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Ramit Sethi

How to Make Money Online - Advice on how to live a rich life that allows you to travel, spend more time with your family, and make a solid income

I decided to take a last-minute ski trip this weekend.

Here’s a quick email I sent to my friends:


Last-minute ski trip

So you won’t hear from me for the rest of the week. Which might be a good thing, because next week, we’re launching into something totally new.


Any guesses?

Is it how to grow all-natural eyebrows that rival the Amazon rainforest?

Is it how to eat spicier food than native Thai people?

Or perhaps…something else?

Here’s a hint:

I decided to take the weekend trip yesterday (Tuesday). I built a lifestyle that lets me travel on a flexible schedule. And while I’m traveling — while I’m flying, and while I’m skiing — my business will generate enough revenue to pay for the trip many times over.

Anybody curious?

P.S. You can comment with your guesses, but please don’t expect a reply. When I’m off the grid, I’m really offline.

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    how to enlarge your penis?

    • Ramit Sethi

      This is the first comment of an entirely new area of IWT focus. Let us all mark this auspicious moment.

    • YOHAMI


    • AJ Go

      I hope this means readers’ penises, not just Ramit’s.

  2. James Connors

    Joint work with Tim Ferriss on creating a location independent muse/company leveraging personal virtual assistants, outsourced helpdesk etc.

    • Dev

      Yea, Me too. I too feel that this is what Ramit is hinting at.

  3. Matthew

    Dating advice!

    • Ramit Sethi

      Most people don’t want to hear what they really need to do

    • Sierra

      What do most people need to do, Ramit?

    • Rachel

      CHANGE. Be the kind of person who that person you want wants to date. Thanks Ramit!

  4. Tanner


  5. Benjamin Williams

    Reboot of the Earn1K videos with the new Modern Ramit?

  6. Heather

    I just want to know where you’re going skiing. I live in one of the best ski towns ever; I’ll keep my eye out for ya! 🙂

    • Ramit Sethi

      Not gonna say. Too many ski bunnies trying to bum advice on automation/negotiation. No thanks, ladies. I’m here to ski.

    • Andrew Williams

      You’re still on the grid, Ramit. Go ski already!

  7. Willie Prevolt Jr.

    Based of the hint I would think it is how to
    create a passive income online. Am I hot or cold?

  8. Grant Aguinaldo

    I am going to guess, its a course to start an Internet business.

  9. bloo

    how to take a weekend trip any DAY of the week?

  10. Michelle

    yeah passive income

    • Tony Z

      How to eat a ghost pepper… and live to tell about it. ?

  11. Noah


  12. Aaron

    Outsourcing an assistant.


    How to sell ad space on your ski jacket.

  13. Sid

    How to Make Money? that is the top of the mind topic for everyone

    But mine is different? And I desperately need to learn this

    How to always have something nice to say to anyone. I am too tongue-tied God knows why. I wish this was what Ramit was covering: Social Skills SkyRocketed 🙂

  14. sal

    Its about earning while taking a 3-week vacation and automating everything.

  15. Steve O

    He’s said before what the most requested topic was. I’m not going to actually search for the answer, but I think it’s passive income.

  16. YOHAMI

    Earn100K program

  17. Steve

    Making money using products and removing the linear correlation between time invested and returns?

  18. Nate

    Let’s see… How to automate your income while you play… Doing what you really love.

  19. Steve

    How to generate passive income, of course!

  20. Jonathan

    Residual Income!

  21. Robert

    How to grow your own Money Tree! Yeah, that’s it isnt it?
    Just nurture add water, pluck and enjoy your residual income!

    Probably on a more prosaic note: it’s probably a call for Earn 1K or maybe the Six Figure Income course.
    Or maybe Ramit decided to create a multi level marketing business where if I sponsor you, I get 50% off my next course 😛

    Ramit, keep up the excellent work! Enjoy your ski trip! Just wondering where you went, Alta in Utah is awesome!

  22. Sierra

    I think it’s passive income.

  23. Nicole L.

    You’re such a tease! I’m hoping that you had a change of heart and decided to discuss passive income through launching online (micro) products.

    If not, then it’s definitely going to be advice on how to get chicks (pick-up artist style). You could rock a pimp suit and diamond studded cane while doing q&a webcasts to complete the look.

  24. Adam Berenyi


    It has been mentioned waaay ago! not in this article, there is a slight clue which exactly gives u the answer. Not gonna mention it, dig a little bit deeper into the previous articles !

    cheers from hungary

  25. John Corcoran

    How to ski. The invisible scripts that have prevented all of us from becoming black diamond racers.

  26. Tom S

    It most likely has to do with MONEY and TRAVELLING. So, if I we put them together, it’s most likely to have enough money to do what you want to do, whenever you want to do it. In your case, travel on the drop of a dime and not have to worry about money coming in or going out.

    I am new to your site, but I have followed some of the people you interview or talk about, so I figured I would come check out your site.

    Don’t break a leg skiing or like all the rich famous people tend to do, ski into a tree never to be heard from again. LOL. Seriously, come back, because even the old guys like me would love the young guys like you to continue in spreading your ideas and views.

  27. olgaOl

    good topic 😉 😉