car as fast as possible on a professional race track with an instructor for 3 days straight. My cheeks and jaw hurt from smiling so much, and it’s all legal.

    2) Home theater – being able to watch just about any thing in a nice / comfortable / safe home theatre whenever I have time is awesome. Like movies but don’t make time for them and hate that they only play at certain times. With a home theatre I can watch whenever I want and be able to pause the show. Also don’t get sticky shoe bottoms.

  183. Sam

    I spent $4000 on a vacation to the Dominican Republic to be a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding. It was hard to let the money go, as I don’t earn a salary that affords $4000 vacations twice a year, but it was so worth it for a number of reasons.

    1. To see how happy my friend was on her wedding day and to be there for her and be a part of it was really special. She’s the only person in the world I would do this for and she would do the same for me in a heartbeat. Friends like that are worth way more than $4000.

    2. My boyfriend and I had never been on a tropical vacation together in the 6 years that we’ve been dating. It was really great for our relationship to get away for a whole week without having to worry about the responsibility of life.

    3. I had gone back to school to become a Paralegal and had been busting my tail for months, and this trip was my reward for finding the courage within myself to start a new career in my 30’s.

    So I still have some of it left to pay off on my credit card, but it was so worth the money.

  184. Tracy

    Heady Topper. 3hr drive, 1+hour wait in line, $40 for 4 cans of beer…. but it’s sooo good!!!

  185. Jessica

    My luxury is membership in my business mastermind group, and trips to the retreats 4 times a year. We stay in nice hotels and eat well, and every event is transformative. Worth. Every. Penny.

  186. Tim

    I once spent $1,000 on tailoring for a suit! The suit itself cost another $2,000, but every time I put it on — I feel AMAZINGLY GOOD. Just knowing that it fits so well and that it’s mine — made just for me — makes me feel so good. Is it expensive? Hell yes, but I’ll probably have that suit for years — so the cost is more palatable.

  187. Amy

    I spent 50k on a new bmw a few years ago. Every time I see it, I get a jolt of pride. And driving it every day brings a lot of joy to my commute.

  188. Hemlyn

    Spent $5500 on a holiday to Osaka-Nara-Tokyo in Japan. It was worth it, because I’ve been learning Japanese for over a year, and I’ve wanted to visit Japan since I was in college, and I got to experience Japan with some lovely people. I’d definitely do it again.

  189. Paul T.

    I’m the guy who sees the world as a spreadsheet of dollars and cents that should be optimized! I recently needed a new car, as the car I’ve had since high school (10 years ago) was needing $100 repairs (that I would research & perform) every month or so. I said OK, I would like to spend $10-12k max on a decent used car that will last me another decade. I ended up writing a $20k check for a 2014 RAV4. I never thought I would own a car that new in my life! That’s also more than double the largest check I had ever written.

    • Paul T.

      It was an initial shock seeing myself spend that much, relative to my income. But it certainly felt like the right decision. Two months later, I am still thrilled with my purchase! The worst part was helplessly watching a shopping cart hit it in a parking lot, before I had even gotten a license plate for it. But now I actually enjoy driving. Whereas I used to dread it.

  190. Robi

    I once spent $450 on one jar of face cream. Wasn’t worth it. But now I know and I won’t always wonder.

    More recently I spent ridiculous amounts of money on furnishing our new house. A $3300 side chair? $2,300 on fabric for a bench seat? $2,000 on two sconces? $7,000 on the patio furniture? Now THAT shit was worth it. I wake up every day and can’t believe I get to live here.

  191. Tiffany

    Never looked at LUXURY this way, it took me awhile to understand your point until your second email, other people responses on luxury spending and what they gained… now I have a total different view and in all – everything done with BALANCE….

  192. pamela sheppard

    Eons ago I bought a $300 Dr. style bathroom scale. For me that was a splurge!

  193. Dan

    I bought an ’03 BMW this summer. I could have bought a newer mid-range brand, or I could have saved money and bought a car the same model year for a couple thousand less. But I wanted a luxury brand. I’ve been driving Hondas and Toyotas my whole life, and I wanted something faster with a much better eye for design. I have no regrets. I know it will cost me more. I know I will have to fix things and I will grumble about how much more a water pump costs or whatever, but I still have no regrets. I get a big smile on my face when I pump the volume on my sound system, open up the sun roof and blast onto the freeway on a warm night. I love driving, and I’ve been stuck in crappy Civics since 2007. I don’t think I’ll ever drive a non-luxury brand car again. It’s a substantially better experience, and worth whatever headaches may come later.

  194. Lori

    I spent $600 on my iPhone 3GS when they first came out. I love it and still use it. It still works great and still looks new. Too bad that there are no new apps that work on it. I so wish it wasn’t outdated because I still love it.

