Secrets of 3 students who cracked the money code

Ramit Sethi

Today let’s pull back the veil and talk about what we SEE…versus what’s really going on behind the scenes.

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Now, let’s go behind the veil.

How many times have you said, “I hate my boss” or “I can’t believe she did that to me”?

Easy to point fingers. And we love to think we know why people do what they do. But what actually goes on behind the scenes is usually completely different.

“How does she look like that?”

WHAT WE SEE: Some people look at an actress and wonder, “How does she look so amazing? I could never look like her!”

Read her interviews in US Weekly and she laughs about her workouts. “Lol! I run once a week but mostly I love to eat chocolate! If I don’t eat at least a little chocolate every day, I’d go crazy!”

Lol! So relatable!

WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON: She works out twice a day with a trainer, has a nutritionist and chef, and has zero cheat meals. (In a rare honest interview with an actress, Megan Fox told Hello Magazine that to get her figure, she “cut out all bread and those sort of carbohydrates. No crackers, no pretzels, no chips. Nothing unhealthy. The worst thing I put in my body is coffee, once a day. Megan added: “I don’t have any cheat days.”)

This CEO’s company was about to get acquired. Then it all fell apart.

WHAT WE SEE: I knew a guy who was trying to sell his company and was far along in acquisition talks. Suddenly, the deal was killed. He thought it was because the market turned sour.

WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON: The CEO who was going to buy his company killed the deal because the guy’s reference checks were horrible. How do I know? I was one of the references.

“How is he such a natural at conversations?”

WHAT WE SEE: We’ve all seen someone who’s the life of the party. He effortlessly fits right in, even if he doesn’t know anyone. People gather around him and laugh at his jokes, while we avoid meeting new people and wish we fit in like he does. Ugh. He’s a natural.

WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON: He’s spent years refining social cues, testing his stories, and practicing talking to people before becoming a “natural.”

The truth is most of us want to believe that these things — looking great, making a lot of money, being socially skilled — are gifts.

So we ignore how much work went into them.

I’ve told you how I went from a skinny, 127lb Indian guy to someone who deadlifted 320lbs, built an online business with millions of readers, blah blah.

Enough about me.

I want to talk about YOU, and what you can do.

We’ll start with 3 ordinary IWT readers. Watch how they changed their lives with just a few steps.

IWT READER #1: Landed an $82,000 job in 3 months


  • Amanda J., 30. Mother and exhausted from 14-hour workdays.
  • Suddenly laid off, needed to find a job fast — she was 8 months pregnant
  • She used my front-loading technique to find and research jobs, and landed $82K job in just 3 months

MY ANALYSIS: Amanda realized that average people waste their time tweaking their resume or trying random tactics but extraordinary people invest extra time up front — researching and talking to experts — to get amazing results. For example, she used a script from my Dream Job course to secure an extra $2,000/year and cut her workday from 14 hours/day to 8 hours/day.

Learn how she did it — and how you can find your Dream Job that pays you what you’re worth.

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IWT READER #2: What would anyone pay you for?


  • Greg had no idea what anybody would pay him for
  • He used to fix friends’ cracked phone screens for beer. Now he’s charging $100/hour in his extra time
  • He’s doing the same work, but he changed the way he explained it — and that made all the difference

MY ANALYSIS: All of us has a skill that other people would pay for. The problem is, most of us don’t realize what it is. (If you don’t know, you just haven’t used the right framework to analyze your own skills and experience yet.)

I can show you how to “mine” your skills and turn what you already know into a side income.

I’m sharing my system to find your first profitable idea, make sure people will pay for it, and earn $1,000, $3,000, even $5,000+ every month in 5 hours a week.

IWT READER #3: Build an online business


  • James was a chemistry instructor
  • He was frustrated at his earnings and the idea that he had to trade his time for money
  • He “productized” his knowledge into an online business, where he generates sales even while he sleeps — and helps chemistry students around the world

MY ANALYSIS: James is now able to spend time with his family (including an entire month following his son’s birth), and have a steady stream of income that is growing every month.

*   *   *   *   *

They did it — and now I want to show you how.

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