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My Rich Life in Thailand: Street food, luxury, and $21 strawberries

The last stop of I Will Teach You to Be Rich CEO Ramit Sethi’s six-week honeymoon is in Thailand! Get a peek into his Rich Life.

Ramit Sethi

Here are some photos from the final stop of my honeymoon, which we started in Italy, then Kenya, India, and now — Thailand!

We wanted to create our Rich Life in every place, so we planned our dream trip:

In the Italian part of our honeymoon, we shared a rare travel experience with our parents, as we took pasta-making classes together and more…


Ramit and his family in Italy taking a pasta making class


Kenya showed us amazing animals and got me pumped about getting back into photography.

Ramit and Wife Cass in Kenya on their Honeymoon

Then on our visit to India, I was thrilled to have Cass see a different part of the world and the culture I grew up with.

Ramit and his Wife Cass in front of the Taj Mahal on their honeymoon



Ramit and Cass on their Honeymoon in Thailand



Before Cass and I came to Thailand, I spent a ton of time researching places I wanted to eat. In the end, we decided to skip Gaggan, a famous Michelin-starred restaurant in Bangkok, and instead went for street food and a few select restaurants that we were TRULY excited about.

Some of it was too intimidating for even me:

Fish market in thailand


thai food


Here’s me literally drooling over an entree at Nahm, one of the restaurants we really wanted to try.


Nahm restaurant in Thailand menu


ANYTHING. Brace yourself…


thai food from Nahm Restaraunt
Ramit and Cass's hotel room


OK, back to food. One of the craziest things I learned about was the fruit in Asia.


expensive fruit in Thai market
Apples, Pears, and Persimmons at thai market


THIS IS NUTS. I remember seeing perfect-looking fruits like these in Singapore and not getting them, but this time … this time I just had to try them.

So I paid $21 for…

Expensive Strawberries from Thailand

Paying more than $10 for a single piece of fruit in America is insane, but I learned that the idea behind these “perfect fruits” — perfect sweetness, perfect shape, perfect taste, extremely high price — is that they’re meant to be given as a special gift. When someone is gifted something like this, they know it costs a lot.

Anyway, time to put these freakin’ expensive strawberries to the Ramit Taste Test:


Ramit eating expensive strawberries in Thailand



I mean, they were pretty good, but not worth the $21.

By the way, as a native Californian, where all of our fruit is amazing, I just want to remind east coasters that your fruit sucks.

BUT … I figured out at least one way I could put my 21-dollar strawberries to good use…


Ramit eating strawberries


That was a fluffy Japanese pancake sandwich with about 10 lbs of delicately whipped cream. RAMIT SETHI, FOOD GENIUS!

OK, remember how I said we love our street food?


Bangkok Night Market



Mango and Rice


Bangkok Night Market Food

We took a street food tour and tried a bunch of stuff. BTW, five weeks of non-stop sights, people, and experiences on our honeymoon was epic, but we realized something…

It’s funny — I never plan to take “days off” when I’m on vacation, but I told Cass one day that I just wanted to cancel all of our plans for a day and relax. So we canceled everything and just sat around, napping, reading, and relaxing. It was amazing doing nothing. Now for the final stop in Thailand…


Ramit and Cass at Amanpuri Resort in Thailand



Gong and Welcome Experience at Amanpuri Resort in Thailand



Luxury details and champagne at Amanpuri Resort in Thailand



luxury details at Amanpuri



Candle lit dinner at Amanpuri Resort in Thailand


I loved noticing the tiny details that create a luxury experience.



Breakfast at Amanpuri



Breakfast at Amanpuri Resort



Delicious Vegetable Dish at amanpuri resort



View at Amanpuri Resort


After such a whirlwind but unforgettable trip so far, it was nice to just keep it low key.

Cass Relaxing and reading a book at Amanpuri Resort in Thailand

At the end of this honeymoon, Cass and I both agreed it was completely life-changing.

The lessons I share in my book on money, along with my spending concept to “spend extravagantly on the things you love (and cut back mercilessly on the things you don’t),” were parts of making this possible.

Cass said something amazing on the last day: “Normally, I’d be sad to end a trip. But now I know that we can always come back.”

What an amazing message of abundance. That we don’t have to do “everything” all at once … and that if we want to come back, or try something new next time, we can.

I want to thank you for following along on my honeymoon series, watching my stories on Instagram, leaving a comment, and sending me direct messages — I loved reading all of your comments!

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