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Honeymoon BTS: What a Rich Life looks like for me

I’ve been sharing my honeymoon and travels in Italy on my Instagram stories. Now I’d like to share them with you here.

Ramit Sethi

I always knew that I wanted our honeymoon to be unforgettable. My wife and I were thinking about doing a safari, and when we went out with a few married friends and told them, they said, “That sounds awesome!”

Then one of them said, “We had an amazing honeymoon. We decided to take 6 months off.”

Another one said, “Us too. We took a year off and traveled before we had kids.”

Cass and I looked at each other like they were speaking Martian. Six months? A YEAR? Who are these people?

But as we left and took a cab home, we couldn’t stop thinking about what they’d said.

In true American style, we’d automatically assumed we would take a 7- or 10-day honeymoon. But what if we decided to go for longer?

What if we decided to do something totally different?

We’re both entrepreneurs. We can afford it. So what would our Rich Life look like?

I’ve been sharing my honeymoon on my Instagram stories.

Now I’d like to share them with you here.

We decided:

  • We’d invite our parents to part of our honeymoon. Our parents gave everything they had to their kids. Now, it was our turn to treat them. We wanted to treat them to a luxury experience — no worrying about kids or planning or cost.
  • We wanted to combine luxury and culture — we love food, design & beauty, and culture.
  • We’d take a long honeymoon — 6 weeks — to be leisurely and have time to experience everything across 4 countries and 3 continents.

Along the way, the amazing IWT team has kept everything running and growing. I cannot thank them enough. This is the beauty of building a Rich Life.

And also …

Ramit and his family in Italy

So, first up: Italy! And you all know what Italy is best known for …

Italian Pizza

Cass and I took a pizza-making class together.

Ramit and his family taking a cooking class in Italy

We also took a pasta-making class and were surprised by how simple the ingredients were (especially my mom, who is used to cooking Indian food, which has a ton of spices).

Ramit and family learning to make pasta

I once made scrambled eggs, so this was my chance to show off my cooking skills (I can dream, right?). Behold:

Handmade Italian Ravioli

Look at our fancy presentation!

Italian Dessert

Still … more food …

Italian Food

You can see more honeymoon videos on my Instagram stories

Italian Bread

Overall, we LOVE taking food tours. Cass and I try to take special food tours whenever we travel because we get to sample things we otherwise wouldn’t have tried ourselves.

Italian Food Tour

YES! This is exactly the mentality I hold about abundance — like when I order appetizers WITH my entrees — and it’s that kind of mindset that enables me to live MY Rich Life.

Another thing to know about food culture in Italy is that they take their coffee VERY seriously…

Italian Coffee

Let’s move on to one of my favorite parts about traveling …

Italian Statue

We hired a private tour guide, an art history expert, to get us into the Vatican early. It was a totally eye-opening experience to learn what we were seeing (and not just walk by these amazing pieces of art).

Ramit and Cass at the Vatican

We opted to take a tour with a skilled tour guide, who was incredible! She gave us a rich perspective on what we were seeing. (Highly recommend this if learning as much as you can about culture is important in your travel to Italy!)

Italian Statue of a Woman

I see things have changed very little since 16 B.C.

Our parents’ experience of it (and Italy in general) with us:

Ramit and his parents at the vatican

Cass's parents at the vatican

What an unforgettable memory.

Ramit and family at the vatican

Italian Taxi Service

HA! Also:

Italian Fashion

I don’t think you need me to tell you this, but I will say it anyway: Italy is BREATHTAKING.

Ramit and Cass in Italy

I present to you our marriage in a nutshell:

Cass in front of Giant Italian Cheese Cabinet

We learned how to make gelato:

Ramit and Cass Smiling at Gelato Making Class with Chocolate Gelato

SO BEAUTIFUL (and delicious).

One thing about Cass is that she’s a stylist by profession, so of course we had to explore another aspect that Italy is best known for: Fashion.

Cucinelli Headquarters

Brunello Cucinelli is my favorite brand. They’ve created an amazing culture and amazing clothing (they’re known for their cashmere).

