The Dream Job Elite Program — How to afford it

Ramit Sethi

If you’ve been interested in my Dream Job Elite program, but were disappointed you couldn’t afford the sticker price, read on.

As a reminder, Dream Job Elite is my 1-on-1 program to help you discover your Dream Job, conquer the application process, master your interview, and negotiate like an Indian.

I’ve been getting a LOT of interest in the program. Interestingly, there are two main types of questions:

  1. People who want more specifics about how it works (good questions)
  2. People who want to complain that anyone who has the money already has a Dream Job (whiners who love to complain but will never take action)

I usually take great delight in ignoring my whiniest readers, but I’ve talked with a handful of incredible candidates who honestly don’t have enough money to invest at this time. And they’re kicking themselves for not having their finances in order to jump on this opportunity.

So I’m making a small addition to the program.

First, the Dream Job Elite program is not about making money for me. If it was, I wouldn’t have reduced the number of seats from 50 to 15. And previously, I’ve shut down programs that weren’t living up to my expectations, costing me $75,000 with one email.

In fact, for the Dream Job Elite program, we have a document with our goals, and the #1 goal is “Get results for DJE students.” Nowhere on the document is money.

I want to find the best people and show them how they can use my Dream Job techniques to find a Dream Job — including identifying what that job might be in the first place. I know this works because I’ve tested it and I’ve used it to secure some of the world’s most difficult jobs…for myself, my friends, and my students.

Companies like Google, Intuit, a hedge fund, tech startups, and more — companies that many of us have access to (we just don’t know how).

To prove it, I’m making Dream Job Elite an easy decision for you.

That’s why I’m offering a three-year payment plan for Dream Job Elite.

That makes the cost of the course less than some of us pay for our car payment. And there are no finance charges. No interest. No fine print. Just a regular monthly payment.

The idea of a 3-year payment plan is completely alien in my market: My peers don’t trust their students enough to pay years after the course is done. I do. In fact, I’ll give you the material and my personal attention over 8 weeks, then give you over 2.5 years to pay off the rest — on your honor.

So ask yourself: When was the last time you invested in yourself for something that could provide tangible benefits for the rest of your life?

20 years from now, will you regret investing in something that could potentially shift the course of your entire career? If you trust me and have found value in my materials, you should know the answer to that. If not, I invite you to Google me and my work, which speaks for itself.

Imagine the results you could achieve: The students I’ve worked with, on average, land $10,000 raises.

Or you could experience what some of my friends do — the joy of waking up each morning and not wanting to hit “Snooze”…because they love what they do. Imagine how that affects their health, their relationships, their entire outlook on life.

Best of all, you’ll develop the skill of finding a Dream Job, so no matter what state the economy is in, you’ll be playing an entirely different game than novice job-seekers who will continue to randomly shoot their resumes into black holes of resume websites.

By the way…

It would be easy to read this and say, “Yeah…this sounds pretty interesting…I should do something like this, some time.”

Why am I writing you about Dream Job Elite so much? Why did I spend over $1,000/day to rent a professional studio where I recorded videos…and give them to you for free?

I’ll tell you why: Because sometimes, even when something would genuinely help us, sometimes we have to hear about it multiple times, in multiple ways, until it finally clicks. Think about something you wish you’d done years ago: Maybe it’s going to the gym or managing your money. We have barriers that hold us back from something that would help us — if only we took action.

One thing I discovered in my research is that many people think finding a Dream Job is “important” but not “urgent.” You could theoretically go years not actively seeking out a Dream Job…meandering from job to job…enjoying some, hating others…but never learning the skill of finding your Dream Job. And for many of us, we wake up at 40, wondering how we got here — realizing that while we claim finding a Dream Job is “important,” we never made it a priority. And later in life, with responsibilities and obligations, it becomes infinitely harder.

That’s why finding a Dream Job is not just important, but urgent. If you don’t do it now…when will you?

When it comes to finding your Dream Job, see if these barriers sound familiar:

  • “He couldn’t help me find a Dream Job…I don’t even know what I want to do.”
  • “I have too many interests. I can’t pick one.”
  • “Maybe I should get an MBA…”
  • “I can’t afford this.”

I’ve systematically removed each of those barriers: In the Dream Job Elite program, you’ll learn a flexible system for testing your way to discover what your Dream Job is — without closing any doors.

Now, the monthly cost is less than many of us spent on a car payment, or eating out, each month. And you’ll be surrounded by a group of 14 other ambitious, vetted students with incredible backgrounds — all of whom have a proven bias for action.

As always, this isn’t for everyone. If you have credit card debt or aren’t financially stable, I will summarily reject your application.

But if you know you could be doing more with your job — if you look down the road and see 40-year-olds who you don’t want to be, and instead know that you could be doing much more — I believe I can help you find your Dream Job.

My goal is to take 15 people under my wing and completely change their lives. To give you direct access to me, my network, and what I’ve learned through over ten years of systematic testing. And to customize my advice for you and your situation.

If you’re financially secure and ready to find your Dream Job, I invite you to apply. Now that I’m offering you a 3-year payment plan, money should not be an issue for the right candidates. Only members of my Insider’s List have access to the full program details and the application, so if you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do so below.

Keep in mind that I expect a flood of applicants for Dream Job Elite now that the course is far easier to afford with monthly payments. The deadline is 11:59pm on Wednesday, 10/12 — less than a week from now. Candidly, please know that I weigh earlier applications more heavily than later ones, so if you’re interested, I encourage you to put aside an hour to complete the application before others do.

Finally, I always remember a phrase my parents asked me:

“1 year from now, where will you be?”

Good luck.

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