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Honeymoon tour continued: My Rich Life travels in Kenya

CEO Ramit Sethi’s Honeymoon Series continues with safari adventures through his travel in Kenya. See what a Rich Life means for him.

Ramit Sethi

I’ve been sharing my honeymoon stories and other aspects of my life on my Instagram stories.

In the last installment of my Honeymoon Series, we explored Italy with our parents, and now we’ve moved on to …

Male Lion in Kenya

KENYA! Come join us and our safari adventures.

Our first night, we stayed in Nairobi.

Ramit and Cass's Hotel Room in Nairobi
I was feeling it:

Ramit posing in hotel room in Nairobi
That was my attempt at posing. Damn.

We took a bush plane to our first safari stop in Laikipia.

Ramit's wife Cass on Bush Plane in Africa

Ramit's wife Cass on Plane in Africa

But all was well afterward.

2 Pizzas served during African Safari

And now the real adventure begins!

Coffee Tray Served during Safari in Kenya

We went to three different safari camps to see different animals and environments, based on our budget, what kinds of animals we wanted to see, if we wanted to hike (no), if we were into luxury (YES!), if we’re adventurous (yes), etc.

Safari guide Peter with binoculars

I want to show you some of the animals I saw and what I learned about them.

giraffe seen on Kenyan Safari
Ramit smiling with elephant in the background in Kenya

We stayed at Borana, Saruni Samburu, and Angama Mara.

At Angama, I rented a camera for the day. After looking at my photos, they weren’t great, so I stopped by the photo shop and asked if I could hire Adam Bannister, the photography instructor, to go on safari and coach me on my photo-taking skills.

Ramit with photography coach Adam on Kenyan Safari

Here’s a picture I took before Adam coached me:

Photo of Animals Ramit took before photography coaching

And here are some much-improved photos after Adam’s coaching:

Image of Vulture in a tree in Kenya with sun setting
2 female lions in Kenya
What a stark difference! Here’s one more and possibly my favorite:

Cheetah in Kenyan Savannah
What do you think?

Many of you know that I LOVE spending extravagantly on things like convenience and luxury.

I loved going through and finding all of the things that hospitality businesses thought about providing Cass and me for a truly memorable, luxurious experience. It’s the little details that matter.

Let me show you a couple of examples:

details in Nairobi hotel room
I was able to use my cell phone to arrange everything I ever needed and reach different people in the camp for essentially everything I could ever dream of.

For example, I could request a special dinner where we could eat under the stars or a picnic — and they help make it happen.

Ramit and Cass having a picnic in Kenya

Cass smiling on picnic in Kenya

Worth every penny. A few other little details I noticed and appreciated:

more luxury details in the Nairobi hotel

Complimentary Totebag to carry camera and supplies on Kenya Safari
We loved visiting a Maasai village and seeing how they live.

Cass and Ramit Visiting Masai Village
This was such a rich experience for us.

If you enjoyed this, I’ll be continuing my Honeymoon Diaries in India next. You can also follow along in real time with my slices of living a Rich Life on Instagram (@ramit).

One of my goals is to show you how I live my Rich Life — and to encourage you to decide what your Rich Life is. Maybe it’s a long honeymoon, or working from home, or starting a business.  You decide what your Rich Life is.

Let me know what you think by posting a comment below or DM’ing me on Instagram (@ramit).

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  1. avatar
    Zubin Ajmera

    Where are you coming in India?

  2. avatar

    Dude amazing man ! Your photography looks awesome even before Adam's coaching (this is coming from someone who knows NOTHING about it lol). And it's crazy how much these safari guides know, my guide in SA was tracking them with a chip they put it, almost caught a cheetah hunting, but did you guys survive the winds tho? Jesus! I had to put on a poncho while the guide was just cozy in those crazy winds.

    Here's wishing ya'll more travels, cheers!

  3. avatar

    You stayed at Angama! My very good friends, the Fitzgerald's, started it.

  4. avatar

    Kenya's wonderful, isn't it? We saw 50 species of hawks, eagles, and vultures plus hundreds of other bird species. They have great standards for their guides, our guide knew 1,000 bird species by eye + hundreds by voice alone. We went in January and saw a group of elephants in the Mara with 108 females & babies, that was remarkable. But that was 2004, I don't know what the poaching situation is now. The wake-up tea *was* nice, although once some Blue Monkeys stole my sugar cubes. Are you already leaving, you could easily spend weeks there?

  5. avatar
    Andrew Sereman

    Thank for visiting my country Kenya and talking about it. There's much more you didn't get to see. Maybe that will be when you visit again. Enjoy your honeymoon as you travel to your next destination.

  6. avatar
    J Kelly

    I LOVE this! I am inspired by your "rich life" – glad you are sharing!

  7. avatar
    Andrea Bindi

    Nice to see you were in my beautiful country and loved it. In fact you were right at my doorstep – Laikipia – another part of paradise. Cheers !

  8. avatar

    Glad to see you had a good time in my home country. All the best in your honeymoon.

  9. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    Loved seeing you on the bed posing in a romantic position and then saying that you have a new respect for women. That was so nice to hear. My only wish was to hear you laughing. Thanks for being vulnerable in front of all of us. It was very cute indeed. In all your posts, you seem so happy and grateful for what you experienced with your new bride. Cass must be a very special person. I think she brings out a new side to you which is so endearing. You married well and congrats to a new life with her. All the best.

  10. avatar

    Love your photos and that you pay attention to all those details and that you are a fan of giraffes now LOL. My best vacation ever was to Churchill Canada to experience the Polarbears, the second best two weeks with Marine Biologists tracking whales.

  11. avatar
    Mpho Sibanda

    Hi Ramit, I love everything about your post .
    Thankyou for sharing .
    Firstly congratulations and may the amazing honeymoon adventures continue .

    You don't just talk the talk on "Wealth creation strategies " but you live it and so it should be !! Your pictures/ videos with all the amazing details from the tour guide knowledge , luxury accommodation, personalised rooms & guides really emphasis the joy and freedom bought by the " energy of having money – wealth " which is exactly what you teach so well.

    Finally being of dual Zimbabwean/ British nationality I loved the whole African focus and your appreciation of the amazing culture so beautifully written in detail.

    I missed your Italy post so will check that one out and look forward to the India post .
    Keep inspiring and opening more minds to the joys of " Rich Living ".

  12. avatar

    Hi – Great information. Can you share exactly how much everything costed? Thanks

  13. avatar

    0mg, I love Kenya!! It is still my favorite place on Earth that I have been blessed to visit. Planning to travel there again in the near future. ☺

  14. avatar

    I've never seen Out of Africa, but it reminded me of The Lion King! Haha. I don't think the cliff in The Lion King had as many trees/bushes, though.