Topics you want me to write about?

Ramit Sethi

I just posted this on (where I post multiple times per day):

“Feeling pretty loose and deciding what to write today. Anybody have any topics you want me to cover?”

Let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do. Warning: If you post something I’ve already written about in my book/blog, you will be mocked mercilessly.

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“Nobody leaves a New Yorker job voluntarily. I was fired. And over the next few days, I’ll tell that story here.” — @danielsbaum

Just got an email about a new magazine article called, “The 6 Best Stocks to Buy Now.” Sigh

Microsites I love:

Ok, I have a ton of makeup on right now…and I look good. I now understand women

PLZ RT!! I’m going to meet John Bogle (founder of Vanguard) in 1 hour. What should I ask him?

Even though I mock frugality tips all the time, I really like J.D.’s post on his millionaire neighbor:

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  1. Moneymonk

    Personal Entrepreneurship
    How can people accomplish guilt free spending and healthy savings at the same time.

    off topic, I saw a Indian couple driving a 2 door Honda Accord~

  2. CC

    Write about making decisions using marginal analysis. Point out how most people don’t look at the whole picture when considering marginal differences (by ignoring sunk costs,etc).

  3. Josh

    I’d like to know a little about the process of turning a blog into a business. what to do when the money starts coming in. I’m at the point where I need to form business and report taxes. what are the best online business accounts? what are the best ways to shelter taxes? protect interests? pay yourself? I’m sure a whole book could be written on this too 🙂

  4. Nate

    Your thoughts on the value of an MBA…given the costs, benefits and importance given to the degree by the corporate world (e.g. “MBA required” in job postings or promotions based on receiving the designation).

  5. Brian

    Would like to see your recommended breakdowns of the “best” Credit Cards depending on a persons situation as was discussed in DC, but thats for me personally. I am really looking forward to your post of earning your first $1K freelancing whenever you get around to it.

  6. Mark Newhouse

    Money Diaries: the 20 something start-up cofounder, blogger and best-selling author and sometime YouTube video star.


    Oh, and @gnuhaus is now following @ramit…

  7. Nathan

    More specifics about overcoming the transactions costs of turning an idea into a business, and in general, starting a small business. More entrepreneurship posts!

  8. Tom Harari

    Tips for online startups (online business accounts? How to approach angel & vc investors?)

  9. dream

    How about leveraging credit to start businesses for people who have decent credit but an unexpected drastic reduction in income. I’ve recently started buying at auctions and selling on ebay, Amazon and Craigslist. My blog/website needs a lot of work before I start promoting it. (If you get really bored you might check it out… I’m SURE I am NOT one of your core demographics!! LMAO)

  10. DW

    I’d like to hear about retirement savings/investment alternatives for those whose earnings exceed the IRA tax-deductible maximum, particularly for small business owners/self employed individuals who do not have 401(k) plans.

  11. Meg

    I also would have an interest in reading a piece on turning a blog into a business.

  12. Brandon

    How to find a bank that didn’t take TARP money. I’m shopping for a new bank–one that didn’t succumb to taking government TARP money. I’m having a hard time finding any outside of credit unions. BTW, Charles Schwab (or should I call you Chuck?), get a real deposit process–one that doesn’t require depositors to mail checks for deposit–and you’ll put yourself in a better position for more customers.

  13. Jeff Lee

    Interview a stripper, so we can learn all about how her dancing is maximizing her income and putting her through med school.

  14. @tsre

    I would love to hear your thoughts about when the right time is to take a side project and make it into a full time project – i.e. when to quit your day job and throw all your resources at a single wall.


  15. Andy Pels

    @ramit The other day you asked, “What do you think — what’s the best business checking account?” Are you ready to write about that?

  16. Josh

    Right on @andyPels – best business checking account

  17. dream

    The Cheetah in Atlanta Ga. is a good place to find a stripper putting herself through Med school. I’ve talked to a few doing just that but it was several years ago.