  195. Edith

    I purchased a 5 day, 4 night one-time vacation stay at a timeshare ($500), then splurged on 4 Amtrak tickets ($1250) so my sister, niece, daughter, and I could go from southern California to southern Oregon without having to worry about cars- and so we could spend the time together. (Note: shortly after that, I was fired from my job, and did not have to ASK for the time off to take the trip! 😉

  196. Paul

    I bought a Tesla Model S a couple years ago after getting a nice windfall from my job. I’m typically not a big spender; this was the craziest purchase I had ever made by far, made even crazier by splurging for the performance model. I traded in an old station wagon for $3K, and the Tesla was more than 3x what I had ever spent on a car before. Almost 25,000 miles later, it has only gotten better, I’ve taken it on awesome road trips up and down the east coast, and I look for excuses to drive it!

    • Sheena

      If you ever get bored with it I can take the Tesla off your hands for you 😊

  197. Karen

    I have purchased many “luxurious” things over the years – $75+ bottles of perfume which smell amazing, are long-lasting, and a little goes a long way. In comparison the cheaper perfumes don’t smell as nice, or last as long, and I find I have to spray almost double, and multiple times. I’ve purchased jewellery and always the “more expensive,” aka better quality, lasts longer and looks better than the cheaper counterparts. I spent $5000 on our wedding, and included with that was a gourmet 5-course meal for me and my husband. It was by far one of the best meals I’d had in a long time. Essentially, you do ultimately get what you pay for, so as long as you’re a savvy shopper knowingly paying higher for better quality you don’t end up feeling cheated for having paid too much for something of inferior quality.

  198. Kevin

    My ultimate luxury: private jet. The convenience and flexibility almost defy description. Instead of me waiting in lines, the pilots and staff are waiting on me. Instead of a bag of stale peanuts, we enjoy meals of our choice by a chef. Instead of being stuck with a fat snoring seatmate, I luxuriate in my own posh leather seating with the clients, family and friends of my choice. Instead of the intrusiveness of the TSA, I literally get the red carpet treatment. Worth it? HELLS YEAH!!!
    Earlier luxuries have mixed sustained value to me: a Mont Blanc pen for myself to sign a big deal is still treasured many years later. A gold watch- not so much. I never ever wear a watch anymore, and didn’t even really care when our 2 y/o flushed it down the toilet. The nice shoes (Ferragamo, etc.) have been infinitely more enjoyable than lesser footwear, and continue to look and wear amazingly even after years of ownership.
    I would recommend high quality shoes to anyone and everyone (once basic needs are met) as an investment in your quality of life.
    My strongest recommendation however would be to continuously invest in yourself, your learning and personal growth. All too often that is viewed as a luxury, but it’s really a necessity for creating a continuously expanding life.

  199. Brittany Witt

    The most expressive thing I’ve ever purchased was my new Panasonic xl7 digital camera for $280 (actually, even that badgers was refurbished). Stellar photos are needed with selling products online. So I’m sure I’ll get my ROI very soon.

    I have a new jewelry business that I work on full time (thank goodness for a supportive boyfriend). I only make about $300-$350 a month right now doing this. I started in January of this year & can’t wait to watch it grow.

    • Brittany Witt

      Camera* Sorry for the typo.

  200. Sheena

    I just spent a little over 1200$ on a bicycle to replace my shitty shitty old 100$ bike to ride to work once a week. I love my new bike so much that I have it as my desktop and show everyone the pictures, it costs me TCO almost as much as my commuting car did!!!!

  201. Zainab

    Probably not the most expensive thing in the world… but considering the fact that most people spend $2 on a gallon of milk, we’ve spent $10 on a gallon of raw milk.

    • Jeffrey

      We definitely spend more on organic whole milk, around $7 for a gallon. Far better for the cows, far better for the environment, and whole milk isn’t processed to remove the healthy fats so it’s far better for us also.

  202. allie

    Aside from my condo, it would have to be Invisalign (which I just got a couple days ago). I’ve always wanted it and have been putting it off for years. So I finally did it. I’m hating the initial discomfort of it all, but I know it will be well worth the investment!

  203. Erick

    I spent over $600 on my hp envy touch laptop (upgraded), I am a video editor, app and web-designer and I needed something to help me work when I go on vacation or something. It helps my workflow so much. I believe that is the most expensive thing I have bought that would be considered (luxury)

  204. Chris

    I spent $7K for 1-on-1 dating coaching this year. My coach was available via text, email, and calls almost all the time, providing both structured guidance and moral support. I hesitated spending that much on a service without really any guarantees, but it significantly improved my lifestyle and resolved a lifelong pain point. The return is immeasurable.