I’m a sucker for details. As a CEO of a company myself, I love to observe how some of the very best in the world lead, and one of the things I noticed was how well Cucinelli treated his employees. Cucinelli insists that his employees stop working at 5:30 p.m. He also provides free lunch every day in the canteen. And also:

Cucinelli Employee Lunchroom

It was an amazing experience overall, learning about where and how they craft their clothing.

Ramit wearing Cucinelli Clothing He Purchased in Italy

The tour and clothes from Cucinelli are worth every penny, and I am HAPPY to pay for value and for things I love.

Cucinelli Highlights

If you enjoyed this, I’ll be continuing my Honeymoon Diaries in Africa next. You can also follow along in real time with my slices of living a Rich Life on Instagram (@ramit).

One of my goals is to show you that you can live your Rich Life — in any way that YOU want to define it. For me, it was traveling to Italy or Japan (which I also LOVED and chronicled my adventures here) to share amazing culinary experiences and learn about culture in a whole new way with loved ones. A Rich Life may be something totally different for you, and that’s great. It’s one of the many beautiful ways that make us interesting.

Let me know what you think by posting a comment below or DM’ing me on Instagram (@ramit).

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  1. avatar

    I'm getting married next year. Being an "International" couple (we live about 26 hours flying time away from our parents), we have decided to hire a castle in Italy for a few days four our wedding and spend some quality time with friends and family, both before the wedding and at the wedding. Weddings don't have to be a single day affair and many of our friends from non-western traditions have weddings that last several days and we really enjoyed them.

  2. avatar
    Alison Nicole

    Ramit, I wish I could say that I hate this post … but I can't!

    I love this post, and I hope you have as much fun in Italy as I had – pro tip: if you really want to have a good cultural experience, try to lear some local languages, even the ancient languages (Latin in Italy).

    It will make your stay much more rewarding, and you will soak up much more of the culture, archeology, and history of your surroundings.

    Cheers to La Dolce Vita!

  3. avatar

    Very cool and very generous. You might be a contender for the real most interesting man in the world, hmm, you might be the only contender.

  4. avatar

    Have fun!!! Can’t wait to see your next post covering your adventures in Africa 🙂 Keep a safe distance from lions 😀

  5. avatar
    Sau Patel

    Congratulations and Have Fun! Enjoy and cherish each moment 🙂

  6. avatar

    Thanks for sharing your personal life with us

  7. avatar

    Even though I feel some people have extravagant and wasteful weddings and honeymoons lately, and wanted to hate on you for some stupid display of wealth…that's not it. It's an enjoyable read and a very sweet thing you are able to do here. Love the part about fashion and Cucinelli. The guy comes from a humble background but now makes luxury product in an ethical, holistic way. Best wishes in your marriage and journeys

  8. avatar

    I am so happy I stumbled across your book many years ago. Thank you for sharing. You have a beautiful family and it looks like you are having an amazing time.

  9. avatar

    Loved this read! I had such a laugh when you said people don't drinking coffee while walking in the streets. I'd forgotten that about the USA (I live in Europe).
    Wishing you both and your respective families years of wealth (in the rich life sense of the term), health, and happiness.

  10. avatar

    Ramit, thank you for this beautiful post. I felt like I was with you and your beautiful family(ies). As someone said above, I am so glad I found you a few years ago. I'm trying to get my 20-year-old son to get on the Ramit bandwagon.. Have a great year end, happy holidays and look forward to your next post… (no matter the topic).

  11. avatar

    Congratulations. Sounds rich indeed. When in Nelson New Zealand come stay with us ar Big Sky Nelson luxury eco B&B. You'll love it!

  12. avatar

    Thank you for sharing Ramit! My husband and I didn't get to have a honeymoon as our baby had just been born when we got married. But I will use your experience as inspiration for when we have our late honeymoon in a few years!