  18. Travis

    Hi Ramit, I really liked your book and got started investing during the recent dip in the market, I feel lucky to have come across the book when I did. I opened a Vanguard account and did further research into the collection of index funds you recommended. Obviously in the book you promote the David Swensen/Yale University endowment fund model. I think an interesting topic would be to cover the other ‘lazy portfolio’ models out there such as the Coffeehouse or Dr. Bernstein’s Smart Money. Also, I’d be curious why you chose the Swenson portfolio rather than Fundadvice’s Ultimate Buy & Hold. It seems on marketwatch the latter has a better return and seems to be held in high regard across the other sites that discuss such things.

  19. Nikc

    In the Tim Ferriss webcast you talked about applying an 80/20 analysis to the important things in your life. This is a relatively new concept to me. Based on your comment alone , I went online and researched it a bunch. Would love to see an article about it, applying it to things like time, finances, hobbies, etc.

  20. Michel

    Better not to post than pretending that it is a real post.

  21. Blake

    I’m always interested in more advice on paying back significant amounts of student loans. Also, now following you on Twitter: @BlakePinard

  22. Nobody

    I’d really love advice on the student loan front….especially what to do when you’re so far in default they’re not willing to work with you anymore. It ruins your credit, effecting every aspect of your life….from getting horrendously high APRs on your car loan, to applying for a lease on an apartment. No one seems to have any answers out there. If anyone can think through this, maybe Ramit can. Thanks for your tweets…I really enjoy them.

  23. Tim

    It’d be great to hear about tax options for freelancer!

    oh, and @timurian is following @ramit 😉

  24. Regina

    English teachers living abroad. We make a lot of money compared to our living expenses. So I usually save up to $2,000 a month, others usually $500-1,000 a month. Most other teachers are straight out of undergraduate. I don’t have any debt, and it costs money each time to send money to my home bank account.
    Our only big purchase is traveling every 3 months to cheaper countries (maybe $1,500 each trip), and the daily expenses of groceries ($50 a week).
    How to best invest my money (early 20s,single) and create a budget for the money I have. Credit cards are not in my daily vocabulary because only cash is accepted in the country.

  25. Shamik Shukla

    @ramit – I think you should write about how to make a blog profitable and the process. I once asked you a question on how to increase traffic and your answer was good content. However, I would like to know other tips such as when you should hire a professional designer, SEO, when and how to go about putting ads on your blog, giveaways, charitable giveaways and how to go about it, etc. Even telling your process and story would be beneficial. Thanks,

    Btw, my twitter is @shamikshukla

  26. the weakonomist

    Makeup, really? Wow Ramit. I mean we’ve all probably worn it before for some reason, but we don’t announce it. Shame, or lack thereof.

  27. PR

    First of all, thank you. You have opened my eyes – I can’t thank you enough!!

    I would like you to write about:
    1) If someone has 5K, how should he go about investing, rather, what should he do?
    2) If someone has 10K, how should he go about investing
    Even though this is simple question, I am finding it hard to really find a good way to invest this money. I have heard enough abt 401K and Roth IRA. So, if you could write investing from any other perspective, that would be greatly appreciated.

    How to should prioritize investing? Should we invest in real estate first, stocks next etc etc – I am abt 33 yrs old and have a hard time trying to focus on determining what should be my top priority. Any suggestions would be helpful.

  28. Elizabeth

    Write about the people that are still paying their mortgages yet cannot sell because of all the foreclosures and don’t qualify for government help because they are still paying – yet they are underwater.

  29. Nate

    I’d be curious to see what you have to say about the most recent “Feed The Pig” podcast, “Episode 26 – Choosing the Correct Bank for You,” found here:

    I listen to these occasionally, and they sometimes have some decent info, but this one blew me away, in that I think they missed almost every opportunity to offer actually useful advice (including a ridiculous amount of time spent talking about ATM fees, with no mention that banks exist that will reimburse them from any ATM). For an organization that at least seems like it’s trying to pitch itself to a younger crowd, it’s unfortunate to see such inattention to developments in the banking world in the era of the internet that are of the most use to the generation they’re trying to help. Anyway, could be a standalone post or part of a larger one on visible, but poor or incomplete, financial advice.