    I hired a personal trainer for $90 / hr which seemed high at the time until I realized I didn’t need to see him every week if I was disciplined. My goal is to gain 25 pounds of muscle, I’ve gained 15 so far, and continue to make progress. The biggest value is not having to plan or overthink my routine, I just follow the prescribed workouts. Previously, I was reading websites, books, and doing exercises that didn’t suit my goals; wasting time and energy. Going forward I might see my trainer once every 1-2 months for a checkin, which is pretty reasonable.

    I pay a language coach $240 a month to teach me Spanish. My coach speaks 9 languages is showing me how to learn efficiently for conversational fluency. Same idea with personal training, traditional methods (class, websites, books, etc) weren’t working and the biggest value is not having to plan my study routine, I just do what my coach tailors for me. This is one of my newest endeavors, so the results aren’t in, but in 3 months, I’ve already surpassed what I could speak and write from taking Spanish in college.

    Paying for the luxury of 1-on-1 coaching or premium education seems like a good ROI to me, especially since I can reap the benefits for the remainder of my life over 30-40 years.

  205. Matt

    A little over $1000 for “just a tripod” but a really nice one. It’s well-designed, high quality parts, and worth its value over dinky and flimsy cheaper tripods.

    Also bought a Herman Miller chair years ago (fully loaded, all the bells and whistles). It’s the best chair I’ve ever had for sitting in front of the computer. Everyone would scoff at the price which I think amounts to at least $1400, but I managed to get a really good deal from my sister’s friend’s mother who used to work in selling furniture of this kind.

    • Matt

      Actually, these aren’t the most expensive things I paid for. I’ve bought vacation/cruise packages for much more money, but I have a feeling people would expect that kind of price for what I paid.

      I’ve never told anyone about taking and paying for the Find Your Dream Job course. At the time I bought that, that was quite a large purchase. I’m sure plenty of my friends and family would have laughed off the idea of paying for a course on finding a job. It paid off immensely though, and I was surprised that the course didn’t cost more because of the value it provided. That was three years ago, and doing that allows me to afford really nice things like top of the line tripods and chairs.

  206. Ben

    The most expensive thing I’ve done (besides my wedding) was a recent trip to Iceland. If you actually add up everything, spread out over several months of planning and booking, it cost over $9k.

    However, there were “luxuries” that were simply worth the little bit extra.

    7 hour direct flight vs. 18 hour flight with layovers
    $15 ham and cheese sandwiches vs. $25 rack of lamb (most meals had this type of choice)
    Expensive bus tours with strict schedules vs. Renting my own car and going wherever I wanted
    “Hostel” style hotel vs. Private room
    Geothermal Spa

    Realistically, I may never have the chance to go back. (Or if I do, it could be many years.) We could have probably cut the cost in half if we scrimped and saved and had no fun, but then what’s the point in going in the first place?

  207. Lori

    The most expensive item I have ever purchased was a Rolex for my husband. I don’t regret it one bit and he will have it forever! The most expensive experience I’ve ever had was a week in the Maldives, absolutely worth every penny!

    However, I would never spend money on having the latest smart phone or owning two vehicles, my husband and I would rather plan our weekly routines around each other, and then go on luxurious holidays.

  208. Adam

    The visa fee for my American wife into the UK $3700 total + emotional stress. (Valued at triple).

  209. Frugal Guy With Balanc

    On an annual basis donate $15,000 to various charities.

    I consider this as luxury living and some may call me crazy because I could have had fancy dinners, BMW, Jewelry etc.

    Giving back is my Priority…

  210. Just go for it

    Just once I wanted to have it all. Business Class air from Vancouver to Beijing. Worth every penny I spent on it, and then some. It’s amazing how you are treated when there is money involved. Would like to travel like that all the time. Not going to happen but luxury once and a while does a soul good 😉

  211. peter

    I would pay 250 bucks for that In-N-Out burger right now

  212. Segun

    I just bought a $60,000 2015 Mercedes Benz C-Class. I have wanted the car for a while. I have not owned a car for over a year since I sold my 2007 Honda Accord. Picking up the car today and I feel a little anxious like butter flies in my stomach. I feel I have set a new standard for myself and I need to work really hard to maintain it. My life’s philosophy is “best or nothing” which i got from Mercedes ironically.

  213. Danielle

    $5000 for laser hair removal… Everyone told me it was a waste of money but not having to shave my legs for the past 6 years has made it completely worth it. Especially when I was pregnant and couldn’t reach my legs anyway.

  214. Richard

    A few things come to mind. I bought a pair of goodyear welted boots for $300 because I wanted a pair of shoes that would last longer than six months. A $700 peacoat (the same one Daniel Craig wore in Skyfall) because I wanted a coat that would last more than one season.

    The biggest luxury for me though has to be my Magic card collection. No kidding, I’ve spent over twenty thousand dollars on some really incredible cards. They make me happy, I get to play them with friends, and that’s what matters most.