  13. avatar

    Such a beautiful gesture to take your parents on part of your honeymoon. My husband and I were so broke at the time of our wedding, we could barely afford our own short honeymoon! We’re in a much better position now and your post has inspired me to think how we go about taking our parents on a trip like this. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your adventures! 🙂

  14. avatar

    Loved the post. Americans really need to see there is other than american. The rest of the world is exposed to US via movies, web and TV. And very little of the life outside of US comes to the average American.
    We took a 90 day around the world first class trip and loved it. It was such a memorable and bonding time that we often remember even 8 years later. Did the cooking classes, art and culture, museums, private wine tours,… best country by far New Zealand by camper for 10 days. Very close to it Slovenia next to Italy. Must do a 2 week trip of each. Ask Primoz.

  15. avatar

    Can't wait when you both start a family and show your little ones…..

  16. avatar
    Maria Luisa

    Hi Ramit,

    I am Italian from Verona, living in Milan, you seem you be understanding the country. A very good approach. Happy honeymoon!

  17. avatar

    I've been following Ramit for a while kinda from a far but this post really made me appreciate his rich life because for me, taking parents from BOTH sides for a life time experience is probably the most boss move I could imagine.

  18. avatar

    Thanks for sharing. What an awesome idea.

  19. avatar

    OMG I laughed out loud at your "marriage in a nutshell": you want a library, she wants a cheese cabinet. You two are too funny. I'm following along to see the rest of the honeymoon. Cheese in every country, i hope!

  20. avatar

    Love this post…so sweet…First of all, taking parents on your honeymoon to have these rich experiences, such a beautiful gesture. Thank you for sharing this post. I found you a few months ago via James Altucher interview and started to follow your advice. I am a stay-at-home mom but hopefully, one day will be able to do the same for my parents. By the way, love the idea of cheese cabinet…Enjoy the African journey.

  21. avatar
    jimith joy

    woow amazing vibes

  22. avatar
    Moise Eboule

    That's really inspiring Ramit,Thank you for your amazing post.

  23. avatar
    Rohan Bhardwaj

    Parents on honeymoon – this is amazing.

    I love how you could do so more when you travel with richness in mindset. Often I would travel to places – go to things to do and get done with it.

    Having a taste session, pasta making and hiring an expert guide normally won't cross my mind.

    Notes taken. Thank you Ramit.

    And good luck for your trip in Africa.

  24. avatar

    When I read your email, I said to myself c'mon this is too grandiose and self congratulatory. Given the recent spate of extravagant, opulent and truly crass celebrity weddings in India, I thought i was totally going to be put off by this post. But… you took your parents, kept it simple, classy and so real. This really is the rich life, sharing with family and keeping it understated. Wish you a happy life ahead Ramit & Cass.

  25. avatar

    Hey Ramit – thank you for sharing. Inviting your parents was really touching!
    As always, the best part is how you continue to define what having a 'rich life' really means.

    Wish you guys a really happy and fulfilling life ahead! 🙂

    P.S: When I was working in my previous company, I experienced something similar to the one and a half hour lunch at Cucinelli you mentioned.
    I used to have long lunches with a lot of different people and these conversations really recharged me. I noticed that even though I was working fewer hours, these were the days where I made more progress. It also made my stay in the company feel a lot more meaningful!

  26. avatar
    James Simmons

    Not bad. Plus, you brought the parents along … Nice touch

  27. avatar
    Tanveer Anjum

    Dear Ramit,

    Junde Wasde Raho; I am so glad to hearing from you that' s you are married. As, I little bit know regarding your marriage. Keeping in view to see your lovely site was amazing to see your parents too. Nothing else to say more, Congratulations to you and your spouse.

    May you live long.

    Dhane War

  28. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    I love the you decided to share this part of your personal life with your readers. So great that you invited both sets of parents and that for hers it was the first time outside of the U.S. Much happiness to you both. Seems like you balance each well and have found something genuine. Congrats and all the best.

  29. avatar
    Katrina Kriess

    My heart is so blessed that you took both sets of parents with. It just makes it so much more special.

  30. avatar

    I love the uniqueness of your honeymoon. You chose what you wanted, brought your parents along (which I'm guessing most newlyweds wouldn't think of doing), and really catered the experience to something you want and you'll remember. I eat these unique stories up!