    By the way, saw the write-up in the Philadelphia Metro today. Nice.

  30. Nanette W

    I’m giving your book to my nieces and nephews as graduation gifts this year! (I used ING’s referral bonus to include cash for an ING savings account.) When people ask for graduation gift ideas, I send them a link to your book. It’s fantastic. I wish I’d read it 15 years ago–before I opened my first bank account and applied for my first credit card.

  31. RTAC

    Ideas for single parents paying a motgage on their own

  32. Leah

    Ditto to the student loan question. I’m in med school (loans, not stripping) and don’t know whether I should start paying them off while they’re still in deferment. Have a chunk of savings but don’t know whether to keep it invested or just pay more loans off.

  33. David Glover

    I have a blog, receive great feedback on my writing, but it’s not putting money in my pocket (yet). I would love to hear suggestions / strategies to build up traffic and generate revenue.

  34. Lance

    Maybe I’ve missed it if you’ve already covered it but I know the best thing I ever did for my finances was to start tracking every dollar using Quicken. If I was to write about anything that has made my financial life more stable it would be on the benefits of personal finance software.

  35. Jeff

    I’d like to get your take on retirement planning. There are 1 million people selling this, but they don’t make money solving the problem or providing really useful information.

  36. mcara

    Talk about balancing a multi-generational living situation. Can it be to your benifit? Should everyone sit down and talk money? How to keep from becoming a “news at eleven” story.

    Second topic: How to handle ageing, ill parents or children born with handicaps? The cost will kill you.

  37. David

    I think you should write about the steps to take NOW to ensure that you’re in a position to take advantage when the economic recovers.

  38. cole

    How to push through to execution.

    For example, I have several great ideas. Possibly ideas that could put me in the “new rich” category as Tim Ferriss would put it. But I don’t have the know how to set up an outscourcing deal or techinal abilities to set up a website. So how does one go from great idea to actually doing it w/out the knowledge of some key components?

  39. Chris

    I’d love to see your thoughts on general non-profit management as well as finding unique funding sources.

  40. Alain Ochoa

    I’d like you to write on which of your advices and tips are valuable in any country, not just the USA, as I think is the case with many posts, unfortunately…

  41. Kimmoy

    I say bring back Entrepreneur Fridays. Loved those stories!

  42. sam

    I had my eye on a property for a long time , found out the owner past away years ago,how could you aquire it, the property has been sitting there over ten years.

  43. Glen

    I retweeted you but I figured I can be more elaborate in a comment.

    I have read the book and realized that “investing is not about picking stocks”. Where would discounted stock options fit into your hierarchy of investing? But what if you are getting a 1 to 1 match on your money? I’ve asked this in the forums and have been told that it falls under the “shouldn’t be passed up” category.

    I think you could write about what makes a stock option worth investing in and how it would fall into the 401k match, pay down debt, Roth IRA, max out 401k hierarchy.

  44. Jon

    How about finishing the Suze saga?

  45. Ryan

    I would like more of the Money Diaries. I found them both interesting and entertaining.

  46. Doctor S

    Agree with the value of a MBA in today’s world, also, is it worth it to go to a lower tier school if we can not get into the Wharton and Stern’s of the world?

    Other topics are careers to focus on for those in high school and college. Where do you see the jobs of the future in 10 years?

  47. Max

    I asked you this on email before, and in fact you said you’d write something about it, but I never saw anything really..

    What advice do you have for those that are maybe younger than the average reader of your site? Instead of a college kid, which you probably receive as an average reader, what about a 17 year old, a junior in high school? I hear horror stories of college grads (people only five years older than me) that leave college in mountains of debt, bed credit history, and just a lousy financial situation in general. What can I do to avoid this? Or should I even avoid this in the first place (I’m referencing your article where you ask us to differentiate between frugality and cheapness – a college education may be a kind of investment worth going into debt for)? I have a job with my mom, I get paid around 10 dollars an hour, but have a lot of trouble saving it (ie, I don’t really have a specific goal).

    I just don’t want to feel the stall that most people seem to experience after graduating college.

    Oh, and I’ve scoured your book for advice that’s applicable to me, and I can’t even do half the things in there because I’m not 18 yet!

  48. Gary

    Perhaps talk more about productivity and how you achieve maximum results and how you use your time effectively.

  49. Chris

    Dude, how about writing about giving money away – how, when, to who? So we’re in hard times and truly being “rich” is about passing it on too… it gives purpose and has a way of coming back to you tenfold – not that that should be the reason for doing it!

  50. Jeff Chapman

    Why is Life Insurance sold as an investment vehicle?

  51. David

    I’m sure you’ve had plenty of experience with negotiation. After tonight’s experience, I realized I need a way to negotiate/price/sell. I suddenly realized I either a. suck b. have no backbone and c. can’t think quick enough on my feet and d. I’m stupid. I would love an article that focuses on negotiation (either cars, items on Craigslist, etc.) or book recommendations.

    I sent you an email with details behind this in case you are curious. Boy, am I pissed at myself.

  52. J.Chu |

    writing about… challengging journey to be rich..

    Base on the true story

  53. make money from home

    I think it would be interesting to read how you think things were when you started out and how you think things are now. Like do you think it is easier to make money online now, if you did it over would you do it differently?

  54. Jacques

    Are there any international online brokers one can use, if so which do you recommend (for people not in the USA)

  55. Matthew

    Does buying savings bonds make sense?
    Which blogs do you read daily?
    How do I save money at the vet?
    How do I save money on dog food?
    How to never pay an application fee again.
    How moving each year is so expensive, i.e. House Deposits, Utility Deposits, etc

  56. Sweta

    I love the money diaries hope to see more of them.

  57. JT

    Can you do more videos like the Suze Saga and the Frugal spoof thing? They are really entertaining.

    Also, just more real world real people examples. I’m endlessly fascinated by stuff like the money diaries because its an honest glimpse into people’s daily relationship with money.

  58. Jared

    What about retarded amounts of student loan debt? I wanted to go to school A really bad and paid for it, with the knowledge that I would have a job eventually. Well now I have a job for 50k/year in the military, with virtually no living expenses (free food, health care, housing) and yet I have around $200,000 of debt in student loans (some private but mainly gov’t) and $20k in credit cards. I’m new to your blog/book but thought I’d throw this out there. Where do I start chipping away? Do I really want to start saving and investing immediately or kill the debt first?

    And the videos are great.

  59. Hans

    Would like to hear what you think about President’s Obama economic plan. The logic of having a tax cheat run financial operations.

  60. AS

    How to spend and invest the $7500 first time homebuyer tax credit that will be payable in two years, for the next 15 years.

  61. Scott

    Investing, investing, investing. Investing for retirement and for income.

  62. maria

    I would like to find out more about financial aid for College, or grands
    Thank you

  63. Matt

    I now have my debt paid off and since reading your book am taking my savings and investing to a new level. Two questions that I have never really read anything about (i’ve read many personal finance books):

    1. If I am making a monthly contribution to my IRA, is one time in the month better to invest than others? I was just thinking that nearly everyone gets paid on the 1st of the month and so 401K managers “have” to buy at that time. Due to supply and demand, it seems like prices would go up as the demand peaks during this time. Perhaps it would be better to invest on the 10th of the month?
    2. If you have a 401k and an IRA does it make sense to keep more conservative investments in your 401k and more growth investments in your IRA. As you will pay tax on 401k earnings and won’t with a Roth IRA it seems you would want most of your growth in the IRA. I was thinking of making my 401k all bonds and my IRA all stocks if they percentages were right for my age.

    Anyways, I’d like to hear your thoughts as I had not seen them discussed before.

    Great book, thanks!

  64. Matt

    I have worked hard to become debt free and after reading your book have taken my savings and investments to the next level. Now, I would like to help others manage their money as a career. I don’t really want to help the rich become more rich; I’d like to help people get out of debt and on a successful path. What respectable career paths might I consider to help others get out of debt without going poor myself?


  65. gaurav

    after investing in lifecycle funds, is there any other investment strategy.or just pick a lifecycle fund and keep on adding money to that.
    is that all for investment i think we need more details.

  66. Shane

    One topic I would like is an article on recovering from filing for bankruptcy. I just filed back in January 09. Any insight on this would be appreciated.

  67. Ed

    Entrepunership, how to know if you should jump in to a new business.

  68. CB

    Max’s comment above . . . I’d like to reinforce his question. As a high school teacher, what can I advise my students? What can they begin doing now?

    On the flip side, what can I begin doing, as someone who traveled and woke up mid-30s with no savings or plans. Now that I’m in graduate school and will be teaching full-time this fall (in a guarded sector: special education), what can I do to prepare for retirement?

    You focus on 20-somethings, and that’s a great target group. And you can’t do it all. But what about addressing these two extremes . . . before we hit our 20s and begin falling into debt, and what to do once we’ve hit our 30s and are dealing with the consequences of that debt.

    Could make for an interesting story.

  69. Jessica

    I did a search on your site for things regarding college debts and can’t find anything. Would you care to share some insight on college debts? As someone straight out of school in the middle of a time when no one is going to give good loan rates, I don’t know how to deal with paying off my tuition without dealing with insane interest rates.

  70. Rubes

    Can you write about IRS and how to keep more of your income? Also, are those companys that say they will settle your IRS debt for real?

  71. Charles

    How will the new credit card laws effect everyone (especially me!!)) Last mont I opened a secured credit card to pay my bills (I pay it off every month), but in 6 months to a year I want to turn it into a real credit card to use to get more flier miles!

  72. dream

    have you seen this? Maybe it’s just me but I see a lot more amatuerish hype and MLM than real opportunity there.

  73. Kam

    More articles on entrepreneurship and overcoming barriers to becoming an entrepreneur would be great. I’d love your no-nonsense approach to starting businesses/encouraging entrepreneurship – your articles are great at motivating me to be financially savvy, so it would be ideal if you could capture that for encouraging people to be more innovative and start small/large/online businesses.

  74. Ideen Solhtalab

    Money market funds vs. savings accounts. I understand that index funds and target date funds are the way to go. But for the cash that must remain easily accessible, what’s better — MMFs or savings?

  75. Ekong Caruncho

    Your thoughts on collecting stuff. You love pens right? How ’bout people like me who collect toys? It’s a very expensive hobby, but it gives me joy that I spend time cleaning it and stuff.

  76. Vickie

    I would like to know how safe it would be to outsource(a la Tim Ferriss) setting up the automation of finances that you made the video about. Is that too much personal info to share with a VA? Give ideas on how you use outsourcing to free up your time.

  77. TC

    I’ve read your thoughts on how to automate savings and pay your bills, but the biggest break down for me (and most people) is how much to constrain spending/budget on for committed expenses (mortgage, car payments, etc) and discretionary spending. I’ve been a long time follower of the “60% solution” which says that no more than 60% of your expenses shoudl be on committed expenses. Remaining 40% is broken out equally across retirment (401k), short term savings, long term savings, and discretionary/fun.

    So rather than go over excrutiating detail on each category of spending, you really only have a few different buckets. I find this simplicity nice.

    I would love to see you write about the how this system compares to yours, and how your system would mesh well with this one (if you think it’s a good one).

  78. Aaron Steinberg

    I would love if you could write about saving for children. I’m in the age bracket of your audience, but I am married and thinking about children a few years (or less) down the road.


  79. Kelleypt

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